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Bulletin: I agree with Pres. Obama; stop trashing our military

To The Daily Sun,

Holy smoke, for the first time Obama said something I agree with. He said he is sick of some people trashing our military, or words close to that. Well jeez yea! Now all he has to do is tell all his leftist, progressive, hippy wannabe's that have been doing it since the 1960s to knock off the bull.

Face it, Mr. President, it's all your groveling pot-headed fans you're talking about. Mr. President is once again trying to turn facts inside out and upside down. Every reader of this paper over 10 years old knows that conservatives, Tea Party, Republicans and those who are not his supporters have always supported our troops. It's his side who spit on our troops coming home from 'Nam. It's his side that have always denigrated our military, tried to portray them as "trained killers, blood-thirsty war mongers" and all kinds of nasty names which are untrue.

It's the left, his side that sneers at patriotism, saluting the flag, singing the National Anthem. It's his side that marches down city streets chanting "pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon and what do we want? dead cops, when do we want 'em NOW."

Yea, Mr. President, so why don't you tell all your fascist, rock-throwing, hate-mongering, filthy occupy (whatever's) mobs to crawl back under the rocks they came from. Of course if he did that he would lose half the Democratic voters. Then he would have to release all the rest of the felons from jails so they could vote for Hillary.

Obama is the worst, most dishonest, president ever in this nation. Only Hillary, the crook, liar and incompetent could be worse.

Steve Earle


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I support Com. Burchell but his campaign and mine aren't linked

To The Daily Sun,
While on vacation with my family in Maine, I have learned that the current Belknap County commissioner from District 1 has
stated that there is a Burchell/Smolin campaign and that this campaign is responsible in some way for "a new low in Belknap politics."

I wonder why Mr. DeVoy, whom I have never met, believes that he can attack me with no evidence to substantiate his statements.
The people of Belknap County have every right to expect a higher level of conduct from a county commissioner. My campaign chair is my wife and neither she nor I have done anything like what Mr. DeVoy suggests.

I support Commissioner Burchell's campaign for re-election and am pleased to know that he supports me. However,
our campaigns are not linked.

There is evidence that Mr. DeVoy is linked to the campaign of Dick Burchell's opponent, however, as he has publicly stated this. When I tried to reserve advertising space for Sept. 10 in advance of the September 13 primary, I learned that Mr. DeVoy had reserved the space which I sought. Since Mr. DeVoy was elected to a four-year term, the obvious conclusion is that the space he reserved is for my opponent and/or Dick Burchell's opponent. For Mr. DeVoy to seek a unified board is his privilege, but I do not think that a majority of county residents will consider that to be prudent.

The statements of the commissioner from District 1 bear no relationship to the truth. He owes me an apology.

Jonathan Smolin
Candidate for

Belknap County Commissioner


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