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Twin Towers was great cartoon that carried important message

To The Daily Sun,

I stand behind The Sun in using the Twin Towers cartoon. What the cartoon is saying is that thousands will die if Obamacare is repealed and if you don't understand it, then it's on you. In fact, far more than 3,000 will die if Medicaid expansion and Obamacare are repealed.

Don't blame your stupidity on The Sun. It was a great cartoon with an important message. Thousands will die. Get a life, crybabies. The Sun deserves praise.

James Veverka

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Will you give Friday's National March for Life equal coverage

To The Daily Sun,

America watched extensive news coverage of the past weekends "women's" march with numerous personal story interviews. While it was a first, there is another march that will occur Friday in D.C. A march that goes on every year in numbers of hundreds of thousands. This march usually gets at best, a ho-hum casual short mention in the media, if at all. I speak of the National March for Life, extensively attended by young people.

I challenge you to give as much coverage to the Life March. It too is also associated with additional marches all across America in the week leading up to the D.C. March. This is held in conjunction with the anniversary of Roe v Wade.

Bear in mind the March for Life has hundreds of thousands for one issue only. The Women's March included a litany of environmentalists, race issues, women's issues, immigration, civil liberties and on and on. Although I must admit it was co-opted by the vagina brigade that overtook the very serious issues many women intended to march for.

I will be there for the March Friday, will you? Will you give it parity in coverage?

Fran Wendelboe


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