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Glenn Cordelli is steadfast, honest & deligent pursuer of the truth

To The Daily Sun,

"In a time of Universal Deceit, telling the Truth is a Revolutionary Act" — a quote by George Orwell, famed author of "1984." To neglect the truth without investigating the significance, reasoning, and the critical thinking can be a false flag against a person. Let that sink in for a moment.

I have known Glenn Cordelli for a number of years. He is steadfast, honest and ultimately successful in his pursuit of the truth. He is a great state representative and follows the rule of law, the N.H. Constitution, and the U.S. Constitution. I have watched him at hearings in the Statehouse and have verbalized my concerns to him regarding issues. Glenn has always returned my phone calls and e-mails. I would encourage the residents of Tuftonboro, Sandwich, and Moultonboro to re-elect Glenn Cordelli as state representative.

I read a letter recently in The Daily Sun from Mr. John Morrissey of Moultonboro. His letter was filled with talking points. I know that he has done little to investigate the subject matter that he proclaims Rep. Glenn Coedelli voted against. Blanket statements were unacceptable when I was in school. One cannot and should not make statements without knowing the subject matter.

Does Mr. Morrissey know that Common Core Standards in our schools take away the critical thinking of our school children? Does he know the program teaches 2 plus 2 equals 5, and that it is okay to formulate a wrong answer instead of the correct one? I need to correct his statement that Common Core is a state-run curriculum. Common Core is a National School Standard curriculum, backed by Bill and Melinda Gates (Microsoft fame) along with extremely progressive educational groups. It started with "Race to the Top," which lured hungry schools into this program by promising over $4.3 billion for schools who applied for the grants from the federal government. These federal grants from the U.S. government usurp local control because when the schools take the money, they must adopt Common Core. This is a top-down program promoted by the federal government, to dumb down our educational system and experiment on the minds of our children.

A quote by William Shakespeare..."There is no Darkness...but Ignorance." I would encourage Mr. Morrissey to check these sites: www.youtube.com/ Stop Common Core in Georgia & TruthinAmericanEducation.com.

Medicaid expansion is another top-down program from federal government. It is an arm of Obamacare. To see Obamacare in action already, just look how the Veterans Administration used the "Death Panel" technique on our military. Our state should have never enacted Medicaid expansion — eventually the funds dry up and the taxpayers will be on the hook for paying the increased burden. Healthcare advocates are already warning of the unintended consequences of the huge increase in Medicaid enrollment for truly poor Americans, to say nothing about the fraud within the system. Sadly, Medicaid care is often inferior care.

Heart patients on Medicaid are less likely to receive angioplasty when they need it, and asthmatic children on Medicaid don't see specialists. In fact, few specialists in any field take Medicaid patients. A great educational book is "Beating Obamacare 2014 — author Betsey McCaughey, Ph.D.

What about the Minimum Wage Law? Glenn Cordelli voted against this law with good reason. Some facts that have been historically researched that Democrats won't bother telling Granite Staters are as follows.

Minimum wage laws hurt low-income workers the most, minimum wage laws will cause some workers' hours to be cut. Minimum wage laws will cause some businesses to decrease hiring as a result. Minimum wage laws are considered the most racist laws on the books. Minimum wage laws do not lift people out of poverty, and these laws give some unions an automatic increase in pay if their contracts are written allowing it. This bill will actually hurt the people they are pretending to care so much about. Go to http://www.cato.org/publications/commentary/raising-minimum-wage-will-hurt-more-help.

Another talking point without investigation by Mr. Morrissey is the buffer zone around Planned Parenthood abortion clinics. I would encourage a phone call to Glenn, and I am sure he will enlighten his reasons for declining to give a "Yes" vote. One can also check the internet for the Buffer Zone Bill-N.H. I have researched this proposed bill, but it is not needed because New Hampshire already has a strong bill to address the issue.

Rosemary Landry


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Peter Bolster running as an independent candidate in District 8

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to call out the person or people who have stolen 15 signs for Peter Bolster's campaign for State Representative in Gilmanton, Barnstead and Alton. You are thieves and I hope this catches up with you. You obviously do not represent the majority of law-abiding, community minded members of these towns.

Peter Bolster is running as an independent candidate because he believes that the issues facing our state are not going to be solved by following party lines on either side. The past has proven that. We need people in our government who are willing to work together to make New Hampshire the best possible state it can be.

I don't believe people should vote on election day based on the names on the left or the right or who had the biggest lawn signs. I urge voters in every election to research each candidate and chose those who are going to work for you and our state.

Elizabeth Hall


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Troubling that City Council trimmed LRPA-TV budget by $10,000

To The Daily Sun,

I am glad I was not the only community member concerned about the possible loss of the valuable service provided by Lakes Region Public Access TV on Channel 25.

No offense to print journalism in the area or WMUR-TV coverage, but all that reporting has to be edited due to time, space, and cost constraints. Lakes Region Public Access television offers the only truly unedited version of town meetings, convention and commission public hearings, sporting events, etc., where every grimace, sneer, smile, smirk and other body language nuance remains on tape unedited and available for the public to access by simple request in their studio adjacent to Laconia High School.

In these difficult times of political unrest I find it very troubling to think the City Council trimmed the budget appropriation for LRPA from $39,500 to $29,500 to reduce the increase in the property tax rate. In a city the size of Laconia with hundreds, maybe thousands of taxable properties, is $10,000 going to make a significant reduction in the property tax rate? Is it significant enough to outweigh the loss of a valuable and much needed public resource?

Kay M. Anderson

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Meredith & Gilford will be well served by George Hurt in Concord

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to, once again, voice my support for George Hurt's election to the New Hampshire House of Representative.

I have known George, both personally and professionally, for many years and I know him to be a man of integrity and a man of his word. When George says that as a legislator he will "protect our freedoms, our money and the economic future of our families," we can count on him to do exactly that. George believes that you know better than the government, federal, state or local, how to spend your money, insure your family's health and educate your children.

As a Gilford representative in the late 1990s, George built a long record of insistence on fiscal responsibility, limited government, low taxation, individual liberty and personal responsibility. Government in this state has, in recent years, wandered far from these basic principles. History has shown us that Rep. George Hurt will work tirelessly to return New Hampshire to the business-friendly, family-friendly state that we once knew it to be.

The upcoming election is crucial at all levels of government. I urge all residents of Gilford and Meredith to get out on Nov. 4 and vote for George Hurt for state representative. You will be well served.

Karen L. Tardif, Director

Lakeland School


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Lisa Scott is a true public servant; she will not let any of us down

To The Daily Sun,

Lisa M. Scott is far and away the best candidate for Register of Deeds in Carroll County. First, she is smart and extremely well organized, gets along well with people, and has energy, integrity and a strong work ethic.

I first met Lisa when she was the owner/manger of a small business, Wayside Farm, a plant nursery in North Sandwich. Diligent and knowledgeable, she was a pleasure to deal with and went out of her way to help her customers. All the while (1982-2014), she was a paralegal working for a law office during the week.

As a member of the Samuel H. Wentworth Library Board of Trustees, (unpaid) she worked closely with The Friends of the Library when I was its chairperson, communicating between the entities in a professional and collegial way.

My husband and I were so impressed by her integrity and intelligence that we have relied on her for several years for bookkeeping help and tax preparation. She has performed flawlessly, promptly and with total understanding of our needs.

Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent, I urge you to vote for Lisa M. Scott, a true public servant. She will not let us down.

Rebecca Sinkler



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