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Free intern for Democratic Park accuses well-respected businessman?

To The Daily Sun,
I am writing in response to college student and New Hampshire Democrat Party Intern Kyle Middleton's letter. Kyle opened his letter with the snarky question of "Does George Hurt read his own letters?" Well Kyle, I believe the appropriate question for me to ask is, did YOU read George Hurt's letter? Mr. Hurt was criticizing Senator Andrew Hosmer for his indefensible refusal to use a portion of the surplus to fund the largely depleted Rainy Day Fund ("RDF"), as required by law. He pointed out that Democratic governors have made large withdrawals from this fund, driving home the fact that even Democrats see the necessity of this fund. Young Kyle's letter only helps prove Mr. Hurt's point. Well done Kyle, I hope you'll be contacting Senator Hosmer encouraging him to vote to apply part of the surplus to the RDF.
The writer then regurgitated long discredited Democrat talking points. For example: Former Governor Shaheen, during her regime, withdrew more money from the RDF then was deposited. While Governor Lynch withdrew $80M, only to cover the Democrat's extremely bloated budget.
I find it comical that a bright young man who is willing to work for FREE as an intern for the N.H. Democrat party is accusing a well-respected pragmatic businessman such as George Hurt of "trying to score political points".
Now, Mr. Middleton, I wish you the best in your education and future, but please do YOUR OWN research before you put your name on another letter.

Kevin Leandro

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Democrat offer of subsistence living in return for votes is amoral

To The Daily Sun,

Bernadette Loache says the only way out of poverty is to vote Democratic. Really? No! The only way out of poverty is a job Bernie. To get a job one must have an education, a marketable skill and most importantly the desire. Depending on Democrats to get one out of poverty is like waiting for a train that doesn't run (except for re-election). Democrats offer subsistence living generation after generation, after generation for as much of the population as they can attract to that life and keep voting Democratic. It's amoral, Bernie.
Steve Earle


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My professional experience and education will serve town of Hill well

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to the community of Hill:
My name is Tom Seymour and I am announcing my candidacy for the open seat on the Hill Board of Selectmen. As a New Hampshire native and life-long resident of the Lakes Region, I love the small-town atmosphere in Hill. I want to help preserve all that makes Hill the town my wife, Lisa, and I enjoy. Our grandchildren love to visit because the town is friendly and safe. They especially love playing at the town park. Lisa enjoys taking her regular runs through the town's streets and we can often be seen walking together in town — especially on warm summer afternoons. There is a real sense of community in Hill. We know our neighbors, we know our community, and we pitch in to help one another.

Small town life is attractive, but it can be difficult to maintain. I have witnessed changes in other small towns over the years that diminished the sense of community and belonging. Demands on town services, such as police and fire protection, highway improvements and maintenance continue to increase. Continued well-controlled, well-planned growth and spending will assure Hill remains the town my wife and I have come to enjoy over the last 12 years. Progress may be inevitable — even necessary; but making smart, affordable choices can assure effective and efficient town operations and growth.

A graduate of Winnisquam Regional High School, I completed my degree work with Lakes Region Community College and Southern New Hampshire University (MBA). I am employed by EPTAM Plastics, the largest precision plastics fabricator in the United States, in Northfield, NH. As Quality manager, I also oversee Continuous Improvement, Information Technology and their respective budgets. I also participate with other senior management staff in setting policy, creating fiscal plans, and strategic planning. As vice president and member of the board of directors of the Granite State Animal League, overseeing the operation of the Franklin Animal Shelter, I also help establish budgets and fund raising events.

I believe my professional experience and education will serve the town of Hill well and I am excited about the opportunity to represent the citizens as a member of the Board of Selectmen. I ask for your vote on March 11, 2014.

Tom Seymour

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Our tipped employees claim hourly income of between $16 and $22

To The Daily Sun,
I'd like to respond to the concerns raised by Carole Polony in her January 29th letter: "Can't face somebody waiting on me and earning just $2 for doing so." Since Carole sounds like a great customer of T-Bones & Cactus Jack's, I wanted to take the time to ease her fears by explaining our service wages. The N.H. minimum wage for tipped employees is currently $3.27 per hour. This is what we currently pay most of our service staff. Since the IRS requires our employees to report their tip income to our payroll, we know that these tipped employees claim an hourly rate that is generally between $16 and $22 per hour, depending on experience and individual ability. This falls right in line with industry norms throughout our state and our nation, as these are highly-skilled service specialists who rely on the generous tips of our valued customers. Hopefully that is not surprising news to anyone. After all, the Department of Labor designates "tipped employees" and legislates their wages separately for a good reason. All of our non-tipped employees make substantially more than the state and federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.
The vast majority of T-Bones & Cactus Jack's employees work full-time, year-round with benefits and a healthy income. We also employ some part-time workers with other jobs, as well as students that we hire seasonally. Many of these students even stay on part-time after they graduate and find a position in their field of study. This is because the hourly pay of waitstaff is tough to match with a starting salary in many other professions. I was once one of these young people. When I graduated college and accepted a marketing position with a telecommunications firm, I remained on as a part-time bartender at Cactus Jack's. It did not take long for me to realize that only one of the two companies I worked for was fostering a fun, healthy work environment where employees were both valued and generously compensated. I quit my "real job" to continue my career in food service with Great NH Restaurants, and have spent the last decade working hard to uphold those values.

As a customer of our restaurants, I'm confident you'll notice how this appreciation of our employees is reflected in the quality of service our guests receive. Not unrelated, you may consider reflecting on how that designation, "tipped employee" also plays a significant role in your service quality, where ever you choose to dine. Thank you for your business and your thoughts, Carole.
Jay Bolduc, Managing Operator
T-Bones & Cactus Jack's of Laconia
Laconia Resident

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Thanks! Gilmanton Cub Scouts raised $250 at school PTA Craft Fair

To The Daily Sun,

Gilmanton Cub Scout Pack 242 recently participated in the Gilmanton School PTA Craft Fair where they raised $250 to help scouts attend an upcoming event. A special thank you to Gilmanton Corner Store, the (Gilmanton) Iron Works Market, Coca Cola, and Jim Gosselin for their donations.

Cameron A.J. Hamel


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