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I’ve found the governor I want to ‘hire’ in Jeanie Forrester

To The Daily Sun,

I really believe that an endorsement of a political candidate should be more like a hiring process than just saying, "Well, I like that one better." Because of that, I rarely endorse any candidate, although I do vote and participate in the political process. During this primary, I very much believe that it's important to have a conservative, principled candidate ready to go into the general election. Because that is so very important, I would like to "hire" Jeanie Forrester and I encourage you to do the same.

As a real estate appraiser with well over 30 years in the industry, I understand the concerns of the property owners who will be impacted if the Northern Pass goes through. It's not just about views. It's about fall zones and increasing insurance rates. It's about refinancing options. It's about property tax rates and a shrinking tax base, or having to increase the property tax rate to cover for these shortfalls. It's about personal property rights versus the rights of the government and eminent domain.

For 13 years I was the chief appraiser at the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, so I do understand the occasional need to use eminent domain for the public good. However, when this happens, it should only be done as a last resort and the people affected should be made whole again. There is no need, pressing or otherwise, for this project to go through New Hampshire. There is no way to make these people whole again after impinging on their rights, their lands and their way of life. Jeanie is against the Northern Pass for all of the right reasons. Interview point one, passed.

As a former selectman, I understand the budgeting process and the importance of maintaining services while not overburdening taxpayers. Jeanie has worked tirelessly in the New Hampshire Senate to do just this. She has incurred the wrath of liberal factions who would like to see the welfare state expanded, school choice eliminated and our First and Second Amendment rights restricted. This, in and of itself, tells me she is doing everything right. Interview point two, passed.

As a citizen of New Hampshire, the husband, son and father of veterans, a supporter of our police and an active member of the community, I appreciate Jeanie's accessibility. She is truly an empathetic person and when it comes to reaching out to help her constituents, party lines go away and her true, caring personality comes forth. Whether it's reaching out to the parents affected so tragically by the current drug crisis and working with the local communities to try and find solutions she is personally present. She understands that a solution that might work in one community might not work in another and she's willing to roll up her sleeves and do the work for each and every one of us, rather than offering a "one size fits all" solution. Interview point three, passed.

I've found the governor I'm going to hire in Jeanie Forrester and in that, I offer my endorsement for this intelligent, self-disciplined, conservative woman and look forward to having Governor Forrester in the Concord corner office.

Timothy Seeger


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State legislature elections affect you more than national races

To The Daily Sun,

The New Hampshire state primary is on Sept. 13, Tuesday of the week after Labor Day. I'm running for the New Hampshire House of Representatives again, and I would sincerely appreciate your vote.

There are five of us running in the Democratic Primary for the four seats in Laconia, which comprises Belknap County District 3. This primary gives you a chance to choose four of us to run in the November election.

All registered Democrats and Independents are eligible to vote in the Democratic primary and I urge everyone to make the effort to get out and vote in the primary. Independents who vote in the Democratic primary will thereafter be listed as Democrats until they change their affiliation back to independent with the City Clerk.

State House and Senate seats don't get a lot of attention, but you are much more affected by and have a lot more influence on local issues, like the opioid situation and school funding, than on grand national issues, to mention only two.

Your vote is important. I hope to see you at the polls on Sept. 13.

David Huot

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