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Disrespectful for superintendent to walk out of Alton board meeting

To The Daily Sun,

The Alton School Board meeting on April 4 ended after approximately seven minutes when Superintendent Maureen Ward walked out, followed closely by board members, Steve Miller and Sandy Wyatt. I have been a resident of Alton for over 10 years with both of my children currently in the school system, and never before have I witnessed such unprofessional, disrespectful and manipulative behavior.

Superintendent Ward said she "felt uncomfortable" chairing the meeting since it was a 2-2 tie vote for a new chair and then proceeded to walk out without another word. She was observed by more than one parent smiling in the hallway immediately after this took place. Steve Miller, the former chair, and Sandy Wyatt walked out immediately after the superintendent, leaving the rest of us with no viable explanation.

I am wondering, as were the rest of the community members present, why the meeting could not have continued with four board members present. I cannot speak to their real intentions for walking out, but the message they sent was loud and clear. They do not want to hear from the community, nor do they respect us, and will take any measure to avoid hearing our concerns or answering our questions.

I do not feel that Superintendent Ward, Steve Miller and Sandy Wyatt are fulfilling their duties. They are charged with making important decisions about the education of our children, and when pressed for answers as to how some of these decisions have been made, they choose to avoid the subject and walk out of a meeting. Many community members made arrangements to leave work early and get childcare so they could attend this meeting, which was an unfortunate waste of time, because it was apparently orchestrated that the meeting would be adjourned abruptly without addressing any business.

I am disgusted with their behavior. When people are hired and elected to do a job, and then walk out when they don't feel like running a meeting, it is deplorable. Many people would be fired for such conduct. I hope this event is addressed by state authorities and dealt with accordingly.

Kim Mochrie


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Here's a 10 question political quiz with no right answers

To The Daily Sun,

Many political junkies like me take political quizzes/tests online, TV (Watters World) or in newspapers, e.g. Concord Monitor. Here is a test for everyone with no right answers. The answers are:

A= Yes, B=No, C= I do not care, and D= I did not know

Q1. Kasich eats pizza with a fork, any impact on campaign?

Q2. Did you know that Pres. Obama was asked 'tough' questions in 2008 by the media?

Q3. Should Trump and Cruz resign over Wifegate?

Q4. Do you agree with Hillary that Trump is not a true New Yorker?

Q5. Did you vote for Bernie only to find out that your vote does not count due to superdelegates?

Q6. Are you waiting for the Republican 'elites' to tell us who to vote for?

Q7. Did you know that if you live in NY, you are banned from traveling to NC?

Q8. Whitewater, Travelgate, Troopergate, Benghazi, Emailgate or Watergate, are all Hillary scandals?

Q9. Did you ever think that you would be fined for not buying a product that you did not want, e.g. health care insurance?

Q10. Can you name the four New Hampshire representatives to the U.S Senate and the Congress?

All of the above questions are being reported on various forms of media. My preference is that we listen to the candidates and vote for the ones we want in office. However, welcome to the WWE — Wide World of Elections.

Have fun with the test.

Jim Mayotte

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