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Hillary Clinton knows how important Planned Parenthood is

To The Daily Sun,

On Wednesday, thanks to the efforts of Maggie Hassan and the public support of many Granite Staters, the New Hampshire Executive Council voted to restore funding for birth control, cancer screenings, and annual exams at New Hampshire's Planned Parenthood health centers.

However, we must remember that the rest of our country is still at risk and we must stand with the presidential candidate that has been fighting for women's rights her entire life if we wish to make not only New Hampshire, but the rest of our country fair for women.

Hillary Clinton has been fighting at the national level for women's rights for many years — including during the Bush administration when her unwillingness to yield on her principles did not win her many friends on Capitol Hill. The stands she takes do not make her political career any easier, but Hillary Clinton will never sacrifice her values.

When Hillary speaks on Planned Parenthood, she is drawing from her battles in New York and Washington, but she is also speaking with a firm understanding of New Hampshire. She knows how much Planned Parenthood contributes to the well-being of New Hampshire's communities.

We must join our voices with those of our sisters in other states. Voting Hillary Clinton at the top of the ticket will make it resoundingly clear that Granite Staters will no longer stand for petty politics reigning in New Hampshire at the expense of our women and their right to health care.

Juliette Paquin

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Hosting chance for veterans to meet Jeanie Forrester on July 9

To The Daily Sun,

In my most recent Letter to the Editor I mentioned I would like to be involved in having fellow veterans meet and talk to Jeanie Forrester, who is running for governor.

At this time I would like to inform all veterans that Jeanie will be having a cookout to honor veterans. It will be held Saturday, July 9, at the home of Richard and Carol Gerken, 14 Oak Knoll in Meredith. The time will be 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. RSVP 279-7783.

Jeanie is holding this event not only to meet veterans but listen to their concerns.

As a Vietnam era veteran, I know that New Hampshire has many problems with the VA system like many other states do.

As governor, Jeanie would like to hear what the problems are and try to resolve them. It is my opinion that the last few governors have paid no attention to these problems. I hope you can make the cookout and bring a fellow veteran.

L. Michael Hatch

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