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Hard to fathom the trash left on Meredith Bay ice by fishermen

To The Daily Sun,

I felt compelled to write this letter to let every one know about the disturbing amount of trash that was left on the ice after all the bob houses came off of Meredith Bay.

I drive by the bay several times a week and as the bob houses started coming off due to the warmer temps and rain and I have noticed a lot of debris being left behind. I was feeling pretty hopeful that people would be coming back to pick up their trash. This was Monday, the 20th of February; by Friday, the 24th, it was all still out there.

Saturday afternoon my husband and I gathered up two big sleds and an ice chipper and headed out on to the bay. The going was pretty rough as there was a thin crust of ice that your foot went through into eight inches of water.

I have to say that I was extremely appalled at the amount of trash we found, and also the fact that anyone would leave it on the ice. There was a futon couch frame with the full-size futon mattress, four metal fire pits, a 55-gallon steel drum full of wood planks, beer cans and trash (very heavy), lots of plastic bags, plastic bottles, and beer cans, and plastic netting and extension cords, also an 8-foot by 6 fence post that we piled on top of it all. That is all we could fit on the sleds and still be able to pull them to shore. It was tough going through all that ice and water.

There was still a lot of stuff left — cement blocks, numerous wooden pallets, wooden planks, cord wood and a huge 3-foot pile of wood chips-none of which will hurt the environment, hopefully the pallets will float to shore before encountering a boat.

I suggest that there needs to be a greater effort to cleaning up the bay after the events that help support our community and the surrounding area. It is unconscionable to me how anyone could leave anything out there at all, and that they could be so careless and irresponsible to the environment.

Everyone of us should be grateful that we get to live in such a beautiful place and we need to be proactive in keeping our natural resources healthy and sustainable.

If you feel the need to bring your couch out onto the ice, please be mindful and take it with you when you leave.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully it will spur some solutions.

Heather Buffum

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I wish to continue service on school board and selectboard

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Richard Hanson and I am running for my seventh consecutive term as a (member at large) on the Inter-Lakes School Board and my second term as a selectmen in the town of Center Harbor. I am appreciative of the support and trust I have received over the past years and will strive to continue to represent the citizens of the Inter-lakes school district and the town of Center Harbor in a balanced and thoughtful manner. I would appreciate your vote on Tuesday, March 14th

Richard Hanson
Center Harbor

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