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I paid for my order with cash and never saw the young men again

To The Daily Sun,

On October 10, two young boys knocked on my door. They asked me to read a pamphlet and maybe order something to help them raise money. It was for their school project or sports or trip, etc. I found an item I was interested in ordering. The three of us filled out the order blank. It cost $18.50. I paid cash (silly me). I asked when it would be delivered. They said 5 to 6 weeks. Off they went, as many kids did in past years. One change was it was the last I saw of them. I guess I got too trusting over the years.

Shame on you, Henry, and on your friend. You have spoiled it for any others. Are you really a young con ma? i hope not.

Jean Boudreau

Lochmere (Tilton)


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How many NFL players came from Pago Pago? Now there are 2

To The Daily Sun,

On Thursday, Dec. 18, I listened to "The Felger & Mazz Show." Mike Felger and Jimmy Murray lamented that the Patriots were looking to fill the running back needs with so called "retreads," and asked why the Pats didn't have a practice squad RB.

I called to say they did have such a player I've had an eye on for weeks, Joey Iosefa. I informed them that Joey is 24 years old, 6 feet, listed as 245 pounds, good at pass protection, and catching the ball out of the backfield. He was also a high school quarterback.

Mike and Jim were unaware of Joey, researched him and became enthused, singing his praises on Thursday and Friday shows. On Friday, I discovered via Wikipedia, that Joey was born in the same Western Samoa capital of Pago Pago as Mosi Tatupu, a well-loved former Patriot. How many players come from a tiny Pacific capital of 3,600 population to Foxboro, Mass? I called Mike and Jim again to inform them of this, and they were enthused even more, and advocated for Joey as a deserved "next man up" candidate.

On Saturday, Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels praised Joey's progress, and promoted him from the practice squad to the active roster. Bill often turns other teams "pieces of coal" into "Patriot diamonds."

On Sunday, Joey was the leading Patriot rusher, with 51 yards on 14 carries — a solid start, with several pounding rushes, and received accolades from his teammates.

I have no connection to Joey Iosefa, other than as an "old" rugby player from Wales, I admire the rugby teams from the South Pacific, including Fiji and Western Samoa. They frequently play Wales, including in the rugby World Cup.

Finally, several nicknames have been suggested for Joey. I like "The Pago Pago Pounder," and my wish is that the Patriots fans, would chant "Pago Pago" each time the Pago Pago Pounder goes on a punishing run or scores a TD, as a tribute to not only Joey, but to a former Patriot hero, Mosi Tatupu.

John Lewis

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