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A big 'thank you' to the young boy who helped us at the mall

To The Daily Sun,

My husband and I would like to thank the young boy who helped us at the Belknap Mall on Oct. 3 My husband was in a wheelchair, pushing a shopping cart, and I was pushing him. The young boy got out of a car and offered to help us.

This is a big "thank you" to the young boy.

Sue Provencal



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Original idea was to tax people based on how much they used roads

To The Daily Sun,

David Zebuhr, I had the same reaction upon hearing about the (proposed) Road Usage Fee as you did, but I chose to ask more questions.

The gas tax here in New Hampshire has been a source of revenue for the maintenance and construction of our highways and bridges. This has worked well under the assumption that each individual was taxed specifically on how much they used the roads — how much gas they bought.

Now that more people are buying electric or hybrid vehicles, which is obviously the best choice for our environment and pockets — the fact that those who invest in such vehicles can drive significantly further on less gas means that they pay less for road maintenance.

The Road Usage Fee will restore the original idea, in that everyone will be taxed on how much they use the roads, and those with efficient cars can continue to reap the benefit of saving money on gas.

This is far from unfair, and far from having anything to do with Big Oil.

Elizabeth Major
Gilmanton Iron Works

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