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I've utmost trust in the decision making of the library trustees

To The Daily Sun,

Anyone keeping abreast with the Meredith Library Board of Trustees quest to expand and improve public library facilities for our town would know hat every board member appreciates the Benjamin Smith Library building. They are also aware of the building's historical significance and unique architectural design. Nor would the trustees disagree on the building's charm and beauty. What prompted the planning of a possible new library is the inner confines of the Smith building.

In recent letters to The Daily Sun, Trustee Pamela Coburn and staff member Matthew Gundy wrote openly and precisely of the library's insufficiencies on space and parking. Letters which, I believe, were widely read and welcomed by a vast majority of residents. Anyhow, count me in as one who supports a new library building. Count me in too as one who like to see the new library open its doors as close to downtown as possible. But, more importantly, count me in as one who has the utmost trust in the decision making of the library trustees. It's a seven-member (uncompensated) board constantly giving local residents the most precious gift anyone can give another person: their time! The untold personal sacrifices these board members made in studying every intricacy of such a Herculean undertaking should be applauded. Of course, the board is aware of the enormous task that lies before them. There will be naysayers and setbacks but a smooth seas never made a skilled sailor, which I'm sure most board members have already learned.

It takes a long run to get to the finish line, but when the gallop is complete, hopefully the board will recall the day Thomas Edison was grilled by a young reporter about his 97 failures before getting his bulb to shine light. Edison's reply: "I have not failed once in my quest to bring light to America. All I've done is find success in discovering 97 ways that wouldn't work."

Roland Jutras


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I did not vote for Trump in the primary but I certainly will now

To The Daily Sun,

I watched the Trump's acceptance speech, did not hear any racists or hate comments. Telling the American people that he will work for them and put American interests first and restore law and order.

I did not vote for Trump in the primary, but he has my vote now. I did not really know the Trump family before this convention, but I have to say I was impressed. Is this what all the liberal fuss is about? Are they that afraid of hard-working, successful families?

I will take this successful non-political job creating family over the power-hungry Clintons, who only know how to take wealth away from those who have earned it, to disperse it to special interest groups for future votes.

Dennis Robitaille

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