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Senators have moral responsibility to stop Obama from appoointment

To The Daily Sun,

It seems interesting that so many liberal writers who would have President Obama appoint a jurist to the Supreme Court, who would dismantle our Constitution, are waxing with indignation in pretense of loving our Constitution, over Congress not allowing this president to chose Antonin Scalia's replacement.
The court before Scalia's passing was equally divided with four liberal jurists, four conservatives, and a libertarian as the swing vote. An appointment by president Obama to replace Scalia could render our Constitution obsolete. As those who hold to the concept of a living Constitution only thinly veil that they want to be our deciders and the Constitution be damned. Our representatives have a constitutional as well as moral responsibility to see that Obama does not make the replacement.

John Demakowski

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Bobcat trapping proposal came from Fish & Game Commission, pure & simple

To The Daily Sun,

The Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules reviewed the Fish & Game Commission's request to put the bobcat back on the hunting and trapping list. JLCAR, in the usual Concord fashion, tossed this issue to the House and Senate committees; this is how the Concord moon-dust fairies work. Rather then making the ruling on if the department had or not met the legal guidelines, they toss the ball in some other court — political BS at it's finest; nobody wants to loose votes come November.

This trapping proposal was never a House or Senate bill, it was a F&G Commission proposal. The commission did not acknowledge the input of the citizens, out of 6,000 comments to the F&G Department, only 250 were pro trapping and they total ignored that the lynx (on the federal endangered species list ) were threatened to be trapped. Federal law prohibits lynx trapping. States have been sued for doing so. They (F&G ) did not meet the legal requirement for this proposal, the issue should have ended on Friday, April 1.
The F&G Commission feels that it's the "science " of study that will allow the cat to be put back on the "management" list. Where was the commission when the "science" was ignored year-after-year, when the F&G Department wanted "bait hunting" for deer stopped? A compromise is not acting on the "science."

Eric T. Rottenecker

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