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You won't regreat your decision to vote for Liz Merry for state rep

To The Daily Sun,

Thursday, our doorbell rang and a very pleasant lady asked me if she could have a lawn sign for her yard so she could show her support for my wife, Liz Merry, who is running for state House Representative in the Democratic Primary on Sept. 13 here in Laconia. After providing her with the sign, I had to ask myself, "How many candidates have a stranger turn up on their doorstep asking for a lawn sign to support their candidacy?" Those who know Liz and her capabilities best aren't surprised by this story. Many have written letters of support already, and there will be many more to come if she is successful in the primary on Tuesday, Sept. 13.

Having supported Liz in her political campaigns, and more importantly been at her side for many years now observing her remarkable dedication to public service, I deeply understand and appreciate her broad-based commitment to our community. I wholeheartedly support her bid to return to the state House to represent us beyond our community.

Since moving to New Hampshire in 2000, Liz has embraced the strong value of volunteerism here in our state. She has worked diligently with "too numerous to count" not-for-profit groups, both locally and statewide. Liz's dedication and work ethic have been exemplary — from her first volunteer work with the Sanbornton Historical Society, to her current participation on the LRGHealthcare and Genesis Behavioral Health Boards, and to other groups based locally, across the state, and nationally. (After a rigorous vetting process, Liz was recently invited and is now honored to serve on the American Hospital Association Committee on Governance, giving New Hampshire and our Lakes Region a voice at the highest level of national health care policy development.) Her past career experience with both small businesses and large corporations has trained her to be efficient and goal/outcome oriented in all of her work on behalf of others.

This determination and commitment is what helped her win in the 2008 election. She worked through a "write-in" primary and then won in the general election as state House representative. She did this by meeting personally with as many voters as possible, sitting down with them to better understand their issues and what the our neighbors then needed in a state representative. During that "freshman term" in the House, Liz was recognized by many of her veteran colleagues as one of the most effective new legislators they had ever observed.

Moving from Sanbornton to Laconia in 2011, Liz has continued with her volunteer and community work in the Lakes Region. Committed to "Putting Laconia First" as one of our state representatives, she has been steadily building her visibility in our city.

Liz, I, and several of her enthusiastic supporters have knocked on 500 doors to meet and talk with voters, walked in parades, and put up promotional signs. She communicates through her Facebook page to those who want to know more about her background and experience. She has done what she can but her efforts to continue her exemplary public service are on the line Tuesday with the Primary Election.

Now it's your turn. Please join the lady who requested that Liz Merry lawn sign yesterday, and vote for my wife on Sept. 13 in the Democratic Primary. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and if you vote for Liz, rest assured you that you won't regret your decision. She will deliver on all of her commitments.

Martin D. Merry, MD

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Com. Taylor's response was to launch a despicable personal attack

To The Daily Sun,

The contest for Belknap County commissioner in the towns of Alton, Gilford, Meredith and Center Harbor has certainly produced a torrent of words. Let's investigate the issues.

We have a sitting, appointed commissioner, Mr. Smolin's opponent, who has said "let the young people pay" when it comes to financing a correctional center. He has advocated for the expansion of programs, but has not stated what the costs will be. He has backed a federal waiver program that will change the way, that our county nursing home is funded. Likely a costly venture and more than likely less control and more from Washington.

To my knowledge this commissioner has shown no willingness to discuss the issues with those who may disagree with him. Instead, he has joined with the commissioner from district one, that includes Laconia, in stating that Mr. Smolin was guilty of an attempt to smear him. When this was disproven, there was no apology from this sitting commissioner. Instead he launched a despicable personal attach on Mr. Smolin.

Is there any wonder that no sitting state representative has rallied to the side of this sitting commissioner. I am voting for an experienced individual that will protect our elderly in the county nursing home, and work with the representatives to keep control of the funding at local and state level and that is Jonathan Smolin.

Rosemary Landry

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