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Do we see same kind of crime & poverty among Asian Americans?

To The Daily Sun,

Watching the news over the past months and hearing the same excuse from the left for the riots in black communities, the arrest of disproportionate numbers of blacks and we keep hearing one thing. "White privilege, white privilege, white privilege." What a crock of BS, all white privilege is, is that a higher proportion of whites get an education. Far too many whites still do not, and the fact that those who do not are no less well off then blacks who do not, proves the white privilege excuse is a lie.

Do we see the same kind of unrest, crime and poverty among Asian Americans? No! Because they value education and are among our most productive and successful citizens. How about Jews, though most are white, Jews have been discriminated against for centuries, and often still are. But again they value education and are among our most successful citizens.

Why is it only blacks who continue to wallow in poverty, illiteracy and victimhood? It's because liberal Democrats couldn't win political power without keeping blacks down and dependent on their shallow, empty promises.
No, really? Then how come cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, just to name a few that have been run by Democrats for decades with liberal policies and promises are in such bad shape? Why is it the black communities there are no better, if not worse off then before the civil rights laws were passed and administered by liberal progressive Democrats. To be clear I'm not talking about your local neighborhood working Democrats, I'm talking about the big shot political types who amass power for the sake of power and administer and ration rights like they own them. Then when questioned about their failures hide behind lies like "white privilege".

The only privilege around us is the privilege of the permanent political class which has evolved in this country. It reminds me of the nobility classes in Europe. Year after year, decade after decade it's the same names front and center in politics, the same families by linage or marriage. The same big money backing them up and the same big promises and ultimate failures year after year, decade after decade. We are doomed to repeat this cycle over and over unless we can break free of it.

Term limits is a start but more we need a way to remove failed laws, policies and yes, officials from power separate from their centers of mutual protection and funding. Frankly I hope someone a lot smarter then me knows how that can be done because I do not.

I only know what the problem is, which I have described. I do know it isn't to continue with these false narratives like white privilege.

Steve Earle


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Mouths have dropped open with size of donations to Garden Club

To The Daily Sun,

The president of the Alton Garden Club, Joan Blackwood, received a phone call early in the year. The caller told her that a former member, Margaret "Peg' Kayser had mentioned the club in her will and that a check would be coming. Her initial thought was how nice and how unexpected.

Some time went by and she received another phone call, this one from the treasurer, Betty Jane Meulenbroek. She said that a letter had arrived for the Garden Club and a check was enclosed from Peg's estate. As she read the letter mentioning the amount, Joan's mouth dropped open. The same response has been from everyone who has heard this news. "What?" "How much?" And looks of amazement. It will be a huge blessing as well as a huge responsibility of the club to spend it wisely to see that Peg's wishes are fulfilled.

That wish was to beautify the town and "and hoped that the money would be put to great use." 

A member of the Alton Garden Club, Peg Kayser, had been actively involved for years. Though quiet and unassuming she was instrumental in initiating a scholarship for a local deserving graduating student who was going into some form of science or horticulture future. That $500 scholarship was recently presented to Haley Mellon from Prospect Mountain who may pursue a career in environmental science.

On hearing of Peg's gift a member of the Alton Garden Club thought it was a wonderful idea to help make our town more beautiful and wrote the club this letter:

"Dear Alton Garden Club: Please accept my gift to the Alton Garden Club to augment the generous gift that you have already received. I know you will use the money to beautify the town of Alton in a very special way. I am giving the gift to give back to the community who has so lovingly given so much to my family. I thank all the friends, businesses, police, ambulance service and the Alton Garden Club. I fell blessed to live in such a wonderful community of great people.

We have a great town, and I look forward to the further beautification of the area. I hope this gift will help your project.

Sincerely, the Hudson family

A check was enclosed for another large amount of money. More mouths have dropped open. It is believed that many improvements can be made with this kind of money. 

A committee has been formed to plan and implement these improvements. The primary goal is to make the Bay, where so many visit, a more beautiful area. Another area the committee is considering is around Monument Square. It is hoped that plans will be finalized before fall so that by next summer some, if not all of the work will be done and those who live here as well as those who visit will be able to say, "What a beautiful town."

The Alton Garden Club

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