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1878 N.H. voters concerned that 'Papism' would be taught in schools

To The Daily Sun,
In a previous letter concerning the Superior Court case that has bared scholarship funds from N.H.'s education tax credit program to be used to send children to religious schools, I related how the Blaine Amendment to our state Constitution, the amendment to our Constitution that was passed in 1878 that forbids money that has been raised by taxes to be used to support schools "of any religious sect or denomination", was passed out of concern that with the growing catholic population resultant from the influx of emigrants coming to work in the mills of N.H. during this, the Industrial Revolution, that there was a fear that as the Catholic population was requesting aid from the state for their schools, that our public education would eventually become Catholic. Public education was as it was considered at the time, nonsectarian protestant. (A little aside here: a society in order to be cohesive needs to determine what it holds to be true. It can be done openly by consensus of the people or in secret by an elite few and trickled down to the people over a long period of time indiscernibly so that they don't even know that they've been manipulated. As much as what a society accepts to be true is congruent with what is actually true a society prospers. As much as society holds as true that which is in fact false a society flounders. In 1878 the time of the passing of the Blaine Amendment, the Bible was held to be true in our state and our nation, as it had been from our nation's founding well into the 20th century.)

Now I would like to explain the reasoning for this concern about the Catholic Church. Though I'm sure some must have been ignorantly prejudiced against Catholics, the actual concern that propelled this amendment into law was that our public schools were as they called them nonsectarian protestant in orientation, which meant that they held to what was commonly agreed to be Christian in values and orientation, denominational differences were put aside in favor of what they could agree on. One very important protestant ethic was the importance of each man and woman being able to read the Bible himself and to understand for himself the word of God. This was in reality the foundation stone of American liberty. No one could tell you what you needed to believe. This was felt to be the very foundation of our liberty. (You were free not to believe that the Bible was true, but as a consensus it was held to be so, therefore our laws and customs were based on it.) And as you can imagine it was considered of utmost importance that we train up our children in that discipline.

Catholicism, or as it was sometimes referred to then, Papism, because Catholics looked to the Pope for spiritual authority, gave cause for concern. This looking to a man for authority was seen as a threat to the very essence of our liberty. The possibility that with the growth of Catholicism in America that a future generation of Americans might be taught to follow a man for their most important spiritual foundation instead of reading and understanding for themselves was the issue that mobilized voters to support the Blaine Amendment. In this manner they reasoned that religious liberty and consequently all of our other liberties would be preserved. The essence of this reasoning was in line with Articles 3 - 6 and Article 10 of our state Constitution (http://www.nh.gov/constitution/billofrights.html). Article 3-6 deal with natural rights the trade off in surrendering some natural rights to protect others, unalienable Rights of Conscience, and religious liberty. Article 10 is a very, very strong admonition against arbitrary power.

So how did we get to where we are today? And what bearing do these things have on the mentioned case before our Supreme Court? If God and the editors are willing I will discuss these things in future submissions.

John Demakowski


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Talk about taxes, big government & debt & the response is 'racism'

To The Daily Sun,

On Saturday, Roland Jutras wrote a hopeful letter expressing his desire for polite and civil debate in our political letters. I wish it could be so but as Roland pointed to Nancy Parson"s letter in which she claimed to have "detected" a racial element in Tony Boution"s letters (complete nonsense) is the perfect example of why it will never be. I can go back 50 years when the "what are you, a racist", phrase began being thrown into the faces of anyone who would dare disagree with left wing activists of the time. Since then nothing has changed especially with Obama coming onto the scene a few years ago. Let me recap just a bit.
Barack Obama announced his candidacy for the nomination for president. Critics rightly pointed out his lack of experience, lack of accomplishments. The leftss response: "Racism", they screamed.
Barack won the nomination and the election. Those who voted against him for the above stated reasons were labeled by the left as, "racists".
Barack broke just about every campaign promise in the next couple years and many of us made a point of pointing that out. The left's answer: "racism" again!
The Tea Party emerged speaking against raising taxes, growing government and national debt. The left's response: you guessed it, "racism".

In the last few years we have seen "Fast and Furious" (the failed gun running scheme), the Benghazi debacle, IRA scandal, foreign policy incompetence, and latest the failed ACA roll out. When anyone dared speak or write a critical word you know by now how the left responded. "Racism" they charged, "bigots, rednecks", and all manor of personal smears and slanders were cast but seldom was it that the left was able to deny the facts or present reasonable arguments on their behaves.
Several years ago I decided I wasn't going to take it any more, I wouldn't remain silent, so Roland, I must confess your hope for polite, civil debate will not be. I will give back to as I receive from the left. If they can't take it I'd suggest they stop dishing it out.
Steve Earle


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Fiscal conservatism & progressive social stances would be attractive

To The Daily Sun,

In his letter to this forum recently, Mr. Moran would have us believe that "America is losing its way in a leadership vacuum, and a leader has emerged." The potential leader he refers to is Ted Cruz. Cruz has surpassed Sarah Palin and others as the champion of the tea party right. If Cruz, as suggested by Moran, "has donned the mantle of leadership", the Republican Party is in dire straits.

Cruz, on his narcissistic joy ride, ignited the defund Obamacare fight which led to the shutdown of the government at the cost of 24 billion (which could eventually reach $55 billion) and the cut of 0.6 percent off of yearly fourth quarter GDP growth. This was all precipitated by the House voting 40 times to repeal ACA, knowing it won't pass the Senate and if it did the president would veto. They then threaten economic disaster if it's not defunded, then delayed, then medical device tax stripped out, then they "have to get something, but don't know what." All this spearheaded by Cruz leading a rebellion against his own party comprised of one faction of one half of one third of government.

Many Republican congressman have questioned Cruz's political tactics, which may be a sign of party frustration with the Tea Party as a whole. Fellow Republicans have labeled Cruz as "either a fraud or totally incompetent" for having instigated a shutdown strategy, focused on killing ACA, that had no chance of succeeding.

While public support for the Tea Party has fallen to record lows, with many Republicans now viewing the movement negatively, Cruz's own popularity has soared among Tea Party Republicans. Unfortunately for Cruz and the Tea Party, his unfavorable rating among Americans has doubled to 36 percent from 18 percent in June.

Despite what my critics may say, I feel it's imperative that our nation has a strong conservative Republican Party. What we're seeing though, is a party lacking leadership and waging war within itself. What we've been witnessing with the divisiveness of the Tea Party is a dangerous shift to the far right and a party out of touch with the electorate and determined to maintain a strangle hold on the country in a backwards, unprogressive way. Voters, in large part, agree with them on their nominally austere fiscal policy, but these same voters are also socially liberal. They have come to perceive the Tea Party as defining themselves in terms of what they oppose — they have put forward no positive plans for dealing with unemployment, economic expansion, effective and fair dept reduction, foreign policy or diplomacy.

A Republican Party capable of standing on a conservative fiscal platform without alienating socially progressive voters would handily win over independents, moderates, and a large portion of the American electorate from the Democrats. Unfortunately, a divided Republican Party cannot win a major election — the divisions within the party are holding it back.

As a nation, we are not going to make any progress on our biggest problems without a compromise between the center-right and the center-left. But, for this to happen, we need the center-right conservatives, not the Tea Party, to be running the G.O.P.

L. J. Siden

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So many awards to give out to right wingers and so little time

To The Daily Sun,

Welcome to Halloween Edition of Tea Party Petards. We here at the Center for the Study of Absurdity think nothing is more fitting than to devote this edition to the latest Hobgoblins, Witch's Brew, and Stink Bombs of the Ayn Rand and Mullah Omar wings of the GOP.

Starting off in festive fashion is World Nut Daily's "expert on demonology". It appears that horns and pitchforks virtuoso Karl Payne thinks Halloween and shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story promote "demonism on steroids" and open up "individuals to demonic influence." That's correct, a right wing news rag with an expert on demons! Back on your meds, Karl!

Our "Dead Cold Stiff and Without a Pulse" award goes to Texas TeaBircher Blake Farenthold who after being asked during the shutdown about his loss of retired veterans' votes because they might not get their disability checks, quipped, "sometimes you have to make a small sacrifice to move forward with what you're after."

Another Zombie of note appeared on Fake News recently to attack school lunches for impoverished families. Joy Pullman of the Heartlessland Institute attacked the new school meal pilot program in Florida. claiming that expanding access to free meals in Florida will increase childhood obesity and harm low-income families.

Watch out for the Green Vomit! Pastor Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio is begging you not to buy those Communist Lesbian Cookies from the Girl Scouts. Swanson hurls his pea-green splatter, "The individualism of feminism has been devastating to this country" while according to his sidekick pastor Dave Buehner, the GSA website "doesn't promote godly womanhood" and is "antithetical to a biblical vision for womanhood" when "they should train their daughters on how to become "a woman who will be a helpmeet to a man". Rumor has it, every box of cookies contains a free condom!

Not to be outdone by the speedy Green Vomit, in South Carolina a Christian soup kitchen refused to allow atheists help them feed the homeless because they must have ulterior motives. "Upstate Atheists" had raised over $2,000 to put together more than 300 care packages containing socks, gloves, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, soap, rain ponchos, snacks, shaving razors, antiseptic wipes, deodorants, tissues and gum. They plan to distribute these across the street from the soup kitchen this Saturday on National Make a Difference Day. Demons in the wipes!

From Big-Religion, Pope Francis prepared his arsenal of wooden stakes for those blood-sucking light-fearing vampires of the right wing. After recently taking his sacred chainsaw to the culture war ghouls for their pathological obsession with abortion, contraception and homosexuality, this week Pope Francis began pounding his wooden stake into the nearly heartless Christian Right. Regarding their severely diminished capacity to give a hoot, the Pope stated on the Vatican website: "it is a serious illness". YA THINK! Also from Big-Religion, Billy Graham's grandson Boz Tchividjian, who is a law professor at Liberty University recently dropped fire and brimstone on the evangelical community with his latest sexual abuse study. It turns out that evangelicals are worse than Catholics. On a lighter note, World Nut Daily's Jerome Corsi recently stated at a conservative event in Oregon that "sex isn't about fun....If you want to have fun, read a book, go to a movie".

The Village Idiot costume prize goes to Greg Collett, a TeaBircher running for a congressional seat in Idaho. Greg is adamantly against most government programs, including Medicaid. All 10 of his children are on Medicaid but Greg insists he is not a hypocrite. Well, Greg, no matter how much frosting you put on a cow patty it will never be a cupcake.

Winning our 'Republican with a Conscience" award this week, Texas Judge Carlo Key has quit the GOP and will run as a Democrat next term. Judge Key stated, "As the smallest minds continue to make the loudest noise in the Republican Party, true leaders will be driven by their principles and values to become Texas Democrats" ... "Rational Republican beliefs have given way to ideological character assassination. Pragmatism and principle have been overtaken by pettiness and bigotry."...."I cannot place my name on the ballot of the political party that is proud to destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands of federal workers over the vain attempt to repeal a law that would provide health care for millions of people throughout our country."

From that world of "the smallest minds who make the loudest noise", Ted Cruz is the anointed one according to his even smaller minded father. If the video of Sarah Palin having demons cast out before the election of 2008 (It did not work!), the video of Cruz being anointed by authoritarian, misogynist, homophobic, "Christian Sharia" seeking pastors at Tony Perkins' "Valueless Voters Summit" should really Halloween you out. Belladonna Tea? According to pastor David Brody, Cruz's political career is "a thing of God". Also contributing to Cruz's megalomania were pastors who recently called Junior Cruz a modern day George Washington. Then I am Tom Paine! And let's not forget what Junior said after losing the shutdown and debt ceiling battle: "It was an incredible victory!". Cruz is like a quarterback who gets sacked in his own end zone and then SPIKES THE BALL! And let's not forget Miss Tin-Foil-Hat USA Michelle Bachmann, who claims that although President Obama got 100 percent of what he wanted, the shutdown ended because "Republicans were the adults in the room". Its the lead paint maybe? And who was that veteran at the WW2 Memorial that shouted at Sarah Palin, "You're an Idiot!"? He deserves another medal!

From our "flaming bown bag on the front porch" news we have Dick Cheney who said recently that Benghazi was the worst disaster of his lifetime. Huh? I would say he needs a brain transplant, too. Hannibal Lechter has just the right tools and a top shelf selection of Fava Beans.

James Veverka


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Constitution requires that Obamacare be applied equally to all

To The Daily Sun,

I read Letter to Laconia Daily Sun stating that "Obamacare will make things be more equal for all Americans." Really!

Written into PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) is a never spoken of exemption for corporations that self insure. Unions are also corporations, they not only want the exemption from being part of the PPACA but also from having to comply as other self insurers from paying the reinsurance contributions for 2015 and 2016. The PPACA was what exactly? Insurance companies are regulated by government a simple and direct set of laws could have taken care of any of the older laws which weren't effective. Government, instead of just allowing corporations to write off the cost of insurance, allows unions to not only collect money from union members but to oversee the funds and the payouts with no third party oversight. Government could allow individuals (more equal) to do the same by just making a law. Self insure, keep money in an account under their name which would not be taxed and used to pay medical expenses.

The federal government could do a lot of things but make things more equal it can't. The Constitution is what requires that laws be applied equally to all citizens; members of the government and government employees are also citizens and the Constitution should be applied to them — equally. The PPACA does not do this — period. Equal is equal, either things are or are not. They can not be made to be more equal, unless one is living out of "The Animal Farm" or envisioning a socialist state.
Additionally, one does not need to hate a member of the government — black or white or a little of both — to find their politics to be less than satisfactory. It was Senator Harry Reid who said on putting Obama forward to be elected, "as a black candidate, could be successful thanks, in part, to his 'light-skinned' appearance and speaking patterns 'with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.'" But to some that isn't racist because Senator Reid said it. I know there is racism, it has been around for tens of thousands of years and, as Reid has shown, it exist in all forms.

G.W. Brooks


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