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Schumer sees how Obama’s Iran deal threatens existece of Israel

To the Daily Sun:

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer just got put on the liberal poop list. Thats right one of the strongest Dem Senators in DC decided Obama's deal with Iran was so bad because it threaten's the very existence of Israel and lives of millions of Jews so he will vote against it. The liberal response is as could be expected. The Daily Kos has a cartoon showing Schumer holding an Israeli flag with the words "Traitor" captioning it. Move on writes, "Our country doesn't need another Joe Lieberman in the Senate. Happens both men are Jewish so can anyone doubt this is pure anti-semitism by Obama zealots who will gladly sacrifice Israel and Jews to the un-American Presidents pro-muslim agenda? No question about it.

Steve Earle


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LobsterFest contributions will help Old Town House and Fire Dept.

To the Daily Sun:

On behalf of the Center Harbor Heritage Commission, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Heritage Fund at the Aug. 6 LobsterFest that was held at our Fire House. These generous contributions will help restore our Old Town House and return it to public use for civic and community meetings and cultural events.

And, a special "thank you" to the Center Harbor Community Development Association for sponsoring the LobsterFest to support our dedicated Fire Department.

Listed on the New Hampshire Register of Historic Places, the Old Center Harbor Town House was built in 1843 and used for Town Meetings and voting until 1964. It also served as a one-room schoolhouse for several years. It is still located on the original site at the corner of Route 3 and Waukewan Road. Sadly, despite its proud history of serving the townspeople, the Old Town House is only used for storage now and desperately needs repairs.

Anyone who would like to help save our Old Town House may mail a tax-deductible donation to: The Center Harbor Heritage Fund, PO Box 140, Center Harbor, NH 03226. The check should be made payable to: The Center Harbor Heritage Fund.

Karen Ponton
Center Harbor

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