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We do not accept President Obama's apology for Obamacare. Period

To The Daily Sun,

Senator Shaheen and Rep. Shea-Porter voted for Obamacare. Period

We do not like Obamacare . Period

We do not accept President Obama's apology on Obamacare. Period

Jim Mayotte

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Thanks to all the voters in Ward 6 for such a wonderful turnout

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank all of the voters in Ward 6 for the large turnout. It was wonderful — "452!


If you see a problem in Ward 6, please call me.

Councilor Armand Bolduc

Ward 6 - Laconia

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'Unaffiliated' parents need to get involved in ACS strategic planning

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing this as an Alton Central School parent in the hope of making sure that the other ACS parents are aware that there is an ACS Strategic Planning initiative underway. At an August 8, 2013, Alton Central School Board "workshop", much of the mid-term plans for ACS, including any renovations to the school buildings, was delegated to the created "strategic planning committee". They also voted to hire an external meeting facilitator, from another town, for a few thousand dollars. This planning committee was to consist of around 24 members consisting of: teachers, staff, administration, parents, community officials and community officers. At the workshop there was even a commitment of sorts that the first two meetings of this committee, with at least 24 members, would take place before September 2013. That, for reasons never disclosed, happened.
I, having attended the entire August workshop, volunteered to be on the committee. The first two meetings of this committee took place on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. As far as I can see, I was the only unaffiliated parent on the committee. I have yet to be able to obtain a list of all those who actually attended the meetings. Yes, from what I could see there were four other parents, but they all work for the school. I could be wrong, but a parent who is on the ACS payroll is likely to have different priorities and concerns than parents who are strictly parents. Plus, with every single member of the ACS administration and a school board member present, I am sure that they have to be very circumspect in what they say and do as committee members.
It just doesn't seem right that there is only one unaffiliated parent on the committee — when ironically the #1 objective discussed at the meetings seem to be "improving school-community relations"!
There is another meeting scheduled for Nov. 20. The timings of these meetings is not conducive for most parents. My husband and I addressed this, obviously unsuccessfully, at the workshop and tried to get them scheduled for hours that would work better for most parents.
I urge all ACS parents to make an effort to somehow get involved in this committee. What gets decided by this committee will get used in early 2014 when issues such as building renovation comes up. So please take this as a heads-up.

Deanna Gurugé

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Information isn't 'factual' just because you read it on the Internet

To The Daily Sun,

Recently in this forum, we were greeted with another of Earle's fairy tales — not to be confused with a Grimm's Fairy Tales. In this most recent episode, Earle defends his birther friends by claiming President Obama "used fraud to get into the colleges he attended by claiming to be a foreign student." We can be assured that this information is factual because Earle relied on a conservative blog/e-mail he received from "reliable sources."

Being the skeptic that I am, especially as it relates to Earle, I researched his most recent allegations. It appears this particular lie was initiated based on comments made by Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, when speaking to a group of local Republicans, he stated that the president MAY have told college admissions officers that he had been born in Kenya in order to receive special perks. Bennett later said that his comments were being "misconstrued" and he was "hinging" his statement on the word "IF." Of course, this misinformation is all the birthers needed to create a lie and cast doubt.

Unlike Earle, I'm reluctant to believe these reports without proof, and once again, unlike Earle, I hesitate to rely on the accuracy of others. "Nuf said."

Over the years, contributors have provided Earle with numerous Fox News lies, but for the sake of brevity I will limit mine to one, and the most obvious — their slogan, "Fair and Balanced." Fox only became "Fair and Balanced" when the Supreme Court in Florida said it was perfectly legal for them to misinform and lie to the public. Never trust a network that continually tries to convince you how "Fair and Balanced" they are.

It's unfortunate that once again I have to respond to Meade's letter, in which he responds with a filtered version of what he thinks I said, and manufactures a version of what he says I wrote. I never offered an apology to Mr. Jones, as Meade suggests, because I didn't feel an apology was warranted. That having been said, it is disheartening to me the way Meade has used Mr. Jones in his petty attacks to my credibility, motives, and my character. An apology, to Mr. Jones, is in order for the crass way in which Meade has manipulated reality and tried to legitimize his gross misrepresentations of facts.

L. J. Siden

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Ask your representatives to support expanding Mediciad in N.H.

To The Daily Sun,
The N.H. Legislature is meeting this week in Special Session to consider alternative plans by which the state could expand its Medicaid program. This is a critical conversation.
Since the Affordable Care Act anticipated the expansion of Medicaid in all states, the failure to do so impacts one portion of the population very significantly.
Without expansion of N.H.'s Medicaid program, individuals with incomes below 100 percent of the federal poverty level will not have access to health insurance. In N.H., that means about 37,000 individuals with incomes of less than $11,000 annually.
This is the very population that stands to benefit the most from Medicaid's benefits. Without expansion, these individuals will continue to rely on the emergency rooms for health care and will, because of cost, avoid preventative measures that could prevent more serious medical conditions.
Please contact your Belknap County state representatives and senators and urge them to support a Medicaid expansion solution that includes the most vulnerable and needy citizens in our state!
Kate Miller, Chair

Belknap County Democrats


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