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Obama's foreign policy in Middle East contrary to our interests

To The Daily Sun,
For years, President Obama has been telling us that al Qaeda is "on the run." Now we learn that they are "on the run" to bomb U.S. embassies and kill Americans. President Obama responds with closures of about 20 embassies and consulates and a global travel warning. Unfortunately that means al Qaeda is a threat right here in the U.S. because terrorists can get here from Canada or Mexico through our inadequately protected borders.
On their way to attack our embassies and people, terrorists have stopped off in Libya and Syria to collect the arms and aid that the Obama administration has been providing them. This administration also aided the enemy by revealing how we discovered the terror threats. In Afghanistan, the Obama administration is paying contractors that are "providing material support to the insurgency..." which may also support global Jihad. The Inspector General states, "I am deeply troubled that the U.S. military can pursue, attack, and even kill terrorists and their supporters, but that some in the U.S. government believe we cannot prevent these same people from receiving a government contract." (http://www.sigar.mil/pdf/quarterlyreports/2013-07-30qr.pdf)

President Obama's foreign policy in the Middle East has been so contrary to American interests that, as his pastor, Reverend Wright, says, "America's chickens are coming home to roost". The Muslim terrorists that President Obama has encouraged, armed, and funded are now a threat to American embassies and Americans anywhere in the world, including here at home.
Don Ewing

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I'm still waiting for answers from Commissioner Ed Philpot

To The Daily Sun,

Two weeks ago I sent a letter to this newspaper (there should be more like it) and enclosed in it were a series of questions for Belknap County Commissioner Ed Philpot. The questions were as follows: How much did the remodeling of the commissioners offices cost and how did that project improve the lives of the nursing home residents and the occupants of the jail? How much did the granite sign at the road cost and how did that help these people? Did Ms. Deb Schacket have the required scholastic degree when you hired her to be the county administrator and if she didn't does she now and who paid for it.

Mr. Philpot, I have gone to the trouble to check an up to date map and found that Meredith is still in Belknap County, so that makes me a constituent of yours (even though I didn't vote for you) and that being the case I think it behooves you to answer these questions. I can understand the delay in your answering these questions as you've probably been busy digging a hole to hide in after the comments you made about the county delegation but that project should be completed by now. All you have to do is pick up the phone or sit at your computer and contact The Laconia Daily Sun and I'm quite sure they would be more than willing to print your response. I, and a multitude of others, all voters, will be expecting a response sooner rather than later.

These questions will keep appearing until answers to them have been given.

Dave Schwotzer


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Let's not look like one big wind park to prove that we're green

To The Daily Sun,

From the outside looking in, one would think this is the windiest place in New England. Four wind farms with an estimated cost of over a half-billion dollars are being proposed within a 15 mile radius? Yes — this area is under attack.

Developers with their large projects enter at their own peril without involving the community. Their potential here is to take over every mountain ridge if the community isn't careful. It's not like local resident oppose alternative energy — many employ solar panels on their homes already — some even live off the grid.

Many residents argue that these projects aren't helping the local economy; others say they're not comfortable in making sacrifices for the electricity going to southern states and some even pointed out this year's summer workers were from out-of-state.

It's truly a question of what you're willing to give up to be green.

Our united opposition is making a difference and it's not unusual for projects to fall by the wayside early in the development process due to a strong "local" objection. But with so many projects on the plate for this region, it seems overwhelming at times — doesn't it? I urge you not to sit on the sidelines for this fight. Your voice on this matter is huge.

We don't want to look like one big wind park to prove this region is green. It's time the state understood this. Last winter was an eye opener for many of us — with the introduction of each proposed wind farm. Let's hope this winter isn't a repeat.

I urge everyone to demand a Town Hall Meeting with the governor on this matter.

Ray Cunningham

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Right wingers are resistant to facts that complicate their views

To The Daily Sun,

I was somewhat disappointed, but not surprised, to read Bob Meade's column on Tuesday that is just a rehash of conservative complaints about supposed Obama administration wrong doing. I found it particularly disturbing that rather than having facts speak for themselves, Meade has to include disturbing details of Ambassador Stevens' death that have been definitely proven to be unfounded rumor. Was his purpose to inflame hatred and prejudice toward Obama and Muslims? In Saturday's Daily Sun we read from Russ Wiles about the Obama "totalitarian takeover of our education system." And on that same day George Dengel informs us of food riots, marshal law, confiscation of guns, the suspension of the Constitution, and Obama appointing himself dictator. Dengel goes on to remind us that "Obama is a Muslim" and that we should look forward to "public floggings, stonings and executions (beheading) simply for being gay, Christian or Jewish."

When you are a right-wing conservative that basis your existence on fear and lies, those fears and lies have to be ginned up every once in awhile as we can plainly witness by the aforementioned contributors. If you convince yourself that Obama is actually out to destroy America from within, than any lie about his beliefs, his religion, even his country of birth, is justified.

Right wing conservatives are resistant to any facts that complicate their views of reality. They are driven by apocalyptic terrors. The future of the republic itself is always in danger, and the Constitution is destined for the shredder. Their illusions of a socialist dictatorship have them trembling with fear and rage. They emphasize the fear rather than courage, resentment rather than compassion, timidity rather than faith, despair rather than hope. Change is not accepted well, and they emphasize the destructive rather than the creative aspects of change.

These contributors have made it quite clear that Obama is the devil incarnate, but they have done nothing to promote the conservative agenda. It reflects a lack of a coherent strategy. They don't have a lot that they themselves can talk about that is affirmative or that voters are looking for. So they default to what is a line of attack that presumably works with their own followers.

As we've seen in this forum, right wing conservatives will tell you that conservatism is not failing — the American people are failing.

L. J. Siden

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Put an end to $42 million jail & focus on bringing jobs to BC

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank The Laconia Sun and reporter Michael Kitch for the front page picture and article titled "Go to Jail". There has been lots of misinformation about the Belknap County Jail. The media should not pick winners or losers but promote the truth. Having spent time in the military and slept in many barracks, I toured the jail last summer to find out the true living conditions for myself.
I met Dan Ward, the superintendent, and his staff. They are all dedicated hard working people. I did think the staffing was too light for the number of people being incarcerated. When I walked away from the tour, I thought there was a disconnect between the military and the public they serve. Why do people think prisoners should be treated better than service members? The jail is crowded but it was designed to have another wing added when needed. If bunk beds were added, it would truly look like a military barracks and more prisoners could be housed. Remember no one is asking these inmates to put on body armor and go on patrol. All they are asked to do is take a shower, eat three meals a day, and behave.
Dan Ward and his staff do need more support from the County Commissioners for their immediate safety concerns. I have heard time and time again the need for locks on jail cells and a security camera system for the protection of the inmates and employees. It is totally unacceptable to ask prisoners to pretend jail cells have locks on them. Video security systems are a must today and are inexpensive. The county needs to make these improvements to make things right at the jail.

Let's put an end to the 42 million dollar jail and start spending our time and energy bringing jobs back to Belknap County. People with a job tend to stay out of trouble and do not cost the taxpayers $32k plus medical expenses a year to house at the Belknap County Jail.
David DeVoy

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