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Too many right-leaning states are making it hard for people to vote

To The Daily Sun,

Co-sponsor a Parallel Joint Resolution to S.J.Res.19, to Amend the Constitution to overturn Citizens United.

It is imperative that we pressure the House of Representatives and the Senate on the national and state level to get voters rights' protections back into place. The conservative majority of the Supreme Court does not speak for me. Too many right-leaning states are making it very difficult for people to vote in elections. Enough already. Stop the madness.

Bernadette Loesch

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Music Festival's '14 season opener was wonderful; we're in for great season

To The Daily Sun,

This week's New Hampshire Music Festival concert in Plymouth was one to remember. I have been attending the concerts for over 50 years and have never heard such bright and dynamic season-opening summer music. Frances Renzi playing the Mozart piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major was spectacular. Another member of the audience noted, "You will never hear it played better." Mendelssohn's Overture to A Midsummer's Night Dream and Beethoven's Symphony No. 4 were equally wonderful.

My hat is off to the Maestro Donato Carbero for a delightful evening. If you have any interest in music classical or otherwise, the Music Festival has five more concerts. My recommendation is to check them out. It is worth the trip to Plymouth. Meanwhile, I am eagerly awaiting next weeks Bassoon Concerto and Jennifer Cho's violin performance of Four Seasons in Buenos Aires.

Alida Millham

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Fight for your N.H. open-country lifestyle before it is all gone

To The Daily Sun,

On the hills around Newfound Lake, an inch of rain makes all the difference.

Mountain streams can be heard roaring after a downpour, rivers can swell and the lake will rise long after the storm passes. To most, that's Mother Nature at work. To the rest, it's a reminder of sediment running into our watersheds from the industrial wind farms above.

New Hampshire Wind Watch has put a lot of time and effort into trying to educate residents on what lies ahead for our region long after turbines are put up.

I urge you not take a back seat in this EDP Spruce Ridge fight. Take a stance and show not only current developers, but future developers, that they are not welcome here.

For some reason people feel like it's over and that they don't need to come out of the woodwork on this Spruce Ridge fight. I'm disturbed by this, because we all have come so far in such a short period of time as a community. Our voice and attendance has made a huge difference and I ask all of you to continue.

You've seen what they've done in Groton. You've seen them abandon Met towers in Wild Meadows. You've heard them at Town Hall meetings. You know they don't communicate. You know they don't provide updates — on anything.

Fight for your open-country lifestyle before it's gone. Because what we are looking at now is just Phase I.

Make our last stance count — don't give them an inch.

Ray Cunningham


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Buckle up Mr. Jones, you may be in for a bumpy ride

To The Daily Sun,

Michael Jones has some sage advice for me in his recent letter to the editor. He quotes Stanley Horowitz, "Anyone wanting to advance an agenda should try thoughtful persuasion, not personal invective and bullying tactics."

I wonder what he thinks my agenda is other than pointing out the flaws of our politicians, both Democrat and Republican. And seeking out the truth from reliable sources. Regardless, I think he wants me to be "kinder and gentler."

Michael thinks I'm being too disagreeable regarding my disagreements with this administration. I wish I could say that I'm sorry that you found my letter to be so odious and unpalatable to your apparent tender sensibilities. But I'm really not, nor am I going to take your advice. Perhaps Michael is a new reader to the "Sun" and thus doesn't yet understand that letter writers from both the left and the right often express their opinions in passionate and colorful ways.

Michael ventured a guess that  most of Mr. Wiles' letter is "cut and paste" from the ACLJ website. Sorry, the "substance and tone" of my letter had absolutely nothing to do with their website. So please check it out if you want to talk about Jay Sekulow's organization in an informed way. You might just find that your time would not be wasted.

Michael made mention of the fact that Clinton and Bush have made more recess appointments than President Obama during their first terms. He appears to take umbrage with the Supreme Court's unanimous decision about Obama's NLRB appointments when Congress was not actually in recess. Is it possible that Mr. Jones agrees with our president's "go it alone" strategy and believes that this Democrat president has more on the ball than the nine justices of the Supreme Court? The unanimous point is of course, that Congress was not in recess.

If that is where Mr. Jones is coming from, then I'm sure the modern day liberals who "roam" this great country and think they know better than the rest of us about how we should live our lives, will welcome you to their elitist club with open arms as long as you go along with all of their "bullying tactics." Yes Michael, that is where you will find the real bullies, rather than the common folk who write letters to the editor. In the meantime, conservative and libertarian letter writers will continue to "shout from the rooftops" their opinions and observations about the current state of politics in this country of ours.

So Michael, if you dare to continue to peruse the letter to the editor pages of The Sun, then you probably should heed the warnings of Bette Davis in the movie, All About Eve: "buckle up, you may be in for a bumpy ride." You see, there are many who share my beliefs about the direction this country is heading and feel the same way as Roy Rogers sidekick, Pat Brady when he said, "Hold on Nellie, we're heading for the rhubarb." Anyway Michael, let me just say this about our literary debate, "happy trails to you until we meet again."

Russ Wiles


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Hillary's criticism of Obama will only intensity; she has no choice

To The Daily Sun,

The presidential race of 2016 is already "game on". Nothing assures it like announcing a new book release with a signing tour across the country the way Hillary Clinton recently did. The tour was a total flop and the book panned but that makes little difference. It gave Hillary an excuse to glad hand nationally without having officially announced her candidacy. A book tour is the perfect place to fine tune your message and round off the rough edges.

It is now certain the one thing Hillary will not repeat in the future is that she was "DEAD BROKE" when she and Bill left the White House. Even the liberal media thought that was over the top hypocrisy. But remember, Hillary Clinton has to win a 75 percent of the bottom 50 percent of America economically to win the WhiteHouse, and 90 percent of the bottom 25 percent. The WORKING CLASS of America both BLUE and WHITE collar are going to vote Republican, as they have the past several elections. Small business owners of every stripe who have been unendingly attacked and terrorized for six years by Obama are going to vote Republican. Hillary has to capture 80 percent of the low income black/Latino vote to win the presidency and she knows it. The white vote as it has in the last several elections is also going to vote Republican. That is why Hillary claims to have been POVERTY STRICKEN, no matter the cat-calls she knew she would take for saying it.

Hillary's remark about being broke wasn't some mis-speak. She is trying to curry favor with people who are much more likely to vote for her if they feel she has walked in their shoes. Lets be honest, Hillary and Bill Clinton have more money than Mitt Romney. In 2012 Democrats screamed such extravagant wealth excluded Mitt from being in touch with Main Street America. If those assertions were true in 2012 what changed to make them untrue in 2016? Hillary and Bill Clinton give 60 minute speeches for $200,000/300,000 a pop at their pleasure. At least Mitt had the appearance or working and holding a real job... and Mitt is often seen in Wolfeboro mingling with the common folk, although I have to admit he hasn't invited me over for a cookout yet.

The real fun of the 2016 presidential race is going to be how Hillary handles the OBAMA Anchor that could sink her presidential aspirations. No aspiring candidate for president in the same party as the incumbent who is dragging a 41 percent job approval rating is likely to be wanting to ride the coattails of that person. In fact Hillary has already made her choice. She is moving as fast as she can from the failed and flaming out presidency of Barack Obama. It is a highly delicate and tactical maneuver. One that is sure to outrage some Democrats. That is the tricky part. Separating yourself from failure in your own party, without losing voters...

One thing is for sure, over the next 30 months Obama is not only going to have just conservatives attacking his every word, but Hillary Clinton as well. She has NO CHOICE if she wants to improve her chances to be president, given Obama's poor approval numbers. She needs to DISTANCE HERSELF, explaining how Hillary's presidency will NOT be a continuation of the failed Obama one. That means highlighting all his mistakes where she believes he made poor presidential decisions. IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING. Her criticisms of Obama will only increase as the months go on. I GUARANTEE IT! She has NO CHOICE.

In a conversation last Sunday, Hillary suggested the average American family is not very happy with what has happened to them over the past six years. The average middle class family income has gone DOWN, not up since Obama took office, they are hurting. She also said she would have armed the Syrian rebels quickly. Obama sat on his thumbs and still is. You remember the RED LINE Syrian disaster from Obama. She surely made it sound as if she would have been far more hawkish than Obama has been on many world events that risk our security in the future if we do not act today. Hillary knows Main Street is not happy and they vote on economic issues first. If they do not see a dramatic change from the policies of Barack Obama that have DONE NOTHING FOR THEM voters are going to give the Republican a chance no matter who he is.
Tony Boutin

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