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Jeanie Forrester's campaign will be 'grassroots' & I will help

To The Daily Sun,

The State of New Hampshire finally has a candidate running for governor who will work for the people, not the big shots in Concord. This change will be grassroots and all the people can get involved any way they can. From the Mass. border to the border of Canada, she will bring the power to each city and town in N.H., and let them say what needs to be done locally. For years this one of the many things that should have been changed. This is what "For the People" means.
Already the other candidates are rolling endorsements. Many of these endorsements are people well known and have been involved in politics for years. Many of Jeanie's endorsements will be people you have never heard of. That is why she is running a grassroots campaign for the people. She knows how important it is to let everyone have a say in how N.H. Is run.

If you care about your county, city, or town, you should seriously listen to Jeanie's message and get involved. If you see a grey Toyota Tundra with the license plate BEPO anywhere in the state, I am probably bringing or putting out signs.
The key word is "grassroots."

L. Michael Hatch

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By walking our of the meeting those 3 stifled democracy in Alton

To The Daily Sun,

Last night (April 4) at the Alton Central School board meeting, we had a firsthand lesson in civics that has left us baffled. At Prospect Mountain, we have been told it is the school's mission to help us become "effective and appropriate communicators." According to our mission statement, we should "demonstrate personal responsibility and practice basic principles of citizenship in a democracy."

These are fine tenets upon which our academic instruction and social expectations are based, but they are a little hard to swallow when some Alton School Board members do not practice what they preach. By walking out of the Monday night's meeting, Sandy Wyatt and Steve Miller closed the doors of communication to the citizens in attendance. By walking out of the meeting, they stifled democracy. By walking out the doors at 5:07 pm, seven minutes after the meeting began, they systematically discounted every lesson about democracy, responsibility, and effective and appropriate communication our teachers have worked diligently to impart. It's a good thing our teachers have also taught us to "practice civil, non-violent methods of communicating differences in resolving conflict." Because of our teachers, we know the "pen is mightier than the sword" when combating questionable and disrespectful behavior by the people who are supposed to be building up our community through collaboration, not isolating the citizens by shutting down the forum in which they may express their thoughts.

Andrea Feliciano

Maggie Fontaine

Ryan Thibeault

Prospect Mountain High School students

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