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Kenneth Kreis Sr. (10-6) 295 ANTI HOSMER

To The Daily Sun,

A recent letter the editor by a Mr. Hackmann giving a glowing recommendation of Senator Hosmer was based on events before he and his family arrived in the state. So let me pass on some relevant facts.

Number one fact, the 2011-2012 Legislature assumed office facing a tremendous budget hole of $800 million left to us when the prior Democratic Legislature overspent and even bonded operating expenses. Our states recent credit reduction is, in fact, a direct result of that lingering debt load the Democrats gave the state.

And perhaps where Mr. Hackmann came from debt is not an issue, but the New Hampshire Republicans by law had to balance that budget and we did, without bipartisan support. We did what every wise family does. We determined how much we had to spend and spent every dime we had. That alone is what forced the cuts he mentioned to UNH. Not being greedy, or mean, or shortsighted. A pure lack of money. Money that comes from taxpayers by the way.

The state government only can spend what it raises from taxation. The "massive" cuts UNH replaced almost immediately by fundraising from alumni. Just like every other state school (except UNH ) does regularly.

Finally, Mr. H. might want to ask his "education" senator, what cuts he would have made to the budget if he didn't agree with the UNH cuts. Or what taxes would he have raised to pay for them. Only two choices. Remember a finite amount of money existed and we had to correct the $800 million overspending.

Also, ask the education senator why only his kids deserve to attend schools that provide, in his words, a superior education. He voted against allowing lower-income families the same opportunity. Education only matters if you are rich?

Kenneth Kreis, Sr.


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Carol Shea Porter used to be gritty populist; now she's D.C. clone

To The Daily Sun,

Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter used to be a gritty populist. While she might have been an extreme liberal that I rarely found common ground with, I'll give credit where credit is due, and can say that at least she wasn't just another Washington D.C., clone, loyal to lobbyists and career politicians.

Sadly though, that isn't the case anymore. Money and power changed Carol Shea-Porter. Now, she is just another pawn of Nancy Pelosi and the big money donors who control Capitol Hill. She votes nearly 100 percent of the time with her party and refuses to be accessible to her constituents with town hall meetings or forums.

I want to be represented by elected officials who care about my thoughts and want to reflect my beliefs. While I understand I might not agree with my congresswoman all of the time, I still deserve a chance to explain to her why I think she is wrong on a particular issue. Washington has change Carol so much that she doesn't even give me that opportunity anymore.

Jean Ferrieira

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Commissioners spending precious resources irresponsibly

To The Daily Sun,

To date, the attorneys hired by the Belknap Commissioners have charged Belknap County over ten thousand dollars for their services. Similarly, the attorney hired by the Belknap Convention has bills of over ten thousand dollars. The partisan suit instituted by Rep. Gulick and signed on to by her Democrat colleagues cost about seventy-five hundred dollars and can best be described as frivolous.

Two out of the three sitting commissioners will not be in office in a few months. Does it make sense to continue to litigate budgetary authority when
the statutes involved are clear? They are so clear that a case can be made that the opinion letter issued by the Exeter firm retained by the Belknap
Commissioners could be cause for a malpractice suit against them.

It is time for the Belknap Commissioners whose hold on power is short-lived, as is the hold of anyone in power, to consider the long term consequences
of spending precious resources in an irresponsible manner.

Rep. Dick Burchell
Belknap 5



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Study found Tea Party members are more scientifically literate

To The Daily Sun,

It's amazing what you can find on the Internet. Take for example an article entitled, "Establishment Rocked as Yale Professor Discovers Tea Party Members are More Scientifically Literate."

According to the research done by Yale Professor, Dan M. Kahan, individuals who have an affiliation with the Tea Party are slightly more scientifically literate than the non-Tea Party population.

That shouldn't come as any surprise. After all no one in the Tea Party voted for Obama, which is a clear indication that they are more scientifically literate.

Professor Kahan goes on to say, "What this proves is most people who have a negative opinion of Tea Party member's intelligence usually form their opinions based on misrepresentations from both television and online sources."

No kidding! While the non-Tea Party progressive socialist are engrossed in watching MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and "Dancing with the Stars," the Tea Party members are watching the Fox News Network, and so they are better informed as they receive unbiased facts presented by well-educated reporters and commentators.

Professor Kahan then said, "I've got to confess, though, I found this result surprising ... I'm a little embarrassed, but mainly I'm just glad that I no longer hold this particular mistaken view."

Congratulations Professor Kahan, stand up and take a bow. You're probably the only honest professor in that den of iniquity (Yale).

It's a shame that the Republican Party leaders (the grumpy old guard, aka RINOs) fail to share Professor Kahan view of the Tea Party. Instead they are committing political suicide as young energetic politicians are embracing the Tea Party and what it stands for: The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and In God We Trust. It's just food for thought.

George Dengel


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Dave Pollak's approach to jail is good example of his strengths

To The Daily Sun,

The election for county commissioner is critical in 2014. Belknap County faces a host of issues that will affect us for years to come.

I urge the voters in Laconia, Sanbornton and New Hampton to mark their ballots for Dave Pollak. His background shows that he is a person who relies on the facts and the evidence. He investigates, studies the issues thoroughly, sees for himself, talks to others and listens to what they have to say before coming to a conclusion. He welcomes different points of view, realizing that the best answers come from listening to others with an open mind. He believes that being civil and respectful are necessary for collaboration and for effective problem-solving. Unlike some, he doesn't come with a pre-determined agenda, ignore the data, or manipulate facts and figures.

The way he has approached the matter of the county jail is a good example of the strengths he will bring to the commission. Dave looked at the problem in detail and at different proposals. Unlike many others, he actually toured the existing jail and looked at facilities throughout the state. He spoke with officials in other counties and a wide group of other people experienced in the field. He talked with architects, including one who had designed an inexpensive prison in another state. He asked questions and listened to others, while also using a sharp pencil to make sure the result is affordable for the taxpayers of Belknap County. He knows that a solution must be smart and realistic as well as focused on the bottom line. Something that sounds nice and cheap is no answer if it ignores the multiple issues involved. Putting a temporary Band-Aid on it only means that we don't solve the problem and that we will pay a lot more than if we honestly deal with it now.

A group of extremists seized control of the county delegation after the last election. They have pursued a mean-spirited, small-minded agenda. They run the convention with rules they make up as they go along, refusing to listen to and berating those who disagree with them, and attacking the dedicated employees who work hard for the county. They have pursued a vendetta against the commissioners from both parties. The result has been a dysfunctional county convention that is the laughingstock of the state. Dave is committed to working with the convention, but will not permit his staff to be belittled.

The last two years have surely alerted us to the importance of electing open-minded, civil and collaborative officials to county government. They must be willing to deal with the facts, focus on costs, and not come to the table with a narrow agenda. Given his record and his approach, Dave Pollak is the clear choice for county commissioner.

Werner Dietrich


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