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For Democrats, being a trustworthy & honest person is not required

To The Daily Sun,
So glad this election is over and I thank God that Trump won!
But why all the destructive protesting from the left? Millions of dollars in destruction! Why such sore losers? We never see this happen when the Republicans loose an election! Disgusting, moronic behavior, condoned by the left!
As you can see by the results, that the majority of Americans did not trust Hillary Clinton to lead our great country and for many good reasons!
Has there ever been more lies and corruption tied to any candidate running for office, than Hillary? Never!
We thought Watergate was bad enough to ask Richard Nixon to resign, compared to the Clinton corruption, he deserved
only a slap on the hand!
As Wiki leaks proved, the Clintons loved "what our country could do for the them, "not what"they could do for our country."
And we learned that amounted to millions of dollars in donations to the Clinton Foundation from a various number of "unfriendly" foreign countries. Countries where a husband is allowed to beat his wife, and children — where marital rape is approved and gays are punished by death! The thought that they donated to the Clintons turns my stomach!
Do these facts bother the left? Of course not! They voted for her anyways! They are so mesmerized by the Clintons!
How can they forget how Bill Clinton disgraced the highest elected office in the land by having a affair in the prestigious Oval Office with a 22 year old intern!
Then, they have the gall to demonize Trump for trashy talk! Really? Talk about a double standard!
But, these facts are of no concern to the majority on the left, no big deal! They care less about Bill & Hillary's total lack of morals and dishonesty. Evidently, these words are not in a liberals vocabulary, for if they were, they could not have voted for
Hillary Clinton!
We have seen this dishonesty when President Obama stated that, "the first I heard about Hillary destroying her emails is when you heard about it." This is a proven lie, as we saw on the tape, he knew about it from the get go!
Lies, lies and more lies! How much will a liberal take before they say, enough is enough!
Most of our citizens are unaware of these facts, due to the rampant censorship in our mainstream media. Is it any wonder that they idolize Hillary? They are truly unaware of what really goes on behind the scenes, unless of course, it is news that might make the Republicans look bad!
Sounds like we are becoming more and more like a third world country! Is this what our citizens really want?
As far as Hillary is concerned, she has a proven record of dishonesty and lies!
They cannot dispute the fact that she deliberately deleted 30,000 emails to save her hide!
Does the left care? Not in the least. I have come to the realization that the only qualification for someone to run
for a Democratic office is that you are registered "Democrat!" Trustworthy, truthfulness, and honesty are not required!
The Clintons are by far, the most corrupt couple that has ever held the highest office in our country!
Our country is so divided, it will never change! Conservatives and Liberals are as different as night and day! We just don't think alike and will never agree on matters of the utmost importance.
Just look at the rioting and destruction occurring right now across the country! One person killed, millions of dollars in destroyed property. Has anyone noticed that these riots are always the results of dissatisfied liberals? Never happened when a conservative lost an election!
Where is their leadership? It is hiding and stoking this disruption!
Obama has been in office for eight years. He ran on the pretense, "there is no Red America or Blue America, there is
only one America." He said, "he would fundamentally change America," and he sure did, for the worse!
Mr. President, our country has never been so divided! Thank you for the Great job!

I am a very weary American citizen.

Linda Dupere

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And still more cases of bigotry & bullying since Trump's election

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, David Yankovich tweeted,"We hate Donald Trump like you hated President Obama. However, we hate Trump because he is racist, you hated Obama because you are racist."

Love him or hate him, Herr Trumpf campaigned on xenophobia, bigotry, our divisions, and hate and that is what Democrats and progressives should expect. There will be no coming together behind this bigot who started his cabinet with Bannon, a white supremacist; Sessions, a civil rights hating racist; and General Flynn, a warmongering Islamophobe. The swamp is being filled with even more vipers and the Year of Broken Glass continues. In Delaware a white man began yelling ethnic slurs and pulled up his jacket to reveal his gun as two Muslim women pulled into a parking lot. "You heard me. Go back to where you belong. Go back to Africa. If you didn't hear me, let me come closer," he said while walking quickly toward the women with his gun visible. Avesyan was charged with terroristic threats. Bail was set at $250,000. His 21 guns, thousands of rounds of ammo, smoke grenades and bulletproof vests were confiscated. Murica! After Lizzy Waites, a transgendered woman living in Pierre, South Dakota committed suicide last Wednesday, Trump supporters took over her Facebook page with comments like "Glad he's gone," "#TRANSLIVESDONTMATTER," and "America just became a little bit greater."

James Shawlin, a gay man. and his 4-year-old son were shopping at the Highlands Ranch, Colorado Floor and Decor when they were verbally attacked by a store manager who called him "the faggot that voted for Hillary," and by another customer who overheard the manager and interjected, "what are these faggots going to do to this child?" The store manager has been fired. In Georgia, Mairah Teli, a young language arts teacher who is Muslim received a flag adorned note saying, "Your headscarf isn't allowed anymore. Why don't you tie it around your neck and hang yourself with it off of your neck instead of your head." It was signed, "America!." Just the other day on a Delta Air Lines flight 248. a passenger disrupted a flight by standing in the isle, shouting and clapping "We got some Hillary bitches on here? Donald Trump, baby. He's your president. If you don't like it, too bad." The video went viral. Delta has banned him for life and all passengers are receiving a refund.

Over the last few days, three California Mosques have received identical letters addressed "to the children of Satan." The letter called Muslims "vile," "filthy" and "evil" and, "Your mothers are whores and your fathers are dogs." 

In Pittsburg, Ankur Mehta, an Indian, was working on his tablet and wearing earbuds at the bar at a Red Robin Restaurant when 54-year-old Jeffrey Burgess told Mehta "things are different now" and "I don't want you sitting next to me — you people." Burgess began making racial and ethnic epithets like "sand (n-word)" and (expletive) Muslim". Mehta, with earbuds on, was oblivious to it all until Burgess elbowed him in the face several times and then grabbed him by the head and punched him several times. Mehta was taken to the hospital and Burgess was taken to jail on four counts.

At Harvard, Sanford Levinson, a renowned legal scholar and a visiting professor at Harvard Law School, received an anti-Semitic letter. "You just got your ass kicked kike" and "We're gonna drain the swamp at Harvard Law." It ended with "Juden Raus," a German phrase that translates to "Jews out," referring to the name of an infamous Nazi-era board game. At the University of Kansas, three male cheerleaders posted themselves in a way that clearly spelled KKK. They have been suspended from school. In Chicago, a white woman erupted in a 30 minute "Trumper Tantrum" and claimed anti-white discrimination when she was charged for $1 reusable bag at a Chicago-area store. Jennifer Boyle, who had previously been videoed harassing Black employees at Peet's Coffee told Dlack employees at Michael's arts and craft store that she had voted for Donald Trump and shouldn't have to pay for the bag. When videoed by a white woman, she went ballistic because, "why are you videoing me? They're Black and you're white!" The video made national news. We all know that Herr Trumpf has thin skin and his right wing supporters are no different. He whines endlessly as they do about criticism. While skipping most of his recent security briefings, Trumpfenfuhrer, has had time to fight the cast of Hamilton and Saturday Night Live. Now the cast of Hamilton has received death threats and extra security has been hired.

Teachers have reported nearly 2,500 cases of bigotry and bullying in U.S. schools since the election. According to a SPLC survey of 10,000 teachers, "eight in 10 respondents said they were anxious and concerned for their students, especially Black, Muslim and LGBT children and teens, and they were worried how Trump's election would affect themselves and their families.

James Veverka


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