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IF some are good Muslims, why have they not stepped forward?

To The Daily Sun,

Donald Trump seems to be the only one who has the guts to say that Muslims should not come to the USA anymore. They want everything their way. They do not share our values. Every time I see one of them in their get-up dress, I just wonder why they have to be wearing that if they are in our country.

Remember the way it use to be? They learned English and loved our flag and our culture. Today they want to make the USA just like where they came from. I say, enough. Go back where you came from. You are not welcomed here in America, not your Sharia law; which is outrageous.

Why are we putting up with this? We all say, "Go Donald Trump," and clean out America. Let's take our country back. He is not tied to special interest and is not a puppet like the rest of them. Go Donald, you have our vote. Enough of bowing down to the Muslims. Whose country is this anyway?

If some are good Muslims then why have they not come forward? None have yet. I do not trust those people. They have some nerve walking around in the outfits that they wear. I know most of us feel the same way.

If Hillary or Bush get in then we will all know this is fixed and our votes mean nothing. Let's close the doors and let no more into the USA.

God bless America.

Anna DeRose


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2 Gilmanton selectmen met with GYRL board to discuss funding

To The Daily Sun,

On Nov. 23, the Board of Selectmen represented by Rachael Hatch and Michael Jean met with the Gilmanton Year-Round Library to discuss funding options. A new funding idea was presented by the GRYL, a three-year contract with the Town of Gilmanton.

Should the Board of Selectmen sign this agreement, you are committed to fund the $50,000 a year. Your right to vote on this has just been taken away.

What happened after the meeting is outrageous. Not a word of this contract has been spoken of to the full Board of Selectmen. Chairman Hatch and Selectman Jean have had two selectmen's meetings to share this with me.

The following quote is from the GYRL minutes of Nov. 23, 2015: Rachael, "If we wait until the meeting on the 14. It won't appear as if this is being pushed through. We don't want the perception that we are trying to get something pushed through. Do not do this at next Monday's meeting. Give us a couple of weeks to solidify the language and get an attorney to review."

Perception, that is a powerful word. This is how I perceive it: deception.

I went to the Budget Committee meeting this past Wednesday and the GYRL presented the draft contract. Shouldn't the full Board of Selectmen see this first?

I have been a supporter of your right to vote on this warrant article for funding the library. What is more democratic than that? I do not support placing the funding in the operating budget

Tonight is Dec. 14 and I imagine ... now I will see the contract. The Board of Selectmen will vote on it, Hatch, yes; Jean, Yes; Guarino, no. Now two selectmen made a decision and you had no vote.

Tell them what you think.

Don Guarino
Gilmanton Selectman

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