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Briarcrest Homeowners Association formed to oppose co-op

To The Daily Sun,

The large majority of residents at Briarcrest Estates, a 241 unit manufactured home park currently with two purchase offers on the table, are organizing to form a home owners association and have retained attorney Phil McLaughlin to provide legal services in the matter of who purchases the park. These residents believe only one interested party will be able to maintain the quality, affordability, ease of living and high standards for which people choose Briarcrest Estates as their home.

In July Mark and Ruth Mooney, who have owned the top-tier manufactured home development for 25 years, received a purchase offer from Maple Holding & Redevelopment, LLC on behalf of Hometown America, which owns and operates 41 top-tier parks across the nation. They have the financial power and management expertise to keep Briarcrest Estates a superb community and maintain the quality and standards the Mooney's have provided us with all these years. In fact the Mooney's have agreed to be involved with running the park for two years after the purchase is made.
However, a relatively small number of residents, who would rather be in control of the large park by making it a co-operative or resident owned park, took it upon themselves, with the aid of ROC-NH — a housing and loan operation — to form Lakemont Cooperative, Inc. with the intent to purchase the park. The co-op placed a matching offer in September. Belknap County Superior Court has been petitioned to determine if the offer must be accepted, given the fact the large majority of current park residents don't want the responsibility of owning or maintaining the $10 million dollar park.
A core group of 11 residents, representing the nearly 80 percent of residents who oppose the formation and actions of the co-op, have been meeting to organize and take action on behalf of the residents. We will hold a resident-wide meeting this month and have gained legal representation and a voice in the matter. It is our goal to stop further action by the co-op and preserve the quality and integrity of Briarcrest Estates, which we feel would be achieved in the experienced hands of Hometown America.

Briarcrest Estates Homeowners Association



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Kiwanis Club came to rescue of Meredith Emergency Pantry

To The Daily Sun,

All of us at the Meredith Emergency Food Pantry thank the Meredith Kiwanis Club for its continuous support and donations. Trying to keep up with the demand, our shelves are at an all-time low and with the cold weather and holidays coming this will definitely help us to continue our work in the community. We are seeing more and more new people each week.


To the people of our community, remember to make your appointment for the FAP (Fuel Assistance) & EAP (Electric Assistance) program before the real cold weather gets here.

Paul Rowley, Director
Meredith Emergency Food Pantry

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If 9/10 of the FDA is 'non-essential', why fund it at all?

To The Daily Sun,
It has been recently reported that 93 percent of FDA personnel were deemed non-essential. That breaks down to 9 out of 10 employees. How much money does this mostly non-essential department control?

An online article reported that the 2012 FDA budget was going to stay the same at $2.5 billion dollars. This year, in a press release, the FDA said that it requested $4.7 billion dollars to ensure the safety of food and medical devices. That is not quite double last year's budget.

And now, the $4.7 billion dollar question; in this bad economy, with millions of Americans financially suffering, why would this government fund a department that is almost wholly non-essential? An additional question could be, is it possible for a private company to do a better job, for much less money? If we care about those paying taxes, should we at least explore some of the answers to these questions?

We need to make much wiser decisions in how our immense, yearly tax burden is spent. Maybe, just maybe, we could decrease taxation, which would effectively give everyone a pay raise. If the government really doesn't need so much, then they don't need to take and spend so much. I know- call me radical!

Don Walker


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Industrial wind not just an eyesore, it's an issue on many fronts

To The Daily Sun,

To any that have an ear, let them hear:

As a resident of the Newfound Region, I am very disgusted by the invasion of industrial wind projects in my community. With the potential of four different foreign-owned projects planned around Newfound Lake, I see the Groton Wind Project as not just an eyesore, but an assault on the environment and the well being of people (taxpayers) who are left dealing with reduced property values, loss of quality of life in their homes and on their property, and strife within their communities.

Residents of the Newfound Region living around the Groton Wind Project now live with red flashing lights at night, loud roaring of industrial engines whenever the blades are spinning (day or night), shadow flicker from the blades for hours at a time during various parts of the day, the whooshing of the blades as they spin, and the low frequency vibrations that are not audible but are felt within the body.

The Newfound watershed is of great concern as this is what provides residents of this area with drinking water. Industrial wind turbine construction will alter the flow of ground water affecting the watershed in ways no human, specialist, or agency can predict.

I have lived in this community for almost a decade and enjoyed the numerous sitings of red-tailed hawks, bald eagles, owls, blue heron, bats, migrating Canadian Geese and other seasonal birds, moose, black bear, coyotes, fox, and yes, even a wolf or two! Raptors rely on the thermal currents of air provided by the Newfound ridge lines in order to feed. A number of birds migrate along the Newfound ridge lines. It is not wise to place 500-ft. industrial turbines with blades larger then a 747 spinning at speeds that can reach well over 100-mph directly in the path of such animals that help to control our mosquito population and our rodent population.

As for economic benefits, I see very few. There may be a handful of temporary local jobs created, but not guaranteed. There will only be a few permanent jobs created and those are not guaranteed to be filled by local residents either. PILOT payments made by Industrial Wind companies to host towns only reduce the "town portion" of your tax by a minimal amount. The rest of the PILOT money can be used to increase town employee's payroll or benefits, purchase new equipment, upgrade roads, etc. It is not likely that tax payers will see any significant reduction in their property taxes unless they receive an abatement for the reduced value of their property. Those that benefit the most are the landowners leasing their land to the industrial wind company, and of course, the foreign-owned industrial wind companies.

Industrial wind is not just an eyesore issue. This is a quality of life issue, environmental issue, community well being issue, political issue, and an economic issue.

Michelle Sanborn

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It's not cut in food stamps that does the harm, it's lack of jobs

To The Daily Sun,
One wonders if James Veverka misleads the public intentionally or if his irrational hate for Republicans makes him unable to think logically or comprehend what he reads, even the article he referenced.
Among other misleading claims in his hate filled diatribe on September 26, Veverka talks about hardships (reduction of SNAP —food stamp — benefits) to 31 million poor Americans. This hardship is being caused by Democrats, not, as he charges by Republicans.
The article that Veverka references (www.cbpp.org/cms/?fa=view&id=3899), that we were apparently not supposed to check, clearly ties this hardship to two things, both controlled by Democrats. First, Democrats set an expiration date and criteria for the identified SNAP benefits. Second, the USDA, under President Obama's control, provided the information which reduced the SNAP benefits.
But, it is not the loss of a few dollars of SNAP benefits that so greatly harms middle and lower income Americans, it is the lack of decent paying jobs.
If Veverka really cared about the people he claims to care about, he would demand an end to President Obama's policies that kill jobs, cut workers' hours, cause employers to stop hiring altogether, or turn full-time into part-time jobs.
It has been more than four years since President Obama declared the recession was over. But instead of creating the good new jobs needed to put laid-off workers back to work and provide opportunities for people entering the workforce, President Obama's policies have put about 13 million new people on food stamps, slowed our economic growth, and created a job environment that is so bad that, in many months, more people give up looking for work than find jobs.
Unfortunately, President Obama's policies do exactly the opposite of what is needed to encourage people to create jobs. Obama regulations, increased costs, and bureaucratic delays created by numerous Federal Agencies, including the Departments of Energy, Treasury, Agriculture, HEW, and many others, make being an employer in America much more difficult and risky. And, rather than rewarding people or businesses that accept those challenges, many new Obama taxes make taking risks less rewarding.
The result of Obama policies is that many businesses prefer to invest and create jobs overseas or not to invest at all, than to invest and create good jobs here.
Any claimed concerns for America's poor is fake unless it demands that Obama end his war on America's employers and businesses that is destroying America's jobs and making Americans poor.
Don Ewing

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