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U.S. is being destroyed from within, paralleling Greece & Rome

To The Daly Sun,
Does history repeat itself? Patterns have surfaced that give credence to frightening days gone by. Names may change and venue might look different but the same evils have arisen. Those who have escaped devilish practices have attempted to warn the sleeping masses. Hilmar Von Campe was a Hitler Youth and has dedicated his life to warning the public of the totalitarian lie. Leonard Peikoff, in his book "The Ominous Parallels", describes the similarities between Nazi Germany and the ideology capturing the seat of government in America. "Nazi Hydra in America" by Glen Yeadon and John Hawkins shows relationship between big business and Nazi influence in America.
Mussolini reviewed FDR's book and proclaimed FDR a "kindred spirit". And wrote, "Without question, sea change in America resembles that of fascism"
The German press adored FDR. Vikischer Beobachter the Nazi Party's official newspaper praised FDR for his "irreproachable extremely responsible character and immovable will". Of course Roosevelt's right hand man was a communist agent named Alger Hiss. And there was also Harry Hopkins, another Soviet Agent who had FDR's constant attention. Hitler informed U.S. Ambassador William Dodd that New Dealism was "the quintessence of the German state philosophy" .
Roosevelt needed war in order to enforce his programs upon the American people. Woodrow Wilson's concept that our Constitution was outmoded became Roosevelt's plan of action. Viewing our Charter as a "living Constitution" gave them more flexibility. Sound familiar?
The Nazi Party maintained a well organized special bureau on Race and Public Health. Race Science in the Interior Ministry was the provenance of Reich Committee for Protection of German Blood. Department I dealt with issues of race law and politics. Department IV studied population politics, genetic hygiene and medical statistics. The Ministry of Science and Education oversaw Human Genetics and Eugenics. The Reich Family Office had the final authority to decide who was Jewish or Aryan. The Reich Statistical Office was dependent upon IBM equipment which collected data on census, household, and family data, race and nationality.
In 1934 a dedicated specialist who was zealous in collecting data and held the rank of corporal in the German army was transferred from the Dachau concentration camp to the Berlin office and reassigned where he could work with more lists. Lists were everywhere. Police stations, employment bureaus, professional associations, local Nazi departments and SS Security offices. Corporal Adolf Eichmann rose in rank and became instrumental in getting the Jews to the gas chambers. IBM reduced the Jews to a data bit. The technologies enabled Nazi Germany to not only organize timetables for locomotives, boxcars and trains but was instrumental in orchestrating the death of millions.
In August of 2010, the Subcommittee on House Ethics Committee charged Rep. Maxine Waters with ethics violations for steering $12 million to One United where she and her husband hold shares. Waters seldom controls her feelings. During the original hearing she states, "I think some people are missing something here. The president has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life"
She continues " That's going to be very, very powerful. That database will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it's never been done before".
Maxine Waters does not know her history well. Nor does she seem to know the designs of tyrants or their eventual demise. Although Barrack Obama has used the power put in place by preceding presidents he is not capable of organizing the intricacies we have seen falling into place. He has been using them impatiently and with impunity.
Traudl Jung died in 2002. She was the last occupant of Hitler's Fuehrer-bunker. She was his secretary and had this to say: "He was a pleasant boss and fatherly friend. I deliberately ignored all the warning voices inside me and enjoyed the time by his side almost until the bitter end. It wasn't what he said, but the way he said things and how he did things".
On February 27, 1933 the German Reichstag was burned. Hitler claimed the communists did it. A public announcement stated "the government is of the opinion that the situation is such that a danger to the state and nation exists and still exists". On March 24, 1933 a panicked German Parliament voted 441 to 94 to pass an "Enabling Act". Hitler's rise to dictatorship took one large step forward. The Act required national identity cards, racial profiling, gun confiscation and later mass murders and incarcerations in concentration camps.
After 9/11, the Patriot Act was rushed through Congress. By a vote of 339-79 it became law. It was 342 pages long. The ACLU stated some congressmen had little or no time to read the Act. The speed in which the bill was presented to congress gave the impression that the bill had been written earlier but waited for the proper time to submit it. Sound familiar?
How much change do the progressives, Marxist, Fabians, Democratic Socialists want? We are in enormous debt. Over 50 million babies have been sacrificed to their god. They arm our enemies. Distribute weapons to drug cartels while attempting to disarm the public. Cripple our economy. Monitor our communications. Destroying our infrastructure one step at a time. Busy body's who feel the need to infiltrate everyone's life by force.
Our country is literally being destroyed from within. It parallels Greece and Rome. We have traveled in a circle. The crafty soothsayers have gained an upper hand and seek to rule with an iron fist. One way or another they hope to get total control. As they progress in their designs we will see natural disasters keep pace until Americans awaken and return to our founding principles.
Gene F. Danforth

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Again I have to ask: where is Representative Dennis Fields?

To The Daily Sun,
A few years ago I wrote a letter to the editor asking the following question: "Where is Representative Dennis Fields?" After that letter was published, I received a call from Dennis attempting to admonish me for writing such a thing.
Well here we go again. I recently wrote to Dennis asking him what his position was on an amendment to a House bill regarding telephone rates and service. This amendment had been added to a bill that had nothing to do with telephone rates or service, a very deceptive practice used often in Concord.
Well the purpose of this letter is to let you know that one again Dennis has not responded or made his position know on this issue! So I ask again, where is Dennis Fields? Perhaps he will reappear once again at election time.
Bill Whalen

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Christians do not riot, burn & destrop when Jesus is disrespected

To The Daily Sun,
Sunday morning I received an e-mail from a niece concerning a movie about to debut this summer here in the U.S., titled Corpus Christi. Apparently this movie depicts Jesus and his disciples as homosexuals. I can't help but think it is in very bad taste but recognize it is covered by free speech. But I do wonder if Christians will riot, burn and destroy and if they do will President Obama cut them the same slack he did the Muslims he said were demonstrating over an offensive movie depiction of Mohamed? Will he denounce the Corpus Christi movie as he did the one about the Muslim profit? Will progressives rally to the defense of free speech and call Christians homophobes for objecting to such a depiction of their Lord and Savior?
Actually I expect none of these things to happen because Christians will not riot, will not burn and destroy. I only ask these questions to point out the differences between Christians and Muslims and Christians and the progressives who denigrate Christians at their every opportunity. Do you, readers, suppose the term bigots can be applied to those anti Christians I refer to here?
On a different note Henry Osmer's letter the other day brought me back to another time. I remember well when our returning solders arriving home from "Nam" were spat upon, called "war criminals" and "baby killers" and I remember who they were that did these things. They called themselves antiwar protesters then. Today most of them now call themselves progressives. Let me be clear not all of today's progressives were guilty of these actions but all those who were are now progressives today. Also let me say I know Henry was not one of those low lifes (thank you for your service, Henry). 2.5 years in Nam was a long time. I'm guessing here that we both feel the same about how our fellow servicemen were treated.
I was very lucky, I was stationed in Germany during my enlistment and I do have a DD 214.
Steve Earle

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Can you help provide background to LHS football awards?

To The Daily Sun,
In an effort to ensure the integrity and honor bestowed upon past players continues into the future, I am looking to gain background knowledge on four past football players, for whom memorial trophies were named. Specifically, I am interested in any/all information on the following players/awards: the Nadon trophy (for outstanding lineman), the Jay O'Connor trophy (for outstanding back), the Bucky Boyson trophy (for outstanding sportsmanship), and the Davie trophy (for team spirit).
Your knowledge about these players and their awards is most appreciated. Please contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /6035242999.
Kim Weeks

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Rooster only needed to fertilize eggs that are coming anyway

To The Daily Sun,
Reading the article written by Michael Kitch about the City of Laconia's task force proposal to keeping chickens in the residential area, I must comment on City Councilor Armand Bolduc's observations about chickens. I grew up on a self-sufficient farm and never have we ever needed a rooster for our hens to lay eggs. Much like the reproduction of humans, the rooster is only needed to fertilize the egg. Also, like any farm animal, as long as the henhouse is cleaned, like any barn or manger, there is no offensive smell.
Also, He must have never had a farm-fresh egg if he thinks buying them from a local market makes more sense.
Daryl Carlson's
Corner Chicken Coop

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