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Some of us choose to look at the world with our eyes wide open

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to the lady who wrote to The Daily Sun on April 12 expressing her outrage at something someone wrote, calling it "blatant hate speech." She said the letter writer "implies" something or other about Muslims. I thought Ashland was still a part of the United States, where we have a Constitution that guarantees that we all have the right to free speech.

Sadly it seems, she has become part of our society that has succumbed to hard-left, secular progressivism, where some people think they have supreme authority and the superior right to define "hate speech," or any other kind of speech for the rest of us.

NEWS FLASH: You don't have the right to define anything for me, or anyone else.

If you want to worship a tree, or a mud puddle, you go right ahead. However, I too refuse to surrender to "political correctness." It is a cancer that has infected a large part of Western civilization, and is growing larger and more poisonous every day. I, and the letter writer you disparaged in your letter, and many, many others, choose to look at the world with our eyes wide open.

If you choose to follow President B.O., who refuses to identify ISIS as the radical Islamic terrorists they are, you both will blindly fall into the ditch.

Jim McCoole

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Ice Arena should not play host to performing animal acts

To The Daily Sun,

I am deeply disappointed in Laconia Ice Arena for continuing to host the Garden Bros Circus and its decision to bring performing wild animals to our area. These animals were most likely captured from the wild and taken out of their natural habitat, or if not, born on breeding farms..just for people to get entertainment out of.

The many animals who are used in the circus often endure abusive and inhumane living conditions and training. When they are not performing, they spend most of their time in extremely close confinement. These animals have very little legal protection at state or even federal levels.

In addition, performing wild animals have shown audiences, on numerous occasions, that they can pose a dangerous threat to public safety. Precisely because they are wild, and therefore unpredictable, and no amount of training or affection (if any) can eliminate that danger. There are so many better choices in entertainment this area could have.

I urge Laconia Ice Arena, going forward, to sponsor events that do not include wild animals. The use of these wild animals can desensitize individuals — especially children — to not only the suffering these animals endure, but the dangers that they can pose in any type of environment. Circuses do not teach anything about the lives of these magnificent animals in the wild. Paying to go to the circus is supporting the abuse, and possible dangers, of animals so that people can get an hour of entertainment. Please reconsider before going any circuses.

BecaLynne Bayken

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