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What we do here is forget that it is God alone who gives & takes life

To The Daily Sun,
E. Scott Cracraft, talking about "Biblical Quarterbacking," I have to laugh. If it were a sport, I think E. Scott would be its Tom Brady.
Scott asks, "What would Jesus do today? Would he tell a 12-year-old victim of incest that she should have her baby?" First off Jesus is God. If he in submission to God the Father willed it that the girl should miscarry there would be no fault in him for he is God. If not. I do not believe that he would counsel her to act as God and add the killing of her unborn child to the wrong done to her. Another wrong would not make her situation any better and would leave her with the guilt of having killed her baby. Something that so many women who have had abortions deal with.

Yet most abortions are not precipitated by such a dramatic event, but often as an unplanned pregnancy where the girl thinks she's not ready to be a mom, or wants to finish her schooling, or her boyfriend does not want her to have it, or there is pressure from her friends or family to have an abortion. What we do here is to forget that it is God alone who gives and takes a life. (He has shown us in what situations we can take a human life and not be held as guilty and this is not one of them.)

We act as though we were God whom we are not, and kill this innocent life because it is helpless and we can exercise our self will over it; to our snuffing out of its life in order to accomplish our own end. We want to control the outcome of our lives, but we don't want to control our loins, or exercise due caution in our relationships, so we conveniently forget or deny that a child is a gift from God.

The pleasure of sexual intercourse by design comes with the burden of parenthood. In order to decouple these we have come to do what only God has a right to do. We teach our children that this transgression of what is our proper human boundary is a right that they should fight for. These are the mores of the society that we live in, and it is an offense to God.

If you have already had an abortion God wants you to turn away from your old life and turn to Jesus and He will forgive you of all of your sin and you can be released from your guilt and you will have it no more. Turn away from your sinful life and say, Lord Jesus, please come in to my heart and forgive my sins, and He will come into your heart and make His abode with you. Then find a good Bible preaching church and go to it. And have a happy forever.

If Mr. Cracraft thinks that I'm "Biblical Quarterbacking" I suggest that he should take up the discussion with me in this forum.

John Demakowski


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Those on the left just deny that other people's money will ever run out

To The Daily Sun,

Isn't it great how gas prices are falling? Even heating oil has come down some and in a cold mid-winter this can be a help to many of us. President Obama is taking bows for his policies which have achieved this. Only problem is he has had nothing to do with it. Facts are that oil production on private lands has increased by 61 percent but on government (Obama controlled) land it is down 6 percent. Only thing he did was he didn't interfere with private land production as he has with lands and sea that he controls.

Mr. President could actually help lower the price even more if he lifted his administration long bans on drilling. Also, if he approved the Keystone pipeline that could save billions in transport costs. Right now oil from western Canada is shipped by rail to our refineries in the South. BNSF (Burlington Northern-Santa Fe), the railroad that own all the lines from there, charges $30 a barrel. The Keystone would cost only $10 barrel. An interesting fact is that big bucks Obama/Democratic supporter Warren Buffett owns the BNSF. Not hard to connect these dots folks, unless some don't want to.

Lefty writers here are telling us how well the economy is doing. Wall Street is booming, banks are making all kinds of money, unemployment is down under something or other. Great. And only after six years of Obama policies. The other side of that coin is we have the lowest job participation rate since 1978, the middle class has been hit like a hammer driving so many down under the poverty line and reports say wages have been stagnant now for years while prices rise.

So what does our fearless leader say he'll do to fix things? Veto the Keystone. Borrow more billions and spend, spend, spend. Of course those on the left support this and just deny that other people's money will ever run out, even if they have to mortgage our great-grandchildren s futures. And for those on that side of reality let's wait and see what the president does with all those bills Harry Reid blocked in the Senate for years after they finally get passed and sent to the president's desk. Bet we won't hear anything about the President of "No" from them.

Steve Earle


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