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Democrats will meet the candidates Sunday at Leavitt Park

To The Daily Sun,

The Belknap County Democrats will hold a Meet the Candidate event this Sunday, Sept. 14, at the Leavitt Park Clubhouse on Elm Street in Laconia from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Now that the Primary is over, our candidates are moving into the general election. This is the opportunity to meet them — including Executive Council, County Commissioner, State Senate and State Rep candidates — and ask them questions about the issues of the day.
Our featured speaker is Mark Fernald. Refreshments will be provided.
Hope to see you there.
Kate Miller
Chair, Belknap County Democrats


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Tom Dawson is the kind of guy who always does his homework

To The Daily Sun,

I'm writing to ask you to cast your vote in November for Tom Dawson for state representative. Tom started the Fire Technology program at the Community College before my time there, but he is still known for his thoughtfulness, high standards, and genial personality.

Tom has had an illustrious career. After earning his doctorate at Oklahoma State Univesity, the premier fire protection technology program in the country, he was hired from the Houston Fire Department by Gov. John Sununu to serve as our New Hampshire State Fire Marshal. He has served his community in a variety of other ways, including being a member of the Laconia School Board for nine years.

He's a strong supporter of the Community College System which is a key to improving the employability of our young people. He's got two successful adult children, and lives with his wife in Laconia where he has lived since 1984.

I don't know where Tom stands, yet, on the jail, but I can tell you he's a guy who does his homework. He's visited the jail, talked to the superintendent, and spoken with me at length about the situation there.

Tom's interests are much broader than just the jail. He's a guy you can work with to get things done.

Dave Pollak



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New LSD staff were introduced to local businesses by scavenger hunt

To The Daily Sun,

New Laconia School District staff members participated in a scavenger hunt around Laconia to get to know the area. Local area merchants welcomed these staff members into their businesses to help them become familiar with what they had to offer. This was a great opportunity for the new staff members, some new to the area, to enjoy what Laconia has available.

Special thanks to the following merchants for their participation: Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce, Laconia Police Department, Village Bakery, Bootleggers, MC Cycle, Prescott's Florist, Laconia City Hall, Belknap Mill, Daubs Shoe Repair, Vintage Café, Bead Divine, Downtown Deli, Laconia Fire Department, Burrito Me, Vintage Row, Bank of New Hampshire, Polished and Proper Barber Parlor, Frates Art Studio, Art Escape, Whittemore's Florist, The Studio, Laconia Public Library, All My Life Jewelers, Laconia Athletic and Swim Club, Happy Cow Ice Cream, Sunflower Health Foods Store, My Coffee House, Sunday's Salon, and Soda Shoppe. Special thanks also to Michelle Plourde and Karen Switzer of Laconia School District for their technical assistance.

Janet Brough

Laconia School District

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13 areas of Lower Bay Road need fixing before the onset of Winter

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to the Sanbornton Department of Public Works and the N.H. Department of Transportation:

I've taken the time to list 13 areas of Lower Bay Road that need immediate attention for pot hole repair prior to the winter months. September is here and the road condition is terrible. This is also a safety hazard since many cars drive in the middle of the road to avoid the road damage. If I was a home owner in these areas the noise must be terrible from cars and trucks hitting them. Vehicle damage is very likely in the months to follow with snow, ice, and frost heaves. Our fuel delivery man said he travels 5-10 mph in spots.

The problem areas are: 29 Lower Bay, 203-211 Lower Bay terrible area, 100 Lower Bay (B&B on a curve), 229 Lower Bay, 106 Lower Bay, 305 Lower Bay (on a hill), 136 Lower Bay, 465 Lower Bay, 183 Lower Bay, Dr True Road through 564-569-580 Lower Bay (just terrible).

I urge all residents of the area to contact the town for just repairs before winter. Thank-you for my time. A truck load of tar won't break the bank.

Douglas Rasp


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Democrats have hands in the cookie jar just as deep as GOP's

To The Daily Sun,

Bernadette Loesch on Friday asked what are we going to do about all the differing funding sources supporting candidates running for office and, I suppose, funding political parties by extension? My suggestion would be for people to stop voting for professional politicians.

She's is wrong about the Supreme Court being wrong about their freedom of speech decision because nowhere in our Constitution is that freedom restricted to any group, party, organization, or person. Aside from laws against slander or hate speech people are free to say as they will, organize as they choose and support whom they like. Besides just who does Bernadette desire to make that decision on who can or can't spend money on an election? Bet your bottom dollar it wouldn't be on a bunch of conservatives so why should we conservatives consider allowing such decision be ruled by liberals even if it wasn't unconstitutional?

I have the uneasy feeling Bernadette is supporting another liberal dream of shutting off the rights of non-liberals much like the administration did by having the IRS do three years ago, before the last election. Sounds to me as though she only wants funding to be unrestricted to Democrats, and speaking of such, where does she think they get their billions'? It's not all from grass-roots working people. It's from unions that are big businesses in themselves, multimillionaires, billionaires, and trillionairs that Obama goes golfing with. What? You thought he was out with the boyz from the hood?

No sir, you Democrats have your hands just as deeply in the cookie jar as any Republican so climb down of that white horse and put your own house in order.

Steve Earle


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