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Problem we are facing is too many followers in leadership roles

To The Daily Sun,

It seems to me that the major problem we are facing with government is the elevation of too many followers to leadership positions. (i.e. Maggie, Jeanne, Carol, Annie, etc.).

This is no more than a formula for disaster. I just thought I'd mention it.
Steve Fiorini

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Why did Sanbornton hold 12 non-public meetings in last 3 months?

To The Daily Sun,

In a recent letter to the editor, Sanbornton resident Bill Whalen asked why the Sanbornton selectmen found it necessary to hold 11 non-public meetings in the last three months. Rather than give a simple response to a simple question, the selectmen "strongly urge" a local newspaper to print a "correction" to what they perceive is a libelous headline for the letter and that the selectmen "and our town lawyer" await your correction.

I wasn't particularly interested in the issue of non-public meetings until I read our selectmen's threat of legal action. Now I would like to add my voice to Mr. Whalen's and ask the same question, especially since a July 26 meeting at the firehouse increased the non-public sessions to a total of 12.

Also, I have a few questions to the selectmen of my own. Did you seek a legal opinion before you wrote your letter threatening a local newspaper with legal action? If so, who paid for the bill? Do you think that Sanbornton residents are going to remain mute while you run up legal bills for a perceived slight? On second thought, scratch the last question. I know the answer.

Roger Grey

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