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I've first-hand knowledge of Wright's dedication to Belknap Co.

To The Daily Sun,

Please allow this correspondence to serve as my highest possible endorsement for electing Bill Wright as sheriff of Belknap County. With integrity beyond approach, a tireless work ethic, and exceptional organizational proficiency, Wright has earned more than my singular trust and confidence he possesses my deepest admiration and personal gratitude.

I would like to share with you my reasons for how come Bill Wright would be the right choice for sheriff. I am currently a full-time probation/parole officer with the State of New Hampshire as well as work and live here in Belknap County. My office has worked closely with Wright and has firsthand knowledge of and witnessed his dedication to the residents of Belknap County.
I first began working with Bill as a Joint Fugitive Task Force member with the United States Marshal Service in 2009. When Bill began working as a Deputized U.S. Marshal, there were countless fugitives hiding in the Belknap County area. Bill rolled up his sleeves and worked tirelessly with task force officers to bring those fugitives to justice thereby sending a strong message that Belknap County was not a refuge to those who were on the run from justice.

While there are many great things I can say and share about Bill, I would like to just take this moment to share one instance of his many exemplary work ethics and discipline. In December 2012 an inmate had escaped from the Belknap County House of Corrections. At the request of their former Deputy Superintendent Dave Berry, Deputy U.S. Marshal Dan Dempsey, Bill Wright and I arrived at the jail and were informed by some of the administrators of the Sheriff's Office "don't waste your time HE IS LONG GONE." Despite the discouraging words that were conveyed to us, Bill insisted we should still look for him and we would not rest until we apprehended him. Thanks to the determination, perseverance and patience Bill had exhibited we successfully apprehended the escapee.

Our county is currently dealing with a severe substance abuse crises. Bill understands the need to address the issue of substance abuse by engaging in both enforcement and rehabilitation. Despite the lack of support he has received from his superiors, Bill has remained an active voice in the campaign for justice, accountability and the rule of law.

While I have nothing to profess negatively about Bill's opponent former Chief Mike Moyer I did want to stress the fact that he has retired from his full-time law enforcement position and is currently collecting a pension from the State of N.H. If you elect Moyer it will be an additional cost from the taxpayers pocket typically referred to as "double dipping" while he simultaneously makes no contribution to the state retirement system but instead collects an additional paycheck. I am a huge opponent of individuals who have retired from their full-time positions and then are allowed to "double dip." The process of "double dipping" has many negative effects, one such major effect is the impact of upward mobility within the agency. In other words, Bill Wright's promotion will effectively create upward promotional opportunities within the Sheriff's Department and those who have worked hard will be able to be promoted to the next appropriate level.

Bill has worn many hats over the course of his life and career from serving his country as a U.S. Marine to re-entering his community and continuing those efforts as a firefighter, police officer, deputy sheriff and special deputy U.S. marshal to ensure we are all safe and sound.

Please vote for Bill Wight!

Seifu Ragassa

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I have witnessed Forrester's work ethic & her ability to accomplish

To The Daily Sun,

I have known and worked with Jeanie Forrester for more than 13 years. I first met Jeanie in 2013, while we were both members of the White Mountain Toastmasters group, where we both grew from the experience of honing our public speaking skills. In 2004, we were both founding members and served for several years on the Waukewan Watershed Committee, which was formed to protect the drinking water for the Town of Meredith. The committee formulated the first watershed management plan in the state of New Hampshire and was recognized and honored by the Department of Environmental Services.

During that time, Jeanie became the director of the Greater Meredith Program, which is a Main Street program for the Town of Meredith. Along with being the director, she also ran the Promotions Committee, of which I was a member.

Through all of my interactions with Jeanie, I was able to see first-hand her work ethic and the ability to accomplish even the most difficult task. Jeanie always completed tasks ahead of schedule and under budget. Jeanie will accept nothing less than excellence in the work she does and is a true professional. Jeanie's ability to listen and empathize with others has been a true asset to the community she served and will be a true asset to the residents of this state.
Bonnie Ireland

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