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Marshaling of hatreds is essential to the practice of politics

To the Daily Sun,

A fellow named Henry Adams once said, "... politics, as a practice, whatever its professions, has been the systematic organization of hatreds." Old Henry was a pretty good observer of events. When we read articles in the paper or listen to pieces on TV, internet, radio... etc. we are well served to keep his observation in mind. If the piece names the evil, Donkey or Elephant, its maker has a position or the employer of its maker has a position. It is an advocacy piece. It is not, it cannot be a piece of news. News is all facts, only the facts; without the baggage ... without advocacy.

A lot of importance is given to partisan political loyalties and the boundaries they promote. The marshaling of hatreds isn't the entirety of politics but it is essential. Think of it as the glue that binds actions together. Use of the hatreds is designed to distract us from what is really going on. The federal government and its principal supporters, the progressives who control both parties, are constantly advancing their own interests at our expense.

Think about it. Regardless which party happens to be in control, presidency, House, Senate, the sound and fury continues but the status quo does not change. The reality is those in control use state power, legislative, regulatory and police power, to bully and to live at our expense. They have the power, they love the power, they use the power and they do whatever is necessary to keep the power. We are approaching the point where we no longer have government of the people, by the people and for the people ... and that is the problem.

Even when the situation seems to involve life and death issues the partisan divisions obscure the political realities. Neither the Donkeys nor the Elephants have any interest in saving the lives of the unborn, no interest in the lives of those already born. Neither the Donkeys nor the Elephants care about poor or they would not contribute to the perpetuation of poverty through taxation and regulatory load on business owners who otherwise would be in a better position to hire and train people, to hasten their escape from poverty.

The parties' principles of hatred reek of hypocrisy. Ordinary Donkeys and Elephants harbor intense mutual hatreds yet their leaders rub shoulders amicably as a rule. Regardless which party has control the loyal opposition can be counted on to remain loyal and ready to cut a deal. They are engaged in a systematic process of plunder. The leadership of both parties expect to profit from the ebb and flow of politics. They are brokers much like stockbrokers who take their percentage whether the investments are good for the client or bad for the client. We have a one party system. It is well designed. It is hidden in plain sight.

Why are so many people taken in by the false claims, party rhetoric and obfuscation? Why must we continue this enormously inefficient allocation of hatred?

Marc Abear


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Latest letter proves that parrots can read but not write

To the Daily Sun,

In response to the letters the past couple weeks, I was glad to see that we have two writers giving out prizes for the most wacked-out letters of the month. The first award for the "Loo" going to two writers were the correct choices. I am sure as I read the constant BS that comes out of Steve Earle, he has a lock on the "dumb" foolery award.

Steve's letter in Daily Sun of Sept. 2 states and I "quote" I read Henry Osmer's statement that he would have to see to believe I have a DD-form 214. Where did this come from Steve? I asked Mr. Wiles in a letter dated Aug. 14 if he had served in the military. Mr Wiles wrote in his column Aug. 20 that he served in the Army. My letter dated Aug. 27 I responded by saying, "If you have a DD-form 214, thank you for your service. However, pretending to be a right-winger who has questioned the birth place of President Obama, I would have to see it to believe it. Awk, awk.

This twisted letter by the Duke Of Earle proves again that parrots can write but they can't read. I would suggest to Mr. Earle that he get up off his brain and give it a chance to breathe. And furthermore, have Mr. Wiles proofread your scribblings before you send them to the Daily Sun.

I want to assure Mr. Wiles that I have never met Mr. Ververka or Mr. Cracraft. I am very impressed with their letters which are written in a manner that me and others don't have the ability to do. To close Steve, clear your head. We discussed your service at the town dump. Remember? Awk, awk. "Ramblin on"

Henry Osmer


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