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You really want this economic & academic disaster to be free?

To The Daily Sun,

Jim Hightower titled his column "Time to free students from debt". It should have read, "Time to free students from debt, and put the cost on to YOU."  Yup, you.

Who the hell do you think is going to pay for the kid across towns education if it isn't them. It is you. The rich are no more going to be stuck paying for higher education than they have been paying for Obamacare. The middle class has been vaporized by 20 million people stuck paying for government handouts promised by Democrats to become elected following the "never stop promising more FDR model". Where do his promises to improve equality stand? Insolvent, while inequality flourishes, and the economy stagnates desperately hunting money to fund those promises. Prosperity from Democrats is always just around the next election bend, one more promise of free away.

If colleges and universities are so concerned with skyrocketing student debt, why is it for the last 25 years they have never stopped increasing the price of their product faster than almost any in America, including health care? Does that course sound like people overcome with grief and concern their actions are burying kids in debt? It sure doesn't to me. Nothing has stopped or even slowed tuition increases. That includes over-sized, truckloads of money from the federal government and states. In fact all the evidence strongly suggests that money only escalated tuition increases. There is zero cause and effect between public funding and lower tuitions.

If solving the problem of something expensive is made simple by making it free, then let's make health care totally free for every one as well. This country is in debt up to its ever-loving eyeballs, but what's another few trillion of debt to hand down to our children. The Greek and Puerto Rico debt debacles ought to be a cautionary tale for us. But to a Democrat no amount of debt is too high. That is until they're bankrupt. A home is expensive, let's make that free for everyone. Oops, I forgot, we just tried a variation of that. Result: years of deep recession and pain. A car is expensive, let's make that free from government, too. Let America become the all-socialist, all-commune, 24/7 society so embraced by much of the Democratic Party so we can end up exactly like Greece. Free is not a solution. It is an attempt at a magnificent cover-up for self interest purposes of what is a national disaster.

College is outrageously expensive for several reasons. One is central. Education today, compared to almost every other endeavor, remains a highly inefficient place. Endless work rules, detailed labor contracts, bureaucracy and tenure (the near impossibility to fire a professor even for good cause), poor academic performance and even low graduation rates all serve the best interests of unions whose sole interest is to maintain or increase labor content in every student who graduates. If he or she doesn't graduate, that is fine, too. They will be back next semester to pay even higher tuitions, getting buried in a little more debt. There is zero incentive for colleges to do a better job, faster or more cheaply. In fact the incentive is to do the opposite. More labor, at higher wages is all that unions stand for.

Arne Duncan, Obama's Secretary of Education is appalled at the performance of higher education. He spent months putting together a proposed college rating system to make it easy to compare college and universities on key metrics like graduation rates, the percentage of students that find jobs within six months, and the relationship between the wage income of students versus college cost. High paid lobbying groups paid for by education (and your kids' tuition) went after this legislation like a mongoose after a cobra.

Colleges do not want the economic and academic disaster that is their performance as it serves students needs relative to cost and outcome publicly disclosed. Numerous colleges have single-digit graduation rates. At countless schools, 50 percent or more of students don't graduate in four years. Millions take majors offered that will lead not to jobs, but directly to bankruptcy. Colleges want all this swept under the proverbial rug, and the absolute total disaster that is their performance both economically and academically made, laughingly, free. This would be the greatest cover-up of failure of all time.

Tony Boutin

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Millions of Americans & Japanese live today because of quick surrender

To The Daily Sun,

In his letter of Aug. 14, Leon Albushies writes of "correcting the record", "as I know it," about the ending of World War II. Albushies says we didn't need to plan the invasion of Japan or drop the atomic bombs and creating "this immense tragedy to deal with" if we just gave Japan enough time to surrender. This idea is simply a fantasy created by leftists to rewrite history and besmirch our country.

Albushies cites the bombing of Tokyo on March 10, 1945, which killed 100,000 people, the sinking of much of Japan's Navy, and the "nullification of Japan's air power" as evidence of Japan's obvious defeat.

If Japan was defeated and ready to surrender, why didn't it surrender in the nearly five months between the Tokyo bombing and the bombing of Hiroshima?

Some Japanese probably did advocate surrender. If Admiral Yamamoto, who talked of "waking a sleeping giant", had been in power, perhaps there wouldn't have been a war. But these people weren't in power and those in power refused to surrender even after the first atomic bomb was dropped.
In World War II, many German officers were convinced of Germany's eventual defeat after Stalingrad and after the successful Normandy landings, yet Germany fought to the bitter end costing many millions more lives. Japan was also expected to fight to the bitter end.

Although Albushies says Japan was already defeated, the Japanese apparently didn't know it. After the Tokyo bombing Japanese forces continued fighting in the Philippines, Iwo Jima, Burma, Borneo, China, Okinawa, Manchuria and Korea. Most Japanese soldiers fought to the death in these remote areas. The Japanese, like you and I, were expected to fight even more ferociously to defend their homeland and their families.
At Okinawa Japanese air power sank 38 and damaged 368 US ships and killed about 4900 American sailors, apparently Japan didn't know their air power was "nullified".

Every day the war continued Japanese soldiers raped and killed civilians, killed enemies and died in battle, and killed prisoners of war via starvation, overwork, unsanitary conditions, lack of medical care, beatings, and executions. The Japanese killed approximately 20 million Chinese civilians. At one Japanese POW camp in Borneo only six of about 2,500 Australian and British POWs survived.

World War II in the Pacific was brutal. Japan repeatedly refused to surrender. If surrender had been anticipated, there was no need for the negotiations and concessions to bring the USSR into the war against Japan including in the invasion.

Very few Americans knew of the top secret work to create the atomic bomb (not even Vice President Truman knew). How well the bombs would work and how Japan would react were also unknowns. So, of course plans to invade Japan needed to be developed.

The American soldiers who were scheduled to invade Japan knew that many of them would never return home. They, their families, and the American people who were shocked at, and weary of, the human cost of World War II were thrilled that the atomic bombs brought the war to a swift conclusion.
Millions of Americans and probably most of the Japanese population today live because the bombs caused a quick surrender and avoided the invasion and fight to the end.

Albushies says if we just waited for Japan to surrender we could have avoided this "immense tragedy" (dropping the atomic bombs). But Albushies can't say, because it was and is unknowable, how long we would have to wait for surrender. Every day WWII continued, more American and other allied soldiers would die, thousands of civilians were raped and/or killed, and lands devastated. The harm while waiting for surrender could have far exceeded that caused by the atomic bombs.

After the war people who oppose the use of power and influence in our nation's and our citizens' best interests have tried to make Americans feel ashamed of our use of the atomic bombs to end WWII. These people, like Albushies, conjured up a fantasy about an alternate end to the war and call that fantasy "truth".

But their fantasy requires a total reversal of Japanese, and human, nature to want to defend your home and homeland. Nor does their fantasy consider the cost of waiting an unknown length of time for surrender while the Japanese trained their citizens as combatants, built their defenses, made more munitions, attacked our naval forces surrounding Japan, and raped, killed, and destroyed in occupied countries.

Consider what tune leftists like Albushies would be singing if Stalin had the bomb first and used several of them to end the war. It is tempting to believe they would be calling Stalin a saint. Everything to these leftists seems to be partisan and/or anti-American. Consider that despite the continuing wars under Obama Code Pink, that protested every day during Bush's Presidency, has essentially disappeared.

No American should feel ashamed by our use of atomic bombs to end WWII; use of the bombs probably saved millions of lives. Every American should be ecstatic about our WWII victory which protected our freedoms and liberated millions.

Americans should be proud of our nation's sacrifices to liberate, care for, and help others rebuild from World War II (Hiroshima and Nagasaki thrive today: http://goo.gl/pTcujt). The tragedy would have been to allow World War II to continue a single day longer than necessary.

The "immense tragedy" was not how we ended the war, the immense tragedy is that America's and free nations' perceived weaknesses encouraged aggressors to start the war in the first place.

An even greater tragedy may be developing as President Obama's weak leadership, appeasement of enemies while they build their militaries, and reduction of our military power may tempt aggressors to take the steps that instigate World War III which could kill billions of people.

Don Ewing

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