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Commissioners spending precious resources irresponsibly

To The Daily Sun,

To date, the attorneys hired by the Belknap Commissioners have charged Belknap County over ten thousand dollars for their services. Similarly, the attorney hired by the Belknap Convention has bills of over ten thousand dollars. The partisan suit instituted by Rep. Gulick and signed on to by her Democrat colleagues cost about seventy-five hundred dollars and can best be described as frivolous.

Two out of the three sitting commissioners will not be in office in a few months. Does it make sense to continue to litigate budgetary authority when
the statutes involved are clear? They are so clear that a case can be made that the opinion letter issued by the Exeter firm retained by the Belknap
Commissioners could be cause for a malpractice suit against them.

It is time for the Belknap Commissioners whose hold on power is short-lived, as is the hold of anyone in power, to consider the long term consequences
of spending precious resources in an irresponsible manner.

Rep. Dick Burchell
Belknap 5



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Study found Tea Party members are more scientifically literate

To The Daily Sun,

It's amazing what you can find on the Internet. Take for example an article entitled, "Establishment Rocked as Yale Professor Discovers Tea Party Members are More Scientifically Literate."

According to the research done by Yale Professor, Dan M. Kahan, individuals who have an affiliation with the Tea Party are slightly more scientifically literate than the non-Tea Party population.

That shouldn't come as any surprise. After all no one in the Tea Party voted for Obama, which is a clear indication that they are more scientifically literate.

Professor Kahan goes on to say, "What this proves is most people who have a negative opinion of Tea Party member's intelligence usually form their opinions based on misrepresentations from both television and online sources."

No kidding! While the non-Tea Party progressive socialist are engrossed in watching MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and "Dancing with the Stars," the Tea Party members are watching the Fox News Network, and so they are better informed as they receive unbiased facts presented by well-educated reporters and commentators.

Professor Kahan then said, "I've got to confess, though, I found this result surprising ... I'm a little embarrassed, but mainly I'm just glad that I no longer hold this particular mistaken view."

Congratulations Professor Kahan, stand up and take a bow. You're probably the only honest professor in that den of iniquity (Yale).

It's a shame that the Republican Party leaders (the grumpy old guard, aka RINOs) fail to share Professor Kahan view of the Tea Party. Instead they are committing political suicide as young energetic politicians are embracing the Tea Party and what it stands for: The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and In God We Trust. It's just food for thought.

George Dengel


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Dave Pollak's approach to jail is good example of his strengths

To The Daily Sun,

The election for county commissioner is critical in 2014. Belknap County faces a host of issues that will affect us for years to come.

I urge the voters in Laconia, Sanbornton and New Hampton to mark their ballots for Dave Pollak. His background shows that he is a person who relies on the facts and the evidence. He investigates, studies the issues thoroughly, sees for himself, talks to others and listens to what they have to say before coming to a conclusion. He welcomes different points of view, realizing that the best answers come from listening to others with an open mind. He believes that being civil and respectful are necessary for collaboration and for effective problem-solving. Unlike some, he doesn't come with a pre-determined agenda, ignore the data, or manipulate facts and figures.

The way he has approached the matter of the county jail is a good example of the strengths he will bring to the commission. Dave looked at the problem in detail and at different proposals. Unlike many others, he actually toured the existing jail and looked at facilities throughout the state. He spoke with officials in other counties and a wide group of other people experienced in the field. He talked with architects, including one who had designed an inexpensive prison in another state. He asked questions and listened to others, while also using a sharp pencil to make sure the result is affordable for the taxpayers of Belknap County. He knows that a solution must be smart and realistic as well as focused on the bottom line. Something that sounds nice and cheap is no answer if it ignores the multiple issues involved. Putting a temporary Band-Aid on it only means that we don't solve the problem and that we will pay a lot more than if we honestly deal with it now.

A group of extremists seized control of the county delegation after the last election. They have pursued a mean-spirited, small-minded agenda. They run the convention with rules they make up as they go along, refusing to listen to and berating those who disagree with them, and attacking the dedicated employees who work hard for the county. They have pursued a vendetta against the commissioners from both parties. The result has been a dysfunctional county convention that is the laughingstock of the state. Dave is committed to working with the convention, but will not permit his staff to be belittled.

The last two years have surely alerted us to the importance of electing open-minded, civil and collaborative officials to county government. They must be willing to deal with the facts, focus on costs, and not come to the table with a narrow agenda. Given his record and his approach, Dave Pollak is the clear choice for county commissioner.

Werner Dietrich


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Lots of people to acknowledge after a successful WOW Fest

To The Daily Sun,

We had a beautiful day for the sixth annual WOW Fest and, on behalf of the WOW Trail Board, we would like to thank all involved in making it another great event. Over 400 people came out to participate and support the continued expansion of the WOW Trail.

We are extremely grateful for our generous sponsors listed below and ask that you help us thank them through support of their businesses. In particular, we thank our Presenting Sponsor, Bank of New Hampshire, for their ongoing support of the WOW Trail.

Festival Sponsors: Fratello's Italian Grille, Laconia Athletic & Swim Club, Melcher & Prescott Insurance, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Patrick's Pub & Eatery, T-Bones Great American Eatery, Taylor Rental, The Common Man, and Tritanium Sports.

Event Sponsors: Awakening Chiropractic, Amoskeag Beverages, Binnie Media, Bodycovers Screen Printing, Gail Beane Graphic Artist, Bank of NH Pavilion Meadowbrook, Rowell's Sewer & Drain, Salmon Press, Subway, The Citizen of Laconia, The Laconia Daily Sun, and The Weirs Times.

Trail Sponsors: Big Cat Coffees, Contigiani's Catering Service, CJ Avery's, Cross Insurance, Franklin Savings Bank, Gator Sign Shop, Hackleboro Orchards, HEB Engineers, H&M Towing, Lakes Region Coca-Cola, Lakes Region Triathlon Club, MC Cycle & Sport, Matthew J. Lahey Esq., Road ID, Shaw's, and Vista Foods.

A big thank you to all of our volunteers that gave their time and worked to make this event run smoothly for the participants. We would also like to thank Kathleen Merriam and Lakes Region CERT, Lt. Richard Simmons and the Laconia Police Department, Lucas Lamos, Steve St. Pierre, Dan Camire and the Laconia Public Works Department, Kevin Dunleavy and Laconia Parks & Recreation and the Laconia Fire Department.

We would also like to recognize Catherine Martinez of Alton for joining us to sing the National Anthem and Judi Taggart and Richard Smith for photographing the event.

And, a thank you to our friends and neighbors along the 5K and 10K course, especially residents on Roundbay Road,  who were out cheering on the runners.

We think our participants would agree to join us in thanking our generous restaurant sponsors, Common Man, Fratello's, Patrick's and T-Bones, for providing a delicious lunch.

We appreciate Myles Chase, MC Cycle & Sport, coming out each year to support our cyclists on the Lake Winnipesaukee and Paugus Bay courses. And, we are especially grateful for the help of the NH Fighting Spirit Hockey Team that came out in force to help us at the event and made for a record post-event breakdown/cleanup.

Special acknowledgement goes to our Team Challenge winners: WOW What A Team! (most participants), Laconia Athletic & Swim Club WOW You Look Good! ("best dressed"), Awakening Chiropractic WOW 5K Cup (fastest 3 5K runners), Awakening Chiropractic WOW 10K Cup (fastest 3 10K runners), Laconia Athletic & Swim Club. These businesses and their clients really step it up for this event and we appreciate it.

Lastly, we would like to thank the WOW Fest Committee. This group puts in countless hours to make it all happen, demonstrating their commitment to the WOW Trail project: Tom & Lori Oakley, Festival Directors; Allan Beetle, Marketing & Sponsorship; Roy Cuddahy & Tony Limanni, Bicycle Challenge Directors; Jamie Poire, Race Director; Ann Saltmarsh, Walk Director; Jan Buitendag, Site Coordinator; Darcy Peary, Volunteer Coordinator; Jennifer Bailey, Registration Coordinator; and Suzanne Perley, Treasurer, WOW Trail.

Thank you all for making WOW Fest '14 another great day for the WOW Trail.

Jennifer Beetle & Gretchen Gandini

WOW Trail

WOW Fest Event Directors

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Labor unions stonewall and obstruct every push toward a more efficient operation

To The Daily Sun,

Jon Hoyt speaks as if he knows all there is to know about unions. He reminds me of Barack Obama, suggesting he knew all there was to know about fixing an ailing economy, and how to repair our countries poor image in the world. As we have all discovered Barack Obama knew absolutely nothing about either. Jon Hoyt's views about unions are the same uninformed, "hot air".
Union membership has been dying in this country for more than half century with good reason. Unions bring nothing to the bargaining table of "economic value". As the union founder Samuel Gompers said more than a 100 ago, "unions had to find a higher purpose other than higher wages or they would slowly disappear". Gompers was absolutely right, they have disappeared. Unions have sought nothing but higher wages and more generous benefits without regard to their impact on the employer, more importantly on the consumer who buys their product. One needs to look no further than GM to understand clearly the ultimate and tragic failure of unions. Even the largest company in America can be bankrupted by a union.
Public unions have elevated tax burdens on middle-class families that are unconscionable. Neither a recession or paucity of profits are reasons sufficient to stop unions from demanding wage hikes and benefit increases. We observed this during the deepest part of the recession. School teachers and public employees simply think if they breathe air for 12 months they deserve a wage hike, while those who pay their salary are suffering the deepest economic pain. It displays an arrogance and uncaring attitude for all those not in the union. Repeated polling suggests 75 percent of people do not like unions or support them. Lets be honest, It would be 100 percent if not for the parents, relatives and close friends of people in unions unwilling to give an honest polling answer.
Unions create an adversarial relationship with those who employ them. It pits one side against another. Explain, how over the long term how that works to the benefit of both parties. When unions demand more money for performing the same work, every penny of those higher wages are passed through to the consumer in the form of higher prices for everything they buy. The union employee may have raised his standard of living robbing his employer, but every consumer just got his pocket picked in the deal. Society was made no better by the union employee getting a raise. In fact it was harmed. Every wage increase without a corresponding increase in output hurts every consumer. This is not rocket science. The problem is that political hacks like Jon Hoyt want to turn the conversation into partisan politics from common sense.
Unions stonewall and obstruct every push toward more efficient operation every place they exist. Education is the perfect example. Americas has the highest per pupil spending in the world, yet we produce results in the middle of the pack globally. Education, with the help of teachers unions have been raping the American tax payer for decades. We are paying teachers as if they turn out Corvettes while they produce beetles, maybe. That is theft by deception, totaling hundreds of billions every year. Unions aim to keep it that way. It is about the teachers best interests, not the kids. Americas class rooms are stuffed to the very brim with teachers of the most average intelligence. That is fine, unless you want to turn out ABOVE AVERAGE intelligence students so they can compete in a global economy. This country is never, I repeat NEVER going to produce a national output of predominantly "A" and " B " students when our schools are stuffed with "C" intelligence/ability teachers backed by iron-willed teachers unions determined keep them and worse than them in front of our children teaching until they die or retire.
Tony Boutin

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