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Let's convene a committee to come up with more unenforceable rules

To The Daily Sun,

So many letters about the Free Nipplers. So much indignation. If I write to lampoon these letters inspired by those fiercely defending their provincial values in some towns within the near 100 mile radius of South Station, where most residents are Boston-centric rather than Portland-centric in their TV viewing habits, I will be attacked as supporting these women in their "civil rights" demonstrations.

What if most of us are just ambivalent to these women and their campaign? I say civil rights as loosely as one recent letter used the term "private beach" for a beach owned by a town and administered to by the town's Park's and Recreation Department.

Then we have the provincials teaching their children that something is "dirty." So we must "protect" our children from the prejudices we instill in them? Any school field trips to Washington must make clear that no children will be permitted to go into the National Gallery?

In the end as I understand it these women simply want the one single word "FEMALE" removed from public ordinances. If that is accomplished I am not so sure they would continue in their salacious demonstrations? For the ambivalent it little matters or will long be remembered as to when these people will finally prevail in advantaging their constitutional rights.

For now I commend the local authorities for not wasting even more valuable taxpayer dollars trying to confront rather than defer to these activists and their agenda. The initial official law enforcement response to these ladies was due to another town that has a tax cap, not responding to complaints at the more regionally recognizable high profile Weirs Beach. So they took their act to the "public beach" in Gilford, which got even more results than they perhaps initially expected. Gilford responded with two cruisers to take down these heinous bad actors. The town then filed some charges and went on to lose their case in court.

Gilford does need some maintenance to the high school track facility another public facility that the locals also use for exercising. So many other worthwhile projects are in need of funding. Money that could go to these kinds of worthwhile expenditures should continue to be squandered to defend provincialism?

Back in 1984 I picked up a local newspaper and saw on the back page that the new film "Give My Regards to Broadway" was now playing at the Colonial Theater. I just saw that as being ignorant if not also provincial to advertise a movie called "Give My Regards to Broad Street," in that manner. Maybe the newspaper or the sponsors of the ad were just a little too much provincial in illustrating their ignorance for the arts.

In the end, these women will likely continue to prevail in court as for asserting their 14th Amendment rights. Personally I hate the 17th Amendment that ended our republic. Some hate the First and Fourth Amendments as much as they love the Second and 10th Amendments. Some cannot even make up their minds as to what part of the Fifth Amendment they love or hate the most. It is too bad we cannot govern by selectively picking the parts of the U.S. Constitution we most like and would best suit our sustaining our provincial values.

The more letters we see in the papers, the more TV news stories we see on MUR and BIN, the more the notice there is of these heinous bad actors, the more they will be successful in advancing their agendas, by drawing ever more public attention to themselves. People are demonstrating all of the time and the passersby may be honking for the costumes they may be wearing or the flag they are waving instead of or as much as for the agendas their signs are communicating.

Clearly somebody has to do something about these courts protecting everyone's constitutional rights? The Town of Gilford should likely convene a committee to study what courtship rituals of the Homo Sapiens going on, on Gilford beach need to be identified as also being immoral, so we can enact some more unenforceable rules?

Tim Sullivan


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Let me explain why I endorse Bob Giuda for state Senate, District 2

To The Daily Sun,

Bob Giuda, Naval Academy graduate, Marine attack pilot and trainer, FBI agent, airline pilot (soon to be retired), served three terms in state House of Representatives (from 2001-2007) on the Ways and Means Committee and served as deputy majority leader in the House. He is a man of character and integrity and a public servant in his hometown of Warren. He has served as selectman, town moderator and school board member.

When asked why he wanted to serve again his response was, "I owe it to my children and grandchildren and community to leave this state and country a better place than I found it." That is not the case now and it is up to all of us to restore integrity and character to our state and federal government and leave our children and grandchildren a better place to live and work.

This is why I endorse Bob Giuda for state Senate, District 2.

John Randlett, Selectman


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