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For Northern Pass, we are nothing but an energy pass-through state

To The Daily Sun,

New England states are in a give-and-take energy policy mode. Massachusetts wants to provide northern states with a natural gas flow, and in return, Massachusetts want more renewable energy: like Northern Pass and Wind Energy.

Many Northern New England states have a real interest in growing out their gas pipeline infrastructure coming from Massachusetts. And in return Massachusetts wants a large-scale renewable energy source. In other words: transmission lines from the north and a pipeline coming from the south.

Energy goals are in play and all New England governors are negotiating with one another. From Gov. Deval Patrick's discussions with Quebec on Northern Pass, to discussions with Gov. Maggie Hassan on wind energy. Much of their talk will be surrounded around the constraints of our infrastructure system in New Hampshire. In layman's terms: 1) Our lines are fine for our current use; 2) The constraints come from additional power being added to those lines going to southern states.

Millions of dollars are at stake and each New England governor wants his or her fair share. Don't get confused and don't throw your common sense way of thinking out the window. It's a money-grab situation.

The million dollar question that remains is: Why are New Hampshire residents paying for any of this? We are nothing but a pass-through state.

Ray Cunningham


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Mr. Earle needs to research who owns America's media companies

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. Earle's latest rant includes such whoppers as "Liberals control much, if not most of the media. Liberals want liberal politicians elected."

His view of reality, which is not based on fact (maybe based on little voices in the bubble or on loud-mouthed shysters on talk radio) seems to be that even if a huge voting bloc subjugates, abuses, tortures, murders women, gays, blacks and commits terrible acts of violence and terrorism around the world, it's overlooked because they "vote the right way, for Democratic liberal progressive candidates." No other reason, none at all." Rant, rinse, and repeat.

Mr. Earle really, really, needs to do some basic research on just who owns most of the U.S. media outlets; whether they be TV or Radio or Newspapers. But I suppose that might be inconvenient for him, or might turn up facts that don't agree with his pre-determined view of reality. In fact, most all of those media outlets are owned and controlled by conservative individuals or corporations, often very conservative ones.

Research, research and more research Mr. Earle. Even first year college students are required to do research and provide fact-based evidence — not just lazily use made-up prejudices — for what they write for their courses.

Mignon McLaughlin said: "It is the most unhappy people who most fear change." Or as Robert Kennedy said, "Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies." Maybe it's just been a long winter and sunshine and warm weather might brighten Mr. Earle's moods.

Bernadette Loesch


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Commissioner's plan for county jail is neither affordable or necessary

To The Daily Sun,

Michael Kitch's article regarding a new county jail which appeared in the Saturday (April 19th) edition of The Sun was very well done. It documented the financial difficulties attendant on jail planning in Belknap County. Kitch is correct in writing that something must be done, and also correct in pointing out the problems our communities face in funding what will have to be more modest options than what are being considered.

The commissioners' plans have been neither affordable nor necessary. Alternatives are available should they be sought.

The concerns of the commissioners for the jail have not always been apparent. For four years, between 2009 and 2013, there were no reports on conditions at the jail, which reports are required by statute. This lack of oversight served to mask the deterioration that was allowed to occur. Further, the two additional correctional officers for which Belknap's delegation provided funding were left unfilled. The sole vehicle which serves the jail is in deplorable condition at the same time that the Sheriff's Department clamors for three, four and five new vehicles every year. The obsession with building a monument to county egos while real operational needs at the jail go unaddressed is the essence of poor policy.

That we live in an age of competition for scarce resources is documented by the accompanying page 1 story of the Saturday Sun. No one in Laconia would voluntarily reduce the teaching staff, which decision must have been a painful one to make.

The letter to the editor by Mr. Henry in this same edition, extolling his Democratic allies and lambasting others on the delegation, gives evidence of his commitment to the ideological over the purely logical. We do not live in time when we can continue to pass on tax increases because, after all, it is only a few dollars. If Mr. Henry is raising his profile in preparation for filing for public office, he would do well to rethink his position, especially in light of the two stories cited above.

State Rep. Dick Burchell
Belknap County, District 5

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Cottonwood Ave. residents send our thanks to local fire departments

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the residents of Cottonwood Avenue, we would like to thank Laconia, Belmont and Gilford Fire Departments for their quick response to the woods fire that burned between our street and Woodland Avenue on Monday afternoon.

This could have been so much worse if not spotted in time, and first responders had not been called. The fire spread quickly, and we were concerned that it would encroach on our homes. But thanks to their work we were all safe. You never know how important the fire department is until you need them. They stayed until all the hot spots were out and they were sure that there was no danger.

Thank you, firefighters, for all you do for us.

Michael & Janet Brough


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Why in world is this grant money coming from Homeland Security?

To The Daily Sun,

I have been going over this in my head for a week now and need help in coming to a logical and sane answer.

As reported in your paper dated April 16, 2014, has been chosen as one of 10 cities to house and store a piece of "advanced equipment" that will allow emergency medical personnel to better handle morbidly obese patients requiring transport. This piece of "advanced equipment" will better facilitate transportation of people weighing between 400 and 1,100 pounds of which there were 162 instances between 2010 and 2013.

Now I'm kinda a fatty pants myself, but would like to think that your ordinary run-of-the-mill ambulance would get my chubby butt to the hospital if need be. Apparently Laconia has more than its fair share of hugely obese people requiring medical transport out there, and I'm all for accommodating these folks. The two questions that I would like to have answered are these:

1. Were other avenues explored that didn't require a grant, which is just our tax money anyway? I'm sure the Laconia DPW has a front-end loader and a flat-bed laying around or maybe a contract with Ambrose or Pike?

2. Why on God's green earth is this grant money coming from the Department of Homeland Security? Please tell me how transporting one of my half-ton homies to the cardiac unit falls under the guise of Homeland Security? I guess all the terrorists have been rounded up, our borders are secured and everything is just hunky-dory with the state of the country's security. Did the "War on Terror" change to the "War on Chubbiness" without my knowledge?

I shall patiently await an answer from any of our elected officials. Please excuse me if I don't hold my breath.

Bob O'Neill


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