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Critically important for Gilford to attend deliberative sessions

To The Daily Sun,

It is critically important that taxpayers of Gilford attend the two Deliberative Sessions under the governance of SB-2 being held this week.

Tuesday night is the School Deliberative Session. Thursday night is the Town Deliberative Session. Both are at 7 p.m. in the high school auditorium.

These sessions are usually only attended by town and school district employees. Budgets can be altered at these sessions often affecting your tax rate and ultimately undoing the good work of the volunteer Budget Committee that is looking out for the best interest of the taxpayer.

Please attend both of these sessions.

Susan C. Greene

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Fish and Game will meet to discuss future of bobcats today

To The Daily Sun,

I encourage everyone to get involve in protecting our wildlife. This is the letter I wrote my state reps. I encourage everyone to stand up for our wildlife and four-legged friends.

When I moved to New Hampshire over 10 years ago or so, I moved because of the scenery and the beautiful wild animals we have in this great state, I enjoy going for a hike and encountering the many animals we share this great state with. Keyword for me is share. It's not just our state, it's theirs too, since animals don't make laws we humans do on their behalf.

I ask you to please consider being their advocate and vote in favor of the following bills: House Bill 1548, House Bill 1571 and oppose any bill that puts our animals in danger. We must protect them so other generations can enjoy them. I hope some day my newborn daughter will learn what a bobcat is by actually seeing one alive and not just through a book, as we learn of other species that no longer exist due to our lack of responsibility.

Fish and Game will meet to discuss the future of the bobcat today, Tuesday, Feb. 2, at 6 p.m. at Fish and Game's Office, 629B Main St., Lancaster. Please encourage Fish and Game to not allow the hunting of bobcats.

One bill is to ban shark fin sales in New Hampshire, which to me is a cruel act and cowardly. The poor sharks get their fins cut while alive in the water; most shark swim off and die after this cruel act. So please, I encourage you to ban this cruel and medieval act. The other bill closes any loopholes in the cruelty to dogs law; it will help reinforce that we will not tolerate professional or street dog fighting. Our four-legged pals need us.

I have three rescue dogs and one was beaten almost to death when he was a puppy. Thanks to the shelter, I adopted him from he now has a better life when I first met him he was so shy that he would run away or pee on himself. After years of working with a dog trainer now he runs around enjoys his fellow humans and love spending time in front of the fireplace. Unfortunately there are way too many dogs that don't have the same luck we need to be on their side and help them put a stop to these dog fights once and for all. Let's send a message across America that we will not tolerate cruelty.

Carlos Cardona

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