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Minimum wage was not intended for the family bread winner

To The Daily Sun,

According to the Tuesday's edition of The Daily Sun, the issue of the minimum wage apparently has raised its ugly head once again here in Laconia, and the so-called people's rights associated with it. I guess as long as there are people who allow their emotions to rule their lives, instead of their brains, and their outlook on how everyone else should live their lives, we will always have to deal with secular-progressive ideas like this.

"Make the minimum wage as high as possible," is what some people believe, and it doesn't matter who it hurts, as long as the low-intelligence voter believes it's a good idea, when progressives and big-government socialists tell them it's a good thing.

FACT 1: People don't go into business to provide jobs for people. In a capitalist economy, people go into business to make money.

FACT 2: There is no such thing as a right to a job; sadly, many people believe the lie that they have a right to a job, and are therefore not even grateful for the opportunity of an employer who takes a huge risk, and gives someone unproven a job.

FACT 3: Most young people bring little or no skills with them when they enter the job market for the first time. The minimum wage was designed to give them an opportunity to develop some work skills, a work attitude, as well as a work ethic, things like the importance of being on time, showing up every day you're supposed to, things like that.

FACT 4: The minimum wage was not intended for the bread winner of a family of any size. It was, and still is for people with no marketable skills, many of whom are entering the job market for the first time. If someone is the bread-winner of a family of two, three, or four, or more, he should have made sure he had the skills to support that family before he had that family.

If the present minimum wage of $7.25 is not enough, as some progressives think, and that $10 or $15 is better, why stop at $15. Why not increase it to $25? If $15 is good, isn't $25 even better? How about $35? I tell you what! If $15 is better, why not increase the minimum wage to $50 per hour and make everyone happy?

Maybe progressives want to change the minimum wage laws, but they cannot change the laws of economics. Increasing labor costs by giving the least skilled members of the workforce a raise in pay that they haven't earned, means layoffs of those most expendable. That's a law of economics that can never be repealed.

Small business owners are the most powerful engine of any economy, and we are fortunate that most of them are benevolent and civic-minded enough to hire some unskilled and unproven workers who bring nothing to the job market in the beginning of their working career, except desire and a willingness to learn all they can, to improve their economic worth to an employer. But those employers are not going to do it at the expense of the success of their businesses, a fact totally misunderstood by the progressive worldview, and most politicians who have never worked in the private sector — like our current president.

Jim McCoole


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Idea that a wall will solve everything is the GOP 'white unicorn'

To The Daily Sun,

Here is a thought for our congressional leaders to ponder: How about they concentrate on finding and imprisoning the high-level drug kingpins instead of filling our prisons and jails with low-level drug abusers, users and pushers? This concentrated focus might actually help stem the tide of drugs coming into this country.

Or maybe The Donald and other billionaires could help those in Congress find the leaders of the drug cartels. Trump should put his billions into this effort instead of promising to build a wall. This mythical wall would only keep out families of those who flee to this country to escape horrendous living conditions that exist in their countries.

The whole idea that a wall is going to solve all the problems is the Republican version of a "white unicorn" (white perhaps being the key word). Did these people ever consider that those who want to come into this county will find a way under or around such a wall? Did they ever consider that there are these things called boats that can be used to land illegal immigrants in places where there is no wall: the same way that North African refugees have been fleeing to Europe? Do they propose to build an impregnable wall to cover every mile of the U.S. border? Maybe they should get serious about the issue of immigration instead of believing in a delusional "solution".

Come on One Percenters: put your money where your mouth is for a change.

Bernadette Loesch

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