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I knew Ronald Reagan, Mitt, and you are no Ronald Reagan

To The Daily Sun,

Did you hear Romney on Fox? Why didn't he throw his hat in the ring? Why didn't Mitt endorse Ted Cruz? He spoke highly of Rubio and Cruz.
I knew Ronald Reagan, Mitt, and you are no Reagan! Do they believe an establishment, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Republican is going to knock off Trump from the primary race? I heard Speaker Ryan speak of how Trump was hurting "the party" twice in two sentences on Thursday morning. That is the point: Jeb, Sen. Ayotte, John H. Sununu, Jennifer Horn, the elite and establishment, you see us common sense, principled, America-first folks as just votes and contributions, and then laugh at us. That is why Trump is doing so well without our help. I admit to being a Cruz supporter — love and protect what is great about America. We are not thinking "party," we, Democrats and Republicans, are groups of patriots who know what has to be done. We know the answers, stop asking what is in it for us.
Niel Young


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Enough of this thinking that Bristol needs to be the 'hub' of mutual aid

To The Daily Sun,

Most people refer to the town of Bristol as the " hub" of the Newfound Lake region, I call it the bottomless pit of taxes.

The "hub" (Bristol) is sending out 1,950 property tax bills to support a $1,078,000 Police Department budget and that's before the town spends another $164,500 on warrant articles that pertain to the Police Department. In comparison, if you look at all of the towns that surround the "hub" that we have "mutual aid" with, Alexandria, Bridgewater, Danbury, Hebron, Hill and New Hampton combined, you will see that some 9,400 property tax bills are supporting $1,175,000 worth of police protection. Mutual aid to some means Bristol supplies the aid and all of our surrounding committees are mutually thankful that they are not spending $1,078,000 on their individual police departments.

Concerned taxpayers of Bristol vote "yes" on reducing the size of the Bristol PD on March 12 at the town meeting. A reduction in the the size of the department calculates into the reduction of space needs, to reduce the budget even more by killing the $67,000 purchase of property known as the "Smith lot" and in addition, killing the $52,000 architect design for a new Police Department building, add to it, the $45,000 cruiser we will not need. The savings goes on and on.

Why should the town of Bristol be spending over $1 million a year when just as an example, the town of New Hampton is providing adequate coverage, including a section of Interstate that runs through the middle of that town, with six officers and a chief at a cost of $621,000. Another example: Ashland sends out 1,750 tax bills to support a $568,000 police department budget for five full-time officers, including the chief.

Enough is enough of the thought process that Bristol needs to be the "hub" providing "mutual aid" to surrounding towns that do not see the need for 24/7 protection. Bristol is not an unsafe town to live in and it will not fall into Newfound Lake if we take this needed action.

By the way, Bristol's budget of $6.5 million is almost as much as all of these six before mentioned towns operating budgets looks like, combined.

If you're comfortable with the rubber-stamp committees $6,500,000 budget this year supported by 1,950 property tax bills then please disregard this letter.

Eric T. Rottenecker

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