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Don't pave over UNH's outdoor pool; historic charm is best asset

To The Daily Sun,
Recently I have received some troubling news from a dear friend in Durham about the fate of the University of New Hampshire's outdoor pool. It saddens and perplexes me to hear that UNH is seriously considering extending the Snively arena over the majority of the existing pool. During my four years as an undergraduate student at UNH I understood the administration to be quite reasonable and hospitable in their decision making process. However, in this particular instance I think they are making an incredibly short-sighted decision.
When I accepted UNH's offer of admission in 2009 it was not because it was the least expensive or the best in my field. I chose to attend UNH because I fell in love with its historic charm. This, in my opinion, is the most valuable asset UNH has to offer its perspective students. I am baffled at how easily UNH overlooks its greatest asset and how eager they are to swap one of its most precious treasures — the pool — for large gyms or hockey arenas — things that may bring in more revenue tomorrow, but in the long run, will dilute the desirability and beauty of the school — making it less attractive to year-round students in the competitive market.
I imagine UNH will offer to rebuild a new pool or preserve half of it, leaving merely a shaded puddle, but the current pool is spectacular in its natural and historic state — with smooth cement walls that descend into deep waters with fun paintings along the floor. It is Durham's refreshing and community-building gem.
Perhaps it would be wiser to extend the Snively arena toward the alumni center instead, or build it up? Many students often complain about the remote location of Snively — maybe it would be wiser to create another site at the other end of campus?
I've heard rumors that UNH believes it is unsafe, but from what I've read the pool passes its health and safety tests regularly. If UNH wanted to improve the cleanliness of the pool from its already satisfactory state I'm sure one of the brilliant engineers UNH educates or employs could devise a way to improve the mechanics of it while preserving and saving the current pool and its surrounding environment.
I cannot imagine a UNH summer without it and I hope future UNH students will be allowed to enjoy the pool the way I did. I am optimistic that UNH will be able to see how valuable the pool is and do what's best for the UNH Durham community — preserve and save the current pool!

Julia Rose Miller
UNH Class of 2013

Newton, New Jersey


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Wasn't it the liberals who wanted to have discussion about race?

To The Daily Sun,
It's unbelievable to me how the left is hanging onto the Zimmerman case by inventing their own facts and scenarios about the events. One writer here recently stated in his letter that Zimmerman assaulted Martin. Really? Was he there to see that or is that just the way he justifies the attempt to railroad Zimmerman who broke no law and was found not guilty in court.
Let's recount: A witness saw Martin on top of Zimmerman beating him. Forensic evidence showed Zimmerman was on the bottom, Photo evidence shows Zimmerman with a swollen, bloody nose and abrasions and lacerations on the back of his head. This all supports his claim of self defense. On the other side we have no facts that contradict his claim. People, let it go, it's over.
Changing gears, the president made so many sweeping statements in his speech the other day it's hard to cover them all in the attempt to keep my letters reasonably short. So did any readers pickup his call for financing new home buyers to whom the banks have said "no" to. Sounds kind of familiar to me, isn't that the policy that led to the housing crash the first time? Why would a responsible leader try to revive a plan that led to disaster before? Answer, VOTES! That's right votes, he's courting votes again and be damned to the consequences. Why not? By the time that bubble burst he'll be out of office and set for life. It's the rest of us that will suffer for it.
Bill O'Reilly has wrinkled more then a few tail feathers with his "talking points" this past Monday. Fox News and O'Reilly haters are having fits. Wasn't it them who wanted a discussion on race? Yea it was, but it seems they only wanted a one sided discussion where they would lecture the rest of us on what was politically correct and acceptable to them. Pointing out the facts that blacks commit 10 times more murders then whites and Hispanics combined just didn't sit well I guess. Neither did Bill's revealing that something like 73 percent of black baby's are born out of wedlock. O'Reilly says that drives poverty in black communities. He had a black, liberal professor on the other night saying it was the poverty that was the cause of the break ups of black families. They argued back and forth but I don't recall ever reading or hearing about any culture in history where poverty broke up families to such a degree if at all. My impression is that poverty draws families closer making them more dependent on one another. Am I wrong? I think O'Reilly made sense and was damn courageous to say what most of us knew but are reluctant to say out loud.
Steve Earle

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Couldn't find my 'do not resuscitate' papers & this is what happened

To The Daily Sun,

To those of you who smoke and/or heat with a wood stove it's time to smarten up. I smoked for over 50 years and for the last few heated with wood in a 100 year old wood stove. My family kept after me to quit smoking but like all smokers I never listened because I was invincible. But in February of 2011, during a short heat spell, I decided to clear off the ice build-up on my roof. Around 9 or so that night I started to have problems breathing but luckily had enough strength to call 911. That began a 2-1/2 year odyssey of 911 calls, hospital stays and a nursing home.

Even though I thought I had DNR papers on file, no-one found them so I ended up incubated and spent 86 days at Speare and Concord Hospital recovering. My family rushed around making plans of what to do with me when it was all over. My sister traveled back and forth from Oregon at least three times, and luckily one niece was local. Somehow I recovered enough to be discharged, so all the ditch digging was in vain. However I ended up being admitted three more times, finally ending up in a nursing home for 16 months before talking my way out. So now I am on oxygen 24/7, not driving, taking enough pills to make Cheech & Chong jealous, but luckily qualified for Medicaid and my Social Security retirement funds to live on since I had to use all my retirement funds for bills.

So, the bottom line is this, make sure your papers are in order and your family knows your wishes. Check your wood stove for leaks and cut down or quit smoking. Take it from someone who's been there and came back.

Jon Hoyt


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Jury was far more qualified to decide Zimmerman case than you or I

To The Daily Sun,
In response to Mr. George Maloofs letter as printed in the July 26th Daily Sun:
Mr. Maloof, my issue with your letter is not with your fact finding tour of Duke researchers and their findings. I happen to watch Fox News as well as gathering information from many other sources for as balanced an opinion as I am able to form.The point is, I then think for myself and have my own opinion.You seem to paint with a broad brush anyone who disagrees with your own ideas as part of a "fringe" element, spewing out "irrational frenetic diatribes".
I guess I do not understand these "cultural dynamics" and such as well as you profess to. I DO however understand and believe that for the most part our justice system, although flawed, works. And more importantly sir... I was NOT in that courtroom... were you?. I submit that you are simply swallowing whatever brand of information you gleaned and then judged Mr. Zimmerman all by yourself.Nor was I there for the confrontation that night so really have no business in determining what happened.As best as they are able, a jury heard the evidence and came to a conclusion.They were far more qualified to do so than are you and I.
Racism certainly exists here in the U.S. — and everyplace for that matter. It serves no one, however, to take up sides and decide guilt or innocence of another. THAT is left to the courts, sir. We have in our past witnessed the result of factions taking up sides and administering justice on their own... it was called a lynch mob. Nor are people who think differently than yourself to be dismissed as irrational right-wing extremists basically. I served to maintain your right to voice your opinion... but yours is not the only one nor necessarily the most valid either.
Andrew J. Engler

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Calling murder of human being an 'incident' is demeaning & cruel

To The Daily Sun,

To Mr. Don Ewing:
You sir are the very last person to critique what happened in the Trayvon Martin murder trial and the events which led up to Mr. Zimmerman walking away from being arrested, and then in turn being acquitted (at a trial) of the murder of another person. While he might be a "free man", he will live with what he did until he takes his last breath on this earth.
The jury members hands were literally tied by what they were told, what was admitted as evidence and how it was presented by the defense team headed by a very cleaver Mark O'Mara. Is it not enough that this murder is a real event? Mr. O'Mara spun a scenario similar to a "fairytale", but one with a horrible outcome.
As usual you have to find blame with Pres. Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. As usual you assume that the media is at fault because of what they reported in real time. It's interesting that you "weave your web" of conjecture with some facts, sprinkled with mostly fictitious and deceptive half truths.
Calling the murder of a human being (no matter who) an "incident" is demeaning and cruel. You go out of your way to cause pain and suffering to many people in the United States by writing your callous remarks. Do you do it on purpose, or just because you want to see your name in print? The fact that Trayvon Martin was a Black individual is the elephant that was present in the court room each and every day of the trial.
The "Stand Your Ground Law" recognized in many states, including Florida, makes a mockery of our judicial system. The Sanford Police Department did NOT feel they could charge Mr. Zimmerman with murder as a result of this statute. It was the pressure brought to bear by public outcry which in turn pressured the state prosecutor to finally bring about the process leading up to the trial.
The media covered this news event as a result of all the mistakes made by the Sanford Police Department and many thousands of people demonstrating to show just how unfair the outcome after the murder. Do you also want the media in the U.S. to censor news?
While you are entitled your opinion you are not entitled to change the facts of the subsequent events which lead up to and including the murder.

Bernadette Loesch


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