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Mr. Isabelle has no peers when it comes to salary; why is that?

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to respond to Jake Landow's letter published on Friday. For starters Mr. Landow refers to Rep. Silber's "vindictive arrogance," which is laughable considering Mr. Landow sat on the very same School Board who's "vindictive arrogance" towards Gilford taxpayers led to SAU 73's budget being rejected and the Budget Committee being handed a huge mandate by the voters with the resounding defeat of a petitioned warrant article to eliminate the BudCom. This petitioned warrant article was crafted in the SAU office, reviewed by the district's attorney (at taxpayer expense) and circulated around the schools for signatures, all in violation of the law. Perhaps this is the same reason that Mr. Landow was defeated in his campaign for re-election.

Unlike the School Board we try to gather as much information as we can before we hold any votes. During our meetings we engage school districts officials and invite comment from the general public to ensure that we have the best, most accurate information possible for us to base our decisions off of. At a recent meeting, the School Board was debating what was requested by the Budcom, they were very confused but still refused to even acknowledge myself or the other two BudCom members who were present, forcing us to wait another 90 minutes before we could address them during the public comment period at the very end of the meeting . . . after they had already voted on how to proceed.

The reason that Rep. Silber wanted Mr. Issabelle placed under oath was because we rely on receiving accurate information from the administrators in order to make the must informed decisions possible for the taxpayers and Mr. Issabelle has proven that he is willing to put the school district's political agenda before his own integrity. Perhaps the larger questions are: Why is this man is still employed by the district at a salary that makes him the highest paid administrator in any similar position in the entire state of N.H.? Why does the School Board overpay a person who refuses to truthful and honest with a dully elected public body tasked with justifying the expenditure of public funds? Why has, over the last four years, his salary grown more rapidly than any other district employee? Perhaps the answer to these questions is that School Board members like Jake Landow consider Mr. Isabelle to be a "colleague and friend" and not an employee!

Kevin Leandro

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Corporate taxes need to be lowered; Carrier deal was a first step

To The Daily Sun,

An answer to Bernadette Loesch:

I take umbrage with your bullet points letter of December 8th.The fact that Taiwan reached out to Donald Trump was the latest of the reality that we will have a new P.O.T.U.S.
The media did report to the public with great fanfare. Your claim that President Obama, reaching out to Castro in Cuba as a correlation, is ludicrous and not true. Mike Pence and Donald Trump didn't report the story, the media did.
The tax incentives given to the Carrier Corp. are in line with Donald Trump proposing to lower corporate taxes.
The saving of the hundreds of jobs from going to Mexico was a step in the right direction. When the corporate tax is lowered as an incentive to keep more workers in the U.S.A., you should applaud,not criticize and condemn.
The A.C.A. is starting to go in to a death spiral. The repeal and replacement will help all Americans. President Obama said we could keep our doctors and keep our plans,which was a prevaricating statement. Pushing thing through Congress without reading it was a major culprit in it's downfall. A major over-haul is what is needed.
The government should not force the people to pay for someone else to have insurance by fines or penalties.
Auto insurance, life insurance, etc. is issued across state lines. Also, health savings accounts help pay down the cost.
Rich Tjaden

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