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Please join us in voting for Brett Currier for Gilmanton Selectboard

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Gilmanton voters:

We hope you will join us and support Brett Currier for selectman. We have come to know Brett well and feel that his fiscal common sense and experience as selectman makes him the perfect candidate for the job. He has shown us that he is able to be fair and unbiased during his previous term as selectman. Add to that, he is a fiscal conservative, something Gilmanton needs now with the recent tax increases. He loves this town and knows what is needed to keep it running efficiently and fairly.

Please join us in voting for Brett Currier for selectman.

Maria & Wayne Ogni

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Sellers, Morrison & Cote will look out for the taxpayers of Bristol

To The Daily Sun,

On Tuesday, March 8, the Town of Bristol will be holding elections for town officers, I urge each of you to cast your vote for the candidate of your choice.
As a taxpayer and citizen of Bristol, I will be voting for the candidates for selectman that I feel best represent the interests of the taxpayers and citizens of Bristol.
While I realize that we, the taxpayers, have an obligation to supply necessary services to our citizens, our departments have an obligation to supply those services in a responsible and cost effective manner. Some departments have a long history of achieving those goals; others not so much.
I hope you will join me in supporting those candidates who will work to provide those services in a responsible cost effective manner. Those candidates who will work with an eye out for the taxpayer are John Sellers, J.P. Morrison, and Bill Cote.

Paul Simard

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