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Scott Burns will be dedicated to representing us in Concord

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to ask you to consider Scott Burns at the polls in November. Mr. Burns is running for state representative for Merrimack County District 2 — Franklin (Wards 1 and 2) and the town of Hill.

Scott serves on the Franklin School Board and has been a passionate advocate for quality education and fiscal responsibility. State adequacy funds for local schools has been declining and Scott is working hard to ensure that the state fulfills its financial responsibilities.

Scott is keenly aware of the environmental impact of irresponsible disposal of such things as lead paint and mattresses and has worked on legislation that calls for improved waste management.

I have the pleasure of working with Scott on the Franklin Mayor's Drug Task Force and have witnessed firsthand his dedication to curbing the use of illegal drugs and educating children and families of the dangers associated with illegal drug activity. The task force is funded through grants, and Scott has been instrumental in fund-raising activities in order to sustain the task force. Recovery is equally important in this war on addiction and Scott can be credited for establishing the Greater Tilton Area Family Resource Center.

These examples of Mr. Burns' service to our community just scratch the surface, but illustrate his dedication to represent you and to advocate for those issues which are so important to us.

Again, please consider Scott Burns as you cast your votes on Nov. 8.

Bob Lucas

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Allow me to outline my vision for educating Laconia's students

To The Daily Sun,

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, Ward 3 will elect a representative for the Laconia School Board. My name is Aaron Hayward and, aside from my two children who attend Pleasant Street School, education has been my greatest passion. I am running for School Board to support our students and contribute to our school communities.

As an 18-year teacher of math and science at Belmont High School, I have enjoyed finding ways to challenge every one of my students. Celebrating their successes fills me with energy on a daily basis. Over my career I have participated in a number of leadership opportunities, involved myself in building and district planning, and continued to seek avenues from which to learn and grow.

My vision for Laconia education includes:

— Challenging all students appropriately regardless of their backgrounds or needs.

— Following the strategic plan that is in place, while seeking input of administrators, educators, parents, students, and citizens of the community.

— Celebrating and promoting the success of our schools and students. At PSS, my children have been blessed with wonderful teachers and environments that foster academic growth, creativity, and individuality. We need to keep these amazing qualities at the forefront of our educational decisions.

— Providing every student the opportunity for a first class education that prepares them for the evolving world around them. We need to make responsible, well thought out budget decisions that include, not alienate, taxpayers. We are all in this together. After all, a school district that overspends or slashes budgets will ultimately lose the community's faith.

Let's continue to build on our community based model, continue to revise our curriculum, and support our schools that ensure our children get the best education possible. I appreciate your vote on Nov. 8.

Aaron Hayward
Ward 3


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