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Owner of shopping center has shown he cannot be trusted

To The Daily Sun,

I've been following the discussion about what to do about the tree on Union Avenue that appears to be blocking the sight of drivers to get out of a parking lot. I have two suggestions and think either one would make a win-win situation.

1. Require the owner of the mall to provide traffic coordinators to direct traffic. (No cost to Laconia).

2. Mount mirrors to assist drivers in checking traffic conditions. (Owner should pay to get these installed and maintained)

I believe the owner of Dunkin' Donuts has shown he can't be trusted to take care of historical buildings and landmarks, and he should not be given free rein with the care of the tree. But he must be expected to pay to care for the tree, get the tarmac removed around the tree so it can breathe and grow as needed, and provide a solution that doesn't cost the city of Laconia more money.

Deborah Sekou

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if you can't take it, don't use my radio program to dish it out

To The Daily Sun,

In my early years of school, some would refer to me as "Niel, the banana peel". Is that as bad as it gets? Due to being in the political arena, opponents say/write things about the character of the office holder. The First Amendment is the most important to me. Criticize my political positions, try to defeat me by talking about my voting record.

Since the early days of Bill Clinton, we have seen a great deal of "politics of personal destruction." With the Clintons that is what you get.

For close to 20 years there has been one caller to my radio program who is mean to any guest, female or male, conservative and Republican. She has said some pretty rotten things, while being scared to death someone will find out who she is! If one cannot take it, then don't use my program to dish it out. My record speaks for itself regarding our military and love for the USA, but this is how to attack me and my guests as she did Wednesday. The anonymous woman referred to us as an "the most un-American" show in response to the criticism of "W", Condi Rice, and Colin Powell for not taking care of Iran and Syria while tussling the hair of Iraq, and that is what Cheney and Rumsfeld favored. Of course the last seven years belong to the worst president of my lifetime. Both parties and this poor excuse for a president are open season for a verbal assault for how they stuck it to the people of this great country.

To take the side of ISIS, Shariah Law, Obama — that is being Un-American.

Niel Young


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