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Sen. Shaheen has always supported women's health initiatives

To The Daily Sun,

To suggest that Senator Shaheen supported the stimulus package in 2009 for personal financial gain is an egregious accusation that has no merit. She has always supported women's health because she knows it is the right thing to do.

As our governor, she signed into law a bill that would guarantee women could receive healthcare coverage from their employer. Now as a U.S. senator, Jeanne Shaheen continues to stand up for women's health issues. She co-sponsored legislation that would provide better access to contraceptives and family planning counseling to women in the military, and women who have family members in the military. In addition, Senator Shaheen has supported legislation that would provide preventative healthcare, like mammograms for free, to women.

So, with all of this in mind, I don't know how anyone could suggest she supported women's health issues for personal gain. I trust Sen. Shaheen to continue to support meaningful legislation and do what is best not only for women, but everyone in New Hampshire.

Paula Trombi


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His service was rewarded 10 times over with memories & pride

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to comment on Mr. Matthew Tetreault's letter regarding his resigning from his job as custodian with the Laconia School District. What a breath of fresh air! This gentleman is a perfect example of getting out of something what you put into it. His service was rewarded ten fold with memories and pride, and his simple few words of wisdom for the students and alumni are all that our young people need to remember: "live well, do what is right, have a good work ethic, be kind to others....".

Thanks for brightening our day with your letter.

Ted Carl
Alton Bay

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I'm a fiscal conservative running to represent Grafton District 9

To The Daily Sun,

To my neighbors in Grafton House District 9 (Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol and Grafton), my name is Eric T. Rottenecker and I'm running to be your state representative.

I'm a Navy veteran, Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom/Iraq Freedom. My last tour I was the air mobility coordinator for the Navy SEALS.

I'm a fiscal conservative, pro-Second Amendment and will oppose any legislation that threatens those rights. I will support a strong Republican House leader that will hold the Oversight Committee to stop raiding dedicated funds. I will support a strong Republican governor, for a strong economy.

Work hard to control spending, a balanced budget, smaller government, right-to-work, eliminate job-killing regulations, support Northern Pass only if it's buried, oppose wind power, the Lakes Region is not an industrial zone.

I support legalization of marijuana, spending $6.5 million annually of taxpayer money on a loosing battle is not fiscally responsible. I will stand in opposition to any new taxes and will oppose a state tax.

I will work with our fruit growers and agriculturists to protect our environment from harmful pesticides and defoliants.

I will always be there for my constituents.

Thank you for your support.

Eric T. Rottenecker

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VA health care has been very thorough & you can't beat the price

To The Daily Sun,

I will stand behind the VA and its services. There was a time years ago, even though I was eligible to receive medical care at the VA, that I had chosen to receive medical services at a regular hospital. The drive to Manchester did deter me from going the distance to the VA hospital. I went to a regular hospital, only to be misdiagnosed and I paid a serious amount for the medication later prescribed to me. When one has no insurance, the cost of getting medical care locally is really a lot to you. I was charged $257 to only sit on their gurney for a few hours. My total bill for those few hours, with no testing done, was $800 and still I ended up going to the VA to get proper treatment. 

I know the VA is having some problems and my heart goes out to those who it has affected. I tell you, the care has been very thorough every time I have had to get medical care. You might have to wait for hours, but it is worth the visit. The Tilton VA Clinic goes out of their way to help you out. They make calls to check up on you to make sure you are doing well. 

In both cases, when I had chosen not to drive to Manchester, my VA medical care would have only cost me under $20. It is hard to complain when you are getting great service at those rates. Give the VA another chance. You will be glad you did. 

John W. Sanborn

Lochmere (Tilton)

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Walt Havenstein has proven his commitment to next generation

To The Daily Sun,

New Hampshire needs a governor who is a proven leader and knows how to build a future for the next generation here in New Hampshire. Walt Havenstein has proven his commitment to the next generation through his leadership of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology).

This robotics program focuses on educating the next generation to compete with other nations in science, technology, and math. Using more than 30 years of experience in the technology and defense industries, Walt has been actively involved with FIRST since 1999. He joined the board of directors in 2006, was named chairman of the board in 2010, and currently serves as vice chairman. He helped expand FIRST as a national STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education effort through strategic relationships including one between FIRST and BAE. Walt has proven that non-profit organizations and corporations can help build future leaders by working with local school systems.

By educating the next generation of innovation leaders with technical skills, Walt is developing the base for new businesses in New Hampshire that will compete successfully internationally. Using his leadership skills as a retired Marine colonel and retired CEO who managed a budget three times that of the state of New Hampshire, Walt will work with the Legislature to create a business climate that will nurture the development of new businesses and bring families back to New Hampshire for new opportunities.

Please vote for Walt Havenstein for governor and start building a successful future for New Hampshire.

Jan Face Glassman

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