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Please write in Chuck Mitchell for moderator in Town of Tilton

To The Daily Sun,

I have served the Town of Tilton for the last four years, and although I did not file for re-election as moderator, I am now seeking your vote on Election Day.

Please write in Chuck Mitchell for Moderator.

Chuck Mitchell


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This Marine Corps lieutenant colonel is man who will serve us well

To The Daily Sun,

My hat's off to all candidates running for any political office. It isn't easy to submit yourself to the scrutiny of the press and questioning by voters. And it's bad enough we voters have to make a choice during a regular election, but now we are faced with a special election. We must decide who can best perform the almost impossible job of filling Ray Burton's shoes as our representative to the Governors Council for the First District.

Both candidates have excellent backgrounds — one mainly in the private sector and one, Joe Kenny, in public office. But there will never be another Ray Burton and frankly I would like the person to whom I give my vote to build their own reputation. Also I feel that the candidate who is elected should be able to start off running and not have to learn the ways of state government.

Joe has experience as a state representative and senator. Also, he is also a lieutenant colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve and has served his country well, for over 30 years. I feel very strongly that if we can trust our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters to his leadership in the Marines, he will serve the citizens of New Hampshire with equal skill, and devotion. That is why I will vote for Joe Kenny in the special election.

Semper Fi Joe Kenny.

Elliot Finn


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Financial & administrative experience makes Cryans the right man

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to urge other voters to join me in electing Mike Cryans as Executive Councilor for District 1 on March 11.

The district and the state lost an especially strong advocate for the North Country when Ray Burton died last November after serving for 35 years. Ray's brother and two sisters have endorsed Cryans as the person best able to continue serving the residents of District 1.

Mike Cryans has served on the Grafton County Commission for 17 years, side-by-side with Burton for most of that period. They worked together to serve their constituents, including the construction of a new county jail — at half the projected cost — and a biomass plant to heat the County facilities. Ray Burton endorsed Cryans for County Commissioner in the most recent election.

Growing up in Littleton, Mike Cryans knows the North Country that Burton served so long and well. Cryans began his professional career as a teacher, worked for many years in the banking industry, moved on to operate a sole proprietorship assisting small businesses with finances, and then as a  director of a social services non-profit. This financial and administrative experience makes Cryans well qualified to serve on the Executive Council.

Together with the governor, the Council oversees the administration of the state, including approval of much of the $5 billion annual budget as well as appointments to every state commission and judiciary position.

Please join me on March 11 in voting for Mike Cryans for the Executive Council.

Margaret Merritt

Center Sandwich

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Opportunity Educational Scholarships is life-changing program

To The Daily Sun,

Taxpayers in Northfield, Tilton, and Sanbornton have long recognized that a thriving community needs an educated citizenry. Local public schools were founded on the idea that education promotes the general welfare of the community by creating greater opportunities and incomes for young adults. Local public schools were a reflection of their communities, receiving guidance and direction from active members of the community.

Unfortunately, today's public school system receives direction from authorities far removed from the communities the schools were created to serve. And while we know that children have individual learning styles and aspirations, our public school system is increasingly a one-size-fits-all monolith, unable to meet the needs of many students.

In every facet of our lives choice and competition produces more and better products at lower cost. Education is no different. In recognition of this fact, in 2012 our lawmakers created Opportunity Educational Scholarships. This privately-funded program was designed to eliminate financial barriers preventing some children in lower-income families from learning in a setting that fit their style and interests.

In the first year of the program, 103 children from lower-income families benefited from these scholarships. Those are 103 lives that have been enriched in ways we may never fully appreciate. Some highlights from the first year:
— 97 percent of parents of scholarship recipients are satisfied or very satisfied with their chosen private or home school.
— 68 percent of parents reported that they noticed measurable academic improvement in their child since receiving the scholarship.
— 74 percent of new private school parents reported that they would have been unable to afford tuition without the scholarship.

This is an ongoing program funded solely by private donations. Please add your voice to the call going out to New Hampshire businesses and individuals to donate to this life-changing program. If you are a New Hampshire business paying Business Profits or Business Enterprise taxes you may receive a credit for your donation. Individuals can take a charitable deduction from federal income taxes.
Contact Kate Baker at Network for Educational Opportunity for more information. www.networkforeducation.org or 888 325-1776

Greg Hill

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Rick Alpers & Shaun Lagueux will keep Bristol moving forward

To The Daily Sun,

The Town of Bristol has come a long way in the past decade. We have invested in a multi-use path that is in constant use. We have invested in a redesigned and attractive downtown, replaced outdated water and sewer lines, funded a new library and made safer routes to our schools.

There are those that would portray our town in a negative light. They say that people can't wait to move out of town, are unhappy with our services, and want nothing more than to have their taxes reduced at any cost.

Well I don't believe it. I believe that we live in a collaborative, positive and visionary community, and we are lucky to be here. We take care of each other. We work together and we improve on a constant and consistent basis. We have hard-working department heads and employees that believe in the community that they serve. They work together and they work for us — the taxpayers.
I am also a taxpayer in this community, and as it happens I talk to a lot of other taxpayers. I certainly would not be presumptuous enough to say that I represent a lot of taxpayers or any group for that matter. Actually, all any of us can do is represent ourselves. And representing ourselves is important, since there are so many people ready to say that they are out there speaking for us.

There are not a lot of people that attend Town Meeting and that is too bad. It is a fascinating process and I am thankful that we have the opportunity to participate in it. Yes, it can be boring, and yes, it can be bad for your blood pressure, but what an amazing process. In my many years of attending town meeting I have never known the voters to not do the right thing by our town. Even though none of us likes to pay our taxes, we go to Town Meeting and listen to the issues and make decisions based on what is right for us, as a community.

Let's be done with the negativity and focus on what an amazing community we live in. Please take your opportunity to come to vote on Tuesday, March 11, at the Marion Center (formerly Social Center) at the foot of the lake and attend town meeting on Saturday, March 15, at 9 a.m. at the Newfound Regional High School.

Personally, I am going to be there to vote "yes" to the two warrant articles for the Kelley Park Playground Committee, on which I serve. I am serving with a dynamic group of Bristol residents led by Dorcas Gordon that believe it is important to provide our kids with a safe and fun playground. This group pledged to raise $40,000 toward this $70,000 project. They have raised $27,500 to date and have not even begun their fund-raising in earnest. They deserve the support of the community.

And, personally, I will be voting for Rick Alpers and Shaun Lagueux because I believe that they will keep us moving forward in making our town a great place to live and work.

But, whatever your views on these and other warrant articles I would encourage you to get out and exercise your right to vote and be heard. That is truly the beauty of our democratic process.

Leslie Dion

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