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Don't include non-recyclable material with your advertising flyers

To The Daily Sun,

(The other day), I received a junk mailing from a Lakes Region business which causes me to write. We receive advertising mailings all the time, and it all ends up in recycling. However, this mailer had a plastic "combination box" attached to it with the instruction to pull out the tab and see if your number matched the winning numbers in the flyer. When the tab is pulled, the number in the "combination box" lights up, indicating a power source is inside.

So what do I do with it? We have recycled as much as possible for years. Even before Gilford had single stream recycling, we'd take our recycling to Laconia. But now, we have no choice. It cannot be recycled. We have throw this into the garbage, and thus the landfill. Perhaps businesses could show a little civic responsibility by not including non-recyclable material with their advertising flyers.

Joel Edinburg


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Invasion theory used to justify Hiroshima bombing is fictitious

To the Daily Sun,

A letter recently printed about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing is so full or errors I had to answer to present the truth, as I know it. The following is a corrected version of those horrific events.

Japan was a defeated nation. They were no longer a military presence in the Pacific. Japan's air power had been nullified owing to the fact that once we understood the mentality of the Japanese pilot they were easy targets shot out of the skies in overwhelming numbers. Their naval power was also greatly diminished in a war of attrition -- we sank more of their ships. Without air or sea power Japan was neutralized. As an island nation they were extremely vulnerable.

On March 10 we bombed the city of Tokyo killing 100,000 civilians leaving the city in a pile of rubble. Our unrelenting military was intent on bringing a defeated people to their knees. Japan was unable to retaliate, taking constant punishment.

The notion that we considered an invasion makes no sense whatsoever. Why would we risk the lives of thousands of Marines when Japan had been defeated and subject to the rule and dominance of the United States? The "invasion theory" has been used the shift blame. It is entirely fictitious.

Most people today believe the bombing was a tragic mistake. There is also a school of thought that contends the bombing was a show of force directed at Russia, in effect saying, "We've got the big one, don't mess with us!"

If only we had given Japan more time, in their political disarray, to form a new and viable government to negotiate a peace plan, we would not have this immense tragedy to live with.

Leon R. Albushies


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