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Thank you Belmont voters for again putting your confidence in me

To The Daily Sun,

I am honored that Belmont voters have once again put their confidence and trust in me to be your selectman. I will continue to work hard for you and do what is best for the town of Belmont.

I would like to thank Ruth Mooney, Donna Cilley and Sonny Patten for their assistance and strong support,  and of course, the voters for electing me.

Jon Pike


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Closing of the Year-Round Library will be a very sad day for me

To The Daily Sun,

The closing of the Year-Round Library for me will be a sad day and I believe it is a sad day for Gilmanton, too.

Gilmanton has a small population, large geographical area and few job opportunities so the majority commute away from town for their work activities. Gilmanton does have its churches, town halls and schools. It has its clubs, youth sports organization and other associations. We also have our special days, Fourth of July parade, Old Home Day and fireworks.

All of these groups and events are important and serve a purpose, but they also have limitations by age, faith, or other interest. So, while they bring some of us together they do not address the whole.

I felt the Year-Round Library bridged some of these gaps in its openness to all town members. The children often were the main focus of programs, but anyone during operating hours could stop, check the latest Consumer Reports, use the computers, have a cup of coffee. It was a place for all and we need more places in a town that does not have a community center, few restaurants or other spaces to come together.

Following SB-2, we no longer have our town meetings. Those meetings offered a time and place to come together. Community places are very important, otherwise we are the proverbial bedroom community with not just work but many personal activities taking place away from Gilmanton.

We now will have one less place with the "no" vote on library funding. So, for now I will pay my $20 to Gilford Library for a two-year card and miss very much what we had at the Year-Round Library.

Betty Mitchell


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