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I'm amazed at level of dedication Andrew Hosmer brings to the job

To The Daily Sun,

State Sen. Andrew Hosmer is a man of integrity

The dictionary defines integrity as: The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. My personal definition: What a person does when no one is looking. Senator Andrew Hosmer exemplifies integrity. While no one has been looking he has gone above and beyond.

As we all know, there is an opioid epidemic tearing at the fiber of our communities, our families, and for some their very lives. We hear so often our trusted government servants using the epidemic in their speeches and their campaigns, but where the rubber meets the road they are nowhere to be found.

This is where Andrew separates himself from the others. I have personally seen him commit his time and energy to addressing the opioid crisis in New Hampshire. He actively participates in local efforts, bringing his great skills of intellect and vision. But most of all, he brings his compassion and integrity.

On a personal note, I am a person in long-term recovery who has been part of the efforts to bring recovery support services to the area. I continue to be amazed at the level of dedication and kindness Andrew brings to this cause. He has also become a friend who truly wants to see me and others like me succeed. I see this man in his regular life be a great leader, father, husband, and friend.

Part of being in the recovery process from a substance use disorder is reshaping our broken lives and looking to examples of honesty and good character to model our lives after. I have found this in Senator Hosmer, my friend and a man of integrity.

Philip Spagnuolo, Jr.

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Rep. Cordelli is the best state representative I've seen in decades

To The Daily Sun,

In a few days we vote for people to represent us, from President of the United States to U.S. Congress, as well as state and county positions. Those elected will I suspect lead us to prosperity or more recession, to better government or more political rancor, through the muck and mire that we are facing in the next decade and beyond. I think we have all made our picks by now for the upper tier of the ballot; those names and faces we can't avoid on TV.

For those voting in Moultonborough, Tuftonboro or Sandwich, I will however, make a suggestion for voting on our local races. As we start to get past the middle of the ballot where there are names we don't know, political credibility we're not sure of, and offices we're not really sure what they really do, that's part of the ballot I'm addressing. If you don't know their names and their political credibility, or don't know their record, or if even if they have one, don't feel obliged to vote for them. There have been times in the distant past, after voting, I found I may have voted for someone I would not have otherwise supported by filling in all the asked for number of candidates.

However, one name stands out clearly in our district as an established candidate. Glenn Cordelli has a proven record of fair and principled representation. He has been your representative in the General Court for two terms now. I have watched Glenn closely as he has taken a lead to correct Carroll County's dubious and challenging budget issues. He's been the target of some gratuitous and misleading comments from one of his challengers for his tough and hard-hitting stance.

Glenn comes to meetings prepared. His leadership style is not to just throw good money after bad, as some would. He offers possible solutions worthy of discussion, not just mud-throwing.

His seat on the House Education Committee has afforded him the opportunity to advocate for a better quality education in New Hampshire, whether that comes to New Hampshire students by way of the public schools, home schooling, or high quality public charter schools.

One individual running for the same seat would do his level best to defund state spending for public charter schools in spite of a record of an overall better quality education for their students. That candidate is Paul Punturieri. Glenn feels that if New Hampshire's education money raised by taxes pays for the education of New Hampshire's children, and if they have a better choice within that system, they should be able to make that choice. We're not talking funding of private or parochial schools, as Mr. Punturieri has had the good fortune to take advantage of in his home state of New York.

The New Hampshire Charter School Law, established in 1995, encourages the establishment of public charter schools. The state has oversight responsibility as well. They are, and by right ought to be, part of the public education system New Hampshire provides its students. I have to wonder why Mr. Punturieri grouses so much about funding this part of the New Hampshire public education system.

Rep. Cordelli has been an excellent state representative. He is the best one I have seen in decades. I suggest we continue to support his efforts. Even if he is the only one we vote for in that category, now that you know his name and his good reputation from this observer.

Rick Heath

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