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Addressing man-made climate change myth has already hurt

To The Daily Sun,

Mirno Pasquali claims (in his April 16 letter) to be a global warming realist, not an alarmist. Yet he demands that most Americans sacrifice 5-10 percent of their incomes because of projected climate disasters. That sounds pretty alarmist to me. The new set of disasters are projected by the same man-made global warming/cooling/climate change "experts" that promised numerous other climate disasters over the last 30 years, disasters which didn't occur.

While few Americans would weekly bet 5-10 percent of their income on the weekend weather forecast which is occasionally correct and would pay off immediately, the alarmists demand you pay (bet) now for the projected climate disasters that won't occur for 30, 50, or 100 years if ever.

Pasquali thinks we should be impressed that government websites, totally controlled by the world leader in the man-made global warming/cooling/climate change myth, endorse this myth. It would be ridiculous to think otherwise. For seven years this president has purged anyone, including the military (which may explain why they can't destroy the JV team — ISIS), who doesn't support his agenda.

The military follows the president's orders. (If that were not the case, American troops would have stayed in Iraq and the rise of ISIS would have been prevented.) Pasquali's claim that denying the man-made global warming/cooling/climate change myth is a slight to military men and women is ridiculous; this attempt to shutdown opposition reveals the weakness of his position.

Years ago many corporations decided it was easier and more profitable, especially with the associated subsidies and tax breaks, to go along with the man-made global warming/cooling/climate change myth than to argue against it and fight thousands of government regulators, delays, and taxes, etc.

This scientific debate has also been not only politicized but criminalized. Attorney General Lynch indicates that the Justice Department has been considering and 16 Democrat (and one independent) attorneys general announced their intent to threaten companies with legal action and fines for opposing the man-made global warming/cooling/climate change myth.

Running a successful business is difficult enough without asking for active government opposition.

Even if you believed the myth, no believable remedy has been suggested. Reducing carbon use can't possibly solve the opposite "problems" of man-made global warming and man-made global cooling. Doctors don't treat hyperthermia and hypothermia the same.

Even if you accept all the alarmists' claims and tax away and spend the tens of trillions of dollars demanded, the supposed theoretical beneficial impact is minor, in the distant future, and at best a few years delay in the inevitable.

Addressing this man-made global warming/cooling/climate change myth has already hurt most Americans whose jobs have been eliminated, whose incomes have been reduced, and/or whose cost of living has been increased.

For an excellent five-minute overview of this issue, see:
Despite the harm to most Americans and the uselessness of the effort, pursuit of the man-made global warming/cooling/climate change myth has achieved its primary purpose which is to empower and enrich politicians.

Don Ewing

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If you can't see echoes of fascism coming from the Tea Party

To The Daily Sun,

Fascism evolves from right-wing extremism, just as Communism evolves from left-wing extremism.
The fascism we are most familiar with began with Mussolini in 1919 Italy and spread. These regimes arose in very different times but echoes of fascism can still be heard in right-wing rhetoric. Fascism at its core is uber-nationalistic. It expresses and demands patriotism on the scale of religious fanaticism. Fascist propaganda specializes in patriotic mottos, songs, and slogans. Flags, flag symbols and flag clothing are to be ubiquitous. Fascism glorifies the nation and the military. Fascists promote an aggressive foreign policy and tend to disproportionately fund their military when the money could be better spent elsewhere. This nationalist militancy bleeds over into a love of paramilitary organizations and militias.

Hate speech and fear mongering about "others" is a tool that promotes obsession regarding national security and traditional values. Robert Paxton, foremost expert on fascism noted, "The use of ethnic stereotypes and exploitation of fear of foreigners is directly out of a fascist's recipe book.

"Making the country great again" sounds exactly like the fascist movements. Concern about national decline, that was one of the most prominent emotional states evoked in fascist discourse, and Trump is using that full-blast...". Right-wingers use ethnic and religious stereotypes to attack Mexicans, Muslims, immigrants, etc. Fascism remains feverishly anti-immigrant. "English only" is an American echo of the Nazi's "German only" agenda.

Fascists have a deep hatred for Marxism, socialism and liberalism. In his famous 1932 speech, The Doctrine of Fascism, Mussolini attacked liberalism and Marx's socialism by name over 40 times.

You may have noticed the obsession with "Marxist-socialists" coming from many of The Sun's writers. Fascists will also look the other way regarding police abuses, torture and revoking civil rights if its in the name of patriotism and national security. Or their religion. Fascists are obsessed about protecting their culture and its traditional values. Here is where religion enters the fascist blend. In the Muslim world, authoritarians stress "Muslim values" while here in the USA, our extremists insist on "Judeo-Christian values." The Christian Dominionist movement strives to have all U.S. laws based on the Bible. This is Christo-fascism which has its roots in the Depression. Ted Cruz is a Dominionist.

Like Abrahamic religions, fascism is patriarchal and wants to control women's lives and everyone's sexual conduct, too. In fascist Europe, family planning, contraception, and abortion were suppressed. Masculinity and femininity were narrowly defined. European fascism was heavily intertwined with Christianity in Italy and Spain. Weremacht SS belt buckles said, "God With Us."

Franco favored conservative Catholicism and reversed the secularization process that had succeeded under the Second Republic. Historian Julian Casanova claimed of Franco's regime, "the symbiosis of religion, fatherland and Caudillo saw the Church assume great political responsibility, a hegemony and monopoly beyond its wildest dreams and play a central role in policing the country's citizens."

The echoes of this remain loud in right-wing world. The Nazis created a bureaucracy in 1936 called "The Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion." Right-wing Christians are doing their best in legislatures around the nation to craft such laws seeking control of women and the marginalization of the LGBT community. Extremist Christian legislators attack women's rights and the LGBT community with bills because they deem themselves the ultimate guardians of the family institution.

Fascism is not a friend of intellectual rigor, cultural diversity, or the arts because these are deemed a threat to traditional religious and/or national values. Fascism tends to promote open hostility toward higher education, and academia. Professors and universities are openly attacked while newspapers, magazines, books, TV, plays and films are monitored for any transgressions against national traditions or Judeo-Christian values.

Fascism protects corporations and seeks to eliminate unions and worker's rights. Hitler, Franco, Mussolini and Pinochet all outlawed trade unions. Tens of thousands were murdered in these sweeps against socialism and trade unions.

If you can't see echoes of fascism coming from the Tea Party, the Religious Right, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump, you need help.

James Veverka



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