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U.S. has the best hospitals, doctors & med schools in the world

To The Daily Sun,

The C.B.O.report was off by 45-50 percent on Obamacare, as they underestimated the number of people who would sign up for the exchanges.The first stage of the repeal and replacement is now in committee.
The myths stated by Bernadette Loesch on March 18, are so far out there. It sounds like she just came from Mars. The U.S.A.has the best hospitals, doctors and medical schools. Students from all over the world come here for their education and stay here because of the vast opportunities for higher pay. Just Google the number of non-American medical people in the U.S.A.
We do spend a lot of money per individual, due to the waste and fraud. Our drugs are overpriced and we live in a litigious society, creating out-of-control malpractice insurance costs.
The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, is almost ready to implode by it's self. It was shoved through Congress and then was read.
If you are not from Mars, then you are probably going through the five stages of grief because of the election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.
Stage one is shock/denial; two is anger. The other 3 are bargaining, depression and,finally, acceptance. I wish you well.

Rich Tjaden


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Our interests, including our basic right to life, have been hijacked

To The Daily Sun,

I find it troubling to read, on a daily basis, that our national government chooses to frame its concern (or lack thereof) over health care in partisan terms. I read, "You're either for President Trump or Speaker Pelosi."

I read that the GOP wants pretty much any bill they can ram through to undo Obamacare, and that the Democrats want to resist everything that President Trump wants to do. Why look at anything on it its merits when we can dismiss it on the basis of its party origin?

I cannot find words sufficient to express my dismay and disgust that we cannot seem, as a nation, see the importance of health care for all of our people. I notice that our Constitution promises life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But I see that our elected representatives, who are sworn to support it, cannot comprehend that the sustenance of life pretty often requires the care of each person's health, at least now and then, over the course of a lifetime.

When I vote, I do not vote for representatives to be influenced or owned by corporations, PACs, lobbyists or wealthy individuals. I vote for representatives to listen to, and work on behalf of, their constituents. I see, instead, many sophisticated ruses and attempts to get constituents squabbling among themselves, while the rich and powerful sack the nation's coffers, handing out lucrative contracts and easing safety regulations (think clean air and water) to benefit themselves and their influential friends. Do others think our interests, including our right to life, have been hijacked?

How shall we reclaim our birthright as citizens of the U.S.? What can we do locally, statewide and nationally?

Jan Goldman
Center Sandwich

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