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We don't need more government assistance — & terror at our front door

To The Daily Sun,

We all want to know why Hillary Clinton is not in jail? Do we not have enough evidence to put her away? Is she going to get away with this? Mrs. What difference does it make?

Let us not forget all that she has done to us and all the others who died under her watch in Benghazi. I think this is fixed where she will get away with this. What else in new in the corrupt world we live in? Also she said today if she is elected president guess who she wants for vice president. It is Billy boy. Now how did we guess that?

This is why Trump has such a big crowd. He is saying what we all say and feel. People are sick of the lies both sides tell us. Their true love is the special interest. We as Americans do not count. It is a shame what is going on in America. Not the country I grew up in. It is scary. Now we got to worry about the refugees coming here. More government assistance and terror at our front door. We do not need that. We have enough worries to take care of our own mess. A mess it is. No more Clinton or Bush. Enough of the same old garbage and lies. Lets take our country back. Anyone who votes for Hillary, Bush or the communist Bernie Sanders deserves what they get and do not have the right to complain. So now it is up to us. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Anna DeRose

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'Teaching Tolerance' dispels the myths concerning immigrants

To The Daily Sun,
In his most recent Letter to the Editor of The Laconia Daily Sun, Mr. Ewing queries me about the Southern Poverty Law Center. This organization was founded and incorporated in 1971 by Alabama lawyer and businessman Morris Dees. He joined forces with Montgomery lawyer Joe Levin. It's first president was civil rights activist Julian Bond. The SPLC has brought many lawsuits and been party to many others aimed at protecting low-wage immigrant workers from exploitation.

I submitted a letter to the Editor on August 28. This particular letter gave factual information concerning illegal immigrants and their ability to collect or receive welfare benefits and a supposed increase in crime rates as a result of illegal immigration.
One of my sources was from the webpage: Teaching Tolerance — A Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center. The information published is based on in depth research covering the period from 1990 to 2010. The Southern Poverty Law Center dispels the myths concerning the following:
1. "Undocumented immigrants don't pay taxes but still get benefits"

2. "Undocumented immigrants bring crime"

What is important for us to keep in mind is the statement(s) contained in this report from the Southern Poverty Law Center: "While originally published in 2011, this webpage was updated in 2015 to reflect current statistics, policies and conditions in the United States."**

(**For further in depth information from this report, please Google: Teaching Tolerance-A Project of the Southern Poverty Law Center.)

Ewing also states the following: "the average illegal alien household receives $24,721 in government benefits while paying only $10,334 in taxes...." This particular statement is a quote that was originally published by Robert Rector, MA, senior research fellow in Domestic Policy at the Heritage Foundation and Jason Richwine, PhD, senior policy analyst for the Center (Data Analysis) at the Heritage Foundation in a Special Report #133 on immigration titled: "The Fiscal Cost of Unlawful Immigrants & Amnesty to the U.S. Taxpayer" - Published May 6, 2013. One has to wonder why this particular source wasn't fully disclosed. This particular information can be found at www.ProCong.org.

I then took it one step further. With a little more searching (on this site) I was able to find many references (facts and figures) counter to what Ewing tries mightily to refute. www.ProCon.org cites newspaper articles, testimony and research which discusses and debunks his claim(s). The initial question that was asked: "Is Illegal Immigration an Economic Burden to America?".

It would take the skill of a world renowned surgeon to parse each one of Ewing's sentences, then counter with the correct quote(s). May I urge your readers to access the above-mentioned references for more detailed information. We will continue to search for and bring you the truth. We should always have a high expectation that our newspapers and media outlets continue to print the truth.

Bernadette Loesch

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