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I might not be for a co-op if local family were buying Briarcrest

To The Daily Sun,

I am a resident of Briarcrest. I have enjoyed living here for the last 13 years, which was like being on a 13-year vacation. I do not think that the sale of Briarcrest is only a two sided issue. We have all been lucky enough to enjoy living in a beautiful family-run park. No one has a problem with the Mooney Family, they are wonderful, caring people. Each of us has to determine what is best for us as individuals.

I have made my choice based on what I have researched myself. I would prefer that the park become a co-op. I may not feel that way if another local family were buying the park, but that is not the case. This letter is not to trash Home Town America. We have all seen and learned enough to know that things will never be the same when this community becomes one of many, owned by people we will never get to know. They will never know your name or care about you as an individual as the Mooney family has. I myself would prefer to deal with people that are here, on the premises, that we already know. People that care about the community and will continue to keep it up to the standards we are used to. I did not make my decision in haste. I attended the co-op meetings and learned that the numbers DO work and it is in our best interest as residents to take control of our own community. I also did my own research on the Home Town America company. They are a huge business with a bad reputation and they buy and sell parks routinely for profit. It is easy enough to look into and I encourage you to do your own research without listening to either side. I have always felt secure in living in Briarcrest. I think that going co op is a more secure feeling, knowing that it will not be sold again. People please, make your OWN decision. I have only one question that has not been answered. Why is Home Town America's money better then ours?

MaryLou Blaisdell


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10,000 MW power lines are 'clear & present danger' to our state

To The Daily Sun,

While driving around the state doing errands, I noticed all the out-of-state license plates of tourists enjoying our wonderful autumn weather and brilliant leaves. It made me grateful to be living in a beautiful state which draws such attention from visitors from far and wide. As residents, we have a responsibility to ensure that people continue to visit and deposit money into our economy. Consider how our tourism economy would be harmed, as well our own enjoyment and sense of place, if New Hampshire is turned into a power line super highway to provide electricity to southern New England. That is exactly what has been in the planning stage without our knowledge or input.

In 2009, at the New England Governors Conference, the 2030 Power System Study was introduced by ISO New England which laid out a blueprint for the transformation of New Hampshire into multiple power line corridors. The maps overlay the state with lines and circles indicating industrial wind projects and power lines that practically put all of New Hampshire under a net of new enormous towers and wires. This isn't just about Northern Pass, but that project does account for much of the new transmission lines. Not only does Northern Pass plan to erect over 1,500 new towers from Canada to Deerfield, they also have plans to go west from Franklin, slicing through Andover, Wilmot Flat, New London into Clairmont. The Northeast Energy Link would enter New Hampshire from Maine and run power lines through the Seacoast area. There is an enormous 10,000 MW power line project slated for southwestern New Hampshire. And finally there is the backbone power line loop encircling and bisecting the state twice. All of New Hampshire will be affected.

The 2030 power plan is happening right now. As Senator Forrester has stated, this is a "clear and present danger" to New Hampshire. To protect our state, contact the governor and your representatives immediately and tell them all future power lines should be buried under transportation rights of way, which is presently being debated in committee.
Pamela Martin

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To the Obama administration: please tear down these walls

To The Daily Sun,
This past April I took my 10-year-old granddaughter and 6-year-old Grandson to Washington DC during school break. We had a wonderful and moving five days of history and memory making. Of course we were kept out of the people's house — the White House. We did all the Memorials. . . except the Washington Monument because it is under repair. We shopped at the various memorials and each day had lunch at one of them — spending considerable dollars I may add. Revenue our country now loses because of all the monuments are closed.

It was the first time I visited the relatively new WWII monument, and the daughter of two WWII Veterans (both my mom and dad served during the war), it was a very moving experience. I admit it, tears streamed down my face. Most moving were the buses of Honor Flight Veterans from all over the United States coming to visit "THEIR" memorial. Their days are numbered considering Pearl Harbor — that day that lives in infamy — was almost 62 years ago. The Obama administration's disgusting closure — now, today, with CHAINED barricades — of what is an OPEN pavilion area that needs no staff is an insult and abomination against every member who has ever served in our Armed Forces and to the American people. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Korean Memorial and the WWI Memorial are all OPEN AIR type memorials. . . all closed by retaliatory political one-up-manship.
At the WWII Memorial, my grandchildren and I visited the pillar of each state, noting the many state wreaths placed at them. . . many by visiting schools. We tried to personally thank every veteran we could for their service to our nation.

Ronald Reagan once exclaimed "Mr. Gorbachev, TAKE DOWN THIS WALL". The American public should inundate our Congress and the president with the same demand. Every day we hear of more and more private businesses on federal lands that require no federal funding nor staff being forcibly shut down by Park Service "essential" police on orders of the Obama administration. We must stop this madness.
Senate Democrats, it is time you stop rejecting the House Republicans repeated votes to pass the budget because you refuse to accept anything that delays Obamacare.
Fran Wendelboe

New Hampton

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Don't sing praises of GOP or Democrats, sing praises of the Lord

To The Daily Sun,

George Maloof, like myself, has made mistakes. Mr. Maloof, I believe you are heading in the right direction, because you now are turning to God's word to correct even Steve Earle. Good man, George.

Always remember, you have your own mind, and are not led by the Republican Party, or the Democrat Party either. In "Proverbs", it says in Chapter (1:7) "The fear of the Lord, is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction."

When you look into our Universe, and out of all the planets, the Earth is the only one that has life, it's the blue planet because of the oceans we have — that's amazing. How could any person create such a masterpiece? Only a loving a God could. He made us in his own image. We are wonderfully made and George, you are a teacher to our children. Teach them with the mind God has given you.

I am an evangelist. I proclaim God's word, telling them of a loving God who sent his son Jesus Christ to die on a cross to save us from our sins. (Matt 1:21)

Go to it George, don't sing the praises of the Democrat or Republican Party, but rather sing the praises of a loving God and see how it will turn out students that will love God and American and the whole world.

William (Liam) McCoy


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There's enough blame to go around; no one's hands are clean

To The Daily Sun,

Holy gridlock, the government has shut down; the sky is falling; it's Obama's fault; it's the Tea Party's fault; Republicans; Democrats. Geeze, the finger pointing, name calling, blame game goes on and on.

Lets face it folks, there is enough blame to go around to both parties, with no ones hands clean. My take is that the Republicans are short sighted. The GOP should have let the damned ACA go into effect and let the chips fall where they may. Once that happens, I believe so many Americans will be hurt they will be screaming to repeal the whole thing and that the whole liberal movement would be set back 30 years and sanity will return, at least to so degree, to Washington. Nuff said.
George Maloof had a report in his recent letter about the meeting regarding the Northern Pass held in Plymouth last week. I was there along with my wife and I noted George's estimate that the anti-Pass folks out numbered the pro-Pass folks by 10 to one. I think that's kind of conservative there George, it looked to me that you might double that and be not far off.

What is it with government people, why can't they listen to we the people? Now, I like the idea of clean hydro power, it's the kind of green energy that makes sense. But I don't want a bad plan shoved down my throat — our throats — by some big corporation and government stooges. Bury the damn lines along the highways, take the transmission fees and add to the regional grid, but if Quebec Power doesn't like that tell them to take a hike.

Hard to believe George and I are on the same page with this but as he noted it's a cause that has brought political opposites together for once.
Steve Earle


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