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This country only wants to be told life will be better, with no pain

To The Daily Sun,

Listening to the Democrats complain about the state of America, you would think it was Bush or a Republican who had been president the past seven years. Just to let you know, it has been a Democrat. The audacity of hope and unity bandwagon Obama rode into town on was really soap box filled with debt, despair and decline for the bottom 90 percent of Americans. The rich are the only slice of America who have seen their prosperity and bank accounts rise under his policies. That being the case, why would Hillary, Bernie or anyone want to emulate the presidency of Barack Obama? A presidency that only intensified inequality, increased distrust in government while at the same time fanned the flames of racism and intolerance.

What we have are a bunch of idiots who every four Novembers "buy into" the Democratic Party "rain makers" who promise the next four years will be different than all the rest. Barack Obama screamed the same hollow, rhetoric in 2008 and 2012.

Just as Bernie swears his talk is straight talk, so is mine. I ask you, who the hell has Barack Obama delivered from the handcuffs of poverty and chains of despair? The answer is no one. If I am wrong Bernie and Hillary are bold-faced liars. They keep continually screaming about the collapse of this country. Who has its leader been under that collapse? Barack Obama. If our country has turned to a cesspool of crony corruption as Hillary and Bernie allege, then Obama presided over it. He guided it and was the CEO in charge of it. The president (CEO) sets the tone for every discussion in the country. Obama's policies, programs and ideology poured gasoline on our failure.

The Democratic Party has been promising deliverance of the downtrodden since the mid-1940s to their election pawns. That is what they are, "pawns" for political gain. For decades those pawns were the white, working-blue-collar-class family. That stopped 20 years ago when that strata of voter stopped voting by majority for them. The new pawns are blacks, minorities and the young demanding "free."

My parents were believers in this fantasy for 50 years. They remained among the less fortunate for 50 years, but never stopped believing they would be delivered as do the fools of today.

All while we quadrupled the size of government, the cost of government and the power of government over business and ordinary citizens. It has made not a tinkers dam of difference. The Democratic Pastry has yet to rescue and deliver one person from poverty. In fact they have delivered more to it. Five million people have fallen from the middle since Obama was elected. All larger, more expense, expansive government has done is produced more welfare, greater inequality and giant, debilitating pile of debt your kids are going to get stuck paying off with much lowered living standards.

This country only wants to hear someone tell them life will be better, with no pain. They want to hear that every four years no matter their situation grows increasingly dire. No American wants to hear the truth, so they keep hiring "hucksters" and "rain makers" in the image of Obama, Bernie and Hillary. They boldly lie, because they can't be elected by telling the truth.

Americans don't do "truth well" especially when they can get a fix of fantasy from Bernie to sustain them pretending they will be delivered. This time it will be different. My parents thought that, too. It wasn't. The bear hug of socialism is as certain sign of impeding disaster as a canary found dead in a coal mine. The individual in America is now certain he can't save himself, so he demands to be saved by others using government as a cudgel.

Tony Boutin

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Obama has shown reckless disregard for the U.S. Constitution

To The Daily Sun,

I am proud of Kelly Ayotte for standing up for the Constitution and the American people. The death of Justice Scalia was a sad day for conservatives like me — he has been a valiant warrior for the Constitution and the idea of government that our Founding Fathers helped to build.

Given President Obama's reckless disregard of the Constitution and overreaches of executive authority, I do not think he should appoint another justice to the bench at this time. This is a historic election year where political outsiders are the ones who we believe will truly get things done.

But regardless of who wins the election — whether it's a Republican or a Democrat — the American people deserve to have their voice heard — especially when it comes to the nomination of someone who will serve in that position presumably for the rest of their life.

D. Gruette

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