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Progressive policies actually do harm to the disadvantaged

To The Daily Sun,

"Examining hard evidence would mean gambling a whole vision of the world — and of their own role in that world — on a single throw of the dice, which is what looking at hard evidence amounts to. The path of least resistance is to continue going through life feeling good about themselves, while leaving havoc in their wake." Thomas Sowell's words echo the dilemma that those on the left must reconcile with every day that they support the socialist, progressive policies that have brought down previous powers and threaten to bring down the United States. So most wallow in denial of the truth.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt, says Michelle Malkin. No indeed Michelle, it is a method by which the progressive left is able to convince themselves that they are for the masses. Because they are convinced their alleged good intentions are all that is necessary to confiscate your hard earned dollars for the good of the collective. The results of their policies have most often been of little concern to them.

Thomas Sowell is undeniably one of the brightest minds of the last half century. I highly recommend reading his latest column about the left and the masses. He goes on to say that, "the left is so invested in the idea that they are helping the disadvantaged that they seldom bother to check the actual consequences of what they are doing, whether that is something as specific as banning questions about criminal behavior or something as general as promoting the welfare state." Yes, he mentions banning employers from asking applicants if they have a criminal background. Thomas notes that employers who do background checks on all applicants end up hiring more blacks because they don't have to rely on generalizations about high rates of black incarceration.

Mr. Sowell assures us that the mantra of "social justice" by the left has led them to continue to demand we enact more minimum wage laws despite a mountain of evidence that it increases the racial gap in unemployment among the young. He cites the writings of the brilliant economist, Walter Williams and page 42 of his "Race and Economics" and page 98 of "The Unheavenly City" by Edward Banfield as evidence. Mr. Sowell fears that the left does not have "the stomach to face the prospect that their crusades have hurt the very people they claim to be helping." I think it is worse than that. They have been so indoctrinated into the progressive, socialist ideology that they remain convinced their policies will deliver riches to the masses if they can only find a way to get the job creating rich to "pay their fair share."

Mr. Sowell and Mr. Williams have written many times about how the left has caused misery to the blacks by using affirmative action to send them to schools that they are ill prepared to compete with other students. Or by refusing to allow inner city blacks the options of school choice, vouchers and charter schools. How about pressuring banks to loan money to black people to purchase homes when they clearly did not have the means to keep up with the payments which too often ended in foreclosure and homelessness.

The left delivers misery to minorities and then lies to them by convincing them that they will take care of them with their, "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" mantra. The left promises free stuff and the poor and minorities believe in them and vote for Democrats again and again. It may not be legally criminal, but it sure feels like criminal behavior to me.

Russ Wiles

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