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Meredith Chamber meeting was great success, thanks to sponsors

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the membership of the Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce I would like to thank the following businesses for their sponsorship of the Chamber's Annual Meeting held Tuesday, Oct. 20, at Hart's Restaurant.

The Presenting Sponsor was Meredith Village Savings Bank, and Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant was the Major Sponsor. Program Sponsors were Anything Goes Athletics, Cross Insurance, Donahue, Tucker, and Ciandella, Lakes Region Vale Tudo, LRGHealthcare, and Mill Falls At The Lake. Golden View Health Care Center, Lamprey Real Estate Associates, Meredith Dental, RE/MAX Bayside, Rice Law Office PLLC, and Wescott Law PA were the Associate Sponsors.

Their support was much appreciated.

Susan Cerutti, Executive Director

Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce

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Middle class can come back again, under leadership of Trump

To The Daily Sun,

Well folks, it seems like Donald Trump will be the one to take America back and do the right thing. He has his own money and does not have to bow-down to the special interest. Is that not what we Americans want at this time? We the people are sick of the same old bull that the politicians have been throwing at us for years. It is now time to get someone who cares about this country and its people. The middle class can come back again.

Now, where Donald Trump is concerned, he will change this country. Change that we all want to see happen. So now this is our LAST CHANCE to take our country BACK. Remember how it used to be before all the corruption came about? We can have that again without Bernie Sanders, the communist who wants to take everyone's money. How is that going to be in our best interest? You college kids need to read history to know that Bernie Sanders is not right for anyone. So STOP listening to communist ways that are suppose to be better for you. That is what Hitler did. Look what happened with that. Now it is up to us. Forget Hillary or Jeb. They should not be counted for anything.


Anna DeRose

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