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Tea party members have been pinned to the wall & they don't like it

To The Daily Sun,

I want to give a high five to the letter writers who have got the parrots squawking out of control. The Daily Sun dated Jan. 31, should be passed on for future generations to read.

I say to those that complain about name-calling, that was going on high gear before I wrote my first letter. It seems the truth hurts.

Mr. Meade, who writes volumes of lies and says it's his right under free speech and First Amendment, has chastised Mr. Dawson for doing the same thing. The cute part is he now describes it as good, bad and ugly. The combination of Meade/Wiles/Earle say they don't have to prove anything; it's all on the Internet.

The tea party members have been pinned to the wall and they don't like it. (Tough.)

I will say Fox News twisted two stories to suit themselves. The arrest of Sgt. Tammirossi in Mexico last Friday, (and) the story of Lt. Clint Lorance serving 19 years for order he gave to open fire on two Afghans. (HS Hannity show) The whole story is in Army Times of Jan. 19.

I am glad to see Mr. Meade continue his constant love affair with Al Sharpton.

Henry Osmer


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Don't take money from nursing homes to pay for overspending elsewhere

To The Daily Sun,

Last Thursday, our state senator, Jeanie Forrester filed a late bill that would prevent Gov. Hassan from taking money that was supposed to go to nursing homes, to be used to offset the deficit that Gov. Hassan created by going on a spending spree when she was elected in her first term.

The State of New Hampshire raised all the money it expected to raise with taxes and fees that it expected to raise. It is just the governor spent more then what she was supposed to spend. So the state does not have a problem raising money, just a problem with how the governor spends money.

Well, now it is time to pay the piper and the governor wants the nursing homes and our citizens in the nursing homes to pay. The people in the nursing homes need care and cannot speak up for themselves. They need our help.

In the 2013 budget, it was specifically noted that the money to go to nursing homes actually had to go to nursing homes, and not for anything else.

So the Legislature creates a budget, and the governor signs the budget and then ignores it. Sound familiar. So the Legislature creates a budget and the president ignores the budget.

Gov. Hassan, do not take the money for nursing homes to spend on your out-of-control budget.

Go Jeanie!

Linda Riley


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