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What a horrible week for the people who are wrong about everything

To The Daily Sun,

"It's a beautiful mornin', ahhh. Each bird keeps singin' his own song". Pragmatists are rejoicing due to victory after victory recently. Oh! "I Hear a Symphony." Affordable Care is secure and marriage equality is national. The Confederate flag is finally getting its just desserts and California has wiped out personal-belief exemptions in its new vaccination law. This is big. Governor Brown is expected to sign it. No vaccination? No public schools for you. Your junk science or religion can't endanger the community anymore. Did I mention Pope Francis and his climate encyclical?

June 26 is Confederate Flag Burning Day in America, so don't miss out on the exciting festivities because even latent pyromaniacs are finding their true selves and "Can't Put Out This Fire." You're out of luck if you don't have one of those symbols of racism and treason, though. All major retailers have taken out this white trash memorabilia for good. "Here Comes the Sun!" Flags are coming down, too. Oh Happy Day.

Oh, it gets worse for the people wrong about everything from climate change to feeding a family. On June 5, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down four of Idaho's abortion laws as unconstitutional based on 1992s Planned Parenthood v. Casey, which held that a state cannot impose an "undue burden" on a woman seeking to obtain an abortion before fetal viability. A U.S. Appeals Court also rejected Arkansas' 12-week abortion ban based on fetal heartbeat.

Last week, The Iowa Supreme Court struck down a ban on so-called webcam abortions (prescribing RU-486) in the state on Friday, arguing it placed an "undue burden" on women. Why don't these glassy-eyed religious crackpots spend their time on something constructive: preventing unwanted and unplanned pregnancies with more family planning services. Abortion and teen pregnancy rates have dropped significantly over the years largely due expanded access to contraception and family services. Hey stupid, don't attack strategies that work.

I noticed Steve Earle is still doing what he has wanted to do ever since he was a pre-schooler: being a race baiter. Black this. Black that. Blah blah blah. Obsessive compulsive much? Well, no matter, we have to accept the fact that blazing ignorance exists in this world. And Russ Wiles! Did you see how he started out one of his recent letters about Cuba? "Liberals love those who commit evil." Tell us how you really feel! It has to hurt to be wrong on everything.

James Veverka

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Our city councilors are committed to downtown in all respects

To The Daily Sun,

I really enjoyed the "Risk Takers" story The Daily Sun printed on Saturday, June 27; I would like to make just one aside about the comment about city councilor's not frequenting downtown.

"'We're looking for some vision and direction for the community,' said (Bree) Henderson, who added that city councilors are seldom seen downtown save for David Bownes (Ward 2), whose office is on Canal Street."

Just this week, so far, I've been to the Local twice and Wayfarers (my third time since it opened). Also, in the past week I had breakfast at Water Street Cafe twice. Since the Holy Grail opening, I have been there four times. My daughter dances at Stages, another young entrepreneur downtown, and I have used both MC Cycle and Greenlaw's for those needs and no others. Less than a month ago I had dinner at Burrito Me. Henry's Dry Cleaners is a regular stop for me, too. Penny Pitou is my travel agency when I have that need. There are other businesses in the downtown too that I enjoy shopping at when I have a niche need, like The Studio.

I suspect other councilors and the manager have similar stories to share too.

Finally, LRGHealthcare my employer has two significant presences in the downtown, and I personally have been actively involved in the BEDC (just completing a nine-year term in March, the last as chair), as has the mayor, the entity that finally made the Colonial acquisition a reality.

Our councilors are committed to downtown in all respects.

Henry Lipman

City Councilor, Ward 3


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