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Who needs to stoop so low as to steal a loved one's flowers?

To The Daily Sun, 

For years now, we have not been able to put flowers on my in-laws grave. It saddens us that on trying to memorialize our parents that our wishes are always diminished as some cold-hearted person decides to steal from their grave site. What is wrong with people who need to stoop as low as to steal some loved one's flowers? Totally frustrated.

Denise Tarallo




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Some rhyming verse for Leon Albushies & James Veverka

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Leon Albushies, I'd like to respond with a little rap the way they should be written.

Sister, brother, nephew, niece...

Freedom gives our souls release;

Practice ways of pursing peace,

Pray that wars on Earth will cease.

And for James Veverka I have a couple of rhyming verses:

The end is near to souls who wait,

My Christ He lives within.

This moral frame is bound of late...

To conquer death and sin.

Yet if you need the help of God,

Surrender to His will.

The way of life's the path we trod...

In truth, says "Peace be still."

Love, joy, and peace to all the readers.

Daniel Levesque


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