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Thanks to Shooter's Tavern for support of WRHS wrestling team

To The Daily Sun,

There is a local family-owned restaurant that many locals have grown to know and love and that has been so supportive of the Winnisquam Regional High School wrestling team the past two years.

Shooter's Tavern in Belmont is a family-owned restaurant that many of the locals know. My husband and I frequent it along with its sister company, The Winni Grille, located conveniently just a couple miles south of Shooter's on Route 3 in Tilton.

When I reached out to Tammy, who owns Shooters with her husband, they did not bat an eye at the opportunity to help the Winnisquam Regional High School wrestling team, in the 2015-16 season, and this year again when the need increased they didn't hesitate to help. The concession stand at the annual tournament that is hosted on our, "home mat" is the only fundraiser done throughout the season.

It's hard to find a way to show appreciation when someone is so generous to give to a cause. Although the local high school wrestling team may not be the number one cause all small-business owners jump on board to support, Shooter's was there two years in a row. I am sure many local business are often called upon for donations and some of the larger businesses in town have turned to more creative options in order to give, without hitting the bottom line directly. The small family-run business didn't think twice.

In years past, other local restaurants have helped, by offering goods at a reduced rate, but oftentimes are not generous enough to just give the way that Shooter's has, for the second year in a row now.

Coached by Paul Hrycuna and assistant coach Tom Osmer, this fundraiser has been able to bring in new warm-ups, a mat light, to add to the excitement of the home meets, and fund various other items for the team. There is always backing from dedicated parents who pull together once a year to ensure it's a success. So when you can also spread the word that the local restaurants are willing to donate 100 percent of an item to the team for the concession stand, the proceeds go directly to the team.

I couldn't think of another way to show my appreciation than to spread the thanks from all of the wrestlers and families of wrestlers on the WRHS wrestling team.

Crystal Donahou



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How is Trump going to pay for expanding our nuclear arsenal

To The Daily Sun,

On the Thursday before Christmas, President-elect Donald Trump tweeted, "The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes."

Let's ignore the implication that we're reigniting the nuclear arms race after 30-plus years of reductions (started ironically by Ronald Reagan, but I digress), and focus instead on where the money comes from?

Don't roll your eyes, conservatives. Please just answer the question. It is a fair one to ask. Simply stated, how is it going to get paid for?

First off, the president-elect has promised to eliminate the national debt and reduce taxes, particularly corporate taxes. He also promised to rebuild America's infrastructure ... to the tune of trillions.

He's also promised to build a wall across 2,000-plus miles of southern border, which will conservatively cost at least a $1 trillion to build, maintain, and patrol. And Mexico will not pay for it. No way. No how.

Let's not forget a 355-ship Navy which easily adds another $5.5 billion to the annual Defense budget.

And now he's promised to rebuild the U.S. military to include a "greatly" expanded nuclear capability. Nukes are pricey — wicked pricey. This isn't a Build-A-Bomb store at the mall. No, you have to procure materials, do testing, provide the security, and you need extraordinarily expensive delivery systems including ICBMs, nuclear subs, and nuclear-capable long-range bombers ... and the support infrastructure required for those forces. We'd also have to have the incredibly expensive command, control, communications, and intelligence networks to support it. And that's just for starters. This isn't Air Force One we're talking about. This stuff is serious.

So here's an equation for all you math types: A drastic reduction in federal income + huge increases in federal spending + ($20 trillion federal debt) = Make America Great Again? Plus all the other things that conservatives think they're going to get, like internment camps, a Muslim registration system, and some way to drain that Washington swamp.

I realize that modern Republicans use creation science instead of actual math, but how will this work? How do you have reduced income, plus increased spending, and come up with zero debt? And would you do this at home with your own checkbook?

Even if you eliminate all of the things that conservatives seem to loathe these days (such as education and food stamps and health care and environmental protections) and we end up a nationalistic and conservative utopia of unhealthy and hungry supporters, you still don't make up more than a few percentage points of the difference.

So, how does this work? Anybody? I think I'm going to have to wait a very long time before anyone is capable of answering. Maybe the Russians can get it for me?

Alan Vervaeke

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