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The GOP/Tea Party hierarchy is laughin all the way to convention

To The Daily Sun,

Here is one problem (among many) with candidate Trump. By his narcissistic know-nothing huckstering (his guiding light being self-promotion), he is diverting his followers from realizing that the GOP/Tea Party are the real culprits as to why they see themselves and our country as insecure. As long as he continues lying we face the danger of him winning the nomination on the GOP/Tea Party ticket. That would be a disaster of horrific magnitude.

The GOP/Tea Party hierarchy is laughing all the way to the convention. One of the best kept open secrets in this upside-down campaign season is that Trump is being "used" by the GOP/Tea Party as a means to their devious ends. They are purposely trying to divert attention away from their inexcusable practices. Divert and deflect is their mantra. Just like the con artists who run shell games.

The GOP/Tea Party have not been — nor will they ever be — honest with the American voter. We are "pawns" to them in their nasty devious "game" of politics.

For those who disagree: counter with specific facts to the contrary. Then people can decide if we too should believe the "fairy tale" you have been spoon-fed all of these many months. Use straightforward truths and reality-based facts. Not circuitous, insincere talking points, nor "facts" read on an internet blog, nor self-created untruths.

Bernadette Loesch


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I salute the civic mindedness of these 3 Prospect Mtn. students

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to applaud the exceptionally well-written letter (April 6) by the three Prospect Mountain High School students who articulated so well their dismay toward the Alton Central School Board's behavior at their April 4 meeting. You three point out that you received a firsthand lesson in civics, and indeed you did — welcome to Civics 101. What you witnessed was a small group of elected officials who consider themselves the foundation of democracy rather than simply servants who sit upon, and should be supporting by their actions, a foundation which is already the very backbone of our country. Indeed, they should be guided by it, not ignoring it in favor of their own personal agendas and ideologies.

In contrast to you three, I am actually embarrassed to think of the things that were important to me when I was in high school. Safe to say, at the time, I might have lacked a certain depth of character which you have demonstrated, and which I congratulate you for. I also commend you for acknowledging the influences of your teachers; by doing so, you underscore the very fact that if the Alton Central School system is producing civic-minded young people such as yourselves, than it should not be tampered with by a bickering and divided School Board whose ears are deaf to its community.

Thanks so much for taking the initiative to step forward and speak your minds. Your voice was heard ... and appreciated.

Al Blake

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