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Lisa Scott brings excellent credentials to job of Register of Deeds

To The Daily Sun,

I want to go on record as endorsing Lisa Scott for the office of Carroll County Register of Deeds.

Lisa worked effectively for clients as a real estate paralegal in my law firm for more than 30 years, primarily searching real estate titles. She knows why it is important to keep accurate land records and make them accessible to the public. She understands the importance of dealing congenially with the public and is honest, reliable, and willing to work the long hours needed for the position.

Lisa Scott will bring these excellent credentials to the office and has a bachelor's degree from the University of Vermont as well as many years' experience as a small-business owner in Sandwich.

I believe Lisa Scott is the person best qualified to be the next Carroll County Register of Deeds.

Lee Mattson

Center Harbor

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Let's send Senator Forrester & her common sense back to Concord

To The Daily Sun,

I became acquainted with state Sen. Jeanie Forrester when I first learned of the ill-conceived project, Northern Pass, and contacted her with my concerns. She has fought tirelessly over these past four years for the protection of our property values and the beauty of our state. She has never wavered in her resolve to ensure that the proposed 1,500 steel towers do not litter our beautiful state.

However, her constituent service only begins at protecting the citizens of New Hampshire against the conscience-lacking Northern Pass executives who have tried to buy their way through our state.

Senator Forrester is the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and as such, she has tried to keep a watchful eye out for our interests, specifically, a governor who refused to provide records of the spending of her departments until the law required that she turn them over. While projections of revenue were right on target, it was the governor who let us down by overspending upward of $22 million. Because of Sen. Forrester's perseverance, Gov. Hassan has finally admitted she needs to find ways to cut the spending of the departments under her control.

Please join me in voting for Sen. Forrester so she can continue to bring common sense to Concord.

Michael Marino


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These methods are all of same species so lets not pretend they're not

To The Daily Sun,

I have been quite entertained with the back and forth that began with Bob Meade sending a website to Marty proving the persecution of Christians (probably Fox Howler Todd Starnes' site GodlessAmerica). Russ Wiles doesn't like Marty's answer and Steve Earle thinks Marty is stupid and Dale Channing Eddy thinks we should stop the name calling. So, what is name calling? Firstly, they are labels meant to degrade and diminish someone's worth so name calling isn't just calling someone a stupid libtard or a hallucinating conservatard. It actually covers considerably more territory. What is the difference between Steve Earle calling Marty stupid and Russ Wiles calling Obama a lawless dictator? There is no difference because they are untrue to begin with. None of us are stupid and Obama isn't a dictator or a fascist or a socialist except as defined in the New Huckabee Conservatard Dictionary. And what of Dale Channing Eddy who wants us to stop calling people names but then takes a break midway in that same letter - in parentheses - to call Obama incompetent? Using a word in a way that doesn't fit its definition in the dictionary is name calling because his opinion is hyperbole, not fact based. The stock market is at 17,000, Iraq war is ended, unemployment at lowest since recession, the child immigration surge is over, the deficit has been cut in half (Reagan tripled it), and we have far more healthcare options now shows a competence that passes the test. In fact, he has accomplished much more than the religious fundamentalists or economic libertarians wanted. Its been a "disaster" for the fringes.

And how about those who accuse others of being hateful just because the other person incinerates their ideas in a not so congenial way? That is name calling too because none of us are really hateful. Possibly contemptuous, disdaining, disrespecting, and angry maybe, but its not hate. Hate is black. People often project too much of their own way of thinking on to others' letters; psychological projection is a weakness that has no place in a debate. So when you use labels within what we consider our opinions, you can be just as offensive and wrongheaded and name calling as someone who uses gutter talk like stupid or heartless scumbag. Its all about painting someone with distortions and misinformation. These methods are all of the same species so lets not pretend they aren't. False accusations, deliberate mislabeling, and trash talking are all just siblings of the same family meant to degrade and insult. Its all name calling. In fact, who can call me anything you want. Everyone does it in their own way from behind the mighty keyboard. Just ask those barking dogs at Fox.

James Veverka


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Democrats can run from Obama legacy but they can't hide

To The Daily Sun,

Does anybody still read Newsweek magazine anymore? Well you won't after this last issue of this liberal icon. It's closing its doors. But before it does they have finally printed the truth about Obama.

In the article they confirm ever criticism we conservatives have leveled at the man. They use the word "incompetent" to describe him. His polices are "warmed over Marxism" they write. A political philosophy which has continually failed for a hundred years they wrote. He is a man of no accomplishments, no leadership ability, well as I said he is everything we conservatives said he was, and more.

Now, Obama did not create the list of failures and disasters all by himself. He had the help of every elected Democrat in Washington and in the states for that matter. We sent our elected representatives to Washington expecting them to represent the people of New Hampshire but they did not. They fell into the cult of Obama, seemingly oblivious to his lies, his deceptions and in denial of his scandals and blunders, cover-ups and stonewalling. In fact, they participated in the frauds and harmful polices.

You would have expected that at some point in their tenures they would have seen that what he was doing was wrong. But they acted, and are acting as though they were locked in a sound-proof dark closet and didn't know. They were not. These Democrats are fully vested in his failures, lies, and scandals.

Right now their entire re-election campaigns are predicated on personal attacks and smears. They are trying to run as far from Obama and their own complicity in violating our laws and the Constitution as they can run. They can run, but they can not hide, as the saying goes. But regardless of the election outcomes they will forever be tainted with the stains of corruption and betrayal by history.

Voters must decide in only a few short weeks whether they will vote on the dark side of lies, deceit and polices that are harming every working family every American and the nation as a whole. Please consider carefully. Do we really want this lawless administration running amok in Washington? Vote out those who have sided with Obama 99 percent of the time and return us to a lawful and constitutional government.

Steve Earle


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This should answer every one of your assumed assertions

To The Daily Sun,

In the last paragraph of Terry Payton's letter published on Oct. 7 he claimed he had, "Yet to meet a veteran who's gone from Republican to Democrat." I'd like to respond to him in particular, and hopefully to inform the readers of this newspaper in general.

First, we will get the easy stuff clarified. While I did not serve in the military of this country you should know that I was registered to vote in national and local elections as (in this order) a conservative, a Republican, an independent and am now happy and proud to say I am a registered Democrat. If you know no vet who has changed from Republican to Democrat you either know very few people or you should expand your circle beyond your selected few. Hopefully you will hear from people who have served.

Now for the nitty-gritty: You state the following in your letter:

1. "... I must comment on one of your followers (I presume)."

2. "... Bernadette Loesch and her list."

3) "Not bad Bernadette, despite 90 percent of what you report is completely incorrect."

One: why would you dare to assume I follow anyone or any philosophy as you do not know me? Remember that ol' adage: "To 'assume' something without knowledge makes one out to be a 'donkey's rear end" (paraphrasing here) . . .

Two and three: Since my "list" was fully researched and verifiable, can you kindly tell us which 90 percent is as you allege, are "completely incorrect?" We respectfully request, and you certainly have the obligation to present facts which you claim counter my points. A sense of responsibility should lead you to do more than simply throw out blanket claims.

And last but not least, "'watch FOX News for a change..." I do.

Suffice to say this should answer each and every one of your assumed assertions. Maybe it also accounts for your throwing out wild claims without any facts behind them.

Bernadette Loesch


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