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Those on the left just deny that other people's money will ever run out

To The Daily Sun,

Isn't it great how gas prices are falling? Even heating oil has come down some and in a cold mid-winter this can be a help to many of us. President Obama is taking bows for his policies which have achieved this. Only problem is he has had nothing to do with it. Facts are that oil production on private lands has increased by 61 percent but on government (Obama controlled) land it is down 6 percent. Only thing he did was he didn't interfere with private land production as he has with lands and sea that he controls.

Mr. President could actually help lower the price even more if he lifted his administration long bans on drilling. Also, if he approved the Keystone pipeline that could save billions in transport costs. Right now oil from western Canada is shipped by rail to our refineries in the South. BNSF (Burlington Northern-Santa Fe), the railroad that own all the lines from there, charges $30 a barrel. The Keystone would cost only $10 barrel. An interesting fact is that big bucks Obama/Democratic supporter Warren Buffett owns the BNSF. Not hard to connect these dots folks, unless some don't want to.

Lefty writers here are telling us how well the economy is doing. Wall Street is booming, banks are making all kinds of money, unemployment is down under something or other. Great. And only after six years of Obama policies. The other side of that coin is we have the lowest job participation rate since 1978, the middle class has been hit like a hammer driving so many down under the poverty line and reports say wages have been stagnant now for years while prices rise.

So what does our fearless leader say he'll do to fix things? Veto the Keystone. Borrow more billions and spend, spend, spend. Of course those on the left support this and just deny that other people's money will ever run out, even if they have to mortgage our great-grandchildren s futures. And for those on that side of reality let's wait and see what the president does with all those bills Harry Reid blocked in the Senate for years after they finally get passed and sent to the president's desk. Bet we won't hear anything about the President of "No" from them.

Steve Earle


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No Obama policy has been more destructive to the middle than 0% interest

To The Daily Sun,

If Obama's State of the Union speech had a purpose, it wasn't to signal he was going to compromise, as Bill Clinton did 20 years ago, when he faced the same situation of opponents holding Congress. Clinton used his speech to trumpet "the era of big government was over" suggesting he would work with Republicans to reform welfare and dramatically cut spending to improve the effectiveness of government.

Mr. "Incompetent " used the occasion to once again denigrate and deride the people that just handed Democrats their second major defeat in four years. Clinton produced a highly accomplished presidency, while Obama has produced continual, divided, delusional and dysfunctional government. He owns a lousy job approval rating to prove that failure. His own party even refuses to be seen with him because the majority of voters now see Obama for what he always was, a political light weight, arrogant, incompetent ideologue. Obama sent 20 million Americans packing from the middle class as he produced continuous income declines for main street and unprecedented wealth for the already-rich.

No Obama policy has been more destructive to the center and constructive to Wall Street than zero percent interest rates. Zero interest rates allow the rich and big business to borrow trillions for free. Zero interest rates is the jet fuel that fills the pockets of the rich while they propel profits to the moon for large corporations. Zero interest rates are to the stock market and the rich what cocaine is to an addict. Obama is the head drug dealer in DC town for that shell game, all the while suggesting Republicans are the cause of inequality. This is a donkey joke worthy of Johnny Carson's old monologue.

Barack Obama has aimed the zero interest fire hose of gasoline on the stock market causing it to explode to record highs, taking inequality to even greater heights. Record inequality today can be laid only in one place. The policies of Barack Obama.

Obama used the State of the Union for one purpose. To ring the 2016 presidential election bell. Democrats are not going to have a black man running next year for president. They are going to have a filthy rich, white woman, a member of the Americas privileged aristocracy. In 2012 Democrats screamed such a background disqualified Mitt Romney. I bet enormous wealth and sleeping with Wall Street won't be reasons to eliminate anyone next year. This all echoes what Obama consultant Jonathan Gruber so hilariously pointed out last month. Democrats simply think all the rest of us are idiots. You can confirm Gruber's thinking by simply reading the whack-o rants of the Sun's equivalent of the three stooges, Loesch, Veverka, and Hoyt.

Hillary Clinton has ties to the biggest companies and banks on Wall Street, investment wealth that mysteriously appeared, murky real estate deals, including close connections to Walmart where she spent eight years on their board of directors. I do not think such a résumé will impress blacks. Blacks will not be voting 96 percent for Democrats next year.

Democrats need a new "sting." That "sting " is you. It means handout promises to some new slice of America to replace millions of lost black votes. That new target, the middle class. The people whose lives and living standards Obama has castrated for six straight years with lowered living standards and lower incomes while sticking them with a trillion dollar Obamacare tab he forgot to mention was higher taxes. It took the U.S. Supreme court to properly label that little Obama sleight of hand. Now he wants to throw you a bone. Don't "bend over" for it.

Jonathan Gruber was right. Obama does think we are all idiots, just like the three stooges do.

Tony Boutin


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