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Gilford Historical Society thanks all for Candlelight Stroll help

To The Daily Sun,

The Gilford Historical Society would like to thank all those who visited the three historical buildings/museums during the very cold Candlelight Stroll on Dec. 10. We also want to thank the many volunteers who helped to make it possible to have the three buildings open to welcome visitors.

We thank Carmel Lancia who decorated the three mantels at the historical 1838 Rowe House with fresh greens and the Ladies of Lakeport Lake Village Apartments who created the cranberry and popcorn garlands that were on the tree in the Rowe House: Carleen Cornelison, Diane DuFault, Doris Milo, Elaine Dapergolas, and Ginny Brake. Thanks go to Bill and Sally Bickford for decorating the outside of the Meetinghouse.

We thank those who donated an hour of their time so the buildings could be open: Pete and Sue Allen, Terry Bobseine, Alexandra Breed, Carolyn Brown, Nancy Carsen, Jim Colby, Rusty Davis, Kathy Dahll, Namome Eldbridge, Nan Fay, Diane Godbout, Doug Hill, Loretta and Lauren Isikoski, Karin Landry, Pat Martin, Diane Mitton, Ann Montminy, Mark and Alex Richardson, Ed Rushbrook, Rosemary Shannon, and Walt and Shirley Stockwell.

The aroma of gingerbread cookies was enticing to many at the Grange, thanks to Patti Herrick (who lives in Meredith) and Kathy Dahll for making the dough.

For providing music at the Meetinghouse, we thank the members of the First United Methodist Church of Gilford for their Hallelujah ringers for playing their chimes and for Dan Carter (the Muzic Man) for playing and singing holiday music there. We thank Jerry Murphy for playing his guitar and leading us in holiday singing at the Rowe House.

We scheduled our volunteers so they are able to volunteer for an hour and have an hour to enjoy the Stroll. We are thankful to all who were willing to work and volunteered their time to help make the Candlelight Stroll so enjoyable.

Kathy Lacroix


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Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund thanks all who helped out

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of everyone working on the Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund in Meredith we would like to thank every person who helped to make this a wonderful Christmas for more than 240 children. We also can't forget the many senior citizens who received gift certificates that helped make this a better Christmas for them.

We need to thank the churches and businesses who put up the "Angel" Trees and received such an overwhelming response, the people in the communities who stepped up and adopted children for us. We can't forget the store that helps us pick out the dozens of boots needed, and the wonderful anonymous husband and wife who for the past two years who has purchased all those boots.

Then we have the Walmart/Plymouth, which without their help getting 29 bicycles would have been more than difficult. Bev Lapham is also on our must-thank list for providing us a home so we don't have to look each year for a place to make this magic happen.

Last but not least, we can't forget all the teachers and students who put up the Angel trees and help in so many ways to make this all work. To the numerous people that made this event so successful, we are indebted to you and hope you are available next year.

The committee has worked hard to make this year successful for the children and seniors that we help. However, it is through the kindness and generosity of thoughtful, sincere and dedicated friends that another miracle has happened. The Inter-Lakes Christmas Committee thanks you one and all and have a Happy New Year.

Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund

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