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I accuse Obama & liberal media of bias in favor of Muslims

To The Daily Sun,

In Wednesday's letters, both Henry Osmer and L.J. Siden seem worked up about conservatives continued focus on the Benghazi cover-up. No fear guys, as much as you want it to just "go away" that's not going to happen. We the people want answers and we are not going to be distracted by bogus complaints from the left.

What's more we will not be limited to just Benghazi. We want to know the details about that and about the IRS scandal, Fast and Furious, and the other half dozen misdeeds committed by the Obama administration. So guys my advice is, suck it up and deal with it.

Mr. Siden is particularly exercised that some of we right-wing folks do not feel the need to prove our statements. L.J. has been critical of me personally in the past for this. It goes back a few months to when I wrote that I didn't have to prove Obama lied because the president had proved that far beyond my ability himself — which was true and reported in nearly every reputable news organization in the world. Apparently L.J. want's those of us on the right to give citations for every fact already in the public domain. Not gonna happen L.J. Want to stand there and say Obama didn't lie, be my guest, but the world already knows better.

Lastly and once again I accuse Obama and the liberal media of bias in favor of Muslims and Islam. Their refusal to identify and report that terrorism in the world today is committed by far most often by Muslims is a clear and open fact. Their excuse that it's a small minority is wrong. Bill Maher, noted liberal, said it best, "Hundreds of millions of Muslims applaud these terrorist attacks." So now Mr. Osmer and Mr./Ms. Siden can chew on those facts.

Steve Earle


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Let's consider other options for Belmont Mill that aren't as costly

To The Daily Sun,

How much space does the Town of Belmont need for a town hall? The article in today's newspapers indicates the selectmen and others wish to renovate the Belmont Mill building for use as a Town Hall? How many employees currently work in the present Town Hall? How much space is needed for so few people?

I don't disagree that the town needs to make improvements in the Town Hall, however the costs indicated in the news articles to refurbish the mill would create a huge tax increase in a town that is already one of the highest taxed towns in the entire state. The taxpayers can't afford this increase together with a possible increase from the school district for kindergarten. The taxpayers can't afford this idea.
Here is an idea. Perhaps the town should look into tearing the present Town Hall down and then consider perhaps building a new Town Hall which could also include space for a new police station which is more needed at present than the Town Hall. There is at present, or was, a building for sale across from the fire station. Would that lot be cheaper space for a new Town Hall in the form of a modular type building, etc.?

I urge the voters of Belmont to consider other options rather than this very, very costly one being proposed. It's your money. Are we paying too much in taxes already? I think so as compared to other towns. I don't often agree with George Condodemetraky, but in this instance he may have a valid point.

Don Irvin

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