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By next summer, Weeks Woods will be a beautiful place again

To the Daily Sun,

I'm writing this letter in response to the letter about loggers ruining Weeks Forest in Gilford. I do not wish to besmirch the point of view of the writers. How you feel about a piece of woods is a personal thing and we all think differently. As a youth (in the 1960s), that piece of woods was my first taste of freedom so I have a long attachment to it.

Back then, logging was mostly done as a clear cut with all the tops left helter-skelter on the ground. You could hardly walk through it and it took a decade or so to bounce back. By comparison modern logging is a beautiful thing. Foresters mark trees to be cut or left with the goal of improving the wood lot, leaving some open woods with trees in them. The tops are all chipped. Wildlife and the trees that remain thrive. I noticed in the upper field they took back where the woods had creeped in.
It looks bad right now because they are still in the process. This piece had a similar cut done back in the 1980'. By next summer it will be a great place to recreate in again. I enjoyed it last weekend. I like open woods where you can see a ways.
Please think hard before you withdraw support for the Society For The Protection of New Hampshire Forests. I doubt this was done out of greed and the money probably goes into preserving more of New Hampshire forests.
Tom Sleeper

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For once, a male Republican is concerned about women’s health

To The Daily Suyn,

I was amazed at Russ Wiles' letter in (Thursday's) paper regarding Hillary Clinton's health. This must be the first time ever that I've seen a male Republican actually concerned about women's health.

Now Russ, stop watching Fox News and read up on pneumonia. You might learn something.

Alan Vervaeke

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