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The abhorrent procedure used in an abortion has been made clear

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Susan Estrich's comments in Friday's Daily Sun, readers must understand that pro-life advocates, for the most part, are not opposed to Planned Parenthood's gynecological, obstetric, and other positive offerings. The opposition is against abortion.

Though abortion remains legal in our country as it has been for more than 40 years, time has thrown much light on this evil deed through improved ultra-sounds, DNA testing, and media coverage of the selling of baby parts. Now, for one to be pro-abortion, that person must be selfishly motivated to kill an unborn or ignorant of the abortion process.

The procedure involved in an abortion has been made clear by the media of late: unborn babies feel pain, legs flap against the knives, tiny arms thrash as the abortion proceeds, hearts beat and then cease beating as vacuums suck out the baby, and little lives are lost.

How anyone can support this tragedy is incomprehensible. Abortions kill babies. Life is precious.

Harry Mitchell

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How would Gilford like a good-sized pig farm instead?

To The Daily Sun,

Wow! We sure hope that the Howes (of Beans and Greens in Gilford) are able to convince the wonderful folks of Gilford that a few farm-to-table events are in the best interest of the town and the neighbors. Otherwise they might have to revert to those tried and tested methods of sustainable farming.

A good-sized pig farm with the ancillary functions allowed by law — a slaughterhouse and a fat rendering operation. Nothing like liquid pig poop spread across the last vestiges of snow in late March to let everyone within a five-mile radius know that spring is on its way. Or given the high price of eggs, a 10,000 chicken egg laying operation (takes so very little actual land) could be the answer or maybe both.

There are a lot of totally legal hardscrabble farming methods that make a few farm to table events look like a walk in the park. Those who are opposed might wish to give those a thought.

Charles Wibel

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