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4 people who died in Benghazi were murdered, it wasn't war

To The Editor,

Henry Osmer, in his last jumble of words, took me to task for my numbers pertaining to the country's debt. Henry, the national debt when G.W. Bush took office was $5.73 trillion and it increased by $4.9 million during his eight years. in office. Obama has been in office for four years and nine months., not six years, as you stated, and in that four years and nine months, the national debt has increased by over $6 trillion and is still climbing. I have to say that math must not be one of your strong suits. I also have to remind you that we were at war during the majority of Bush's eight years in office. Think back Henry, Sept. 11, 2001. Do you remember what happened on that day? So to use war as the reason for Obama's increased spending is a little hypocritical, don't you think?

People that died during war time, including collaterals, are deemed killed because we are at war. Other than war time, when someone dies at the hands of another it is deemed murder because it is an illegal act. The people that died in the Benghazi attack were murdered because we weren't in a legitimate war with their attackers. I hope that clears that up for Henry.

The scandal about Benghazi is the fact that Obama's gunslingers went on numerous news programs after the attack and proclaimed that the attack was the result of a negative to Islam video that was on the www prior to the attack when it was proven that the Obama administration knew it was an attack by jihadists. Obama himself stated it was the video that caused the attack and Hillary Clinton, who at that time was Sec. of State, while being questioned about the murders of four Americans at a congressional hearing, one our of whom was our ambassador answered "at this time what difference does it make?" The military was ready and willing to go in with whatever aid they could give to the ambassador and the three navy seals who died during the attack but were told to stand down by their higher ups. Henry, that's what makes it a scandal, one of the Obama administration's many, and if that isn't enough do a little of your own research and you'll find more.

This will be my last response to Mr. Hosmer's letters because, and I'm using some of Winston Churchill's words here, I feel it is unfair and even a little mean to continue in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

Dave Schwotzer


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How does any youth sports league amass $10,000 to donate?

To The Daily Sun,

I write to thank David Huot for his kind words — all true — regarding a very good man — Rep. Bob Kingsbury. We need to let people know while we are breathing that we find something that should be said now, not later. So Dave Huot, let me say: "You come from good stock" (Mom and Dad). And then, there is your humor!
I wanted to just let it go, but the letter on Tuesday from Joe Adrignola (another good guy) gives me reason to speak out in support of his letter. The new facility for football and other sports is a wonderful addition to our community. Not the school board, not the coaches, and not a youth football team. The new facility belongs to all Laconians, and especially those who pay property taxes in Laconia.
I believe a wrong has taken place regarding who has the concession stand at Sachem games.
Can't we all remember the "shack" with members of Key Club and Kiwanis Club working to make a half-time snack available to all fans.
I will be direct. Why the secrecy of who would be operating the concession at high school football games? Where is the loyalty to the Key/Kiwanis Clubs? Kiwanians do a lot for our community, such as sponsor youth teams in different sports. I invite you to Google Laconia Kiwanis charity work. You will find it is a story of the Roger Ballantyne Memorial MC Ride for charity.Roger was a member of Kiwanis for 30 years. I know he and Jim Fortier were always in the shack. When you read the number of charities Kiwanis is involved in, you, with a heart, will ask, why were they kicked out of the shack for LHS home games? Is this truly about money? School gets $10,000 from the Laconia youth football group that has that kind of money laying around, and that gets them the Friday night concession, and to heck with the Kiwanis and their good work?

By the way, as president of Lou Athanas Youth Basketball League for 10 years, we kept just enough money in bank to begin the following season with new basketballs. How does any league amass $10,000 dollars in the bank to donate? That money came from people who donated to the league. Next year I will not purchase two Sachems cards with great deals from local businesses, and instead donate the money to the Kiwanis Club, with a little extra.

Niel Young


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People of Alton need to pay attention to workforce housing issue

To The Daily Sun,

On September 4th we attended the Zoning Amendment Committee meeting at the Town Hall and the subject was workforce housing. It was a very eye-opening meeting which provided the committee as well as the attendees a lot of food for thought. Some of the language in the multiple handouts is very ambiguous and raised a number of unanswered questions. The Alton representatives asked some very insightful questions and had difficulty determining concrete answers to many of the points. A subsequent meeting has been scheduled this month to further discuss the issue and to get clarification from consultant Steve Whitman of Jeffrey H. Taylor & Associates and Alton's Town Planner Ken McWilliams.

There was a significant turnout of interested Alton residents. We urge the people of Alton to attend the follow-up meetings on workforce housing in order to have a full understanding of what will appear on the next ballot and know the long-term consequences of passing such an amendment.

Don & Gail Kleeberg
Aram & Lucy Sisoian


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Attend public hearing on Northern Pass in Plymouth on Sept. 24

To The Daily Sun,

For three years, the State of New Hampshire has been dealing with the prospect of Northern Pass, a high voltage power line project from Hydro Quebec, slicing down the center of our state right through some of our most beautiful tourism-dependent areas including the White Mountain National Forest, the Appalachian Hiking Trail and paralleling and crossing I-93 for miles, one of the most scenic highways in the world. A new study by the Appalachian Mountain Club says the towers for the Northern Pass project would "visually impact" about 95,000 acres in the state. That includes about 3,000 acres in the White Mountain National Forest and 9,000 acres around Concord. If Northern Pass is approved, the State of New Hampshire will be changed forever.

This month the Department of Energy will be conducting Environmental Impact Hearings to register citizen's views on Northern Pass. Hearings will be held in Concord on 9/23, Plymouth, 9/24, Whitefield 9/25, and West Stewartstown 9/26. Fight northern pass.org has the times and locations.

The DOE's concern is, Will Northern Pass meet the public's benefit? Now, more than ever, people need to enumerate all the many ways in which Northern Pass fails to benefit New Hampshire. Mark your calendar for these important meetings. If you love New Hampshire, if you want to protect it from a greedy, for-profit, foreign-based multi-national corporation that wants to exploit NH for an unnecessary project, be there and be counted.

Pamela Martin

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City Council needs to investigate selling of concession stand rights

To The Daily Sun,
I am writing as a member of the Laconia Kiwanis Club as well as a taxpayer in the city.
I am outraged by the events that have taken place regarding the concession stand at the high school's new athletic field. It appears that a behind the scenes deal was made with Laconia Youth Football by the school department represented by Bob Champlin and Matt Lahey in an effort to obtain a "donation". This so-called donation gave the right to preferential treatment to Laconia Youth Football with regard to use of the concession stand during high school football games. The Laconia High School Key Club had been using the concession stand for over 60 years and was ousted arbitrarily by the athletic director without notice to them or the School Board.
The Key Club had been notified, as Mr. Roy states, that their use was not likely earlier this year. (It is interesting that Mr. Roy knew this and the School Board did not.) That is when the Laconia Kiwanis Club began a dialogue with Mr. Champlin and later Mr. Cormier, School Board chairman. We were assured that "no decision has been made" and that there was to be a process and that we would be part of that process. No such process took place and no one apparently had the decency to let anyone know. Shorty before the first football game, the Key Club was given alternative dates and how this was decided is still a mystery. The events they were given will not be anywhere as lucrative as the football games. This is not a process!
Let's be clear, the Key Club is a school organization that raises funds for charitable purposes. Operating the concession stand provided them with 80 percent of their funds. Laconia Youth Football is a private non-profit that benefits children in several communities, not just Laconia. And furthermore, Laconia Youth Football uses the concession stand at their own football games. Isn't that enough?
A donation does not carry strings or demands. In my opinion, a donation with strings is improper. The previous concession stand belonged to the city, how is it donated by Laconia Youth Football as an equipment shed?
I call upon the mayor, City Council and the city manager to investigate this immediately. Furthermore, I request that a procedure be established regarding contributions made to city property that addresses the ethics of future preferential treatment by the city to the donated party.

Joseph Adrignola

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