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For once, a male Republican is concerned about women’s health

To The Daily Suyn,

I was amazed at Russ Wiles' letter in (Thursday's) paper regarding Hillary Clinton's health. This must be the first time ever that I've seen a male Republican actually concerned about women's health.

Now Russ, stop watching Fox News and read up on pneumonia. You might learn something.

Alan Vervaeke

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I am truly saddened to hear of destruction at Weeks Woods

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank the two ladies who wrote in about the destruction that has taken place at Weeks Woods. I am truly saddened by this fact for nature's loss and ours. I had no idea this was happening and agree, shame on the Society (for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests).

I have only been there a few times, sadly I wish it was more. But the times I went there in fall, and a few in winter, it was simply beautiful. I will now have to go and see this "lack of respect" for myself, and I am sure I will be offended by what I will see.

How sad, thoughtless, and sneaky not to say anything to the locals who live here and the many people who enjoy the woods and paths. I hope, since this has been brought to all of our attention now, there will be an explanation, repairs to the damage, an apology and a promise not to do this in the future.

And I hope the Sun will do a follow up on this story.

Again, thank you for sharing this ladies, truly.

Denise C. Burke

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