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Illegals are 1% of U.S. population but make up 1/3 of prison population

To The Daily Sun,

I think if we have a real election, Trump will win. This election is a choice between globalism and nationalism. People of all races and both genders are waking up to the danger we face.

We don't need thousands of unvetted Syrians entering our country. I have nothing against the Syrian people per se, and I have great sympathy for their plight, but we don't need militant Islamists coming here. We don't need Sharia Law and we don't need more terror attacks, like Orlando.

We need border security with Mexico. Trump is right that they're not sending us their best. One-third of prison inmates in this country are illegals. They are less than 1 percent of the population. I have nothing against the Mexican people. I spent part of my childhood in Southern California and I enjoyed their culture and music very much. But we don't need the crimes and drugs the illegals bring.

America for Americans. That's Trump's message. I believe most Americans, in their heart of hearts, agree. Pray we have a real election and they don't steal it from us. Pray measures can and will be taken to prevent this. I think prayer is all we have left.

Hillarie Goldstein



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Moyer has the expertise, knowledge & temperament to be the sheriff

To the Daily Sun,

I would like to express my endorsement of Mike Moyer for Belknap County sheriff.

I have known Mike my entire adult life, and I know what a fine, upstanding person he is. He has spent his entire career in the law enforcement field, serving others. He has experience in all areas required for the position, including effectively managing a large number of employees, preparing budgets with taxpayers' interests in mind, and fostering solid community relations. He has proven his ability to lead a large department during his many years with Laconia PD. He has handled every aspect with honor and professionalism.

My opinion might not count for much, except for the fact that I spent my entire career with the Belknap County Sheriff's Department. During my 24-year tenure, I worked for four different sheriffs. I observed what was required of each of them in order to be successful in the position. I also worked with Bill Wright for several years. Through interacting with him all those years and witnessing his interactions with others, I can say, in my opinion, without reservation, that Mike Moyer is the only person truly qualified for the position. He has the expertise, knowledge and temperament to be successful in the role of Belknap County Sheriff.

Three of the prior sheriffs, all of whom know both candidates well and know what is required to succeed, have endorsed Mike Moyer, and I hope you will join me on Sept. 13 in voting for Mike as well. He will lead the Sheriff's Department with honor, pride and integrity.

Sue Hankard

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