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Before 'Fast & Furious' Bush had 'Wide Receiver'; both were wrong

To the editor,
Recently, I made a mistake regarding the Fast and Furious "gun walking" program. I claimed It was started by Bush. That particular gun walking program was indeed begun by President Obama but it was a continuation of George Bush's 2006 gun walking program called "Operation Wide Receiver".
So, gun walking was begun by the ATF under Bush while Obama unwisely restarted the program with his own version. Both have been highly criticized and rightly so.
James Veverka

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Thanks for helping make Dad's 90th birthday a special one

To the editor,
I am writing to express my thanks for all of your help and support in making my father, Jim Zanes', 90th birthday party a huge success. Your graphic artist designed an exceptional ad to announce the festivities. Kudos to her for her imagination and creativity! Ms. Ober took time to visit with Dad and wrote a wonderful article that was published in your paper. She certainly captured his personality and humor!
Dad is hugely grateful for the companionship and good wishes sent his way during the open house. Seeing friends and family and celebrating the occasion made for a great day for him. As always, we appreciate the time and support given to Dad and our family by the Mt. Lebanon Lodge. The men who sponsored this party took time out of their busy lives to make Dad's day very special. Please check their website at www.lakesregionmasons.org for upcoming community activities.
Again, as Dad would say, "Please accept our heartfelt thanks for everything that you did!".
June Garen

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Less chance of being a victim of gun violence today than in years

To the editor,
In her letter of Friday May 10, Bernadette Loesch wrote that "The gun violence epidemic is not a Democrat, Republican or any other political party problem."
The truth is, the supposed "gun violence epidemic" which Bernadette and President Obama refer to, is not there at all.
Current FBI statistics report crime, in general, is at near historic lows, versus the population. Also, a newspaper article published on Thursday, May 9 states that a recent study by the Pew Research Center shows gun crime is the lowest it has been in 10 years, having peaked in the early 1990s at slightly higher then 7 per 100,000 population and has dropped steeply by almost 50 percent, to about 3.5 per 100,000 population.
In other words, the alleged, "gun violence epidemic" that Bernadette refers to does not exist. And considering that I have heard the president make recent references to the, alleged "gun violence epidemic", I would have to say that the, supposed, epidemic is certainly being pushed by the Democrats as well as a biased and liberal media that drills sensationalist events, such as a mass murder, into the public minds by rehashing stories over and over and repeatedly showing the same few seconds of video until folks feel that society is coming apart at the seams unless we do something drastic... now!
In reality, this is probably the safest time in the last decade or so for the average citizen to go about their business and feel free from the chance of being a crime victim.
C'mon people, it's time to quite letting party politics and a sensationalist media do the thinking for you and start giving your brains a chance.
Michael G. Shanks
New Hampton

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The show of support for Molly Dunleavy was truly overwhelming

To the editor,
The friends and family of Molly Dunleavy would like to thank all of the local businesses and residents who participated in the fundraising event for the Dunleavy family on April 14. The open house was a huge success, thanks in large part to the incredible donations from local businesses. There was a huge turnout of friends and families and the event proved to be a great opportunity for people to visit with their neighbors and enjoy food and music, all while supporting a worthy cause.
The Dunleavy family as well as the coordinators of the event would like to thank all of those who participated; the show of support from our community was truly overwhelming. Thank you!
Chief Kevin Keenan
Gilford Police Department

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Forum made me realize we've more in common than differences

To the editor,
I accepted the Lakes Region Listens published invitation to participate in a thoughtful conversation with other local residents about what priorities we thought our communities and regions should reflect in the future. The meeting was held May 7th at the Laconia MIddle School from 6 to 9 p.m.. It was reported out the next day that 117 people attended the meeting. In the focus group, I joined there were 12 to 15 individuals representing the towns of Tamworth, Bristol, Gilford, Meredith, and Laconia. Our facilitator made sure each member of the group had ample opportunity to put forth his or her ideas respectfully and listen to others' ideas, also respectfully. While we did not all agree with every concern we listed, we never even considered leaving any priority off the list when we reported all concerns out loud to the larger group at the end of the meeting. Furthermore, after hearing all the focus groups report that night it occurred to me that we have more in common than we have differences.
Hopefully, if future discussions are held we can come to consensus on some priorities and figure out how to move forward together. It would be a positive step in the right direction instead of the impasse we experience on a national and local level almost daily.
Kay M. Anderson

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