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Those of you cheering Obama are being bamboozled once again

To The Daily Sun,

President Obama issued his "gun show loophole" executive order Tuesday. Well that should take care of all the problems with criminals, terrorists and mental cases getting guns, right? Really though, how?

There is nothing new, nothing that could have prevented or will prevent those with evil intentions from getting guns. Every gun dealer is subject to the federal law requiring instant checks whether in a store or a gun show, period. Also, if a gun is purchased online, through the mail, it does not come to the buyer in the mail, by UPS or Fed Ex. It must come to a licensed dealer and the purchaser must go to that dealer where they are subject to the federal check system, period. Those of you jumping up and down cheering, you are being bamboozled again. This closes nothing, changes nothing it is only a political ploy on the part of Obama making the uninformed think he is doing something when in fact he has done nothing. Nothing except for election year posturing of course.

On another story, seems a large group of armed people, in protest to the conviction of a rancher and his son, have occupied a wildlife preserve area out in Oregon. I hope law enforcement has the good sense not to push the issue as they did at Ruby Ridge years back. As far as I can see there is no threat to anyone in just allowing these folks to just stay there until they get tired and go home on their own. I only know what was reported about the case in question that spurred the charges. It was reported the defendants burned off some invasive growth on their ranch but the fire got out of hand spreading onto federal lands. Convicted of arson first, the feds were not happy with the court sentence and appealed on the grounds of domestic terrorism. Feds won and father and son got five years and feds got their ranch. I just have to wonder if this wasn't just a bit excessive by the feds? There may be more to the story then I know about, still, who the heck were they terrorizing, jackrabbits?

Steve Earle


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We're lucky to have this level of fire service in our communities

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to take a small portion of the newspaper to acknowledge the Laconia Fire Department, as well as departments in other local towns that share in our mutual aid network.

On Monday, Jan. 5, the DeForge family on Elm Street here in Lakeport was displaced by a fire at their home. The quality and quantity of the response was nothing less than magnificent. We picture a firefighter as a yellow jacket that holds a hose and points out the flames, then goes back to the station to wait for the next call. Well, let me tell you I've learned. There is a lot of emotion during all the action. The emotion runs from "where are my kids?" to "where are my pets?" to "is everybody out safely?" to "I've lost everything, what do I do now?" — as well as a million other thoughts.

Chief Erickson and his team, as well as the surrounding town firefighters, are nothing less than lifesavers. This group of do-gooders still find the time during all the action to be compassionate, informative and just plain NICE during and after the fire. I could go on for several more pages about specifics and the professionalism of several individuals but they work as a team and should be recognized as such. We are a lucky bunch to have this level of municipal service in our area. It is very important to also recognize the great work by the Laconia Police, as well as the Marine Patrol, for keeping traffic and gawkers moving during all the commotion. These separate entities operated seamlessly to accomplish the task at hand. Thanks to all who participated.

Additionally, there will be a fund set up for the DeForge family, as they lost just about everything. The outpouring of support from our community has been nothing less than awesome. Please help the cause if you are in a position to do so.

Dave Byer


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