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Supervision & leadership not the same thing; vote Wright for sheriff

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Michael McCarn. I have lived in Laconia for the past 21 years. I worked in law enforcement in New Hampshire for 21 years full-time and a few years part-time. I retired from law enforcement full time in October 2013. I had the pleasure to work with many good officers and deputies between Laconia Police Department and Belknap County Sheriff's Office.

During my years working in law enforcement and becoming aware of the political aspect involved at the Sheriff's Department, I never would have imagined that a sheriff's race for the second smallest county in the state could generate more activity than the offices for our state representatives. The reason is that there are two candidates who can take this position that are well respected in the communities.

If you are looking for mudslinging, you will not find it in this article. I will write about William Wright and give you an idea of why I will vote for him.

I was a co-worker of William Wright for approximately 11 years at Belknap County Sheriff's Office. I saw firsthand William Wright's dedication and loyalty to the agency. Whether he was starting his shift early on his own time to staying late to ensure the day's duties were completed. He would take on those tasks that no one wanted and would become the resident expert in those areas.

A number of projects around the office he spearheaded and accomplished. These tasks were done with generally little to no recognition for his hard work. If there was work to be done William Wright was a go-to guy. I hated to ask him to assist me late in the day because I knew he generally was tasked with numerous duties and could not get what he needed completed. Many times when the sheriff and lieutenant were not in the office for extended times I saw William Wright step forward and make decisions in behalf of the Sheriff's Office.

William Wright has been involved in a number of assigned duties while working at Belknap County, giving him a very well informed and knowledge base for the daily routine at the office. William Wright was the consistent representative at the delegation meetings as a member of the Sheriff's Office. He told me once that if he did not go, then he could not remark on what had taken place during the meetings.

I was selected to go to two different FBI-sponsored leadership training sessions with William Wright and had numerous conversations about how the simple concepts we had learned about could improve the agency. Although I have retired, I see that William Wright continues his strong beliefs that the partners (the citizens of Belknap County) we had years ago are still there in the communities and different agencies and the Sheriff's Office would assist in any manner feasible.

I know that William Wright will expect only the most professional standards from his men and women who work for him and provide leadership. William Wright will hold the members of Belknap County Sheriff's Department accountable for completing their duties and tasks assigned to them.

Today we talk about supervision and leadership as being the same. I have worked for many supervisors that were not leaders. I have worked with many individuals that have true leadership ability that should be supervisors. There is a vast contrast between the two. William Wright leads by example and will not expect something from someone that he is not willing to do on his own.

Wright is a leader that will continue to go forth working for the citizens of Belknap County.

On Tuesday, Sept. 13, be informed and make your decision to vote because it does and will make a difference.

Michael McCarn
Retired Sergeant

Belknap County County Sheriff's Department


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1 of 5 Laconia Democratic House candidates will be eliminated on Tues.

To The Daily Sun,

Did you know that the city of Laconia currently has no Democratic state representatives in the House? Also, Belknap County is the only county in the state with no Democratic representation in the House. This makes for an imbalance in the direction of state laws from our city and county.

We have a strong slate of Democrats for state representative campaigning for a seat in Concord. In fact, we have five people running for four seats from Laconia. This means that a primary election will be held on Sept. 13 to select four out of the five running in Laconia. Other seats from surrounding towns in Belknap County also have strong experienced Democrats running.

I am one of the five Laconia state representative candidates striving for a place on the November ballot. You may remember me being on the 2014 ballot. I have a real interest representing the people of Laconia. I ask for your vote on Sept. 13.

Tom Dawson
Candidate for State Representative

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