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Remember, it's the Democrats who are behind N.H. road improvements

To The Daily Sun,

Virtually all businesses rely on our system of roads and bridges in order to be profitable. This is especially true for any company in retail or manufacturing, where products and materials have to be transported to the business and then to the consumer. Without serviceable roads and bridges, a vital economy can't exist. This infrastructure system is almost entirely funded through our local, state and federal governments.

Which party in New Hampshire has been a vocal proponent of a vital highway system? The Democrats.

In 2014 SB-367 raised the gas tax by 4 cents per gallon. The $33 million per year raised by this increase has translated into hundreds of miles of paving and preservation on our state highways. While SB-367 is touted as a bi-partisan bill, the truth is that without almost total support from Democrats and Maggie Hassan's leadership, the Republican dominated House and Senate wouldn't have passed this vital bill. Only 11 percent of Republicans voted for it. Eighty-nine percent of Democrats did. The additional 4 cents per gallon is hardly noticeable — look at the difference in gas prices versus 2014. Rough roads, however, are damaging to all vehicles. For people trying to get to work on a budget, high priced auto repairs and decreased gas mileage caused by rough roads are far more costly than a few cents at the pump (not to mention safer). We should also remember that in 2015, the House Republicans actually attempted to cut $88 million from the N.H. Highway Fund.

So when you drive around our beautiful state and see all of the work now being done on our roads, remember that it is our Democratic legislators who are behind it. Also notice that almost all of this work is being done by private companies, putting hundreds of people in private industry to work with good paying jobs. Next time you're driving and you see a paving or construction crew hard at work on a blistering hot summer day, remember that this is where your tax dollars are going — to some of the hardest working men and women in our state working to make New Hampshire a safe and wonderful place to live. Maggie will continue to bring those dollars to our state from Washington, helping to enact Hillary's plan to close our trillion dollar infrastructure gap, and ensuring the sustainability and profitability of our economy for generations.

Karen P. Johnson


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88 retired generals & admirals have now endorsed Trump for president

To The Daily Sun,

Eighty-eight retired generals and admirals recently endorsed Donald Trump for president. This should serve as a wake-up call to voters that Donald Trump is best equipped to make America safe again.

Donald Trump won't go on an apology tour like President Obama did once he took office. Donald Trump will, however, end nation-building and partner with moderate Islamic countries to defeat radical Islamic terror. If Donald Trump wasn't the best choice to keep our country safe, these 88 retired generals and admirals would never have endorsed him.

I'm proud to be a vocal supporter of the next president of the United States.

State Rep. Peter Varney


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