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Does Ms. Loesch know difference between prison & county jail?

To The Daily Sun,

When reading letters composed by Bernadette Loesch, I have to conclude that she is a very intelligent person but just as with some of the others who indulge in the "sport" of opinion I tend to disagree with her in most instances. In her letter on Tuesday she chastises the County Convention for not joining in with the County Commission in favor of a new, shall we say, "jail" that will treat inmates like visitors to a spa in the Hamptons. She describes the existing jail as an " inadequate, decrepit, abundant violation facility". Hmm, I wonder how many visits she's made to the jail. She goes on to extol N.Y. State for it's revamp of it's "prisons".

Apparently Ms. Loesch doesn't know the difference between a county jail and a state prison. County jail inmates cannot be incarcerated there for a term of more than one year and because of plea bargains, good behavior etc. there are few that serve out a full year To spend the amount of money that the commission wants to spend on a facility for short term inmates is ridiculous. Short term stays don't allow enough time to make a major change in the thinking and lives of the people that end up there and by the way, I was always of the assumption that jails and prisons were meant to be a form of punishment. Oops,I guess that wasn't politically correct.

I applaud the County Convention for looking at other ways to improve the facility that won't require the outlay for construction and the massive annual expenses to operate it that would probably cause a mass exodus from the city of Laconia as it's citizens would bear the brunt of the increase in taxes necessary to fund it.
Now to Dick Devens (don't you just love him). Mr. Devens has concluded that corporations aren't people. Okay, if that's the case, are corporations run by trained mice ,robots or maybe aliens from outer space? Please explain Mr. Devens. If he feels that corporations
shouldn't be allowed to be involved in the political process does he feel the same about unions or non-profits or any organization that is run by a board of directors or a privately owned company that is under control of a family or investors? Please Mr. Devens let us know how
you would pick and choose.
Dave Schwotzer

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Gilmanton School Board has assigned its duties to superintendent

To The Daily Sun,
The citizens of Gilmanton should know that the School District once again has a surplus of funds in excess of $500,000.00 By law they are not allowed to spend this money but must return it to the town. However, every year they try to encumber these funds even though it is illegal to do so.
Also it was stated in a recent School Board meeting that they have not had a clean audit in over two years.
Additionally problems exist with the hiring process in that the School Board's actions violate their own written policies. The school has a high turnover rate and thus is frequently hiring. Positions are filled by the superintendent with the School Board providing merely a rubber stamp when they should be a part of the interviewing process. Recently an Information Technology person was hired without even consulting with the School Board, which has a member who is an IT professional. In effect the School Board has assigned its duties to the superintendent. The board chair even stated that there was no need for the board to participate in the hiring process.
Parents, citizens and voters need to become more involved by attending meetings and requiring accountability from their elected officials. That accountability must begin with following the legally established format which makes the administration responsible to the School Board and the School Board responsible to the voters.
Remember it's your money.
Joanne Gianni
Gilmanton Iron Works

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Why does convention adhere to penal standards of last century?

To The Daily Sun,
Just found a very interesting statistic that should be of interest to your readers. With the current debates that are ongoing as to whether or not to build a new correctional facility in Laconia, we might not be aware of what great things are happening in New York State.
In New York State they have revamped their prison system along the lines the model of what Ricci/Greene Associates recently presented to the Belknap County Convention. These statics have shown that the prison population has been reduced by 20 percent and New York State is closing some facilities that are no longer needed. The Ricci/Greene Associates model is in use in many area prisons not only in New York, but many other states. Basically what this says is that the model of rehabilitation to prevent recidivism has slowed down drastically.
If the Belknap County Convention continues to ignore the above mentioned statics they are truly living with their collective heads in the sand. Are they hoping that the problems which currently exist at the decrepit building which houses incarcerated individuals will resolve itself?
May I suggest that the Belknap County Convention seriously reconsider the recommendations of Ricci/Greene in order that New Hampshire can be one of the states having this fantastic outcome. I cannot understand why all the different levels of government involved in this issue have to keep disagreeing, causing unnecessary tensions and just postponing an inevitable outcome.
It truly puzzles me that the convention continues to want to live and govern according to standards from the past century? Why do we have to wait until someone housed in the inadequate, decrepit, abundant violation facility dies? Seems to me that the investment is sound and is based on working successful models in and around the United States.
Representatives: Which way do you want to spend the money? Could it be that you are playing Russian Roulette? A lawsuit could end up costing all levels of government millions of dollars. Either way you are going to pay in the long run... right?
Bernadette Loesch

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Generous businesses to thank for success of boat parade

To The Daily Sun,
We had great participation for our Sanbornton Bay Association Annual Boat Parade. Without the generosity of our local businesses this could not have happened! I want to personally extend a "THANK YOU" to: Winnisquam Marine, Winnisquam Trading Post, Pirates Cove, T Bones, Lobster Connection, The Lake House at Ferry Point Inn, Shooters, Osbourn Agway, Leighton Diversified, Winnisquam Collectibles, Den Brae Golf Course, Winnisquam Car Wash, Apple Tree Nursery and Cara Bean.
A wonderful time was had by all!
Barb Bormes, Social Director
Sanbornton Bay Association

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I still don't like governmnt imposing on every aspect of life

To The Daily Sun,
Thanks to the Daily Sun for publishing all kinds of letters from very interesting readers. I'd like to comment about how beautiful Laconia looks. It looks like a lot of money is being spent in the area, so I was curious where it was all coming from. A lot of local businesses contribute to our beauty, but I found a name I wasn't familiar with — HEAL. It means Healthy Eating, Active Living. HEAL helped fund the WOW Trail and they had vegetable gardens in front of the high school last year. They also helped organize the Walk NH Week, the Catch Kids Club, 5-2-1-0 resources, the Meredith Walks Guide, and many other innovative activities. So who are they, and where do they get their funding?
HEAL is sponsored by the Foundation for Healthy Communities and funded by several private organizations, and the N.H. Department of Health & Human Services and the Tides Foundation, of George Soros. Hmm. It's also part of Plan NH, which is part of Granite State Future, funded by grants from the Regional Planning Commissions that get their money from the federal government through Housing and Urban Development, which has a moral obligation to the U.N. to carry out their UN Agenda 21.
No wonder the federal government doesn't have any money. It is spending so much of it on these feel-good projects that #1 we don't need, and #2 we could do ourselves. So why is the government so interested in spending our tax money on communities all over the country? I got some of my answer from Plan NH's website. They say, "The communities have received approximately $10,000 in grant monies and will continue to receive $60,000 of training and technical assistance over a two-year grant period. The grants were awarded to help communities identify and implement municipal strategies –— such as adding bike paths, sidewalks, and farmers markets — to provide more choices for residents to eat healthy and be physically active. Special consideration was given to rural towns and urban neighborhoods with health, social and economic disparities...
"The HEAL Community Grant Program is unusual because it requires municipal management (mayors, selectboards, town managers) to take the lead in mobilizing community members to work together — in contrast with traditional community health improvement models led by public health agencies or nonprofits."
My take on government grants is that there is no such thing as "Free Money". There's always strings attached. So I checked out Agenda 21 to see what it says. They are proscribing a global partnership for sustainable development. How does that affect us? Principle 5 encourages "states" to decrease the disparities of the standards of living of the majority of the people of the world. What does that have to do with HEAL? See above paragraph. Well, I haven't read all 300 pages of the agenda yet, but I believe it's not a good use of our taxpayer's dollars. Even though it "feels good". I still don't like the government imposing itself on every aspect of my life. Is this our future?
Peggy Graham

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