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I can't wait to see this warm, compassionate woman in the White House

To The Daily Sun,

Seeing Hillary Clinton three times in three days was hardly enough for me. She is so intelligent. But more importantly, she is engaging and empathetic.

Hillary's passion and fire brought down the house at the New Hampshire Democratic Party state convention last weekend in Manchester. In Plymouth, she charmed a room full of local Democrats of all stripes and in Laconia, Hillary hosted a discussion on substance abuse. The latter made the deepest impression, not only because of the moving stories of the Laconia community and their coming together to combat substance abuse, but because of my own experience meeting Hillary.

I was lucky enough to meet with her before the discussion began and told her that my daughter was on Capitol Hill that very minute, trying to convince her elected representatives to put more resources into preventing veteran suicides. Hillary lit up. She was excited to hear about the work my daughter was doing, to make a real difference tackling such a serious problem, and she clearly understood how proud I felt.

I mentioned that my daughter told me that it's not just younger veterans who are suffering from substance abuse and suicide, but that it's a problem among older veterans, too. So you can imagine how I felt during the question-and-answer session an hour later, when Hillary, in her comments, was quick to draw attention to older veterans struggling with such abuse and suicide.

The Hillary I met couldn't be more different from the Hillary I read about in the media. She is a warm, compassionate, thoughtful listener, and I can't wait to see her in the White House.

Patricia P. Schlesinger
New Hampton

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You say an all-powerful, all-knowing deity needs our worship

To The Daily Sun,

In the heart of Dixie, Alabama has just approved a new science education overhaul for 2016. They will be teaching both evolution and climate change as established science. They have decided they want their kids equipped for the real world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Being ignorant can have profound consequences in this fast paced and demanding world. Some of the chief proponents of this change are quite religious.

Intelligent Design Theory (ID) is not science. It can't be tested. It can't be verified. It has no gathered lines of evidence. Science attempts to develop hypotheses that best explain the observations in nature. Intelligent design assumes as certain fact that there is a God and then tries to build a case within that box. True scientific explanations always admit uncertainties. ID masks itself as science with ideas like "irreducible complexity" which always crumble when examined.

Science is neutral on a creator, but science isn't neutral about what is established science to this date. While science can disprove a great deal of what religions claim in their texts and doctrines, it is pretty quiet on the notion of a creator. How exactly do you define a creator? Is it an "eternal" ground state? A being? An energy or force? Is it just too incomprehensible for us? Since science can only measure the natural world, how could it ever know anything about an alleged supernatural world? Its not in physical evidence and it certainly has never been measured except in Ghost Busters and old Vincent Price movies.

Evolution can be reconciled with faith if one is intellectually capable of revising their definition of a creator. After all, a "personal God" presented by the fundamental religious texts of Jews, Christians and Muslims really is a case where primitive humans created a creator and "king" in their own image with their own tendencies, willfulness and egotism. What cracks us unbelievers up the most is the notion that an all-powerful, all-knowing deity needs our recognition and worship. It's bizarre to us that an omnipotent creator is obsessed about humans taking notice of him. What kind of omnipotent creator needs our attention?

It amazes me that people can believe this stuff. Worship and obey the king or lose your head. Prostrate yourself or else, slave.

James Veverka

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