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Gilford Middle School recently hosted its first Unified Basketball alumni game

To The Daily Sun,

Lots of good news to share from Gilford Middle School.

Recently, we were part of the first ever Unified Basketball alumni game. Our middle schoolers joined forces with high school unified alumni to play the high school unified team. It was a great event with the high school squeaking out a victory over the middle school/alumni team. It was great to see GHS grads coming back and playing in this special event. Many thanks to Laurie Belanger, Chris Parker, Dave Pinkham, Terry Wilson, Donna O'Neill, Beth Haddock, Beth Devivo, Tom Carr, Kevin Shaw, Cheryl Bryan, Whitney Belanger, Rick Acquilano, Janet Bonnell, Lisa Hart, Monica Sawyer, Lori Jewett and many other parents and staff that helped make this event great. The game was followed by a pot luck supper where the kids had a chance to get together and talk about the game and the "good ole days."
Congratulations to Jacob Guay for qualifying to compete in the state level of the National Geographic Bee. Jacob was one of about 100 students who were both their respective school champion and scored high enough on the online component to qualify for the state level. He was only one of five students in the Lakes Region to make it this far. The state completion is at Keene State College on March 31st.
Congratulations also go to Harry LaFlamme for earning honorable mention at the state level of the PTA Reflections program. Harry earned this honor for the photography category.
Also deserving kudos is our 7th and 8th grade Math Team for advancing to the state level of the Math Counts competition at Plymouth State University on March 11th. The team finished third in the regional division; members are Shushu Sawyer, Mae Kenny, Matthew Farah, and Avery Marshall. Sawyer finished second overall in the individual competition thus earning her a spot in that portion of the state competition, as well.
Our 6th graders recently completed their winter testing in Language Usage of the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) assessment. In comparison to their fall testing results, 88 percent of the 6th grade class improved their scores. In the 8th grade, 73 percent of the students improved their score in Science (compared to their spring testing). Other grades are currently taking their NWEAs, as well.

Peter Sawyer, Principal

Gilford Middle School


03 02 Gilford Middle


Unified basketball alumni game pitted  middle school against high school. (Courtesy photo)

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Most of the input I received on the 'Bathroom Bill' did not come from my constituents

To The Daily Sun,

This is the eighth of my reports to the voters on what is happening in Concord. This past week has been long and very busy. We had two days to push all our work through to meet the deadline for crossover to the Senate for action. We paid for the previous two weeks of almost no action because of school vacations.

We "tabled" some bills this time that I wish could have been voted up or down. This is done because many times the supporters or opponents to the particular bill believe they do not have enough votes for the outcome they desire. There is no debate allowed once the tabling motion is made and it is a straight majority rules vote. The bill can only be "taken off the table" after the current session with a two-thirds vote. However, the bill can "take it off the table" the same day with a simple majority vote. The chances are the "tabled" bill will not be removed from the table this term, but a similar bill will find its way back in subsequent years under a different name.

One bill that was "tabled" was the transgender rights HB-478. A motion to take it off the table failed later in the day. HB-478 was touted as the Bathroom Bill. I received a lot of email on this both pro and con although frankly most of comments were not from my district. I only received three or four from Franklin or Hill. I have strong beliefs on this and think the premise of the bill is wrong. I worked with a man who made the decision to "transition" to the other gender and told me that his wife was having difficulty with his decision. No surprise there. The company though did not fire him or treat him differently for his decision and we remained friends. There is something nevertheless wrong about deciding that you are sexually confused and want to act out as the other gender while expecting the rest of us to give you sanction to do this. I have no problems if a person wants to make this decision, but don't ask me to bless the action and put a law in place to sanction it. I am particularly concerned about the parent who says their child identifies as the opposite gender. Allowing this to happen, according to the American Pediatrics Association, is child abuse. I do think parents have the right to raise their children in the way they want, but there are situations where misguided parents step over the line. I am sure we have not seen the end of similar bills.

We did pass a bill on marijuana decriminalization. It lowered the penalty for small amounts of the drug and lowered the penalty to essentially a traffic ticket. This has been passed eight times before but has not made it through the governor. I agree with reducing the penalty but possession is still a federal offense. There were two other bills that allowed for medical marijuana use for chronic pain and PTSD. There are a lot of vocal supporters for fully legalizing this drug. I am not one of them.

This coming week we start dealing with bills that the Senate passed. House initiated bills are now in the Senate's lap. All the bills have a long way to go. After each body considers the bills from the other body, those where there is not complete agreement will go to a conference committee to work out differences. Once more it must be approved by each body before making it to the governor's desk to become law ... maybe.

Legislation is moving fast. By the time you read this report it may be too late for you to voice your opinion on a given bill. You must be engaged to have your voice heard. The calendar for each body for the following week comes out online every Friday. Take time to scan through the list and contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 320-9524 if you have any questions. You can find the calendar at http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/house/caljourns/default.htm.

State Rep. Dave Testerman

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