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Vote for representatives & commissioners who will work together

To The Daily Sun,

As spouses of patients at the Belknap County Nursing Home, we never thought that we would have to write letters to the editor concerning patient care, yet here we are. Having your husband or wife in a nursing home is burden enough emotionally and financially, but it seems that we now have to monitor local politics, too. Since most of us are at the nursing home every day, we actually know what happens there. We have gotten to know each other as well as the patients and staff. We have experienced the support shown to us by members of the nursing team as they take the time to explain medical procedures or changes displayed as disease progresses.

Working in a nursing home is very difficult and these nurses and licensed nurses aides (LNAs) are unique individuals who work in stressful situations caring for sick and dying patients, as well as, their distressed families. At the Belknap County Nursing Home, the respect shown to patients is consistent. Everyone from the dining staff and housekeeping to the administration all know patients by name and treat them with great kindness. Could any of us spend one day doing the work that these caregivers do every day, some for over 20 years? The loss of these individuals would be immeasurable how would we ever replace them?

We in Belknap County are very fortunate to have such a well-run nursing home, why would anyone want to disrupt its operation? We have competent licensed people who know the needs of patients and staff to administer approved funds.

We can only imagine what they thought sitting there watching representatives who have little understanding of this complex operation, try to micromanage the budget. It was embarrassing to watch the disrespectful attitudes as determination was made for funding pay of nurses, LNAs, dietary, housekeeping and maintenance personnel who actually work in the nursing home and were present in the room. In fact, those of us who attended the recent meeting were distressed to see how all county employees were addressed.

We have been told that the real argument is over health insurance cost. We know that costs have been escalating every year and that many institutions have cut back on both plans offered and contributions. Certainly if all parties involved would work together in good faith, they can reach agreement to avoid any penalties in 2018, and put a stop to any more needless expensive legal costs now. We encourage all voters to become aware of the issues and to vote for representatives and commissioners who will work together to resolve this contentious situation.

Stan O'Neil, Dick Labbe, Catherine Albison, Liz McKinley


Pam Child, Thea Aloise


Phil McMahon


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Shame of Democratic candidates for ducking their opponents

To The Daily Sun,

We are well aware Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, and Congresswoman Annie Kuster refuse to hold Town Hall meetings with us. However, now they even refuse to meet with the candidates who are running against them.

Why are Shaheen, Shea-Porter, and Kuster getting a free pass on hiding from us? Regardless of what your political party you belong to or what your positions on the issues are, you have a responsibility to prove to us that you deserve our votes and convince us that you will represent our interests. For some reason, Shaheen, Shea-Porter and Kuster don't get that concept.

Shame on Shaheen, Shea-Porter and Kuster and shame on New Hampshire if we keep allowing ourselves to be duped by this trio of elected officials who only care about their cushy paycheck and premium benefits that we pay for.

Rosemary Landry

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You're invited to dance night away to sounds of Freese Bros. Band

To The Daily Sun,

In case you haven't had heard, the Freese Brothers Big Band is in town this Saturday evening. If you haven't had the pleasure of listening and dancing to the music of a true big band while enjoying a wide array of refreshments, set this Saturday evening aside to do all that at the beautiful new Winnipesaukee Playhouse.

Homemade pastries, cheese platters, veggie platters, enormous fruit salad bowl, hot and cold beverages and more is just the beginning. Take a seat in the beautiful theater and get ready for the sound that will transport you back to the big band sounds of Ellington, Goodman, Sinatra, Basie and more.

You're invited to dance the night away or simply relax and try to stop your feet from tapping while sitting in this fabulous theater. It happens once a year, and the best of all is that all net revenue that evening is donated to the wonderful non-profit Lakes Region Community Services. All this for $25 per person.

Remember it's only once a year. So get your friends together and go to www.TBINH.org for tickets.

Ken Goodman


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Both Sen. Hosmer & Sen. Forrester are tremendous regional assets

To The Daily Sun,

Please join me in supporting the most effective state Senate delegation this region has had in more than a decade. Our region can ill afford to send state Senate "newbies" to Concord in Districts 2 and 7 at this critical juncture in our region's future.

As a region we have typically been at a great disadvantage in representation due to our size and proportional representation. This was not the case over the past two years. Our region's interests and needs have been well represented.

Senator Hosmer's Ways and Means Committee and Commerce Committee membership and Senator Forrester's positions as Finance Chair Vice Chair of Public and Municipal Affairs are well earned appointments that have been utilized to make a positive difference here in our region and across the state.

Both of these senators are proven elected leaders who have exercised the appropriate political balance to achieve workable governance, so the vital needs and key interests in the region are served and accomplished.

Henry Lipman


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Rep. Lisa DiMartino is tireless advocate for a number of causes

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in support of Rep. Lisa DiMartino's reelection as State Rep from Belknap 2, which includes Meredith and Gilford.
Lisa and I have a lot in common. I too represented Meredith in the Legislature and I, like she, served on the Health & Human Services & Elderly Affairs Committee. While I was there, I chaired the Long Term Care Caucus, and Lisa has gone on to serve there as well.
The demographics of our state are staggering: we are aging (or more young people are leaving) at a precipitous rate. Our state desperately needs a policy that will enable us to meet the needs of this population. Most of our seniors want to stay in their homes but we need to develop a network of support to allow this to happen on a large scale. The development of NH's long term care policy is critical!
Lisa is a tireless advocate for numerous causes. She is well respected at the State House, at the Department of Health and Human Services and within the organizations she champions.
We are lucky to have Lisa working for us in Concord and we need to keep her there!
If you live in Meredith or Gilford, please vote for Rep. Lisa DiMartino on November 4th!
Kate Miller


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