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We all pay for huge social welfare programs for low-wage workers

To The Daily Sun,

I'm always amazed at how much stays the same in Laconia and the Lakes Region: Te beauty of the lake, favorite restaurants, the same people posting the same endless letters in The Laconia Daily Sun, with the same old "talking points."

Bob Meade fits right in with his disproved list of "concerns" about raising the minimum wage.

There are so many very-low-wage workers, and we pay for huge social welfare programs for them. Paying a decent salary would save something on the order of tens of billions of dollars. Raising the minimum wage will help curb government spending on social services, strengthen the economy.

Doesn't it make more sense for employers to pay their workers then passing the cost to the government?

In a recorded message, a McDonald's employee who reported not being able to make ends meet was advised to sign up for food stamps and other government assistance programs. McDonald's is really the one getting government subsidies. They can pay a low wage and keep their high profits.

Michael Jones

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Hillary tying her wagon to Obama's so-called foreign policy

To The Daily Sun,

Well, finally Hillary Clinton has explained it all. She relied on the "experts" about security in Libya and Benghazi. Now we're all just supposed to move on and forget about it, I guess. Really?

One question: just who were these "experts" and how come they were so wrong? Look the British, French and everyone else had pulled their diplomats out, so how come we didn't? The place was a snake pit before the "Arab spring" and was worse after. That facility had been attacked before as had those of other nations' facilities, so why was security so lacking? Where were the Libyan security forces? Why wasn't there anyone on alert on the 9-11 anniversary especially in that region of the world? And then there was that cock and bull story, cover-up after, just weeks before the election. Nothing suspicious here just move on, Hillary says. Forget the whole thing.

I'm sorry. I did say just one question, didn't I? Well I guess there are a lot of questions we still have after all this time that does make a difference, at least to those of us that care and don't have their eye on running for president. I have to think Hillary must be in the running for victim of the year to hear the left spin it. Tying her wagon to Obama's, laughingly called, foreign policy has to be the dumbest thing this woman has done in a career full of dumb things. (My opinion).

The Obama policy has been full of appeasement to some of the worst, most-abusive nations in term of human rights and aggressive mindedness. Traditional allies have been treated more like after-thoughts or ignored, or worse, while Islamic terror support groups, like CAIR, are given an open door to the White House.

Now we have Obama releasing five of the worst, most dangerous terrorists in the world in a trade for a suspected deserter. Two of these guys are wanted by the U.N. for crimes against humanity. What are we to make of this?

Steve Earle



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Beware, it takes very little energy to ignite gasoline vapors

To The Daily Sun,

Gasoline is probably the most common fuel in use today. People get very complacent when handling gasoline. Most people do not realize how easy gasoline can be ignited. This time of year we see a big increase in people filling portable containers; for use at home, on the island, or to fill the boat. Remember — gasoline is a very flammable liquid.
When filling portable containers you must put the container on the ground. Never fill the container inside a vehicle, in the bed of a pick-up truck, or on the bed of a trailer.
Always be sure the nozzle is in contact with the container and fill portable containers slowly.
Never fill to the top. Gasoline will vaporize in the summer heat and this can cause a container to expand and overflow. Always secure the container so it cannot tip over.
Use only approved containers and caps.
When pumping gasoline the free flowing liquid creates static electricity. In the right conditions a spark can be created at the container causing ignition.
Gasoline is heavier than air and will settle in low points — trunks, or the ground. Gasoline will ignite at minus 45 degrees F. It will ignite at any temperature. The warmer the air temperature the faster gasoline will vaporize and build-up pressure. The faster gasoline vaporizes the higher the chance for accidental ignition. Gasoline can ignite from static electricity. This can happen when the tank is not in touch with the ground, such as filling the container in the bed of a truck. Static electricity can also build up on your body if you get back in the car while pumping. If you get back out and touch the container you could create a spark — BOOM.
Several years ago we had a very serious accident in the Weirs when two young men inadvertently used a wet vacuum to clean up a spill in a boat. Both men were seriously burned.
When filling boats everyone should be out of the boat. The engine and ignition should be off. B-B-Q grills are becoming common on boats — be sure there are no hot coals in the grill before fueling.
It takes very little energy to ignite gasoline vapors. Please take these precautions and always be on the safe side.

Chief Ken Erickson

Laconia Fire Department

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Senator Forrester was advocate for agreement on MET front

To The Daily Sun,

Thursday June 5th, The Laconia Daily Sun reported that Senator Forrester voted no on the SB-369 Committee of Conference Report pertaining to the MET settlement (Medicaid Enhancement Tax). Just for the record, as someone who advocated for an agreement, Senator Forrester was supportive of a solution. No agreement placed the State's bond rating and finances at risk; there was an absolute need to reach a reasonable financial settlement with hospitals.

The more nuanced explanation is that she and Senate President Morse wanted a slightly different deal structure (lower MET tax rates and spending about $20mm less a year). At the Committee of Conference, Senator Forrester stepped aside so there was concurrence, otherwise SB 369 would have died and there would have been no vote whatsoever, an important distinction to note.

Also, during this session Senator Forrester was helpful in moving forward both the NH Health Protection Plan and an "1115 Waiver" to help N.H.'s health care delivery system better meet citizens' needs while being more cost effective.

In my opinion, both Senator Forrester and Senator Hosmer represented the region effectively this past term, particularly when it came to health care matters and the general concerns of this area . They deserve our appreciation and respect.

Henry Lipman


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In Bruce Bartlett, we actaully found a Republican with a brain

To The Daily Sun,

Its been a glorious spring and most of us here at the Center for the Study of Absurdity have gotten our gardens planted and are awaiting the wildflowers of summer. Welcome to another edition of Tea Party Potty Tricks where we pledge to "keep the stupid in the news."

Today we start off with the Joe the Plumber, who told parents after the latest university shootings, "your dead kids don't trump my Constitutional rights." While this may be legally true, only a morally bankrupt sociopath would say this in such a way. But as you know, we here at the center would be out of business without Tea Party sociopaths and religious crazies.

Next on our list would be Ben Carson calling Obamacare, "the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery" fame. This time around, the crazy neurosurgeon without a prefrontal cortex informs us that Obamacare is also worse than the terror attacks of 9-11. Not kidding.

In the anti-science crackpot community, Rep. Jeff Miller (R-Fla.) has a brilliant new idea to combat those tree-hugging commies. Miller says that man-made climate change is a hoax because the dinosaurs went extinct without global warming. Not kidding.

George Will doesn't disappoint us either with his latest claim. Being a victim of sexual assault is a coveted status in campus life. Not kidding.

Oh, we forgot Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council saying that Christians being forced to bake cakes for gays is like forcing Jews into Nazi ovens. Not kidding.

Winning our award for best satire of the week is AZ Starnet's article, "500,000 'Impeach Obama for leaving an American behind in Afghanistan' protest signs found in dumpster behind RNC. We are not sure this is satire, yet given the state of Tea Potty Land. . .

Our Republican with a brain this week is Bruce Bartlett, a former Reagan adviser who used the terms morons, stupid, bigots and ignoramuses to describe the Tea Party on the Ed Show. Now yer catching on! And who cannot love the Oklahoma gun dealer Rich who opines, "Open Carry Tarrant County is like the demonic offspring of Westboro Baptist Church and Boko Haram." Beautiful.

While we are in the Teanderthals, we can't let Fake News off the hook. Brian Kilmeade told viewers that Bergdahl's dad, a registered Republican by the way, looks like the Taliban and that is un-American. Wait a minute, the slovenly looking guys on Duck Dynasty who look similar actually believe in some of same things the Taliban does. Phil Robertson has advocated anti-gay beliefs, racism, more God in government and marrying young girls. Sound rather Talibanny to us!

Okay, we are running out of space because its been especially crazy lately so lets just string some stuff together. Gun-nutter and all around lunatic Alex Jones claims the Isla Vista and the Las Vegas shooting Sunday were government operations to discredit gun-loving patriots. Patriots or escaped mental hospital patients? Jones, who runs the website infowars, even explained how he would have carried out the Las Vagas shootings if he were a government agent. Not kidding.

Right-wing Family Research Council senior fellow Ken Blackwell linked the Isla Vista mass killings to marriage equality laws. Todd Starnes of the 'American Family Association' can't wait for a president who loves America. Lyle Grover and Ben Shapiro are concerned about the increasingly successful crazification of the far right by liberals. Hello.

Stop being freaking crazy and stupid. Not kidding.

James Veverka



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