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Trump doesn't fear failure; every successful person has failures

To The Daily Sun,
I often wonder how Froma Harrop gets published? What is the basis for her latest column (Feb. 18), "What is Trump most afraid of?" Her conclusion is that Trump's greatest fear is to be seen as unsuccessful. Her shallow conclusion, like her shallow column, is undoubtedly simply based on propaganda from other ignorant leftists.
If Trump were afraid of failing or appearing to fail, he wouldn't have run for president; his chances of winning were always remote.
Before his campaign, Trump was living a dream life — healthy, with a wonderful family, rich, famous, owning famous and prosperous businesses, hobnobbing with the most interesting people, admired, etc.
After decades of watching experienced politicians fail to address our nation's problems, fail to improve the lives of millions of Americans, driving our nation into untenable debt, and getting our country into harmful foreign entanglements, why would anyone, afraid of appearing to fail, want the job?
After watching Republican presidents be mercilessly and often unjustly attacked by political opponents, the media, and often other Republicans, why would he run as a Republican and subject himself, his wife, children, and grandchildren to ridicule, nasty attacks, shunning, and death threats?
He didn't run for president to get rich or famous, he already was. Even the riches that the Clintons and Obamas gained/are gaining from their presidencies are minuscule compared to Trump's current wealth.
Trump, like others in his administration who are also giving up millions of dollars and subjecting themselves and their families to vilification and threats, is only giving up the life he loves to improve the lives of the American people.
Trump sees many problems inhibiting the American peoples' success, and fixing problems is his forte. He isn't an ideologue; he will look for solutions that work without caring if they are conservative or liberal.
Unfortunately all the people who benefit from the status quo, e.g., political opponents, the media, the bureaucracy, and special interests, are lined up to fiercely fight against his efforts to improve the lives of the American people.
Trump has already acted on many campaign promises, e.g., to protect Americans, to encourage job growth, to prevent undue influence on White House officials, etc. But he needs Congressional support to fix some problems and Congress benefits from the status quo. You and I need to step up and demand that Congress helps.
Trump said he would consider his campaign a waste if he lost. Trump doesn't fear failure, every successful person has failures. If Trump fears anything, it is wasting time away from the life he loved if he is unsuccessful in improving the American peoples' lives and making America Great Again.
Don Ewing

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These Bristol candidates will maintain our wonderful quality of life

To The Daily Sun,

The time for local elections is drawing near. With all the turmoil in the national government this is our opportunity to elect officials that will represent the residents of Bristol fairly and work to keep our taxes reasonable while providing the services necessary to maintain our quality of life in this wonderful little town. I am supporting the following candidates and hope that you will, too:

For Selectboard, Rick Alpers and Don Milbrand; for Budget Committee, Janet Cavanagh, Joseph Caristi and Walter Waring; for Bristol's School Board representative, Jason Roberts. I would also request that you write in Nancy Spears for library trustee and Tom Keegan for cemetery trustee.

There is a petitioned article to change Bristol's form of government to SB-2. This would eliminate the Town Meeting and replace it with a deliberative session with voting on all of the warrant at the polls. I am opposed to this petition and believe we should maintain our Town Meeting form of government.

At this election we will also be voting on the school warrant. Please support our schools by voting for the teacher contract and the budget. Our teachers, administrators, school board and school budget committee have an enormous responsibility to assure that our children have available the best possible education to become productive and informed citizens. As the population of our state becomes increasingly older we will depend on these young people in many ways.

I encourage all registered voters in Bristol to exercise your right to vote at the Old Town Hall on March 14.

Lucille Keegan


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