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Thanks to Moultonborough Fire for saving our 110 slip marina

To The Daily Sun,
As president of the Quayside Yacht Club and on behalf of its board of directors and club members I would like to sincerely thank Fire Chief David Bengtson and the Moultonborough firefighters for saving our 110 slip marina. I would also like to thank the fire boat crews from Tuftonboro, Meredith, and Gilford who responded and assisted in the fire. To the unnamed Moultonborough police officer who certainly helped to save the marina by moving an adjacent boat — we are extremely grateful.
These firefighters worked under extreme and dangerous conditions. One boat had approximately 200 gallons of gasoline on board that blew up and access to the dock area was limited. This particular section of our marina is called the back dock and is a long way from the dry hydrant.
The Yacht Club would also like to thank the Moultonborough Fire Department for working with us in placing fire extinguishers in different locations throughout the marina and for helping us procure and train on an ALS life support automatic defibrillator.
Thank you, Moultonborough Fire Department, for always being there whenever we needed your assistance or advice on anything having to do with safety.
Dave Nickerson


President, Quayside Yacht Club

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If my uncle was a rocket scientist, that also makes me an expert?

To The Daily Sun,

Although I do write letters to the editor on occasion in response to one that is soft on facts, I try not to get involved in a give and take with any one person. I'm going to make an exception to that today.

Ms. Bernadette Loesch wrote in response to my query of whether or not she knew the difference between a jail and a prison the following; "One of my family members wore two separate uniforms for many, many years. One uniform was worn during service in the U.S. Military, the other was worn as a law enforcement officer for a large police department."

Again, I'm going to use a quote from Hillary Clinton when being questioned about the Benghazi murders of our diplomat and three Navy Seals: "What difference does it make?"

According to Ms. Loesch's way of thinking if my uncle was a rocket scientist that would also make me an expert on rocket science. Again an evasive answer from the left. What a joke!

Dave Schwotzer


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What happened to presentation about a $21 million county jail?

To The Daily Sun,

Having served as a member of the Belknap County Delegation from 2008-2012, I had the opportunity to attend the jail presentation with six other members during my terms.

At that presentation, we saw a PowerPoint presentation and were given an information packet that indicated the new jail could cost anywhere from $21 million dollars to $43 million dollars. It was up to the jail committee, the commissioners, and the delegation to develop the needs. The current committee is continuing our work to, hopefully, make the right choices.

During that presentation, I commented that I would not favor an elaborate MGM Grand Hotel concept, but preferred a simple, basic, functional Motel 6 concept. My intent was to move the project into something the county's taxpayers could afford.

Three of the attendees are still on the delegation. It surprises me that they have not brought this presentation to the delegation's attention. I have mentioned this to individual members, but none have seen the packet or been informed about the presentation.

In closing, we are not "bad people", we are just looking to get the most for your, the taxpayer's, money and to provide a safe environment for both the staff and the inmates.

Elaine Swinford
Center Barnstead


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Happy 250th Birthday to the Town of Plymouth

To The Daily Sun,

This past weekend, the Town of Plymouth hosted many events and activities to celebrate its 250th birthday — and it was an over-the-top celebration. Plymouth, and its people, are a perfect example of small town America and what makes New Hampshire such a great place to live, work, and play.

I was honored to present a Senate Resolution and N.H. state flag flown over the Statehouse in recognition of this historic occasion.Happy 250th birthday Plymouth!

Senator Jeanie Forrester
N.H. State Senate, District 2


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Time for Philpot to resign & have replacement look for common ground

To The Daily Sun,

Belknap County Commissioner Ed Philpot obviously feels that he has so much power he can make unfounded accusations against his Republican colleagues just because they stand in direct opposition to his Democrat agenda and goals. For him to describe the Republican leadership for the Belknap County Delegation as "bad people looking to do bad things" not only sounds childish but is a character assassination of the delegation — which is always in the Democrats playbook when they can't seem to accomplish their agenda with healthy means of communication. Disqualify the enemy (Republicans) so that people will believe the accusations.

Commissioner Philpot obviously believes he can use his level of power to attack the integrity of the Republican delegation. His negative and unfounded accusations are more of a reflection of who Mr. Philpot is and the Democrat Party and how he is failing to lead his own party. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." When someone of power such as Ed Philpot degrades others and makes unfounded accusations based on his own personal agenda, perceptions and beliefs it is time for such a person to resign and allow someone who can articulate the argument and bring common ground to both parties to take his place.

Linda Hart


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