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Swinford & Glassman are Republicans who've earned support

To The Daily Sun,

From an independent's point of view, voting in elections is a lot like playing the stock market. On the one hand, you suspect both systems are rigged against you. On the other hand, once you acquire the habit, you'll tend to pay more attention to their performance — both the stocks and the politicians. That's not a bad thing. In today's world, investment literacy and civic literacy go hand-in-hand.

Take this year's primary election, Tuesday, Sept. 9. As a registered independent, I can choose either a blue Democrat ballot (http://sos.nh.gov/DemSample2014SP.aspx?id=8589937297) or a pink Republican one (http://sos.nh.gov/RepSample2014SP.aspx?id=8589937470)

Except for governor, the Democrat ballot seems like a parking garage at midnight. Half the spaces have incumbents with no challengers, and the rest of the spaces are vacant. Politically, it's embarrassing. Taking a ballot like that would be like buying stocks that paid no dividends.

The Republican primary ballot is quite the opposite. For the national positions, altogether there are more candidates than a voter has fingers. As an independent, I'll wait until November to see what my choices are.

At the state level, though, I get interested. Elaine Swinford for Belknap District 8 Representative (Barnstead, Alton and Gilmanton) and Alan Glassman for Delegate to the Republican Party State Convention are people with whom I have worked, seen work, and enjoyed knowing over several years. They are smart, competent and responsible organizers. They welcome problems to solve, even ones I toss at them. And they have skills and interests beyond talking the party line. We can get together on state and local issues without first having to agree on border patrols in Texas.

Seeing that Elaine and Alan each have a primary contest, and being that I can choose my primary ballot, I've decided to vote for them. I'll take a Republican pink one as a kind of surgical strike for good local representation. Other independents can do the same, including the district's college-age voters who are so numerous they could swing any contest they wanted. They can still request absentee ballots if they'll be out of town.

Compared to buying stocks, the nice thing about voting is that there are no brokers' fees.

Stuart Leiderman
Center Barnstead

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Entire school board has responsibility to fill Ward 2 vacancy

To The Daily Sun,

In the Laconia Daily Sun (9/3/14): "Arsenault Resigns From School Board After 16 Years Of Service," by Gail Ober: Chair Chris Guilmett said, "her resignation came in the form of an e-mail dated August 17."

Why did Guilmett wait 18 days to make this public? Guilmett said, "the Budget and Personnel Committee will hold public interviews for any and all candidates with the goal of making a recommendation to the full board for appointment on Oct. 20." Richard Coggon said, "he felt it was the responsibility of the entire School Board to publicly interview all of the candidates for the seat."

Coggon is correct.

In the Laconia Citizen: "Laconia School Board Member Steps Down," by Ed Pierce (9/3/14): Guilmett said, "that after consulting with City Manager Scott Myers, the N.H. Deptartment of Education and N.H. Secretary of State's office, it is too late to enter Ward 2 candidates for the position in the Sept. 9 primary election. As a result, the district has formulated a plan about how to proceed."

The Laconia City Charter and the New Hampshire RSAs outline whose responsibility it is to appoint and fill a vacancy. There is no provision giving a subcommittee the power to interview and/or recommend who will fill the vacancy. The Laconia Charter Article IX Board of Education Section 9:01 states, "Any vacancies occurring on the Board of Education shall be filled in accordance with RSA 671:31. "RSA 671:33 Vacancies.-II. (a) "The School Board shall fill vacancies occurring on the School Board." The School Board shall fill vacancies. The School Board has to follow the Charter and the RSAs they can't make up its own rules.

There is no election for Ward 2 School Board this year which is the Ward Beth Arsenault represents. There is a Primary on Sept. 9 for School Board in Wards 4 and 5. Both spots are unopposed. There is also a spot on the Police Commission which is also unopposed. Please write in someone's name. The two top vote-getters will earn a place on the November ballot.

David Gammon

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Biblical economics is not a course, except maybe in Kentucky

To The Daily Sun,

Summer has been awesome, eh? Welcome to another edition of Tea Party Potty Tricks brought to you by the Center for the Study of Absurdity. Our think-tank, now celebrating a year of bringing you the best in dismembered minds, takes great pride in serving you the filet mignon of those who don't.

First on our list is our freshest Lord of the Flies winner, 35-year police veteran Dan Page. Our Super Psychopath of the Week has been suspended and ordered into counseling, but not for shoving CNN's Don Lemon while playing Jackboots at the Ferguson, Mo., protests. An hour-long rant in front of The Oathkeepers has come to the attention of his superiors. The Oathkeepers are the far-right of the lunatic fringe so you can imagine how much we here at the center appreciate that kind of derangement.

Saint Louis Chief Berman said he "cannot endure" Mr. Page and would have fired him if it were not for established procedure. Right on, chief. In the video, Mr. Page gives us some insight into the mind of the far right because he is, after all, preaching to a much bigger choir than most realize. Homeland Security wasn't kidding about right-wing terrorists. Page states, "I personally believe the Lord Jesus Christ is my savior, but I'm also a killer. I've killed a lot and, if I need to, I will kill a whole bunch more. If you don't want to get killed, don't show up in front of me." On Muslims, he said, "They will kill you." On the Supreme Court, there are the "four sodomites." On domestic disputes, "just kill each other and get it over with." On Muslims and gays, "I'm into diversity — I kill everybody," Page is sure that "Caucasian Christians" will be arrested and sent to re-education camps. Sounds excellent to us.

Did you know that Ferguson courts issued 33,000 non-violent arrest warrants in 2013? Ferguson has a population of 21,000. Evidently, friends don't let friends drive black in Ferguson and other like places. Houston, we have a serious trajectory problem. Watch Page's diatribe at http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/aug/23/ferguson-officer-relieved-duty-video-racist-remarks

It's midterm election time. This is the time when people are elected in 35 percent turnouts. It's when the American people don't speak up. Are you voting for a Republican? If you are, you have friends. In a leaked tape, Senator Mitch McConnell recently said in a meeting of corporatist donors, "I want to start by thanking you, Charles and David for the important work you're doing. I don't know where we'd be without you, and um, and I want (inaudible) for rallying, uh, to the cause." No Dorothy, America is not a democracy. Vote Koch Brothers.

Endtimes Newsman Rick Wiles is out in Ebola la-la-land again. Recently he spoke of how Ebola could be a good thing because it "could solve America's problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion." But now Pastor Rick may have had a new revelation. Ebola could give Obama an excuse to put Americans in FEMA camps and arrest Christians. Mr. Wiles warned, "We may find ourselves one day being told by soldiers, 'You can't go to church.'" Take your meds, Rick.

And Pat Robertson seems to be a little excited about ISIS. Yup, it seems an ISIS takeover of Iraq and Syria could help bring the end of the world upon us because it supposedly fits someone's biblical prophecy. And I saw Saint Christopher on a piece of toast yesterday. By the way, news has just broken that ISIS is using water-boarding on its prisoners. Don't worry, it's not torture. I have heard from Dick Cheney.

Meanwhile, back at the Bundy Ranch, one of his spawn has taken all five of his kids out of the public school system because there is a ban on carrying pocket knives on the school campuses. But a knife-wielding society is a polite society, right? Heck, give all the kids Uzis for their safety. Tots and Toys and Uzis. Intramural Automatics. The 15-year-old daughter who is entering her freshman year wants this to be resolved because she claims she "really doesn't want to be home-schooled." We're with you, girl, we're with you. Escape is good.

A while back, we saw a satire article about how Oklahoma opted out of building school shelters because it interferes with God's plan. Now for reality. In a press conference recently, officials from the Alabama Public Service Commission and the Republican National Committee argued against EPA coal plant regulations by claiming that "coal was created in Alabama by God, and the federal government should not enact policy that runs counter to God's plan."

Biblical economics is not a college course — yet, but the State of Kentucky is investing $73 million in Ken Ham's Noah's Ark Museum. Clearly on the Tony Boutin Education Plan For A Dumb America, Kentucky ranks 47th in residents with Bachelor's degrees. For those who want to know why Republican Oklahoma didn't appropriate money for school shelters, they chose tax cuts for businesses instead.

In local yokel tomfoolery, it seems that Steve Earle has become what he always wanted to be when he was a little boy: a race hustler like Bill O'Reilly of GOP TV. Mr. Earle claims that President Obama was elected because he is black. It must have been that "black privilege" thing, eh? We don't know about you folks, but we here at the center love our health care and having our soldiers brought back from Iraq. What better way to finish off this edition than with America's Bloviator-in-Chief, Rush Limbaugh? Rush blames Obama for George Bush's Great Recession and his audience will believe it.

James Veverka


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I know how importatant experience is in the Registry of Deeds

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in support of Lisa Scott for the position of Register of Deeds for Carroll County as she is the most experienced candidate. The invaluable knowledge she gained from working in a law office for the last 35 years, specializing in all aspects of real estate matters, is what sets her apart from the other candidates.

As a title abstractor in the registry of deeds since 1977, I have personal knowledge of how important that type of experience is to effectively operate the office of Register of Deeds and effectively guide the general public.

Please vote for Lisa Scott.

Susan C. Hoople


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Market Basket employees should be very proud, they were heard

To The Daily Sun,

Welcome back and congratulations on a job well done, Market Basket employees. We have missed you. It was with great pleasure that I stopped at Market Basket Sunday to shop and say hello to family and friends who work there. It was great to see the parking lot full of cars, the shelves stocked, the supermarket aisles bustling with shoppers, and the employees happy to be back to work.

How fitting that Market Basket is up and running again this Labor Day weekend — a cause for special celebration in appreciation of the hard-working employees who were willing to join together in solidarity and risk their jobs to fight for what's right. Thank you. Your actions will benefit everyone in our community.

As one of the New Hampshire state legislators who signed on to stand in support of Market Basket employees, I am happy that after a successful protest by both employees and customers, an amicable arrangement has been negotiated, and that Artie T will be taking back control as CEO.

MB workers, you should be proud — you have been heard. You not only made history, but have also led the way in setting an example for modern labor movements.

Rep. Ian Raymond

Belknap County District 4


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