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Fields reaped what he sowed when he was voted out as clerk

To the editor,
I have ignored many rude shenanigans by Dennis Fields because he is an elected official and because he is elderly. However, this latest story in your paper on May 2, coming just a few weeks after being the ONLY Republican to vote AGAINST THE CONSITUTION on  HB-135, has caused me to no longer have ANY respect for Mr. Fields. I am actually very sorry for him. He doesn't realize he is being played like a puppet by the commissioners.
I get that Mr. Fields is bitter about being voted out as clerk. However, he has to realize, he reaped what he sowed. In addition to this latest round of theatrics, I have sat at numerous meetings over the last four years and witnessed him continuously acting very childish by speaking out of turn, ranting and raving, and consistently speaking with disrespect to others. One has to ask for whose benefit he acts the jester, because by his own admission, it doesn't seem to be working out too well for him lately. Had he acted more respectful, he would've received respect in return and never had been voted out of his clerk position.
I believe the reason Mr. Fields goes to such lengths to accuse the delegates of wrong doing is because he is actually the guilty one. If Mr. Fields can get people to believe that others are doing what he does, sneaking around and behaving badly, then he keeps a clear conscience. Those who expect more from him than acting like a clown and being a traitor to the general good of the constituents, have out-classed him on so many levels, he can longer keep his head up. I believe his time served as a representative will be remembered as Mr. Fields having been the notorious guy who voted against the taxpayers, his party, and the United States Constitution. So sad.
Barbara Howard

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Summer residents, help save Newfound Lake from wind turbines

To the editor,
Welcome Back!
If Newfound Lake residents and visitors are annoyed and dismayed by the intrusion of the Groton Wind Farm, they will be even angrier if these next three wind projects move forward. Residents and visitors alike want to protect the natural beauty of the area.
Many returning summer residents were shocked to find out that Newfound Lake is being targeted by industrial wind developers. Many refuse to accept the plans of four wind power plants, totaling 125+ turbines, reaching 454 feet high around the shoreline of Newfound Lake. Visitors are questioning why New Hampshire officials would allow such an intrusion in the Lakes Region.
Is the New Hampshire government misguided — and if so, are they placing their faith and trust in industrial wind developers? Many are questioning the government. Shouldn't they have been involved in the negotiations? Shouldn't there be a limit on how many turbines can be built in one region? Why is Newfound Lake carrying the burden of New Hampshire's renewable energy plan?
Great questions. The very same questions we have been asking for the last five months to no avail. Maybe... just maybe... our voices combined with yours will help turn things around. Maybe our politicians will start listening to our united concerns.
I am looking forward to summer residents and visitors getting involved. Please set aside a few hours during the summer months to help save Newfound Lake from being overrun by wind turbines and their blinking red lights at night.
Newfound Lake and its scenery are worth fighting for....
Ray Cunningham

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Where is the conservative perspective in MSNBC’s reporting?

To the editor,
I would like to respond to L. J. Siden's remarks on Thurs. May 2 in this wonderful free newspaper — the statement made that MSNBC and Fox News are not fair and balanced. Comparing the two in the same light as unfair is ridiculous.
First off: Fox's ratings have jumped 30 percent and is in lead of all other news broadcasting's. ChaCha on 24/7!
Politico reports "Of the 1,180 people surveyed, 36.1 percent chose Fox News as the "best" network, compared with 27.8 percent choosing CNN and 16.6 percent picking MSNBC.
To continue my defense of Fox News, please note that Fox has liberal voices speaking the liberal point of view. They are Bob Beckel, Juan Williams. Alan Coombs, Susan Estrich and others. They are not once in awhile voices or guests for the liberal point of view, they are part of the Fox News team. I ask you, who are the conservative voices on MSNBC refuting the insane ranting of "thrill up my leg" Chris Matthews?
I ask you why have MNSBC not covered Dr. Kermit Gosnell's Abortion clinic trial and the atrocities performed by him and others hired by him on unborn and mind you those born in botched abortions. The only news forum that followed his trial, and reported and following up on it is FOX NEWS.
Where has MSNBC, et al, followed the Benghazi, Libya atrocity and reported on the inconsistencies of testimony as to what really happened there. President Nixon was impeached for the cover up of Watergate and I remember one Chuck Colson who was jailed because of his cover up. There is obviously now a cover up of the Benghazi massacre. The difference between Nixon's cover up and our present government's cover up: there were NO deaths in Watergate. In Benghazi, we need to have justice for the four Americans who were killed, one of whom was Christopher Stevens our ambassador, who was tortured and finally murdered. As I see it Fox News is the only news medium reporting and following up on it. Only two senators, Senator John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham are fighting for the truth and justice in the Senate for those murdered at Benghazi on September 11, 2012.
We all know that MSNBC drinks the Obama Kool Aid and they are his propagandists. Obama wants us to believe, (and therefore MSNBC, CNN, etc) that the terrorists are not a threat to America anymore; that they are on the decline. Well the Boston bombing is a red flag telling us they are NOT on the decline they are very much active and they want to kill us. An example of President Obama's downplaying of terrorist also is in the killing of our Marines at the Marine base in N.C. Obama declared it a "work place violence". It is not so when the perpetrator cries out before he does his dastardly deed on our armed forces "Allah Akbar". Terrorism is alive and in full force against us.
It angers me very much that in our culture today it's okay to use the words "Allah Akbar" and to read and respect the Koran and study the Muslim faith in our schools, but we are NOT allowed to mention Jesus Christ in our schools. Christians are not even allowed to express their faith in Jesus Christ in our schools.
Watch out America, when we diminish and disrespect the Christian faith and we can't say God or Jesus Christ, or even Merry Christmas in America anymore, we are in trouble. God is aware and very patient. He will not hold his anger for long. God have mercy on America. Bring back your protection for America. America, you want terrorism to stop? It is imperative we come back to God, the God of the Christian faith of America's founding Fathers and the God of the Bible and God's Holy son Jesus Christ.
Florence Shealy

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Electorate rarely speaks as clearly as it did on background checks

To the editor,
An open letter to Senator Ayotte:
In view of your recent vote regarding background checks for some persons seeking to purchase firearms, I am moved to seek your views on this important question: what is your understanding of the proper role of an elected official in a representative democracy?
Our Constitution provides the people with a voice and allows no sovereign agent to dictate to us his or her personal views. I realize that sometimes this can place a burden on our representative to act against her party's or her own preferences, but that comes with the office.
The electorate often does not come to a well-defined view on many issues. But sometimes, they do. Sometimes, they speak with a substantial majority that transcends party, region and demographics. It is at such times that I see three options for our elected representative: 1. vote the will of the majority regardless of personal preference; 2. persuade the electorate that your opposing viewpoint is correct, or 3. resign.
Perhaps you have another view of your role as a senator representing the people of New Hampshire. If that is so, please take the time to respond so that I can understand the rationale behind your recent vote.
Regardless of one's view on the issues of background checks, it seems to me that all New Hampshire voters have an interest in knowing that their elected officials hear them when they speak in substantial majority. To accept otherwise opens the door to dictatorial governance.
Louis R. Lieto

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SB-2 is nearly five times more democratic than Town Meeting

To the editor,
SB-2 would be unnecessary in Sanbornton if the 570 residents who voted in the general election had bothered to attend the 2012 Town Meeting. Sadly only 149 residents attended Town Meeting which is the reason SB-2 is on the Sanbornton ballot again this year.
For those who say "to eliminate Town Meeting is to eliminate the last bastion of direct democracy in the U.S", I respond that if SB-2 allows nearly five times the number of residents to vote on the town budget, questions, and warrants etc. in the privacy of the voting booth then S-B2 is nearly five times more democratic than Town Meeting.
For those who say "if people are really interested in The Town they would attend Town Meeting", my response is that this attitude denies the vote to those who work in the evenings, can't find or afford a baby sitter, are not comfortable driving at night, can't physically sit through a 3-5 hour meeting, aren't comfortable speaking up in public, or are away in the military.
Today Town Meeting is not the bastion of democracy it once was, rather is the rule of the many by the few.
Roger Grey

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