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After near 30 years of Bible study, we're no longer welcome at jail

To The Daily Sun,

With all the talk of a new jail complex, I thought it would be good for folks on the outside to know some good things that go on inside the jail. For almost 30 years, The Bible Speaks Church in Lakeport, of which I have been pastor, has conducted a Bible study on every other Tuesday evening. We've been blessed to meet and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to hundreds of men and women who come to the study and we give out hundreds of Bibles.

Many of these inmates have professed to receive Jesus as their Savior as a result of the messages that have been given. Through this study of the Bible, they have leaned something many had never heard before: that they were sinners and away from the God who made them. They heard that God loved them so much that He made a way for them to get back to the right relationship with Him be sending Jesus to give His life on the cross for all the wrong things THEY had done (John 3:16-18)

Through the years, we've witnessed many changes for the good in the lives of those who have received Jesus as their Savior. One young man told us at one study night that he had tried, but couldn't understand the Bible. I shared with him that if he asked Jesus to forgive him of his sins and receive Him as his Savior, he would be able to understand it. He received Jesus that night and at the next study, he cam in so excited! He told us that when he read the Bible the next day it all came clear and he could understand parts of the Book he'd never been able to understand before. That young man in now out of jail and going to church and has a job and is taking care of him family!

Many other young men have left the jail and have become better citizens and better husbands.

I even had a father stop me in Dunkin' Donuts to thank me for teaching his daughter about Jesus in the jail; he said she was completely different girl!

The message of our Bible study has always been that "Jesus in the Way, the Truth, and the Life" (John 14:6), and it has always been appreciated by those attending the study.

BUT . . . on March 14, we received a call from the authorities of the jail telling us that we are no longer "allowed" to tell the TRUTH of the Bible to inmates!

The Bible is more than "nice, little stories." It is God's special, loving penetrating, convicting WORD to a lost and dying world! We must get it out.

We have so appreciated the relationship we've had for so long with the workers at the jail. We've befriended many of the guards who do such a great job in that facility and we appreciate their protection.

We are saddened by this policy that will not let the "Truth of the Gospel" be told to those who WANT to hear it; and we are grieved that we will no longer be able to minister to the inmates who enjoyed our services.

We would love to continue this ministry, but we cannot and will not compromise our message.

Pastor Robert Horne, D.D.


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Hillary Clinton wouldn't miss an opportunity to stir-up racial hatred

To The Daily Sun,

Forrest Gump's momma said, "Stupid is as stupid does." We have another story which started some days ago with three black women, claiming they were assaulted on a bus at the State University of Albany, New York. The mainstream picked it up, and Hillary Clinton jumped right aboard the bandwagon of racial discrimination.

Followup: those three black women have now been charged with making false reports to police, various degrees of assault, threatening and a multitude of other crimes. Who says? The cameras on the bus, and 35 witnesses on the bus, many of whom recorded the incident on their cell phones, that's who. Hmmm? Where have we heard this before? It's obvious Hillary is all about stirring up racial hatred and conflicts to make herself look like she's riding to the rescue on her white horse.

A related story is about black radio host and social media activist, Tommy Sotomayer who was asked what he thought of the Black Lives Matter activists? He described them as both "like the retarded kids in class" and " a bunch of women who want a lot of attention." "Their job is to be gnats and irritate and get face time."

Gosh, I'd say Tommy is going to get a lot of grief over that. You can't say that about gnats.

Steve Earle


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