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It’s not enough to say ‘we will make America great again’

To The Daily Sun,

It is a mistake to embrace the conscious abandonment and neglect of the nation's founding principles. Today's politicians pose a false choice: Either we temporarily abandon our principles to save America or we preserve our principles and lose America. Even if we take drastic action, we should always do so within the constraints of the U.S. Constitution, precisely because to restore America's greatness, we must return to her founding principles.

It is wrong to believe that to resist socialism we must abandon our founding principles, our standards of decency, our aspirations for a noble, virtuous and civil society. Hillsdale College president Larry Arnn in an online lecture on Western civilization delivers a message that goes to the importance of studying Western civilization and how ignorance of our history and founding principles has contributed to the situation in which we now find ourselves.

To paraphrase Dr. Arnn: "We live in a time when a kind of blight has settled on the world because of doctrines adopted in America in the 19th and 20th centuries. We don't teach old and high things in school the way we used to. Ignorance of those things is everywhere and that is a threat to our freedom. We need to return to our commitment to the principles of our country, announced in the founding documents. Learning the right things is necessary to perpetuate our freedom and our justice in America."

It's not enough to say "we will make America great again." Controlling the borders is vital, but it's not the only thing that matters. There is angst toward the progressive establishment. There is deep concern about the current miserable condition of the nation. Constitutional conservatives have been fighting these foes for a long time. It's outrageous to lump constitutional conservatives in with the establishment merely because they are skeptical of the candidate du jour.

There are countless examples of Republicans caving to progressives on policy. There are countless examples of Republicans muzzling their own ideas. It is no wonder that young people gravitate toward the left. They do so not only due to cultural influences and educational indoctrination. They do so because we do not stand up for what we claim to believe in. We exhibit a lack of conviction in our own stated core beliefs. The next generation will not follow our lead if we do not demonstrate belief in our stated core beliefs.

We are in danger of sacrificing too much at the altar of winning. We cannot practice an endless willingness to forgive anything candidates do. It is admirable to combat political correctness, but it is not commendable to abandon decency in the name of fighting political correctness. In failure to do so we succumb to the notion that things are so bad that the only way to fix them is to do worse things ourselves. As mom used to say, two wrongs don't make a right.

We mustn't lose ourselves in the process. Progressives long ago adopted an ends-justify-the-means approach. They will say anything and do anything in support of their cause. They will sell their soul to win. If the opposition does likewise under the guise of saving America, we will have already lost our nation. Learning and aspiring to what is noble and virtuous is necessary to perpetuate our freedom and justice. Neglecting our founding principles imperils our liberties.

Marc Abear


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Let me be remembered for honesty and integrity, not chest size

To The Daily Sun,

This is in regards to the "Free the Nipple" drama that has been going on for the past year (or so) and I would like to give my viewpoint.

Initially, when I first heard about this, I thought it was a campaign for breast-feeding women. I know there have been some issues about this in the past. So I read up on it to check into it as I breast-fed my child many years ago. I felt that there shouldn't be a problem doing so in public as long as a mother was discreet about it. And I was.

But, looking deeper into it, which really didn't take much, it wasn't that at all. It was about women wanting freedom to go topless at beaches (or maybe anywhere else, possibly?) because their "rights" were being imposed upon since men can take their shirts off.

First of all, men do not have much to show in the way of the chest. Yes, they (men) were considered a sexual item in the past, but we don't get overly excited about it. However, as it was pointed out last week in a letter, some people want to have "good-looking chicks" show their nipples.

OK, what if that good-looking "chick" were your daughter, sister, aunt, cousin or, God forbid, your mom? Not only that, why would you want anyone talking about what your chest/breast looked like? What about the not-so-good-looking female? Or the larger women? How about if your wives or girlfriends were prompted to show their chests by other males when the husbands or boyfriends weren't around? As well as photographed? Does that change any perspectives?

You could argue that if, at the beaches, you don't have to look at the bared chest. Just look the other way. But, why have blinders on? Beaches are for everyone (especially families) to enjoy. Why do we need to explain everything? We already have to explain too much nowadays. I would like to have the young children be able to keep their innocence for a little longer, because social media makes continual attempts to stop that — thank you internet and television. On that note, there are nude beaches around New England. Why not go there and be free if that is what you so desire?

As an Army veteran myself, it astounds me that these women (or women who don't identify (?) as a woman) are even making a statement about this. I'm sure that if my father (decorated Army veteran) even had the slightest inclination that I would ever bare myself in public, he would roll in his grave.

Now that I mention being a veteran, we have sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, etc. that are fighting for freedom for another countries' rights, as well as keeping our country free. If they are fighting for freedom to just allow communities to live, this campaign sounds pretty petty if you ask me. The women in the Middle East have to be entirely clothed (i.e. wearing burqas). Of course, some of it is their religion. But, the other is for oppression. We don't have that here in the United States. We do, however, have freedom to walk, talk, eat, breathe, etc. (men and women alike) without being shot by people trying to control us.

I also want to thank the local authorities, lawmakers, and legislators for not allowing this behavior to be allowed/condoned. I feel that you are protecting our families as much as possible. And I appreciate that. This is really what it's about and what our core needs as our families are being targeted by so much all the time. Spending taxpayers' money on useless agendas and/or campaigns on items like this is a waste of time and money.

In conclusion, if I am remembered at all, let it be for my honesty, integrity, and family values, and not my chest size.

Lisa Cribley-Lord

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