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I moved way from New York to escape the Trumps of the world

To The Daily Sun,

I am tired of this election BS. First there are Hillary's emails. Well, because she was secretary of state, with the right to know low, we get to see her emails and get to she was sloppy, but that is all.

Trump is a private citizen and we cannot see his emails. We know he has better than 30 lawsuits against him and he will not show his tax return. He was offered $6 million by a potential donor to release his tax returns and he still wouldn't do it. He has much more to hide, and he laughs at us ("I do what I want to do"). One of the cases against him involves a 13-year-old girl.

Trump talks of Hillary going to jail. How about him? Trump is a disaster waiting to happen. This is scary. I am one of the old, white men that the pollsters are talking about. I lived in New York City for 60 years where Trump did most of his dirty work. I am retired for 20 years, and moved up to New Hampshire just to get away from the Trumps of the world. I am a veteran and would like to tell all veterans don't trust this man. He is a snake and will throw you under the bus for a dime.

Yes I am an old man and may be gone soon, but my worries are for my children, grandchildren, and my new great-grandchild.

Trump's actions are, and always will be, "I can get away with anything!" and he pays his lawyers to prove it.

Robert V. Kennelly


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Many of us are looking forward to their 4 years of abject misery

To The Daily Sun,

I'll be clear. I will not vote for a single Republican candidate on this coming ballot. From president on down, we have a motley assortment of old white men with old white men ideals and old white men biases. A bigger assortment of unfriendly, toxic, and miserable people I've yet to see in one area.

From state representative candidates who stomp their feet and walk out of meetings when they don't get their way, all the way up to the most disgusting presidential candidate we've ever seen, I cannot think of worse choices. The only way this country has moved forward is with people with forward-facing ideas and not backward-facing folly. New Hampshire needs leaders into the future and not stuck in the past.

I've run into many of these men in various places, read their letters, endured their negativity during the primaries, and I've watched how they go after other candidates in a personal way since they have no idea how to actually debate on policy. Who cares if the local folks are unpaid volunteers? I want people looking out for the next generation, and not looking from the previous generations.

We need to send Trump, Ayotte, Guinta, and Sununu packing once and for all. And all of these local snow-topped bobbleheads will do nothing for us either, so I'd recommend voting for the folks with blue signs since they clearly have the most sense and the most to offer.

Finally, to Messrs Earle, Ewing, McCoole, Rottennecker, Wiles, Linda Riley and Rosemary Mellon, and any mental meatloaf who tries to claim God is part of the electorate, I will go to bed Tuesday night knowing that at the very least all of you are wrong, have been wrong, and will continue to be wrong ... that is until you start up with your cockamamie nonsense about impeachment or miscellaneous other crap and garbage. And I and many others here look forward to your abject misery over the next four years. Suck it up, buttercups.

Alan Vervaeke

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