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I'm amazed at the number of people who invoke God when trying to win an argument

To The Daily Sun,

In the 1940s and 1950s, the idea of a mulatto was a foreign one to many people. According to birth certificates, you were either black or white. Having a black parent and a white parent required a child to be identified as "black" even if light-skinned. Everything was based on appearance. Seems to me that for some, that is still the case.
There are teenagers in our area that defy you to label them quite so easily. According to Norman Silber, those labels are assigned by God when an egg and a sperm do the rumba in a womb with a view. I'm amazed at how many people in this area invoke God when attempting to win an argument. If you need to bring God into it as a witness to your brilliance then you simply have yet to provide sufficient facts to make your case. You could simply say "Well Norman — he was born with a willy so it MUST be a boy," or "Well, Mr. Smith — I see a hoo-hoo down there so you got yourself a daughter." And for most people that is exactly the case and it stays that way for a person's entire life.
For some, it isn't quite so cut and dried. We are not talking cross-dressers or transvestites here. Does anyone remember Renee Richards — the tennis player back in the '70s? How about Chastity Bono? What you see these days is that our society has opened up enough that these teenagers are identifying this chromosomal and hormonal mismatch at an earlier age since they feel more comfortable opening up about it, and for that we can be thankful. And if you believe in God and think he has a say in it, then you have to admit that God in all of His infinite wisdom knows just what he is doing. Or maybe He doesn't. It doesn't matter because these kids and (eventually) adults deserve our support and respect.
Look — this is not like a child who needs a special bathroom because they suffer from an illness — like cystic fibrosis or others where they need a place to deal with their body. This is about kids who are trying to fit in and do so in a world which — many days — seems ambivalent to any of us. Do you honestly think they asked for this burden? And I'll promise you that most kids they spend time with are quite accepting of them and their differences. And the ones that aren't accepting? Probably come from families that make the biggest stink about "keep that kid away from mine." Because let's be honest — the apple never seems to fall far from the tree. No, to identify these kids and to force them into special bathrooms is really an attempt to label them. You might just as well tattoo their foreheads or brand them with hot irons. You parents and grandparents — stop foisting your fears onto your kids and your grandkids. Try and let them grow up without your prejudices; your fears; your paranoia.
As a former school board member, my job was to ensure the best possible education for the children of a school district while getting the most out of every tax dollar the parents provide. You need to do what is RIGHT — not popular. And I don't mean what is right for YOU — I mean what is right for the students. Especially the at risk ones. Seriously? You're okay with every Tom, Dick, and Henrietta walking around packing a Colt under their jacket, but THIS scares you? According to surveys (The Williams Institute and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention), 4.6 percent of the overall U.S. population has self-reported a suicide attempt, with that number climbing to between 10 and 20 percent for lesbian, gay or bisexual respondents. By comparison, 41 percent of trans or gender non-conforming people surveyed have attempted suicide. Why is that? Because they don't feel safe. They are targeted and they are differentiated. THAT should be your major concern. Worry about bullying and harassment towards ALL students.
The president and his attorney general have already made it clear that it is up to the states to make a determination. This is New Hampshire — aren't we all supposed to "Live Free" here? It's high time to let the fears of a previous generation go the way of the dodo, and let these kids be who THEY think they are, and not how you want to label them.

Alan Vervaeke

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People cannot be harmed by GOP if they weren't helped in the first place

To The Daily Sun,

Democrats are squealing and squawking about people who might lose their health insurance under any revised Republican plan. Let me say straight out, without pretense, this nose is all BS of a highly distilled version.
What we have here are partisan leprechauns (some of them SNAKES that St. Patrick drove out of Ireland) who seem unable to distinguish the difference between providing vastly improved health care in both quality and cost versus the "smoke and mirror, slight of hand, magicians game" of providing INSURANCE that is pretty much useless. That's right. I said useless. How can we hurt any person with the Republicans plan when THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN HELPED BY Obama's PLAN? This is all Democratic theater, and misdirection in hopes to hoodwink loony leprechauns into thinking they were given something of value in exchange for their vote. The Democratic Party is stuffed to overflowing with people expecting to get something FREE from their neighbors. Democrats teach classes in ENVY.
If you can call adding millions on to existing Medicaid rolls PAID FOR DIRECTLY out of working, middle class paychecks as some new, leading edge, break through, invention, then you need to check with your psychiatrist. There is nothing new about HIGHER TAXATION from Democrats hoping to buy elections with the money. It hasn't worked well. Republican power now is at its apex since the parties founding in 1854. The electorate finally SMARTENED UP. They now see the harm and BANKRUPTCY embedded in every donkey idea including Obamacare and Medicare. The middle class has been hollowed out being forced to pay for these boondoggles that simply fail the smell test of good economic sense and benefit.
As for Obamacare insurance itself, it is nothing but a FULL MONTY, CON JOB. It is no wonder Nancy Pelosi never wanted the box opened until after the legislation had passed. The fastest growing part of the health care industry today is" ALL CASH HOSPITALS AND CLINICS." Why? Obamacare. It has Mt. Everest high deductibles, which means 95 percent of people who have Obamacare will never get one dime of value from it. All while taxpayers are being bled paying for subsidies that yield humanity ZERO. The Obamacare family deductible is $14,300, the individual $7,150. Few people ever climb Everest. NINETY FIVE PERCENT of people Democrats suggest they HELPED with Obamacare are paying virtually very dollar of their health care out of their own pockets. Millions offered partial subsides REFUSE the insurance. Why? Then, they have both huge deductibles and premium payments." ALL CASH" clinics and hospitals are the rage for good reason. Millions have been sent directly to them by Obama. People CANNOT BE HARMED by Republicans if they have NEVER BEEN FIRST HELPED BY DEMOCRATS. History will hold a special place for Obamacare. It will be remembered as the boldest, most in your face con job of all time.
Tony Boutin

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