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Stop wasting our money & you'll have plenty to fix N.H.'s roads

To The Daily Sun,
The foundation of the new tax proposed by Representatives Norman Major, John Cloutier, and David Watters is to penalize those New Hampshire citizens who are not buying enough gasoline. Buying more gasoline pays more gas tax towards support of the state's crumbling transportation infrastructure. But to specifically and exclusively target fuel efficient vehicles for new revenue through a so-called road usage fee is twisted governance at its unjust worst.

Please rethink this absurd government enticement to abandon fuel efficiency and have the guts to find the funds through reduction of government waste. Recent examples of such waste are the millions spent to promote casinos, or the hundreds of thousands to come up with a new UNH logo. Very very bad government.

Stop wasting our money and you'll have plenty to fix the roads.

David M. Zebuhr


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Having new clothes helps children with their confidence & self esteem

To The Daily Sun,

Giving back to the community is important. Teaching our children this value helps them become caring loving adults. When I started in direct sales it was to help my family but then I found a way to do more for those in need.

Over the past two years I have found great joy in giving back. I reached out to other direct sales representatives in the area, associated with different companies, as well as local crafters, and asked them to participate in Vendor Bingo events. The donations we collect from these events have helped many programs throughout our community, including St. Vincent de Paul, the Elm Street School Playground Fund, The Children's Auction, The Boys and Girls Club and so many more. We like to refer to ourselves as the "Give Back Divas."

I would also like to thank the local businesses in our community. For the past two years I have done a fundraiser for The Children's Foundation at St. Vincent de Paul. The children need to feel good about themselves and going back to school. I have done a program with my teammates to help provide lunch boxes for these children through Lunch Box Give Back. We have been able to donate over 100 lunch boxes to The Children's Foundation over the past two years, with the help of businesses like Stafford Oil, LR Truck, All My Life Jewelry, Pete Dyer Motorcycle Shop, Sanel's, Belknap Landscaping, Young's Auto, NAPA, Liberty Tax, Bank of New Hampshire, Pizza Express, Giguere Electric and so many other individuals throughout the Lakes Region.

This holiday season we came up with another way to help The Children's Foundation for the Christmas season with a raffle. As we were getting ready to close out the raffle, with some tickets remaining, we heard that St. Vincent de Paul had been robbed, not once but twice. We quickly regrouped, went back out to the community to sell additional tickets. With the 25 prizes already purchased, all the remaining ticket sales went to purchase clothes for the children. Having new clothes to wear helps these children feel better about themselves. With the help of more than 300 people, my teammates and I were able to purchase new clothes for over 100 children in our area. I want to thank The Children's Place and Aeropostale, both located at the Tanger Outlet Center in Tilton, for the help with extra savings. As adults we do not always see the need for name brand clothes but as children, it is sometimes important.

I remember growing up in a single-parent household and these type of clothes were not possible on a tight budget. When we could get them the feeling was amazing. Could we have done toys, yes. But toys lose their luster over time. Having new clothes will help these children with their confidence, self-esteem and help give them pride in themselves. That is something that will last much longer than any toy ever will.

In conclusion, I want to say thank you to all those who have made this an amazing year for so many. A thank you to the individuals, The Give Back Divas and the businesses throughout the Laconia area.

We are all better together.

Dawn Johnson, Ind. Director

Thirty One Gift LLC


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