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How many more half-truths is Trump going to dump on us?

To the Daily Sun,

I was able to watch the Bill O'Reilly interview on FOX recently with Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump kept insisting "China has taken all of our jobs." He repeated this over and over and over again. Bill O'Reilly finally (in disgust) had to remind Mr. Trump that U.S. corporations and manufacturers took American jobs to China (take note Bob Meade and other deniers).

It was interesting to watch Bill O'Reilly tell Mr. Trump that he was wrong in what is being said about American jobs going overseas. More interesting and puzzling is that Mr. Trump did not back down, nor did he apologize for his incorrect assertion.

One has to wonder just how many more half-truths and inconsistencies Mr. Trump is trying to dump or palm off on his audiences and, in turn, the public at large.

Bernadette Loesch


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Planning Board should stick by stipulation to protect oak tree

To the Daily Sun,

I found the article about the "monumental" oak tree interesting because it states that the Planning Board approved the site plan under the stipulation that the oak tree would be protected. Such a statement harkens back to when local media reports reminded Laconia residents that when Cafua Management originally bought the property, they gave assurance that they would not demolish the Hathaway House.

The Hathaway House, which was the oldest house in Lakeport, was allowed to fall in disarray. Although the building and grounds were neglected, the building itself, according to numerous professional reports, remained structurally sound. I certainly hope the Planning Board stands by their stipulation and doesn't allow the same fate for this tree that the Hathaway House suffered. It appears the project's plan neglected to take the tree into account when designing the parking lot traffic flow. This is quite the oversight for such a "monumental" tree.

Possible solutions could be to change the curb cut and/or simply make that exit into an entrance-only. Let's not further encourage the practice of "it's easier to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission."

Jennifer Anderson


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