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Stop bashing college students; they can out-think & out-write you

To The Daily Sun,

Steve Earle said in a recent letter, "I haven't seen any KKK out burning crosses in years and years, or for that matter white supremacists either. Where can they be?" And the conclusion I've reached is that Steve doesn't stray too far from Fox or Breitbart or else he'd see them. The truth Steve, is that whether you've ever actually seen it, you have a rear end. I'm sure your doctor has seen it, and possibly your wife. I've never seen it, but I can guarantee it's there. And just because you've never seen it, I'm sure you've smelled it. You certainly talk out of it enough for the rest of us to do so, as well. So the simple fact that you claim not to see it means nothing. But the marvelous thing about these "white supremacists" is that all tend to be hypocrites, just like evangelical preachers. Those preachers are always getting caught with their (literal and figurative) pants down, whether it is girlfriends, boyfriends, drugs, or prostitutes. Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Baker both come to mind, and both are Trump supporters, Surprise Surprise!! (Said in my very best Gomer Pyle voice). White supremacists frequently have a little "something" on the side like — Strom Thurmond did. But you won't see them up here in the Lakes Region where the demographic is predominantly white — about 98 percent — and the second largest demographic is Asian. This must be why we hear so little from minorities in these local papers — they are vastly outnumbered and unwilling to rock the boat out of fear of people like you.

This is why good, hardworking, progressives like Jim Veverka, Carol Stappi, Bernadatte Loesch, and myself write in as often as we do. To let people know that not all over-50 white non-college educated voters are bigoted tools like you. You hate the fact that New Hampshire stayed a blue state, even though all your local boys are for the most part redcoats. You criticize college students and the like for protests that you yourself and your ilk threatened if Trump lost. Hip-hip-hypocrite! You seem to forget that eight years ago some people burned President Obama in effigy after he won his election. You forget all of the "birthers" who questioned his birth. You forget everyone who questioned his religion. You forget the public disrespect he received from congressmen and senators. And yet when your Combover Commandant finally admitted he was wrong, you turned your head and coughed and said nothing. Now he claims that the only reason he has lost the popular vote (by over 2 million votes) is because of "illegals voting," when its already been showed that half a million voters were purged from the lists in states that barely went red. Hmmm. But if Colonel Crackpot is indeed convinced, then I'd support him in demanding a full examination and recount in EVERY SINGLE STATE. Put your money where your voluminous mouth is. It's not like he's blowing it all on "Hamilton" tickets — right? No, he's using his money to settle lawsuits against his corrupt business entities.

So Steve, be careful what you put out there. Stop bashing college students, because I promise you that my college senior can out think, out fact, and out write you any day of the week. These college kids you complain about are the ones who will be paying into Social Security (if it survives) to help your gnarly old self live further into decrepitude. As will I. See, we actually care about integrity. It isn't that Hillary lacks integrity. It is simply that when the Right threw constant mud for three decades, some of it finally started to stick and the DNC was too darned arrogant and monomaniacal to see it. It's why I had such a hard time with Hillary for so very long, until I only had one choice — to Trump or not to Trump. That was the question. Donald Trump has no integrity. He is blatantly dishonest. He changes his mind more frequently than you change your skivvies (see Mitt Romney for Secretary of State). Like you (and I see your attraction here) he is all mouth and zero substance. Like you, all of his substance comes from someplace else because he isn't capable of generating it. He creates his world every single day from a mish-mash of fantasy and half-truths. And he may be our president come January, but my fervent wish is that he be subjected to every small bit of unfounded ridicule that you and others heaped upon our current president. Every little bit. And I have a feeling that if your precious president-elect even lasts a full 4-year term, you'll be whining louder than a small-bladdered Chihuahua regularly. How's THAT, Buttercup?

So put on your best set of camouflage and your Duck Dynasty hat because the inauguration happens in like six weeks. And after that it's an editorial open season on you and your candidate of choice. Because turnabout is fair play, and we've got a score to settle.

Alan Vervaeke


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My bill would return Legislature to meeting only every other year

To The Daily Sun,

I wish to provide an initial report to the citizens of Gilford & Meredith (Belknap County House District 2) whom I represent in the N.H. House of Representatives.

Although I will not be formally sworn until December 7, Pearl Harbor Day, I have endeavored to try to fulfill several of the issues on which I ran. Thus, I have submitted seven proposed bills to the Office of Legislative Services for the preparation of formal bills to be introduced in the 2017 Session beginning in January covering the following topics:

1. Repeal of the statute that allows persons attending college in N.H. to register and vote here, regardless of whether this is their permanent home.
2. Complete repeal of the tax on interest and dividends.
3. Revising the Business Enterprise Tax to eliminate any liability for the tax in any year in which the business organization does not have profits subject to the Business Profits Tax.
4. A comprehensive Right to Work law based on the model law promulgated by the National Right To Work Committee.
5. Repeal of the minimum wage law.
6. Comprehensive election law changes, including a definition of domicile versus residence; establishing a minimum of 30 day residency requirement; elimination of same day registration; requiring student ID cards from all state supported institutions to indicate clearly whether the student is a N.H. resident qualified for in-state tuition or not; and "closing" our primary elections so that only those persons registered in a particular party can vote in that party's primary.
7. A constitutional amendment returning meetings of the Legislature to sessions every 2 years rather than each year as was in our original state Constitution.

I understand that other legislators have already introduced similar legislation and I have no idea how my proposals will ultimately fare, but at least I am trying.

Again, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns about our state and its laws My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and my telephone number is 603-293-0565.

Norman Silber
Member-Elect of the N.H. House of Representatives
Belknap County District 2- Gilford & Meredith

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