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There were problems at Glendale docks but mail wasn’t one

To the Daily Sun,

Does anyone really believe mail could not be delivered at the Glendale docks because of the recycling container placed outside the fenced-in garbage containers?

There were problems but mail delivery was not one of them.

1. One recycling container was not sufficient. Most of our garbage in 2015 is recyclable and if we are composting, little needs to go into the landfill (the ultimate destination for the contents of the three containers behind the fence.)

2. People did not follow directions and take recyclables out of bags in many cases and did not bother to break down cardboard boxes. Sometimes they left the bagged materials on the ground in spite of directions not to do that.

3. People put in materials not accepted by Gilford (examples I have seen have been pillows, blankets and wood).

4. I don't know how often the recycling container was picked up but it was almost always full and finding places to put a can or bottle took effort each time I took our materials.

5. Were the three garbage containers full three times a week? Did anyone check the docks in person to evaluate the operation as it existed?

As Welch Island property owners we pay significant taxes for few services, but enlightened garbage disposal would seem to be one to expect from Gilford administration in 2015.

Sally Davis

Welch Island, Gilford

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New and improved Imagination Station is now open in Gilford

To the Daily Sun,

The new Imagination Station playground is now complete and ready for the children of the community to enjoy thanks to generous support of parents, community members and local businesses through in-kind donations, monetary contributions and countless hours of volunteer time. All are welcome to attend the official ribbon cutting ceremony scheduled for Aug. 29 at 5:30 p.m. during Gilford's Old Home Day.

As previously reported, the original Imagination Station had reached its life expectancy and had to be replaced. Part of the Gilford School District's strategic plan was to replace the playground equipment. However, thanks to all of the generous donations, the district was able to not just replace the equipment but also add additional items that were not in the budget, such as the NetClimber, OmniSpinner, and customized playhouse.

In addition, materials were donated for an outdoor classroom and a labyrinth.

Principal Danielle Bolduc said, "I couldn't be more proud of how this community came together to pull off such an important project to provide our children the best possible play space and outdoor learning environment."

The District would like to extend a special thank you to the following local businesses for their generous support:

Fireside Inn, Hannafords, Fay's Boat Yard, Fireside Living, Water Street Café, Shaws, Body Design by Joy, Wild Bird Depot, Kitchen Cravings, Walmart, North Country Deli, Laconia Pet Center, Gilford Football team, Gilford Rotary, Burrito Me, Gilford Home Center, Cantin Chevrolet, Papa Gino's, Petco, MB Tractor, Bank of New Hampshire, The Village Store, Annie's Cafe & Catering.

Also: GMI, Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion, Fratello's, Roots & Remedies, Gilford Lowe's, Edward Jones, Plum Crazy Pizza, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Ironwood Stump Grinding, Gilford House of Pizza, Belknap Landscaping, Gilford Youth Center, Pizza Express, Gilford Community Church, and Pike Industries.

Gilford Playground Committee

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