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President Trump did not want anyone to lose their health care

To The Daily Sun,

I feel that a regular columnist of yours needs to be corrected so she is not spreading incorrect and prejudicial opinions about the president of the United States.

Susan Estrich a columnist who was campaign manager for the Dukakis presidential bid in 1988, wrote an column titled "He doesn't care about people's health." published on March 29.

In the article, she called President Trumps actions childish, and suggested that the president doesn't care about tens of millions losing health care. While President Trump did want the American Health Care Act passed, he never wanted ANYONE to lose health care! The AHCA was simply not conservative enough for most of the Republican Congress.

What did OUR president do in the aftermath? He reached out to Steven Lynch (D-Ma) and other moderates Democrats for help, but was met with resistance from the GOP leaders, and was turned down in true partisan fashion.

Estrich stated in her article, "Republicans used to vote to repeal Obamacare on a regular basis," another falsehood. Yes, Congress voted six times to repeal the ACA, and there were as many as 14 times in which a vote on certain mandates of the ACA were addressed (eight of which President Obama signed including repealing the CLASS act) but there was no "regular basis" for Obamacare repeal.

Since the ACA was fully implemented, the number of newly insured is 14 million, (Democrats claim of 20 million is incorrect) of which 11.8 million were fast tracked into Medicare, which takes the actual number of newly insured down to 2.2 million. Still a large number, but ANY plan that's implemented will have a transition phase and people will not be left without insurance

I find the continuous attacks on everything that President Trump or his family does to be both revolting and extremely un-American. I believe that this country's party line division is only hurting America. The anti-Trump Americans like Ms. Estrich keep saying things like, "not my president" instead of trying find a common ground that we can all work to make America great, because despite what the far left would have you believe, we've fallen off the greatest country in the world pedestal.

David Joyal, Sr.


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Special thanks to the voluneers who helped plan and host Cabin Fever Reliever fundraiser

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of Interlakes Community Caregivers and the Meredith Historical Society, we would like to publicly thank all those who made our recent fundraiser, The Cabin Fever Reliever at the Mug, a success. The event welcomed over 90 guests and raised nearly $3,000 for our small local nonprofits.

Thank you to Paul Ursillo, owner and operator of The Mug Pub & Family Restaurant, who was very generous with his time and commitment to the event. Paul coordinated and organized the beer and wine tastings, provided delicious treats for appetizers and helped to promote the event on his own. Kudos to Paul and his staff, particularly Jody, for making the evening go very smoothly.

We are grateful to the beer and wine vendors who provided the tastings. Adare O'Hare of Southern Wine & Spirits offered an educational tasting of Kenwood wines. Arthur Chase of Woodstock Inn, Station & Brewery in Woodstock, and Matt Fenerty of Moat Mountain Brewing Company in Conway, provided a wide variety of beer, pilsners and ale.

We appreciate the generosity of local merchants and individuals for their contributions to the 10 themed gift baskets raffled and two door prizes won by lucky winners.

To mention a few of those who donated are: Knead to be Fit, Cascade Spa, Skin in Mind, Tish's Nail Care Boutique, The Country Carriage, Refuge Salon, Abbott Farm Sugar House, Susan Amiss, Ancient Willow Herbal Body Care, Eileen Buckley, Cleaning by Kara, Chick-a-Dee Station, Interlakes Animal Hospital, Petco, Laconia Pet Center, Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant, Frog Rock, Case & Keg, Common Man, The Bay Restaurant, The Mug, Mill Falls, the Meredith News, Ruel's Barber Shop, Aubuchon-Meredith, Family Affair, Heath's Hardware, LaValley-Middleton Building Supply, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, and Annalee Dolls which donated a themed doll matching each of the baskets.

A special thank you to all the volunteers who worked to plan, organize and host the event, with a special acknowledgement to volunteer Susan Amiss for all she did.

Finally, thank you to all the guests who purchased event tickets and raffle tickets. We are grateful for your support.

Ann W. Sprague, Executive Director

Interlakes Community Caregivers

Karen Thorndike, President

Meredith Historical Society

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