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We continue to fight for the Hathaway House; make your voice heard

To The Daily Sun,

Five years ago the Laconia Heritage Commission was formed to oversee the preservation of historic properties in our community. One of the main reasons that it was formed at that time was over the community's concern for the preservation of the historic Hathaway House. The house had been bought by the DUNKIN' DONUTS franchise owner Cafua Management. Due to the city's concerns for the Hathaway House, the site plan for the new DUNKIN' DONUTS was revised to save this building. Promises were made by Mr. Greg Nolan, representing Cafua and DUNKIN' DONUTS, that the Hathaway House would be maintained and painted. This was not done. After a while there was a "For Sale or Lease" sign put on the property. Inquiries went unanswered.

Mr. Nolan and DUNKIN' DONUTS have been lying to the citizens of Laconia for the past five years. Not only was the Hathaway House not maintained, it was allowed to crumble into disrepair. In October of this year they even had someone smash out windows to make the building look worse.

For the past three months the Heritage Commission has been picketing in front of the DUNKIN' DONUTS on Union Avenue in order to point out to the community that the owners of this DUNKIN' DONUTS LIED to all of us. We have never wavered in our desire to save this beautiful old Victorian.

A demolition application has been filed by the DUNKIN' DONUTS franchisee.
The Heritage Commission would like to thank all the people who have signed our petitions, honked their car horns, even brought us coffee from other establishments. We need your help one more time. Please come to the Public Hearing on Wednesday, January 22, at 6:30 p.m. in city council chambers to voice your support one more time for the Hathaway House. Don't allow the out of town DUNKIN' DONUTS owner get away with destroying this historic landmark that means so much to the citizens of Laconia. We will continue to fight, make your voices heard.
Pam Clark, Chair

Laconia Heritage Commission

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Hurt's Turkey Farm & George'sDiner made Vet Holiday Dinner possible

To The Daily Sun,

On Saturday December 28, the Sons of the American Legion, Post 33 in Meredith hosted a Veteran's Holiday Dinner. There were several veterans from the Tilton Home attending, along with many local veterans. A great meal was served to all and we would like to thank Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant and George's Diner for their continued support of this annual tradition.
We would also like to thank The Ladies Auxiliary and all others that volunteered to help with the event.

John Fessenden

Sons of the American Legion

Post 33 - Meredith

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Every BC Nursing Home resident received a beautifully wrapped gift

To The Daily Sun,

Christmas was a lot brighter at the Belknap County Nursing Home due the kindness of employees from the Inns at Mill Falls and parishioners of St. Andre Bessette Catholic Church. Every resident received a gift, each beautifully gift wrapped, thanks to these wonderful employees and parishioners. Mill Falls employees, who have been doing this for the past 10 years, purchased lovely gifts for approximate 50 residents. The church members began helping out several years ago and purchased gifts for the remaining residents.
Phil Rowley played the part of Santa and passed out all the gifts at a party held on December 20. Phil has been volunteering at the nursing home every Tuesday for several years, providing room visits, assisting on outings and conducting men's groups. He is truly loved by the residents.
The nursing home is a 94 bed facility, and coordinating, purchasing and wrapping so many gifts is a huge undertaking, so the staff is very grateful for the kindness of these wonderful people. It was wonderful to see the smiles on the faces as Santa handed out the gifts and packages were opened.
Many thanks to each of them for showing the true meaning of Christmas.
The Staff of Belknap County Nursing Home

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Establishment GOP wants nothing to do with principled conservatives

To The Daily Sun,

Just an observation from yesterday's LDS. I admire brevity, and Don Irvin you did it!

Jane Cormier and I are NOT friends, but I am voting for Joe Kenney for Executive Councilor. Joe is a good man, a Marine of many years. Heck, he was in Afghanistan within the past two years as a Marine.

This is a good time to point out the truth to Don, and other voters who are not voting for my guy Joe. The GOP is in shambles nationwide. And yes here in N.H. Problem is, the GOP has no identity, has no message, no record of trying to save America from Obama Socialism — AND worst of all, the Elites, the Establishment, the RINOs want nothing to do with principled conservatives, Christians, a group called the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, Allen West, Ben Carson,Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and my grandchildren!

For some reason I think of Don being a fiscal conservative in Belmont. I would like to know how Jane can bring you to the point of withholding your vote from an excellent candidate like Joe Kenney.

Niel Young


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Perhaps Sen. Hosmer should demand money be returned to road fund

To The Daily Sun,
As the legislative session of 2014 begins, the buzz in the State Capital centers mostly on state revenues and budgets. One of the larger issues, is the surplus of $72.2 million. State Senator Jeanie Forrester, recommends ( LaconiaDaily Sun 1/4/14) that $15 million of the $72.2 million be transferred to the "Rainy Day Fund" as required by law. In my opinion, this is a logical move and makes sound business sense for two reasons:
1. It builds a good foundation for those times in which the state is faced with unplanned crises, and
2. he R.D.F. supports a favorable bond rating, not only the state, but the state's municipalities as well. Yet, according to the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, in years past, many politicians have lacked the will or more importantly the discipline to follow the law.
A case in point: Senator Hosmer of Laconia, a Democrat, in response to Senator Forrester's recommendation, dismisses the intent of the "law" and thinks the money should be available for the Department of Transportation for roads. However, according to the Granite Status News (May 20) and the Department of Transportation, the state is currently spending $600 million a year on roads and bridges — figure Mr. Hosmer conveniently leaves out of the discussion. Moreover, since the Rainy Day Fund was established in 1987, there have been six governors in office. Of those six, two were Democrats who removed monies from the fund. Gov. Shaheen withdrew $37 million dollars and Gov. Lynch pulled nearly $80 million from the fund to cover his huge budget deficit in '09. Gov. Lynch also raided the road toll fund of $8 million, money that could have been used for road and bridges. If Mr. Hosmer is so insistent on spending, and not following the law, perhaps he should contact former Gov. Lynch, and demand the money be returned to the road toll fund.
We already know, governor's and certain legislators have a penchant for disregarding the law and the state's Constitution, but the public, expects legislators to follow the law and act in a fiduciary manner that promotes good public policy.
George Hurt

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