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Join us in speaking out against tightening of language we can use

To The Daily Sun,

Nineteen years doing my radio show with this occasional caller who is extremely liberal, who likes to attack me or my guests. Interesting that she fears someone learning her identity and address. Yet, she tells me she has a right to be heard during my program. WEZS reaches a lot of N.H. And we live-stream to the world. Thank you, Al Gore.

She says to me on air: only a handful of people call in because they are not listening. If that were true, are we to believe that the 7 or 8 letter writers to The Daily Sun, is all there are for readers?

Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and I are speaking out against the rope tightening for the language we can use. I am certain that most "offensive language" that comes to mind is not what the Politically Correct Loons are pushing to make it a crime to use! Join us as we discuss the The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

Niel Young


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Why can congressmen be jailed for disclosing what's in trade bill?

To The Daily Sun,

On the PoliticoMagazine website is an article by Michael Wessel, who's an adviser to two congressional committees. He read the entire Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement. Very few people have been allowed to read the entire bill, which is up to be voted on by Congress. Individual congressmen have to go to a secret room in the basement of the White House with no aides or anyone else with them to be allowed to read it. And then they can only read parts of it. And they cannot take notes.

But here is the real clincher. Michael Wessel cannot discuss what's in the bill because by law if he does he will be jailed. Any member of Congress who discusses publicly what's in this bill is subject to being jailed. President Obama wrote this bill and presented it to the Congress to vote on and made it a crime for them to discuss it.

But wait a minute. Doesn't Congress make laws in our country? Doesn't Congress hold open hearings on bills up for vote as part of regular procedure? Doesn't Congress represent the people and don't the people have the right to know what's in the bills being discussed? What's going on here?

I have heard commentary that this "trade agreement" is set up so that other countries doing business in our country will be able to dictate laws in our country that pertain to their business. This could cover anything — immigration, the use of energy, the conditions of workers, use of land, etc... and that ultimately the United Nations will be the one making the laws. And that our Congress will not be able to vote on these laws. That in effect, the TPP is the final step in Obama's transformation of America, basically his ending of America as we know it, and making it a protectorate of the New World Order.

Do I sound crazy? Really? Why would the president make it so that members of Congress can only read this bill in secret and be jailed if they disclose any of its provisions? If I'm crazy, answer me that.

I think it's time for our members of Congress to get some guts or this country will disappear under our eyes. What if this guy Wessel refused to obey that injunction and called a meeting of the entire Congress (in some private place so the police won't be called to stop them) and told them everything in this bill? And what if all those members of Congress went out the next day and held town meeting forums for their constituents telling them everything in the bill so that in a span of two or three days the whole country would know what's going on and Obama would be stopped from his dictatorial power grab? What if that happened?

We know it won't happen. But it could. The only thing stopping us from not letting them steal our country is us.

Hillarie Goldstein


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