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Allan Beetle (11-2) 65 VOTE TONY

To The Daily Sun,

I invite the residents of Ward 6 in Laconia to consider a new face with new ideas to represent them on the City Council this year.

Tony Felch, a native of Lakeport and an active community leader, is ready to bring new ideas to meet the challenges and opportunities ahead of us as we seek to improve the quality of life for our community.

Allan Beetle


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As New Orleans if gun confiscation is an 'absurd fantasy'

To The Daily Sun,

After reading Robert Miller's letter on guns rarely saving lives, I have to assume he's been living in a cave. He seems to think that everything the NRA says is fabricated. If he bothered to do a complete check into the issues that he claimed to be "absurd fantasies" he would find that he's the one that is living in dreamland.

I suggest he go to New Orleans and ask the residents there if any of them had their firearms confiscated after Hurricane Katrina. The United Nations Small Arms treaty gives the U.N. control over gun laws worldwide. Guess who they would have in their sights as the first victim. It wouldn't be Iran.

He should speak to the family of the border agent who was murdered by a gun that was allowed to go to Mexico under the orders from the ATF. If he thinks that the Democratic Party of today wouldn't try for a gun confiscation law if they thought they could ram it through, he's mistaken.

The last paragraph of his letter is humorous because he confirms some of the same reasons that the NRA has been using against gun control. By the way, Mr. Miller it's the ATF and not the AFT.

I think the following statement by an unknown author says it all: "Gun control is a theory espoused by some monumentally stupid people who believe, against all logic and common sense, that violent predators who ignore the laws prohibiting them from robbing, raping, torturing and killing their fellow citizens will obey a law that tells them they cannot own a gun."

Dave Schwotzer

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