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To The Daily Sun,

Entering its fifth year of providing healthy food for families in Laconia, GOT LUNCH! Laconia formed a new partnership this year with four CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farms in the area to provide fresh produce to the children that we serve. The proceeds from our successful "Eat Out For GOT LUNCH! Laconia Week" subsidized our cooperative venture with these CSA farms.

These farms provided us with fresh from the field vegetables every Monday morning which in turn was given to our families along with the usual bags of healthy food. Thank you to the following farms: Beans & Greens Farm of Gilford, Red Manse Farm of Loudon, Still Seeking Farm of Gilmanton, and Winnipesaukee Woods Farm of Alton/Gilford.

GOT LUNCH! Laconia families were so excited about the fresh vegetables. One mom said she got really creative and put kale in her spaghetti sauce and even made kale chips! The families were so grateful to be able to give their children healthy food!

If you wish to help these farms by participating in a CSA sponsorship, please contact these farms directly for fresh, local and sustainably-raised products or to sign up for CSA for you family.

Advisory Board

GOT LUNCH! Laconia


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I urge Laconia Police to arrest them, cuff them & lock them up

To The Daily Sun,

Attention seekers like Heidi Lilley and Kia Sinclair ("Free the Nipple — New Hampshire") once again will do simply anything to grab the limelight of foolishness! The very recent rash of demonstrations in Ferguson, Mo., Baltimore, and other cities nationwide apparently does little to placate the desire to media exposure of some individuals.

Without going into the sexual mores of various sects of the human race, allow me to put forth the fact that I have not yet encountered one single, sane male who has sought surgical breast enlargement, a skimpier bikini or lower cut dresses. Neither have I ever encountered males who wish to parade naked on the beaches of our Granite State.

The attractiveness of the female breast is, and has been throughout history, a healthy contributor to sexual desires of both sexes which Lilley and Sinclair simply wish to abolish for no valid reason. What's next, ladies? Want to parade naked in downtown Nashua?

I urge the Laconia Police Department to arrest them, cuff them and lock them up. I likewise urge the court to impose a monetary penalty (fine) of $10,000 each.

Lou Ouellette

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