Lisa DiMartino will take time to work with you on issues of concern

To The Daily Sun,

State Rep. Lisa DiMartino is deserving of your vote for the State House Representative Belknap County District 2 seat that covers Gilford and Meredith.

In the last two years as representative, Lisa has continued to show community responsibility to her constituents. She continues to support issues relating to small business, education, disability and the elderly. She serves on the Coalition of Caring Planning Committee that is responsible for planning an annual statewide caregiver's conference, serves on nonprofit committees and boards. She is very proud of her community and of the people that reside in it.

More importantly, her experience personally with her son who has a lifelong disability provides her with experience and insight that other candidates might not have.

As a constituent she will take the time to talk to you and work with you on the issues that concern you.

Ellen M. Edgerly


Helen Robinson


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Scott Brown is just another carpetbagger, going from state to state

 To The Daily Sun,

State Rep. Steve Vaillancourt is a classic example of why men get a bad rap. But being the leader he is he does show the GOP just how it is done in a modest way. He should try not to correct but just apologize and go home. The election is Nov. 4 and then he will have lots of time to reflect.

Scott Brown vs. Jeanne Shaheen — ­ she might not be loud and boisterous but quietly she gets stuff done. From our vets and the VA to jobs and environment. Our state has a low unemployment rate, clean air and water and good hospitals and care for our vets.

Brown is just another carpetbagger going from state-to-state trying to get elected. Backed by big oil and Wall Street we've seen this show before. One interesting comparison on Shaheen I did find were the results from the 2002 and 2008 elections. Both were run against John Sununu with Sununu winning the 2002 election by approximately 20,000 votes. A total of about 450,000 votes were cast must have been the off year. The 2008 election has Shaheen winning by 40,000 votes out of a total of about 700,000 votes cast. This shows how much the voters of New Hampshire wanted her, not the GOP Sununu, elected.

Against Scott Brown who has already said he isn't going to create any jobs as it isn't his problem, it's yours. He might be a little busy with a securities fraud problem in Florida too. He should be commended for his 32 years of Natural Guard Service. However, this is also somewhat exaggerated due to his claims of being involved in combat. Not so, he did spend one two-week stint in Afghanistan, but asked for that for the publicity, and this was never intended to be combat related. Since I received a flyer promoting Brown today I thought I would refute it.

According to both the Huffington Post and Emily's List, he is against the paycheck fairness act and against employee health care. His flyer claimed he paid women $1.21 for every dollar paid to men in his office. When interviewed on FOX by Gretchen Carlson he avoided both issues saying he was only interested in issues of importance to New Hampshire. Old Russian Proverb: "Trust but verify" before voting.

Jon Hoyt


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In military, David DeVoy earned respect of peers & subordinates alike

To The Daily Sun,

Join me to elect David DeVoy for Belknap County Commissioner.

I have had the pleasure and honor to have known David Devoy for over 20 years and have the highest respect for his work within the military who recently retired as a colonel and as a business owner of three establishments. David has a great family and has lived in Sanbornton for many years.

My time serving with David in field artillery, logistics, and special staff has always been as a professional earning the respect of his peers and subordinates alike.

David's business sense will help our county succeed in lower taxes and good judgment for our constituents.

Please join me in supporting David DeVoy for County Commissioner on Nov. 4.

Douglas Rasp
(Retired Army Chief Sergeant Major) 


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Steve Darrow will work hard for all of us, regardless of party

To The Daily Sun,

I just wanted to take a few moments of your time to tell you why I am voting for Steve Darrow, Republican, for Grafton County District 17 State Representative to the New Hampshire Legislature. I hope that others will feel the same way and pledge their support for my candidate.

Born and raised in Detroit, Darrow attended Canaan College and Franconia College and graduated with a B.A. in literature. He fell in love with New Hampshire and never left. He was hired by United Parcel Service in 1977 and worked in management for 28 years until his retirement. He currently holds the position of Selectboard chair of the Town of Grafton, where he has been selectman for 12 years. He has always been involved with his community.

For eight years he was on the Board of Directors to the Mascoma Valley Health Initiative. He served on the Mascoma Valley Regional School Board. He has been a commissioner to the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission. He labored on the trails of Cardigan Mountain as a volunteer with the Cardigan Mountain Highlanders.

He proudly serves his community, devoted to each member, regardless of political affiliation or socioeconomic background. He is an avid hiker and gardener, growing his own vegetables since his college days. Steve Darrow wants to see New Hampshire maintain its integrity. He believes New Hampshire has something to offer that is worth preserving. Steve Darrow cares about and wants to restore the New Hampshire Advantage, so that our youth don't have to move out of state to find a good job. He works at preserving and strengthening communities as he cares first and foremost about the people within those communities.

I am very interested in the way Grafton House District 17 (Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Enfield and Grafton) will be represented and nurtured during the next decade. Important decisions, such as business development, infrastructure, housing, education, and quality of life will have to be made, decisions that will affect our district in the long run.

I want a "fresh voice" on the dais, one that will work hard for all, regardless of party. Darrow is that voice ... that "100 percent fighter" that I have been waiting for and I will be voting for him this Nov. 4. I hope that you and other folks will join me and support Steve Darrow for Grafton House District 17 Representative.

Debbie Black


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I will use my energy & creativity to help craft a plan for county jail

To The Daily Sun,

If elected, I will work with the other Belknap County commissioners and the jail planning committee to choose an option that will do what we need to solve the jail problem for the long term and that will incorporate programs that work to reduce the jail population.

I have looked at the solutions chosen by Grafton, Sullivan, Merrimack, and Strafford counties. I have reviewed the Bennett report and recommendations. And, I have proposed working groups to address both pretrial detention and post trial sentencing alternatives to reduce the number of beds needed.

As a Laconia resident, I am extremely sensitive to our city's tax cap and the financial constraints throughout the county. I will use my energy and creativity to help craft a plan that will keep the project — including building and personnel costs — affordable and within the cap.

Please vote for me on Nov. 4.

David Pollak

Candidate for Belknap County Commission


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