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The world calls it democracy; we call it town meeting

To the editor,
Roger Grey notes numbers of votes cast in the voting booth, as he argues for SB-2 and discontinuation of Town Meeting. A more meaningful number: 12 times our town's voters have turned down SB-2.
The discussion at Town Meeting this year starts with the operating budget and differences between the budget committee's recommendation and the selectmen's recommendation. Fire and emergency management, highways and streets, and the library will all get aired and the gathered meeting will reconcile the proposed expenditure differences. We'll get to a modified "total" cost. How would that modification happen in the voting booth, per lone voter? Or, if a small, elite number of 20-40 people attended the budget hearing/meeting required by SB-2, they could so alter the total line to cause the whole budget, worked on by budget committee and selectmen, to get a "no." No action on the eleven itemized costs that Town Meeting, by contrast, would care about and reconcile.
We have two different dump truck articles/options. Equipment decisions almost always require weighing of presented facts and points of view. Collective wisdom rules. Grey uses tired and fraudulent charges, when he says Town Meeting is the "rule of the many by the few." Collective wisdom is not that.
This year's article 9, "Blackbrook Watershed Protection" is recommended by the selectmen but not by the Budget Committee. We'll hear both sides then decide. What does the lone voter in his voting booth do? Just look at the $13,406 more in taxes and say "no"? Dismiss the work of the Watershed Assistance Grant applied for and received?
Finally, article 15 is mine and others, submitted by petition. Nothing to do with expenditure of our taxes, but asking our Congress and president to reduce Pentagon spending "in order to address domestic priorities." Without the discussion that several of us will offer, the lone voter will not give us a fair shake, but check off "no," because by then he's wearied his head with fourteen other articles and is ready to be done. How fair is that? How democratic is that?
The world calls it democracy — we call it Town Meeting. Sanbornton voters — keep Town Meeting. Vote on May 14, no to question 1. Have no regrets.
Lynn Rudmin Chong

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I hereby nominate Mr. Timothy Sullivan of Gilford for best wit

To the editor,
Timothy Sullivan's letter ("In the beginning was the Word, before that the fossil evidence is clear") published on Tuesday, May 7, was incredibly sophisticated and chuckle out loud funny. If you have an award for best wit, I nominate Mr. Sullivan.
Robert Moran

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We call him 'Super Bob' for a reason & Got Lunch will miss him

To the editor,
I read with sadness the article in Wednesday's Daily Sun about the need for Bob Champlin to retire from his SAU Superintendent job for health reasons. Bob has been making a major impact in Laconia for years now, and his brand of leadership will be sorely missed. When a few of us wanted to develop a program that would feed hungry kids during the summer months, he was our loudest cheerleader, our biggest fan. His support and encouragement helped make Got Lunch! Laconia what it is today.
We call him "Super Bob" for a reason, and each of us will miss his presence, his leadership, and his cheers. We love you Big Guy, good luck with your battle, we will all remember you in our prayers.
John Walker & Advisory Board
Got Lunch! Laconia

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Bob Champlin is consummate model of a great school superintendent

To the editor,
I went on line Wednesday morning as usual at 7 a.m. to check the morning Daily Sun and was stunned to read of Superintendent Bob Champlin's retirement due to health reasons. I was thinking of writing a letter to the editor later on my feelings.
I then went to my e-mail box and what is there but a personal note to me from Bob Champlin, notifying me of his resignation and thanking me for what help and support I had given to him over the years. What a guy! Never leaves anything undone or unsaid.
Over the years, while I have often opposed certain school expenditures, my admiration and fondness for him personally never wavered. When I was new to the council he reached out, as he always does, and provided information and personal tours through the schools and during construction of middle school and showing me the improvements in the high school.
The thing that I noticed most was the outpouring of love and respect that the students had for him. They would come up to him while we were touring and say hi or get a hug and he knew each and every one of them by name and returned the affection in kind. That speaks volumes.
Someone else-no MANY elses will detail all the accomplishments of this man, but I will truly miss his smiling, enthusiastic and energetic leadership .
He is the consummate model of a GREAT school superintendent, and many who follow will try to match it, but they will not quite make it.
Love and good wishes for another challenge Bob.
Councilor Brenda Baer
Ward 4 - Laconia

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Replace one set-time meeting with another, more poorly attended?

To the editor,
I sort of apologize to my friend and neighbor, Bill Whalen, as I try to counter him on SB-2. Why does he think someone who can't attend Town Meeting (illness, work, vacation, business travel can — amazingly! - attend SB-2's deliberative session, a meeting at which the Budget Committee and selectmen explain their work on the upcoming costs for another year of town viability? One set-time meeting will be replaced by a lower-attendance other set-time meeting, and that would make things better? And what if SB-2's deliberative session/meeting, like Town Meeting, should last four or more hours? How could Bill get rid of a meeting's taking time? Much as I love the guy for other traits, he's a big-city magician come among us, if presto-chango he can make a serious meeting take no time.
For 12 years Sanbornton has held off adopting SB-2, thus protecting Town Meeting. Seems we can never put away the NO SB-2 signs and should continue to keep in the paint and sign-board supply. Alas.
Sanbornton, please come out to vote at Town Hall on May 14, and vote NO on question #1.
Lynn Rudmin Chong

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