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I say Senator Forrester is 'for the people'; there are 1.3 million of us

To The Daily Sun,

Paula Trombi's latest letter to the editor ends with "an informed citizenry is the best form of democracy." I agree with Paula.

So let's look at some of the things that state Sen. Jeanie Forrester has done for District 2:

— Sen. Forrester refused to let Gov. Hassan steal millions of dollars from the nursing homes. Fighting for our seniors, she made sure the staterestored funding to the disabled community, Meals on Wheels, Service Link, mental health, and 75 percent increase in funding for the heroin and opioid crisis in New Hampshire.

— Senator Forrester did vote for Medicaid Expansion two years ago (but I don't recall Paula thanking her then). This time around, she felt strongly that able-bodied, childless adults should be looking for work, doing community service or working in exchange for free health care.

As chairman of Senate Finance Committee, this is many of the thing she has done for New Hampshire.

— Finally, Paula must have forgotten that the governor not only supported the tax cuts, but asked for them to happen sooner than the original plan. And , by the way Paula, tax revenues are coming in way ahead of projection, so those tax cuts seem to be working and the governor is eager to spend it.

As a veteran, I have had the honor to attend a Day for Veterans that Sen. Forrester has a cookout and discuses the various issue's that veterans have. If you have never been, it is open to everyone. I hope you can make the next one.

Sen. Forrester said she was "for the people." There are 1.3 million people in New Hampshire.

L. Michael Hatch


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Carbon tax would increase cost of goods & services for all Americans

To The Daily Sun,

The same people who brought you the RGGI and the Northern Pass want to increase your taxes above what you are paying today by implementing a tax on carbon. This is a very regressive use tax which will harm those with lower income far more than those with higher income. Most of us need transportation, heat and lights. That's what we are talking about adding taxes to.

Carbon tax supporters are trying to persuade all who will listen that the tax is justified as a necessity to protect the environment from climate change. That might be a good thing if it were true ... which it is not. It might be a good thing if it did not threaten to further slow the struggling domestic U.S. economy ... but it does.

The truth is adding a carbon tax in the United States would have no substantial impact on global temperatures. The science says that America is already ahead of the rest of the world in protecting the environment. America has done more, is cleaner and has more safeguards in place than other nations.

Huge amounts of additional taxation of carbon and additional spending in America on the environment will have a marginal impact on the issue globally. The rest of the world is producing more pollutants and producing them faster than America. To affect the issue, to reduce the effects of global climate change, the producers of the pollutants are the ones must slow their rate of production of pollutants.

A $25 American carbon tax would reduce average American household income by $1,400 per year through 2035. It would also increase the prices of goods and services in all American industries. It would eliminate one million American jobs in 2016 alone. Got that? It means less spendable income for everyone and fewer jobs.

Everyone is in favor of clean air. Everyone is in favor of clean water. That does not mean we have to commit economic suicide for an ineffective political gesture. When are we going to stop making cheap political points and start using a little common sense?

Marc Abear


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