We're expected to suffer till the end because of a pretend God

To The Daily Sun,

There are few things I find more contemptible than the self-righteous know-it-all pontifications of people who pretend they know there is a God and what God thinks. James McCoole is the latest such voice from the Snake Oil Refinery who pretends he knows all about what YHWH wants. James tells us "Our lives are gifts from God, and only He has the right to take them back." Says who? McCoole? His make-believe God?

An ancient book of tales and historical fiction written my men in the Iron Age? He doesn't like the fact that Brittany Maynard ended her life peacefully instead of unnecessarily suffering and under a Niagara Falls of medical costs. That is not surprising since many Christians worship a God of depraved violence that will burn you forever for having the wrong religion. Saint Paul has a whole list of things in Romans that are worthy of death. It's right out of a Edgar Allen Poe book of psychotic horrors! Mr. McCoole would much rather have Brittany Maynard and her loved ones suffer because that's what God wants, he says. You have no right to determine your destiny in Mr. McCoole's spooky prehistoric world of demons and deities hiding under the bed and in the closet. Oh, and a magical book!

Mr. McCoole speaks of a book of alleged rules that God gave us and a slaughtered Lamb of God. A book that is just a book and only that, I might add, that reflects the times it was written in. A barbaric society writes a barbaric book such as the Bible. It has a barbaric God and a barbaric system of justice. There are no primary historical sources for Jesus' existence and biblical archaeologists believe the entire Pentateuch is fable. The great kingdom of Judah is a myth; it was a tribe. There was no Jewish captivity. There was no Exodus and Ten Commandments event, they say. Evolution is fact so there was no "Fall from Grace" and "original sin" in a magic garden of talking snakes and no belly buttons so there is nothing to be saved from, therefore no need for any savior. It's all excellent story-telling on an epic scale.

To many religious nuts, it's okay for a God to predestine his son to be brutally murdered but it's not alright for a terminally ill woman to die with dignity, in peace. It's okay for God to have people execute homosexuals, unbelievers, Wiccans, unruly children, and adulterers, but it's not okay for someone to pass gently into the night instead of facing an agonizing death. It's okay for God to murder almost every living thing with a flood and it was okay for God to murder every Egyptian family's firstborn child, but it's not okay for a person to die peacefully with their loving family surrounding them.

Humans can't stand to see their pets suffer and opt to have them put to sleep when the suffering gets too great. It's humane and caring. But, humans, naw, we gotta suffer agony till the end because of some pretend God in some people's heads. So instead of being humane and caring, the sock puppets of the religious world tell us that we don't deserve such humane treatment and should be treated as if we are being treated by a sadistic psychopath that enjoys our pain.

It's clear that in the Bible, God seems to get a big kick out of world suffering and lots of killing and cruel and unusual punishments. After all, the Bible's God created the Lake of Fire before the foundations of the world. Mr. McCoole's War God YHWH puts humanity's worst dictators in the amateur column! Doesn't that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling?

If Mr. McCoole wants to be cool, he can turn his attention to mental health and gun concerns because 20,000 people a year kill themselves — unnecessarily in most cases. Booze, mental illness, and guns together take a terrible toll.

James Veverka

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So many helped make our breast cancer fundraiser a success

To The Daily Sun,

We at Dental Expressions, the office of Dr. Darren Boles, would like to thank the many businesses and individuals that made our breast cancer fundraiser in honor of our 10th anniversary on Oct. 17 a success. So many of our local businesses stepped up and gave generous donations of gift certificates and services to be raffled or auctioned off to benefit this great cause. We would like to thank:

Dr. Boles and family, NH Endodontics, Gilford Hills Tennis & Fitness, Owl's Nest Resort, Mills Falls, The Margate, Poco Day Spa, Fratello's, Concord Sports Center, Silver Screen Salon, Tupelo Dental Lab, Funspot, Voila Salon, T-Bones/Cactus Jack's, Hermit Wood Winery, Mix 94.1, New Hampshire Fishercats, Tanger Outlet, Winnipesaukee Playhouse, Poulo Insurance, Sunapee Lake Massage, The Wine'ing Butcher, Eden Nails, Garwood's Restaurant, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

We also want to thank the staff of Dental Expressions for their great efforts and inexhaustible energy.

Thank you those that took the time to join us. We hope this will be the first of many annual fundraisers.

We look forward to an even larger event next year and you all can join us.

Dr. Darren Boles DDS & the staff of Dental Expressions


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Local Democrats will go right on volunteering & advocating

To The Daily Sun,
Reading The Sun's headlines over the past two days about the election outcome for Belknap County Democrats sounds like an obituary.

Yes, most of our candidates lost an election but it's not the end of our lives.

We will go on teaching, volunteering at the jail, advocating for the disabled, serving on boards, finding ways to make our county more energy efficient and making meaningful contributions to our communities.

Many of our candidates may have lost an election, but we didn't lose our principles or our goals or our deeply held belief that our towns, our state, our country can always be better and do better for its citizenry.

All our candidates know how much they won during this campaign by hearing people's stories, broadening their perspectives and developing new skills.

To revise some Coldplay lyrics just a bit, just because many Belknap County Democrats lost, it doesn't mean we're lost.

Kate Miller, Chair

Belknap County Democratic Committee

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Obama was not on the ballot but his failures were everywhere

To The Daily Sun,

The election cyclone blew through, repudiating a second time the presidency and policies of Obama and the Democrats. There has been no greater gift to the Republican Party from Maine to Oregon than the destructive, demonizing and dividing personality of Barack Obama. Obama single-handedly energized the heart, soul and spirit of the Republicans like no other human being on earth could have.

Obama stands for everything Republicans despise. Obama was not on the ballot Tuesday, but the failure of his presidency was seen everywhere. Democrats ran from Obama as if he had Ebola. In 2008 Barack proclaimed himself a political, Herculean, Houdini. By 2014 almost every Democrat running for office refused to admit they knew Obama's name, let alone be seen next to him in campaign ads. One Democrat even refused to admit publicly she even voted for him.
To understand the incredible level harm and destruction Barack Obama has caused the Democratic Party CNN's John King offered an electoral map of the U.S. comparing the red and blue makeup of every political district, nationwide between 2008 to 2014. Even a season political reporter like King commented the comparison was so remarkable it was almost unbelievable. In 2008 the map revealed an almost evenly divided country with 50/50 control for each party. Since Obama took office, the map now reveals Republican control of about 80 percent of the geography of America. The epic, landslide loss Democrats suffered in 2010 combined with Tuesday's losses has created a very, blood red map. Except for New England , New York and California it is a wall of solid red from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains north to south.

Republicans now control 31 out of 50 governorships, including even the bluest of blue states, Massachusetts. There is little wonder why the Republican renaissance. Two-thirds of Americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction. The vast majority of Americans say Obama is a highly polarizing figure. In a recent poll of all Americans 46 percent said Obama had increased the racial divide. Another, 13 percent said he improved it, and 41 percent said he made no difference at all.

Middle-class family incomes have fallen for six years. Part-time jobs are now the norm after Obamacare rules. College graduates and their families are drowning in a record $1.3 trillion in debt loaded on them by union labor in education that refuses to reform to hold costs down. Obama demonizes the rich, but it is his policies and his Fed that have made them far richer than they have ever been in history. We have record inequality because Obama lit a bonfire under it.

Working Americans of every class and color, most especially white have deserted the Democratic Party in droves because Democrats do not now represent their best interests. There is nothing complicated about this political dynamic, helping explain why the country is now 80 percent Republican, geographically. The best interests of minorities collide head-on with the best interest of Main Street, middle Americans. Voters see straight through the duplicity and deviousness of Democrats who suggest otherwise. When asked in exit polls why they vote Republican, middle-class Americans say they are sick and tired of working, supporting those who do not. Minorities, in the tens of millions, have a huge and disparate impact on welfare costs paid for in large part directly or indirectly by the middle class.

The majority of middle voters see government as the problem, not the solution. This conflicts directly with Democrats who see more expensive, more expansive government, knotted in more regulation as the only solution to every problem. That colossal difference in ideology has driven working class, middle-Americans to the arms of Republicans who offer a vibrant, economic growth agenda. Democrats love to divide the country for votes. They now pit middle-class, working American against minorities hoping the middle class is stupid. They are not, as they proved Tuesday.

Tony Boutin

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Interesting timing of decision to pull permit for our cafe & tavern

To The Daily Sun,

Lakes Region Cafe & Tavern regrets to inform our guests that the town of Gilford Fire department has revoked our permit of assembly, for building violations which have been for many many years approved by the same fire department. This establishment is closed.

The decision went against what was said to be, that is, if we make certain improvements we'd remain open for business, with a course of action outlined to fix this long list of violations. After investing the time and resources into these improvements, Deputy Ober claimed they were not completed and found additional way to complicate our business operations.

Some would view this as harassment. It's been long known by members of this community and guest of this establishment that the town did not/does not want us in operation. I can only speculate that this is the reason for our closure because it's the only thing that makes sense. It's not surprising that this revoking of our assembly permit came only a few days after the property owner put a lawsuit against the town for his own reasons, which are not affiliated to the operations here at The Lakes Region Cafe & Tavern in anyway other than who owns the property. Aside from that, we here at Lakes Region Cafe Tavern have worked tirelessly to conform this location to a respectable, clean, safe, friendly and drug-free business. It's been a challenge, changing the reputation at this location, however up until now we were making a positive difference. Something we will continue when we are given back our assembly permit and can reopen.

It started with the renovations, changing the once dark cave-like interior decor to what some have called the classiest adult entertainment venue around and proceeded by structuring a safe, secure environment for work and experiencing only the best entertainment. As management, we enforced a no drinking policy which complies not only with the state laws but also with our guests desires to experience the company of sober ladies, something difficult to find in this industry. As the general manager I have made a few enemies in my very strict no drugs policy. However it's not only important to the community that we run a clean establishment but it's important to the ladies who came to dance at this club because is was a safe, drug-free environment — a place where no one would hurt them and they can be respected while dancing for their own reasons. To the average person looking in that might not be as important as to the ladies who formally struggled with addiction to drugs. Nonetheless, it was an important value I wanted our establishment to become known for. In addition to that, I made sure to welcome everyone; I'd stop what I was doing to simply shake the hands of my guests not only in respect for those who I've come to enjoy the company of but to show everyone that I truly appreciated them coming to support this establishment and the ladies who put on a show to entertain them.

There is very little I can do to change the past of this location and the bad name it's created in the town. The fire department has proven to me no matter how hard someone works to better the community in there own way, it can and will be taken for someone else's personal gain. However, I will tell you all this now, I will put in every effort to return to you what was taken by the fire department. You are the reason I am here, it's your enjoyment of what we do that encourages the reopening of this establishment.

I DO HAVE A FAVOR TO ASK ,though. It has been confirmed to me by a member of the Board of Selectmen that the fire department was acting on its own. I ask everyone in support to come to the town selectmen's meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 12  at 7 p.m. Tell them in silence by a show of bodies in support of this establishment, that this club has a future in this town. Show them that our guests respect us as much as we respect our guests. That they might have gotten away with closing this establishment in the past but have no reason or need to now, with the way we run it. It will take the strength our of guests and community to outweigh the board, however I know you already know how important this establishment is to the people who need it to feed their children or escape the reality their life, to just enjoy the moment of the professional entertainment we provide central and northern N.H.

Zach Joseph, General Manager

Lakes Region Cafe & Tavern


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