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Obama's positive impact on lives pales in comparison to capitalism

To The Daily Sun,

It is a common tool of leftists, and apparently some "centrists" like Alan Vervaeke (see his April 14 letter), to claim to want to "disagree without rancor" while filling their letters with personal attacks, insults, and slanders.

Hoping to limit the responding personal attacks, insults and slanders, I will address only two of his statements deserving correction.

Despite what Jefferson or Madison might have said about our Constitution being a "living document," nothing in our Constitution authorizes a majority of Supreme Court justices to "modernize" or update our Constitution.

The Constitution wouldn't have been approved had it been anticipated that unelected Supreme Court Justices could change the Constitution. That would be contradictory to the Constitution's intent which is to limit the federal government's power.

Nevertheless, the Constitution's authors and approvers recognized that future changes would be needed. See Article V of the Constitution for the specifics, which include requiring ratification by three-fourths of the states.

Topic 2. Vervaeke slanders everyone who opposes President Obama's policies. By the time he was elected, it was clear that Obama's policies (big government, redistributionist, etc.) would be harmful to Americans, American interests, and world stability. And this has proven to be the case despite the fact that President Obama has gotten almost everything he wanted from Congress (to the consternation of voters who elected people promising to oppose and stop his destructive policies).

The Republican tradition is to provide opportunities, protect freedoms, ensure the rule of law and equal protection of the law, and limited, constitutional government. These traditions are the opposite of, and explain the opposition to President Obama's policies. (It was Clinton's campaign that created the birther and religion, etc. questions which have been fueled by Obama's behavior.)

For seven years President Obama has held the most powerful position in the world, supported with nearly a $4 trillion budget. Yet, after seven years of Obama policies, the rich (especially Obama contributors) are richer while the rest of us are poorer. Redistribution is a tool to increase the power and wealth of politicians, not the people in general.

Despite all his power, President Obama's positive impact on the lives of people has been minuscule (perhaps non-existent) compared to capitalism, which he hates, which in the last 20 or 30 years has improved the lives of almost every human.

If President Obama actually cared about people rather than pursuing his own power and wealth, he would support and praise the policies that actually enable people to prosper, the policies that lead to economic growth, protection of private property, the rule of law, and limited constitutional government.

Don Ewing

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Music has a history of bringing people together, not the opposite

To The Daily Sun,

Let's realize that sports have been starting to bring out the worst in people, athletes have to be drug-tested for a reason, there is corruption at every level, from coaches, to athletes, owners and bookies. People constantly get hurt during and after games because their team either won, or lost.

Music has a history of bringing people together not tearing them apart or putting them against each other. Music allows people to rise above conflict, health issues, despair and can promote healing, love and peace for individuals, groups, communities, countries and even the world.

So you see Fox canceling "American Idol" has had an impact far greater than any of us could have imagined (ha ha ha). On a serious note, you cannot remove this from our schools. This would be a mistake of immense proportion and we would see even more downward spiraling in our children's emotional state of being.

This will remove positive influences that help keep balance. Within 10 to 15 years they will be asking why our children treat each other the way they do and we can look back at this time and say, I told you so. This seriously needs to be reconsidered and we as parents, children, lovers of peace, solidarity and the arts need to make a stand, band together, sing together and state we will not go quietly into the night, not without our instruments, sheet music and our lyrics.

The most comforting and soothing thing I remember as a child was my mom singing to me when I was scared, hurt or in pain and it always provided relief and comfort, and my children have been saying that same thing too many of their friends and those in need, it is something that has rung true for many of us and needs to stay. Thank you for taking the time to listen and I hope this moves you to write, organize and act upon your feelings to help with this. A little support can make a big difference.

Richard Shepard
(Grew up in Laconia & Gilford)

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