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Our of books you've read come man's opinions, not the word of God

To The Daily Sun,

In response to James Veverka's insulting letter concerning God's holy word, the Lord Jesus Christ, John Demakowski, ect.: remember, James, you have insulted every Roman Catholic, every Protestant, and all other Christan church believers who believe that Jesus Christ is their Lord and savior.

Gods word was before creation, it says in the beginning it was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God, he (Jesus) was in the beginning with God (John 1:1 l 2). To dare to liken Gods word to the Quaran, an evil, demonic book that allows Islamic believers, to behead Christians if they won't convert to Muslim laws, The Daily News and papers, tell us all the horror stories. God's words tell us all of a loving God, who loves all, including you, James; all we have to do is believe the Gospel and receive the Lord Jesus and have eternal life. (John 3:16)

James, your personal opinion, about God, Jesus, Christian peoples, faith, ect. is a worthless lot of nonsense, not one word of hope for love for anyone. How sad.

How you prove there is a lake of fire James, is if you end up in Hell, "your choice". I encourage you chose Jesus Christ as your savior.

Today, I have read Professor Cracraft's letter in The Daily Sun. Remember you can only teach what you were taught, and out of books come man's opinions, not God's word. I was taught myself by professors who told us our ancestors were apes, monkeys, ect and God never created mankind. I never believed them. Period. They also taught us, the Big Bang Theory; a big bang does not create, it destroys. God created a world full of life and beauty. Look around, James, see the wonderful world God gave us; breath God's given air; enjoy the only planet in our solar system that has water, green grass, food, people. A big bang made all that? No way, James. Your letters to The Sun newspaper get worse, and worse. Now tell us, James, who is your God? Who do you love and serve. We Americans proclaim "In God we Trust" and sing "God Bless America"? What do you sing? Let us all know, James.

William McCoy



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The great climate change debate is overflowing with guesses

To The Daily Sun,

Let's be honest, Jim Veverka creates more warming than he prevents when he begins channeling weather scientists declaring himself "king of truth" on global warming. It is a well known CO2 from BS whether from Jim or the 250 million water buffalo in Asia are major polluters of the atmosphere.
Begin with the basics.
Fact 1. There are few, if any scientists who deny global warming is likely happening. An observation made public more than 50 years ago.
Fact 2. Both sides in the debate have been caught lying while exaggerating data to further their beliefs.
Fact 3. Barack Obama has turned climate discussions into a "political farce" to grab a voting advantage in two western swing states soaked with tree huggers.
Beyond those facts there is literally agreement on NOTHING. The reason why there is no agreement is simple. The great climate change debate involves the minimalist of science while overflowing with GUESSES sufficient to fill a universe. Climate modeling (the operative word is MODELING) involves thousands of interlocked guesses producing conclusions believers (usually Democrats) peddle as truth based SCIENCE when the real truth is the conclusions are founded 99 percent on GUESSES. "Science" is as absent in global warming conclusions as Democrats are at a Republican summer picnic. Most damaging of all for believers the first 15 years of their modeling GUESSES were 100 percent dead wrong as they possibly could have been. Most perplexing of all, scientists have no idea why they were wrong. Credibility has become a major issue which has only turned up the volume and temperature of the rhetoric.
What specifically is causing warming? How much is natural? How much is sourced from humans? How high could warming go, and when might it go there are questions no human knows the answers to. But guesses to those questions disguised in 1 percent science is epidemic. When anyone, including Obama suggest they know the answers to those most complex scientific questions they are lying through their teeth. The more violent, frequent storms thesis Obama bandies about has been totally debunked by even the believing scientists. Such thinking is pure conjecture.
Jim refuses to use his noggin. Don't let that stop you from using yours. My weather man says beyond 10 days my guess about the weather is as good as his. This most basic fact sums up all you need to know about the debate. The democratic formula to create paranoia, followed by hysteria for political advantage originates from a mix 1 percent science, and 99 percent guessing what the weather will be. Not 10 days out, but 10,000 years out, dead nuts WRONG the first 15 of those 10,000 years.
To counter this insanity, flip a coin. Democrats can borrow one, or get one on a subsidy plan. Your guess on what the temperature will be in the year 12,015 is as good as Jim's. Even better than any PhD scientist, paid by government ( Obama) to declare global warming is certain to make you "fried chicken" so the scientist can keep his high, six figure job while Democrats improve their chances to win elections in green-soaked Colorado. Beyond that there are few truths to be found in what passes for "scientific" debate about climate change. A discussion that should more accurately be called the greatest GUESSING CON GAME in history.
Tony Boutin

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