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Obama 'quote' was false & destorted; let me relay the facts

To The Daily Sun,

Bob Meade's letter published in the Tuesday, May 5, edition of The Daily Sun is a truly amazing negative narrative and incendiary at best.

To claim that President Obama says that this country needs a "National Police Force" has been totally taken out of context. Let me explain.

I Googled the quote and lo and behold found the following from FactCheck.org.
Your assertion is false and distorted. In truth he does not want to create a "civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded )as the military)."

Here is the true report: AP (Associated Press) reported that on Nov. 10, 2008, a quote from Rep. Paul Broun-Ga., on right-leaning blogs with similar claims from conservative websites since last July when President Obama in a campaign speech in Colorado made a single reference to a "civilian national security force".

Detractor's exaggerated the context and ignored the fact that (he) Obama was specifically talking about expanding AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps and the USA Freedom Corps, which is a volunteer initiative launched by the Bush administration after the attacks of 9/11, and about increasing the number of trained foreign service officers who populate U.S. Embassies overseas.

In summary, all of those legal demonstrations across the U.S. had representation of all nationalities and all ages. The question Mr. Meade is not "are these riotous incidents being orchestrated so the president can fulfill his desire to have a "national police force"? When in point of fact you just parrot the outright falsehood by Rep. Paul Broun in 2008.
I will leave you with my horoscope printed in today's edition of The Sun: "If you trust too much, you may be lead astray, but if you don't trust enough, you will be isolated. Navigating this territory will be your main responsibility of the day."

Bernadette Loesch


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We need money to print the full order of our Local Food Guide

To The Daily Sun,

Spring crops are in the ground, and local produce will soon be appearing at roadside stands and farmers' markets, and in Community Supported Agriculture baskets. How will you find all this great local bounty? Simple, the Lakes Region Local Food Guide, your one-stop search location for all the bounty the Lakes Region has to offer.

Veggies, fruit, cheese, meat, eggs, wine and more are offered by the farms and businesses listed in the guide. Need veggie or herb plants for your backyard garden? Check the guide to find garden centers selling exactly what you need.

There's just one thing ... we still need a bit more funding in order to print as many guides as we did last year. With your contribution, you can help us spread the guides over the entire Lakes Region. So far, we have received generous contributions from Meredith Village Savings Bank, Moulton Farm, Red Fox Farm, Lindon Garlic Farm, Minglewood Farm, Winnipesaukee Woods Farm, Sunflower Natural Foods, Top of the Hill Farm, Song Away Farm, Belknap County Conservation District, Jeremy Hogan, MD, Lakes Region General Hospital, Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce, Alice's Herbals, Curtis and Marcia Rodman, and UNH Cooperative Extension.

Please make a donation towards the printing costs — your donation by May 10 earns you "bragging rights" with a listing in the guide. Donations of $100 and up entitle donors to include website, logos and text, depending on the amount donated.

Checks payable to UNH can be sent to Kelly McAdam, UNH Cooperative Extension, 635 Main St., 3rd Floor, Laconia, NH 03246. No contribution is too small to be recognized, so show your support for this sector of the local business community, and help our Lakes Region food producers thrive.

Karen Barker

Lakes Region Food Network

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