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Hillary's goal is to fix the problems she created in the first place

To The Daily Sun,

Hillary said last night that no one person could fix the problems... and she is right.
The problem, Hillary, is that you created most of the problems with your failed programs, both domestic and international, and we need someone to fix your mistakes.

Again, I am not a Trump fan. When the primary season started, I was so happy to see so many qualified candidates and would have been happy with quite a few of the candidates. Did I vote for Trump in the primary? No. But I am an "Anybody but Hillary" person.

There is no doubt she is a liar. She has lied to the American public so many times and I cannot figure out why people believe her. Of course the media has something to do with not asking her the hard questions and when they ask her something they let her worm her way out of the truth.

She sold government access when she was secretary of state. What would she sell as President?

Our federal government treats our veterans terribly. We would not have our freedoms and rights without them. Our federal government treats illegals better than our veterans.
There is something inherently wrong with this.

Our first responders protect us and you treat them horribly? Dallas County Sheriff asked for a moment of silence for those killed in the line of duty and what did she get? The response was some people yelled "Black lives matter."

Hillary, you should have come up and said that they are wrong to do that. Wrong. No ifs and buts about it. But Hillary, what did you do? Nothing.

Hillary, I know what you stand for and what you don't stand for even though you stood and said you would be president of all people. Good rhetoric Hillary. But the fact is, you do not for anything I hold dear ... the constitution and those who uphold the law and keep our freedom. Good words, Hillary but only words to you. No substance here.

Linda Riley

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Don't presume to guess about my political stands or views on anything

To The Daily Sun,

Could someone please, other than those two women who are major Trump supporters, point out to me where and when Mr. Vervaeke said in his letter(s) that he is supporting/voting for Hillary?

Was I reading the wrong article? Did I miss something? Or perhaps they read what they wanted to, and went off with their support of, I guess the only candidate they think should win.

Oops, does that mean because I defended Mr. Vervaeke or said that about Trump that I too must be a supporter for Hillary? Or I support Hillary because she is a woman, same as me?

Do not ever assume to guess about my political stands or views on anything. It's not worth your time, ladies. And frankly it is none of your business either.

Denise C. Burke


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