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The liberal thinking process: the things I know nothing about won't work

To The Daily Sun,

So Johan Anderson writes a letter about taking a giant step backwards. It's interesting that he he doesn't even know anything about the new tax plan and medical care plans are — "whatever they are" — but claims they don't work.

I guess this is the liberal thinking process. Hope he never gets elected to the state House if he is going to use lack of knowledge to determine how our state should be run.

Like Nancy Pelosi said, "We need to approve this bill so we can find out what's in it."

Chris Johnson
Center Harbor

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Too much money invested in windmills to give plasma generation a shot?

To The Daily Sun,

Carol Steppi proves all the left has is name calling, hate and division, which I'm sure Carol thinks is appropriate substitute for intelligent logical debate. Take a good look at what has come from the race bating, gender division, smear and slander tactics of progressive politics. Now you have your worst nightmare, PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump. Trump is going to rip up Obama's march of lemmings to his dream of a Marxist-Socialist America, where dependency on a huge, all powerful federal government will dictate all things to all people. It's gone Carol, get use to it, scream into the wind, whistle past the White House, whatever, change is coming and you can't stop it, Hooray!
Beth Arsenault is irked at the thought that all of us on the right are climate change deniers. Not so Beth, most of us know the climate has been changing for eons, we just question the very questionable pseudoscience having been presented to say it is a man-caused change. It is far from a settled science because the scientists backing it are 98 percent being payed for their research and it looks to objective critics that they may well have "cooked the books." Add to that the fact that anything we do here in America will be an exercise in futility, as it is foreign nations that are pumping out the pollutants at a prodigious rate and we have no leverage with them to change their ways. But if you feel compelled to build a wind turbine or set up solar panels, good for you, as long as you can afford it. I can't and resent those green activists trying to force people to follow the green plans and forcing the government to view everything with green glasses on. When they started all the green panic politics years ago they declared the poles would melt, seas would rise and coastal cities would be flooded all over the world, all within seven to 10 years. Hasn't happened so, for myself, I can only question the validity of the whole thing. On the other hand, I support clean water, clean air and reduction of waste and pollution. I just think there are better ways to approach the problems. For instance, there is a process called plasma generation (sounds very sci fi, I know) that exists and can completely eliminate any solid matter at the atomic level and produce a third more electricity then it uses. It is a closed system that releases nothing to the environment. You next question probably is, "why have I never heard of this before"? Got me Beth, my pet theory is too many people are invested in windmills and solar panels and are suppressing the information. It's also a big political issue as long as no solid solutions are presented so your guess is as good as mine Beth.
One last thought for today: yesterday, Obama decided his side lost all because of, and get this, FOX NEWS. Ha! last week it was the Russians, the week before the stupid deplorables, the Tea Party anyone and everyone except the real problem — themselves! They lied, cheated, smeared slandered, failed to fix any problems and expected in their arrogance to be rewarded for it. Lesson learned? Seems not for it's business as usual in Democrat land. Keep it up please because if Trump keeps even a few of his promises over the next two years, progressives will be swept from Congress, so keep it up.
Steve Earle


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