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Who elected the Greater Meredith program to plan our town?

To The Daily Sun,

On March 21,2016, the agenda of our town manager and Selectboard members was to consider the Greater Meredith Program's new sign proposal and to accept a donation of a permanent sailboat from their sculpture display.

What is communitarism? Wow, what a long word with a short meaning. Is it based on a paradigm? It means that a problem is created. A solution is proposed. Struggle between the "two sides" produces an outcome that is a third way. This so-called third way would have never been agreed to except that now it is called a solution to a problem, that doesn't exist. Now the solution is the new "normal."

It begins again, a "select" amount of unelected people making decisions to control the town and environment. The audience on March 21 consisted of about 9-10 members from GMP, including some of their officers, Executive Director Liz Lapham, Vice President Bob Manley who had presented the sign proposal at a previous workshop two weeks prior, and 3-4 public citizens. Where were the good folks of Meredith? Were the good citizens informed? Was this advertised in a newslletter or newspaper? It really makes one wonder if this was a push to obtain a consensus quickly, without residents input! The topic was actually moved up a meeting for a quick vote.

I believe three selectman had numerous and succinct questions concerning the scope of the signs, and the decision to go ahead without informing DOT. Plus the ordinances regarding signs was unresolved. As elected officials for " WE the people", why did the Selectboard vote 3-1 to accept the signs? Why was this not a warrant at the town meeting? Why did they vote yes?

Selectman Bev Lapham, as a member of GMP, did recuse himself from the voting process, but presented the sign motion to the board with corrections from GMP. I dare say this is certainly a "conflict of interest". John Edgar, and the town Planning Department seem to be heading the committee on the beautification of Meredith via the GMP. Again, I repeat there are a lot of unelected people involved without the input of our citizens!

If you go to the "GMP website of NH," it states the NGO works to plan Meredith's future, in partnership with the local businesses, town officials and volunteers. Where are the citizens of Meredith, as they are not included in this unelected society? What right do they have to subjectively plan Meredith's future? Did the taxpayers vote to allow the GMP to "beautify Meredith?" It also states GMP is a NGO. I don't like giving $15,000 to this organization without our citizens input. I would rather the town use the money for our taxes. So what do the good citizens do about this debacle and how do we remedy our local government?

I don't like private-public partnerships because they exclude the regular citizens and do not work for the people, as the citizens are left out of the equation/decision making.

Rosemary Landry

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Thank you to the many who helped with my announcement

To The Daily Sun,

Last week I officially announced my campaign to run for governor at the Wicwas Lake Grange in Meredith. I was honored to have so many friends with me, encouraging and supporting me. Many thanks to everyone who attended and showed their enthusiastic support. Also many thanks to my fellow Grange members for their unwavering support and hard work to host this event on my behalf.

Jeanie Forrester


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