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Which candidate would you want to make court appointments?

To the Daily Sun,

Most of us do not find fault with Ben Franklin with his comment: "Those who surrender freedom for security should not have, nor do they deserve, either one."

Until 9/11 Ben was right, end of conversation.

The last election for me was 1992. My issue: Have the state of New Hampshire clean up the building and land for the prison, and move the prisoners to another location. Reason for this letter is during the 1992 primary for House members, "some Libertarians" wrote me in. I accepted their nomination and won my House seat as a Republican and Libertarian.

Who on that list of Republicans seeking the nomination can match the ability of Ted Cruz to promote and quote from the U S Constitution? Who has worked within the walls of the U S Supreme Court as a clerk? Who has graduated Harvard as a lawyer? Who will protect your constitutional rights when considering an action?

I want a president who will appoint a court that is there to interpret "our blueprint," not rubber-stamp or toss the document as Obama has done. If there are three openings on the court at some point, who would you want making those nominations for confirmation? Hillary, or one of the least-qualified Republicans? I would want the most intelligent, and qualified. That is Ted Cruz.

Niel Young


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Hillary has shown she’s ready, willing and able to lead

To the Daily Sun,

There are so many reasons why I support Hillary for president that I have frankly found it challenging to put my thoughts down on paper. But here goes.

It's really simple. Hillary is the best candidate. She is the most qualified person to serve as our next president. Hillary is ready from day one to serve as our next commander in chief. Her command of foreign policy, her ability to work across the aisle and get things done, her history of advocacy for children and families and average Americans are all without parallel.

We live in challenging times. We need a leader who can bring us together as a people to move our country forward. We need someone who is going to fight for working people, for the middle class, for our college students, and for our veterans. Hillary has vowed to take on the special interests, to fight for campaign finance reform, and to hold Wall Street and the pharmaceutical companies accountable.

Hillary will work on creating jobs, and grow the economy.

Throughout her career, Hillary has demonstrated that she is ready, willing and able to work with people of all political stripes, and for meaningful change and progress.

And, yes, it's high time we elected a woman president.

So, it's our time to vote. I am asking for the sake of our country, our state, our communities and our families to join me and thousands of other Granite Staters and vote for Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary on Feb. 9.

Deb Reynolds


(N.H. State Senate, 2006-2010)

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