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We should celebrate love and beauty of N.H. wherever we can

To The Daily Sun,

A year ago I was wondering what would happen with my daughter's wedding, scheduled to take place at Timber Hill Farm this month. I should not have worried. Even while in the midst of defending his family's livelihood, Isaac Howe continued to plan for the wedding my daughter envisioned. Thanks to Isaac and Jen's hard work, my daughter and son-in-law had a beautiful farm-to-table wedding last weekend.

The debate over the meaning and logistics of agritourism may continue, but it seems we should celebrate love and the beauty of New Hampshire whenever and wherever we can.

Debbie Brady


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This year I looked around, and I like what Johnson has to say

To The Daily Sun,

Gary Johnson is running for president. As many as half the folks reading this will say "who"? He is a Libertarian candidate on the ballot in all 50 states, critical for a candidate not running as (a) Democrat or Republican. The most concise description I can give is that he is fiscally conservative and socially moderate.

Unfortunately, the media is engrossed with the ratings-boosting battle between the major parties, give Johnson nary a mention. His campaign has risen to shy of 15 percent in the polls. The powers-that-be that run the presidential debates have a rule that any third party candidate must have 15 percent or greater of the popular vote to be included in the debates. Given that Johnson does not have deep pockets from super-PACs, etc., the only way he will be able to get his message to a broader audience is through these debates.

I am not writing this to try to convince anyone to vote for Gary Johnson. My hope is that at least everyone is aware that he is running. Having a third person in these debates would force the other two to actually talk about issues instead of doing nothing but mudslinging.

As a point of reference, I am not someone who votes on the fringe. I typically vote with the same major party every election (which one is irrelevant). But this year got me looking around, and I personally like what Johnson has to say.

Be informed. Take a minute or two to check out www.johnsonweld.com and read about him. There is a great independent website called www.isidewith.com. You answer yes/no questions on a variety of issues, mark how important each issue is to you, and it reports back what percentage you are aligned with the various candidates. The results may simply confirm your choice, or they might surprise you... only one way to find out!

Dave Peelstrom

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