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Blind devotion to idealogy is the real disservice to taxpayers

To The Daily Sun,

In his reply to my Dec. 24 letter to the editor, Rep. Peter Spanos defended the actions that he and other Belknap County state reps took in voting not to transfer funds to pay county employees their last paycheck of the year. Rep. Spanos references the fiduciary responsibility that the members of the Delegation have to the taxpayers of Belknap County. Doesn't that same responsibility extend to the employees of the county?

The careful examination that Rep. Spanos notes as required is what should take place when the Delegation approves the hiring of employees and the funding of their salaries. Once those employees are hired and their salaries funded, there should be absolutely no question that they be paid. In fact, it is a legal obligation to pay employees.

This was a simple matter of a line-item transfer in the budget. As a member of the House Finance Committee, Rep. Spanos is surely familiar with the routine nature of line-item transfers to cover approved expenses. The salaries of county employees are clearly approved expenses. Obviously Rep. David Huot's argument that they were in error not to pay the employees their final payment check made sense to Rep. Spanos as he and Rep. Vadney changed their votes to allow the transfer.

It seems to me that the disservice done to all of us who pay our fair share of taxes was done by those of you voting against paying employees, not by me for pointing it out. The "no" votes appear to have been ones of ideology, not votes taken in the interest of the employees or the taxpayers. Having attended many Delegation meetings over the years, in the last six years I have observed a very clear change in the Delegation, how they vote and what concerns them. Most notable is the dramatic change in the way the State Reps interact with the (County) Commissioners, who are also elected by us.

Since the rise of the Tea Party and the Free State movement, the Belknap County Delegation has been very much impacted by State Reps who are blindly driven by ideology before anything else. Reps. Abear and Sylvia are continuing this blind ideology focus that we have seen over the years from Reps. Worsman, Greemore, Vadney, Burchell, Cormier, Aldrich and alike. Rep. Worsman chaired a Delegation that was marked by clear animus from the State Reps directed toward the commissioners and county employees; animus that continues today. The Delegation not working together productively is what is really a disservice to we taxpayers. Perhaps Rep. Huot and others can bring some much-needed civility and reasonableness to the Belknap Delegation.

Denise Doyle


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There are good and bad people in this world, regardless of faith

To The Daily Sun,

Steve Earle, so sorry to disappoint you, but you're clearly not on any rational level to debate with. I was not on here to debate with you as your ego allowed you to believe. Thinking I would fall into your angry race/religious/statistics/history daily lesson was your misunderstanding. You can play your game elsewhere with others. I have a life to live, a family, friends, and a job to go to every day. So my time is taken up by a better purpose(s) other than writing into the Sun every day with letters on nonsense, lies, anger, denial and hate.

Whether you lump the people in with their religion or the religion to the people in general, it is all the same. Christianity historically was a violent religion. Some may say it still it is. I am a Catholic. Does that mean I'm a violent radical woman? I don't even own a gun Steve. I have friends who are Jewish. Are they in your equation for a world takeover? How about some nice Indian families I know. Are they on your list to turn on the USA some day and destroy it? The point is that not all who believe in Islam, or any group that follows it, are terrorist or will become one. There are good people and really bad people in this world globally. That's a fact Steve that none of us can deny.

I used Hispanic, African American, and Chinese as just small examples of racism and hate. What you took away from my letter is what you took away from it. It is all about how you interpreted it. And judging by your letters, you will not change your mind or see any other way. You believe yourself to be the teacher and we the readers your students. Well, your lesson is over with me.

Good luck. And any day you need a hug or a smile I will gladly give you one. You need it more than most, I fear.


Denise C. Burke

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