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Take a good look at Sen. Ayotte's record of fighting for women

To The Daily Sun,

A recent letter to the editor in this paper attacked Senator Kelly Ayotte for her vote last week to avoid a government shutdown. While deploying the same, tired talking points that Democrats usually turn to, the letter writer seemed to miss what's actually going on in Washington.

The truth of Kelly Ayotte's record is this: she's constantly crossed party lines and even stood up to her own party to get things done for New Hampshire. She was widely credited with helping end the last government shutdown and she has always been a strong, effective crusader for women's health.

Kelly is a different kind of leader. I'm proud that she stands for limited, more efficient government and lower taxes and spending. But she's also willing to compromise and work with people she sometimes disagrees with to deliver results for us. From her over-the-counter contraceptives bill, to her work to expand access to mammograms, to her many efforts to support working women and families, Kelly just doesn't fall into the bogeyman mold Democrats are fabricating.

So yes, Granite Staters should take a good look at Kelly's record fighting for women and common sense solutions in the Senate. It's pretty impressive.

Hillary Seeger

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I expect this letter to be published as a rebutal to Mr. Cracraft

To The Daily Sun,

So Scott Cracraft "tries to be a man of faith, charity and hope." After reading his anti-Tea Party diatribe in your publication (Sept. 29) it appears that honesty is not a quality he embraces. In its broadest meaning, "charity" equals, "love" or "empathy" or "tolerance".

But what he claimed in his article smacked not only of intolerance but much of it was totally untrue. Like so many on the extreme left, Mr. Cracraft would have us believe that that "Tea Party" people are all Christian fundamentalists with medieval attitudes. He could not be further from the truth.

First of all, the TEA in Tea Party stands for "Taxed Enough Already." It has nothing to do with religious beliefs. The "Tea Party" is not an organization (like a political party), but just an association of people of a variety of faiths and backgrounds who believe in the Constitution, particularly the idea that the government is "of the people, for the people, by the people". What they don't want is to have an all-powerful government that tells them how to live every aspect of their lives. We don't quite have that yet, but we are getting close.

Of all the people I know who claim to be Tea Party supporters I have never once heard any of them claim that a 12-year-old rape victim should be forced to bear her attacker's offspring, or anything remotely like that.

Most troubling about Mr. Cracraft's article is that it is eerily familiar of the lies that have been told by past despotic governments in order to persuade the populace of their own agenda. It is widely accepted that if a lie is told often enough that people eventually accept it as truth, and was in this way that Hitler managed to persuade the German people that all their problems were caused by the Jews. So he had little opposition when he instituted the Holocaust.

Prior to Hitler, the Bolsheviks of Russia convinced the common people that if they destroyed the aristocratic and merchant class, they would all be better off.

As history proves, that was not the case. Even earlier, extremists in France continually told the population that their queen (Marie Antoinette) was an adulteress and an Austrian spy and that she and her husband, Louis XVI, were responsible for the four years of famine that had devastated France, causing widespread hunger and starvation. What followed (The Reign of Terror) was far worse than anyone anticipated.

If Mr. Cracraft had written an article claiming that all African Americans were "gang-bangers" and criminals, or that all Muslims are terrorists, or that all women are helpless and need men to direct them, it would not have been considered for publication. Yet apparently he can claim with impunity the accusations he makes against Tea Party supporters.

I believe in free speech, even that which I detest, and I hope your publication feels the same. Therefore I expect this letter to be published as a rebuttal to the claims made by Mr. Cracraft. And I would encourage him and those who think his claims are true to seek out and discuss with Tea Partiers what it is they believe in. I think they will find that they have more in common with the Tea Partiers than with Mr. Cracraft.

D.M. Williamson

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