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Socialist-soaked Labor Party beaten badly in UK elections

To The Daily Sun,

Let common sense and logic be your guide. Tom Dawson, "snake oil salesman" extraordinaire, is never going to stop filling your mind with socialist insanity. No need to look any further than Tom's writing to see what "Swiss-cheese logic" honestly looks like.

How about we begin with the basics.

If you want to look at the states that have fared best economically in recent years they all have some common threads. The first, almost all are right-to-work (RTW). In fact RTW Texas created more new jobs a couple years back than all the other 49 states combined. Yes, combined. How much more of a clue to improved economic prosperity does Tom Need than that one? It is impossible to have lasting prosperity in any state without sustained, vigorous new job creation. What sparks the investment required to produce such new jobs? Low tax burdens and the presence of RTW laws that protect both employers and employees from being subsumed by powerful union domination.

Unions, without exception create hostile environments, and higher costs for employers. Why would any business in its right mind be looking to expand business in states with high tax burdens, individual income taxes, high business taxes like New Hampshire has, or those with hostile unions whose only intent to drive up costs for the employer and prices for every consumer? States with no income taxes, low barriers to business creation and in place RTW laws have far out performed states with high tax burdens and debilitating RTW work penalties. New Hampshire has required its politicians for decades to make the "no income tax pledge" because the electorate has a lot more common sense than Tom Dawson.

Last week Britain re-elected conservative prime minister David Cameron overwhelmingly to five more years. Cameron's socialist-soaked Labor Party opponent Ed Miliband ran on the same, tax everything, and tax it higher nincompoop nonsense Tom Dawson spouts in the paper. Thank God, the common sense of the British electorate prevailed. Miliband promised higher mansion taxes, higher income taxes, (that are already sky-high), brand new taxes, redistribution of wealth, even price controls and rent controls, screaming bigger, more costly, government will fix everything for you. Same thing Tom Dawson shouts in The Daily Sun. The problem is bigger, more generous, more controlling government kills the middle class which pay for every dollar of it with higher taxes, as Obama has so unhappily noticed.

Can the socialist, utopian dreams represented by Miliband and Dawson reach any greater heights than those promises? The truth is almost all of Europe has been electing highly conservative governance for sometime now. They have no choice. Most of Europe is near bankrupt, in the deepest of depressions following decades of cradle-to-grave socialist, solutions of the exact variety Tom supports. There is no new tax burden that won't solve every problem for Tom and the Democrats. The failed, fantasy thinking of FDR that produced record dependency on food stamps in 2014 still lives today in the mind of Tom Dawson. Hopefully we are just as smart as the conservative focused Brit's proved last week.

Tony Boutin

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Look closely at who voted for the House's shortsighted budget

To The Daily Sun,

There were probably 500 people waiting to testify against the House Republican's budget at the Senate Budget Committee hearing that overflowed the chambers at the Legislative Office Building last Tuesday.

Many of the speakers offered heart-rending stories of children lost to drug addiction and begging for treatment beds. After being told that the waiting period for a treatment bed for her addicted son was weeks long, one mother described her experience of locking herself in his bedroom with him while he detoxed. She described the vomiting, crying, begging, and shaking and her worry that he might die in graphic detail.

Many talked about how devastating the cuts to services to the developmentally disabled will be. One, young man, who testified on his own behalf, asked how he will be able to work if he doesn't have the assistance of the area agency that has provided so much support and assistance to him in the past.

And, yet others talked about how much they personally benefited from services to the mentally ill. One fellow described his lifelong struggle with schizophrenia that saw him living for years in and out of the hospital but that with help from community mental health centers has found success in employment, marriage, and has a child on the way. There were even two police chiefs who thought it worthwhile to wait to testify against the cuts to domestic violence programs.

And, you know who else opposes that budget? The Business and Industry Association which represents more than 400 leading companies throughout the state that employ 86,000 New Hampshire residents argued in favor of lower business taxes and increased funding for tourism, renewable energy, the department of environment services, and higher education. And, they support Medicaid expansion because it will mean a healthier work force. How about that?

Look closely at how your representatives in Concord voted on that cruel and shortsighted budget.

Dave Pollak

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