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While running as Democrat, Dawson fits few political stereotypes

To The Daily Sun,

Contrary to my usual practice, I am going to write a letter of support for a candidate who is not in my district and for whom I cannot vote. But I wish I could. I heartily support Dave Pollak's bid for office as County Commissioner from District 1, Laconia.

I have known Dave for years, both as a co-worker and as a personal friend. An ethical man of principle and brass-bound integrity, Dave never struck me as a "professional" politician. He is simply seeking to serve his community and to "make a difference." In fact, I was rather surprised when he told me he would be running for county commissioner. While I do not always agree with him, I have found him to be a person who will listen respectfully to anyone and can be counted upon to tell the truth.

Although today he is an educator, Dave will bring a wealth of other "real life" experience and knowledge to the office. He has been an attorney and the owner of a construction company. He chose education as another career because he believes in making a difference. He is very knowledgeable about the issues surrounding the Belknap County Jail. In addition to his regular job, he has participated in educational activities at the County Jail. He has also taught in the criminal justice program at Plymouth State University. He is respected by his students and colleagues. He has often taken a leadership role among his faculty colleagues and seeks to reach consensus with others.

While he is running as a Democrat, again, Dave fits few political stereotypes. He is logical and analytical. He is actually quite moderate on many issues and in any case, always seeks "common ground" with those who may disagree with him. Of course I encourage the Democrats in his district to come out and vote for him in November, but I would also encourage Republicans to vote for him or even write him in on the Republican ticket. I think he is a Democrat they would respect.

E. Scott Cracraft


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My father is nice & considerate; I hope he's elected state rep

To The Daily Sun,

"My father is running for Laconia School Board. He wants to go to the meetings to help the kids in the school. He helps my brother and me with our homework. I am 9 and my brother Ben is 10. My father is nice and considerate of others. I hope he wins."

This was a letter to the editor that I wrote back in 1984, when my father, Dr. Thomas Dawson, was running for his first term for Laconia School Board. I still remember the excitement surrounding the election and the satisfaction he took from that role (which he served for three elected terms).

I confidently endorse my father in his run for a seat in the New Hampshire House of Representatives from Laconia - District 3. He has been a citizen of Laconia for decades and would truly work for the interests of Laconians. He has gained respect during his time as a member of the Laconia School Board and within the educational community as a beloved professor of Fire Protection at Lakes Region Community College.

The one attribute that speaks volumes to any election candidate is one of values. My father's moral compass is unsurpassed, with an ethical demeanor and sound character. He exemplifies honesty and fairness. Dr. Dawson is highly intelligent, professional, and selfless. He will work tirelessly for the people of Laconia and New Hampshire if elected to the New Hampshire House of Representatives and I proudly support his run in November's election.

Caroline Dawson

Daughter of NH House Candidate Thomas Dawson


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Enthusiasm for Senator Hosmer is misplaced, and dead wrong

To The Daily Sun,

Susan Collins of Northfield recently wrote that Senator Hosmer "has been a strong advocate for education." It is true, but only for his own kids. His kids can attend private schools because he writes the check for it, but the program that allows New Hampshire lower-income families to send their kids to private school with scholarships donated by businesses, Senator Hosmer votes against. Do as I say, not as I do.

Susan also writes that Hosmer fought to keep UNH tuition frozen, but he wasn't even in the Statehouse when that fight began. Does any right-minded person think that UNH would have voluntarily frozen tuition if it wasn't forced to by the Legislature? The Legislature said, "Get your financial house in order and stop the practice of giving automatic pay raises to faculty (some who were making already over $ 200,000 per year) and stop thinking of the taxpayers as your ATM card."

And one more thing ... the famous 50-percent budget cut (which really only amounted to a cut of 6 percent of the UNH budget) that Democrats like to point out as being "anti-education" was almost instantly recovered by UNH in an alumni fundraiser. UNH finally did what every other state university in the country does. It fund-raised from alumni.

Susan's enthusiasm for Senator Hosmer is not only misplaced. It's dead wrong. Kathy Rago will be the lobbyist for parents and taxpayers. We need her representation in Concord.

Greg Hill


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Bottom line is that Frank Guinta just doesn't represent us

To The Daily Sun,

In the coming election you can have a voice in the next Congress, but only if you vote. By not voting you lose your voice. There is a stark choice in the 1st District between Carol Shea-Porter and Frank Guinta.

Carol has refused to take money from corporate PACs and won't be bought by corporate special interests. She supports everyone paying their fair share — no special breaks for the wealthy and unfair subsidies for corporations. She supported investment in infrastructure and voted to stop sending jobs overseas. She voted to save the auto industry, strengthen small businesses, and she refused to bail out Wall Street.

Carol is committed to preserving Social Security and Medicare. Carol supports laws to punish polluters. As a former military spouse, she got the VA to give New Hampshire vets greater access to in state medical care and have the VA upgrade its facilities. Carol believes the government must keep out of personal, medical, end of life, or lifestyle decisions. The government must not access private records without cause.

Carol brought construction and jobs to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, helped to secure funding to rebuild the Portsmouth Memorial Bridge, helped secure grants for firefighters and police.

Frank Guinta is funded by "big oil," the Koch brothers, "big pharma," the insurance industry, defense contractors. He just doesn't represent us. He supports obstructing a women's access to birth control and has said that if a pregnancy endangers a women's life, she should die. He voted to privatize Medicare, and cut Social Security. Frank was for cutting funds from critical environmental programs.

This is no time to turn back to policies that will have a severe negative impact on the economy and the environment. Come out and vote for Carol Shea-Porter.

John Morrissey


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Many hands made light work of great Celebrate Sanbornton event

To The Daily Sun,

On a near-rainy Saturday we had our Celebrate Sanbornton, long in the planning, and making an occasion for getting together.

"Many hands made light work," well describes what we did. Many names could be listed, are owed thanks. Lunch cooks, cake bakers, New Horizon band, crafters, vendors, photographer John Olmstead, Sant Bani shuttle bus driver Jonathan Powell, police and fire personnel, N.H. Fish and Game Officer Brison, Millie Shaw for her presence in our historic Old Town Hall, Vicky Abbott and Linda Salatiello giving tours of our historic Lane Tavern. Karen Ober for lending her help and experience with past Old Home Days. These are but a few. Many thanks to all who contributed in any way.

We had a good time. I'm signing for a committee that met monthly on Monday nights and then weekly toward the date. Thanks to the committee and thanks to the town.

Lynn R. Chong


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