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We should welcome 16,000 potential terrorist sympathizers?

To The Daily Sun,

Though I think his political ideology is 180 degrees off the mark, I have been under the assumption that Dick Devens was at least somewhat rational and embraced self-preservation. His recent letter just blasted those assumptions to smithereens.

"I think we should take in as many refugees as we can." He asserts that we should show "leadership and kindness" by taking in lots of refugees. Dick laments the fact that we are only taking in a few thousand refugees from Syria and elsewhere while Germany has taken in 800,000. Apparently, "we have the wealth to do it, so let's do it," he says.

Why in the world does the left continue to present a mindset that is counterproductive to the preservation of our sovereign nation? His suggestion smacks of a most mind-numbing ignorance, bordering on pure madness.

A new poll by a respected source, ORB International reports that 22 percent of Syrians believe that ISIS has had a positive influence on their country. As Daniel Greenfield notes, this poll does not measure support for al-Qaida which often battles with ISIS. "It just measures support for the absolute worst of the bunch."

Germany and other European Union countries are swamped with refugees and have had to clamp down and build walls to stem the tide. There is no way of knowing how many of these people are sympathetic to the causes of ISIS and al-Qaida.

So, here is a question for Mr. Devens. If one in five Syrians support terrorist organizations, would that not mean that out of the 10,000 refugees that President Obama wants us to take in, potentially 2,000 of them could become radicalized and produce mayhem, death and destruction in this country? What about "kindness" to our own families and communities Mr. Devens?

And yet Mr. Devens insinuates that we should take in at least as many as Germany has taken in. After all, Dick seems to suggest that 16,000 potential terrorist sympathizers should be easily managed by a country as wealthy as is the United States. Daniel Greenfield believes that we should not take in any refugees "who are members of the two quarreling sects, Sunni and Shiite, and only take in Christian refugees and other non-combatants in this Islamic religious war." Yes, let's vet all refugees before we "let em all in". The correct number of terrorists to take in during this crisis, caused in no small part by President Obama's feckless foreign policy, is exactly zero. What say you Dick Devens?

Hat tip: to Daniel Greenfield and Frontpagemag.com for offering some sanity within an increasingly insane world run by the increasingly delusional and evil-avoidant left.

Russ Wiles

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Who'd you vote for if your son had been left in Benghazi to die?

To The Daily Sun,

Shame on you Hillary Clinton! And shame on you Gov. Maggie Hassan for endorsing her run for president!

It is a fact that Hillary and President Obama knew from the onset that the attack in Benghazi, which led to the brutal torture and killing of Ambassador Stevens and three other brave Americans, had absolutely nothing to do with a video.

They knew before the attack occurred that these men were in grave danger. But, to save their own political careers, they had the audacity to lie and blame the attack on a ridiculous video. That lie sent an innocent man to prison.

I ask anyone who is supporting these people: Would you vote for and endorse them if it were your son who was left to die? Please, look in the mirror and answer truthfully, for some day it may be.

And remember those who do endorse and support their lies, as Gov. Maggie Hassan has done.

Linda Dupere

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