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The County Commissioner being smeared is me, not Mr. Taylor

To The Daily Sun,

I see in Wednesday's paper that state Rep. George Hurt denies the meeting described in red-hot terms by Mr. DeVoy as designed to smear Mr. Taylor took place at all. Perhaps Mr. DeVoy should divulge his source.

In any event, I cannot say what took place since I have not stepped foot in a Gilford restaurant in perhaps a year or more. In the meanwhile, the commissioner who is being smeared is me, and not Mr. Taylor.

Yes, I chastised Mr. DeVoy for bringing unfounded gossip before the public when the commission was gathered to do the public's business. He followed up this misstep by making up out of whole cloth my participation in an a meeting which seems not to have happened at all.

Mr. DeVoy chanced to be elected when the District 1 seat had a four-year rotation. That frees his hands to sling mud at anyone who opposes him. Mr. Taylor should not be given a free pass merely because his cohort tries by whatever means occur to him to subvert the democratic process.

Mr. Taylor should immediately disavow the remarks of Mr. DeVoy.

Dick Burchell
Belknap Commissioner, District 2


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