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How can Marines killed by terrorist not be eligible for Purple Hearts?

‚ÄčTo The Daily Sun,

Why is it those four Marines will not get the Purple Heart because this was not a terrorist plot? I beg your pardon, it was terror and they should get the Purple Heart. What is wrong with this administration that they will not do the right thing?

Why are Obama and the rest of them still in office? That, my friend, is a good question. I hope everyone is ready to become communist. That is what this country is heading for. All we need now is Hillary Clinton as our next president for eight years. Yes, I said the next eight years. Have you not noticed the last few presidents have had eight years? That is going to be the normal from here on. So I guess most people are used to that.

Why are we so ready to accept everything and anything this government throws at us? This is way out of control don't you think so? What will it take to take our country back? It gets worse as time goes on. Does our vote count or is it fixed like everything? This government is in every one's face. When are the American people going to wise up? Stay tuned for more of the same from our wonderful government.

Anna DeRose

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Spend more of welfare or more on warfare; that's the big debate

To The Daily Sun,

America is overspending. We are doing so in all areas of the budget from warfare to welfare, all the way through to our monetary policy. We should begin debt repayment immediately. We could do it if we wanted to.

The United States military budget is larger than the combined budgets of the next 15 highest spending governments in the world combined. We waste billions of dollars on incoherent foreign policy that makes Americans less safe. Greater security and firmer financial footing are not mutually exclusive.

America suffers from excessive social spending. We need to spend less on corporate welfare. We need to increase the eligibility age for Social Security. Qualification for disability needs to be reviewed. We must change the need to have 45 million people on food stamps. The approach to the social safety net needs to change.

There is a need for a less costly more effective tax system which is simply not possible through a one size fits all federal system. Tax dollars need to stay closer to home. Sending more money to the District of Columbia limits oversight, adds layers of bureaucracy and opportunity for waste, graft and corruption. There are no economies of scale with respect to government... only levels of power, control and tyranny.

The obvious danger of having Congress remain on its present course is financial ruin which will lead to loss of freedom. The only real debate between our two parties is whether we should spend more on welfare or more on warfare. That is a canard. But we need to understand the politicians take their cues from us ... not the other way around.

Congress will only reverse course if we the people reject the entitlement mentality and understand that the government is incapable of running its own budget. It demonstrably cannot run the world, the economy, or our lives. Those who believe in freedom, life and personal property must spread the belief. We must grow the movement for limited government, free markets, sound money, and peace.

Marc Abear


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