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Advocating for border control & deporting illegals is not racist

To The Daily Sun,

I read Scott Cracraft is looking to call me to renew our telephone conversations and I would be happy to do so but having moved from a big old place so much stuff is still lost. I have had to resort to new PIN numbers and passwords and my telephone number list is also still missing, but it should be in one of the boxes or bags we have yet to go through. I'll get to them eventually I guess just don't know when.

Now okay, not slander or libel maybe but certainly smears and unwarranted smears at that and not by accident or slip of the tongue. In the same edition of the paper our letters appeared you may look just to the left and read a letter from Russ Wiles. Russ clearly reveals the truth, that it is progressive left that resort to the actions you and other liberals attribute to conservatives as events after the unexpected Trump victory filling the 6 p.m. news all week.

Saul Alinsky spelled out his recipe of uncivil, malicious, violent intent years ago and you and the rest of the progressive left follow it just like it was written. When you or others attack the Tea Party, calling them racists or other things, it is because they do not vote the way you want, not because there is any evidence of any such thing. Then you or other progressives refuse to call Black lives Matter the racists and violent terrorists they are. What is that an example of critical thinking or blind adherence to a vile hateful doctrine?

On to Tom Stankosky. Well Tom, you could well be right that Trump is a misogynist, possibly even megalomaniac, but there is no evidence of racism just because he wants to control the boarder and deport illegals. It so happens that the vast majority of illegals are Hispanic, that is just fact. If the influx of illegals were poor unskilled Caucasians bringing in far too many cases, drugs, crime and disease, the harm would be the same. I'd expect the reaction by Trump and his supporters would be the same. That can't be proved either way, but the liberal left's constant charges of racism is becoming a joke. It's one of the reasons Trump won.

While I'm at it, have you any fault to find with the violent reactions by leftist Hillary supporters?

Moving on once more, we haven't heard from James Veverka, who last relayed his belief that we "cupcakes" would be distraught, when Hillary won. I'm sure Jim is still in shock and just wish him a get well soon thought.

Steve Earle


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I wasn't really calling for a military coup against the president

To The Daily Sun,

This is an open letter to Scott Cracraft, and his misguided, unkind, probably not intended to be malicious, but nevertheless untruthful words about me (in a letter to the editor printed in Thursday, Nov 17's) Sun.

Haven't you ever heard that you shouldn't believe everything you read in the newspapers? For your information, before Michael Kitch, reporter for The Laconia Daily Sun, wrote the "hit piece" on me, that appeared on the front page last month, he called me on the phone (actually twice in one day), to discuss my op-ed letter expressing my opinion about Mr. Obama.

From the two long discussions we had, Mr. Kitch was under no illusion that what I had said in my letter to the editors was mostly "rhetorical" in nature, that I wasn't really calling for a military coup against the president. And I certainly didn't use that word in my letter. The use of that word was a total fabrication by Mr. Kitch.

Most people know that journalists sometimes use inflammatory words like that when writing articles, simply to sell newspapers. But that's not why he uses inflammatory words, because they don't even sell their newspapers. They have a hard enough time giving them away.
What he wrote about me was a classic example of intentional and spiteful yellow journalism. He understood the point I was trying to make in my letter.

The truth is he was more interested in damaging me by writing something that characterized me as a lunatic, because he doesn't agree with my opinion or my political views on Obama being "the worst president in the history of this country." To borrow a phrase from the NRA, Mr. Kitch should win the "Bull-itzer" Prize for biased and malicious journalism.

Folks, the point of my letter was that history will not be kind to Mr. Obama. His legacy items, things like Obamacare, Gitmo, his $1 billion stimulus package that did nothing to create jobs, his disastrous and redistributionist economic policies, his claim of wanting to "transform this country," his dangerous refugee resettlement policies, his preference for all things Muslim, disdain for all things Christian, all these things and much more will all soon be voted out of existence once he is a distant, yet still painful memory. For weeks he had been making speeches all over the country about how his legacy was on the ballot. He was right, it was. And he lost. And good riddance.

So, now what are we going to do about people like Mr. Kitch? He writes for a publication that deliberately tries to hurt people simply because of ideology? Journalism is suppose to "report" the news, not contaminate it with the opinions of the writer. Fact is, I don't care what Mr. Kitch thinks, about anything. Even the "hard-news" items that appear in The Laconia Daily Sun have always had an anti-Republican, and now anti-Trump, subtle but still leftist tilt to them.

For that reason, dearly beloved readers, my free but humble advice is "don't believe everything you read in the newspapers."

Jim McCoole

(Editor's note: For the record, following are the exact words Mr. MCoole used in his Sept. 23 letter to this newspaper: "Since his (Obama's) re-election in 2012, I have been hoping that out of the thousands of generals and admirals in our military, that just a small handful would emerge with enough courage and conviction, to take him into custody, and make him stand trial for treason. Unfortunately for the rest of us, cowardice, fear, and political-correctness will keep that from ever happening.")

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