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I was teaching a 4th grade class at Pleasant Street School on 9/11

To The Daily Sun,

I am a fourth-grade teacher at Pleasant Street School in Laconia.

Teachers make connections with their students every day. Never did I think that a connection made in my classroom on Sept. 11, 2001, would continue to last after all these years.
As I met my class after hearing the devastating news on that fateful day, I was at a loss for words, wanting to keep calm in the face of such uncertainty. I simply told my students that something dreadful had happened to our country and they would be hearing much more about it on the news when they got home.

It was certainly an emotional day for all of us. Of course, we all remember where we were and how we felt.

One of my students, Joshua Cherok was in my class that year. Each year since he has sent a letter of remembrance on the anniversary of 9/11.

In this year's letter, he reflected on how we came together as a class under very difficult circumstances and how he felt safe. He remembered how the tissue box was passed around as we sat in the circle just being together. He remembered...

Josh had a dream of becoming an airline pilot as evidenced by his fourth-grade illustration on our classroom door. I am proud to say he has achieved his dream and is flying planes today.
On behalf of teachers everywhere and particularly my colleagues at Pleasant Street School, keep making those connections. You never know where they will lead.

Mary Faria

Grade 4, Pleasant Street School


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Stewardship of Weeks Woods is entirely appropriate; we trust them

To The Daily Sun,

I want to thank The Laconia Daily Sun for publishing the informative article on why the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests conducted the timber harvest at Weeks Woods.

The society had contacted me earlier this year to let us know of those plans and we were pleased to hear that such a plan was in place. I also appreciate that the society is communicating to everyone who has been concerned about the changes occurring there and will be hosting a tour later next month to show everyone the good work they have done.

Those woods are very important, sacred even, to me and my family. The land was donated to the Forest Society in honor of my late husband, Bob, by his parents, John and Esther Weeks. The main reason that they made that gift in Bob's name was because of the countless hours that he spent in those woods.

Over 50 years ago, timber from those woods provided lumber for our family home on Sleeper Hill. The woods provided a playground for my children and their cousins. Bob was happiest when he was working in the woods, cutting trees, and enjoying the tranquility of the forest. He understood what it took to keep the land in good shape for future generations.

It is entirely appropriate that the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests is now the steward for that land. We trust them. They hold the same values and practice the same sound forestry that my husband did. My family and I are grateful for their expertise and excellent management of Weeks Woods.

Sheila Weeks

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