White House should not have access to individual taxpayer info

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing this letter to hopefully inform the public about the IRS scam.

I received a telephone call from a person who said he was from the IRS. He gave his name and said it was about a past return. I told him he should contact my accountant and he quickly said, "No, no, no."

This worried me. I said I would call him back and asked for his name again and phone number and the what year return. He said between 2008 and 2012. I thought it strange that it was more than one year.

I immediately called my accountant and she said the IRS usually sends a letter first. I had not received a letter and she thought it was a scam and was going to notify the IRS.

My thoughts went to people who do not have accountants. Would they give information over the phone. I had not heard anything about IRS scams. If I did not have an accountant I would probably have given information over the phone. I hear IRS and want to co-operate.

But it should not be that way. The IRS should not have that power. There are approximately 2,500 taxpayer returns that were shared with the White House. The IRS should not have given the White House any taxpayer privileged information. The White House should not have access to any of this information. Now the White House says it will not turn over the information because it is privileged information and yet the White House has the privileged information.

This must be stopped and we must find out what information has been given to the White House. Congress must do something now.

President Obama has consistently worked outside the law and Congress does nothing. Let's hope next year's Congress is different.

Linda Riley


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Obamacare directly interferes with people's religious rights

To The Daily Sun,

In his Wednesday letter in The Daily Sun, Professor Cracraft went to great lengths to explain that the government has not impinged on the religious liberties granted to us in the First Amendment to the Constitution. I would like to point out that while the professor acknowledges that there is a "limitation in interfering with another's rights," he failed to acknowledge that that is precisely what the government has done.

Prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, a number of religious leaders had been conferencing with the president concerning religious issues. Those leaders believed the president would continue the discussions before making crucial decisions that affected their religious beliefs. But the president didn't have the courtesy to tell them before the decisions were made public. Cardinal Timothy Dolan, archbishop of the New York Diocese, openly stated his surprise that the president's contraception policies were ". . . intruding into the life of faith".

Others, including Democratic politicians, were also lied to and deceived in order to get the bill passed. For example, Democrat Congressman Bart Stupak of Michigan, had written an amendment restricting abortion coverage on all policies sold through the new insurance exchange, and that amendment paved the way for passage of health care reform. Leaders of his own party assured him the language of his amendment would not be tampered with. But, they lied.

There are many more examples of lies and deceit but the bottom line is that the government has, in fact, enacted a law that has directly "interfered with another's (religious) rights."

The PPACA requires policies to include "free" contraception coverage, including the "morning after pill," which induces abortion. Outrageously, religious organizations are directed to comply with those provisions even though they are a direct affront to their religious beliefs. Please understand, the Little Sisters of the Poor for the Aged in Colorado, were threatened with fines in the millions of dollars if they didn't include such coverage for their employees. Justice Sotomayor issued an injunction on the matter and, after public outrage became widespread, the government offered religious organizations to include contraceptive/abortion coverage for their non-religious employees, but required the insurance companies, not the religious organizations, to pay for it.

If we recall MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber's comments, we know that the deal was to make the insurance companies pay, that those companies would pass along those costs by raising premiums, and the politicians could then use those events to demonize the insurance companies.

The professor needs to consider the old adage about the "Camel's nose under the tent." If we cede one freedom, we risk losing them all. When did truth become passé?

Bob Meade


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Democrat Nirvana: everyone gets health care for 'free'

To The Daily Sun,

Let's examine the most basic truth why Scott Cracraft and other wonks from the far left (many academically induced) have an obsessive hatred of the Tea Party. The Tea Party ignited a spark in the Republican Party that has produced a massive, unprecedented, political power shift from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party just about every place during the past five years.

Scott Cracraft and the rest of the progressive liberals are living their worst nightmare. Scott lashes out with any inflamed rhetoric he believes might discredit the Tea Party because the Tea Party has demolished Democrats from Boston to Los Angeles in two of the last three national elections. A period where Democrats have lost of more than a 1,000 political offices, many through the efforts of Tea Party activists. Republicans, today control politics in more than 35 states at the legislature or governor level. Republicans took back both houses of Congress in just four years. Barack Obama may sit in the White House (for the moment), but the Democrats' control of national politics has been vaporized by the Tea Party to its lowest level in more than 70 years.

The Tea Party got the country to recognize the major threat an unchecked, unrestrained Democratic Party represented to their financial security and to their physical safety. Equally important, Americans recognized the incredible danger unbridled, credit card spending meant to the futures of their children. Their kids would be stuck paying the Obama spending spree bill with lowered living standards.

Consider this. George Bush left office in 2008, an almost disgraced president held in whale poop esteem by the American people. All while Senator Barack Obama was reaching rock star status, not only in the Democratic Party, but on the national stage. He wooed the nation with hypnotizing oratory unheard seen since the days of Lincoln. All In the backdrop of what was seen as a failed Republican presidency. This country was totally smitten and awe-struck by a black man, promising to fix everything that was wrong with this country, more importantly what was wrong in Washington.

It is more than understandable why Democrats were certain they had a mandate to cram down policies and legislation they had been having wet dreams about for the past century. It wasn't just a wide-open spending spigot with no Republican check valve that brought Democrats to a near political orgasm. It was the nirvana, once in a lifetime possibility of accomplishing their holy grail, where government pays for everyone's health care, producing the illusion it is free for every one. Once the holy grail was seen possible, Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama became brain dead and deaf to anything and anyone, including the majority of the country, who screamed they did not see things their way.

Through all the turmoil Democrats have thrown middle class America under the proverbial economic bus to focus entirely on minorities who are growing in numbers while the middle, working-class population shrinks, especially the white, working, middle class. The American white, middle class has become Democrats forgotten class and an absolute victim of Democrats vote counting needed to win elections in the future. It is impossible, I repeat impossible to be in favor of the middle class when you need them to pay for all the handouts (like Obamacare) that you're promising to the lower class and minorities to get elected. Fortunately, the Tea Party keeps pointing this out.

Tony Boutin


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City Council doesn't have the authority to bail out Belknap Mill

To The Daily Sun,

The Laconia City Council is having a public hearing on Monday, Dec. 8, to talk about the City of Laconia bailing out, buying or becoming a partner with the Belknap Mill.

I'm all for saving any historic building, but the City of Laconia has a conflict of interest with the two tenants that are renting office space in the Belknap Mill. The Mitchell Group, with Laura Spector-Morgan who serves as the City of Laconia's city attorney, and attorney Matt Lahey who has served as mayor and city councilor for many years with a majority of the present Laconia city councilors. It has been reported that both firms have been renting office space at the Belknap Mill for below market value for years. Let the attorneys buy and bail out the Belknap Mill.

Laconia Mayor Ed Engler and City Council don't have any authority to bail out anyone, with or without public input.

David Gammon

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The voters spoke on Nov. 4; stop trying to circumvent their will

To The Daily Sun,

When the issue of line-item authority of the Belknap County Delegation (Ch. 24:14) first became a contentious matter, the delegation sought to have the county attorney present the issue to the Superior Court for clarification. The county commissioners prevented the county attorney from so doing, but now wish to avail themselves of this self-same, and inexpensive, avenue to resolve the dispute. Tres amusant!

There will, very shortly, be a direct answer to this issue, an answer voted on most decisively by the county on Nov. 4. An attempt to circumvent the will of said voters by spurious allegations will not succeed. A word of advice to those who would disenfranchise Belknap voters: When you are in a hole, stop digging.

Dick Burchell


Commissioner-elect, Belknap 2


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