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Obama care is here to stay & nothing is going to change that

To The Daily Sun,

Maybe it is time for Tony Boutin and Russ Wles to once again put on their big boy pants and not be so afraid of Obamacare.

A few months back it was Ebola, the big bad monster in the closet scaring these little boys. Well that passed, by letting the adults in the room take care of the crisis, as I suggested. Even with these two doing their best to try and blame Obama for Ebola. Apparently Tony does not understand, I guess, what insurance means. No Tony, in my 30 years of practicing medicine no one has been denied or kicked out of a hospital because they had no insurance as you implied in one of your previous letters, (or) that Obamacare would not cover treatment for Ebola. That is precisely what insurance does.

Now the big fear is Obamacare, according to Tony. He has tried hard to scare us about Obamacare. Remember when he said, "Obamacare is un-American." What nonsense. The Heritage Foundation, hardly a liberal think tank, in 1989 said this about health care. "Mandate all households to obtain adequate insurance." And this: "All citizens should be guaranteed universal access to affordable health care." Sounds like Obamacare to me. How are these un-American. Maybe Tony can explain this for us.

I would like at this time to invite Tony into the 21st Century, or better yet into the second half of the 20th Century. In his letter in the June 23 edition of The Daily Sun he said this: "Doctors have been turned into data automatons. The person you're apt to be treated by now is not a doctor but a nurse practitioner because a nurse practitioner gets paid less." Far be it for me to suggest that maybe Tony do some research before he writes this nonsense, but if he did he would find that NPs have been around since the mid-1960s. Obamacare has been around for — what — three years? If only Tony went to Pub Med he would find 49 pages with 20 studies per page of studies looking at the effectiveness of NPs in primary care. Interesting thing about Pub Med, they publish studies from around the world on medical issues, the only studies they do not publish are studies out of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons because of their nutty beliefs. This of course is one of Russ's favorites publications. Study after study shows that the care given by NPs is on par with that given by doctors. But this probable does not interest Tony. Why let facts get in the way of his story.

I do not know how many patients Tony and Russ see on a daily basis. Oh, wait they don't see any. Then how can they tell us about all the problems those of us who see patients have with Obamacare. Again both Tony and Russ must have missed the study by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Commonwealth Fund published June 15 of this year that found "... many providers reported seeing an increased number of patients since the coverage expansion went into effect, but not an accompanying compromise in quality of care. A large majority of primary care providers are satisfied with their medical practice." So Tony and Russ, don't try to tell me how Obamacare is changing the way the majority of us practice medicine. Your comments come out of ignorance, not facts.

Then we have poor Russ Wiles. He failed as an immunologist. Remember when he said this: "Vaccines are not immunizations." I labeled this the dumbest thing ever said in a letter. Or as a failed epidemiologist. Remember when he said this: "Our mad president wants to bring in hordes of Ebola patients to the U.S." This has to rank as the second dumbest thing every said. Nine Ebola patients hardly qualifies as a horde. It is getting harder and harder to figure out what side of reality poor Russ gets up on a daily basis.

And while we are at it, maybe Russ would like to a comment on William Thompson the whistle blower who Russ was so excited about. How has that gone for you, Russ? Sure have not heard any more about Mr. Thompson, and his explosive revelations. Maybe you would like to enlighten us about that again.

In the words of Justice Scalia, "Just get over it." Obamacare is here to stay, and nothing can change that, even this nonsense from Tony or Russ.

Mirno Pasquali PA C

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Was Obamacare designed to fail as bridge to a single-payer system?

To The Daily Sun,

I wonder if Paula Trombi is having any second thoughts on the wonder that is Obamacare? (Oh, and I do apologize for spelling Paula's last name wrong in my first response to her.) Does Paula not realize that Obamacare was in all likelihood, designed to fail so that the progressives can institute the single payer system — a system they have lusted after for so long.

The costs will continue to skyrocket, causing the system to implode. Though that will occur after our current president has left office to secure a position in the new world order. The looming doctor and nursing shortage will cause utter chaos and misery unless Obamacare is revoked and real health-care reform is instituted.

It does not take a genius to understand that subsidies were put in place for votes, not for better health care. Subsidies are for those who meet certain income requirements. To put it simply, it is money taken away from you the taxpayer, and then given back to you to pay for higher insurance costs, after the government gets its cut. Sometimes you are forced to pay for items you do not need, nor will ever use.

It was clearly written into the law that the states had to set up the exchanges. But if they didn't and instead used the federal exchanges, which many states do, then these subsidies weren't available to those states. That is clearly stated in this albatross of a law. Written that way to punish states — right Jonathan Gruber, MIT professor extraordinaire and chief architect? Remember when he made us aware of his assessment of the American people — "the stupidity of the American people would have killed the law" if more people knew what was in it. As the patronizing professor haughtily reminded us, "lack of transparency is a huge political advantage."

Yes, the professor flat-out admitted he lied to us because he and his merry band of progressives are just so much smarter than you and me.

Of course, let's not forget the Supreme Court that ruled that those pesky, burdensome fines were actually taxes a few years back. And that was only after this fiscally, burdensome monster was passed on a totally partisan vote through payoffs, kickbacks and all manner of arm twisting skullduggery.

And now of course, Chief Justice Roberts and his four liberal activist colleagues just ruled that "established by the state" now means absolutely nothing. Now after six and one half years of this warped, transformational administration, it appears that our country has a government that runs merely by discretion. A government where all three branches think they have the power to legislate. Delusional, deleterious and imminently destructive.

As Timothy Birdnow's article in American Thinker reminds us regarding this King v. Burwell decision, again saving Obamacare, "it ignored the original intent of the framers of the Constitution who would never have agreed to a central government forcing people to purchase a product as a requirement of existing in these United States."

Here's a couple more "Supremes" hits that might describe the mindset of this Obama administration and those who blindly believe in this Marxist deceiver - "There's No Stopping Us Now" and "Stoned Love." When it comes to the madness of again "saving Obamacare," why does the words "Everybody Must Get Stoned" from Bob Dylan's song, "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" keep running though my head. I wonder if that was a popular song during Obama's "Choom Gang" pot smoking days? Unfortunately, he stopped "toking" and now the country is "broken."

Russ Wiles

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