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We need Senator Hosmer in Concord to keep our N.H. moving forward

To The Daily Sun,
This upcoming election is looking to be more turbulent than any I can remember. With this is mind I encourage everyone to support a candidate like state Senator Andrew Hosmer of Laconia. When it comes to the issues which matter the most to the people of this district and Granite Staters alike, Senator Hosmer has always been on the right side. He has reached across the aisle many times, including his work on the New Hampshire AffordableCare Act, which has provided people I care deeply for with health insurance. He's worked to end our crippling opioid crisis, and helped cut business taxes, which has given New Hampshire the second lowest unemployment rate in the nation. We can't let our state go backwards, we need to keep moving forward, we need Senator Hosmer.
Mary Lou Gravatt

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I've been listening to your concerns; I respectfully ask for your support

To The Daily Sun,

As the election draws near, I respectfully ask the citizens of Gilford and Meredith for your support and the privilege to serve as your state representative.

We live in a wonderful community, with people who share a deep appreciation for our beautiful Lakes Region, and I was honored to serve as your state representative from 2012-14. During my term in the House, I served on the Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee as well as the Suicide Prevention Council and Long Term Care Committee.

I first decided to run for public office because I wanted to serve our community and make positive changes for New Hampshire and our future. I've always put people above politics and ideology, and I'm able to work together to find common ground to solve problems.

As a disability rights and health care advocate, I spend a lot of time in Concord working on health issues that affect all of our citizens. As you know, health challenges and disabilities affect us all, regardless of age, race, gender, or party affiliation.

I currently serve on several committees including the recently formed Governor's Commission on Health Care Workforce, N.H. Medical Care Advisory Committee, Governor's Commission on Disability, Council for Youths with Chronic Conditions, and the Disability Rights Center Board of Directors.

On these committees, I work with many dedicated, caring people, and understand the importance bringing many voices to the table in order to solve problems such as the opioid crisis, and the health issues that face our families, seniors, veterans, and those with special needs.

On the economic front, it's important to work together to make the Lakes Region a thriving, economically viable community for our families, seasonal residents and tourists. I believe this can be accomplished by investing in quality, affordable education, including job skill training, and providing incentives for our young people to stay and work in New Hampshire.

Another important piece to our economic success is to maintain and upgrade our infrastructure, and to protect the natural resources and environment we all enjoy, especially here in the Lakes Region. I'm also a strong supporter of local businesses, and I'm aware of the challenges facing small-business owners, since our family has been involved in starting new businesses in New Hampshire.

If elected, I look forward to working with our county commissioners and town officials from Gilford and Meredith, and to bring their concerns and needs to Concord. I know an important issue that must be addressed is the downshifting of costs from the state to our county and towns, which impacts our local budgets and property taxes.

During the campaign, I've been knocking on doors, attending meetings and engaging in discussions about issues facing New Hampshire. Most importantly, I've been listening to your concerns and what issues are important to you and your family.

I respectfully ask for your support and vote on Nov. 8. It's important that you have a committed and sensible representative that can work across the aisle, and that puts people above politics and ideology.

Also, please consider voting for Johan Andersen, Nancy Frost and Dorothy Piquado for state representative.
For more information, you can contact me via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Lisa DiMartino
Candidate for State Representative

Gilford & Meredith

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