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I just can't thank T-Bones enough for going above & beyond

To The Daily Sun,

I would love to share an incident that happened to me at T-Bones.

Upon going down by van ramp in my electric wheelchair I caught the power cable in my van door and severed it, so halfway down the ramp there I sat. My friend tried to help, but do no avail.

She ran in to the restaurant and asked for help. Within seconds a gentleman came to my rescue and got me free and proceeded to manually get me in the parking lot. He pushed me into the restaurant and to a table.

I am a resident of Taylor Community and a call was put in to the them to see if I could get help to get back home.

The gentleman at T-Bones said I had to have the power cord spliced or a new one. While on the phone to Taylor the gentleman returned to the table with the proper tools to splice the frayed and cut wires. He continued to work on my chair and was able to reconnect the wires and then my power chair was working again. Taylor was notified of the fix and said they were already to come to repair my chair.

It is wonderful to know that people do care and to go above and beyond and get me going once again.

On top of all this the waitress said we owed nothing for our lunch.

Kudos for T-Bones. I just can't thank you enough for your going above and beyond the call of duty, Jason.

Barbara L. Miles


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Carly will grow our economy because she has best real world experience

To The Daily Sun,

People all over the state of New Hampshire are struggling. The United States is $19 trillion in debt, and counting. The economy seems to be in de-growth. We need a president who can manage the corporate United States.

Carly Fiorina has made it a top priority to reform the way this government spends our money. She will force the government to finally be held accountable for the funds it spends. Each federal agency would need to justify its budget from the ground up. What was once a blooming and plentiful country needs to thrive again.

Carly is the Republican who will help grow our economy, not simply because she says so, but because she has the real-world business experience.

A vote for Carly on Tuesday, Feb. 9, is a vote for the best candidate to manage the tasks necessary to bring our country back to where it belongs.

Rep. Valerie Fraser

Belknap County District 1

New Hampton

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