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Maybe school administrator would do better job of budgeting

To The Daily Sun,

Recently I wrote an letter asking the Town of Gilmanton if it might be a good time to consider changing the way our school does business by ridding the town of the SAU offices and hiring a school administrator. Since the SAU offices are up for sale and they will be looking for new space, it seemed like a good time to address this to the town and research possible cost saving by hiring one person to do the job of several by using the resources available at the school .
Mr. Michael Kitch took the questions I posed in my letter, then called Superintendent Fauci for a comment, asking if the SAU is going to close. I hope you didn't think you were going to get the superintendent to "open up" to you. I hope you liked all the statistics you got along with denial that anything is going to change.
The main issue many in our town have is with the elected School Board members who have said openly that they are not on the board to work, but only to have the superintendent do their job for them so they then can vote on those results. One board member told me, "I wanted to be on the School Board because I have children in the school system and I want to make sure they get the best education available. I have a full time job, am a mother and wife and don't have time to look up RSAs or school policies. I leave that to the superintendent". That is NOT what they were elected to do and that is NOT what the taxpayers expect from them.
However, there is another important issue at play here. Over the past six years or more there have been surplus funds of anywhere between $100,000 to over $800,000 at the end of the fiscal year. If the superintendent, financial administrator, and the School Board were intent of being good stewards of the tax dollar we would never see such abnormally high surpluses. Maybe a school administrator would be better at this.
So, Mr. Kitch, you can probably note that there have been ongoing issues between the School Board, the SAU, and the town for many years. I simply posed a possible change from the present system to one that might be more "user friendly". After all, it's OUR MONEY.
Elena Ball


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I do know the in-depth difference between a prison & a jail

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Dave Schwotzer:

How could you possibly know that one of my cousins had a long career in the field of rocket science? Your analogy was "right on the money". I am proud to say that one of my cousins was part of the team who designed the "LEM" Lunar Excursion Module which went on the first mission to the moon carrying Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins on July 20, 1969. Family history tells us that my cousin's signature is on that first LEM.
Thanks for a great comparison, as it brought back some good memories.

But alas, I must get back to the subject of this letter. I reiterate to you that a very close family member had a long career with a metropolitan police department. My point in giving you and others this detail is to assure you that I do know the in-depth difference between a prison and jail as a result of this person being part of our family for almost 50 years.
Our entire family respected the fact that he chose such a noble profession.

Bernadette Loesch


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Coverage of Dem picnic indicative of Sun's bias toward that party

To The Daily Sun,

While I appreciate The Laconia Daily Sun publishing my previous letter, it is regrettable that they chose to change the title. In doing so, they missed a significant point. Not only were Commissioner Philpot's comments inappropriate, The Sun has been discriminatory in its reporting. Instead of using my title "Crossing the Line on Discrimination", The Sun chose "Why would anyone call an elected official a 'bad' person." The Sun is fueling discrimination against Republicans by the way they have chosen to report on Republicans and Democrats. The Sun is a community newspaper; its focus should be on helping the community, not polarizing it. Issues relative to the jail should be handled as community issues, not as lead-ins to political campaigns.

Recently, I have been disappointed by The Sun's highlighting Democrats while attempting to help divide Republicans. The lead headline "Philpot takes aim at 'bad people' leading GOP Delegation" was the crowning touch. The Laconia Citizen also reported on the same Democrat picnic where Commissioner Philpot made his comments. However, the Citizen article was at the bottom of the first page without a sensational headline. Not only did The Sun exercise poor taste using the quote, they also used poor taste by using "aim" immediately after the Trayvon Martin verdict. The Sun chose to highlight the Democrats with a front page article on Sen. Hosmer, while relegating a subsequent article on Sen. Forrester to the inside of the paper on page 8. The Sun chose to attend and report on the Democrats annual picnic. Yet, they declined an invitation to attend and report on the Belknap County Republicans annual cruise which was attended by over 275 Republicans from all over New Hampshire. Knowing that a reporter might not be able to spend three hours on the Mount Washington, they were invited to come to the pier prior to departure for a story and photos. The Laconia Citizen, also invited, was at the pier and published an article and a photo on the front page just as they did for the Democrats this past week. These are all just more examples of the Sun's demonstrated bias in favor of the Democrats.

On a positive note, I would like to thank The Sun for accomplishing something that often times seems impossible... unifying Republicans covering the broad political spectrum.

I call on The Sun to look closely at the rationale behind their actions. With the Sun's editor running for mayor of Laconia, perhaps there is a reason, but it's not about the community. It's not too late to demonstrate to the community that The Sun puts meeting community needs ahead of gaining political advantage.

Jan Face Glassman
Center Barnstead


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Ed Philpot just made Kate Miller's spin doctor job a lot harder

To The Daily Sun,

Kate Miller tries her best to put a decent countenance on the ill-received remarks of Belknap Commissioner Philpot (LDS 7/23) but could not explain how vilifying those with whom you disagree is "everyone just doing their job". Her Republican counterpart, Alan Glassman, would never countenance the cheaply partisan remarks made by Philpot.

What really made Kate's job impossible was Philpot continuing his diatribe in the same edition. As an Alton reader noted, he should just resign and let someone with a different and less poisonous vision take his place.

Rep. Dick Burchell
Belknap 5



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Mr. Glassman should have been 'appalled' a lot earlier in the day

To The Daily Sun,

I read the article on Friday that reviewed the comments made by Commissioner Philpot at a Thursday event as well as the article in Saturday's Sun with comments from Alan Glassman and the letter from Elena Ball. Based on their comments, it is clear that neither Mr. Glassman nor Ms. Ball have attended any of the Belknap Convention meetings. I have attended a number of the convention meetings this year. If Mr. Glassman was "appalled" by the "bad people" comment made by Commissioner Philpot then he should have been beyond appalled by the comments directed at the commissioners and county employees by Rep. Worsman and other GOP members of the delegation at the convention meetings. She and others have been openly arrogant, condescending and outright unprofessional to the commissioners and the county employees who have been present. Even if he did not attend the convention meetings, many of their comments were reported on. Mr. Glassman refers to the strained nature between the commissioners and the Republican delegation and expresses concern for Commissioner Philpot's understanding of human nature. If Mr. Glassman himself understands human nature and had witnessed the tone, demeanor and accusatory comments that the commissioners received from Rep. Worsman and others then he should not be surprised that Commissioner Philpot feels the way he does regarding some of the GOP Delegation members. I left some meetings wondering how the commissioners sat there and took the very rude open and under the breath comments directed at them. I wonder where Mr. Glassman's condemnation was when abusive remarks were directed towards the three Commissioners, of which two are Republicans, and county staff.

Ms. Ball feels that Commissioner Philpot went too far by "smearing the good names of people who have been tasked with working towards a balanced budget for the county." Well the commissioners are also elected and have the same responsibility. They, and some county employees, have been consistently smeared in on-going displays of arrogance by Rep. Worsman, Rep. Tilton and other GOP members of the delegation. Based on her response to Commissioner Philpot's comments, if Ms. Ball had heard all the rhetoric at the meetings, she would have considered Rep. Worsman and others as having gone too far months ago.

I agree with Mr. Glassman, as do most residents of Belknap County who are following the convention, in wanting to see the entire convention able to work together on matters critical to the county. While I have only lived in the area for 14 years, I cannot recall other Belknap Conventions being this contentious. Friday's article noted that comments from Sen. Hosmer and Rep. Shurtleff referenced more bipartisan cooperation in Concord as well as some civility being returned to the Statehouse. Commissioner Philpot referred to the radical faction of the GOP Delegation as having a negative impact here in Belknap County. The GOP members of the Belknap Delegation include self avowed Free Staters, libertarians and Tea Party members so there is a faction that is considered radical by many, including many Republicans. The residents of Belknap County deserve to have a delegation that puts the residents and county first rather their individual ideologies. Commissioner Philpot should not be held to a different standard then other convention members. If Mr. Glassman or Ms. Ball never called for apologies from Rep. Worsman or other GOP Delegation members for statements they have made to and about the commissioners and county employees then they are certainly off base calling for one from Commissioner Philpot.

Denise Doyle



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