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Belmont High Class of 2017 thanks you for support of food booth

To The Daily Sun,

In August, Belmont High School's Class of 2017 hosted a food booth at Old Home Day. This was our third year organizing and staffing our concessions as a fundraiser. It provided our classmates a chance to raise funds to help defray the costs of Junior Prom and graduation expenses.

We would like to thank the following businesses for assisting us with our efforts by providing donations: Fantini Bakery, Gilford Cinema, Country Kitchen in Belmont, Poultry Products Northeast, and the 99 Restaurant in Tilton.

We are thankful to have businesses that are so supportive of Belmont and Canterbury schools.

BHS Class of 2017 Officers


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From England: thanks for making your WOW Trail possible

To The Daily Sun,

As a visitor from England I wanted to thank those who had worked to make the WOW Trail possible. On our visit to N.H. we stayed in the Weir Beach area last night. I was disappointed not to be able to find a substantial traffic-free trail for my evening jog. However, using the local map I saw the reference to the WOW trail and ran its current length this morning.
I did have to ask local people for directions for the middle section. As a stranger could I suggest that the section using local pavements be signed. The signs need only to be quite small, as pedestrians do not need too much advanced warning of the route.
Nevertheless, I sincerely thank you for your efforts and would like to say how friendly and helpful other trail users were.

Bryn Thomas

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