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Criticism of an obituary? Letter writer has stooped to a new low

To The Daily Sun,

There is so much pontification and bashing that goes on in the letters to the editor that I often only skim through. However one letter written by Mr. Albushies caught my eye. He criticized an obituary... an OBITUARY?. In my life, I have never seen a letter writer stoop so low. Obituaries are written in a time of grief.
Some folks write their own, and their family publishes it verbatim. As it should be. Maybe the man in question loved soccer? Maybe that was his life passion? He clearly sounded like a well educated man with a stellar career.
It could be that he was extremely proud of the fact that his play in high school gave him the ability to play at the college level, (a feat very few high school students accomplish). And so it follows that most likely his time in college led him to law school, which led to his career. College is difficult enough, but to balance a pre-law education and a collegiate sport is no easy feat.
Who are you, Mr. Albushies to criticize someone else's obituary? Who are you to judge anyone's grieving process? I have seen a lot of nonsense and ridiculous posturing over political and other issues in the paper, but you sir (?), have sunk to a new low.
I personally, have no idea who you are referring to in your letter, but I am offended and can only hope that they did not see your letter.

Meg Jenkins

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Rep. Cordelli noted important oversight & took corrective action

To The Daily Sun,

State Rep. Glenn Cordelli is doing a terrific job representing the people of Moultonborough, Sandwich and Tuftonboro.
I would especially like to thank him for identifying the lack of financial oversight in the county audit process. Carroll County has not done a financial audit since 2009.

Rep. Cordelli has submitted legislation mandating annual county financial audits and is actively working with legislators to this end. He has obtained the complete support of the state Department of Revenue Administration. The matter will be brought up for vote in the House next term. We have Rep. Cordelli to thank for noting this important oversight and taking corrective action.

Please vote for Rep. Glenn Cordelli on, Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Nancy Wright

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Pay the county's bills with money already appropriated for them

To The Daily Sun,

Imagine this. Its late October, and you get a notice from your job that if you want to keep your health care for you and your family, you must pay the remaining balance your employer owes for the year or risk losing your coverage or your job.

Many of us are put in unexpectedly tough financial positions at some point in our lives. Except then you find out that it is not because your employer doesn't have the funds to pay what they promised you. It's because they are feuding with payroll and don't want to do it? Sounds crazy, but this is the position that the state representatives who lead the Belknap County Delegation like Colette Worsman, Frank Tilton and Herb Vadney have put the commission and the employees of the county.

These representatives have the opportunity to finally stop this madness of putting ideology over common sense and pay the county's bills with money already appropriated by them, at no additional cost to taxpayers. If they don't, it could cost all of us more money, disrupt the lives of single parents trying to make ends meet, and possibly affect our county services. Over what?

Joseph Eldridge


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Representatives just playing politics with LNA's health coverage

To The Daily Sun,

The county administration is having to prepare our county workers who are caring for our elderly in the nursing home that they may need to unexpectedly pay the balance of their health insurance for the year. Is this because the county does not have the funds to pay its promised share of health insurance for its dedicated employees? No. There are no additional funds needed. It is because State Reps. Colette Worsman, Herb Vadney and Frank Tilton short-changed it and there is some doubt as to whether they will transfer the money to pay their bills from surpluses elsewhere.

It is totally unwarranted that the county is in a position to have to tell its employees that in the fourth quarter of the year, when bills are due and holidays are coming, that we have to tell a mother who works as a LNA at the nursing home that she needs to pay triple the amount for her health insurance or face losing her coverage or losing her job, just because these representatives are playing politics with her health coverage.

This whole ordeal could be avoided at the next county delegation executive committee if they transfer the necessary funds at no cost to taxpayers. Or it could cost everyone more due to litigation for violating the terms of employment which the county is obligated to uphold. Rep. Tilton, please do the right thing.

Gillian Halligan


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State reps seem to be beneficiaries of same program they hate

To The Daily Sun,

It was of great interest that I read of Mr. Burchell's complaining about the "frivolous" lawsuit filed by state Rep. Ruth Gulick concerning the rights of the Belknap Commissioner to spend county money.

Is it frivolous to have to fire people from the nursing home and force the taxpayers to pick up their unemployment and Medicaid payments? Is it frivolous to prevent people from receiving medications at the county jail? Is it frivolous to reduce the number of programs at the county jail so these people might return to society and not back to the jail? The list of frivolity goes on and on.

It is also interesting to see that a goodly number of the majority of the Belknap County delegates are the beneficiaries of those social programs that they claim to hate: Social Security, Medicare, high five-figure military pensions with PX privileges and paid medical benefits (probably some more frivolous programs we should get rid of).

What was not frivolous was my wife's attending law school at age 35 while she helped raise three teenage children. Of her award as the leading attorney for pro bono work in aiding the poor and defenseless in Belknap County. She today puts her constituents' views ahead of hers when it comes to legislation whether they be Democrats or Republicans. Can this be said of the "Toxic Ten"? What other county has this micro-management?

No matter who you plan to vote for, I do not find it frivolous that the good employees of Belknap County deserve to be treated this way by people who seem to be saying, "I've got mine, to heck with you."

Peter L. Gulick

New Hampton

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