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Peter Spanos would absolutely be an asset in the N.H. House

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to say an encouraging word on behalf of Peter Spanos, running for state representative.

I worked for Peter for six years and have known him for more than 20. Peter has always been a sincere, intelligent, compassionate man, knowledgeable and community-minded.

Peter would absolutely be an asset to our House of Representatives, our state and our community. I hope people will reach out and vote for him.

Mary McCormack


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David Russell worked effectively in N.H. House of Representatives

To The Daily Sun,

Nov.4 is voting day, to elect the people we want to make our laws in Concord and Washington. Please vote.

We are fortunate to have David Russell from Gilmanton Iron Works running again in District 5 for the New Hampshire House of Representatives. He has the experience of seven years in that House.

In those 14 years as a member of the Resources and Recreation Committee, he has worked effectively for milfoil eradication — vital to keeping our lakes healthy, as well as our economy. He was prime sponsor of certification of boat owners, similar to drivers' licensing, thus increasing safety of boaters and those who enjoy the lakes.

David and his family have lived in the Iron Works for over 40 years. They owned and ran the grocery store there for 15 years.

His hobby is antique cars and he is a boat owner.

On Election Day, Nov. 4, Dave Russell deserves your vote.

Alice Ziegra Calvert


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Kathy Rago is one candidate who believes in life, not abortion

To The Daily Sun,
As voting day approaches, remember that life is most important. Even for local offices, a pro-life candidate is crucial, because the more people in political positions that are pro-life, the more likely that pro-life ideas will win in the end.

Kathy Rago is one who believes in life, not abortion. Andrew Hosmer has accepted Planned Parenthood funds and voted in February to establish buffer zones around abortion clinics.

Harry Mitchell

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Gilmanton & Alton will do better when all voices are heard

To The Daily Sun,

I have lived in Gilmanton for 17 years and in New Hampshire for 35 years. I am a retired public school teacher. Belknap County House District 5 has two State Representatives for the towns of Alton and Gilmanton. I want to be one of those representatives for our communities. I believe I can bring a fresh perspective to the state House and will work to find practical and balanced solutions for our challenges.

Communications with my constituents will be a top priority. I will ask you to tell me what are your concerns and will keep you informed of the work I am doing on your behalf. I will be an advocate for Gilmanton and Alton.

New Hampshire's laws should support a healthy growing middle class. The closer we get to that goal, the better it will sustain our economy and be for all families. It is important to strike the right balance between finding sources of revenue that support our towns — schools, municipal functions, farms and businesses — and reducing the burden of high property taxes.

Gilmanton and Alton will do better when the voices of all constituents are heard — women, men, Republicans, and Democrats. The candidates for District 5 represent those diverse voices. My hope is that District 5 will send to Concord a team that mirrors our population. That opportunity is here with the 2014 election. We have a chance to be exceptional.

I want to be a member of that team. I will appreciate your vote on Nov. 4.

Deborah F. Chase


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If you vote in Gilford or Meredith, Russ Dumais is your best choice

To The Daily Sun,

Russ Dumais is no stranger to the workings of government. He served Gilford well during his tenure as one the town's selectmen. He has been a local businessman for most of his adult life. He knows what businesses need to succeed and he can work with others to bring back the New Hampshire advantage. he believes that the state should not spend money that it doesn't have. He believes that his common sense approach to government is needed on a state and county level.

I agree; in Gilford and Meredith, he should be your choice for state representative on November 4.

State Rep. Robert Luther

Belknap 3 - Laconia

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