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Climate change is just a figment of 175 countries imaginations?

To The Daily Sun,

I read with interest the article on Saturday, April 23 about 175 nations signing the Paris Climate Agreement and then just a few pages later was Mr. Ewing telling me that all these countries had got it wrong.

Climate change was just a figment of all 175 countries imaginations. The entire world was being duped, and had they been able to read Mr. Ewing's letter before they signed they would have saved themselves enormous time and money. The information from their own scientist and governmental departments was all a mass world conspiracy aimed at costing Americans 5-10 percent of their hard earned paychecks.

If only they could have had an advanced copy of The Laconia Daily Sun.

Winston Douglas



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Newest members of Alton board were not notified of extra meeting

To The Daily Sun,

After abruptly ending the last public School Board meeting without setting a new meeting date, the Alton School Board decided to convene April 25 and has posted the agenda. At issue is whether there was a meeting or other communication including only three school board members and the superintendent held to decide on April 25 as a meeting date.

The two newest school board members were not notified of — or included in — that meeting, nor was the public. With only the input of the superintendent and the three School Board members, a meeting date was selected that neither of the newest board members could attend.

It seems to parents, teachers, and other stakeholders that this board's continuing backroom tactics clearly prove they are only interested in their own agenda and not what is best for the parents and students of Alton.

Richard Brown, President

Alton Teachers' Association

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