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Gilford definitely has some traffic flow issues that need addressing

To The Daily Sun,

One of the things I love about New Hampshire is the attention it pays to its roads. Excellent work. You are head and shoulders above any place I ever lived in Massachusetts. But here in Gilford I have a few concerns.

1. The intersection of Route 11 and Intervale Road: On the Weirs side of the intersection, the left lane is left turn only and the other lane is for right turns and straight-thru traffic. However, on the other side of the intersection — at Sawyers — it is bass-ackwards. The left lane is for turns and straight-thru traffic, and it is making a mess of that intersection. Cars on the Weirs side think that both sides are the same and I am seeing lots of near-misses. Additionally, coming from the Gilford side you actually have to move to the right in order to avoid the island on the opposite side of Route 11.

2. Coming off of the Laconia Bypass and merging onto Route 11 westbound is bad. There are no yield or stop signs there and I've nearly been broadsided several times by folks who seem to want to race traffic toward Wal-Mart.

3. The entrance to Lowe's parking lot? There is no signage whatsoever there. Someone must have the right of way, but no one knows who that someone is. I don't have a death wish, so I always look both ways and proceed with extreme caution. But some well-placed signage could cure that.

I'm sure that some of this is the Gilford Highway Department and some is the New Hampshire DOT, but it would be fabulous if Gilford could take the initiative and make all our roads safe for all of us. I didn't move to this beautiful town so that I can live free ... and die.

Alan Vervaeke

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Somtimes we can get so 'principaled' we miss the big picture

To The Daily Sun,

Frugality is a value of mine, and I don't like spending money unless it is completely necessary. But there are times to spend money so it does cost us more money in the future. The example is when we properly maintain a car today, it will prevent major repairs in the future. It's true, I don't have to spend the money, but I choose to spend it because I know in the long run it will be more cost effective. This example also relates our local government and how we choose to invest our resources.

I don't like paying more taxes than I need to, and I want to keep our taxes as low. But there are times we need to spend money today to ensure it will not cost us more in the future. Sometimes we can get so "principled" that we lose the bigger picture.

In the process of electing our next Belknap Country commissioner it will be important that we look for a candidate the can see the future, and help make decisions for us, the tax payer, to keep our taxes low for the long term and not just for an election cycle.

Glen Waring who is running for country commissioner is one who I believe has the character, experience and the foresight to work collaboratively to find solutions for Belknap County that will not only good for the taxpayer today, but are solutions that will be good for my children, who will be the taxpayers in the future.

Mark Warren

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