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I've heard no rational argument against anyone's right to be topless

To The Daily Sun,

The Argumentative Theory of Reasoning postulates that our ability to analyze data developed not out of a need or desire to better interpret information but as a way to achieve dominance in social hierarchies. That we are wired to ignore contradictory facts and continue to support our established position even when we see logical evidence that we are wrong.

I feel this is the only possible explanation for the responses to the Free the Nipple Movement currently gaining popularity through the country, including New Hampshire. The majority of the arguments I have seen ignore the facts of the matter and descend directly to personal attacks, name-calling and body-shaming.

Our societal confirmation bias says that a man being topless is meaningless but that woman being topless must be attempting to sexually excite men. We are conditioned from the time we are in pre-school to never question the notion that women's breasts are solely for the enjoyment of men. This bias exits despite the fact that the woman's breast serves a valid function, the feeding of offspring.

In short, I have heard no rational argument against anyone's right to be topless. "It is wrong" or "It is not attractive" are not a reason to deny rights to one gender. I have heard it said as a man I have "no dog in the fight" as it is women's right issue. This is a human rights issue and we all have a stake in the outcome.

J.R. Kachinski
Peabody, Mass.

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Low blow to disrespect another veteran's service to our country

To The Daily Sun,

Bernadette Loesch apparently disagrees with Snoops. Well-never-mind Bernadette gets all her information from left-wing approved sites, no need for independent sources or thinking.

Regardless of her absurd assertion that illegal aliens add nothing to the crime rates here in the U.S. it is still ... well absurd.

Then there is Henry Osmer who wants to nitpick about what he said in his letter where he disrespected the fact that someone he has a political ax to grind with he challenges their DD-214 existence.

Just who in the Hades does he think he is? That's low even for him to disrespect another veteran's service.

Steve Earle


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