Thank you for all the sponsorships Meredith Chamber annual meeting

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the membership of the Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce I would like to thank the following businesses for their sponsorship of the Chamber's Annual Meeting held month:

The Presenting Sponsor was Meredith Village Savings Bank, Program Sponsors were Lamprey Real Estate Associates, Donahue, Tucker & Ciandella, LRGHealthcare, and Mill Falls At The Lake, and Associate Sponsors were Overhead Door Options and Re/Max Bayside

Their support was much appreciated.

Susan Cerutti, Executive Director

Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce

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No raises? County employees wages have gone up 20% since '09

To The Daily Sun,
I was surprised and disappointed by the inclusion of Dave Pollak's false claim about county employee wages in Roger Amsdens's article on the race for Belknap County Commissioner in Friday's Laconia Daily Sun.
Belknap County taxpayers have been quite generous to county employees since the recession that devastated many private sector employees who have gone without increases for years, lost work hours and income, lost benefits, had jobs cut to part-time, or were laid off.
During this time-frame few if any Belknap County employees were laid off. Many Belknap County employees enjoy higher wages than their private sector counter-parts; and all enjoy Cadillac-level benefits and greater job security. And, staffing and payroll data indicate that Belknap County employee wages increased by approximately 20 percent between 2009 and 2012.
Mr. Pollak's claim that the proposed, but not authorized, 1.5 percent wage increase in 2014 "would have been the first raise in many years" is simply false.
Mr. Pollak's false claim seems to be simply a political attack on the Republican-controlled Belknap County Delegation. The intent of his false claim was to further polarize the citizens of Belknap County and influence them to elect him and other Democrats. Mr. Pollak's false claim shows he cannot be trusted and he is not someone who will work co-operatively with both Republicans and Democrats.
If you want Belknap County to run smoothly, to efficiently and effectively provide the needed county services, and to balance the needs of all stakeholders including the service recipients, employees, taxpayers, and others, then vote for Dave DeVoy and Dick Burchell for County Commissioners, and Republicans for State Representative.
Don Ewing

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Jericho Wind has already received $1 million from Energy Fund

To The Daily Sun,

Wow! I attended a public hearing at the Executive Councilor's meeting Wednesday over the $4.1 million bond expenditure for Berlin's Jericho Wind. I've never attended a public hearing where the public testifying have been called arrogant, in this case by Jack Donovan from the Business Finance Authority (BFA).

From my perspective, testifiers presented well documented facts and figures as to why this is a poor choice of taxpayer money, not why wind energy is a poor choice. Councilor Van Ostern commented the council would hear the same testimony from any wind project that comes before them. I have always regarded my public elected officials to be smart and well informed to make wise decisions in regard to spending taxpayer hard earned dollars, but in this case, only Councilor Sununu seems to have done his homework and stood up for the public by voting against the expenditure.

Jericho Wind LLC has already received $1 million from the state's Renewable Energy Fund and wind receives some of the most generous federal subsidies.

Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (QECB) are available for municipalities to use toward reducing energy costs by 20 percent in public buildings, reducing emissions through improved public transportation and public education on energy conservation. There is still $8.4 million available for New Hampshire to spend on these projects with no expiration date. New Hampshire is one of the few states to have not taken advantage of these funds. Mr. Donovan states this is difficult money to spend, although other states bundle projects with other communities to reduce administrative costs. So it can be done. It just takes effort.

The BFA approved the state's entire maximum allowed commercial funding of 30 percent to Jericho Wind LLC two years and ten months ago. They apparently never had any intention of offering this money to any other commercial enterprise. Why?

Mark Watson


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A good portion of boot drive funds will be donated back to down

To The Daily Sun,

The letter in Saturday's edition from Dennis Comeau, representing the Gilmanton Fireman's Organization was very well done and brought up some important points concerning the solicitation ordinance proposed by the Gilmanton selectmen.

Why are they continuing to target the Fire Department? Has anyone actually complained about the boot drive activity as explained in this letter? How will this ordinance impact other groups who raise money?

I would like to add to that: Shouldn't the selectmen and the town administrator have more important, and perhaps positive, issues on which to expend their time and energy. Surely there are issues that impact our entire community not something that is relevant to only a few.

As a matter of fact, a good portion of the funds collected will be donated back to the town in the form of defibrillators for several groups. The Fireman's Association will be making those presentations later this month.

Mr. Comeau also mentioned the "incredibly inconvenient" time for the public hearing which is also not even posted on the town website. That hearing is on Thursday Nov., 6 at the Town Hall at 5 p.m. If you are concerned about any or all of these issues, please plan to attend.

Joanne Gianni
Gilmanton Iron Works

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Please stop sending us all of this political junk mail

To The Daily Sun,

Last month my Laconia single-family household has received an unbelievable collection of double-sided glossy color mailings from politicians of every color ... mostly blue and red. Almost all have come in daily duplicate if not more, since both my husband and I receive our own copies. The daily stack has been generally four to eight deep and I now wish that I had kept them and counted them so that I could report accurately the absolute waste of paper, trees, manpower and mostly of money that could be used to feed the poor, house the homeless, fix the roads, improve healthcare and schools, almost anything you could imagine.

But instead, all this money is now filling up our landfills and (at least I can hope) our recycling bins. This goes as well for the plastic and metal signs at every corner, which will never decompose.

When will this indiscriminate waste end? It gets worse every election cycle, and I'll tell you that the only piece of paper that has had any impact at all was the simple black and white letter that arrived today from my voting precinct thanking me for voting last time and encouraging me to vote this time.

We, the voting public, are not stupid, and are not swayed by the wave of colorful garbage with which the post is being clogged. I will vote. I wish I could vote for only those who never sent me a piece of anything in the mail, but, sadly, there are none of you. In this age of electronic communication, you need to get with the program and employ these lower impact options to spread your messages.

While some voters still prefer contact via "snail mail," you need to research your constituency better and figure out who they are and target your efforts with more fact based intention. I submit my heartfelt plea to those of you who are elected: Please make your first order of business to create a serious bipartisan effort to end all this disgusting waste of resources. Then maybe you will have actually deserved our votes.

Kathryn Cranford


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