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I would like to see it verified that Bristol is dangerous to live in

To The Daily Sun,

Isn't this interesting? The Town of Alexandria wants to disband its Police Department and join up with Hill to save costs. We, Bristol, on the other hand want to expand ours or have some grandiose idea to become some sort of regional police force. What could possibly go wrong!

A recent report issued by NH1 News indicated that Bristol was ranked as the 14th most dangerous New Hampshire town to live in. That's quite a distinction. This article was based on reported incidents happening in Bristol and supplied to the FBI from our, I assume, Police Department.

I don't know about you, but where or what are driving these FBI statistics? Has anyone heard of or seen any incidents suggesting we are undergoing some sort of crime wave? If our neighbors were having similar problems do you think they would be considering reducing the size of their police department.

I enjoy living in Bristol, except for these outrageous taxes. This NH1 TV News report reflects badly on our town. Don't you think that our Select Board should show a little more concern about how Bristol is being portrayed? I am sure anyone considering moving to Bristol would want to know if they are moving to a safe environment.

On the other hand, what if the facts don't support the data being supplied? Shouldn't we be concerned about that, too? I would like to see the Select Board at least verify what is going on in order to rebut the NH1 News report or find out if we have a problem with reporting crime data. If we do, it needs to be addressed immediately and our Select Board will need to correct it.

On the tax side, Alexandria has three police officers and spends less than $200,000 to serve 1,610 residents and Alexandria wants to reduce it. I'll let you figure out if Bristol's 11-man, $1.1 million Police Department is a bargain for Bristol or not.

Ernie Richards


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Apologies to all who were interested in new year’s at the Mill

To The Daily Sun,

The Belknap Mill Society extends gratitude to all community members who showed interest in attending our New Year's Eve Gala. Unfortunately, due to the impending storm on Thursday and more snow expected on Saturday, tickets sales were not what we had hoped. As a 501(c)(3), fiscal responsibility is our number one priority to the society, our members, and the community as a whole.

A full refund will be issued to all ticket holders. We are truly sorry for any disappointment or inconvenience that this may cause. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 603-528-8813.

Jennifer Anderson
Acting Executive Director

Belknap Mill Society


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