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Continue the fight against milfoil, vote 'yes' on Article 9 on Sat.

To The Daily Sun,

The invasive aquatic weed known as variable milfoil is found annually in Moultonborough waters. The Moultonborough Milfoil Committee is very active on many fronts to combat this menace to reduce its negative impact on the recreational use and economic value of our ponds and lakes. We are beginning to hold our own in the battle against this tenacious aquatic weed, but we need your vote to continue the fight.

More than 14,000 gallons of Variable Milfoil weeds were removed by divers from Moultonborough waters in 2015. We have found that pulling the roots of the milfoil weeds by hand using divers certified by NH DES for this specialty work lessens the chance of plant regrowth. We have also achieved a significant reduction in the use of herbicide to treat the large milfoil growth areas that were present in the early years of our work.

To keep this annual effort going, Moultonborough residents are asked to vote "Yes" on Warrant Article 9 at the upcoming town meeting on Saturday, March 12. Your vote is important to help protect our most important economic resource.

If you would like to get involved locally as a milfoil volunteer, please contact the Moultonborough Milfoil Committee at 253-4274, or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Karin Nelson, Chair

Moultonborough Milfoil Committe

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With 1 more liberal justice, many of our rights will be swept away

To The Daily Sun,

The next Supreme Court justice will have a significant impact on the life of every American; this makes his/her judicial philosophy and the Senate's actions vitally important.

The Constitution specifies that presidents nominate and the Senate advises and consents to (or withholds consent for) the president's Supreme Court nominees. The president and the Senate set their own criteria and schedule. (The Senate withheld consent from about one-fourth of the past Supreme Court nominees.)

Senators Obama, Clinton, Schumer, Biden and others have filibustered Supreme Court nominees and/or declared that a president's nominee must not be approved in his last year in office, I agree.

The four (President Obama intends to nominate another) progressive Supreme Court Justices believe that they have a right to change the Constitution's meaning as they want.

The two reliable conservative justices (Justice Scalia was the third) believe that the Constitution means what it says, that is a compact with the American people to limit government power, and that changes to the Constitution are to be made by the American people via amendments (as they have done 27 times), not by Supreme Court justices.

Justices Roberts and Kennedy are unpredictable.

Many important recent Supreme Court decisions were decided on a 5-4 vote. Justice Scalia's vote protected a near century-old memorial cross erected by soldiers on public land and American's right to own a gun. Progressive justices plus a swing justice outlawed traditional marriage laws, allowed taking property from one person (typically poor) to give to another (rich), and rewrote Obamacare to force it on the majority of Americans who oppose it.

Who would have imagined that the rights and traditions of our country and 315 million Americans were only protected by or were swept away by the vote of a single justice?

Almost all our Bill of Rights protections are under attack. With one more progressive Supreme Court Justice, many of our rights and the limits of our Constitution will be swept away, e.g., freedoms of speech and religion, Second Amendment, protection against warrantless searches and detainment, property rights, and approval of presidential actions that are contrary to the laws of Congress.

One more progressive Supreme Court justice and the U.S. Constitution becomes a scrap of paper and our Constitutional rights disappear at the whim of bureaucrats and politicians. The American people can choose this by electing Hillary Clinton and a Democrat-controlled Senate.

Until then the Senate should do it was elected to do, to stop President Obama's agenda. In this case the Senate must withhold consent from President Obama's Supreme Court nominee.

Don Ewing

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