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Public invited to college's celebration of Constitution Day on Wed.

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of Lakes Region Community College, I would like to invite the public to our celebration of Constitution Day on Wednesday, Sept. 18, at noon in the college's Academic Commons.

We will be discussing the history of that immortal document and what led up to its adoption by our founders. Refreshments will be served, including a birthday cake for our Constitution.
We hope to see everyone there.

Scott Cracraft, Professor

History and Social Sciences
Lakes Region Community College

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Field Q&A session will be hald at Weeks Woods on Saturday, Oct. 22

To The Daily Sun,

Questions and concerns about the recent timber harvest in the Weeks Woods in Gilford will be discussed during a field session on Saturday, Oct. 22. Recent letters to the editor on this project suggests, in hindsight, that this session should have been held prior to the timber cutting. A post harvest tour is better late than never, however, the change to the landscape is usually very dramatic indeed. I think it is the surprise factor that really upsets the frequent visitor. They need to know why.

Change in the forest is very slow. One often enjoys a walk through the woods not knowing a previous timber harvest may have been conducted some 30-plus years ago. The logging road of yesteryear is the beautiful hiking trail of today. Take a closer look at a stand of spectacular trees and you'll no doubt find some old stumps scattered throughout.

Cutting trees is a deliberate action to achieve a particular result for timber production, wildlife habitat development, scenic views and income to help defray the costs of ownership and management.

Contact the Forest Society for additional information on this event.

Sumner Dole

Belknap County Forester, retired

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