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Can't keep product this inferior on market for long without negative reaction

To The Daily Sun,

Here are some facts about cable TV. Movies are unwatchable because of six minute breaks for 30 commercials every six minutes. One hour of "Monk" on Channel 38 had 38 commercials in one hour!

I knew every Pawn Stars and Man vs. Food by heart. (Seen them all at least 15 times maybe more). I'm paying to watch commercials and reruns. I get two channels on my new TV over the air without an antenna.

The line ups at night or daytime are very imaginative. Pawn Stars, Pawn Stars, Pawn Stars, Pawn Stars, etc. You get the picture.

They can't keep a product as inferior as this on the market for very long before people react negatively. I hope they do.

Steve Fiorini


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This American soldier needs to be returned to his family. Period

To The Daily Sun,

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, American POW, captured June 30, 2009, turned 28, on March 28. To make a very long story short: American negotiators have been working on his release for the past few years and have been 'blocked' twice by the Karzai government; "Proof Of Life" videos have been received by the family.

Only one fact is needed to be discussed. This American soldier needs to be returned to his family and country.

Faith, trust, truth, responsibility and accountability are at stake and a failure here is a failure on this administration and every member of this Congress. All the cover statements such as, "everything that can be done is being done," "this is a number one priority," "we support our troops", won't cover the failure to bring home this American POW.

Happy birthday Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl? I doubt it. But his family can be sure to know and do know that there are those who continue to work and write, call and speak to representatives at "every" opportunity they get to remind them of their responsibility, and the fact that they would have to live with any such failure.

Bob Jones


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Obama has made me an absolute fortune of money; not so for most

To The Daily Sun,

Henry Osmer of Hill opens up the topic of brains in his recent letter. I suggest he take an early spring vacation to where ever his is vacationing. Henry reminds me of the old proverb "those who can, do, the rest vote Democrat."

Henry protests that old geezers are writing letters to the editor. His latest brain cramp, silence free speech by age. Democrats used the sledge hammer of the IRS to silence free speech in the last election. It seems they are up to their old games again. The oldest third of this country votes Republican dependably. Reading Henry, you can understand why. I suggest all the far-left whack jobs who write to this paper and who love big government and big welfare because they, their friends and relatives all benefit from it financially. Big welfare paid for by someone else across the street, across the town or across the country. They do not care who. It is part of their entitlement mentality.

Already, half of Americans pay no income taxes. If they had their way, it would be 90 percent. Democrats do not want people with a stake "in America". They want people with a "skewer through America". They all live in Donkeyville, which is next to Welfareville, which is next to Veverkaville. Democrats are tax eaters, not taxpayers. That is why they always want taxes increased. They want to live free on the work and efforts of others.

I and millions of others are sick of supporting the "I want to live off others" insanity of Democrats. When you read liberal in this paper, just think thief and hide your wallet.

Henry criticizes the Keystone pipeline but he's still buying gas for his car, lawnmower, snow blower, and heating his house with fossil fuels.

Henry, did you know our country has a severe trade imbalance? We import tens of billions more in goods than we export because many other countries make lots of stuff for a lot less cost than we do. Then Henry scratches his head wondering where the jobs went. The Keystone pipeline would not only create thousands of new jobs, it would also help to shrink our trade deficit. Many of the jobs created would be blue collar, high-paying union jobs. Nope, Henry is against it. He would rather keep sending American soldiers in harm's way, to some of the most dangerous places on earth, to assure his supply. That is Henry's and Democrats' alternative to the Keystone. I thought the three stooges were long dead, but I am now beginning to think curly has come back, reincarnated.

Henry spoke about the stock market illustrating once more just how little he knows about anything when he opens his mouth. I have been a stock market investor actively for 35 years. Obama has made me an absolute fortune of money. He has made me that money by pursuing policies that have killed the vast majority of other Americans. I have protested those policies that have made me richer at the expense of others. I have done that endlessly, since Obama's election. I can not say how much, but is it is more than substantial.

Further if I say how much Henry will only get mad and want half under some scream for equality. Democrats never stop wanting what others earned. Henry, you voted for Obama. Why don't you ask him why he has spent the last five years making the bottom 95 percent of America a lot poorer and the top 5 percent a lot richer.

Tony Boutin


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Renewable energy industry allowed to play fast & loose withe facts

To The Daily Sun,

A recently published paper by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) illustrates that electricity prices are rising more than four times the national average in nine of the 11 states with the most wind power consumption.

Colorado up 14 percent, Idaho up 33 percent, Iowa up 17 percent, Kansas up 29 percent, Minnesota up 22 percent, North Dakota up 24 percent, Oklahoma down 1 percent, Oregon up 15 percent, South Dakota up 26 percent, Texas down 19 percent and Wyoming up 33 percent. (Texas was tied to energy deregulation.)

The reason electrical prices spiked in these states should come as no surprise considering wind power and other forms of renewable power generation are much more costly than conventional power. It's safe to say that wind developers will directly affect every electrical ratepayer in New Hampshire with higher costs.

I did not "cherry-pick" these facts, they came directly out of AWEA's paper. That being said, how much more will New Hampshire residents monthly electric bills increase for wind developers to make a good profit?

And why is the renewable energy industry allowed to plays fast and loose with their facts to deceive our New Hampshire legislators. Even AWEA's own analysis shows electricity prices skyrocketing in almost all states with substantial wind power generation. Do New Hampshire legislators care about documented rising costs destined for their residents?

New Hampshire has been an exporter of electricity for decades and that money has done a lot of good for our state. Outsourcing our lands to southern states, for electricity, will hurt us in more ways than one. We will all feel it. Help us in our fight ... because it's not just about height and sight.

Ray Cunningham


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Our military personnel are worn out tired and need time to rest

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to refer a comment to a letter written by Mr. Meade on March 22. I requested information from the Constitution he keeps handy regarding the invasion by President Bush on the sovereign nation of Iraq.

The answer he gave was on a quote from an article concerning President Bush 41, not President Bush 43, which misrepresented my question. I would like to ask if he could correct that comment. I noticed a mention further in his letter where the answer he gave was a website to a YouTube video link. I would refer him to reread letter I wrote April 13, 2013.

The vote by both houses of Congress was 374 yes, 148 Democrats no, 7 Republicans no, 1 independent no, for a total of 156; 3 didn't vote. I served under Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson and am quite aware of the good and bad of all three. Thanks for kind remarks on my service of years between 1958-1978. My comment regarding veterans by no means was degrading their service, though it could have been read that way. To clear it up, veterans who never served in war zone are too quick to blast President Obama for not sending troops to every dogfight that breaks out. Those who have witnessed the horrors of war are not quick to make that demand.

I suggest you Google "brigade combat team" to get ratio of support to combat troopers. I am sure you remember the old saying of any military person is "soldier first." I would suggest that American Legion members share the Legion magazine April issue and read column on page 20. It is titled "Heavy Duty."

I would like clear up this Iraq topic by suggest you to google "msnbc Hubris selling of Iraq war" and watch hubris (full film) Iraq war documentary by Rachel Maddow. After film, skim 609 comments. This film will show the main characters of the war to include President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Wolfowitz, Clark, etc., etc., in their own words as to why they went to war.

To answer further doubts, google "u.s.involvement in Iraq war". Watch overview of U.S. involvement in Iraq war. It is the right-wing party which likes to go back in history to make a point so I would suggest we go to the Vietnam War and fast-forward. You will find that the right-wing party is quick to send our military into harms way. It is well established that wars create jobs for American corporations which manufacture military equipment, or as I would put "the rich getting richer" with the use of military force.

Our military are worn out tired and need time to rest, not to worry every day as to what's next. If you support the troops, then support them. The Union Leader headline on Monday "In Kiev, Ayotte backs sanctions against Russia, no boots on the ground." Good for her. Then, of course, she states Obama should have foreseen Putin's invasion of Ukraine.

The last comment of the day is this, Why in heavens are all the senior citizens in the Lakes Region complaining about Obamacare when they are retired and on same benefits I have and don't need to sign up.

It's good to read letters praising the good it's doing. In the words of Pope Francis, a death of a homeless person dying of exposure goes unnoticed while a drop of 2 points in the stock market is national news.

Henry Osmer

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