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Thanks for all the help with our Gilford Farmer's Market

To The Daily Sun,

The Gilford Historical Society wants to thank all who made the summer Farmer's Market a success. First of all, all those who came to the market and bought items-produce, pastries, and crafts.

We want to thank those who volunteered at the hospitality table. Brenda Trudeau (and her husband Andy Trudeau, who would come to set up the tent), Sue King, Terri Bobseine, Carmel Lancia (whose idea it was to have a farmer's market and who did the organizing), Karin Landry for putting the signs out before she would go to work and Pete Allen and Patrick and Kyle Gandini, who were a big help in taking down the tent and putting everything away. We want to thank Bill and Sally Bickford of Kitchen Craving's for donating the coffee every week.

Since the vendors' fees went into the fund to restore the Rowe House roof with new wood shakes, we wanted our customers to be able to see the interior of the house and were pleased that 118 people signed in and took the tour. We want to thank the 13 volunteers who gave tours of the Rowe House. They are: Sue and Pete Allen, Sue Colburn, Beth Egan, Sue King, Kathy Lacroix, Steve Melbourne, Diane Mitton, Anne Montminy, Brenda O'Brian, Bill Reed, Jane Rollins, and Rosemary Shannon.

We want to thank Dan-The Muzik Man- who was there almost every Saturday with his keyboard to serenade us with his music. Many people would buy a coffee and pastry and sit down, enjoy his music and visit.

We want to thank Rosemary Murphy who volunteered her time to paint children's faces (and arms and hands). Children went away with smiles on their faces.

We want to thank the Opechee Garden Club members who have been working diligently all season to maintain the gardens at the Rowe House. Many people have commented on how beautiful they were.

We want to thank our sponsors, Belknap Landscaping Company, Gilford True Value, Kitchen Cravings, MacDonald's Veterinary Services, and Patrick's Pub and Eatery. We also thank the Samuel P. Pardoe Foundation for its continuing support of Gilford's Thompson-Ames Historical Society.

All the volunteers were willing to donate their time and energy to make the Gilford Famer's Market a success and we thank them all. We realize that the 1838 Rowe House is a gem in our town and we are willing to work on phase one of the restoration, replacing the wood shake roof before damage is done to the interior. The next phase will be the repointing of the chimneys and brick work.

We would like to remind everyone that the Fall/Winter Gilford Farmer's Market is now being held at the Gilford Youth Center Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon, with the proceeds to benefit the Gilford Youth Center. There are new vendors, along with those from the summer. If anyone is interested in being a vendor at the Fall/Winter Market, contact Scott Hodsdon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kathy Lacroix
Gilford Historical Society
Gilford Farmer's Market

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Trying to break-up two-party system is tough battle, but worth it

To The Daily Sun,

This election has made people truly lose their minds. John Demakoski, a local author/evangelist has proclaimed, "God has given the American people a champion in Donald Trump." This may just have been the most comical thing I have ever read in these letters and that's saying a lot.

If there was an all-powerful being bent on stopping Hillary Clinton in our country's election, I would hope he could do better than giving us Trump. Take away Trump's money and he would be the village idiot that gets kicked out of a strip club for breaking the no-touching rule.

In all seriousness though, having proclaimed your love for both the Bible and Trump (I can't even believe I'm using those two words in the same sentence), you have reaffirmed my own personal belief that religion is really the mother of all brain-washers, twisted in infinite ways to suit the beholders own personal agenda.

On the flip side, those of you who vote for "Shrillary" should are also guilty of not doing a little research on your candidate. Once you start down that rabbit hole I cannot comprehend how any sane person would endorse a creature such as her who is a magician at cover ups and nefarious back room deals all in the name of power. She and her husband are wolves in sheep's clothing and it truly saddens me to think that Bill will get another four to eight years of playing romper room in the White House.

That brings me to the enthusiastic letter written by Tim Golden, trying to rally the troops to break up the two-party system. I couldn't agree more with you, Tim! Unfortunately it's an uphill battle and it seems even the Libertarian and Green Party couldn't muster viable candidates either. As much as I like Gary Johnson's honesty and gumption, he definitely should have done his homework on foreign affairs a little better. And some of his interview gaffes are truly explainable. Still, the 50 percent of what I like about him is better than the zero percent from these other two clowns.

So to second Tim's letter, please, don't think of it as wasting a vote. Send a message. Vote third party. Vote a write-in. Vote anything but for those two truly ridiculous candidates. Wake up America. You do have a choice, you know. Forget the polls, forget the media, forget the lunacy. Vote for whom you actually like and think will be an authentic leader and a man (or woman) of the people. You may be surprised at the results.

Thomas Lemay

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