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Two latest vacancies on selectboard will be filled by appointment

To The Daily Sun,

I have had several residents inquire as to the process of electing and or appointing the Selectboard members for the town elections. There seems to be confusion given the unusual circumstances of having two resignations after the town ballot had been assembled.

The town elections are Tuesday, March, 10 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Community Center. At the town elections voting will take place for the two seats currently held by Carla Horne and Peter Brothers. Voters will fill those two seats only.

Pursuant to RSA 669:63, the two vacancies created by recent resignations will be filled by appointment by the remaining Selectboard members. There is no provision to include these seats on the ballot, as the resignations occurred after the ballot was assembled, and candidates signed up for offices. The current Selectboard has chosen to defer the filling of these vacancies until after the election. At that time the board will decide how it wants to fill the two remaining vacancies.

I hope this clarifies what the procedure will be.

Carla Horne, Chair

Meredith Selectboard

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Alexandria to vote on phohibiting wind resource extraction

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Leslie Thompson and I have been a resident of Alexandria for just two years but almost immediately after we moved here the specter of an industrial wind project in our backyard loomed large.

We moved here because we found the perfect house in the perfect spot where we could enjoy endless acres of woods, wildlife galore, and even a babbling brook just below the bluff where our home sits.

All of a sudden we are confronted with both a huge, industrial wind project that will change the landscape and the realization that in the current legal/political climate, we have little to say about Alexandria's environmental future. That means there are two parts to this fight: 1. to protect the rural and environmental health of Alexandria, and 2. to assert our right to shape our town's character. Both points are important and both issues are worth the fight.

Last year a majority of us voted in the first Community Bill of Rights (BOR). Awesome! In the ensuing year however, we have learned a lot about the powers of corporate industry and realize that we need to close up some gaps not foreseen in the first BOR . We have all been scratching our heads for the past year as to why in the world an Iberdrola or an EDP would spend the enormous amounts of money necessary to build a MET tower, collect a year's worth of data, just to be told they are not permitted to go forward. We have to stop them before they even start and more importantly, we have to assert our right to shape our town today and forever.

On March 10, the town of Alexandria will vote on an additional BOR that would prohibit Wind Resource Extraction activities and further define our position on industrial wind projects in our community. Let's all stand together again.

Vote "Yes" on Warrant Article 16.

Leslie Thompson


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