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Saturday night concert by Gathering Time is an absolute must see

To The Daily Sun,

The most exciting $22.00 musical evening in years.

Six months ago I attended a concert (including food delectables) by the N.Y. folk rock group "Gathering Time" right here in Laconia. As a senior citizen I will tell you that this remarkable group of artists whisked me through the music from the 60s through today including the music of Simon and Garfunkle, Peter Paul and Mary, Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seger up to Earth Wind and Fire and the Beetles.
They are returning again this Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Historic Belknap Mill Chertok Gallery and are a MUST SEE on this one night show.

Pickup food, cold drinks, home made pastries  all for $22.00/pp.! WHAT A WONDERFUL, OUT OF YOUR SEATS EVENING!
Go to www.tbinh.org for tickets as well as "google" "gathering time wcbs" for a sense of the music.

Ken Goodman

Center Harbor

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The Daily Sun has failed in its duty to be objective and unbiased

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in response to the article The Laconia Sun published on May 17th about sex crime allegations against Robert Woodbury. I think the article was written in poor taste, is lopsided in it's reporting of the facts and is a shameful piece of supposed "objective" journalism.

Let us remember, he has not been convicted of a crime. He is INNOCENT until proven guilty. That presumption of innocence is one of the core values of our country and our innate sense of justice. If we convict people in our newspapers and our minds before they stand trial in a court of law, then we are destroying the very system that is in place to protect us from trumped up, slanderous charges.

To objectively round out what should have been said, Robert Woodbury is a good citizen, he served his country in the USMC and has helped countless people in the community, he is always willing to help a neighbor in need. Cindy's daycare was absolutely wonderful and only closed because she is very ill with diabetes complications and can no longer take care of children.

The losses they have suffered as a result of this newspaper running such a one sided, condemning article is tragic and unacceptable.

As American citizens, we need to uphold the freedoms we hold so dear in our hearts and in our communities or we will see these freedoms eroded and lost.
And, the fourth establishment, the media has an obligation to serve the citizens objectively. You have a heavy responsibility to make sure you do not ruin reputations with the stroke of a pen. In this particular case, I think The Laconia Sun has failed in their duty to be objective and unbiased. Are you a respectable newspaper or a smut rag just looking for sensationalist tricks? I had always thought the former. Perhaps I was wrong.

Cherie Willoughby



(Editor's note: The article in question was the reporting of an indictment handed down by a Belknap County Grand Jury. Ms. Willoughby is correct, Mr. Woodbury has not been convicted of anything and will have his day in court.)

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Perhaps he was just a confused, depressed, very ill soldier

To The Daily Sun,

The June 19 POW/MIA Vigil and Freedom Ride will go on as scheduled. We have made the statement over the years that Faith, Trust, Truth, Responsibility and Accountability are important. Those words are still important. Just discussing the last five years, those who have been involved in vigils and rides can be proud, for doing the right thing.

If an American soldier was being held POW tomorrow, would you not do the same thing? Up until a few days ago most Americans didn't know the name Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Today those that do are ready to call him "deserter" without hearing from him as yet. If what we're hearing is completely true, did at that time, the 23-year-old soldier do what he may have done with desertion on his mind? His country and especially his family? Or perhaps was this a confused, depressed, very ill soldier overlooked on a field of battle. Not an excuse, just fact.

Would anything justify the loss of life of any American serviceman or woman on the battlefield or fill the void in a Gold Star Family? The words "healing" and "closure" are for those of us who have not had to sacrifice what they have.

Writing letters about being upset with "war, direction of the country, consideration of the Afghan people and justice? I remember a person sitting in front of a Senate House Committee discussing an unjust war, direction of the country, loss of American life and atrocities of war while American men and women were still fighting and dying during that War. Today he's Secretary of State.

There will be a time and place for others to judge. Faith, trust, truth, responsibility and accountability are still important.

We can gather together and ride because we are free to do so. We did the right thing and I believe we'd do it together again, so long as we have men and women in harm's way. Some must keep the faith. This could be the most important Vigil and Ride to date.

Bob Jones, VP

Northeast POW/MIA Network


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Red Raider is not foundation of Belmont's tradition or its history

To The Daily Sun,

I have been following the recent controversy at my alma mater, Belmont High School, over our current mascot "The Red Raider" and have been impressed by the students' level of commitment to engage with this controversial issue. The latest development is that the school board has voted that a decision regarding the mascot is best left to the community. I hope when the time comes the community will not replicate the school board's reluctance to act.

It seems the debate over the Red Raider logo has become unduly emotional, devolving into a war between what some see to be as tradition versus political correctness. However, this seems to me a mischaracterization of the issue.

Belmont High School provided me with countless formative experiences upon which I often reflect. When I do, I remember many faces. I remember the faces of my friends, laughing in the cafeteria or suffering in the physics lab. I remember the faces of my teachers, smiling when we asked an ill-advised question and smiling again when we found the right one. I remember the faces of my coaches with furrowed brows as they hoped the bus ride home would be joyous. These are the faces I remember and as I am a recent graduate, at least compared to some (hi Mom and Dad!), they are still quite clear in my mind. But the face I do not remember is that of a caricatured Native-American.

There is a continued trend throughout the nation of eliminating this type of mascot at the urging of Native-American groups. Belmont's logo is not intentionally racist, nor were many of the hundreds of other mascots which were changed. But rallying around a new mascot is a small price to pay for respecting the sensible wishes of a traditionally oppressed minority.

Belmont High School has many faces of which to be proud and its worth does not reside in only one of them. The Red Raider is not the foundation of Belmont's tradition or its history and to believe it is would be to sell our town short.

Trask Roberts
BHS class of 2008

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Ms. Loesch merits commendation for transcribing C-Span video

To The Daily Sun,

I have two commendations to make with respect to former Secretary Of State Clinton's question, "What difference at this point does it make?" before a U.S. Senate Committee. The context is so crucial to understanding the issue that I have clipped pages 6 and 7 of your June 3 issue for future reference.

Bernadette Loesch merits a commendation for transcribing the C-Span six-minute video recording of the committee meeting.

The Daily Sun also merits a commendation for publishing the transcript and making it accessible to your readership.

Thank you Bernadette and Daily Sun,

Bob Longabaugh

Alton Bay

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