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Wasn't it an actor who killed the greatest president we ever had?

To The Daily Sun,

I saw Ted Danson was campaigning for that woman. Here's a thought. Ted Danson is an actor. They "play" at bring someone else. I wonder who he was "playing" the night he was in town.

Also, always remember when you hear or see an "actor" telling you how to vote that an "actor" killed the greatest president we ever had. (That would be John Wilkes Booth and Abraham Lincoln for the historically challenged Democrats out there.)

Just thought I'd mention it.

Steve Fiorini

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Maybe Trump should have checked into Wounded Warrior Project

To The Daily Sun,

Did you really believe that Trump was doing something altruistic by raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project? Like much of his life and campaign, this was a glitzy, shiny façade with little behind it. It seems that the Trump organization has not done enough research concerning this group. Or maybe his minions just chose to ignore the "glaring facts" concerning the daily operations of the Wounded Warrior Organization?

CBS Morning Saturday's program of Jan. 30 looked at the Wounded Warriors Organization. The report was based on research conducted by the Charity Navigator Watchdog Group. Here is just a small portion of their very troubling findings:

1. After deducting expenses for salaries and other administrative costs a mere 54-60 percent of the money collected is actually used for the wounded vets! The percentage not actually used for vets is much higher than the percentage that is considered reasonable for any charitable group.

2. This organization has a very large surplus which is not being spent on wounded warriors.

3. The head of this organization (no surprise here) draws a very high salary.

Some other veterans organizations have criticized this high salary and their "operating expenses," indicating that it is out of line with what Wounded Warriors Project should be giving to our veterans. When asked to counter these charges, the organization's administration declined to be interviewed.

We should be asking the Trump campaign to give a full accounting of just where the donated millions are being spent, right? Otherwise it seems that Trump has been Trumped! Supporting our wounded veterans is something we all believe in. When we give money to an organization claiming to help them we deserve to have our money go to the mission, not to enable some people to get rich off the backs of our vets.

Bernadette Loesch


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