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Why not address Gilford noise problem with a noise ordinance?

To The Daily Sun:

With respect to the controversy over the Howe property, if the problem is noise, why not approach the problem directly? Let us have a noise ordinance and a Police Department willing to enforce it. Meadowbrook can be heard all the way to Laconia (White Oaks Road). Or is Meadowbrook too big and the Howes just the right size to be regulated?

Barry Dame


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Guarino is the type of person Gilmanton needs as selectman

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to ask the voters to support Don Guarino in his bid for re-election as selectman in the Town of Gilmanton.

Don has worked tirelessly for the residents of the town and has endured some unjust criticism for trying to correct the Gilmanton voters guide put out by the Board of Selectmen.

I had talked to Don about some wording in the voters guide that, based on opinion from town counsel, absolutely needed to be removed. Based on documents I received from a Right-to-Know request, the amount ($72) spent by the town pales in comparison to amounts spent by the town ($411) to push forward the multiyear Gilmanton Year-Round Library funding petition.

At more than one selectmen's meeting, Don was interrogated about his acting to correct something that
was proven needed to be done.

That is the type of person that is needed as a selectman in Gilmanton. One that will work for you and the town to make things right.

Leonard Swanson

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