I want a factual federal budget that doesn’t pay for frivolous items

To The Daily Sun,

I heard the other day about Jeanne Shaheen's bill to change the federal budget from one year to two years. She says it would give them more time to agree on a budget.

It does not make sense to me. The federal budget keeps getting extensions. We have not passed a federal budget since 2009. So essentially we now have a budget that goes beyond two years already.

The House has created the budgets per the Constitution and passed them to the Senate. There the budget dies. Harry Reid does not bring the budget before the Senate to discuss. He is in violation of the Constitution.

2013 Federal budget included: $385,000 to study the duck penis, $17.5 million in special tax exemptions for Nevada brothels, almost $1 million to study romance novels, $10,000 on a pole dance study, $125,000 on a documentary on superheroes, $1.9 million in lifestyle coaching for Senate staffers.

Also: $1 million for a bus stop with heated seats and wifi, $415,000 to California wine growers to promote wine sales in China, $704,000 for landscaping at residence of Brussels ambassador (Makes me wonder if money like this was spent foolishly the year Ambassador Stevens begged for more security and was denied), $3.5 million to cover solar panels at Manchester airport because the panels blinded pilots and air traffic controllers (I wonder how much green energy is in use today that was subsidized by the federal government?), $1.5 billion on government owned properties with very little or no use at all — some set for demolition but still being maintained, $9 million in advertising for the Army on recruiting while they are cutting back 80,000 troops, $437,000 for IRS employees in Las Vegas on union training (shouldn't their union pay for this?), $300,000 on administration portraits (Sen. Shaheen co-sponsored a bill that limits price of portrait to $20,000 — other than president — why do we need portraits — photograph would do)

The list goes on and on and comes to a whopping $30 billion in 2013 alone. Just think, we are borrowing money and paying interest to pay for these and other frivolous items.

Even when the Democrats were in power of both houses, they did not pass a budget. Only one budget was passed since Obama got elected. Could it be, that some politicians do not want their name to a bill that they voted for or against. It might not be helpful in elections years. It might actually hurt.

I personally have a budget. I want a federal budget. A factual federal budget where we cannot spend more than what we make. I want a budget that does not pay for frivolous items.

Linda Riley


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My sincere apology for defaming family's tribute to a loved one

To The Daily Sun,

My sincere apologies to Daylon Brock and the family of the deceased person mentioned. The letter was a defamation of the family's tribute to a loved one I had no business to comment on it. Again, I humbly ask you to forgive my thoughtlessness and stupidity.

Leon R. Albushies


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By what definition is Travis Bennett a true resident of District 8?

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is directed to the voters of Hebron, Holderness, and Plymouth.

On the ballot you receive on Tuesday, Nov. 4 when you go to vote, you will see a name that may be unfamiliar to you, Travis Bennett. While unfamiliar names often crop up on local ballots, this one concerns me because he is a PSU student from Nashua running for one of our three seats in the House of Representatives.

When you see him at the polls ask him: Does he register his car in Plymouth, Holderness, or Hebron? Has he changed his driver's license to reflect an address for one of those towns? Will he truly represent the interests of the people from our neck of the woods? What does he know about those interests?

We should have local candidates on our local ballots, candidates who have a vested interest in serving our whole local area, and will take the time to do it well.

Henry Ahern, Jr.


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I'm wife of County Home resident & I'm voting for Democrats

To The Daily Sun,

I am the wife of a Belknap County Nursing Home resident and a resident of Gilford. I am very concerned for my husband and his fellow residents and their excellent caregivers.

The nursing home employees have just been informed that they will have to cover the cost of their health insurance till the next contract, which could mean approximately $800 per employee over several weeks. In their contract bargaining the employees sacrificed pay raises for their health insurance and it is not fair to ask them to take such a bite out of their paychecks as well. We need a county delegation and a county commissioner who will be sensitive and responsive to their needs and problems.

That is why I will be voting for Lisa DiMartino, Nancy Frost, Dorothy Piquado and Sandra Mucci for state
representatives and Andrew Hosmer for state senator, who has and will continue to advocate for them in Concord.

I cannot vote for Dave Pollak since I don't live in his district. But I urge all my friends in Laconia, Sanbornton and New Hampton to please vote for Dave Pollak for Belknap County Commissioner.

Thea Aloise

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Importance of coming mid-term election cannot be understated

To The Daily Sun,

In the last mid-term elections — in 2010 — fully half of Belknap County's voters — nearly 22,000 voters — did not  vote.

That means half of our residents have no voice in the laws that affect their lives or the budgets that affect their services and taxes.
Just because we are not electing a president in November, we cannot downplay the importance of this election. For Democrats, turning out to vote is critical from the top of the ticket down. We can't allow a Republican majority in the Statehouse and risk leadership by Bill O'Brien with a Tea Party, Free State agenda. We have to protect our nursing home residents from the vagaries of purely political decisions. We need an Executive Council that will work cooperatively with the governor rather than blocking her recommendations.

We live in a participatory democracy that only works when voters participate. Otherwise, extremists call the shots for everyone.

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in most locations. You have just two weeks to learn where the candidates stand on the issues and make your choices.

Bring an ID and vote on Nov. 4 to give yourself a voice in the way our county and state are run.

Kate Miller
Chair, Belknap County Democratic Committee


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