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Bitter because you might not ever see another GOP president

To The Daily Sun,

For the last year or so I've been reading the letters that people write to the editor. There is one person, especially, I just can't understand where he's coming from.

Mr. Wiles, if the government that we have in place today, that we voted for, is doing such a horrible job at running our country, why don't you write about how you think it should be done. And if I remember correctly, the current president won by a landslide. So I guess in your mind the majority of voters in this country haven't a clue.

All you do is put down every single thing our current politicians do but you never say how or what they should be doing to make it better. You make it sound like America is nothing but a lawless, minority-filled toilet bowl. This country, from day one, has been made up of people from somewhere else. Why is it wrong today to let people from another country come here when it's what we've been doing for all of our amazing history?

Out of the quarter of a billion people in this country, you only think the people who have come across a border are the bad ones. Why are you so bitter? Is it maybe that you might never see another Republican president in the White House again? Or maybe, after enduring eight years of having a black man as president you just can't stomach the fact that a woman will be in charge for the next eight. And if you're not sitting down, please do, because I don't want you to fall. Imagine after Hillary it could be an Hispanic or Asian president. God forbid!

Times have changed, and it has very little to do with the state of politics in the world. For someone who seems to be so educated, your field of vision is as narrow as they come. It seems like the only beliefs you are open to are your own. So I say to you again, how would you run this country?

Todd Welch

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Need to return Shea-Porter to her work protecting our resources

To The Daily Sun,

Those of us fortunate enough to live in New Hampshire know that we are surrounded by wildlife. Whether we hunt, fish, photograph, or simply view our wild neighbors, we count on their continued protection for ourselves and future generations.

We need strong leaders like Carol Shea-Porter in Congress to establish and defend policies for the preservation of wildlife. During her three terms in the U.S. House Shea-Porter served on the Natural Resources Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs. She was the sponsor or co-sponsor of over 20 bills designed to improve the management of the ocean, wilderness and other critical wildlife habitat.

Carol's work as a wildlife advocate has earned her a rating of 100 percent from the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund and endorsement by the Ocean Champions. Her work for the welfare of domestic animals earned her a rating of 100 percent from the Humane Society Legislative Fund in each of her three terms.

Her opponent, Frank Guinta, on the other hand, has voted to reduce funding for the Endangered Species Act and remove two animals from the list of endangered species. His anti-environmental efforts earned ratings of 0 percent from both the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund and the Sierra Club-Positions on Clean Water.

Please join me in voting to return Carol Shea-Porter to Congress where she can resume her work in maintaining and protecting our vital natural resources.

Ronald Lawler
Center Sandwich

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