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We're a giving country but we can't commit cultural suicide

To The Daily Sun,

I see a letter from Todd Welch who very generously invites all of the Syrian refugees in the world to come here and live in Tilton. As I, too, live in Tilton, I was going to give him a call and discuss this issue with him but he is not listed in the telephone book. I guess he must have a private number that he doesn't want public.

So, Todd are you personally willing to sponsor your Syrian Muslim friends to live at your house and guarantee that they will not require public assistance for at least two years? That is how legal immigrants are allowed to live here. I know because I have done it. Are you going to put them up in your grand hotel and teach them about garbage pickup and indoor plumbing?

Remember that 90 percent of these people are young men who have been actively fighting in a civil war. They are running because they have lost their war. War is what they know. Sharia law is what they know. Conflict and killing and hate is what they know.

Open your eyes, Todd. The United States is the most giving country in the world, but that doesn't mean we should commit cultural suicide. If you still feel so strongly about your idea, I urge you to bring it up at the town meeting in March.

Alan Moon


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Many armed women have defended themselves & their children

To The Daily Sun,

James Veverka's letter about how more gun control is the key, while vilifying me for my belief in the armed citizen, was one more example of the "Left's" unbalanced thinking. Oh, he claims that we should all holster our weapons because "the good guys with guns" will not step up when confronted with evil. He sites all sorts of articles which claim to have debunked John Lott's laborious and detailed analysis of how more guns equal less crime and murder. Though he did not cite them, you can bet your Smith & Wesson that he poured through articles from Think Progress, Media Matters, Mother Jones and the N.Y. Times.

Thomas Sowell, as esteemed a researcher and critical thinker as you will find, reports that the hard evidence does not show that more gun control laws yields less crime and death. Most gun control zealots are loathe to debate the mountains of statistics available, replete with cold, hard facts. Here is a cold hard fact: gun sales were going up by the millions in late 20th century America, while the murder rate was simultaneously declining.

A site called the Armed Citizen has verified thousands upon thousands of cases where individual citizens successfully defended themselves from attacking criminals. Yes indeed, there is volumes of data that show how many lives are saved each year through the defensive use of guns. As Dr. Sowell notes, "just pointing a loaded gun at an assailant is usually enough to get him to back off." That's right James, many times no actual shooting even takes place. I guess that is difficult for "leftist" sites to quantify, so they just ignore it.

The good guys (and gals) will not step up and confront evil, implies Mr. Veverka. Try Googling Ms. Dee of Detroit and Sarah McKinley and the females I mentioned in my previous letter. Yes James, many hundreds of women have defended themselves and their children from bigger and stronger males, armed and unarmed.

James seems to enjoy his role as devil's advocate, to the point where one cannot be sure where his real feelings lie. Having said that, he writes as though he agrees with the serial liar, Hillary Clinton, who wants us to follow the lead of Australia and institute mandatory gun confiscation. Make no mistake, that is the ultimate goal of the totalitarian Left. The Second Amendment is just so yesterday, don't you know.

James claims that there were folks on the Oregon college campus the day of the massacre with concealed weapons who declined to use them for fear of retribution. That has not been verified from what I could find. However, if that is correct, then you can bet your spurs that fear came from the "Left's" lust for going after the armed citizen who killed an invader who came into his home or her business. There are numerous cases of that happening recently in the new, progressive America.

We protect our politicians, our entertainers, our celebrities, and our money with guns, but our children in schools and colleges? Well, not so much. The Left would prefer those places remain gun free zones. At least for people who are law abiding gun owners. Better to let our vulnerable children cower behind their desks like sitting ducks, because well, gun free zones just sounds so much nicer.

The Left says we should pass another gun control law so that they can sleep soundly at night because they did something. Is it any wonder we have such a sick society today. The Left would prefer to add another feel-good, but meaningless, law rather than actually protect the most vulnerable among us. I want my grandchildren, who are currently both in high school, to have protection through the use of retired police officers and servicemen and women. I would also think it a good idea to allow a teacher, who is a trained, concealed carry weapon owner, to come to school packing heat. Does it absolutely guarantee their safety? Well no, but it increases the odds of their survival substantially. And I am all for that.

The Left persists in fighting those who fight evil. It is progressive madness and it is ripping apart the very fabric of our society. James doesn't appear to care about that because I'm sure he is convinced that he is the "enlightened" one. The one who feels he must rail against those who "cling to their God and guns." He sure is a real pistol, ain't he?

Russ Wiles

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