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Under Hassan, N.H. has taken unfriendly tone toward business

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Peter J. Spanos and I am running for state representative in District 3 as a Republican candidate. As a lifelong Laconia resident and former small-business owner of 31 years, I am not satisfied with the current direction our incumbent Democrats have taken here in New Hampshire. But what can we expect with Barack Obama as their standard-bearer?

Under Maggie Hassan, our state has taken a decidedly unfriendly tone toward small businesses in our state, even though they are the economic backbone of New Hampshire's fiscal survival.

Many issues such as funding the state pension system, suppressing casino gambling, and keeping a lid on the gasoline tax must be addressed sooner rather than later, and my esteemed Democratic opponents appear unwilling or unable to make the proper and difficult choices necessary to ensure our state's long-term growth and viability.

I am new to politics and am running because I have a deep and abiding faith in our community, and am prepared to make the tough, sensible decisions in Concord that our district expects of our representatives.

When I hear proponents of a new county jail want to spend upward of $20 million we have to ask ourselves the question: Isn't jail supposed to be adequate, yet spartan?

New and frightening diseases have come to our shores and our government appears paralyzed and indecisive in containing what may become an epidemic. Although we are a generous and compassionate people, the right to self-preservation must trump all others, and that begins and ends with securing our borders.

I am asking for your support on Tuesday, Nov. 4, especially Democrats who are looking for a change in direction at the Statehouse. The right to vote is a privilege earned at great cost by those who came before us and are no longer here. I thank you in advance for exercising it on Election Day.

Peter J. Spanos


Candidate for State Representative, Belknap County, District 3

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If you answer no, no and no . . . vote Republican on November 4

To The Daily Sun,

Ask yourself these questions:

Are you better off financially than you were six years ago?

Are you happier with your health plan than you were six years ago?

Do you feel safer than you did six years ago?

If, like me, the answer to all of these questions is no — then vote Republican on Nov. 4.

Janet Allen

Center Barnstead

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Grafton Co. residents deserve commissioner who understands needs

To The Daily Sun,

I am the Republican candidate for Grafton County Commissioner, District 3, which is made up of 17 communities: Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Campton, Canaan, Dorchester, Ellsworth, Grafton, Groton, Hebron, Holderness, Orange, Plymouth, Rumney, Warren, and Wentworth.

Grafton County residents deserve a commissioner who understands their lifestyles and needs, a commissioner who will make informed decisions to ensure that necessary services are properly funded, but who will also work to keep taxes low.

I will work to develop a strategic plan to address the needs of our rapidly aging Grafton County population and provide our elderly with exceptional care.

I will focus on preserving our environment, lifestyle and economy from foreign developers.

I work diligently in a bipartisan manner to promote those core activities of Grafton County and maintain low taxes through the efficient and intelligent use of tax revenues.

I am a veteran, a former small-business owner, served on the Bristol Budget Committee for 17 years, served two terms in the State Legislature, served on the State Finance Committee — Health and Human Services, and Chairman of the Grafton County Republican Committee. I reside in Bristol with Mary, my wife of 36 years, and have one daughter, Atty. Genevieve Simard.

Paul Simard


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Criticism of an obituary? Letter writer has stooped to a new low

To The Daily Sun,

There is so much pontification and bashing that goes on in the letters to the editor that I often only skim through. However one letter written by Mr. Albushies caught my eye. He criticized an obituary... an OBITUARY?. In my life, I have never seen a letter writer stoop so low. Obituaries are written in a time of grief.
Some folks write their own, and their family publishes it verbatim. As it should be. Maybe the man in question loved soccer? Maybe that was his life passion? He clearly sounded like a well educated man with a stellar career.
It could be that he was extremely proud of the fact that his play in high school gave him the ability to play at the college level, (a feat very few high school students accomplish). And so it follows that most likely his time in college led him to law school, which led to his career. College is difficult enough, but to balance a pre-law education and a collegiate sport is no easy feat.
Who are you, Mr. Albushies to criticize someone else's obituary? Who are you to judge anyone's grieving process? I have seen a lot of nonsense and ridiculous posturing over political and other issues in the paper, but you sir (?), have sunk to a new low.
I personally, have no idea who you are referring to in your letter, but I am offended and can only hope that they did not see your letter.

Meg Jenkins

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Rep. Cordelli noted important oversight & took corrective action

To The Daily Sun,

State Rep. Glenn Cordelli is doing a terrific job representing the people of Moultonborough, Sandwich and Tuftonboro.
I would especially like to thank him for identifying the lack of financial oversight in the county audit process. Carroll County has not done a financial audit since 2009.

Rep. Cordelli has submitted legislation mandating annual county financial audits and is actively working with legislators to this end. He has obtained the complete support of the state Department of Revenue Administration. The matter will be brought up for vote in the House next term. We have Rep. Cordelli to thank for noting this important oversight and taking corrective action.

Please vote for Rep. Glenn Cordelli on, Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Nancy Wright

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