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Dion is a fair person with solid perception of the common good

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing this letter in support of Leslie Dion for the Bristol Select Board. My reason for writing this letter is to point out my perception of a remarkable person who has always demonstrated a dedication to the people of our communities as a whole, as well as those in Bristol. Not only does she care about folks, but she does something about their common welfare when she is able.

I have been present at many meetings where she listens intently and politely to all side of an issue and then offers her take on the issue and usually makes suggestions or makes it clear which side of the issue she would support and which solutions to recommend to rectify or solidify an issue. I have always perceived her as a fair person with a solid perception of the common good.

Her impact on the youth of the community is evident through her years of guidance at the Tapply-Thompson Community Center, where she excels in her organization and implementation of the many programs she is in charge of there. It is through this occupation that she has a firm grasp of the needs and capacities of the population she serves. She is fully aware of the community assets and what might be done to improve our community without undue hardships on its citizens.

I hope everyone exercises their right to vote and that you encourage everyone to join you in going to the polls. I think the national election process is teaching us all how important every vote counts toward our improving our governments, locally as well as rationally.

Please join my wife and me by casting your vote for Leslie Dion on March 8 for Bristol Select Board.

Al Blakeley



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I support J.P. Morrison and John Sellars for Bristol selectmen

To The Daily Sun,

Some Bristol officials like to tell voters the Bristol tax bill can't get any lower since the total tax rate in Bristol is in the lower third for New Hampshire communities. They brush off your concerns and struggles to pay your tax bill as if they are not valid or worthy of their consideration. In reality, the municipal tax rate, the only tax rate the Selectboard is directly charged with managing, is near the 75th percentile of the most expensive tax rates in New Hampshire.

With Morrison, and Sellers on the Selectboard, I believe we can focus on addressing the following taxpayer concerns.

— Stop overestimating funding when building a budget.

— Stop the unnecessary encumbrance of funds when a cost saving can be found in the budget.

— Tackle the $1 million unreserved fund balance.

— Slow down the growth in long-term debt.

The department head is only charged with making the bottom line balance out. Transfers from underspent lines to overspent line items to achieve that balance.

 Instead of handing this money over to you, the taxpayers, the town ends up encumbering the money to try and spend it elsewhere.

This fund has been represented to the residents as a large unappropriated contingency fund.

The truth is, this money got there by over taxation during the greatest recession in the past 75 years. We can't go back in time and correct that wrong, but we need a board that will give this money back to the taxpayers.

The past few years we have watched million-dollar project after million-dollar project get pushed through the town warrant.

The result of which has grown our long term debt from less than $100,000 to greater than $3 million.

— Bristol should be improving its infrastructure, but a little more planning and thought needs to be taken into account.

— We need to have a more open government.

The philosophy of taxation without planning almost resulted in the town owning a very impractical and expensive boat shop.

This means changing the way we conduct non-public sessions and how we communicate information to the public.

We are lucky to have recruited an excellent town administrator (Nik Coates) and I believe Nik will be instrumental in helping improve the way Bristol shares information to the public, and all town officials.

This is only a sliver of the work that needs to be done in Bristol, but the first step requires voting March 8 for J.P. Morrison and John Sellers for the Selectboard.

Paul Manganiello


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