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N.Y. Times & Washington Post are now part of right-wing conspiracy?

To The Daily Sun,

I've been waiting and watching all week to see how Hillary Clinton's supporters were going to try to defend her from herself? Mostly I hear and read the same old, same old, it's all a vast right wing conspiracy thing; there is no proof. By proof I guess they mean she hasn't made a tearful full confession and thrown herself on a flaming pyre because there is sure a lot of circumstantial evidence.

As for some right wing conspiracy, this reporting is all coming from the N.Y. Times, Washington Post, and all the rock solid Democratic supporting sources. According to them, the Clinton Foundation has reaped millions from doing quid pro quo favors for all kinds of nefarious foreign sources including the sale of one fifth of the U.S. uranium production to the Russians for which about $135 million flowed into the Clinton Foundation and Bill got a $500,000 speaking fee to speak over there. Now these are not proof but damning evidence none the less of wrong doing. Add to that Hillary destroying all her "private information" on her servers makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy. (And we thought it was all just to cover up her Benghazi incompetence.)
Can't say the Clintons are ever dull or boring. Decade after decade, year after year, and lately week after week, it's one dubious thing after the next. In the old days it was the Rose Law Firm and White Water questions. Bills numerous women problems, quickly dispatched, until Monica's little blue dress, on and on until here we are. Now it's not just indiscretions and blunders, now it may be criminal? So stay tuned for future episodes of the Clinton Soap Opera folks, you ain't seen nothing yet.
Steve Earle


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Mayor of Baltimore asked police to 'give (rioters) space to destroy'

To The Daily Sun,

America, our great country, used to be the "last best hope for mankind" for oppressed people all over the world. That is, up until the massive influence in our culture by liberals and leftist progressives to our way of life during the last few decades. We are now witnessing it being "transformed" right before our eyes. When Barack Hussein Obama campaigned for president in 2007 and 2008, he told us, flat out, that he would "fundamentally transform America!" Not many people really knew what that meant at that time, but because they didn't want to be thought of as racist, they voted for him anyway.

At a time when we have a black U.S. president and two consecutive black U.S. attorneys general, the black mayor of Baltimore says on video tape last Saturday night that she wanted the police to "give them space to destroy", referring to the rioters and looters who attempted to burn down the city Monday night. It still remains an unanswered question whether the Baltimore (black) police chief and black police commissioner, or anyone on the black city council gave orders for the police not to engage the rioters and looters, but rather, to "stand down". If we find that they, in fact, did that, then the major question regarding why this whole incident happened will be answered, that they too have bought into the un-American idea that we need to "fundamentally transform America".

Because there has been very little in the way of condemnation by the president, or anyone else in local "leadership" positions in Baltimore, many people all across this great country have begun to realize just what Obama meant by "fundamentally transform America".

Blacks make up a total of about 13 percent of this nation's population, yet over 90 percent of all young black deaths in inner cities are perpetrated by other young blacks, mostly by black criminal gangs. And almost every major city in this country is headed by black leaders, black mayors, black police officials, etc. The problem is, all these young black youths hear from those "leaders" is, "You are a victim, you have cause to be angry and violent."

If you think that what happened in Baltimore this week was justified, or even, according to some, long overdue, then you simply need to stay on the sofa and do nothing. Keep making excuses for this violence at all levels, but you also must then start counting the days before this great country completely collapses in on itself.

However, if you are disgusted and outraged by the permissiveness of parents and municipal officials in almost every major city, who allow this sort of thing to happen, then you must begin to speak out, and keep speaking out, and do not be intimidated by people you know, who, because of their leftist ideology, continue to make excuses for them, who think that our problems can only be solved by putting massive amounts of more money into larger and larger government.

It used to be that if someone, white or black, was seen looting, they would be shot on sight! But because of their "rules of engagement" the Baltimore police were under, all they could do was throw the rocks that were being thrown at them back at the looters and rioters! This is a very sad state of affairs. The mayor of Baltimore denies having said what she said, but every cable and TV news station in the country has her words on video tape, and please know this: her words were not taken out of context, not withstanding what the left-wing media is saying about it.

As of midday on Tuesday, not one word of condemnation of the violence and destruction had been spoken by any elected Baltimore official.

That is an outrage...

Jim McCoole


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