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We'll spend $80M to keep another 300 from self-destructing

To The Daily Sun,

The town of Bristol is spending $1.1 million a year on a police department for 3,000 residents with 1,900 tax bills sent.

Now along comes Concord, with their new, old norm of spending money from dedicated funds. In addition to the $76.6 million being handed out to whatever department is lining up to get their share of the golden pot of funds, our RINO House and Senate has allocated to fight the war on drugs, now the legislative drug abuse task force panel is lining up to grab $3.5 million to beef up state and local law enforcement. $2.25 million to put more police on the streets, and $1.2 million to buy 27 state cruisers to add to the stockpile parked down on Hazen Drive. The money would be stolen from the states highway fund, the turnpike fund and from general funds, whatever they are. It's hard to tell what funds will be coming up short, what with this states crappy rankings for transparency and accountability, in public access to information and ethics.

Grants would be available to local departments by providing some matching funds. Tilton Police Chief Robert Cormier, who is the president of the state's Association of Chiefs of Police, said, departments would benefit from the additional manpower. Now wait a minute here, grant moneys are a one-time bust. When the funds dry up who's left holding the bag?

Two of Bristol's patrolman positions were created with grant money. Bristol's PD should be half the size it is for the size of the town we are. I do not believe that any of our selectmen or mayors or taxpayers have delegated the authority to the president of the Police Chief's Association to even suggest this harebrained scheme to the drug abuse panel, to build up local police departments without the consent of the local governments, using other state departments funds as grant money. In the Navy we called this behavior, over-exceeding your authority.

We all know how this will turn out. The finance division of the legislative Drug Abuse Task Force will move this forward, not because it will make a difference in drug prevention — they know it won't — but for all of the votes from unionized state law enforcement it will buy with taxpayer money for the upcoming election. It helps the lawmakers out with their corrupt decision making enormously when 80 percent of New Hampshire residents do not have a clue of what is going on in Concord. Eighty percent of New Hampshire residents do not even know who their state representatives are.

I am disgustingly disappointed in my choices I had made this last voting cycle, especially in the sellout RINO state senator who is on her fantasy trip of how she is going to eradicate drugs. I voted for her but i'll not make that mistake again. Looks like we are heading for $80 million to prevent another 300 drug users from self-destruction. Chief Cormier, the town of Bristol will decide if we need to enlarge its own PD; thank you very much.

Standing in an aisle at Market Basket in Tilton the other day, a young couple with a small child were looking over some ramen noodles, without a basket or shopping cart, when I over heard the little girl ask her daddy if the two of them could split a can of chowder because they did not have any food in the house. Chief Cormier, this is happening in your own hometown. Explain to that family who are going without food that you selfishly need to put more cops on the street, that will solve nothing. Say it loud and proud so all of the House and Senate can hear you.

Eric T. Rottenecker

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Hillary Clinton has 69% disapproval rate among American veterans

To The Daily Sun,

Several days ago, a lieutenant colonel stated that veterans should vote for Hillary Clinton for president. He gave his rank, which indicates that this is not a recommendation but rather an order. Lieutenant colonels are not used to people disagreeing with them. They expect their orders to be carried out.

I am a veteran and I disagree with the lieutenant colonel. Although, there are many reasons for disagreeing, I will summarize a few of them:

1. Benghazi: Four people died on her watch and she did not send help.

2. She has made several remarks about veterans "embellishing" the situation at the VA. Senator McCain asked that Hillary Clinton apologize to all veterans. She did not.

3. Finally, she has a 69 percent disapproval rate among all veterans. Her approval rate is 15 percent.

I would suggest the lieutenant colonel spend time at a VFW, American Legion or Amvets. I cannot print how most veterans feel for Hillary Clinton. With due respect to the lieutenant colonel, this veteran will be voting for ABC (anybody but Clinton).

God bless the USA.

Jim Mayotte

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