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Best way to communicate with selectmen is attend a meeting

To The Daily Sun,

At Sanbornton's meet-the-candidates gathering the other night, someone raised a concern about how the Board of Selectmen communicates with our residents. For those of you who are not familiar with the town website, which can be found at http://sanborntonnh.org, there you will find the following info:

1. All the Board of Selectmen meeting agendas.
2. The minutes of all the selectmen's meetings

If you would like a copy of the minutes of a particular meeting sent to you via email you can contact April Rollins our administrative specialist at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make that request.

I periodically attend the selectmen's meetings when items of particular interest are on the agenda and find the selectmen very receptive to comments and questions from the attendees. If an upcoming agenda does not have an issue that you would like to discuss at the meeting you have the opportunity to place your name on the public session sign-up sheet. Hopefully these items, if any, will only be briefly discussed and if additional discussion is necessary you can have the item placed on the following week's agenda.

When you have the time I encourage you all to occasionally attend the Board of Selectmen's meetings and participate in discussing any town issue on your mind.

Bill Whalen

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Over 18 years of use, biosolids have improved my farm’s soil

To The Daily Sun,

I am a resident of Gilmanton, a farmer, and someone that uses biosolids. I thought I should let people know that I support the current rules in town that allow me to use biosolids on my fields.

I currently use biosolids on more than 90 acres of corn and about 42 acres of hay fields. I have been using biosolids for over 18 years. By using biosolids, I have improved the soil on my farm and it is a good source of nitrogen. I know that biosolids work. I have been farming these fields since 1998 and I only do things that help my fields and crops to be productive.

If I did not use biosolids, I would have to buy other synthetic fertilizer. Chemical fertilizers do not build up the soil or have the benefits that biosolids do. Biosolids slowly release the nitrogen which means it is there as the crops grow instead of leaching or washing off with the rain.

Thank you for considering my farm and I hope you will share my support of the use of biosolids in Gilmanton by voting to defeat the proposed ban on Tuesday.

Daniel Sanborn


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