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Wisconsin GOP's clear aim was to suppress voter turnout

To The Daily Sun,
Do you think that voter ID is a good thing? Well, a staffer for State Senator Dan Schultz (R-WI) recently quit politics because he was disgusted how dirty it's "played" in the state of Wisconsin.
He was directly involved when state representatives and senators were "crafting" the legislation for the voter ID guidelines. He said that they were "giddy" knowing that they were going to be able to have less people voting in future state and national elections. Why? Because many of Wisconsin's elderly, poor and students wouldn't be able to get those required IDs.
The state legislators of course pretended it would be "easy" to get those IDs and that the legislation was needed to eliminate that mythical "voter fraud." That same "voter fraud" which has been proven to be a great big fairy tale to share with our grandkids, like unicorns or men in the moon or Donald Trump's love of the truth. This is no different than the chicanery used by Southern states for almost a century to keep African-American citizens from being able to vote.

So now thousands of voters living in Wisconsin don't have the access to vote that all of us take for granted. There are many geographical areas in Wisconsin where the offices which issue these IDs are not open on a daily basis. One particular county's office is only open one Wednesday a month. Many people are not able to get to their county office as a result of those very limited hours. Many poor, elderly and students do not have access to vehicles or transportation or are working when the office is open for those few hours each month. They then must drive to Madison which is well over an hour away. On top of this, Wisconsin no longer allows federal employee IDs or most student IDs. This state is particularly targeting specific groups that are more likely to vote Democratic. As a result, the Department of Justice is looking into a lawsuit against the state's blatantly obvious "block the vote" program.
These Wisconsin state legislators knew beforehand that they were purposely going to suppress the voter turnout. They, along with Governor Scott Walker, have been part and parcel of an ongoing attempt to disenfranchise voters. This is one of the primary reasons that Todd Allaugh (the former staffer) has quit working for Senator Schultz.
By the way, that particular legislator was invited on the program to clarify his former staffer's allegations. Schultz scheduled two dates. At the last minute he cancelled both of them.

Bernadette Loesch


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Let's bring back days when we could disagree without rancor

To The Daily Sun,

I love it that my letters make people think. But I read the comments by Dave Schwotzer of Meredith and I fear my streak has come to an end. He reads into what I write that I am a "progressive/leftist/liberal," when the reality is that I am a true centrist — a Jim Webb supporter.

Dave says that the current sitting president has threatened and ignored the Constitution by doing what he is constitutionally obligated to do: Appoint justices. Dave calls them "activist justices." I call them jurists who don't agree with Dave. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison both believed that the Constitution needed to be a living document, with Jefferson himself recommending that the Constitution be rewritten every 19 years to keep up with the changes from one generation to the next. That is the job of the Supreme Court — applying a 240 year old document to a modern society.

Dave also suggests that we had a fabulous economy under Ronald Reagan. What we had was a pseudo-wartime buildup of the defense industry that was collapsing before he left office. We also had double-digit mortgage interest rates (my first VA mortgage was 10.5 percent), and a budget that was so bloated that in order to save money he had benefits cut for all military retirees who now had to go to veterans' medical facilities instead of to active duty and reserve bases. I'll tell you that we all did far better under Bill Clinton than we did under any Republican president since Eisenhower.

Finally, he states that the president has "continuously blamed everyone else for the acts of blacks" and has set this country back two decades. First off, I cannot have a battle of wits with someone who is inadequately armed. Racism in this country has gone backwards for seven years due to politicians who have stated from Day 1 that their goal was to limit, stifle, suffocate, frustrate, and drive out the popularly-elected president. He has been openly insulted in Congress. His birth has been questioned. His religion has been questioned. His loyalty has been questioned.

The president has stated over and over again that race relations have improved, but that we are not cured. He doesn't blame whites. He doesn't blame blacks. But he is willing to talk about it openly in the hopes that things will get better. But everything he stands for is fought against tooth and nail by many — including those who say "I've never been a racist, but that Obama makes it hard not to be."

Yes Dave, I remember a day when people in this country could debate, could disagree without being disagreeable. Those days are gone. But they could come back again. It is why I served — so that persons like me and you can say what we feel. We can all have opinions. But it is even better when they are based on facts.

Alan Vervaeke

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