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Hillary Clinton’s corruption is the reason she lost the election

To The Daily Sun,
In the aftermath of the election, here is something which I think is striking.
Corruption: I think it is very telling that the Democrats chose to put forward probably the most corrupt candidate that they could put forward. It wasn’t even that she was the choice of Democratic voters. They basically showed that the Democratic Party was willing to eschew the will of Democratic voters to put Hillary forward as their candidate.
To digress for a moment, this demonstrates that their concern for not disenfranchising voters is not out of concern for the democratic process but is only a means to further their cause.
That Bill and Hillary Clinton are probably the most corrupt couple in the history of American politics is an argument that I think could be won. Even many Democrats understood this, which is why I think many stayed home on Election Day. That the party put her forward anyway shows their confidence that the mainstream media and the Obama administration would cover for her. What they did not count on was God’s hand in directing the election.
Hillary blames her loss on, among others, (FBI Director) Jim Comey. That may be in part correct. Not the blame part, but I think his investigation probably did have an impact on the election. Particularly when he reopened it about a week before the election. That Hillary was under investigation was the product of her own corruption. That Comey, trying to do his job, might have have negatively affected her campaign is on her. The corruption is hers. If she hadn’t bathed herself in corruption there would have been no investigation. As a responsible adult she needs to own that.
In a court of law there are various bars to which certainty must rise to convict. But in an election all you need, and rightly so, is to know in your heart that this person is corrupt. There is no legal threshold. With Bill’s and Hillary’s patterns of behavior, what is one to reasonably conclude? That is why she lost. It comes down squarely on her and her husband. Even with Wikileaks piling on the case for corruption, the corruption is still on her. It’s not the Russians.
John Demakowski

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There are good and bad people in the world, Christian & Muslim

To The Daily Sun,
I read Mr. Earle’s letter (Friday) regarding Muslims and was saddened. Did you know that the United States has good working relationships with seven of the eight countries with the largest Muslim populations in the world? The one country they don’t — Iran — only accounts for about 4.5 percent of the Muslims in the world. The other seven make up more than 50 percent.
In the high tech industries that I have been part and parcel of over the past 28 years, I’ve had many Muslim friends from India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Turkey. I’ve been in their homes. I’ve eaten with them. I’ve been to their weddings.
One very good friend retired from the United States Army after 33 years as a Muslim chaplain. She wore the uniform. She obeys our laws. Every day for 33 years. She is an inspiration to many not only because of her commitment to her faith, but because of how her faith has never once impacted who she is as an American. She is as fair and open-minded a person as I’ve ever met. Last year, I introduced her to a evangelical Christian friend from my childhood who also made similar accusations toward Muslims that Mr. Earle has. She was patient and kind ... and yet he could not let go of his ignorance. The same ignorance that Mr. Earle has exhibited.
Did you know that Islam is based from the same tree as Judaism and Christianity? That it started 600 years after the death of Christ? That in the Quran Mohammed is mentioned four times, and yet Jesus Christ is mentioned 25 times? And every one of those mentions is one of reverence. Did you know that there are as many sects of violent Christians in the world as there are violent Muslim sects? And did you also know that by the year 2070 Muslims will outnumber Christians on this planet? Sure — you’ll be dead by then, most likely. But your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be around. As will mine.
Mr. Earle stated in his letter, “Muslims do not assimilate into other cultures. They do not believe in democracy, human rights, women’s rights, gay rights, freedom of speech, religion, assembly, or any of the rights we believe in, not even the ‘moderate Muslims.’ Islam is an alien culture intent on world domination.”
I do not know where he has gotten his information from, but it goes counter to everything I know about my Muslim friends, and about their religion as defined in their holy book — the Quran. They are in every culture on this planet. They believe in many of the same things you do. And like our Bible, there are people out there who use the Word of God to push their own agendas, whether it is Muslim or Christian because it is the same God. The same exact one – the God of Abraham. Are these acts of terrorism evil? Yes, they certainly are. Do they represent all 1.7 billion Muslims across the planet? About as much as Timothy McVeigh or Eric Rudolph represent all of Christianity worldwide. Think about that.
Mr. Earle, I would gladly connect you with my friend the chaplain so that you can be informed — maybe even educated. You can ask your questions and you can get real answers. Because I promise you one thing — that the shock and horror felt by most true Christians after Oklahoma City was matched by the shock and horror that most Muslims felt after 9/11.
There are good people and there are bad people out there. There are people who lack a sense of self or have some deep-seated anger and will give themselves to some cause or hate group who will use their weakness or anger to create a monster. We’ve all seen them in the news. And they aren’t all Muslims. And to pigeonhole and cast aspersions toward an entire religion is not Islamophobia. No. It is simply pure, unadulterated ignorance of the world passed your own front door. Perhaps you should try stepping out and looking around. It is a far more beautiful world than you paint in your letter.
Alan Vervaeke

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