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Real honor is seeing residents enjoying Belmont bandstand again

To The Daily Sun,

We were proud to be named Belmont Old Home Day parade grand marshals, along with other Heritage Commission members, for the historic bandstand restoration. Our hats are tipped in thanks to the committee and Gretta Olson-Wilder, who coordinated the traditional event. The real honor is seeing residents of all ages gathering at the bandstand again, enjoying music and more.
And congratulations to village project volunteer leaders of the Tioga River Bridge and new river bank pavilion — Ken Knowlton and Mark Roberts, as well as Christine and Woody Fogg. They were also recognized as parade grand marshals at Belmont's longtime annual celebration.

Wallace P. Rhodes – President, Belmont Historical Society
Linda Frawley – Chairman, Belmont Heritage Commission

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Most heroin is coming from across the border – build the fence!

To The Daily Sun,

Heroin deaths have been on the increase in the state as well as the country.

There is pressure to increase addiction treatment centers.

This is a Band-Aid for a problem. We should prevent people from being addicted to heroin. Why is the answer to fix a problem instead of trying to prevent a problem?

Heroin addiction has increased exponentially in the past 10 years all over our country. States now have to spend money to fix the problem.

Where is the heroin coming from? Most of it comes from our southern border. Drugs are easily coming over the border.

Why don't we stop the drugs from coming over the border? Yes, we have to help the people with addictions, but that will be increasing if we do not stop the influx of heroin.

How do we stop the influx of heroin? Build a fence. Stop the illegals who are bringing it over. Some are arrested and put in jails, which then increases the need for prison budgets.

So we are spending more money for prisons and drug rehabilitation, when we could at least start to plug the hole which lets the drugs into this country.

Where are our federal representatives in having the fence built? Why has it not been built already? They say they vote for security, but what are they actually doing? Are they creating legislation that just says build a fence on southern border? Simple. Then they need to meet with fellow representatives to get the bill passed. The majority of citizens in the U.S. want the border secured.

Our representatives keep saying they want a secure country and we keep electing them to do the job they promised. But they don't do it. Why do we not have a fence yet? It is really not that hard ... well. We are talking federal government and so everything is drawn out so people can keep their jobs.

I want someone to say they will have a fence built in two years and if it is not built, then they will not run again and time to get someone to do the job. Our reps will never say that. That is not job security.

We must demand results from our representatives!

Poll questions can be misdirected. If you ask, do you want the southern border secured and walls built, there will be a resounding yes.

But the polls say do you want people who through no fault of their own sent back..... Then it gets murky because we cannot imagine how to send that many people back to their own countries. We let them loose and then 90 percent never show up to their immigration hearings.

What are the presidential candidates saying about this?

Bush, in Spanish, promised illegals amnesty. Why not in English? Would he think the American citizen would be upset?

He said 11 million illegals. Why does the media keep saying 11 million illegals? It has been 11 million illegals for over 10 years. More are coming, and no one is going back to their home countries, so the number is going up.

I do not understand why he is so high in the polls in New Hampshire. Is the media not reporting what he is saying?

I bet many of you do not think we have an illegal problem. Maybe not as bad as other states yet, but it is coming.

The Welcome to New Hampshire signs also say, "Bienvenue." That is the only place I know of that has a French translation. Every place else, it is Spanish. Look at signs in stores. I know that home improvement signs have Spanish translations. Make a call and you have to press 1 for English.

If you saw the Spanish translation of "Welcome" on the Welcome to New Hampshire signs, would you then realize there is a problem? What are you waiting for? By then, it will be too late.

So, instead of spending more state money, let's plug the hole. Yes help those already addicted. But stop the heroin from coming in.

Build the damn fence now!

Linda Riley


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