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Please vote for David Strang for seat on Gilmanton School Board

To The Daily Sun,

David Strang is campaigning for the position of Gilmanton School Board member.

Dave is honest, dedicated, intelligent, and will work tirelessly if elected. He believes in local control of education, not government-run programs. He also believes in keeping a strong budget to allow for the best education for our students, and an adequate operational budget to support day-to-day operations of the school. He will not bend to the will of louder voices, but he will question whatever he does not understand.

He will also stand strong for the needs of the teachers as long as they are willing to stand for the needs of the children.

Please vote for David Strang for Gilmanton School Board on March 11 at the Town Elections.

Absentee ballots are available on line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at the Town Clerk's office.

Bernadette Gallant

Gilmanton Iron Works

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Vote 'yes' on article 21 to ban fireworks from Moultonborough

To The Daily Sun,

The use of fireworks in Moultonborough is totally out of control. Between May and September fireworks explode almost every night from multiple locations. Sometimes the explosions last two to three hours or more. It is impossible to enjoy being outside with the high decibel levels of fireworks. I feel like I am in a war zone.

The decibel level of a chain saw is 110. The decibel level of fireworks is 140. The higher the decibel level the more potential for ear damage. I am concerned about the environmental impact as well as the well being of the residents of Moultonborough.

The town of Gilford has an ordinance prohibiting fireworks. In that ordinance the stated purpose says it all as far as I am concerned. Here is the wording of the purpose in that ordinance.

"The primary intent of this ordinance is to protect people, animals (domestic and wild), buildings, tress, and undeveloped land, from the inherent dangers associated with the storage and display of incendiary materials by untrained and uncertified persons, along with preventing unwanted disturbances attributable to loud bangs and other noises associated with fireworks."

I am asking all Moultonborough residents to vote yes on Warrant Article 21 which bans fireworks in Moultonborough at the town meeting on Saturday, March 15.

Rene Blais


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Joe Kenney appears to be an experienced problem solver

To The Daily Sun,

March 11 is voting day and two men are running for the New Hampshire Executive Council, neither of whom I know. (I did, however, hold a Kenney sign once as a favor to a friend.)

My election choices include, not voting, writing in the name of a person I do know as a token vote, or learning as much as possible about the two candidates and voting for the one who most closely matches my political philosophy. After choosing option #3, I spent recent snow days reading about Michael Cryans and Joe Kenney and here are some highlights.

Michael Cryans has numerous letters whose only claim to fame is that he has endorsements of past councilor, Ray Burton's siblings. I found it odd that none of those letters actually came from Ray Burton's siblings, but from Democrats who are quoting them. I would like to know if the siblings ever spoke to Joe Kenney about his views or his positive connections with Ray, and why they aren't writing the letters themselves. It seems to me that if Ray Burton wanted to anoint his successor, he would have done so.

Other articles quote both Michael Cryans and the New Hampshire Democrat leadership saying they would love to have a 4-1 Democrat majority on the Executive Council, (evidently a 3-2 majority isn't enough) but then in the next sentence, claim to be non-partisan. What?

According to their website, Headrest Inc., an addiction recovery service which employs Michael Cryans as executive director, relies heavily on state and other public money for funding. It is problematic that Cryans, as a Grafton County Commissioner, reportedly voted to fund this non-profit through Grafton County, and he has already said that he will "champion the people he thinks should be championed" if elected to the Executive Council.

In contrast, Joe Kenney's endorsement letters often mention his service to his country and state, as a Marine lieutenant colonel, state senator and representative. As a Marine, Kenney didn't get the choice of championing for only his special interest groups. He protected all of us equally. Working in the state Senate and House, he also learned the ins and outs of government and can wisely transfer that knowledge to the decisions of the Executive Council without bias.

Perhaps Kenney's biggest criticism from the Democrats is that he is conservative. For many that is a positive, and I look forward to meeting Joe Kenney at a Meet and Greet (before the I-L School District meeting at 7) on March 5 from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Meredith Center Wicwas Lake Grange. Open to the public, it will be a great chance to learn more about Joe Kenney and decide to give him a vote on March 11.

He appears to be an experienced problem solver who appreciates life and will represent everyone fairly.

Karen Sticht


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Joe Kenney will be transpaprent to taxpayers & will represent all

To The Daily Sun,

In 2011, the Obama administration made a decision to force New Hampshire taxpayers to fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business after the New Hampshire Executive Council voted to revoke $1.8 million contract. Planned Parenthood received the money in monthly disbursements from the Obama administration. Why does the Obama administration think it can ursurp the decisions from the New Hampshire elected officials to decline the renewal of the $1.8 million contract?

Joe Kenney is well aware of the Obama website. At the forum on Feb. 11, Joe spoke of the need to prevent "double dipping" in our state. We need to elect a person who is transparent to the taxpayers and has a vision for our state. Joe will represent all of the New Hampshire taxpayers.

Even though the state of New Hampshire turned down Planned Parenthood as a contractor, the Obama administration still pushed the unauthorized contract on our taxpayers. The usual suspects were involved. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, a pro-abortion Democrat, announced the grant through her office after writing to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, urging her to force the state to fund the abortion business. Mr. David Wheeler, an Executive Council member in 2011, was "concerned New Hampshire Health Commissioner Nick Toumpas was conspiring with the Obama administration to go over the heads of the council to restore the funding." We should not elect senators like Jeanne Shaheen to represent our state, who usurped the New Hampshire Constitution by her stratagem intended to deceive the taxpayers of the state.

Joe Kenney knows what our sovereign state needs: Honesty, adherence to moral and ethical principles and an uncompromising adherence to the rule of law.! At the forum, Joe covered all of these important taxpayers' issues.

Michael Cryans, as a county commissioner, refused to recuse himself from voting on a county appropriation to give Headrest Inc. $143,280, a company which pays him a substantial salary as its executive director. This behavior as a commissioner of Grafton County is unethical and the voters should decline his next appointment. Mr. Cryans puts himself before the taxpayers.

Vote for Joe Kenney in the election on March 11.

Rosemary Landry


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I am excited about getting back to work for residents of Bristol

To The Daily Sun,

To Bristol voters:

I am writing this letter to ask for your support in the election to the Bristol Board of Selectmen. I am excited about the potential of getting back to work for you. After being away from the board for the last year it has humbled me and taught me to never take anything for granted. It has made me realize that serving in local government is a passion of mine as I want to do what is best for our community without any personal agenda, just like I have done in the past.

The time away has also helped me gain some clarity into what should be priorities for our community. I believe we need to focus on economic development in an effort to continue making Bristol a great place to live, work, and play. Economic development puts citizens to work, allows our community to shop locally, and continues to improve our infrastructure while also positively affecting the tax rate.

I also believe we need to continue to connect the new revitalized downtown with the surrounding neighborhoods by repairing our sidewalks through grant funding and effective budgeting. Improving our sidewalks will provide better access to downtown and the schools.

Finally, we need to assess and invest in our current operational facilities.

For years our facilities have received a Band-Aid to address the needed repairs. Some departments are out of space while other departments are making do with what they have, which may not make for best operational practices. In many instances "making do" within the departments is costing more, as it is taking more personnel time and resources to complete the task at hand. This is just a snapshot of a longer list of priorities that need to be tackled — all of which will continue to make Bristol a better community.

During my previous tenure as a selectman, I had an intricate role in the downtown revitalization project, implementing single-stream recycling, installing two new bridges, implementing town financial policies, upgrading the water and sewer system, and many other town improvements. The many projects completed were done so through significant grant funding with minimal impact to the taxpayers.

The Town of Bristol's outstanding departments are committed to making this a great town and have made these projects come to fruition with their hard work and dedication while keeping daily operations moving forward.

It is unfortunate that a small vocal group of citizens in our town have chosen to brand our community as "falling apart" and that they are the ones to fix it. I am here to say they are very wrong. Our community is in great shape and there are many positive changes happening, all of which have been in the works for many years and not due in part to any involvement of this small group. It takes teamwork and compromise to do this job and I think I bring both of these attributes to the table, which is far from what has been expressed this past year.

Under past budget recommendations of which I was a part, the Bristol voters accepted the recommended budget. Even during the recession with increasing costs that have been pushed down by the state, we were able to keep the budget level. While doing this our tax rate was and still is in the bottom third in the state. That should make every resident proud.

Let's keep things positive, conservative, and keep our community moving forward. Please consider voting for me on March 11. It would be a privilege and an honor to serve you as a selectman.

Rick Alpers


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