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Dumb animals get exceptions to the rules but dumb people do not

To The Daily Sun,

Once again, my insensitive sense of humor has offended some readers. In my short letter The Sun printed on Jan. 16, I compared some inconsiderate joggers to dumb animals that end up squashed by cars. I did alter some of the details of a tragic accident on North Main street, to protect the identity of the families involved. However, Mr. and Mrs. Weatherbee chose to be offended anyway, so I'll make the most of it.

As you said, I'm sure the pedestrian in question was a wonderful person. That is not the issue. As you admit in your attack on me, she was in the WRONG place, distracted by inspirational messages (?) on her headphones and wandered into traffic. She and she alone was responsible for her death by her own thoughtless action.

The real victim in this was my friend and coworker Victor, the driver of the car. He has since passed away, but I can tell you that he was a kind and gentle man who loved animals and hated no one. For weeks afterwards he would be overcome with grief and anxiety at work and we would tell him over and over that it wasn't his fault. He was never the same happy guy after that.

It is ironic that on page 3 of that same edition, appears the story "Man struck crossing S. Main". the pedestrian was not on a crosswalk and wearing dark clothes. It goes on to say, "Laconia Police ask that pedestrians use care in crossing roads and to use sidewalks, especially in inclement weather". In other words, if you don't obey the rules of the road, and you get hurt, you won't get much sympathy from them either. It is true that drivers must share the road with pedestrians, bicycles, wheel chairs and all, but to do it safely we must all play by the same rules. Dumb animals get an exemption but dumb people will not. If this letter still offends the Weatherbees or any one else, I'll just tell them to go play in the street.

Alan Moon


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Remember, if you subsidize something, you tend to get more of it

To The Daily Sun,

This is in to response to Bernadette Loesch's letter in the August 31st Sun:
First, while I can agree with you that poverty has been a problem in the U.S., it has been with us for more than just "too many decades". It's been here since the first Europeans arrived on the American shores.
Second, you make a point about poverty and Mr. Boutin's observation about how it has increased since 1964, but your observation about why it has increased is wrong on just so many levels I don't know where to begin. Saying the failure to raise the minimum wage is the cause sounds good, at least to you and your leftist brethren, but it overlooks so many of the real causes. I am, however, going to address your assertion that it's all the fault of the failure to raise the minimum wage.

What kind of jobs are usually minimum wage? Mostly it's entry level jobs. And of all jobs out there how many of them are minimum wage jobs? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' 2012 metrics, it's about 2.5 percent. And of that 2.5 percent only 0.8 percent of all working Americans over the age of 25 are earning minimum wage. The problem with poverty isn't the minimum wage. With approximately 16-percent of Americans defined as living in poverty, and a quarter of them defined as the working poor, how does raising the minimum wage for the 0.8 percent solve the problem with the 4 percent who are the working poor?
The way to solve the problem is not to raise the minimum wage, which very few are actually making, but to create new jobs. One does not do that by artificially raising the cost of labor. One does that by getting government out of the way of job creation (government in and of itself can't create jobs in the private sector, and never has, but it sure as heck can prevent it). One does not lift the poor out of poverty by providing for them ad infinitum, but by providing them with incentives to get off of welfare, be it federal or state assistance. One means of doing so is by making reception of welfare of a limited duration, as was done during the Clinton Administration, and making sure recipients receive training/education for jobs that actually need filling. If they refuse the education/training, then they don't get welfare benefits. (Yes, I know there are those legitimately incapable of doing so for one reason or another, but they are the exception and not the rule, and they would continue to be assisted.)
If you make receiving government assistance attractive enough to those who are otherwise capable of working, they will take the assistance over having to work to support themselves. It's human nature. Remember, if you subsidize something, you get more of it. In this case if we continue to subsidize poverty we will only get more of it, just as has been done since LBJ's misguided Great Society and War on Poverty in 1965 stopped all progress towards diminishing poverty. All it did was subsidize generation after generation of the poor, made it difficult to get out from underneath the government dole, and in the process generated a whole new series of ills that plague the poor in this nation to this day. That is what has been a major contributing cause of poverty in the U.S., not the lack of a higher minimum wage.

Dale Channing Eddy

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Burton always supported womens' health services & Cryans will too

To The Daily Sun,

On January 21, Joe Kenney took the Republican nomination for Executive Councilor District 1 seat, after Ray Burton's death. My January 22 Citizen (a Laconia paper) reports Mr. Kenney thanking "all his supporters and various coalitions, including the Tea Party, Pro-Life Groups and the Wind Coalition."

On June 22, 2011, three Executive Councilors swung the vote to defund Planned Parenthood clinic that provides general health services to women and families, along with family planning/birth control and abortion services. Ray Burton was never among those councilors defunding family planning. By 2013 the three who voted that way in 2011 were replaced: districts 2, 4, 5 now have councilors supportive of women's health services.

Why would any thinking voter in Executive Council District 1, knowing that Ray always supported women's health services, now support Mr. Kenney, who counts himself Tea Party and Pro-Life supported? The right choice is Mike Cryans, who will support health services for women and their families. A March 11 vote for Mike Cryans continues the work of Ray Burton. Please tell your friends and neighbors that Mike Cryans will have your vote, and urge them to cast this important vote for Mike Cryans too.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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New tsunami of welfare is not answer to raising living standards

To The Daily Sun,
Consider the UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES of raising the minimum wage...
Very soon the employee of the month will have a battery. No place will the battery powered employee arrive quicker than the fast food industry. Chili's and many other chains are already on that track where computers and technology replace humans. Restaurants work on very thin profit margins of 3 to 6 percent... every increase in government and state taxes/wages results in higher costs and reduced profits to owners. Increased costs they pass on directly to customers in the form of higher prices. Forced higher wages delays every future hiring decision. It increases the determination and resolve of business owners to replace paid labor with unpaid computer technology. Waiters, waitresses and front counter personnel at places like MacDonald's and Wendy's are at the highest risk to be replaced in the first wave. The dining experience where you have no human contact except with that of fellow diners is fast on it's way. The computer tablet does not show up late for work, does not demand a raise,  (minimum or otherwise), doesn't require the payment of federal payroll taxes, state wage taxes, doesn't know what a holiday is and has never heard the words paid vacation or UNION. The incentive for every business to eliminate labor increases exponentially with it's cost. These most basic principles of economics 101 seem simply above the intelligence of the average Democrat to comprehend. Like Obamacare, they simply ignore that an action can have UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES that are far more damaging than any benefits.
There is only one way to improve the lives and finances of people in the lower economic strata of society. It is not with with a new tsunami's of welfare. It is not with another avalanches of new taxes or increases to the minimum wage in some desperate, insane search for equality at the bottom of the income scale to make us all feel better. If those Democratic approaches worked, America should be a living utopia. It is not, the country is awash in welfare and poverty. After five years of Democrats leading the country, the vast majority of Americana are sure the next generation will have it worse than they have. If you truly want to lift the lives of the lower economic half. Look east to Honk Kong. It has risen out of the ashes of pain and poverty over the past 75 years to become one of the most prosperous, vibrant and productive economies on earth. It has few taxes on anything, little promised welfare to any one, little poverty, low profile government with minimal regulations to handcuff and throttle business.. Best of all the place is recession proof. It draws unlimited investment from around the world that creates a never ending stream of new businesses with new jobs. A job is the only true path to independence. A better job is the only path from the lowest 20 percent to the highest. There is no other way as the futility of following the democratic, socialist, left leaning solutions have demonstrated for so long.
Tony Boutin

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Planned Parenthood is not at all about planning for raising children

To The Daily Sun,

In the Daily Sun's January 31st edition, Gail Morrison made it clear she could not vote for Joe Kenney, fearing he would not support Planned Parenthood.
Morrison has my utmost respect for stepping forward and expressing her views on what she believes. Regardless of a person's commentary, it's never easy to have your words read in public since it's apt to spawn other opinions, such as mine, that are contrary.
The name Planned Parenthood sounds great but in reality it's more about not being a parent and planning for children as Harry Mitchell brings to light in his Sun letter of Feb. 1.

When visiting family in Rhode Island, I enjoy early morning walks to a favorite neighborhood café. On my path is a Neighborhood Center where there are always people, both young and old, holding signs as follows: "Think it over" ... "Not today" ... "Your baby has no voice" ... "Please return to your car" and it'll be with these 'sidewalk folks' in mind that I will enter the voting booth in November. Hence, whatever candidate best articulates a genuine personal sensitivity and compassion for life will have my vote.

Roland Jutras


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