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People from away don't understand need for Beans & Greens

To The Daily Sun,

It's really upsetting to see what's happening with Beans & Greens. The GIlford Zoning Board is the one to say, "Ah, yes, no, or maybe," not the Planning Board.

At first it was hard to understand why the whole issue was going back and forth again and again when it was given a go in the first place. Then, in speaking with different people in town who feel as I do, I find that the one real dissenter is from "away." It reminds me of the people who moved into the town of Meredith and wanted to stop the ringing of the church bells as they were "annoying" even though they've rung for years; and the couple who moved into The Weirs who wanted to put a stop to Bike Week cuz traffic kept them home. You moved there.

In this case, you live near a farm. A large farm, which is known for not only its wonderful food, love of animals but also their care for the community. They want to share more of the farm, eat local, eat healthy experience with their community and the community, well all but a few, is embracing it; too much of life is being lived at a fast pace these days, too many are not taking the time to appreciate the beauty of life, especially here in New Hampshire, that is all around them. It's hurry here, hurry there, text me when you get there. Stop, and smell the roses. Church weddings can be beautiful, but they have nothing on Mother Nature and her offerings, or the offerings from Andy and Martina Howe at Beans and Greens.

Please let the Zoning Board do its job. I can only think the value of your house at resale would either remain the same or go up when you decide to sell. All that beautiful land feeding many many families. Noise? Come on. At least you aren't in the middle of The Weirs during the summer.

Judi Leavitt

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One final letter from Leon Albushies; his goal was always the same: Peace on Earth

To The Daily Sun,

On December 6, Leon Albushies peacefully passed away at his home in Gilford. For those who agreed or disagreed with the passionate nature of his letters to the editor, we ask you to remember him for the underlying reason for his writings: the goal of Peace on Earth. We found the following on his printer and are lovingly submitting it as his last and final letter. We love you dad; you will be missed.

His children: Susan, Tom and Lauren

To The Daily Sun,

In this season of Christmas, we are challenged as never before to pray for peace — peace that the world cannot obtain. Peace that can only come from a loving God, however His name is recognized and worshiped by people in every land. The entity known in our heart — the same omnipotent, benevolent being all men are drawn to, having the power to materialize our human and finite desires, far from our ability to obtain, that good shall overcome evil.

The world is capable and anxious for peace through every spiritual source: Christians, Jews, Islam (Sunni and Shiites, alike). War is not the answer, not now or ever, in the land of the living. Our hearts grieve, as they should, that human life is worth so little to so many!

Do we as a people believe in the power of God? Do we limit God to bring our minds and eternal souls out of the dark savage inhumanity of violence begetting more violence?

Whoever you are, you are precious in the eyes of God, as is every living soul in the world.

Leon R. Albushies





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