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They're waging a fight against something they don't believe exists

To The Daily Sun,

This is in response to Mr. Valengavich's most recent letter in which he asks for a clarification of my statement about making an argument and not an enemy. In my view, speech is only "free" when it is not abridged, censored, or limited. Free speech can be good, bad, or ugly. My request for people to try and make an argument and not an enemy simply means that, while we may not agree, we should each try to respectfully challenge another's opinion . . . be that opinion good, bad, or ugly.

In his following paragraph, Mr. Valengavich asks for an example of "... how anyone is trying to deny others their religious beliefs?" I find it hard to believe that he is not aware of the ever-increasing attacks against Christianity but, since he asked, I will offer this website link, http://atheismexposed.tripod.com/atheist_successes.htm. It will bring him to the Freedom From Religion Foundation's (FFRF) website where, on its opening page, it lists a number of court challenges it has made, all intended to remove religion from the public eye. The FFRF proudly claims it, "Has brought nearly 30 First Amendment lawsuits since 1977, and keeps several Establishment law challenges in the courts at all times."

On a personal note regarding the FFRF and its challenges, isn't it odd that some of those who deny the existence of God, willingly wage a fight against something they don't believe exists?

Bob Meade


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Join us on Saturday for WOW Fest '14 at the Laconia Swim Club

To The Daily Sun,

WOW Fest '14 is this Saturday, Sept. 27, bringing a fun and exciting event to our community. Presented by Bank of New Hampshire, WOW Fest '14 has something for everyone and all proceeds go to help construct Phase 2 of the WOW Trail.

Events include a three-mile walk out on the WOW Trail, a 5K and 10K road race along Lake Opechee and a 15-mile (Paugus Bay) and a 67 mile (Lake Winnipesaukee) bicycle challenge all starting and ending at the Laconia Athletic & Swim Club. Following the events there is a festival with great food from our friends at Fratello's, T-Bones, Common Man and Patrick's. We'll have live music with Justin Jaymes, a beer garden with Contigiani's Catering and more.

Businesses and organizations are invited to participate with our team contests for most participants (Awakening Chiropractic 2013 winner), most money raised (Patrick's Pub & Eatery 2013 winner) best dressed (Laconia Fire Department 2013 winners) and fastest team (Awakening Chiropractic 2013 winners). Let's see some new challengers this year.

Take the Lake Bicycle Challenge: (67m) 7 a.m. start.

Take the Bay Bicycle Challenge: (15m) 10 a.m. start.

Take Opechee 5K Road Race: 9 a.m. start.

Take Opechee 10K Road Race: 9am start

Take the Trail Fun Walk: 10:30 a.m. start.

Food & Music: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Pre-registration and complete event information is available at www.wowtrail.org. Allow extra time for event day registration.

Help us raise the money we need to build Phase 2 and double the length of the WOW Trail next year by participating at WOW Fest '14.

We hope to see you there.

Allan Beetle and the

WOW Trail Board of Directors

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Informed Americans today are outraged by Obama's performance

To The Daily Sun

Sorry to disappoint Mr. Hoyt but I'm not a carpetbagger. But did get a chuckle out of your analogy. My roots stem from Jackson, dating back to 1878 ,when real Americans lived here. I said I've moved here now permanently after 50 years of sporadic living in this great state. How about you? I also served my country with two tours in Southeast Asia and proud I did. How about you? So, I've actually come back home to the Granite State. How about you? Now, I may be all wrong about you and others who in my mind just don't get it. I'm hoping you're a home-grown guy, and if you are, you're really a moderate Democrat as I once was.

In any case, what I suspect is that you're the carpetbagger and you "spew" your liberal viewpoints over there in academic land. So, you think this president has done a fine job? Sorry Jon, you're wrong. As Russ Wiles so nicely put it, this president is filled with ideological fantasy, intellectual laziness and incompetent leadership. As much as I would like to ignore your statement, "look what he inherited" (liberals have used this weak excuse ad nauseum), I have to comment. Democrats seem to use this as an excuse for the failings of their beloved Obama. Look what Ronald Reagan inherited. Did conservatives whine for years about the peanut farmer?

So Jon, Mr. Obama has not done a fine job. What he has done is a lot of important things very poorly. Are you really that uninformed? Just know this Jon, informed Americans today are outraged because they have been paying attention — Republicans and Democrats alike.

By the way, it's Mr. Payton.

Terry Payton


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Troubles partly the fault of city for not removing the homeless

To The Daily Sun,

We are tired of the growing problems in our Normandin Square/Church Street neighborhood. We are seeing more loitering than ever. Trash is being left everywhere and anywhere. The drug use is out in the open, with people driving on peoples' property, fighting and loud noises coming from the beach area along the river and the profanity is terrible. There is a constant need for concern here. There has been theft on our property and it is partly the fault of the city for not removing the homeless and the loitering in the beach area and on the bridge in our neighborhood. It's like a zoo, and you never know when someone is lurking behind a tree or a bush with a backpack who has been sleeping there or conducting a drug deal.

Don't be afraid to call our Ward 2 Counselor David Bownes to tell them that you have had enough and you want to feel safe in and out of your home. We must start speaking up so that we can see the beauty again on the riverfront and enjoy our back yards. It is definitely not enjoyable seeing people urinating in public and leaving their trash. We just want to be able to walk in our yards and on our streets and feel safe.

Here are several numbers to call to report anything unsightly or anything that makes you uncomfortable. Call all the counselors, mayor, and city manager to get your point across.

Ward 2 - David Bownes - 524-4330
Ward 1 - Ava Doyle - 393-6533
Ward 3 - Henry Lipman - 528-0191
Ward 4 - Brenda Baer - 524-6349
Ward 5 - Robert Hamel - 524-6360
Ward 6 - Armand Bolduc - 524-2514
Mayor Edward Englar - 630-4484
Local Police - 524-5252

City Manager Scott Myers - 527-1292,
Police Commissioner Warren Clement - 524-7179

Police Commissioner Armand Maheux -  524-1053,
Or e-mail any of the council at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
All e-mails will be recorded and be on record so that you will be heard.

Margaret DeSisto


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How else to explain all those votes for man with no experience?

To The Daily Sun,

Seems every left-wing contributor to this paper is finding fault with my letters lately.

In the Friday edition of Letters to the Editor, I was taken to task for suggesting voters for Obama voted for him because they were so enamored with the idea of the first black president. True, the Republican candidates were not "cool' or exciting. But really, now, is that a job requirement? And so, how else do we explain all those votes for a candidate with near zero experience in any of the skills necessary to be president?

Now that he has proven all his critics correct what else should I conclude?

Steve Earle


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