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Welcome to Wide World of Politics; is it rigged like pro wrestiling?

To The Daily Sun,

Political issues that are ironic or funny:

— The first woman candidate for president by a major party is under criminal investigations.

— Governor Hassan is leading in congressional races in states outside of New Hampshire.

— Governor Hassan' supporters take credit for a budget crafted by Senator Jeanie Forrester.

— We don't have an Islamic terror problem; we have a gun problem or bad videos (Benghazi).

— Who is lying about classified emails – FBI Director Comey or Hillary?

— Is Hillary telling lies about her lies?

— Do you believe the Democratic elites in New Hampshire care that you voted for Bernie Sanders?

— Democrat super-delegates are needed because people vote the wrong way.

— Democrats have stated that an AR-15 can fire 500 rounds per minute.

— FBI Director Comey stated that Hillary was not sophisticated. Is sophisticated a nice word for incompetent?

— Did Attorney General (AG) Lynch intend to meet with President Clinton?

— Is AG Lynch going to Raqqa (ISIS capital) to offer them jobs?

— Who is more incompetent as AG, Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch?

— It is an old joke, how do you tell Hillary is lying? Her mouth is open.

— Do the Democrats support the progressive movement to confiscate all guns?

— Do you know that President Clinton insisted on a private plane to fly 70 miles to give a speech?

Welcome to the WWP – Wide World of Politics. Is the WWP rigged like the WWE wrestling?

Jim Mayotte

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Let me explain whey our food pantry is in honest need of pet food

To The Daily Sun,

The Twin Rivers Interfaith Food Pantry here in Franklin is asking for help with donations; we are in need.

As director of the pantry, many would argue with me about seeking pet food items, many for dogs and cats. I sometimes hear, "If folks can't feed themselves, why do they keep animals they have to feed as well?" I have a couple of examples as to why your donations of pet food items are so drastically needed.

First, today a man arrived holding on to two dogs who hadn't eaten in days. Why? The dogs' owner was suddenly evicted due to an inspection resulting which found the residences full of contamination. The tenants had to move immediately with no place to go. Trying to find housing that will accept pets is very difficult, and days go ticking by.

Second, some people have to — not want to — live in dangerous areas. A pet, especially a dog, will warn if harm is near. Anyone who understands how life can change on a dime and loves their own pets, will understand why many so in need themselves seek safety and continuity when life has turned them upside-down.

Your donations are so very needed right now and I am having trouble finding something out of my refrigerator to bring in just in case. Both human and animal lives need food in order to survive. Will you help us feed "Fido" and "Tabby" this August?

The Rev. Karen Heavey, Director

Twin Rivers Interfaith Food Pantry


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