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Obvious that Patriot football 'scandal' has been blown out of proportion

To The Daily Sun,

While the world becomes more dangerous by the day and Yemen becomes just the latest story of an Obama successful counter-terrorism effort gone terribly awry, Deflategate has been front and center within our mainstream media. While liberals like Jon Hoyt don't just think, but actually write, that our president ended wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the focus is on how to attack hard work and success. While more U.S. troops head into Iraq for a war that didn't end because Obama couldn't negotiate a status of forces agreement, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady have become the sneaky, evil 1 percent. While another sneaky, unilateral swap deal for another Gitmo terrorist in Qatar is made and the Bowe Bergahl for five terrorists swap investigation remains a big secret, it is the Patriots that have become the object of hate and scorn. While the State Department continues to tell the lie that we don't negotiate with terrorists, our beloved media has been gazing into the eyes of Brady and Belichick and concluding that they are likely lying.

While President Obama can spend quality time with Glozell Green, though not while sharing a tub full of milk and fruit loops, it's the psi levels of footballs that deserves the lion's share of the spotlight. Does one think FDR spent any time chatting with a carnival barker while the world was on fire? No matter, there seems to be a concerted effort to go after the most successful football team of the past decade.

To say this so-called New England Patriot scandal has been blown out of proportion should be self-evident to most everyone. This in stark contrast to the voluminous amount of real scandals by this administration.

Here's a question for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. If the amount of air that is in a football is so vital to the "fairness" of the game, then why for heaven's sake don't you have the officials keep them after they have checked them out instead of giving them back to the teams? If Tom Brady prefers his footballs a little softer than other quarterbacks and Aaron Rodgers likes his a little harder than most, then just what is the big deal? Does anyone know why precise football air pressure is so important or how it has suddenly become such a big issue after all this time?

I don't understand the way the NFL has decided to handle the management of game day footballs. Perhaps someone can help me here. It doesn't appear that the investigation has been able to ascertain any wrongdoing. There apparently were discrepancies in the amount of air in the footballs, but pigskin prognosticators of all stripes disagree whether it was man-caused or weather-caused.

Now I don't believe for a second that Bill Belichick or Tom Brady had anything to do with the alleged "soft balls." However, if the powers that be decide there was some wrongdoing, then can't they just fine the team, be done with it and find a better solution? Despite what some Patriot haters might think, one does not send one to jail for jaywalking, and so equating this to a major cheating scandal is patently absurd. Any difference in the firmness of the footballs had nothing to do with the Pats crushing the Indianapolis "sour grapes" Colts. There appears to be something more than meets the eye going on here, but I doubt Mr. Goodell will ever get around to enlightening us. Nor do I think the "totally lost its way" mainstream media has a strong desire to uncover the real truth.

So can't we just celebrate success borne of talent, dedication, focus, intelligence and teamwork? Can't we just enjoy the game and the few hours respite from a world gone mad? I can assure you that I will. Monday will be soon enough to return to the rigors of bringing to light the madness of the left, from Clinton's Lewinsky to Obama's Alinsky.

Russ Wiles


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Thanks to Public Works crew that did great job with our streets

To The Daily Sun,

A big "Hats Off" to the Laconia Public Works crew which worked very long hours to clear the streets during and after the snowstorm.
The plows went by my home at least three times. This was followed by the sand trucks. I was able to go to the store early Wednesday morning without any problems as the streets were in great condition considering all the snow we received.
Thanks to all of you who did an excellent job.

Gordon D. King

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