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Bernie Sanders is the true family values candidate in this race

To The Daily News,

Saturday, Dec. 12, will be the Women's Day of Action in support of Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders. Throughout New Hampshire, events will be taking place highlighting Senator Sanders' longstanding commitment to women's rights and to policies benefiting women and families. Volunteers will also be gathering at the Laconia Campaign Office at 62 Canal St., starting at 10 a.m., to talk about some of these issues and to participate in phone banks and canvassing. Sanders supporters and others who want to learn more are encouraged to stop in.

So why Bernie Sanders? More specifically, why is Bernie the best choice when it comes to issues primarily affecting women?

Throughout Bernie's political career, he has been a consistent advocate for women. He has voted to protect women's right to choose and to have control over their own bodies. He has supported Planned Parenthood, which provides quality health care, including not only gynecological services but breast cancer exams and PAP tests, and services for low income pregnant women under the WIC (Women, Infants and Children) federal program (a program under repeated attack by Republicans). Sen. Sanders supports the expansion of services under the Violence Against Women Act (which addresses domestic and sexual violence against women) as well as the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act.

Bernie Sanders wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020. Two-thirds of minimum wage earners are women. Currently, full-time women workers earn 78 cents for every $1 earned by men. This is why Sanders supports the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would provide procedural remedies for wage disparity based on sex discrimination.

Senator Sanders also supports providing 12 weeks of paid family leave after the birth of a child.

Is there any wonder why Bernie Sanders has received the endorsement of the Working Families Party? Started in New York State in 1998, the WFP now has chapters in 10 states and a huge supporter base. This is the first time that organization has formally backed a candidate in a national election, with over 87 percent of the WFP membership voting for Sen. Sanders.

Policies that are good for women are good for families. Policies that are good for families are good for America. Some politicians speak loudly about "family values" and then vote against every policy that actually helps families. Bernie Sanders is the true family values candidate.

Ruth Larson

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We've bigger problems than worrying about a Confederate flag

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Wednesday, Dec. 9's, letter. I believe the Confederate flag should stay in the window of the business in Laconia's downtown area.

First of all, no one ever considered the flag to be racist when it was flying high in the South for years. Now all of a sudden a man who has problems walked into a church and yelled racial slurs and then opened fire on innocent people, we have to remove the Confederate flag from everything?! The Confederate flag wasn't the issue. The Confederate flag only became an issue when this man's picture was posted on social media holding the flag.

Let me ask you this: If this man was holding an American flag in his hand in the picture instead would we all be so quick to have it removed from everything? The Confederate flag is a part of our American history. A lot of us look at the Confederate flag as a sign of heritage not hate. It is and always will be apart of our history.

We have bigger problems in the world to worry about then the Confederate flag hanging in a store window. What about health care that's supposed to be affordable, but yet the rates for insurance policies have almost doubled. It's cheaper to pay the yearly fine to the IRS. But hell, we don't even know where that money is really going.

What about our rights that are being taken away from us. For example freedom of speech. This doesn't exist anymore. We can't say Merry Christmas or Christmas tree because it may offend you. Our children can't say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag anymore because that may offend you or your children. So if the word "God" offends you or other people who live here in the United States of America, then you shouldn't have the right to carry our money. Read it, it states "In God We Trust." I am by no means trying to start a religious war by any means, we all have our own religious beliefs. I just say the flag should be able to stay in the store, it's heritage not hate.

And to you, Azra Karabegovic, I have been a New Hampshire resident my entire life, my parents and grandparents were all Laconia residents for most of their lives to, we all assure you the Confederate flag is not what makes Laconia "glaringly ugly." That would be the homeless people who are sleeping under park benches or under the stairwell in the parking garage because they have no place to go, because our government would rather us house thousands of refugees instead of helping our own people and getting our people the help they need. I understand these refugees need help, but what do they do to help themselves?

Our people try to get help from their own government and the just get shut out in the cold. The people who are hooked on drugs and rob innocent bystanders walking down the street just so they can get high, that is what makes Laconia "glaringly ugly." These people need help: The homeless and the drug addicts. Nothing is being done to help them, but let's complain about a flag that once meant pride in the South.

I am ending this letter with a big Merry Christmas to everyone.

Linda Austin

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