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Yes, abortion kills a human and in America it is still permissible

To The Daily Sun,
A big thank you to George Brunstad for his informative letter in the December 8 issue of The Daily Sun on the issue of Hillary Clinton and abortion. Yes, abortion kills a human, and with the current situation in the courts it is still permissible. But, a woman has the choice. So, don't kill your own baby. Choose Life. Life is precious.
Harry Mitchell


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Who are you Republicans to say you are better than others?

To The Daily Sun,

One of the cardinal issues of the recent presidential election were many bigoted and racists comments, by some voters, candidates (including President-elect Trump), and both parties. The Republican Party offers the more extreme right point of view, among its membership. In addition, Mr. Trump further aggravates this activity by promoting divisive comments, all in the name of seeking unity among all American citizens.
The U.S. Constitution, with its The First Amendment, makes no references to the Christian faiths or other singular faiths. The freedom of worship is a crucial right with due protection for all religions, not just the Christian faith. It is entirely a neutral document designed to protect all citizens, regardless of faith, creed, or race. Yet the very hate promoted by severe right wing individuals goes against this grain of thought, obstructing innocent lives who are working very hard to achieve their "American Dream." Those of the Southern KKK, or White Supremacy groups foment this hatred even further.
If one were to review the Bible (which these groups ascribe to), it also asks that all be accepted. The Christian view, literally offers that "those who are without sin, not to throw the first stone". Why then do the white supremacy groups promote the exact opposite? A black man's blood is just as red as a white man. The same goes for the Indians, Muslims, and Asians who live in this country. The worse is the maltreatment of the original race to live in America, the American Indian.
Who are you, the many individual members of the Republican Party to say you are better than others? Who are you to decide how a woman is to direct the health of her own individual self, including that of abortions? Who are you to direct insults upon the disabled, who in many instances cannot control their physical destiny in life? Who are you to promote insults upon other religions such as Muslims, Jewish faiths, the Indians, Hindu, Buddhism, and more?

What is really interesting is that pretty much all these faiths offer common rights that are promoted in the true Christian tradition, that some have chosen to ignore. The concepts of peace and respect for human beings are inherent in all these faiths. We need to bond together and focus on the destiny and future of humankind.

This is not to say that all Republican or Democratic individuals are the same. They are not. Many individuals are dedicated to the improvement of the existence of all humankind. This present Christmas season asks all to promote peace and harmony for all humankind. There may be other faiths that have corresponding holidays that seek to teach the true values that each and everyone of us should embrace, that of not judging by virtue of their race, creed, color, or religion. Acceptance by all is essential to build the strength of world peace, as well as national unity.

New Hampshire does offer gentle moments of the hearts and souls. Numerous food banks are found through out this state to help those less fortunate in life. Charities help those who are sick and disabled. There is so much more generosity displayed but in a quiet manner as well as being blessed with the richness of satisfaction that comes from giving. The interesting note is that again, many faiths participate in this season of giving as well as embracing the concepts of their religion. All of us has a little something to give, a hope to provide, and a heart that gives out love. This writer, with his illness has seen the generosity by many, that provided him with the hope to live strong and to try to give back as well. The one chapter in the Christian Bible strikes beautifully with these words, "Faith, Hope, and Love, these three abide, but the greatest of all is Love!!"
It is these words that provide the greatest opportunity for all humankind to get together and hold hands. Please, let these hands hold together and know that all of us are in this thing called "life". Please learn to love all men and women. Give them that opportunity to enjoy life as much and as fullest as we can. It will truly enrich all of us within our souls and hearts. Peace to all.

Bob Joseph, Jr.

New Hampton

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