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We can't return to the 1950s; it takes tax dollars to run Bristol

To The Daily Sun,

"What defines Bristol in my view is the community spirit of people living here. They care so deeply about others, and this must surely portend a bountiful future for the Town of Bristol. What is important to me are our people and our future." This was written for our 2007 Town Report by a past selectperson.

This is what I believe and see in my town as I attend the many meetings for the TTCC, Kelley Park, Community Events Committee, Bristol Budget Committee, Minot /Sleeper Library, etc.

I have lived here for 65 of my 80 years. I have seen the town change from a small, self-contained town that provided most of what residents needed without leaving the town. But times change. This change is through no one's fault and we must accept the changes, try our best to make the changes benefit our town and its residents.

Town services change as society demands changes. The police department is much larger now because of the many problems that demand a different kind of policing. It is costly.

The fire department, now has 24/7 coverage. It is not a total volunteer department. It has professional firemen and with emergency services, ambulance and EMT-trained people who operate under stricter state laws. Members of the fire department require more training and better education. It is costly.

We have a great water/sewer department. It is well run and very efficient. It keeps us and our visitors healthy with clean water and much less pollution than was so in the past.

The highway department keeps the roads safe, cleared of snow when necessary and repaired as well. All of these services cost tax dollars.

The downtown has been reclaimed. It was a tough few months, but it will prove to be well worth the trouble.

At the 2012 Town Meeting the Bristol Voters agreed to build a much needed addition to the Minot Sleeper Library. It has been built and it is a testament to the positive vision of the voters in our town.

Carol Huber tells us that she wants to lower taxes. That is why she is on the Budget Committee. She is finding it an uphill battle. I have been on that committee for five years. I listen, question, and try to find reasonable ways to cut tax dollars. It sounds easy. It is not. We ask our department heads to go back and look at heir budgets, try to find ways to cut back, try to live with less and do more. Each year they do their best with really good results.

The people who are our town employees deserve to be paid accordingly, with health insurance and retirement benefits as the town can afford them. Some of these costs are out of our control. They still have to be paid for.

We need people to serve on our Selectboard that understand that taxes are here to stay, but need to be kept as low as reasonably possible. Bristol's tax rate is the 67th lowest out of 250 towns in New Hampshire.

There is no way we can return to the 1950s. It takes tax dollars to run a town. The voters determine what kind of town they want to live in and what kind of taxes they can afford.

When we vote on March 11 I will be supporting Rick Alpers and Shawn Lagueux for selectmen. They both have experience and think with a clear head. In my opinion they will provide the effective leadership that we need on our Selectboard.

Please, be informed Voters. Come to the meetings. Watch the Public Access Channel 24. I love my town and want only the best for all who live here.

Barbara Greenwood


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Do your homework, don't just vote for names you recognize

To The Daily Sun,

The time to vote is fast approaching. You must step up to the plate and cast your vote for someone who will run your business. As taxpayer, although a small one, the Town of Gilford is my business. As a taxpayer, it is also your business.

What do you really know about the people that are going to run your business? Does the person you are putting your X next to know anything about running a business, or are you just filling in the blank space with a familiar name? Are you just reading the letters to the editor about this one saying this person or that person would be good as your CEO. Is this person or that person good enough to spend your tax dollar wisely? If that person has never run a business, then why are you throwing away your vote?

Do your homework. Do not let your business fall below your expectations by voting for Mr. or Ms. Popularity. Stand up and be brave enough to vote the "spendy" people out of running your business. Vote for people who know how to stretch a dollar and live within their means. Just do not vote for me. I am too busy saving other peoples money.

Bev Buker


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Pass Articles 15 & 16 & we can begin Belmont trail construction

To The Daily Sun,

Vote "yes" twice for the Lake Winnisquam Scenic Trail on Belmont's Town Meeting Ballot.

How about a scenic walk or bicycle ride along a never-seen stretch of the lake? Belmont residents have an easy choice. By voting yes on Articles 15 and 16, funds already in hand can be used to begin trail construction this year. After 14 years on the drawing board, let's see this through.

Article 15 approves use of existing designated Phase I trail funds and is linked to Article 16 which allows use of existing Phase II Trail funds to complete Phase I and cover other needs such as trail maintenance. By voting yes twice, we get the scenic trail's first segment built with no new taxes.

Walking and bicycle trails help us all live better, healthier lives and make our communities more attractive to new residents and businesses as well as tourism in the region. Vote to make Belmont a even better place to live. Check Belmont's town website for a trail map and more information.

Belmont's Winni Trail starts at Belmont's town line near the Laconia Bypass, crosses the Town Beach Road and then follows state and rail rights-of way and easements overlooking Lake Winnisquam, turning inland to meet Webster Highway near Osbourne's Agway.

The ultimate goal? Extend the Winni Trail along Lake Winnisquam's eastern shore to Jamestown Road, linking with trail projects planned in Tilton to the west and Laconia on the east.

Donna Hepp


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I would like to remind Mr. William McCoy of Luke 18: 9-14

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. William McCoy submitted a letter that was published recently. It was addressed to Mr. Veverka. I would like to, if I may, respond to some sections of the letter.

In his letter he states: "Seeing you made Pope Francis, your delight, he just fired 300 plus priests for homosexual abuse against boys." Actually, it was Pope Benedict who defrocked 400 priests during his papacy. Having reviewed several studies of priestly abuse I discovered that the majority of victims are between the ages of 10 and 14 with between 20 and 30 percent or more of victims being female. This figure could actually be higher given the reluctance of these girls to come forward.

Those guilty of these horrendous acts are rapists and pedophiles — who should be prosecuted. I pray for the victims, their families and the vast majority of dedicated priests who have dedicated their lives to God. To completely define this abuse as "homosexual" is misleading.

Mr. McCoy also states: "I believe that Jesus Christ can save you from the guttermost ... Come on Jim, for once in your life, join the Lord's side." Just when did Jesus join the conservative Republican party? In Mark 12:17 Jesus says, "Render unto Caesar the things that are to Caesar's and to God the things that are God's."

As an both canon and government. I also vote my conscience.

It seems that Mr. McCoy has already determined that Mr. Veverka is bound for damnation. I would like to remind him of Luke 18: 9-14. This parable recalls the man so comfortable in his own righteousness that he can despise others. "He who exalts himself shall be humbled, he who humbles himself shall be exalted."

June M. Huot


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It's not the government's place to get people out of poverty

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. Earle's letter of Feb. 11 highlights the problem with this country: the belief that it's government's duty to get people out of poverty.

Where in the Constitution does it say government is to get people out of poverty or provide jobs? And why is it up to "the GOP to come up with a plan for people to get out of poverty"? (Oh! The other party keeps people in poverty and on welfare!)

Mr. Earle tripped over something: as long as the welfare system rewards folks for not working, they will never transition out of poverty. Government programs are the problem. It is not the government's place to get people out of poverty — nor is it the responsibility of any political party — because there is no plan they can make that will work.

There are decades of research and education available if people want to get off welfare — but they have to truly want to do it. I think Nightingale Conant is the most well-known for self-improvement programs, but far from the only source. People can access these programs through their local libraries.

Government is the problem, not the answer to the economy. How can the government jump-start the economy again? Our federal legislators need to look at our country's history, and cut all government agencies and programs back to what we had at our most prosperous. Fat chance of that happening.

A.C.R. "Toni" Piper


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