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Board doesn't need to be demonized, they're self-demonizing

To The Daily Sun,

In response to the letter written June 17 in support of the Gilmanton Selectboard and town administrator, I would like to make the following points.

The letter writer states that there is an obstructive, ego-driven "element" in Gilmanton which lacks temperance and the ability to listen, and whose sole purpose is to undermine and discredit. How true. Except for the fact that that element has proven to be the very board itself, and not those who have spoken against it. Not surprisingly, the letter writer's failure to recognize this underscores the very reason for the current controversy and debate. His forced, Mr. Rogers Neighborhood-like reasoning, which suggests we all get along, grow up, lock arms, rock in unison and sing "Kumbaya," flies in the face of an agenda-driven board and administrator who have been as hostile and vindictive toward members of this town as I have seen in the 35 years I've lived in Gilmanton.

A board, quite frankly, that doesn't need to be demonized, because they are in fact, self-demonizing. They have actually attacked their own credibility, not because of errors they've made, but because of a refusal to be answerable and accountable to them, racking up such an unprecedented amount of evasive "no comments" at selectmen's meetings, that I've finally given up trying to keep count.

Also, I thought it humorous, but not surprising, given the letter writer's affiliations, that he did not recognize that the very thing he was accusing these people of, and in fact condemning, was the very thing he was doing himself: Unable to discredit the message, or to speak to it, he attacks the messengers, hoping to destroy their credibility, claiming that the only reason this evil element is complaining about this board and administrator isn't because of being civic-minded or out of concern for their town, but because they're upset over the outcome of this year's vote. What rubbish!

I would suggest this writer, through a local library I know him to be particularly fond of, seek out back issues of local newspapers, and review exactly what Gilmanton's town government has been up to in the last several months. It isn't pretty.

Al Blake

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Bob Meade - The Great Pretender

History will show that our president was a great pretender.

He pretended that there could be such a thing as a "unilateral" war, and if we didn't respond to the war made against us, the war would cease and peace would reign.

He pretended that the police were the root cause of all the woes in the urban areas and, if the police were told to "stand back", and the citizens were given "space" to act out their anger, peace would reign.

He pretended that if our soldiers on the battlefield were told to holster their weapons and not use them unless the waring forces shot at them first, then peace would reign.

He pretended that if we gave soldiers medals for not shooting at the enemy, that they would be willing to let the enemy shoot first.

He pretended that if we didn't identify the race, ethnicity, or religion of those engaging in criminality or acts of war, then peace would reign.

He pretended we could provide health insurance to all at less cost to the subscribers, without regard for actuarial history or the health conditions of those subscribers.

He pretended that healthy young people would relish the chance to pay higher premiums for their health care policies so as to subsidize the costs imposed on the older and less healthy people.

He pretended that he could impose conditions on employers, forcing them to provide contraceptive and abortion services which would require some of them to violate the tenets of their faith and, he pretended that would not be in direct conflict with the First Amendment.

He pretended that he could legally change laws that had been lawfully enacted, without Congress being involved in the changes.

He pretended that parents of young girls would welcome older transgender males into their bathroom and shower facilities at school or in public places.

He pretended that he could force the transgender issue on public schools and colleges by threatening to withhold other federal funding if they didn't comply with his edict.

He pretended people wouldn't notice that he didn't inflict the transgender requirement on "private" schools and colleges, or notice that his daughters attend a private school.

He pretended that people wouldn't know that MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber (who told the world that the administration relied on the people being "too stupid" to understand the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (PPACA) law because, if they did understand it, it wouldn't have been passed) was a major contributor in the writing of the PPACA, aka "Obamacare".

He pretended that, after Professor Gruber had made his statement, he didn't know who he was.

He pretended that people would not show concern when he said he wanted a "national police force equal in strength to our military," even though such a force would be in direct conflict with the intent of the "posse comitatus act".

He pretended he knew the police acted improperly when they questioned a Harvard professor who was entering his house, even though a simple query would have shown the professor's neighbor reported a suspected burglary was in progress at the site.

He pretended that citizens would not get concerned over his continued negative comments about local police activities in New York, Ferguson, Orlando, Baltimore, and other cities.
He pretended that citizens would ignore his continuing failure to show concern about the black on black crime that continues in major urban areas across the country, mainly by gangs vying for control over illegal drug sales.

He pretended that citizens wouldn't begin to put two and two together, and begin to wonder if his continuing negativity towards local police is a tactic intended to create a demand for that "national police force" he espoused.

He pretended that the death of our ambassador and three other brave Americans was caused by an obscure YouTube video.

He pretended that Secretary of State Clinton was one of the greatest secretaries our country has ever had, ignoring the fact that she achieved only negative accomplishments during her tenure and, sadly, has repeatedly lied to the public, the parents of those killed in Benghazi, the Congress, and is under criminal investigation by the FBI for her improper use of a private internet server.

He pretended he knew nothing about Secretary Clinton's multi-year use of a private internet server.

He pretended we didn't notice how easily he criticizes and chastises Christians and how often he defends or minimizes the actions of radical Muslims.

He pretended not to be responsible for anything that was less than acceptable during his administration, always finding it easier to cast the blame on others.

He pretended he was responsible for creating a high level of employment, ignoring the fact that the percentage of Americans working today is the lowest it has been in over 38 years.

He pretended . . . he pretended . . . he pretends.

(Bob Meade is a Laconia resident.)

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