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Allow me to list a few things that demonstrate my 'lack of interest'

To The Daily Sun,

I write in response to Julie Richelson, whose letter appeared in Saturday, Oct. 29's, Daily Sun:

You stated "I do not know Ms. Gulick..." in your letter alleging my "lack of interest" in the community.

We've lived in New Hampton for 46 years. My "lack of interest" included — among other things — running the kindergarten in town, prior to the school district taking over that financial and staffing obligation; serving (briefly) on the board of Child and Family Services, and (long-term) on the board of NANA. I was one of the originating members of the Ruth S. Joyce Scholarship and have been an active supporter these many years.

My law practice of 25 years intimately involved me with citizens and institutions in the community. I was honored to receive a pro bono award in 1992. My confidentiality obligation requires my silence with respect to the thousands of cases I handled. Maybe some former clients would be willing to talk with you about my "lack of interest."

One of my favorite activities over the years has been going into classrooms. I am currently serving on the Board and Executive Committee of the Gordon-Nash Library. For the past 8-plus years, I've been secretary of the New Hampton Historical Society. Most recently Peter and I were able to help retrieve the ancient Grange stove, removed from the Grange Hall.

I am happy that Valerie attended meetings when she was invited as a representative. Should I fault Valerie for not attending the meetings and activities where I was involved as a legislator? Of course not. It would be cheap shot. She deserves better, and so do I.

Ruth Gulick

New Hampton

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State School committee will have draft report after Nov. meeting

To The Daily Sun,

On August 3, I asked the Governor and Executive Council to form an advisory committee to be established to review the sale of the Laconia State School property as required by RSA 176:113, Laws of 2015. The governor and council agreed.

Soon after, an advisory committee was formed of eight board members from the N.H. Department of Administration Services, the N.H. Department of Environmental Services, N.H. Department of Health and Human Services, the N.H. House, the N.H. Senate, N.H. Department of Resources and Economic Development, the City of Laconia and the Belknap Economic Development Council. The advisory committee members have met three times already to discuss recommendations to the state on the sale of the property.

The first meeting was held at the Statehouse on Aug. 25, the second one at the Laconia School State property at the Dube Building on Sept. 14, and the third one took place at the Dube Building on Oct. 19. The next (and most likely final meeting) will be held at the Statehouse in Concord in mid-November which will be posted on the state website: http://www.nh.gov/council/meetings/laconia-state-school.htm. Additionally, minutes and agenda items are posted at this same site.

It is the intentions of the committee to have a draft report after the next meeting. The recommendations coming from the committee will ultimately be made into a final draft and presented to the public prior to a future Governor and Executive Council meeting in Concord. It has always been the intent based off of these recommendations to secure a better understanding of what is being sold and how to best market the property.

For any further questions please don't hesitate to call my office at 271-3632.

Joseph D. Kenney
Executive Councilor District 1

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