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It's against the law to take down political signs on private property

To The Daily Sun,

Brian Gallagher of Sanbornton, running for State Senate in District 2, has learned many of his signs, on private property, have been removed, thrown into the woods or destroyed. Gallagher is running a positive grassroots campaign and finds it disappointing that this type of activity is taking place in our friendly, local communities.

Gallagher, my dear friend, has stated to me, "Political campaigning is at times very arduous but in all instances rewarding," as he travels about in District 2. He has often mentioned to me that everyone whom he has met has been receptive and encouraging. The fruits of hard work will pay off, he often reminds me.

Brian has been very encouraged by those whom he has spoken with in the law enforcement community, that they will soon identify those that are responsible for the removal of the signs.
Brian's optimistic attitude of working together can achieve many successes for all of the communities in this large district. — state Senate District 2.

P.S. Personally, I would be very careful for those taking down signs because as they use to say on an old television show "Smile, you are on Candid Camera," lots of homeowners these days now have surveillance cameras. Remember, those taking down anyone's sign should be aware that it is against the law. But if those individuals continue this illegal activity, you may want to smile, because you may be on camera.

Guy J. Giunta, Jr.


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If you don't like the elections results, there's always another vote

To The Daily Sun,

I am saddened to read the letter by Marshall Bishop (Aug. 15) in The Laconia Daily Sun. This is a guy who has worked incredibly hard over the years to build a good business in Gilmanton that serves folks in the region — one of the few new and expanding businesses in this town, which desperately needs a better economic base. He has made a real attraction out of a local historic property. He is a great neighbor and citizen. If you need help, he's one of those people who will turn on a dime to give you help. As I know from experience, he'll literally dig you out of a ditch.

He's now trying to make a good citizenship contribution by serving as a selectman for a limited period of time to make some necessary improvements in our town government.

And what does he get? A personal campaign against him and his business and nastiness in the local press by a small determined group of people, presumably because he ran for office, as one is allowed to do in a democracy, and won. And meanwhile, town employees are being required to spend an enormous amount of time filling requests for information and documents that might be used to get at Mr. Bishop, making it difficult for them to get other things done, which has a negative impact on the whole community.

It's just not the right way to deal with people, or to deal with being unhappy about election results. We can all raise our voices, but we should do so constructively. And if we don't like the results of an election, there's always another coming up.

I'm a neighbor of Marshall and Sunny Bishop and proud of it. Mr. Bishop and I don't agree on everything about political matters, but that's neither here nor there. I felt compelled to write to express my admiration for him and my disappointment at the way he is being treated. I wasn't going to write because the tone of the attacks is just not attractive, but I've heard enough people around Gilmanton concerned about both how Marshall Bishop is being treated, and the impact on staff time in Gilmanton, that I had to speak up.

Virginia Sapiro

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