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The approval was for a 'cheese & cracker' & wine tasting room

To The Daily Sun,

In a recent article in the Daily Sun (Oct. 15), Gilmanton Selectman Marshall Bishop continues to suggest that the town of Gilmanton is entirely to blame for his restaurant's lack of permits. His mantra has now become: "This dysfunctional town never told me what to do."

Well, in fact, they did. They even wrote it down. It was a simple request, on a single, easy-to-read document, which read: amend your site-plan according to required conditions, resubmit the plan, and the Planning Board, after reviewing the plan, may sign off on your request, to operate, essentially, from what many believe was the understanding of the board at the time, a "cheese and cracker" and wine-tasting function room.

It's been pointed out many times, that the word "restaurant," was never used. So yes, they told him what to do, and he simply did not do it. I personally am tired of hearing Selectman Bishop continually state that past town governments were "dysfunctional." The fact of the matter is that he is now part of a governing body that has brought an entirely new meaning to "dysfunction."

His claim, which he suggests in the article, that by becoming a selectman he has somehow ridden into town on a white horse to save the town from itself, is honestly, with all due respect to Mr. Bishop, the most ridiculous and laughable statement I have read in a long time. I have closely watched this town's government for well over 15 years, and town minutes, both past and present, will support me when I say that the majority of this current board, voted in for the sole purpose of forcing the town to pay for the private Year-Round Library, hasn't become an example of what to do in town government, but a perfect example of what not to do.

It's time, then, that Selectman Bishop stop trying to place the blame for his problems, by pointing the finger. Unless of course ... he's looking in the mirror.

Al Blake

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Tim Land has a considerable history of helping our community

To The Daily Sun,

Tim Lang is running for state representative for towns of Sanbornton and Tilton.

I have known Tim for several years. He is a professional who works hard to get the job done. Tim is a proud father of four children and currently works as an IT director in the private sector.

Tim Lang has a history of serving our community to make Sanbornton and Tilton a better place, including his 10-plus years in local law enforcement, his six years on the school board, two years on the school budget committee, four-plus years town budget committee, director of the Tilton Farmers Market, and as a board member on the Youth Assistance and Tilton Main Street Programs.

Currently, Tim serves as the ZBA chairman, town moderator for Sanbornton, as well as coach for the Winnisquam Regional Middle School B soccer team.

Tim Lang is concerned with the down-shifting of expenses from the state to local communities and schools. He wants to be a part of the solution because shifting costs is not promoting efficiency or reforming government. Tim also wants to bring civility back into politics. He believes people can disagree and still be treated with respect. Please join me in voting for Tim Lang for state representative.

David DeVoy, Chairman
Belknap County Board of Commissioners

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