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I was tired of paying taxes to be redistributed to people who won't work

To The Daily Sun,

I have been reading many letters to you lately bashing the Tea Party. While I value the right of everyone to have an opinion and to express it, I feel that most people are placing blame where it doesn't belong. I will explain what I mean by telling you why I am proud to be a member of the Tea Party.
I'm originally from Connecticut and when I was in 6th grade, I remember reading in a school book the difference between Democrats and Republicans. It said that Democrats were the party of the people, focusing on helping the poor with welfare programs. Republicans focused on tax breaks for businesses. Liberal indoctrination at its finest but I bought into it. I said I was going to be a Democrat when I grew up because I wanted to help poor people.

This lasted for a few years until I found out that a friend's mother decided she was going to quit her job cleaning houses because she could make more on welfare. Even though I was young, I knew what fraud was when I saw it. She was a woman who was able to work, but she was going to stop working and get money for nothing. For the next four years before they moved, I got to see this woman sit around her house all day smoking pot while both of my parents had to go to their jobs everyday so they could afford the things we needed. It was at that moment I became a Republican.

The years went on and I went from job to job looking to better myself or at least to earn money so I could live. While working at a store that was hiring people for a remodel, a family member that was on unemployment came in. I told him that the store was hiring and that he should apply. He didn't want to because Obama was going to extend unemployment benefits and he was going to be in line to get more money. I was outraged by this and I made sure he knew it. I looked him right in the eye and said, "You're part of the problem." He ended up applying and is better for it to this day.

A short time later the Tea Party came on the scene. I liked what TEA stood for, Taxed Enough Already. I was sick and tired of paying taxes that were being redistributed to people who were able to work and wouldn't. Now don't get me wrong, I know there are people who need help and I have no problem with them getting the help they need. But at this point in time I'd bet good cash money from the small amount I get to keep from my paycheck (because most of my money goes to paying rent and gas for my car so my wife and I can get to our jobs) that there are more people defrauding the system than actually need help.

So let's get onto the debate of today. Obamacare is a program that is based on fraud. You may think it isn't but here is why it is. First, it is supposed to help the poor by getting them subsidies to buy health insurance. So in other words it is going to give more money not only the people who can't afford health insurance but also more money to the people who are able to work but are unwilling to work for health insurance. But that isn't only where the fraud is. The fraud is also in the waivers given to the friends, donors, and supporters of Obama. The fraud is also in the subsidies guaranteed to the members of Congress who make anywhere from twi to 10 times as much as the people who the law is supposed to help. We already fund the Cadillac health insurance that they already have, but now we have to give them more money for it? Looks like fraud to me. And let's not forget Obama himself delaying parts of the law for some (the employer mandate) and not for others (the individual mandate). This was political posturing and criminal behavior as he does not have the legal right to do that and therefore has broken the law.

Do I want Obamacare to be repealed? You bet I do. It's not because I don't care about poor people and it's not because I hate Obama. It's because I am sick and tired of the fraud that government programs allow to happen and I'm certainly sick of paying for it. That is why I am proud to be a member of the Tea Party.

Scott Schoonmaker

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Senate Democrats won't consider fixing pain caused by shutdown

To The Daily Sun,
The government is closed, but Obamacare is open. President Obama correctly said that defunding Obamacare wouldn't stop it, so why is the government shut down?
House Republicans funded all the government except for two minor (disputed) Obamacare-related items providing fairness to individuals, small businesses and taxpayers. Democrats shut down the government rather than compromise.
Fairness requires that individuals and small businesses get the same one-year reprieve from Obamacare requirements that President Obama gave to big business. This reprieve would allow people to sign up for Obamacare, but not be forced to sign up or pay a penalty.
If the people who sign up for Obamacare get the benefits that President Obama promised, won't everyone rush to sign up voluntarily? How can disagreement over this justify shutting down the government?
The other disputed item is whether congressional and White House employees should get a taxpayer provided subsidy (for 3/4s of their health insurance premiums) that is contrary to the Obamacare law. Republicans say the law should be followed as Congress passed and President Obama signed it and there should be no special treatment for themselves and these federal employees.
But, perhaps fearing a revolt, President Obama decided to ignore the law and subsidize congressional and White House employees (many of whom earn over $100,000 and some nearly $200,000) in addition to any benefits provided by the Obamacare. Does protecting this unfair subsidy justify the harm caused by the government shutdown?
Although most Americans are unaffected by the shut-down, some Americans are hurt, especially since President Obama is shutting things that remained open during previous government shutdowns. Sometimes these closures are costing more money than normal operations.
Americans being hurt by the shutdown include, among others: 200 child cancer patients whose National Institute of Health trials have been stopped; veterans, National Guard, and combat soldiers whose payments are delayed; visitors to unexpectedly closed, for the first time, national parks and monuments; people thrown out of their homes on public land; millions of companies that are delayed or lose business; and millions of taxpayers whose taxes will pay non-essential government workers even though they aren't working.
The Republican House also passed bills fixing most of these specific problems to reduce the pain of the shutdown, but Senate Democrats won't even consider them. When asked why he wouldn't pass the bill funding the NIH trial for 200 child cancer patients, Democrat Senator Reid asked, "Why would we do that?"
President Obama and Democrats like to talk about fairness, but it isn't fair to deliberately harm so many people just to benefit big business and highly paid government employees.
Don Ewing

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Turkey Jim Covered Bridge will be put back in place Sunday morning

To The Daily Sun,
I am writing to tell you some exciting news. Back in 2011, when Hurricane Irene ripped through Campton, it left a lot of damage as it passed. In particular it hit Branch Brook Campground hard. It destroyed many campers and two bridges. One was the only driving bridge into the campground making it impossible for the owners who live on the other side of the bridge to have deliveries of oil and propane which heated the owners homes and getting out and about for groceries and their kids to school. On August 28, Heather Hamel interviewed Herb Davidson one of the owners who had to drive two miles down a snowmobile trail using four wheelers to get out.
Hurricane Irene destroyed the Turkey Jim Covered Bridge, slamming it downstream into the driving bridge entrance of the campground. As a seasonal camper, I can personally tell you how devastating it was watching my neighbors loose so much.
The exciting news is that the driving bridge was replaced that year and this weekend (Sunday around 11) the Turkey Jim Covered Bridge will be put back in it's place. The bridge had actually been destroyed back in the 50s. The person who rebuilt the bridge after Irene destroyed it is the grandson of the man who fixed it back in the 50s. So, this is the second time this bridge has been replaced. The really interesting fact about the rebuild is that all of the wood used to fix the bridge is from trees that were taken down in the campground.
We would love to have you there for the celebration of the bridge going back where it belongs. Last weekend the bridge was brought down the road and is ready to be placed on Sunday. This truly will be a historic day and a celebration for us campers as well as the owners who lost so much.
Tammy Smtih


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Perhaps an odd million dollars or so isn't important to our Democrats

To The Daily Sun,

Not since Foghorn Leghorn quit the Saturday morning cartoon lineup has one witnessed such fine examples of bluster, comic inflection and scratching in the sand as are on display at meetings between the Belknap County Commissioners and the Belknap County Delegation. Democrats are half right when they conclude that this dust-up is about power and not money. Perhaps an odd million dollars or so is inconsequential to the entitlement crew but some delegates do not agree. Accountability of those in power is part of the equation as is wise use of the people's money.

As to the "news" value of the commissioners' lawyers allegedly agreeing with themselves, this startling if somewhat solipsistic assessment caused me to do my own reality check. I inquired of my favorite Bichon Frise as to the state of affairs domestic; he assured me that I am a fine fellow indeed. I should say that settles the issue once and for all.

Rep. Richard B. Burchell
Belknap District 5


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'Taller is better' is new strategy for New Hampshire wind developers

To The Daily Sun,

New Hampshire's wind power industry is poised to see its biggest period of growth and Newfound Lake is the epicenter of it all. The surge brought on by unprecedented demand for renewable energy by southern states.

Massachusetts has chosen to outsource much of its renewable energy tax credits to New Hampshire — worth an estimated $500 million. Combining the GrotonWind Farm, Wild Meadows Wind Farm, Spruce Ridge Wind Farm and the Alpine Ridge Wind Farm, it will total more the 100 turbines in a 15 mile corridor.

The Wild Meadows project was announced in November 2012 — yet their plans quickly changed late last week. We are not sure as to why their plans changed, because they refuse to openly communicate with anyone at Town Hall meetings. One thing we do know is that developers are under extreme time pressure to start work before the end of the year, when a critical federal tax credit expires.

We also know that New Hampshire is in the middle of a renewable energy construction boom — for electricity it doesn't need. And we know the out-of-state energy contracts being signed won't help New Hampshire's rate payers with their already high electric bills.

N.H. Wind Watch has complained, since the start, that New Hampshire residents will see very few benefits for having destroyed their mountain ridges and erecting 500 foot tall wind turbines. New Hampshire is outsourcing renewable tax credits to serve the needs of southern states.

New Hampshire wind projects will only serve developers and leasing land owners not rate payers in N.H. That's why last week's announcements of power contracts in Massachusetts came as no surprise. While developers kept their details confidential, state officials merely bent over and N.H. rate payers are now held accountable.

"Taller is better" that's the new strategy for N.H. wind developers. Why? Because it's rumored that the Groton Wind Farm is a failure - meaning they're not capturing enough wind to earn high profits - investors are looking for on Wall Street. The taller turbine trend will continue for each additional proposed wind site.

Massachusetts agreed to buy it - no one ever doubted that. Soon EDPR & JEWI Wind will start their own dog & pony show. Opponents have stated many times that the turbines, transmission lines and the transmission stations will increase your monthly electricity invoices - not lower them.

Utilities recognize Newfound Lake as a renewable energy corridor. My personal scare with these industrial projects are - they are gaining traction and soon more wind developers will likely come or current ones will expand or both.

Southern New England's renewable power goals are being outsourced in your backyard - like cheap labor to China. Southern state are in a "win-win-win-win" situation. The first "win" is they don't have to develop their land, the second "win" is they don't have to see them, the third is they don't have to maintain them, the fourth "win" is they don't have to decommission them.

Look for more renewable wind projects to come New Hampshire - it's a "win-win-win-win" for them. Write the Governor now and tell her why you don't want them - before it's too late.

Ray Cunningham

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