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Guarino is everything Gilmanton needs; Bishop is the opposite

To The Daily Sun,

The March 10 article describing Gilmanton's candidates night almost seemed, by design, to be written to suggest that Don Guarino cannot be trusted with town funds because years ago he altered an inspection sticker and, more recently, while working on an appeal to a court decision, he missed some court deadlines.

That's the extent of Mr. Guarino's life of crime. The flip side to that is that he has run a successful business for 38 years, and to my knowledge, this is the first time a dispute with a customer has ever seen the inside of a courtroom. That's an incredible record. The sticker, by his own admission, was a bad mistake, and he has since paid for it, and moved on.

As for his trustworthiness, Mr. Guarino has already led Gilmanton through many terms as selectman, lowering taxes each time. He understands how government works, he has an encyclopedic knowledge of policy, has communication skills which do not censor voters' input, understands how department budgets are structured, actually understands how a town budget is constructed ... and so much more.

Precisely, all the things his opponent, Marshall Bishop, knows nothing about. Mr. Bishop has no place in town government. I'll admit he makes a fine wine and that he is personable and friendly, but his past history, before becoming a selectman, shows little or no civic involvement in Gilmanton's town government, and that is precisely why he has been stuck and will remain stuck on his so called "learning curve." Gilmanton can ill-afford more years of a Select Board skidding along on a learning curve.

Gilmanton voters, ignore the smear campaigns, and vote the candidate most qualified, Don Guarino.

Al Blake

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Johnson and Lacourse have a record of working for Alton

To The Daily Sun,

I don't pay much attention to the politics in Alton. I may catch a School Board meeting once in a while or watch a video of a selectmen's meeting. I guess you could say I'm pretty happy with things and haven't felt compelled to speak out until now. The selectmen have dealt with some pretty significant negativity recently and I'm having a hard time understanding why. I've watched the videos and read the newspapers and I have to say, I think they have all shown a tremendous amount of composure.

Now it's election time and there are six people running for two open Board of Selectmen seats. I think the incumbents have shown they are up for the challenge of the position. They have kept taxes down and services intact. They successfully pressured the DOT to fix the (Route) 28 South rumble strips and are still fighting to correct the mess made by rumble strips on Route 28 North. It's been months of fighting, but they follow through. This is what I want from the people elected to represent my best interests.

When I came to town, Cydney Johnson was a School Board member. I recall her standing up for the things parents told her they elected her for. She was always willing to listen to people, even when they disagreed with the board. She encouraged calm, respectful discussion before making a decision. Years later I see her doing the same as a selectman.

This weekend I saw her and Lou Lacourse out putting up campaign signs together. I thought this was interesting because I've also seen them have heated debates with each other when I watched videos of meetings. This tells me they are able to disagree but still respect each other. These are the adults I want representing me. Willing to argue it out, hear all sides, disagree, but still be civil. I am supporting Cydney Johnson and Lou Lacourse for re-election and I hope you will, too. They have a positive and proven record of doing a great job for the people of Alton.

Anthony Roberts

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