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Will Common Core Americans be able to sign their own names

To The Daily Sun,

Leave it to Ben Franklin to have an answer as to the reason why.

Another confusing new math and essays for kindergarten students will soon be here as a new school year starts. Apparently the creators of Common Core forgot a young kid's druthers is to have fun and think "music" when they hear the word keyboard, not worrying about learning QWERTY and the grading of their printed essays. Without cursive being taught, when students grow into adulthood, will they give blank stares when asked to sign their name to a legal document? Or use an X as a signature?

An August 22, 2014 article in The Chronicle of Higher Education stated in part, "the number of new jobs requiring a college degree is now less than the number ... graduating from universities." Other articles state that from 50 to 70 percent of the jobs being created today do not require a college degree. And more letters, most con, in this paper.

So why the government push toward college using Common Core as the vehicle? To help answer the question, consider this quote from Benjamin Franklin: "In rivers and bad governments, the lightest things swim at the top."

Jim Raschilla
Alton Bay

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This year we have a chance to put some adults back in charge

To The Daily Sun,

In 2010, I ran for the House of Representative as a fiscal conservative. As a business owner, I could see the problems we were having in Concord with the over-spending lead by the Democrats and a governor who could not hold the line even while raising taxes and fees. It took two years to clean up the $800 million hole the Democrats had created and lied about for four years. The job got done at the expense of a lot of needed projects.

It cost the Republicans the House and almost the Senate however, we did manage to bring in a small amount of money over and above the expenses. The last two years have not been fun watching the governor and the Democratic majority go right back to the same old yo-yo legislation and yo-yo spending. Raising taxes and spending more than is coming in. Like little children in the toy section or the candy section of Walmart, the "Give me, I want....." rhetoric goes on.

This year we have a chance to put some adults back in charge and get control of the budget by some who follow state spending like Charlie Arlinghouse, who say the state could be in the hole again another $200 million. That's why I am voting for some real proven conservative leaders. I will be casting my votes for Herb Vadney, former selectman from Meredith and a fellow House of Representative for the past two years. Also, George Hurt from Gilford, a former state representative and businessman with an impressive background of service on boards and commissions for the state. I am also supporting Russ Dumais, a local business man from Gilford with an impressive background of community service.

These are the kind of people we need to take the leadership roles in Concord and manage this states fiscal affairs. We do not need seat warmers in Concord we need leaders.

Remember to vote on Tuesday, Sept. 9.

State Rep. Robert Greemore


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Other candidates have more qualifications & experience than I do

To The Daily Sun,

Since I announced for a run for state representative, a lot has changed.

The main reason I decided to run was to help put new leadership in the County Convention. As it turned out, my wish was granted before the time to sign up.  The two people I hoped would be replaced decided not to run. I hope the new leadership will run the Convention in a way that respect is given to all the members, no matter which party they represent. It also would be nice everyone is given a chance to give their opinion.

There are many other candidates with more qualifications and experience than me. Even though I will be on the ballot, I plan to support the four candidates who win in the Primary.

The one thing I learned is how many special interest organizations that send you letters of their interest and questioners. The only one I sent back was the one from the NRA, of which I am a member. I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment.

If I was ever elected, my special interest would be the people of Meredith and Gilford.

I have not run an active campaign, no fundraising, no hand-out cards, no signs and no other political events.
I want to thank all those people that encouraged me to run and offered to help finance my campaign.
If I should ever win in the Primary, than I would run a full active campaign and would need plenty of help.

I want to wish all the other candidates good luck.

A lot more important than me winning, is the re-election of Jeanie Forrester, our state senator, and Joe Kenney our executive councilor.

L. Michael Hatch

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There are so few teachers who lose job for cause it is a joke

To The Daily Sun,

It's back-to-school season. Teachers are going back to the classroom to discover a judicial hurricane hitting education.

A high-profile court case, Vergara vs. State of California, was heard, involving several minority students. The plaintiffs' suit claimed tenure and seniority rules established by teachers' unions violated their constitutional rights in receiving a quality education. The case grabbed the headlines, given its potential to set precedent nationwide.

A stream of witnesses took the stand backed by mountains of evidence and days of testimony by experts. The final verdict: the students won a victory of epic proportion that will impact education across the nation. Teachers' unions suffered another stunning and humiliating defeat. Ten more cases are being filed immediately in other states with the intention to eliminate tenure given its damage to the learning experience.

The evidence put forth was shocking. Even the judge commented he was taken aback by the sad history. One Los Angeles school district had spent millions of taxpayers' dollars in the quest to remove just a handful of poorly performing, tenured teachers. The argument was, all too often poor quality, tenured teachers make their way to the poorest quality school districts. The practical reality is, it is literally impossible to rid any school of any poor teachers given the time, cost and union stonewalling to defend them.

Teachers unions are bottomless money pits while school districts count every taxpayer penny. The school district plays David in every showdown against the teachers' billion-dollar, union Goliath.

There are so few teachers in this country removed for cause it is an absolute joke, all while national academic performance has deteriorated for years. We have let teachers' unions run roughshod over teacher quality and accountability in the classroom for the past quarter century. The recent court decision turns that tide. Teacher tenure is going to become as politically and socially incorrect as racism is.

In 1964 we further freed the blacks with the Civil Rights Act. In 2014 we freed the kids from the the horrors of tenure with the Vergara decision. Read my follow-up regarding what the public, parents and teachers think about tenure. You will become both informed, and shocked.

Tony Boutin


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Need good people like Scott Brown to straighten this mess out

To The Daily Sun,

I have had a home on Sawyer Lake for almost 50 years. I also had a home and a chain of flower shops in the Boston suburbs.

In 2008 Scott Brown ran for the U.S. Senate as a Republican. I worked for him. When he won we were all overjoyed. We, the conservative voters of Massachusetts, became distraught when we saw the way he voted, 75 percent with Obama, Barney Frank, Kelly Ayotte, and John McCain. I love America and I love New Hampshire, but we are at a tipping point of never being the "the shining city on the hill" again.

Brown is supported by George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, two beauties bent on destroying America. I am sure you know all this Mr. Editor.

The point I would like to make is that there are still many good people in the world like Sen. Bob Smith, who can straighten this mess out. He is a bulldog for God-given constitutional rights, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Bob Smith is a proven, principled, no-nonsense leader.

Please vote Tuesday, Sept. 9.

Dick Ouellette

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