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Lakes Region TEA Party meets on third Wednesday of every month

To The Daily Sun,

At the meeting February 17, the Lakes Region TEA Party was treated to presentations from N.H. State Senator Jeanie Forrester and Representative Glenn Cordelli.

While Senator Forrester focused on the N.H. State Budget and Representative Cordelli focused on the efforts to extend Medicaid Expansion, both guests welcomed questions and engaged in discussions with attendees.

The Tea Party Leadership thanks them for sharing their time, information, and opinions and for addressing questions. The leadership especially appreciates them listening patiently to the comments and recommendations.

The Lakes Region TEA Party promotes the values of the Declaration of Independence and the US and New Hampshire Constitutions. The group seeks to educate attendees on the issues, the actions of government, and the positions and actions of elected officials and candidates for office.

Candidates for elected office who will fight to uphold the values and principles of the Declaration of Independence and the Federal and State

Constitution are supported.

The Lakes Region TEA Party meets on the third Wednesday of each month at the Moultonborough Public Library at 7 p.m.. The public is invited to join the meetings and participate.

Members of the community interested in the Tea Party efforts and wish to participate regularly are welcome and may contact the leadership at www.lakesregionteaparty.net.

Jim Thompson, Group Leader

The Lakes Region Tea Party

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2 selectmen wouldn't spend $72 to correct Voter's Guide problem

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Gilmanton residents:

I would like to make a few corrections to the article in The Daily Sun dated Feb. 24 (Gilmanton selectmen adjust voters guide).
The Gilmanton selectmen did not adjust the voters guide. The completed guide was never discussed by the Board of Selectmen and never corrected by them. The guide published by the town and posted on the website needed to be corrected before the deliberative session. It was not!
I asked town counsel to look at the language in the guide concerning bio-solids. Town counsel asked me to get full board approval to have it reviewed. I called the town administrator to ask Chairman Hatch and Selectman Jean for approval and their response was "no"!
The same question, concerning the language, was asked by the Planning Board chairman. Counsel recommended removing the last two lines and town staff did that.
Flash back to the voters guide. Remember that Chairman Hatch and Selectmen Jean said they would not spend any money reviewing it. According to the Town administrator, it cost the town $72. Seventy-two dollars.
What is the cost to the town when in the voters guide there is a problem and two selectmen will not correct it? What is the cost to the town when a handout, full of inaccuracies, is published explaining why our tax rate is so high. Plenty!
Just before the deliberative session there was a problem with the GYRL petitioned warrant article. A special meeting was called by Chairman Hatch. On the Saturday morning of deliberative session, the Board of Selectmen met with the GYRL, Budget Committee representatives, town moderator and members of the public. Minutes are available. I supported what needed to be done.

Next year, I think the Board of Selectmen should review the voters guide before it is published.

Don Guarino

Gilmanton Selectman

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