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Hard to imagine something worth more money than longer life

To The Daily Sun,
"Before repealing Obamacare, don't we need an alternative?" If you are having a heart attack, do you want treatment first or a demand that you lose weight and adopt an exercise program first? Democrat Senator Max Baucus, an Obamacare author, calls Obamacare a "train wreck". You, all of us, are on that imminent train wreck. Should we stop the train wreck or debate alternatives while the train crashes?
Americans were better off before Obamacare. Seventeen of every 20 Americans had health insurance and 100 percent could go to a hospital for good and continually improving treatments. The primary problem was the high cost (although it is hard to imagine something more worth our money than improving longevity and quality of life).
Before Obamacare, different states experimented with different approaches to reducing costs while maintaining quality care and encouraging investments and innovations that improve people's lives. Examples: The Indiana Health Savings Account program was wildly popular and successful. Texas efforts, including tort reform, successfully reduced costs and enticed doctors to Texas.
While Obamacare was being considered in Congress, Republicans proposed these successful approaches and others to make health care more affordable, e.g., allowing people to fully deduct (from income taxes) health insurance premiums and/or buy insurance from states offering different insurance options and lower premiums. But Democrats had enough votes in Congress to reject Republican proposals and force government controlled health care, Obamacare, on the American people.
Obamacare creates another huge and expensive government bureaucracy which will control doctors, hospitals, health insurance companies, and whether we can receive the treatments, e.g., hip replacements or expensive cancer drugs, needed to improve our lives. Obamacare will be funded with money immorally borrowed (without their consent) from subsequent generations.
Obamacare costs and regulations are disastrous for middle income Americans, causing job losses, stifling job creation, and turning millions of good full time jobs into part-time jobs. Health insurance premiums are skyrocketing, some good insurance plans are no longer available and many people are losing their coverage.
Doctors are considering early retirement, and becoming a doctor is less enticing to our most talented students.
Obamacare only covers one more person (18 instead of 17) out of every 20 while it harms those previously insured, reduces the availability of quality medical care, and damages our economy
We can learn from Obamacare's harmful effects and from the successful approaches in Indiana, Texas, and elsewhere to improve America's great health care system. The way to start is to stop spending money on Obamacare.
Sign the petition at DONTFUNDIT.COM. Call, write, or e-mail your Congressmen and Senators and demand that they stop funding Obamacare.
Don Ewing

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Sign up for WOW Fest by Sept. 1 & you get limited edition tech shirt

To The Daily Sun,

WOW Fest '13 is coming up quickly on Saturday, September 14th, bringing a fun and exciting event to our community. You are invited to come out and join us and participate in one of the five events. Presented by Bank of New Hampshire, WOW Fest has something for everyone and all proceeds go to help continue the expansion of the WOW Trail.

Events at WOW Fest include a 3-mile walk out on the WOW Trail, a scenic 5K and 10K road race along Lake Opechee and a 15 mile (Paugus Bay) and a 67 mile (Lake Winnipesaukee) bicycle challenge all starting and ending at the Laconia Athletic & Swim Club. Following the events there is a festival with great food, live music and lots of fun activities for the whole family. Register by September 1st and receive a limited edition WOW Fest '13 event tech shirt.

Businesses and organizations are invited to participate with our team contests for most participants (Tilton Veterinary Hospital 2012 winner), most money raised (Patrick's Pub & Eatery 2012 winner) and best dressed and best times in the road races (Awakenings Chiropractic 2012 winners). Let's see some new challengers this year!

Registration and complete event information is available at www.wowtrail.org.

Celebrate outdoor recreation and the continued expansion of the WOW Trail by participating in this year's WOW Fest on Saturday, September 14th. Show your support... and get out and enjoy a walk, a run or a bicycle ride.

We hope to see you there!

Allan Beetle & the
WOW Trail Board of Directors


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Unfortunately, applicants were rewarded for host of illegal actions

To The Daily Sun,

The contentious Bears Nest Trail Planning Board hearing and consequences have been divisive and distracting for the residents of Moultonborough and it's various boards. The hearing was rift with mistakes and an embarrassment for all involved, myself included, as a Planning Board member. Airing our dirty laundry in public is one way to don clean cloths and let's not forget that many people have viewed the episode via video recording, with most recognizing the irregularities and wanting to see remedies implemented.
The selectboard, in my opinion, is legally correct and duty bound to call the scheduled the public hearings for some of those irregularities. That being said, it appears that the better alternative would have been for the selectmen to challenge the planning board in the Superior Court. Noting that there is no element of corruption or fraud involved, I hope that the selectboard, in their power and wisdom, do not choose to seek the removal of Ms. Ryerson and Mr. Bartlett.
There was a definite lack of guidance and significant confusion at the hearing. Was the conditional use permit hearing appropriate given the fact that the ZBA granted a slope variance? Is a tie vote a yes vote? Should the board have had their own legal counsel present? Can a member change their vote? Can a member cheat an applicant or the public by sitting for a hearing and then abstaining from a vote? Can a member vote for an approval if they have found that all of the criteria have not been met? Can members ignore state statues by not considering the application as "before the fact" rather then with an illegally built structure and clear-cut on over 35 percent slope?
Lost in the brouhaha are the initial reasons that the various boards and departments were required to become involved. I believe Bob and Cathy Williams and Sky's Carpentry share the burden of quilt for setting the stage for our embarrassing predicament. Unfortunately, the ZBA and Planning Boards rewarded the applicants and their agents for a host of illegal actions with after the fact approvals. These actions compromise our quality of life and need attention.
The public hearings considering the removal of board members can be considered a wake-up call for all of us on all of the municipal boards and can be the impetus to confront the issues in a collegial effort involving all affected boards and departments. Each of us can learn from this. Lets grasp this as a starting point for change and betterment for us as elected officials and municipal employees. I would not be pleased to see this uncomfortable and trying process conclude without a positive postscript for the record.

Natt King


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Skittles & fruit juice were not purchased for use as a snack

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to Nancy Parson's letter in the August 29 Sun:

Nancy, I must disagree with your take on the Zimmerman case, particularly your claim that the Sanford, Florida police did a "shabby job gathering evidence, notifying the parents, interviewing witnesses, etc." Nothing could be further from the truth.

When forensic evidence and witness statements did not indicate a cold, callous shooting of an innocent teen on his way home from buying Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice by a racist "white" Hispanic vigilante, but rather a case of self-defense when Zimmerman was attacked and beaten by a paranoid drug-using gangster wannabe with a history of criminal activity, the county prosecutor declined to bring a case forward. (The Skittles and fruit juice were not purchased to provide a snack and drink for an innocent teen, but were two of the three ingredients used to make a drug concoction known as "Lean", a street drug known for enhancing paranoia and aggression with regular use. As it came out later, "Lean" was Trayvon Martin's drug of choice.) That the initial evidence showed a case of self-defense and further investigation appeared to back up that claim is why George Zimmerman was "free to walk around."

It wasn't until the outrage from the black community, fomented by the media and the unthinking statement by President Obama, that a "gunslinger" special prosecutor came forward and decided to bring the case to court. It was only then that Zimmerman was arrested and charged. Further investigation by law enforcement officials (but not the Sanford PD as they were out of the loop at that time) brought forth more evidence that did not help the prosecution's case but further indicated the George Zimmerman indeed acted in self-defense.

In court, the defense shredded the prosecution's case, discrediting a number of prosecution witnesses and using the prosecution's own evidence to prove that Zimmerman was not guilty of anything but defending himself. The jury agreed and found him not guilty. (Yes, one juror thought he was guilty of "something" because he had killed Martin, but she put aside that feeling and followed the law and voted "Not Guilty".)

Nancy, you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

Dale C. Eddy


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Nothing prevented commissioners from attending Aug. 12 meeting

To The Daily Sun,

A recent letter to the editor by the Belknap County Commissioners contains a novel legal theory — that a properly noticed meeting must contain all of the items on the agenda. That is simply not true. There was nothing to prevent the commissioners from attending the August 12 meeting concerning a revenue anticipation note for Gunstock Mountain and nothing to prevent them from staying for any other business to come before the convention.

One of the commissioners was present for discussions concerning certain budgetary transfer requests which came before the executive committee of the convention and easily could have stayed for the properly noticed general meeting of the delegation.

The context which is unmentioned by the commissioners is that they have spent several years and three hundred thousand dollars of the public's money to produce a plan for a new prison which has very little support. A lame attempt to deflect notice from their incompetence does nothing to advance the public interest.

Rep. Dick Burchell
Belknap 5


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