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Out with old & in with news; time for a Motorcycle Week change

To The Daily Sun,

The Laconia Motorcycle Week Association has been run by the same people for as long as we can all remember. Maybe it's time for a change.

What does a professional sports team do when they have consecutive losing seasons? They clean house. Out with the old and in with the new. What does a company do when profits are repeatedly lower than before? They do the same. And these organizations try to do this before it's to late.

The Lakes Region and every other area of our state depends on Motorcycle Week not only for tax revenue but for showing people from all over the world what a great state New Hampshire really is. It would be a shame to see us lose such an important part of our history.

Gilford is having the same dilemma with their Old Home Day fireworks display. It's lost its luster. There is common ground between the people organizing Motorcycle Week and lighting off the fireworks. He and it has to go. Out with the old and in with the new. Time for a change.‚Äč

Todd Welch

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Immigrants cost taxpayers far more than what is collected in taxes

To The Daily Sun,
Bernadette Loesch should learn that facts that are contrary to her fantasy world views and her ideology are not lies. In her letter of Sept. 2 she makes false claims about my statements regarding illegal immigration apparently to mislead readers.

Illegal immigration hurts American workers, costs American taxpayers much more than the taxes illegal aliens pay, and adds to the number of American crime victims.

There are officially 8.3 million unemployed Americans plus many millions more who, having despaired of getting a job in Obama's stagnant economy, have given up looking for a job. Some 94 million working-age Americans are living and eating but not working; the burden on taxpayers is enormous. An unknown number (10? 11? 20?) of millions of illegal aliens are in our country. Whether illegal aliens get money from work, welfare or crime they are hurting Americans.

No one has disputed that some of the money that illegal aliens spend here goes to pay taxes. Illegals also pay at least some taxes on the money they earn "above-board". However no taxes are paid on under-the-table earnings. And, the billions of dollars they send home, out of our country, don't pay taxes here.

Loesch refers to a Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) claim that illegal aliens can't receive welfare or food stamps. If the SPLC's statement is intended to be accurate, then it should be surrounded by many disclaimers (but Loesch doesn't provide the reference so we can see them).

All welfare and other federal, state, and local benefits are available to illegal aliens except federal means-tested welfare, and that restriction is isn't really true in practice (mistakes are made, laws ignored, and there are exceptions). In 46 states, illegal alien households with at least one American citizen are eligible to receive food stamps depending on income (http://goo.gl/izppjQ).

In fact, the average illegal alien household receives $24,721 in government benefits while paying only $10, 334 in taxes, thus illegal aliens place an extra burden on legal taxpayers (http://goo.gl/iifm1X).

Since illegal aliens are not legal workers and not entitled to Social Security benefits, they work using stolen identities which may cause big problems for the real identity owner.

However, Obama's plan to give legal status to illegal aliens will make them eligible for all federal benefits including Social Security, means-tested welfare, and prior years earned income tax credits worth potentially more than $20,000 per household. The money that pays for these extra benefits, except for Social Security, will be taxed from hard-working, and often struggling, Americans and legal residents.

Whether illegal aliens commit more or fewer crimes than Americans isn't really the question, the crimes they commit are in addition to whatever crimes legal residents commit. Illegal aliens create victims out of people who wouldn't have been hurt if our laws were enforced.

Even if illegal aliens committed only a tiny fraction of the crimes that Americans commit (which isn't the case), why should Kathryn Steinle, Marilyn Pharis, Jamiel Shaw Jr. or more than 25,000 others be dead or hundreds of thousands of women and children be raped by people who shouldn't even be here?
The Americas Majority Foundation study that Loesch claims shows crime is less in states with high immigrant populations proves nothing. First, the difference is insignificant, 3807.1 vs 3809.4 crimes per 100,000 people. Second, we've only been discussing crimes by illegal aliens; this study lumps crimes by legal and illegal immigrants together. Third, the study only compares two years, that doesn't validly show a trend. Claiming that this study shows anything about illegal alien crime is simply an attempt to mislead readers.

In fact, the American Majority Study warns against drawing a general conclusion because there isn't uniformity among the high immigration states. California with the highest number of immigrants has a higher crime rate than average; New York with the second highest number, has a lower crime rate than average. New Jersey and Georgia are first and second in recent immigration; Georgia's crime rate is above average, New Jersey's is well below average.

Perhaps so people wouldn't see the above "inconvenient" information, Loesch didn't provide a link to the American Majority Study; I will, see page 54, http://goo.gl/Yz9BHF.

Loesch says that the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) says foreign born people are incarcerated at a much lower rate than native-born Americans. Since Loesch provides no reference for this claim, perhaps again to hide the truth, it is impossible to confirm this claim.

However, the NIC more than likely is referring to federal incarceration rates which might be lower since President Obama has refused to incarcerate many and has released so many illegal alien criminals to prey on the American public.

But most murders, rapes, assaults, robberies, burglaries, etc. are state, not federal, crimes and the criminals would be in state prisons. In 2009 the GAO reports (http://gao.gov/products/GAO-11-187) that there were 296,000 illegals in state or local prisons for a incarceration rate of almost 3 percent; that is at least three times the about 0.7 percent incarceration rate for legal residents (https://goo.gl/ScRKU).

To try to get some credibility Loesch cites some irrelevant claims, called "myths", by radical leftist professor Robert Reich about the number and countries of origin on illegal aliens and the need for immigration. No one debates that the number of illegal aliens increases and decreases and it may be lower now that our economy is stagnant. And only leftists care where illegals come from, most Americans oppose illegal immigration because our laws are being violated and law breaking should not be tolerated or rewarded.

Loesch's and Reich's justification for immigration to support Social Security needs discussion.
To buy votes politicians have increased the benefits and who can collect Social Security without making sure the system was financially sound. When Social Security began the ratio of workers to recipients was about 35 to 1 and the age for collecting benefits was about the average life span, 65. Now the average life span is about 78 years (averaged) but the age of eligibility has barely changed. Thus the number of workers compared to the number of recipients has plummeted to about 3 to 1 which is unsustainable.

For all practical purposes Social Security is now a Ponzi scheme; early recipients do well, late recipients (our children, grandchildren, and future generations) get cheated.

Loesch and Reich promote immigration to increase the number of workers compared to retirees. But the immigration (legal and illegal) promoted by Loesch and Reich costs legal taxpayers far more than the immigrants pay in taxes. This hurts American workers and makes our Social Security problem worse. There are reasonable ways to address the Social Security problem, but leftists like Loesch and Reich consistently oppose them.

Illegal immigration must be ended and illegal aliens must not be rewarded for their illegal actions.

Loesch is long on name-calling, irrelevant information, and false and misleading information, but short on facts and truth. Her letter provided nothing useful. It only obscured the facts and misleads readers.

Don Ewing

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