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Pedestrian bridge over Rte. 3 would relieve congestion more

To The Daily Sun,

I was born in Meredith back in 1949 and I have lived here ever since. Like others I have seen a lot of changes; depending on who you talk to, some were good and some were not so good. I do not think the roundabouts are going to do anything to improve the traffic flow through Meredith. I see two problems causing a slow-down in traffic around the Route 3 and Route 25 intersection.

Number 1: Inconsiderate pedestrians who know they have absolute right of way on the crosswalk. I cannot count the number of times I have seen them just step out without looking either way, forcing traffic to panic and stop to avoid hitting them. They never seem to wait for a group to form before crossing, they just randomly cross, causing even more slow downs in the traffic in both directions.

Number 2: Impatient drivers. These are the ones who only care about themselves — getting to where they want to be in the shortest amount of their time. You can see it all the time at the roundabout at the top of the hill or at any of the roads or driveways trying to get onto traffic on Route 3 or Route 25. You can sit for minutes wanting to get out. These people are moving and do not want to waste any more of their time getting to their destination from Meredith. Try taking a left from Route 3 South onto Route 25 East when there are two lanes of traffic coming off Route 25 trying to go south on Route 3. They will totally block the intersection because they do not want to stop regardless of the color of the traffic light, thus stopping all flow off from Main Street.

I do think that a pedestrian foot bridge over Route 3 would help more to relieve traffic congestion, and improve the traffic flow heading to Route 25 onto Route 3 South.

David L. Bennett, Sr.


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Here's a tip on how you can leave comments on U-L website

To The Daily Sun,

The New Hampshire Union-Leader recently changed its online webpage edition, to a new "updated" format. Since that change, many of us current and former readers and posters of comments, have not been able to post comments online.

I inquired a few times to them concerning this issue, online links, and got no response.

Today, I figured out why. If the reader has an "ad blocking" plug-in on their web browser, like Adblock Plus on Firefox, it will not enable the comment box to appear, so the reader cannot post a comment for an article. This change was never explained to the readers of the new webpage. It did not interfere in the old format.

Don't know how to spread the word to the thousands of UL readers about this issue, but I know the UL won't do it. So, I share this tidbit with you.

I do read and value the daily edition of The Laconia Sun. Keep it up.

Gene Ronikier


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