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Again I have to ask: where is Representative Dennis Fields?

To The Daily Sun,
A few years ago I wrote a letter to the editor asking the following question: "Where is Representative Dennis Fields?" After that letter was published, I received a call from Dennis attempting to admonish me for writing such a thing.
Well here we go again. I recently wrote to Dennis asking him what his position was on an amendment to a House bill regarding telephone rates and service. This amendment had been added to a bill that had nothing to do with telephone rates or service, a very deceptive practice used often in Concord.
Well the purpose of this letter is to let you know that one again Dennis has not responded or made his position know on this issue! So I ask again, where is Dennis Fields? Perhaps he will reappear once again at election time.
Bill Whalen

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Christians do not riot, burn & destrop when Jesus is disrespected

To The Daily Sun,
Sunday morning I received an e-mail from a niece concerning a movie about to debut this summer here in the U.S., titled Corpus Christi. Apparently this movie depicts Jesus and his disciples as homosexuals. I can't help but think it is in very bad taste but recognize it is covered by free speech. But I do wonder if Christians will riot, burn and destroy and if they do will President Obama cut them the same slack he did the Muslims he said were demonstrating over an offensive movie depiction of Mohamed? Will he denounce the Corpus Christi movie as he did the one about the Muslim profit? Will progressives rally to the defense of free speech and call Christians homophobes for objecting to such a depiction of their Lord and Savior?
Actually I expect none of these things to happen because Christians will not riot, will not burn and destroy. I only ask these questions to point out the differences between Christians and Muslims and Christians and the progressives who denigrate Christians at their every opportunity. Do you, readers, suppose the term bigots can be applied to those anti Christians I refer to here?
On a different note Henry Osmer's letter the other day brought me back to another time. I remember well when our returning solders arriving home from "Nam" were spat upon, called "war criminals" and "baby killers" and I remember who they were that did these things. They called themselves antiwar protesters then. Today most of them now call themselves progressives. Let me be clear not all of today's progressives were guilty of these actions but all those who were are now progressives today. Also let me say I know Henry was not one of those low lifes (thank you for your service, Henry). 2.5 years in Nam was a long time. I'm guessing here that we both feel the same about how our fellow servicemen were treated.
I was very lucky, I was stationed in Germany during my enlistment and I do have a DD 214.
Steve Earle

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Can you help provide background to LHS football awards?

To The Daily Sun,
In an effort to ensure the integrity and honor bestowed upon past players continues into the future, I am looking to gain background knowledge on four past football players, for whom memorial trophies were named. Specifically, I am interested in any/all information on the following players/awards: the Nadon trophy (for outstanding lineman), the Jay O'Connor trophy (for outstanding back), the Bucky Boyson trophy (for outstanding sportsmanship), and the Davie trophy (for team spirit).
Your knowledge about these players and their awards is most appreciated. Please contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /6035242999.
Kim Weeks

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Rooster only needed to fertilize eggs that are coming anyway

To The Daily Sun,
Reading the article written by Michael Kitch about the City of Laconia's task force proposal to keeping chickens in the residential area, I must comment on City Councilor Armand Bolduc's observations about chickens. I grew up on a self-sufficient farm and never have we ever needed a rooster for our hens to lay eggs. Much like the reproduction of humans, the rooster is only needed to fertilize the egg. Also, like any farm animal, as long as the henhouse is cleaned, like any barn or manger, there is no offensive smell.
Also, He must have never had a farm-fresh egg if he thinks buying them from a local market makes more sense.
Daryl Carlson's
Corner Chicken Coop

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Those attacking family planning clinics are morally bankrupt

To The Daily Sun,
Tony Boutin is a bootin' again! That uncontrollable rant towards George Maloof was about the best hissy-fit I have read in a long time! One half-crazed sentence after another, YELLING AWAY,  as is his habit. But Tony, if you dislike bankrupt ideas why don't you turn against the party that brought the nation to its knees in 2008? Ya know, the big fat Elephants gloating and bloating with pride after they attack workers, unions, women, gays, needy families and the environment; ya know, the one that allowed investors with its "morally correcting capitalism" to scheme and steal billion from millions of people, causing them to lose their cars, their homes and their family's economic stability. Heartless sociopaths galore! What is in that Tea? Amanita Muscaria? And be sure to support progressives who are still fuming over George Bush's Howdy Doody Defense Department's handling of the wars which he didn't even pay for. And you folks blather about leaving debt for future generations. Trillions on a damn lie!. And incompetent dithering in Afghanistan! Austrian Economics is bankrupt, being a cause of both the Great Recession and the recession of the 1980s.
Those who attack family planning clinics are not only morally bankrupt, they are ignorant fools. Closing clinics increases unintended pregnancies, abortions and STDs. DUH! How stupid can these people get. Crabby conscience-free conservatism is not only bankrupt, it stinks of every moral and ethical disease I can think of. Tony, you have to be one crazy dude to think the way you do. BTW, whoever George Maloof is... A BIG SHOUT OUT and two thumbs up! I very much enjoy your letters.
James Veverka

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