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Many geniuses were 'cavemen, liars & fools' according to Mr. Veverka

To The Daily Sun,

During the time I lived in Europe for nearly four years, it was my joy to be able to see first-hand the masterpieces of men, such as Michelangelo's David, the Pieta, and the Sistine Chapel. This genius, and other artists like him, are deemed to be "cavemen, liars, and fools," according to Mr. Veverka because they credited their inspiration to God.

I also visited the remains of the concentration camp in Dachau, Germany, where six million Jews perished as well as millions of Christians — people of faith slaughtered in large part because they refused to bow their knees to Nazi rule. Are their surviving family members to suffer further humiliation and pain because of Mr. Veverka's lack of tolerance for others' beliefs? Does he get a good laugh over the thousands of Christians being tortured and killed in these dark days?

Most writers to this paper are grown-ups who do not need to shout loudly in print that they are somehow bigger, better, and smarter than the rest of us. Insults and name-calling ended when we were 10 years old, didn't it?

For the record, my family of "idiots" has managed to amass 10 college degrees, four Master's degrees, and two are doctoral candidates. None of us is homophobic and some even vote Democratic. The trouble with Mr. Veverka is that he is scared to death of anyone who isn't just like him.

I'll be sure to pray for him.

Linda J. Wood


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Laconia Rotary's first 'U Tube' event was to benefit Boys & Girls Club

To The Daily Sun,

The Lakes Region is a community of generous and caring people, and this was demonstrated once again by the support Laconia Rotary Club received for its first "U Tube" Benefit at Gunstock Mountain Resort on Jan. 25. The event, a first for our organization, raised funds for the Boys & Girls Club of the Lakes Region. Thanks to the support of local businesses and organizations, it was a success.

The team at Gunstock Mountain Resort went above and beyond, working with us from the start to ensure a seamless event that would be fun for all. We are deeply grateful to everyone who donated to our hourly prizes and raffles, including Patricia Anderson, Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion at Meadowbrook, Gail Beane, Frates Creative Arts Center, Funspot, Great New Hampshire Restaurants, Gunstock Adventure Park, Gunstock Mountain Resort, Interlakes Summer Theater, Laconia Country Club, Laconia Ice Arena, MC Cycle & Sport, Manchester Monarchs, MS Mount Washington, Patrick's Pub & Eatery, Piche's Ski & Sports, Prescott Farm Environmental Education Center, Stafford Oil Company, The Golf Club at Patrick's Place, Russ Thibeault, and Winnipesaukee Playhouse.

Several anonymous donors made it possible for youth from the Boys and Girls Club of the Lakes Region to attend the event.

It was very evident from the many smiles and laughter that this gift made a difference for many.

Thanks to the Rotarians who volunteered for the evening, and to everyone who purchased tickets and braved the cold for a great cause. We are already planning for next year's event, and look forward to working with the community once again to make it an even greater success.

Hazel Zimmer

Committee Chair

Laconia Rotary Club

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