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Every parent in Gilford should have a right to a full hearing

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Gilford School Board Members:

I am writing ion protest in the strongest possible way the recent censure of Mr. William Baer at your school board meeting. How dare you have a parent arrested and put into handcuffs! Mr. Baer may have been loud, may have been very upset, but he deserves to be heard completely because he is a concerned parent. Perhaps the board should be arrested for giving pornography to a ninth grader, which is apparently what you have done. If you were threatened by the tone of Mr. Baer, then you are a bunch of cowards that do not need to be on a public board. You are in a trusted position which means you must consider the urgent concerns of all parents. These concerns may take more than two minutes to fully explain. You are inviting a major problem and woes on your school district by your rash, stupid actions in this matter.

Let's look in the school's mirror to see what can be seen on the Gilford School Board. I see arrogance, and hate, and impatience, and gossip, and sour attitudes, and jealousy, and condescension, and... oh I see some intolerance lurking in the corner! The board needs to take a long look at itself in the mirror after this horrible incident. You need to make a public apology to Mr. Baer, and pay all of his court cost... and then hear him out completely.

Every parent in the district should have the right to a full hearing and airing of all concerns, however long it takes. Especially when you have made the wrong decision to push pornographic materials on a ninth grade class.

I hope the tolerant, concerned, and patriotic parents in your district will strongly argue Mr. Baer's case, and protest until you are ready to vomit. Perhaps the families will pull their children out of your school district... they should not stand for this insult, or even better, perhaps a class action lawsuit will be filed. SHAME ON YOU!

New Hampshire has such a proud heritage and history, and now you have placed an ugly blot on yourselves and your school district. What's that I hear? It's the patriotic heroes of New Hampshire turning over in their graves.

Edward Girard

Little Rock, Arkansas

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Impose crippling sanctions on Putin's Russia; crush the ruble

To The Daily Sun,

The U.S. needs to respond to Russia's aggression into Ukraine in a manner, which will get Putin's attention. "Tit for tat" incremental escalation did not work in past crises nor will it work against Putin. Some experts today are saying that since we have pulled the military option off the table, i.e. no U.S. boots on the ground, there is little or nothing we can do that would undo what Russia has done thus far in Ukraine or dissuade them from pursuing their further goals of restoring the old Soviet Union, despite any treaties they signed guaranteeing the sovereignty of Ukraine. The reality, however, is different. There are significant steps the U.S. can take without putting "boots on the ground" that would get Putin's attention.

1. Immediately impose crippling economic sanctions on Russia for its actions to date in Ukraine (seizure of Crimea). Without crippling sanctions, the floodgates for further aggressive actions will open wide for Putin, and other aggressors around the world. Suspend all trade, boycott all Russian exports and ostracize Russia from all international cooperative events, until Crimea is returned to Ukraine, or returned to its historical inhabitants, the Tartars, to become a separate and independent sovereign nation under Tartar control. The free world has survived without Russian vodka and oil during the Cold War; it can do so again.

2. Crush the Russian ruble. Do not accept the ruble until the Russian people vote Putin's criminal enterprise out of office. Recent polls in Russia indicate that 70 percent support Putin and his criminal actions in Ukraine, in which case they should suffer any imposed economic sanctions.

3. The U.S. must provide defensive military assistance to Ukraine that would enable Ukraine to effectively defend itself. Hand held anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons along with unconventional warfare expertise that were provided to the Mujahedeen during the Reagan administration, enabled them to drive the "mighty Soviet Army" out of their country. It can be done again in Ukraine. Russia will vigorously object, but they know that any defensive military assistance provided to Ukraine cannot turn the Ukrainian military into an offensive force which could threaten Russia (Military Science 101). This is a basic fact, which every lieutenant in the U.S. or Russian army knows to be true. It was an embarrassment to hear that our Pentagon refused to provide Ukraine with defensive weapons when the new interim president of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk visited Washington, DC to seek such support. Instead we offered him MRE rations (Meals Ready to Eat) ... truly unbelievable and humiliating.

News reports also indicated the Pentagon is not providing the Ukrainian military with any satellite intelligence on Russian troop movements and deployments along the Ukrainian/Russian border. This is intelligence, which would enable the Ukrainian military to "see over the hill," predict Russian intentions regarding any probable invasion, and enable the Ukrainian military to array their defensive forces accordingly. Without putting U.S. boots on the ground, these simple measures would level the playing field a bit and enable Ukrainian forces to better defend their country.

Failure by the leader of the free world, the United States of America, to effectively stand up to this type of evil and aggression will redefine our world and haunt us for decades, maybe centuries to come. One thing is for certain; it will not be a safer world. We cannot succumb to paralysis and fear. As FDR had proclaimed to the American people before entering into WWII "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself ..." a warning that is as true today as it was then. May God bless the United States of America with courageous leadership.

Bo J. Rudzinskyj, LTC, U.S. Army (Retired)


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When you kill American veterans, you can't gloss it over

To The Daily Sun,

Once again the cultist of Obama's Marxist socialist agenda have sprung to the defense of their clay footed idol. No matter what incompetence, lies, or injuries he visits on our nation and people, no matter the hurt and grief he visits on people from other nations they excuse him and blame others. They were warned that this man was unfit for the office of president. He had no experience in management, economics, military, foreign policy, diplomacy; he was nothing but a community organizer, which means a rabble-rouser, nothing more. After being warned their response was "all the messenger are racist". Untrue, but when one has no reasonable response to truth they find the best policy is to smear and slander.

Well, it is clear by now to any reasoning, objective being that Obama's critics were right.
Respectively in Wednesday and Thursday's papers, we read Obama champion's Veverka and Vlengavick jumping aboard the fast sinking SS Obama, having just struck an iceberg (again). I guess they have been spending their time trying to think up more excuses for Obama, Polosi, Reed and company then to the real news. (That's what comes of relying on MSNBC.)
Just a heads up boys, the roof is falling in, Getting Mexicans killed, even getting Ambassador Stephens killed you can gloss over, ignore it, forget to care, but when you kill American veterans people are going to notice. Even Democrats can't run away from this, close their eyes and pretend it doesn't matter. So Obama gave another speech, made more promises, well I'll believe it when I see it. I'm not buying his slicked backed lies, or his hollow words. This time he can't promote the guilty and punish the whistle blowers as in the past, this time people, his people, have to stand accountable as does he.
Steve Earle


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Why would Year-Round Library head down that road again?

To The Daily Sun,

On May 6th, there was a letter written by Diane Marrion of Gilmanton, requesting that the Year Round Library Association ( YRLA ) provide documentation as to its original intentions regarding the funding of the operation of their library, after it was built. I am writing because I believe Ms Marrion deserved a better answer than she received from the YRLA on May 21, in the Sun, which suggested that certain minutes, from a single selectman's meeting, on January of 2006, should clear the YRLA of all the controversy that has plagued it for years.

The YRLA has leaned on these embedded selectmen's minutes for, well, quite frankly, ever since I stumbled on them myself, in February of 2009. And they still reveal now what they revealed to me then: between February of 2005 and March of 2009, there were approximately 160 selectman's meetings. That would roughly translate into 19,200 documented minutes. Of all those minutes, and all that time, at all those meetings, the YRLA took two minutes, at a meeting that was sparsely attended, on a cold winters night, to make some kind of vague and ambiguous statement of what they might do .... or might not do? And this riveting disclosure is supposed to quiet critics such as Ms. Marrion? Two obscure minutes? In over four years? This was the GYRL's "public disclosure"?

I would think the YRLA would have avoided responding to Ms. Marrion's letter, altogether. Why go down that road again? Especially since they are now mounting an aggressive campaign to make their town funding permanent. Why would they want to expose themselves to all the compelling testimonies, truths and hard copy evidence, that could easily be stirred to the surface, that show complicity and complacency in how the town was originally allowed
to be mislead, by the YRLA. Why charge ahead with their weak, jaw dropping, "2 minute defense"? It's puzzling, and quite frankly, instead of ending the controversy, it adds another layer to it.

Al Blake


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Print a photo of that woman in Wolfeboro so I can be on guard

To The Daily Sun,

Don't worry about Big Brother. Worry about who is sitting in the next booth at an eatery, or behind you in line at Shaw's. They may be listening in on your conversation. I thought they only did that in Nazi Germany or North Korea.

Print the picture of the "People's Deputy" that listened in on Mr. Copeland (in Wolfeboro), so if I see her in a public place I can move away.

Len Economou

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