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Well worth 2 hours of your time to watch 'Humanity from Space'

To The Daily Sun,

In the long history of life on earth, the challenges to a species other than a natural disaster is and has been that of the fittest surviving. Whether that be surviving daily challenges or long-term changes in nature both of which go hand in hand. Since the advent of modern humans it has become more difficult as certain populations unable to control themselves have overrun and seriously depopulated many species.

I remember in the teachings of Christ it was spoken that the meek will inherit the earth, I never really understood that until I realized that being a shepherd and the nature of sheep that that would be a reasonable view.

Perhaps with such huge populations — 7 billion plus and 9 or 12 billion coming soon to cover the planet, with no room left even for war — the aggressive will be in such a small minority they won't matter. The work to build land armies and navies already has become unaffordable for most nations, leaving such as ISIS to run amok in desert lands and eventually become a spotty nuisance elsewhere. There are many scenarios and none may matter at all in the end.

But that all is just one window looked out of. This video is two hours long — view it — a reality has been in the works in plain sight yet seen only by a few. I myself never realized it was all so huge and in place.
Armies are not needed to control a population any longer and nearly the whole population of earth have been tuned in. In Africa people learned by themselves to use a cellphone to sell the crops and to charge their batteries (no government agency needed to pick the pockets of the haves to spend teaching the have-nots to use a simple cellphone to better their lives). People absorbing a technology which itself absorbs them. Fields of sheep have grown to nations and continents.

Invite the family, friends, the children; hard nose with certainty of your politics or religious — take 2 hours and watch. Humanity from Space — http://video.pbs.org/video/2365530573/

G.W. Brooks

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How dare your reporter provide description of undercover car

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to express my concern about the article that appeared in The Daily Sun on July 17 regarding the police search of a store on Main Street in Laconia.

I am the proud father of a police officer in New Hampshire and have the greatest respect and admiration for what my son does in the line of duty. I worry for the danger he and his fellow officers face every day as a matter of routine.

These officers are out there trying to protect our communities in an environment where much of what they do is analyzed for political correctness by the media. They often fight against a judicial system that stacks every advantage to the suspect. It is sad to say that they are not always fighting a winning battle and are not always appreciated for it.

This newspaper article focused on the fact the search left the property in some level of disarray, with merchandise being strewn around. I might argue the necessity of that in favor of the police methods, after all, would what they were searching for be left out in plain sight? I think not.

What really alarmed me about this article and transgressed beyond my imagination was the fact that the reporter ran the license plate of the undercover officer's — as well as provided a detailed description of the vehicle — and published the results in the article. HOW DARE YOU! These officers have dangerous jobs and are often placed in harm's way. they are placed undercover for a reason — to protect themselves and their families. With all the drug problems and deaths in our communities, why would you do anything to make the officer's job more difficult? To offer this information was irresponsible and did nothing to serve our community or the efforts of law enforcement to continue fighting a drug epidemic that is killing our kids and neighbors. The reporter, who had someone run the license plate, did so illegally and the information added nothing to the article and could very well have placed law enforcement personnel and their families in serious danger. That vehicle may very well be sitting in some officer's driveway.

A good journalistic reporter should attempt to get more of the facts before they decide to print an article that puts people's lives in danger and makes it appear that they are more concerned with printing an article that gets attention but does nothing to serve either the truth or our community.

John Smith


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