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They are serving up a very favorite meal from my childhood

To The Daily Sun,

Memories from past days and years can make you young again.

This Saturday, the Homestead Restaurant in Bristol had a '50s/'60s meal: beans, hotdogs and brown bread. This meal was one of my boyhood favorites.

Thanks Amanda Wright and Chef Keith.

Jim Mayotte

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Instead of 'Free the Nipple,' why not fight for a worthy cause?

To The Daily Sun,

Now people are having a problem with the free the nipple movement. Where were you all when we went to the Statehouse to try and make this a law, excluding breast feeding? We could have used supporters. Where did our respect for our bodies go or our morals or our respect for other human being? Has it gone down the toilet? This is not about breast feeding; it's about showing your breasts, going topless. The people of New Hampshire don't want it, ! know i don't!

Why the Weirs? Because it's a tourist attraction; a popular place for families to take their children?

Why not fight for a worthy cause, like our homeless, veterans, our children fighting for their life with cancer? Any one of them are worthy causes — like our heroin problem. We weren't brought up that way; We had respect for our body and for other people.

Bonnie Davis


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