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Fox News engaged in a truly dangerous & vicious undertaking

To The Daily Sun,

Fox News is a cable network owned and controlled by an Australian who became an American citizen. Fox News is not really a "news" organization. Fox "News" is an entertainment channel and a propaganda machine supporting a Republican, right-wing agenda. It often deviates from the truth and at times actually makes up fabrications in the name of news facts. It lies and continually slants its reporting to achieve some end.

But, what end? Why does Fox operate in this way, misleading and confusing its listeners? It is not just a program or an announcer within Fox but the entire staff. What is the true purpose of Fox "News"?

And, why do American citizens and their governmental entities treat Fox News as legitimate and tolerate its downright continual lies and slanted reporting? Let's not call it news. Let us call it an entertainment and a rallying program for the extreme right wing.

Since all programs and announcers take the same line of slanted or untrue material we might look at this as a conspiracy. A conspiracy is "a group that joins in a secret agreement to do an unlawful or wrongful act or to use such means to accomplish an end."

Again, why is Fox confusing and improperly reporting to the American people? This is truly a very dangerous and vicious undertaking. The polarization of our country is due, in part, to this false reporting. If people are only watching Fox programs they are getting a very distorted view of America and the world we live in.

Sedition is defined as incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority. Sedition can become treason when the serious breach of allegiance is aimed at the overthrow of the government. Is Fox News conspiring to promote seditious acts? Is their reporting aimed at disrupting the American government? Do they deliberately cloud an issue with untruthful "facts" to cause commotion, confusion, and anger among the American citizen? Are they committing treason against our federal government?

This cable station represents an immoral disservice to the people of this great nation by confusing them with "facts" and "news" that are at times complete fabrications and distortions. The owner of Fox "news," Rupert Murdoch, is an Australian. He has become a citizen, but he was not born here. His influence through Fox "news" is astounding. He is negatively affecting the moral fiber of our America through his conspiratorial programming.

This country has some very serious problems. We will never be able to identify and correct these problems and injustices within the current climate of disrespect and false "facts." I believe there is a conspiracy that is approaching treason. Open your eyes and you will see it, too.

Tom Dawson


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Kiwanis Club of Laconia has provided over $100k in scholarships

To The Daily Sun,

We, the members of the Board of the Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation, want to take this opportunity to recognize the Kiwanis Club of Laconia as they celebrate the 100th anniversary of Kiwanis International. On the evening that the local Kiwanis Club was celebrating the 100th anniversary, the Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation was holding its annual meeting and we were unable to speak during the formal celebration.

The Laconia Kiwanis was one of the founding organizations of LRSF. Since 1956, the Kiwanis Club of Laconia has provided over $100,000 in scholarships to local college-bound students. We have been fortunate over the years to have several of its members serve as trustees and officers of LRSF. We are also grateful for their support of our annual community spelling bee with their sponsorship of a Key Club spelling team as well as a program ad.

We appreciate the long service you have given to our city with so many worthwhile programs, all benefiting the youth of our community. Best wishes to you, Kiwanians, for your continued success and dedication.

Board of Directors

Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation

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