Ian Raymond has already accomplished so much as a State Rep.

To The Daily Sun,

State Rep. Ian Raymond has served just one term in the New Hampshire House of Representatives but has accomplished much for the citizens of Sanbornton and Tilton, Belknap District 4, in this two year period.

He has sponsored or co-sponsored 15 bills, 12 of which have become law. Two of these bills were requested by town government, one by Sanbornton and one by Tilton. His main committee assignment has been the Science, Technology and Energy Committee and many of his bills have dealt with energy and improved energy systems that will result in a cleaner environment and cost savings to us, the consumers, He has worked effectively with Republicans and Democrats.

The biomass energy plant that he championed to heat the Winnisquam High School and Middle School before running for office has saved area taxpayers $750,000 thus far, and it is projected that it will save us $5 million over the next 21 years. His work won him recognition by the Union of Concerned Scientists and America Clean Energy Now. The biomass project was featured on N.H. Public Television's "Planet Granite" program. All that, and Ian has operated a small business in Laconia for over 25 years while he and his wife, Carol, have raised a family in Sanbornton.

Ian Raymond is an extraordinary legislator and truly deserves re-election on Nov. 4. It is your vote that will re-elect Ian next Tuesday so we can keep him working for us in Concord.

Gail Morrison

Former state representative, Belknap District 4


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I want my constitutional rights back, for myself and for everyone

To The Daily Sun,

A commercial is currently being run regarding Frank Guinta. It depicts him in black and white and espouses his old-fashion values. My Democratic friends are putting memes on Facebook saying "don't forget to turn your clocks back this Sunday, but vote Democrat so as not to turn the country back." Another attack on old-fashion values, I suspect.

So, let's think about that a little bit. What's wrong with old-fashion values? What's wrong with a strong work ethic rather than an entitlement mentality? Isn't that what our country was founded on? What's wrong with wanting to help your neighbors rather than being forced into helping everyone by "redistributing your wealth"? What's wrong with the idea that a government job paid less than private sector because it was more secure and had good benefits rather than the notion that a government job pays higher than the private sector and is unionized?

What's the difference between creating 25,000 private sector jobs like Walt Havenstein wants to do vs. creating a top-heavy, over-regulated, excessively middle-managed, redundant government? What's wrong with wanting a balance of power between judicial, congressional and executive branches?

I actually kind of like the pictures of Frank Guinta in black and white. It reminds me that everything wasn't always so electronically excited and that people still can interact as people.

I'm so tired. I'm tired of being called a racist every time I disagree with a presidential policy. I'm tired of being called a miser because I don't want to work from January to June for the government, like they do in Germany. I'm tired of all of our young people not having the same opportunities as I did. I'm tired of offending people because I have faith and then being the one in the wrong because I express it. I want my constitutional rights back, not only for myself but for everyone.

So folks, don't stay home on Tuesday, the 4th. Take this chance to protect your rights and your livelihood. You have some great folks out there on the ballot willing to sacrifice their time and commit to doing this for us.

Walt Havenstein, Frank Guinta, Scott Brown, Joe Kenney and Jeanie Forrester can move us forward without losing those old-fashion values that I, for one, hold near and dear. (I include Marilinda Garcia in there as well, but she's not in my district).

Hillary Seeger


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Electing Frank Guinta is a step toward returing to ‘Happy Days’

To The Daily Sun,

U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter shows just how out of touch she really is on the issues that matter most to New Hampshire voters with her re-election attack ads against Frank Guinta. The only ads she has been running on TV are her pro-abortion agenda ads.

First of all, unless people have been living under a rock for the last 40 years, it does not take a rocket scientist to know that the Democrats are the pro-abortion party. It's right in their party platform. So with that cleared up, is the pro-abortion agenda of the Democrats, really a top priority for New Hampshire citizens? What about jobs, the economy, supporting our military so we can continue to live in freedom and safety. She has been in Washington for the last two years and this is the best she can do? Run advertisements stating the Frank Guinta wants to take us back to the '50s?

If we really stop and think about it, for a moment, that just might not be a bad idea, if you really look at America then and now. Thanks for the suggestion Representative.

America certainly was not perfect in the 1950s, but when you look at then and now, which America would you prefer? At least in the '50s children could go to school without fear of being shot. (I'd say let's even go back to the '70s and '80s as we did not have that fear then either.) They could play outside without fear of abduction. In the 1950s the average duration for unemployment was 12 weeks, today it is over 40 weeks. In the 1950s the average family spent 22 percent of their income on housing. Today families spend about 44 percent. In the 1950s the national debt was only $257 billion. Today it is a crippling $18 trillion, with $8 trillion added in just the past six years. This is with Democrat tax and spend re-distribution of wealth policies.

In the 1950s we had a thriving middle class. Under the Democratic policies of Carol Shea-Porter the middle class continues losing ground and the nation's top earners have grown even more. Are their ideas really working and helping you?

It was the Democrats who let every Americans taxes increase on Jan. 1, 2013. Remember that? When you saw your take-home pay shrink and continue to shrink under the tax-and-spend, fee and over-regulation policies of Democrats. In the 1950s the United States was No. 1 in GDP per capita. Today we are not even in the top 10. In the 1950s the biggest disciplinary problems in schools were talking in class and chewing gum. Today many schools are now equipped with metal detectors due to the massive increase in violence. All this while even having stricter gun laws that we did in the 1950s.

In 1950 many Americans regularly left their homes and cars unlocked. Today many live with bars on their windows and have high tech alarms systems installed out of fear of theft. In 1950 the United States loaned more money to other countries. In 2014 the United States owes more money to the rest of the world than anyone else. In the 1950s the city of Detroit was a booming center of manufacturing and industry. Today it is bankrupt and abandoned, all done while under the direction and leadership of Democrats and failed policies that promised hope and change, but just give despair and disappointment.

This is the party Carol Shea-Porter belongs, and still she supports these failed ideas that just lead to bankruptcy, while it is a fact that cities and states where there is Republican leadership have grown.

So I ask, are the policies that Carol Shea-Porter and the Democrats support really moving us forward? What has she really done for us in the 1st District of New Hampshire? Has she even held a town hall meeting? She seems to like hiding in Washington. We continue to see no growth and a weak economy. Which America would you prefer?

Remember the sitcom "Happy Days" that was the '50s! They were happy for a good reason. America was united, children were safer, and people had jobs. We can have "Happy Days" again, with hard work and dedication to restore America. It will not be easy, as the policies that Democrats have forced upon us have put us in great debt and financial instability. However a good first step is electing Frank Guinta for Congress on Nov. 4.

Gary Torressen


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Hosmer’s work will result in safer roads and enhanced economy

To The Daily Sun,

As a retired New Hampshire state trooper and chairman of the New Hampshire Traffic Safety Commission, I know how important safe and well maintained roads are to travelers throughout the state. Good roads and safe bridges make travel safer and support New Hampshire's travel and tourism economy. Unfortunately, up until recently our roads and bridges were not getting the repair they needed.

I commend Senator Hosmer for supporting Senator Jim Rauch (R-Derry) and his bill to reinvest in New Hampshire's infrastructure. This bipartisan legislation allocates 100 percent of funds for road and bridge repair. I know Commissioner Clement from the Department of Transportation, along with Senator Hosmer, have met with local officials to discuss their infrastructure needs.

Also, Senator Hosmer has taken Commissioner Clement on a tour of our local roadways in need of repair.

I've known Andrew Hosmer for almost 20 years. He is thoughtful, hardworking, and accessible. I also appreciate his political courage and commitment in addressing our long neglected roads and bridges. His work will result in safer roads and a stronger transportation system that will enhance our economy.

Please support Andrew Hosmer so he can continue working on our behalf.

Richard Tuck


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Democratic leaders don’t care at all about N.H., vote for change

To The Daily Sun,

This year, I did my best to listen to both sides of the argument. I listened to the president, watched MSNBC, FOX, and WMUR. I do not like politicians and believe the line from the politician in the "Hunt for Red October," "When I am not kissing babies I am stealing their lollipops."

Why vote Change? I believe the president. His New Hampshire representative's in the House and Senate love him, believe in all of his programs, and will continue to vote with him almost all of the time. They have been instructed by him, and the talking heads agree, to do and say whatever they need to say to get re-elected, then it is business as usual. New Hampshire is a very small state by population, and we are on our own.

In any national program, smaller states will be abused by the needs of larger states. Washington, D.C., is the fastest growing in real estate appreciation, size, and income. New Hampshire has been voted number one in quality of life, but in Claremont and Berlin, a nice house can be purchased for $60,000. Our real estate appreciation is weak, and our per capita income will not lead to early retirement. New Hampshire Democrats are happy to bring in millions of people through the southern borders and give them healthcare, money, and breaks on a college education. New Hampshire residents do not get a break on in-state college tuition.

At every chance, I interviewed people who were seeking health care. Most were kicked off of their current program, and they tell a very different story than the one I hear from our Democratic representatives on TV and in print ads. Recently, I was in the new Walmart and CNBC just stated that Walmart was cutting 30,000 employee hours to 30 hours because of the new health care. I told this story to two new Walmart workers at the self-checkout line. They looked at each other and said, "Hey, that's us."

We need to vote change because our Democratic representatives are not strong enough, and their leaders do not care at all about New Hampshire.

Jim Allen


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