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We're living in a crazy world where good is bad & bad is good

To The Daily Sun,

I want to know why Obama and his administration does not arm the military? They should all be able to arm themselves against these so called nut jobs. Also, responsible people need to be armed to protect themselves against the radicals.

We are living in a crazy world where good is bad and bad is good. It makes no sense. We have the do-nothing Congress — the Senate and the House all doing the same thing. This is the new world order Obama has been put there to do what is happening today: destroying our country.

We got change all right. How do you like it so far? He was put in office for this purpose. We the people have no say. It seems only the older generation knows what is going on in the world. They are stopping free speech, religion, and just about anything else we can think of. The government is in our face on everything.

Now they want to put a tax on all your savings, IRA, and anything else we can do to save money. It will be a 15 percent tax on all of that. In other words, they are taking your money.

We need to start praying to God to heal us and our nation. Bring religion back again. Until then it will only get worse and not better. I know God is mad at his people. He is right. Look at everything today. Did you think you would ever see the likes of everything that is wrong today? I do not think so. God please bless us and America. I hope you will do the same.

Anna DeRose

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Join us at next Stand Up Laconia meeting on Thursday at LMS

To The Daily Sun,

It may be summer, but the Stand Up Laconia (SUL) coalition isn't slowing down! Please take a look below at some of the activities/events we have been involved with and some of the upcoming events we are excited to have been asked to participate in:
— June 3rd - SUL was a guest panelist at the Winnipesaukee Regional Summit on Substance Misuse & Addiction
— June 18th - Monthly coalition meeting
— June 19th - Meeting with Doug Asermley of Sick Boy Motorcycles to discuss ways he can support SUL
— June 25th - Showing of the Anonymous People movie at Lakes Region Community College.
— July 4th - SUL Informational Booth at Opechee Park
— July 6th - Winnipesaukee Playhouse chose SUL as one of their 2015 partners for Make-a-Difference Monday
— July 22nd - SUL to partake in Hands Across the Table (HATT)
— July 23rd - Monthly coalition meeting - 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Laconia Middle School cafeteria
— August 4th - National Night Out - Blueberry Lane, Laconia
— August 27th - Monthly coalition meeting
— September 12th - Multicultural Fest Downtown Laconia
— September 19th - Downtown Laconia Coffee Fest/ 2nd SUL Book Sale fundraiser
— September 25th - LHS Homecoming and football game
— September 26th-  Hope for N.H. We Believe in Recovery Rally (In Concord)
— September another showing of Anonymous People movie at LRCC (Date TBA)
— October 24th and 25th - Pumpkinfest

Our mission is to stand up to effectively and compassionately confront, treat and prevent the causes and consequences of substance abuse is a way that promotes positive, health peer and family relationships in our community.
The more engagement we have in our community, the more active coalition members we are in need of! There are so many ways to be involved, and we are grateful for whatever time your schedule allows. With each of us doing a little something it will, and already has been making a positive difference in our community! Each event we attend allows us to increase awareness about the very complex and often misunderstood issue of substance misuse. It allows us to share with our community the resources that are currently available, it helps us to mobilize and be a voice for changes that need to take place. And it shows our community WE CARE we value the need for prevention, intervention treatment and recovery.

Clare Persson, Chair

Stand Up Laconia

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