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I'h having not so nice dreams at night at it has got to stop

To The Daily Sun,

It is my opinion that we citizens of New Hampshire and the U.S. of A., are being made target of a very irrational, sick, angry, bored man. He bears the name Donald Trump.

It is my thought, that maybe this man got up one morning, or couldn't sleep one night, and came up with the idea that running for president of our country would be entertaining. I think he believed, because he has such an ego for it, that he could benefit from it. I think he has shown the stupid side of himself in an effort to let the educated people of the US of A  turn their thoughts around and disregard his nomination. And there are still those that think that because he wangled his way to money through shady business deals and bankruptcies that he can show them the way to prosper also. Please smarten to hang up?

He doesn't care about you — only a vote. He has plans? Why doesn't he put these plans forth instead of just talking about what he is going to do? Why isn't he producing his tax returns or tax information? Why is he getting away with all the insults to just about every person in the U.S. of A.? Women, disabled, gold star families, and the list goes on.

Take a look at history of the world. Remember Hitler having those people led to the ovens? Well, it looks a lot like the same. People wake to hang up and show you're not as stupid as you are looking. I know they say ignorance is bliss, but do you have to prove it? (To the expense of your grandchildren-my grandchildren) and the people that love this country?

He is not going to make you rich. You will still have to work menial jobs under Donald. He is not going to take away your guns. He'll use them on you first — in anger. I am having not-so-nice dreams at night about bad things, and it's got to stop.

Please, I will give you all the benefit of the doubt. You are smarter than this.

This is all I have to say. Take it or leave it.

Lilly Cote

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Trump thinks this is about him but it's not; it's about Hillary

To The Daily Sun,

I just spoke to my very liberal friend who lives in New York.

She asked me about the election. We very rarely talk politics because we are so opposite. Of course she is for Hillary... and I am anti-Hillary.

We did not talk much but I asked how she could be for Hillary. She "feels" Hillary would be best.

Feels... that is what Hillary supporters say. Feel. They do not know the facts nor do they care to know the facts.

Trump was totally wrong in what he said about his response to Mr. Khan.

First of all, Mr. and Mrs. Khan made the biggest sacrifice. They lost their son and nothing that Mr. Trump can say can change that. I feel for them. I cannot imagine their loss.

Mr. Trump. Please do not say that you have sacrificed. For nothing can compare to the loss of a child.

Mr. Trump, you should have said you were against going to war and Hillary voted for it.

Mr. Trump, you should have said that you want to do more for the veterans. Hillary has done nothing. When our ambassador was being attacked, Hillary went home. She did nothing to save him. She cut his security budget when he begged for more security.

And then she had the nerve to lie to the families that the cause of the attack was a video and told her daughter and the president of Egypt that it was terrorists.

I will never forget Benghazi. Congress said the president and defense secretary said to go help them. But no one went. The military on the ground said they were told to stand.

That was the report from Congress, but there were no names. No one was (held) responsible in the report.

Something is wrong if the president and secretary of Defense give an order to go defend the ambassador and no one goes. Someone disobeyed an order and there should be a penalty. But no, nothing happened.

I am pro-military. They give the ultimate sacrifice for us. But if the order was given and not followed, someone's head should roll.

Hillary should have tried to find the truth. But she is not interested in the truth. She did not care (to know) the cause. If something happened to Chelsea, would she feel different?

Mr. Trump, this was not about you, although you seem to think most things are. This was about Hillary's failed foreign policies.

Hillary lied. And liberals don't care that she lies. They "feel." This drives me nuts. They feel and do not know. They do not look for facts.

My friend lives in New York. New York will go Democratic, so I do not care how she votes.

New Hampshire is a battleground state. This concerns me.

Mr. Trump, talk about the facts and Hillary's past policies. This will help you win the election.

Linda Riley


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