Laconia has to stand up & start screaming about heroin crisis

To The Daily Sun,

I grew up in Gilford and Laconia. Those towns hold a dear place in my memory and always will. My family is still there and even though I moved away to Texas in the mid-'80s I get the pleasure of being able to go back and visit. I am devastated on hearing the recent events that have occurred just in this past week. A total of five heroin/drug overdoses.

This cannot be the first alarm that has sounded off. You do not need this e-mail to tell you something is seriously wrong. I know you know. I have gone over what you all have implemented in the past two years to try to get ahead of this epidemic. In your statistics I suppose you believe it is effective. I do not believe you are targeting the groups that are the core of the problem. This addiction is serious problem, and from what I have been told — and please correct me if I am wrong — there is not an actual long-term facility in Laconia.

Heroin addiction from what I studied is not a three-day fix. Nor is it for people that do not have insurance. Most of your cases are going to be the age of 18 years to 40. This is your working force. Many are on welfare, unemployed etc. due to this addiction. Eventually they will end up in one of these categories if they are working. The number is growing.

Does this concern you enough to change your thought process of what is really needed? Someone has to get aggressive. Having meetings that the real addicts will not attend unless court ordered will continually go nowhere. I would recommend you find a facility in town where these sick residents can get real help — long-term help. You will have to seek emergency funds to staff, house, educate and treat these sick residents. Reach out for volunteers. This is not going away.

As for welfare recipients, there must be a way to test monthly in order to qualify for benefits. Organize fundraisers, auctions, job fairs, anything to help fund this facility which is very much needed. The job fairs will also be an important area to concentrate on. Give the local business incentive to hire these residents that you will work endlessly to get better, so they have job to go to. Or maybe that person who has not been able to find work and is thinking that drugs are a way to escape the miserable situation they are in.

This town has to stand up and start screaming, screaming loud. Eventually you will see a domino effect. Younger families will be afraid to stay in fear of their children going down that path. New business will shy away due to the reputation that is starting to haunt this town. Vacationers will keep hearing of this disease plaguing the city and will no longer feel safe. It's going to happen, the town will slowly start dying economically.

If this is one person's thoughts 3,000 miles away, times me by thousands. Social media is very powerful and this news is already spreading all over the U.S. just in my group alone. There needs to be a group, a task force to heal this community. You do not have a lot of time, this will spread like any other disease and just get worse if you do not take immediate action. This can be controlled if the right programs are put in place, what you are doing now is not working. You have to find the solution and find it quickly. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it falls in the right ears. Scream, Laconia, scream!

Tia M. Rodriguez

Frisco, Texas

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I've not done anything on Halloween that would shameful to God

To The Daily Sun,

I am a 15-year-old Catholic girl, and Bishop Paul W. Blake's opinion on Halloween I found ridiculous.

He claimed that Halloween has been corrupted and that church should have nothing to do with it. Is this not exactly the opposite of what we should do? Aren't we called as Christians to be in the world, but not of it?

So some people have polluted the celebration, but isn't that what humans do, being sinful beings? We mess stuff up. That doesn't mean we should give up completely. But turning off your lights and hiding in your home is the exact opposite of what Jesus wants us to do. He wants us to go out and show the world what a wonderful gift we have in His salvation.

My parents have never encouraged the gory or creepy costumes, but encouraged us to be creative and fun with our garb. And the tradition of carving pumpkins and going trick-or-treating will be memories that stick with me forever.

In short, Bishop Paul, I can somewhat understand your point, but you do not realize the facts. I have participated in every Halloween as long as I can remember and I have never done anything that would be shameful to God. I do not mean to offend, but I can't help but feel sorry for the children you "restrict" from these innocent festivities.

Colleen O'Brien


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Shaheen voted for Obama's agenda because it was right thing to do

To The Daily Sun,

After hearing this ad by Scott Brown for a month, I can't take it any more. He said that Jeanne Shaheen voted for Obama's agenda 98 percent of the times. So would I! He is doing what we needed to have done in the United States. We need to get the middle class going again and to have medical insurance for many who were never able to have it in the past. A friend told me that her nephew has MS and could never afford the medicine to take care of it. He couldn't walk! After he got some insurance and got help, he is now walking!

Who thinks that Obamacare is all bad! Yes, I am paying a little higher premiums, but if I know I am helping someone else walk, than I am happy to help. Americans shouldn't be selfish! We should be proud of a senator and a president who want to have everyone experience the American Dream. Vote with that in mind at the polls today.

Thank you for voting, EVERYONE!

Diane Wells


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Hosmer is unque position to argue for best business climate possible

To The Daily Sun,
As voters in Senate District 7 go to the polls today, I hope they will reflect on the outstanding representation they have had by state Sen. Andrew Hosmer over the past two years.

Sen. Hosmer understands the impact of every vote he takes. He spends the time to talk to constituents about their views on the issues and takes real people into consideration as he weighs his position on an issue.

As a local businessman, Sen. Hosmer is in a unique position to argue for the best business climate possible for the state of New Hampshire and for Senate District 7.
As a parent, Sen. Hosmer knows how critical it is that New Hampshire's education system provide the best possible opportunities for all the students in the state.

As someone who takes full advantage of the recreational opportunities available in New Hampshire, Sen. Hosmer knows it is crucial to protect our natural resources and spectacular New Hampshire environment.

Please return Sen. Andrew Hosmer to the New Hampshire Senate today.

Kate Miller


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Thanks to all who supported the 64th Annual Rotary Club Penny Sale

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of all the members of the Plymouth Rotary Club, I would like to thank the many local businesses and merchants who supported our recent 64th annual Penny Sale. Their generous gifts of merchandise, services, and gift certificates helped the Plymouth Rotary raise over $15,000 — ensuring that the Penny Sale was a resounding success. As always, the proceeds from the evening will be earmarked for local community projects and scholarship awards to deserving high school seniors.

We are also grateful for Plymouth Regional High School exceptional support of our event. We would like to thank theater teacher Heather Joy for her powerful rendition of the National Anthem, as well as Ms. Joy's student a cappella groups, including the women's a cappella "Hear Comes Treble" and the men's a cappella "Menharmonics" for their stellar performances. In addition we wish to thank the High School Honor Society for its assistance with delivering the prizes, Mr. John Spear and the DECA group (Future Business Leaders of America) who ran the concessions, the culinary arts program that supplied the baked goods, and Assistant Principal Randy Cleary for arranging for PRHS participation. In addition, we would like to thank Coach Barbara Rawlsky-Willet and the Plymouth Women's Tennis Team (recent winners of the Little East Conference championship) for supporting the event by assisting with raffle ticket sales.

We'd also like to congratulate the winners of our Grand Prize Raffle drawing: Bruce and Susan Wigget of Plymouth won the first prize of a week's stay at the Cold Spring Resort (a $1,000 value), Regan Weaver of Ashland won $500 cash donated by Community Guaranty Savings Bank and the Bridgewater Power Company, Jennifer Maine of Laconia won 100 gallons of home heating oil donated by the Dead River Company, and Katie Badylak of Plymouth won the $200 "Shop Local" shopping spree donated by Venture Print Unlimited Inc.

A special thank you goes to these major sponsors along with thanks to the Bank of New Hampshire, the Common Man Family of Restaurants, CMD Bookkeeping, New Hampshire Electric Co-op, Laconia Eye and Laser Center, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Rand's Hardware, Resource Management Inc., and Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank.

Thank you all again for your generous support of the Penny Sale.

Kathleen M. Kearns, Executive Director of the Circle Program

Plymouth Rotarian – Past President and Penny Sale Chair

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