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I feel sorry for women who can't stand up to advances they don't like

To The Daily Sun,

I could care less what Mr. Trump did or said 20 years ago regarding women, and if it were current, it should only be his wife and family that should be concerned. The superior, self-righteous attitude of those politicians and media consultants is laughable. There was only one perfect human being and he was crucified. So get off your high horse and ivory tower.

After all, he isn't a seasoned, career politician like Hillary, that is why I voted for him in the primary and the national election coming up. He never thought he would be running for president. I am so sick of the Clintons. Any wife would have left her husband with the sensationalism of what Bill did in the White House with an intern. This marriage has and will be a political commitment.

I left a voice mail with Kelly Ayotte and scolded her for giving up on the top of the ticket. She said she was going to write-in Pense. That is only another vote for Hillary. I told her I would not vote for her.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes is pro-Hillary along with the two black woman news readers and maybe the whole network. CNN's Wolf Blitzer is pro-Hillary. These are people who should be nonpartisan as they do not declare themselves as Chris Matthews does. I watch Fox News most of the time and as a savvy woman on political issues, I know we need to be discussing all the important problems in this globalization era and not this yellow reporting.

Kelly on Fox has talked only about Trump's troubles for half an hour now, while I'm writing this letter. She will be turned off. However, Shawn will stand up for Mr. Trump because he has declared it.

Women and men are considered equal today. I know we are equal but different. And, if women are so afraid and cannot stand up for themselves regarding advances they do not like, I do not feel sorry for them. One keeps her own dignity, courage and doesn't blame others for what she couldn't face publicly. Even if her job depended upon it. A man wouldn't get away with it.

Mr. Putin donated to the Clinton Foundation while she was networking as secretary of state. She blames all these email leaks on Donald through Mr. Putin. She visited Russia to reset communications and Putin made a sizable donation to the Clinton Foundation to receive lobby influence with us. Are you reading this in any of the liberal newspapers?

Rosemary Mellon


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November 8 election won't stem the tide of denial & nastiness

To The Daily Sun,

No matter who wins the presidential election, each of us, and we as a nation, have already lost so much. We have lost our sense of purpose. We have lost our sense of decency. For a nation that was established because of religious intolerance and founded on religious freedom, we have lost our empathy for other human beings who worship the Divine differently. For a nation whose dominant religion is Christianity, we have lost our Christian imperative to strive to understand others, to "walk in their shoes." We have lost our adherence to the Golden Rule, of respecting and treating others with kindness, as we would like others to treat us.

For a nation whose founding principles include welcoming those from other places in the world who are not as fortunate as we are — indeed, are living in or fleeing from war zones — we have lost that sense of embracing strangers as part of who we are collectively.

We are all connected! Many spiritual traditions have known this for millennia. There is no separation. We are all one. Humans beings are human beings. And now, in the last many years, this truth has also been documented in the field of quantum physics and other sciences again and again. We are connected through our electromagnetic fields around each of us and around our planet. Although there are many books available, backed by research, that describe this phenomenon, "The Field," by Lynn McTaggert, chronicles the long history of the research and researchers who have made this truth better known.

There is also a day-long, online seminar this Monday, Oct. 24, called Global Oneness Day, with panels on the science behind this truth, along with much more. We all live in this energy field, whether we like it or not.

But we live as if this is not true. The polarization we are seeing, and the vitriol in our civic discourse has intensified alarmingly, Hate groups are mushrooming, and hate crimes are on the rise. Some blame it on Donald Trump, and to be sure, he has certainly condoned, modeled, and encouraged disrespectful behavior, at best, and downright meanness at worst.

But Trump's ascendancy in popularity did not come out of nowhere. A phenomenon called projection, a defense mechanism, happens when unrecognized, unconscious, repressed characteristics are attributed to the "other," whether an individual or a group of people; i.e. that loser, those "illegals," Muslims, black Americans, or any social minorities who hold less power in our society or in our world. (For further reading about this process check out a book
by Debbie Ford called "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers.") In addition, people in the public eye, especially political candidates and officials, often seem to be a reflection of the unconscious psychology of the whole population.

Each of us has the capacity within us to be a Mother Teresa, or a Jack the Ripper — and everything in between. Unfortunately, most of us don't live in the higher frequencies of our greatest potential, although we can, if we choose. On the other hand, most of us have the capacity to moderate the lower impulses, and have values and a conscience that prevent us from acting them out.

Even though most of the time our psyche is masterful at keeping these lower impulses out of our awareness, so that we are not even cognizant of them, our behavior, — conscious or not — is our responsibility and our choice.

For each of us individually, and all of us collectively as a nation, we are seeing our shadow in the news every day — the places in ourselves that we do not want to see or acknowledge. Normally decent human beings are behaving horribly.

When so many in our population are engaging in these threatening, divisive behaviors such as name-calling, put-downs, mocking, anger, bullying, and violence, it affects us all deeply. It seems to "prove" the illusion of separateness.

But science is showing us this is not true at all.

What to do? Ask yourself, as I have been doing, "What in myself have I put out of my own awareness that our presidential candidates are showing me, that someone in my community, or in other communities, may be acting out?" That is a sobering question which part of me doesn't want to look at. Yet, when I find the courage to look honestly, I see what I need to see. And what are they showing us about our collective American identity that we do not want to see or acknowledge?" Much of our patriotism is so one-sided; glorifying our country and ignoring all the many unethical, immoral and possibly illegal things America has done on the world stage for decades, as the strong-armed "policeman of the world." Perhaps this is why so many in the world hate the United States, and Americans.

The Nov. 8 election won't stem this shocking tide of denial and nastiness. A demon has been released, and the healing cannot begin until we acknowledge there is a problem. (There are some that insist that America does not have a problem with racism or sexism!) The healing cannot begin until each one of us turns inward and does our own work of looking within, facing what we do not want to see, and acknowledging and actively working to resolve those parts of yourselves that you'd rather pretend are about someone else. Only through doing
that work individually, can we collectively work together to create an America that truly reflects the ideals upon which it was built: that all are created equal in the creator's image.

To truly make America great again, and realize the vision upon which America was founded, it is imperative that we do this inner work.

Carol Hart

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