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Institutions like PSU & Tilton School are economic engines

To The Daily Sun,

As a student at a four-year prep school in New Hampshire, I can attest to the fact that in smaller towns, such as Plymouth, the students of the school should be seen as residents. At Tilton School, where I attend, the students buy food from the local restaurants every night, take trips to the outlets every weekend, and do community service throughout the year. Over the summer, many of the businesses find different ways to keep their income up since they do not have the students buying from them. The outlets get plenty of business from the tourists over the summer, but the smaller local shops depend on the students during the year the be spending money.

This is the same in Plymouth. The students spend their money at the restaurants, those who live in the town pay rent, and even those off campus spend money buying gas in town. An university is often the lifeline of small towns such as Plymouth. Without the school, there would almost definitely be no reliable source of income to support all of the businesses there.

A study done by Thomas L. Hungerford of Levy Institute of Economics showed that having a strong school presence "demonstrated that higher property values, greater productivity in local businesses, and greater business, economic workforce and community development." This was when communities donated extra money to fund schools. With PSU, and even Tilton School, the community does not have to pay taxes to the school, but still get the same benefits of having the school there. The schools take nothing away from the community, but give back in monumental ways.

A.J. Rattee


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Car that cookies were stolen from was parked in city lot all day

To The Daily Sun,

I came from a small community up north and when a crisis happened to someone the whole community got involved, it was amazing. Well the City of Laconia and area residents showed me that this community is the same and you all made me feel like I was back in my little home town again when you all came together to help replace the missing cookies for Laconia Christmas Village.

My daughter, Skylor Miller, and I, along with all involved with Laconia Christmas Village, want to thank everyone who stepped up and contributed in replacing the missing cookies. I wish I could personally name each and every one who donated, but unfortunately The Laconia Daily Sun does not have enough pages for all who gave, but I will say it was very overwhelming to have so many people step in and do what they could.

Wit hin 11/2 hrs of the incident being posted on Facebook, I had a women I did not know send me a message saying, "I have 20 dozen cookies baked and ready for you to pick up — when can we meet." WOW was all I could say, I was amazed.

With all of that I do need to clarify some things from the original story that was printed. You may be saying why, what's the difference, well because there was some inaccurate information that could have been damaging to myself personally, but more importantly the reputation of Laconia Christmas Village.

Let me start with the fact that even if it is published in a newspaper it is not always true and fact; mistakes are made so I would like to clarify some things from the original article. My daughter and I have been in charge of the cookie portion of Laconia Christmas Village and have enjoyed every minute of it. This is a very rewarding community event that we are involved with and it takes a lot of our time but we just love it. We get donations from local businesses for us to purchase ingredients and we outsource some to places such as the Laconia High School to bake for us along with many family and friends but not to mention that between she and I, we bake at least 150 dozen ourselves.

Unfortunately this year we had what people are calling "The Great Cookie Caper." Someone broke into my car in the City Hall parking lot and stole close to 200 dozen cookies; yes, I keep track so I know if I have to increase the following year. I work downtown and am required to park in that parking lot and that is where the theft happened. I didn't just stop at City Hall as reported, I was parked there for a length of time.

The original article stated the theft happened on Wednesday, Nov. 30, when in fact it happened on Tuesday, the 29th. You may now be saying what difference does it make. Let me tell you because if someone saw something but had the wrong day they wouldn't report it. I am clarifying in case someone saw something and will come forward.

Now for me this is a very important topic that came up in social media, it was stated that this was a hoax to get cookies. Let me tell you I don't have to use a hoax to get cookies. In the 15 years that I have been doing this we have had only two years that we were going to run out. That is when I have a backup plan and I thank God for the Laconia Fire Department because I can call them on Sunday afternoon and say I am going to run out can you come up with cookies and out the door they go and bring me enough to save the day. Wow, what a group of guys they are and I can never thank them enough.

I have other area fire departments, Gilford, Tilton-Northfield and Stewart's Ambulance, who never do less than 75 dozen themselves who come through for the community not to mention area bakeries, visitors, nursing homes just to mention a few but please don't think this was a hoax; this was very real and heart breaking for us. I am so grateful to all who came together and donated, this would not have been without all of you. You all know what Christmas spirit and the gift of giving means.

Again thank you to the community for giving.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

Patty Derosier

Laconia Christmas Village Cookie Lady

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