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Believe gay sex is immoral? Then don't have sex with same-sex partner

To The Daily Sun,

A recent letter to The Sun by conservative writer Russ Wiles was titled, "When did it become hateful to insist on living by your own values?" Instead of responding to the whole letter, I will go a bit off-topic and just address the broader rhetorical question raised in the headline (which is a good one). Many conservatives falsely charge that liberals or progressives do not like conservatives living by their "own values."
There is nothing wrong or hateful about living by one's values. But, many on the right seem to want more than to just live by their own values. Many want to impose those values (some of which ARE hateful) on others and this is where many progressives have a problem.
The solution is simple. Do you believe gay sex is immoral? If so, do not have sex with a same-sex partner. You don't like gay weddings? Then do not attend or officiate at one. Clergy do not have to solemnize any marriage they do not like. Do you believe abortion or contraception is wrong? Good. Do not practice them. No progressives are asking you to. All that most of us expect is that you respect the rights of others.
Are you a conservative Christian? It is fine if you are or belong to any other faith. If your faith makes you a better person, neighbor, friend, spouse, or citizen, your religion is probably a positive thing. If, on the other hand, it inspires you to fly planes into buildings or kill gays, it is not a positive thing. Our Founders would have likely agreed with this.
But, do not try to make the U.S.A. a "Christian country." Stop trying to erode the separation of church and state which has been mutually beneficial to government and religion throughout our history.
Do you believe evolution is false and that the earth is only six thousand years old? Fine. Teach your kids that at home or send them to a private school but do not expect taxpayers to support your religious beliefs in the form of vouchers. Do not expect public school science classes to teach your religious beliefs or pseudo-science as "alternate theories."
If your values include being able to own any firearm with few or no restrictions, I am sorry. Your "right" might interfere with MY right to feel safe.
If you don't like minorities or immigrants, that is your right as long as you are not actually depriving others of their rights. But, do not expect the rest of us to join in the orgy of hate, ignorance, and disinformation.

E. Scott Cracraft

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Law-abiding Americans use firearms to save their own lives

To The Daily Sun,

When I see Bernadette Loesch's name on a Daily Sun letter I know my day is going to begin with a good laugh. Her article today doesn't let me down. It begins with the line "we need to have an HONEST conversation about the meaning and intent of the Second Amendment". Bernadette's idea of a conversation is her telling you what to think, when to think, and how to think it. The same way it is with all Democrats on mice patrol, doing mind control.
There is NEVER going to be a meaningful, insightful or honest conversation about gun control with Bernadette because she already has the solution. It is the same fix she and Democrats have for EVERY problem social or economic, That is bigger, more controlling and more expensive government with fewer freedoms and fewer choices for all of us. That is the exact reason England signaled last week for voting themselves OUT of the EU after decades of membership. Bigger, more controlling, government from Brussels was reducing freedoms and choices for the very independent British people. They had enough of government cram down on their lives. The exact kind of CRAM DOWN of more controlling, bigger government Bernadette Loesch never stops yelling for in this paper.
The central question is, do tighter gun control laws reduce the murder rate. All 50 states have different gun laws. All 50 have loosed and tightened their laws over the decades. There is mountains of evidence on the results from tightened gun control not only in America but around the world. You won't hear Bernadette talking about any of that evidence because little if any of it supports her argument. Chicago has the tightest gun laws of any city in America. Chicago is also the most dangerous city in America with a murder rate off the charts and in outer space orbit in 2016. France has extremely tight gun laws as does Brussels. Both places with horrific terrorism attacks killing hundreds of people in the past few months.
People like to point out that New York has a higher multiple of murders than London. True enough, what they neglect to mention is it has been that way for TWO CENTURIES, when for much of that time neither city had any serious controls on gun ownership at all. As England has tightened gun control over the years, armed robberies in England have risen dramatically as the number of legally-owned firearms dropped. The number of handguns in American homes doubled between 1973 and 1999, yet the murder rate fell during that period. The evidence as it relates to gun control is at best is highly inconclusive. At worst, it suggests tightened gun control laws have done little except reduced individual freedoms while making gun ownership for recreation and self protection far more expensive.
Of further note, the gun-control zealots like Bernadette are always the same people WEAK ON CRIME, light of criminals, but tighter on cops doing their jobs. Almost all empirical studies done in the U.S. have shown tightened gun laws have not reduced crime rates, which suggests Bernadette has no interest in an HONEST talk about gun control but a donkey cram-down of DUMB.
Law biding Americans use firearms defensively thousands of times a year to save their own lives and those of their family. You won't hear Bernadette, Obama, Hillary or Bernie mentioning that fact or anyone else from donkey town. Trust me, no one is going to have an HONEST, LOGICAL, COMMON SENSE or EVIDENCE BASED conversation with Bernadette Loesch about gun control.
Tony Boutin

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