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Immigration should benefit nation & vast majority of residents

To The Daily Sun,
It is said that people get the government that they deserve. This means not only how government deals directly with people (e.g., fairly, dictatorially, openly, legally) but it also means the consequences of the policies that our elected politicians implement.

San Francisco citizens have repeatedly elected politicians who made San Francisco a "sanctuary city", a city that refuses to enforce our immigration laws. Sanctuary cities are magnets for illegal aliens, especially criminal illegal aliens who commit fully anticipatable and avoidable crimes.

Now the family and friends of Kathryn Steinle mourn her murder by an illegal alien who San Francisco helped hide from federal authorities. Kathryn's murder was the direct consequence of San Francisco's being a sanctuary city. Her blood is obviously on the hands of her murderer, but that blood is spread over the hands of the politicians who made San Francisco a sanctuary city and the people who repeatedly elected those politicians.

Across our country illegal aliens murder, kill, maim, rape, terrorize, steal from and otherwise victimize millions of American citizens. The harm from these crimes is in addition to the harm to most American citizens, especially poor citizens, from lost jobs, lowered wages, higher taxes, and lower quality educations for American children.

But, illegal aliens are tolerated and even encouraged by politicians to gain support from special interests (e.g., immigration groups, unions, businesses, and government employees) and who put their personal interests above the good of the vast majority of Americans.

Immigration should benefit the nation and the vast majority of its citizens. Unfortunately both Democrat and Republican politicians have betrayed our county and the American people for their own personal benefit.

Our immigration laws are not broken, they are just not enforced. Politicians who claim our immigration problem is the result of not passing "Immigration Reform" are lying. Simply passing a law (crafted by special interest groups) that legalizes the people who overstayed their visas or who crossed our borders illegally doesn't make them the kind of immigrants that benefit our country.

As we consider who to elect to office next year, we must consider who will ensure that our immigration policies benefit our country, our national character, and the vast majority of the American people. If we elect people who continue the current immigration policies, then the blood of Kathryn Steinle and millions of other American victims will also be on our hands.

Don Ewing

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Thanks to Gilford Fire/Rescue for above & beyond duty hospitality

To The Daily Sun,
It is not out of the ordinary for a firefighter to stop by other firehouses while on vacation or while traveling. Sometimes the visit is out of curiosity and sometimes its purpose is just to meet new people and share the camaraderie of being emergency services personnel.

Last week, we had family staying with us from Finland: Teemu, Johanna and Annika Turunen. Teemu is a firefighter in the city of Tampere, in the southern part of Finland, and he wanted to know if he could visit an American fire department to see what it was like. I took him by Gilford Fire/Rescue, last Thursday, July 2, to see if they could let him take a look at the station or trucks. I was amazed by the tour that he received.

We were met by Deputy Chief Bradley Ober, who showed us into the station and introduced us to Lt. Dom DeCarlli, Firefighter Dion DeCarli and Firefighter Tim Johnson, all of whom were happy to share their knowledge and experience with the visiting firefighter. They exchanged information about shift work, training requirements, equipment, responsibilities and protocol. Then, Firefighter Johnson showed Teemu the equipment room, the rest of the station and the various vehicles at their disposal. At the end of the visit, they traded department T-shirts, as is customary.

My visitor had such a great experience that I wanted to take the time to thank the Gilford Fire/Rescue personnel for their hospitality, above and beyond the call of duty. As they say in Finland, "Kiitos paljon" (thank you very much).

Brett Beliveau



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