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We don't know what we will get from any of these candidates

To The Daily Sun,

What do we get from those who are advertising their qualifications for elected office on TV? One says he wants the "Best for New Hampshire." Who doesn't want the "best" for our state? His wife says he is a "leader" and "fearless. What wife wouldn't say that about her husband.

Then we have another candidate running for the Senate. His sister says that he protected her as a youngster from an abusive stepparent. He was also a Boy Scout who lived in Portsmouth as a child. So what? That's all we get so far. I like to think he has something else?

Then we have the incumbent senator. She is for the Portsmouth Navy Yard. That's nice. Who is not in favor of keeping the Navy Yard? As a senior senator, if she cannot keep the yard in New Hampshire, we don't need to keep her in the Senate. She also likes small business. How about getting some big business to move to New Hampshire instead of China?

Then we have the former senator who is running again. Although he hasn't run an ads on TV, he has signs up all around the area. Guess we have to remember what he did when he was in the Senate years ago, in order to get an idea of what he would do if elected this year.

All of them are giving us a "Pig in a Poke." We don't know what we will get from any of them if elected until they get the job. We are entitled to more. How do they feel about immigration, the pipe line, Northern Pass, taxes, Afghanistan, military spending?

We want specifics. Facts, not emotion.

Len Economou


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Obama cares more about progressive ideology than what's best for us

To The Daily Sun,

Hopefully everyone had a great Fourth of July, celebrating our nation's birth, and remembering the men and women who served and sacrificed for our freedoms. Last week's jobs report that President Obama and the media hype began the weekend on a positive note.

Unfortunately the hype about the jobs report, the 288,000 new jobs and the 6.1 percent unemployment rate, provides a false impression of reality. The reality is that this jobs report, like most recent jobs reports, signals a disaster for more hundreds of thousands of American families.

The primary scintilla of good news was that 799,000 part-time jobs were created. But 523,000 full-time jobs went away. Now over 7.5 million Americans wanting full-time jobs have to settle for part-time jobs with lower wages and few or no benefits. Lack of full-time jobs means people struggle with multiple part-time jobs to achieve the same standard of living ... or endure a lower standard of living.

In June 111,000 people gave up their fruitless job searches and dropped out of the labor force. Nevertheless, because the unemployment rate only counts people looking for work, this personal disaster helped reduce the unemployment rate to 6.1 percent.

Fewer than two out of three people capable of working have jobs. This is the lowest labor force participation rate since 1973. This would be great if people were better off, but most Americans, except the rich, are poorer, earning thousands of dollars less annually since Obama became president.

The progressive policies that President Obama has implemented have been a disaster for most Americans. Progressive policies, e.g., Obamacare, energy, immigration, regulatory, environmental, labor, and tax policies, stifle job growth and often kill the good jobs needed by middle- and lower-income Americans. But Obama's bailouts, subsidies, and crony-capitalist policies (e.g., Solyndra) make sure that the rich get richer.

If President Obama really cared about people, he would implement policies like Presidents Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush that encouraged a growing economy creating millions of good jobs.

But President Obama, like most Washington Democrats, cares more about his progressive ideology than about what is best for every American. President Obama pursues his ideology by destroying jobs and making people increasingly dependent on government and the politicians that provide subsidies to divert attention from the hardships caused by their progressive policies.

Unfortunately President Obama's progressive policies are achieving his ideological objectives including increasing the president's power in a bigger, more powerful government. As a result most Americans are poorer and less free.

Don Ewing


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All Obama has to do is send National Buard to turn back the illegals

To The Daily Sun,

Usually I don't bother replying to letters from Mr. John Hoyt from Plymouth but this one on Wednesday I can't pass up.

Apparently Mr. Hoyt thinks it's the Republicans who are standing in the way of immigration reform, That's untrue.

They even say they are willing to go for a realistic plan but they insist the president secure the boarder first. Why? Because they have been taken down this road a couple times before, most notably when Ronald Reagan signed an amnesty bill for 3-million illegals with the Dems' promise to pass boarder security afterward. The Dems reneged. Why trust them now?

All Obama has to do is send the National Guard to the boarder with orders to turn back the illegals and an immigration bill can be had. Simple enough for you Mr. Hoyt?

Steve Earle


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Extreme ideology must be countered wiht common sense actions

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Thomas Dawson and I am running for the first time for the N.H. House of Representatives. You might ask "but why?" Maybe this letter will give an explanation. I have included bits of my background and my beliefs.

The past six years have been a combative and ugly period in our political history from the highest level of federal government all the way down to our local municipalities. Good, common sense, honest people are needed in our governments to get us back to a more practical and mature form of governing. I feel I can contribute to that climate.

I've been married 46 years and have two adult children, both born in Laconia. The Lakes Region is a wonderful place to live, raise a family, and retire. My past career and community experiences have contributed to qualifications that I would bring with me in representing the citizens of Laconia in the N.H. House of Representatives.

I have been elected to the Laconia School Board three times (nine years from 1984 to 1992).

As the State Fire Marshal of New Hampshire -— a Governor and Council appointment — I worked within the Statehouse and with all the cities and towns in the state. I also wrote, in 1984, the first State Fire Code in the state.

I was the Assistant to the Fire Chief of the Houston, Texas, Fire Department, the second-largest fire department in the fourth largest U.S. city. In this position, I acted as the department's chief financial officer, managing a staff of eight accountants. I built and administered a budget of over $130 million in a fire department of over 3,000 men and 75 fire stations (1980). As the department liaison, I communicated extensively with treasury, controllers office, purchasing department, and other city departments.

For seven years I was a full-time fire protection consultant operating in Northern New England. I successfully ran this business as a sole proprietorship until I began teaching in the Fire Protection Technology program at the Lakes Region Community College, a program that I had started in the early 1970s. I continued consulting part-time and ended my professional career as a community college professor upon retiring in 2002.

Since retirement, I have become extremely active in the early steam automobile community worldwide resulting in the publication of my book, "Stanley Steamer Tales." Currently, I am the American representative in the Steam Car Club of Great Britain.

The people of Laconia need state representatives who truly represent them. Every decision, every bill, and every vote in the House needs to be evaluated for what is best for Laconians and the citizens of the state of New Hampshire. Extreme ideologies must be countered with truthful, common sense, carefully-thought-out actions. I will support the citizens of Laconia and the working families of this great state.

Thomas W. Dawson

Retired Professor & Retired State Fire Marshal


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We cannot put the safety of world's children above safety of our own

To The Daily Sun,

The president is requesting funds to help alleviate the border crisis with the illegal teens and children crossing the border. He created the crisis by not enforcing our immigration laws and publicizing that he is not enforcing them.

Before we give him any money, we should send troops to the border to stop ANYONE from illegal crossing.

Before we give him any money we should send judges to the border. When the illegals are put on a bus to a location where the judges are located. The illegals will go before the judge immediately and the judge will make a decision if allowed to stay or if to be deported. If to be deported, then they will be bussed to a military base to be put on a military plane and brought back to the country they came from.

As it is, 90 percent of illegals do not show up a year later for court case. 90 Percent. So why do we keep doing it? This is insane.

How soon before the illegals will be coming to N.H. to take jobs away from N.H. citizens?

I am all for an immigration policy to be changed but not granting amnesty as part of it.

Twice we gave amnesty and were told the border would be strengthened. Obama said a year ago that the border was secure. We can see how those lies worked out.

It is time for the borders to be secured now and as a result of Obama's lax immigration policy, we must send troops to the border. The president has reduced fines for businesses that hire illegal aliens. It is time for employers to be mandated to check status of workers and punished if severely if they hire illegals. If punished, then maybe the employers will not hire illegals again and again.

Obama said he would write an executive order if Congress did not want to work with him. The president seems to think that if you do not do exactly what he wants then you are not working with him. The president has to compromise about something at some point.

No more compromises from Congress. Our national security depends on secure borders, especially with the happenings in the Middle East.

Millions of Americans are looking for jobs and cannot find them.

About 5 years ago I was looking at contractors to do some work in my home. One was a tile installer. He came from California. I asked him why he moved to N.H., as it is so different from California. He told me, that he was having trouble finding work as more and more illegals came into the state and would work for lower wages and he could not compete. Here was an American who had to relocate away from family to keep working because illegals were taking a job away from an American who wanted to work.

Medical personnel were told not to tell the media about the diseases these illegal children have. Our immigration laws require immigrants to be immunized. This is to protect the citizens of the U.S.

My son had to sign up with Selective Service to get a driver"s license and for college aid. The young illegal immigrant boys do not have to sign up for selective service. Why are we giving liberties to people who break the law and have to pay for the liberties with our American children? This is insane!

I feel for these illegal immigrant children and teens. I am a mother. But my first priority is my son. Yes my son. I owe him to keep this country so that it is best for him. My son is my priority and will always be my first and foremost priority as with all parents in the .US. We cannot put the safety of other children before the safety of our children.

No more Mr. President. Secure the borders with troops NOW. Give the illegals immediate court date and if decision to deport, deport immediately NOW. You can easily write an executive order to do these 2 things. And then and only then will give you money and for that only. . .

Linda Riley


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