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We're all put a risk by self-interested plaintiffs & rouge judges

To The Daily Sun,
An open letter to President Trump:
Rogue Judges and self-interested plaintiffs have blocked your efforts to protect American lives and our benevolent society. Those judges and plaintiffs are allowing people, who cannot be reliably vetted to exclude terrorists, to come from terrorist havens and live in our country.
These judges and plaintiffs expect that inadequately vetted immigrants and refugees won't settle in or near their wealthy neighborhoods. They are confident they aren't risking the lives of their families and friends, but they willingly risk the lives of the Americans who live in the neighborhoods where the inadequately vetted people will settle.
Americans have a right to believe that all foreigners who come to live in our country are peaceful, will assimilate, and want to positively contribute to our society.
But the European experience shows that un-vetted immigration and refugee resettlement result in riots, crimes, ingratitude, lack of assimilation, and demands on native people to conform to the cultures of the immigrants/refugees. It's clear that not all people are people of good will and many won't assimilate with Western culture.
We don't want Europe's experience repeated here. A thorough vetting process is needed and, by enabling trust, benefits both American citizens and the assimilation of our new residents.
As long as self-interested plaintiffs and rogue judges prevent you from adequately vetting people coming to our country, please make sure that these people settle in the neighborhoods of the self-interested plaintiffs and rogue judges. Hopefully there won't be any, but if terrorists or miscreants hide among these inadequately vetted immigrants and refugees, let their riots, rapes, killings, and other crimes occur in the neighborhoods of the plaintiffs and rogue judges who care so little about the lives of other Americans."
Readers, your lives and the lives of your families and friends have been put at risk by self-interested plaintiffs and rogue judges. Perhaps they will reconsider their actions if it's the lives of their family members and friends that are put at risk.

Don Ewing

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Shame on the 11 state reps who were unwilling to show their faces

To The Daily Sun,

As a citizen and taxpayer of Belknap County, I always hope my local representatlves will do their jobs, even when our views differ. On Tuesday, March 28, the last scheduled county budget hearing before the March 31 deadline, many of our representatives both refused to do their job and prevented others from doing theirs. In particular, a large contingent led by Chairman Herb Vadney (Meredith) failed to show up at the scheduled hearing. The public was there, in large numbers, the county commissioners were there and the responsible members of the delegation were there. Thank you to the following representatives for trying to represent us despite the sabotage by the Vadney contingent: Dennis Fields (Sanbornton), Don Flanders (Laconia), Valerie Fraser (New Hampton), David Huot (Laconia), Tim Lang (Sanbornton) and Peter Spanos (Laconia). Jon Plumer (Belmont) was out of state, but would have been available by phone.

To the following representatives who were unwilling to show their faces, shame on them.

Chairman Herb Vadney (Meredith). Missing in action: Marc Abear (Meredith), Glen Aldrich (Gilford), Barbara Comtois (Barnstead), Robert Fisher (Laconia), Ray Howard (Alton), Michael Maloney (Gilmanton), Norm Silber (Gilford), Michael Sylvia (Belmont), Peter Varney (Alton).

Some of the AWOL representatives may have been opposed on the merits to reconsideration of the Abear budget and did not want to have to defend their views. Others may have had their arms twisted to not attend. As to the latter, what possible threat induced them to run for cover? Compromising photos? Possible primary opposition? To all of those no-shows, whatever their reasons, profiles in courage they are not.

We members of the public who are sorely disappointed in the behavior of these representatives need t0 remember their names and oppose them in either the next primary or in the next general election.

Ruth Larson


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