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Stop the budget bleeding, but not at the expense of the infirm

To The Daily Sun,

Madam Governor, listen to the weakest voices!

It is unlikely that our governor or (Health and Human Services) commissioner will ever be on Medicaid. They will probably not spend their remaining days in one of our county nursing homes. Perhaps that is why they can so easily propose to cut funds earmarked for the oldest and frailest among us. The governor needs to be reminded that these funds are not in her pocketbook to do with as she pleases. They are state funds voted by the state Legislature for this purpose and only for this purpose.

On Jan. 14 it was reported that state revenues year-to-date were beating estimates by $19.2 million, yet at the rate of current spending that would only result in a projected surplus of a mere $44,000.

Madam Governor, where are you spending our money? Wherever it is can you justify taking more from those who can't speak for themselves in Concord?

Yes, stop the bleeding of the state budget, but don't do it at the expense of the infirm and those dedicated to caring for them in their final days. Listen to the weakest of voices and act responsibly.

Senator Jeanie Forrester and a host of other legislators are challenging the Governor's proposed action. You and I should, too.

Edward C. Touhey


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Timing of Meredith meetings makes it hard for people to serve

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to the Meredith Selectboard:
It is after much thought and reflection that I submit to you my resignation from the Selectboard in the Town of Meredith. The time constraints placed on me by my full-time job make it difficult for me to fully participate in an endeavor which is largely scheduled during normal business hours.
I strongly encourage you to look at the schedules of other towns and think about having committee meetings and Selectboard meetings outside of normal business hours so that the general public is able to participate without impacting their livelihood. Having committee meetings at 8 in the morning and 2
or 3 in the afternoon is just not practical for most working citizens. Furthermore, the Selectboard workshop at 4:15 p.m. and the meeting right after also conflicts with the normal business hours of the average citizen and impacts people's ability to attend these meetings as most people do not even get
back to Meredith from work until 5:30 or 6 p.m..
Since there are eight people signed up to run for the Selectboard at this time, I felt it was appropriate to tender my resignation now as to give the town the opportunity to choose from one of them to fill the vacated position.
It has been a pleasure to serve the town I love so very much. Thank you to the people of Meredith for electing me.
Hillary Seeger


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