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I want to publicly thank animal control officer for her help

To The Daily Sun,

Over the years many cats have passed through my yard — most kept going, several have stayed. Being a lifelong cat lover and cat-owner, it's easy to become attached to the special ones.
Most of my own cats have been abandoned by former owners who just left town and left them behind. My latest cat was locked in a basement for perhaps several weeks until the apartment management company discovered and released him- right into my yard. At that time we wanted another cat, so I took him in — after going to the vet for his shots, etc.

About three weeks ago a shadow of a young kitten settled in my backyard — very thin, hungry and apparently without a home of her own. After a few days I fed her, and she plumped out and her true personality shone through. No one came looking for her, and she never left the yard. Several
times over the years I've brought such cats to the Humane Society myself. It's hard to do, but it's what's best for them, and myself. I already have several cats who are content as things are among themselves.

After reading about the new animal control officer, Michelle King, I called LPD and arranged for her to come by. She brought me a cat carrier, but the first time the kitten wouldn't cooperate. The next time Officer Michelle brought a humane trap and I put tuna fish inside. The next day the food was gone but the kitten was meowing for her breakfast, at the door. Smart cat!

This morning I finally captured her and called Officer Michelle. She came by and brought the sweet- natured kitten to the Humane Society where I know she'll get wonderful care and attention, and hopefully, a great forever home.

I thanked Michelle personally for her professional help. Now I want to do so publicly; she's a much needed asset for this area and its four footed friends.

Diane Lewis

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Help us save bobcats; Fish & Game proposing hunting & trapping

To The Daily Sun,

We recently learned that at the upcoming October N.H. Fish and Game Commission meeting, the eleven-man commission of hunters, trappers, and anglers will decide whether to go to rulemaking with a proposal to hunt, hound, bait and trap N.H.'s much-loved and reclusive bobcat. The Fish and
Game Director said they would open a bobcat season to provide recreational opportunities to hunters and trappers. The bobcat's fur would be sold to the Russian and Chinese markets and turned into trophy coats and hats for the rich to wear. Some hunters and trappers like to keep the bobcat skull as a trophy.

Is New Hampshire going to let a small minority turn our bobcat into another "Cecil", to be killed for no other reason than pleasure trophy hunting?

Help us stop this barbaric and unnecessary destruction of our bobcat from happening! We can save "NH's Cecil" if we all make our voices heard to save our bobcat. Please come to the October 14 meeting at 1 p.m. at Fish and Game Headquarters in Concord. Call and write the N.H. Fish and Game Department (Wildlife Division is 271-2461, Chief of Division This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and let your wildlife agency know you are opposed to this proposal to open a season on our bobcat. Please also sign our petition that can easily be found on our Facebook page by googling
Save the Bobcat in NH. Click the beautiful bobcat picture and the petition will open.
Linda Dionne, coordinator
Voices of Wildlife in N.H.

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