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One year later, I'm still voting for ABC . . . anybody but Clinton

To The Daily Sun,

The race is on; it is Trump against Clinton. Here are some facts to think about.

— Former Secretary of State Albright said that Hillary's use of a private email would not kill anyone. How about Benghazi?

— Ninety-four million Americans were not in the workforce in May. When President Obama took office 80 million were not in the labor force. Hillary has promised us four more years of Obama.

— U.S. added 38,000 jobs in May, fewest jobs since 2010.

— Hillary Clinton supporters burn the American flag and raise the Mexican flag. Here is what Hillary said, Nothing.

— Hillary stated that she loves putting coal miners and mines out of business. This is another example of the Obama legacy.

— I found out that I am a white, non-college, non-educated person because I support Trump.

— Hillary wore a $12,495 Armani tweed jacket when she gave a speech on income inequality. Enough said!

— A community organizer is more qualified on the economy and global affairs than a successful businessperson. This is another example of the Obama legacy.

We do not need four more years of Obama. Hillary Clinton has no record to run on, so she has become an Obama surrogate. She is probably the worst secretary of state e.g., Benghazi, email scandal, etc. However, John Kerry is doing a good job to surpass Hillary as the worst.

From last year to now, I have said I was voting for ABC (Anybody but Clinton).

Jim Mayotte

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Fundraiser for Alzheimer's disease research was another success

To The Daily Sun,

The day was beautiful; the moods equally good; and the shared goal, of raising money for Alzheimer's disease research at Boston University, was tantamount to our gathering.

In this, the fourth year of gathering in Northfield, at Surette Park, we were a group on a mission.

Some of us have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's; many are caregivers to those with dementia of some sort, and others were there because they know — from friends or family connection — someone with the heart-wrenching mind disease.

There's not yet a cure. Work is being done in finding a diagnostic tool to, at least, "catch it" while it's in its earlier stage.

And I, like many are among those acting in the role of test-subject. Dr. Robert Stern leads the research at Boston University Alzheimer's Disease Center. For those who were unable to participate in the recent 4th Annual Timmons Team walk/run for this research may send on their donations to

And our gratitude is extended to originator and main contributors Rob Pearlman and Lynn Chong; to the many supporters who took part in the event . . . including key organizer Kate Timmons; other Timmons family members, Ben Morey, Barb and Mary Ann Hanchett, Steve Martin, Nancy, Paul and B.J. Nemcovich, Janie Northcott, Ted Blackburn, photographer, Granite State Race Services for timing of the event, Bagel Works for their "energy food" to begin the day, the police and fire department volunteers in Northfield, Franklin and Tilton, and those who helped in ANY way to allow the day to be fun and fruitful while helping to make Alzheimer's and other dementias, history. Special kudos also to Tilton Suburu for their meaningful and large donation; also to Golden Crest, Franklin for, once again, setting records with their two dozen staff members coming to run/walk. For those not mentioned, apologies. You know who you are.

Put it on your calendar, next year's event's the Saturday before Memorial Day weekend . . . JUNE 17,2017
Hope you can make it !

Meanwhile, our hearts go out to the caregivers of those with any form of dementia and also those who are beset with, thus far, incurable dementia as we pray for a cure and/or early diagnosis .

Ginny Timmons

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