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Kids & I will make effort to perform at least 1 act of kindness per day

To The Daily Sun,
I am initiating a Kindness Campaign! Like most of you, I love our little Lakes Region Community. And like you, I enjoy reading the news. But I really enjoy reading good news! I grew up in Laconia, moved away after college, and have since settled down here again, this time as a parent. I feel nervous and cautious about raising my children in today's society. I pray they grow up to be responsible citizens who make good decisions and succeed in life with solid values and morals. I have decided to perform random acts of kindness all around the Lakes Region as opportunities present themselves. I only ask that you pay it forward — do something nice for someone else! Our community is filled with good people and good news already, but what better way to spread the wealth, put smiles on people's faces, and start hearing less about drugs, vandalism, and other crimes and more about the positive impact we can all have on each other.

Just letting the car out in front of you in traffic makes two of you feel good; how about shoveling your neighbor's driveway, scraping snow off of a stranger's car, taking someone's emptied trash bins from the curb to their garage for them? If you have the means, buy coffee for the driver in line behind you at the Dunkin' Donuts drive through. Hand an umbrella out your window when driving by a person walking in the rain without one. The opportunities are endless — random acts of kindness can be big or small, it doesn't matter. What matters is that when someone holds the door open for you, you smile and feel grateful, right? Then you hold it open for the next person. It's a chain reaction of goodness and my hope for the Lakes Region is that this becomes a giant domino effect.

I have started a website: www.payitforwardnh.weebly.com
Whenever someone does something nice for you, please visit my website and leave your comments. I would love to read more and more comments each day about what people are doing for others in our community! (Or just visit it anyway to read my blog and the comments other people are leaving.) My children and I will make an effort to perform at least one random act of kindness a day. On some days we will drive to different towns, seeking the perfect opportunity; other days we might just be urging you to go ahead of us in line at the grocery store check-out so you don't have to wait as long. So who's with me?!

N. Fernandez

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Ms. Doyle certainly has right to own opinion but not to mine

To The Daily Sun,

I don't know Denise Doyle, but someone told me she is secretary of the Belknap County Democratic Committee. I read her letter in the Laconia Daily Sun on Nov. 19, where she criticizes Jeanie Forrester and the GOP about the Medicaid expansion in the state of N.H. My comment would be to investigate all avenues, instead of selecting your own dictates, this is political bias. Did Ms. Doyle go to the hearing in Concord about this issue? I was there and listened to both sides of the bill.

What did my article say on Jan. 15? Was it about the Belknap County taxpayers? Was it about the elderly retired citizens? Yes, it was about everyone. Ms. Doyle is reading between the lines and interjecting her own interpretation into the context of my article. Selective reading and writing. Ms. Doyle has the right to her own opinion, but not mine. To read about how bad the economy is go to the Washington Examiner.com and get the real figures about the inflation rate, health care costs, transportation and housing costs.

Commissioner Thomas does need to apologize to Rep. Worsman and the citizens of Belknap County. He needs to be accountable to the people who elected him! The statement "enough Dennis" means he is beyond the agenda. It surely differs from being told "go to hell". Respect for Rep. Worsman as a woman and state rep. is important to many female and male readers and voters. This kind of language is shameful from an elected commissioner. Everyone in the county should be appalled regarding Ms. Doyle statement condoning disrespect for a woman!

I think Ms. Doyle needs to educate herself about Medicare and pension plans. A quote from John Adams, our second president: "Facts are stubborn things". You cannot walk in someone else's shoes, nor can you place yourself in someone else's mind and decision making. I don't engage in peevish argument.

Rosemary Landry

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To say that liberals hate Christians is just plain nonsense

To The Daily Sun,
I have been reading the letters to this paper for more than five years now, and was thinking about some of my favorites. One that certainly qualifies is from a state representative who bemoaned the fact that environmentalists were to blame for a snowy day pile-up on 93 south some years ago. I have driven on that highway in the snow and watched people driving like maniacs and seen cars smashed together or off the road way. Might it be that if people would drive using some degree of caution, that pile-up wouldn't have happened?
Another of my favorites is just about any letter from the woman who likes to talk about, you know, "those people". I think I know who she is talking about but I could be wrong. And we can't forget the letter that called for forced abortions for a "certain segment" of our society. Just who do you think should be the recipients of this medical procedure, I know it's tough but be honest for a change, could it be, you know, "those people"?
Of course there are always letters about our current president. Now I was never a big fan of his and would gladly debate his actions with anyone willing to be honest about his policies, but honesty seems to be sorely lacking from most right-wingers. I can understand people who get what they consider "news" from Fox. One guy even wrote a letter saying we liberals get our news from the "Daily Show". It's certainly understandable he thinks that, if he gets his news from the Fox comedy network, but he neglected to mention the wonderful "Colbert Report". Honestly I had never seen an entire Daily Show until I read that letter, and I want to thank him for making me curious about it, it is really funny most of the time. The difference being I understand that it is supposed to be funny, whereas Fox is actually supposed to be serious.
Although I can't say there is one letter about the right claiming they are the party of "personal responsibility" I always get a kick out of that claim. I was sad when they tore down what I considered a shrine to that claim on Route 106 in Belmont; you know, where the former owner had blamed the president for his dealership closing. Never mind that Chrysler had stated that they would be closing under performing outlets, it was all the president's fault.
Then there are letters about the "evil unions". I wonder where most of the middle class would be today without unions. Even most of those folks making a living wage in non-union work places, can thank the threat of unionization for their pay and benefits. Take away that threat and you can say goodbye to a decent wage, and those benefits, gone. My dad was a tool and die maker, he was also active in his union, very active. When, after over 40 years on the job he wanted to retire, he was begged to stay on another year. Three years later he finally retired. My dad was also a Christian, a real Christian, as was my mom, and I loved them dearly; we were also all Democrats and proud of it. To say that liberals hate Christians is just plain nonsense. My folks were never wealthy, but we all had rich friends whom we also loved. Try to be honest with your statements, it's something I learned from my parents.
Religion is another favorite topic of mine in this paper. One letter that stuck out like a sore thumb was the one where the guy was complaining about liberals saying that we have freedom from religion. And on the whole, that's a true statement no matter who says it. He was referring, I have to guess, to the very reason Europeans came to this land. Freedom from religious persecution. But just lately a whole lot has been said about Muslims. I know and have known people of all faiths over the years, some Muslim, they were all good, hard working people. I hope to never read one day an essay that begins: First they came for the Muslims . . .

Just read the letter from the poster boy for changing the Republican mascot from the elephant to an ostrich with its head firmly planted in the sand. In his letter he claims that MSNBC "is staffed by the most outrageous, foul mouthed unprofessional collection of left wing dregs ever assembled". I have to agree that Joe Scarborough is foul mouthed and unprofessional but Joe may take exception to the "left wing" label. Most of his "proof" falls under the half truth heading, and wasn't it a right winger that said half the truth is a whole lie?
And last, but certainly not least, is liberals want to "ruin America". We want to destroy the Constitution. I have read letters saying that the editor of this paper should "edit" letters from liberals to conform more to the writers way of thinking. We shouldn't have abortions, but killing a young man who was walking home, minding his own business is considered not only okay, but God's will. Now to finish I have to comment on the "Ode to business" printed in this wonderful paper. Most of it was true about most businesses, but I have to know if the guy who wrote it would like a nice fresh glass of West Virginia water.

Marty Valengavich

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Democrats have vested interest in blocking changes to cash cow

To The Daily Sun,

After reading the response by Ms. Loesch to Tony Boutin's letter in Friday's Sun, I have come to the conclusion that she is a very intelligent woman who lacks something that is very important to one's thought process, good old common sense.

Let me begin with the minimum wage controversy. People who are working for the minimum wage are for the most part just starting out in the work force, people who have nothing in the way of experience to offer an employer. These jobs give them the opportunity to gain the experience needed to move on to better paying jobs. Others are teenagers working after school and during summer vacation. Are there exceptions to this? Very few.
If you look at the effect of the minimum wage, without rose colored glasses, you will see that it does little to change the spending capacity for those that the feel good progressives profess to care about. If you raise the minimum wage it results in two negatives. First employers whose companies work with very small profit margins will cut back on staff. The second, which to me is the most important, is these employers will raise prices on their products to compensate for the wage increase which increases inflation which takes away any gain these employees see. Also, people a little further up the ladder will see their buying ability reduced by the guaranteed price increases. It's simple economics.
The number one thing that raises people out of poverty is a robust economy which progressive policies put a stranglehold on and unless you're blinded by ideology you can see the results of these policies in the last five years. If you look at the investment versus the results of the war on poverty since it's inception there is nothing to see but complete failure.

Single parents. I have to believe that Ms. Loesch has blinders on to believe that a single parent family doesn't cause poverty. It also is the cause of generational poverty as children brought up under these circumstances tend to remain in them. Please, before anyone gets their knickers in a knot I don't mean that all single parents live this lifestyle but it is rife in our society and I'm not speaking from an ivory tower but as a voice of experience. When it comes to driving to work in a broken down vehicle, what are we supposed to do buy them all Cadillac Escalades? Oh that's right, I'm sure the car of choice would be a Toyota Prius. I drove a lot of broken down vehicles to work in my younger days and didn't look to Uncle Sam to buy me a better one. Come to think of it, I worked for small money until I became experienced in my trade.
I believe that if the people who take advantage of these programs were weeded out, and there are many many of them, there would be plenty of money to improve the lives of the people who really need and deserve assistance. This is where the Democratic Party comes in. They block any changes to their political cash cow.
Ms. Loesch states that the Democratic Party doesn't need the poor to win politically. Wow, that kinda reminds me of "if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor." I hate to burst her bubble but if the Democratic Party didn't buy people's votes with our tax money by promising everything but 21 virgins (hmm, maybe I shouldn't of given them that idea) Mitt Romney would be president today and the economy in this country would be a heck of a lot better that it is now.
To Tony Boutin: keep up the good work.

Dave Schwotzer

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Planned Parenthood helping to kill unborn child is a tragic evil

To The Daily Sun,
This letter is in response to Gail Morrison's letter in The Daily Sun on Friday.

First of all, you refer to half the population benefiting from the Roe v. Wade decision. A majority of women choose life for their babies even if there were no Roe v. Wade decision. Secondly, women with babies also "blossom at home" and love their babies and maybe "blossom" more than those who have murdered their infant. It seems that you are saying that women blossom at home and on the job only if they abort their baby. This isn't true! To have Planned Parenthood help a woman kill her unborn child is a tragic evil. Abortion for the convenience of the parents for careers or pleasure is a malicious act against an innocent baby.

Joe Kenney has publicly stated that he is pro-life, thereby my hope is that he will stand against Planned Parenthood. The Executive Council was correct in voting down the funding, and it should stay that way. An image of scissors cutting a baby into parts is what I have when I think of an abortion. A baby is more than a group of cells.
Life is precious.
Harry Mitchell

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