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Lakes Region TEA Party meetings are open to everyone

To The Daily Sun,

On July 20, the Lakes Region TEA Party was treated to visits by Congressman Frank Guinta and gubernatorial candidate Frank Edelblut. Both men focus their efforts and plans on how to make New Hampshire citizens more successful.

After brief presentations Congressman Guinta and Gubernatorial Candidate Edelblut described their approaches to addressing people's concerns on a wide variety of topics, e.g., improving job opportunities for all, especially for young people after leaving school, helping people take advantage of better jobs, our drug problem, high energy costs, improving education, enabling families to succeed, resettling refugees, keeping Americans safe, etc.

We would like to thank Congressman Guinta and Gubernatorial Candidate Edelblut for addressing our meeting and taking everyone's questions.

The Lakes Region TEA Party meetings are open to anyone wishing to listen and participate in our discussions and Q&A.

Don Ewing

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Ayotte has lifetime rating of 35% from League of Conservation voters

To The Daily Sun,

I am student at Plymouth State University, my studies there have taught about the detrimental environmental and economic impacts that fossil fuel consumption has on our society.

As a community, we should demand that our elected local leaders take stronger stances when it comes to protecting our air and water. Kelly Ayotte has a lifetime rating of 35 perecent on voting for the environment from the League of Conservation Voters, which seems pretty abysmal to me. If I received a 35 on a test, I would be mortified.

Our state and our country needs leaders who will aid in the transfer of fossil fuel consumption to more sustainable alternatives. If we do not become extremely practiced in incentivizing a transition to a clean energy economy, we will miss out on a chance to create jobs, stimulate our local economy, and preserve our planet. That's why, when I cast my vote for the first time, I will cast it for Maggie Hassan.

Justin Pintauro


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