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I will be running for a 6th term on City Council representing Ward 4

To The Daily Sun,
This past week Americans celebrated our country's birthday. And, as we celebrated many of us reflected on what it meant to us, and how much and how many were sacrificed to give us this great country. I felt a stronger showing of that this year and feel patriotism rising and the need to express it.
What better time to ask ourselves, what is my part in preserving this country and its ideals, not only on the Fourth of July, but every day.
There are many different answers for everyone . We all have to find that one or two things we could do to show not only our love and belief in our system, but to actually contribute something.
Ten years ago, I won my first election as a city councilor. Now, at a time when I thought I was done, I find that while the legs are slower, the upstairs is still alive and running. I still have something to give to my ward and every person in Laconia. My prime objective 10 years ago was the revitalization of downtown Laconia, and just when I thought it was lost, we have another shot, and it is a great one. I would like to see it to its fruition and once again enjoy a diversified and thriving businesses downtown.
As a senior citizen, the largest population in the city and most living on a limited income, I represent them and as well the blue collar workers and the two job holders who are struggling to give their families a decent living. I also work for every other Laconian. My record is long and well documented. I am fiscally conservative and work hard to keep city spending responsible, but will spend money when it will benefit our city. I don't always agree with the councils I have served on when it comes to certain expenditures, but we all work for the good of Laconia and come together for that common good.
As a retiree, I have lots of time to devote to problems and issues and it is the only way I have to give back.
Two years ago I had thought it would be my last term in office.
Today, I find there is still a need for my position on spending and policy. I am in good health and while a little slower on my feet, I am still up for a good fight when it is needed, and so I am announcing at this time that I will be running for Ward 4 Councilor when you sign up in August.
Here again is a choice of exercising your right as a citizen. Get involved, if not with state or national issues, do it with local issues and elections. One thing for sure, turn out and vote, no matter what.
Brenda Baer

Ward 4 City Councilor


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Thanks for community effort behind Meredith fireworks display

To The Daily Sun,

It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying the festivities in Meredith on July 4th.

The Greater Meredith Program facilitates the fireworks display for the town and would like to thank Meredith Marina for donating the boat that was used to pull the fireworks barge into Meredith Bay and remain with them throughout the event. We would also like to thank Wayne Sanborn of NOTEable Sound Reinforcement for setting up the sound equipment and playing great patriotic music before the fireworks began.

It is the cooperation and support of our town officials, local businesses and residents that make Meredith such a great community. Wishing everyone a great summer.

Liz Lapham
Executive Director

Greater Meredith Program

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