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First, we have to stop controlling of our country by the wealthy

To The Daily Sun,

Our middle class is the key to the future success of the United States. Most Americans want to strengthen the middle class but, we are being prevented by the wealthy who have different goals.

A weak middle class has grave consequences. It results in not investing in the overall public good, including infrastructure and education. In the long run it is proper investment in our infrastructure and education that will ensure the well-being of our country. This trend of weakening the middle class has been going on for about four decades — a long time.

Investment in infrastructure and education actually drives future growth. Currently, we are beginning to slip back into Third World status with our poor roads and bridges, inadequate water distribution and sewer systems, electrical distribution systems, mass transit systems, modernizing of our airports, and a whole host of necessary components.

Our educational systems are not being properly funded and emphasized. Public schools are continuously being underfunded, which affects the quality all parents seek. The Community College System in New Hampshire. seems to be deteriorating, and higher education (once free) costs so much that students are in debt for years. We must get back to free and quality education at all levels to compete with other countries of the world for the foreseeable future.

Republicans, controlled by the wealthy, have not allowed infrastructure projects. Paid for free education is scoffed at, which is continuing the downward spiral of the overall education of our population.

Looking at other countries we can see that they are spending on infrastructure and they are making it easier for those inclined to get a top-notch education without incurring individual crushing debt. Compare their budgets to ours — it is easy to analyze.

The middle class is the key, with the values of the middle class, which included building up our infrastructure and educating our young people. But first we have to stop the power and controlling of our great country by the wealthy and their surrogates the Republican Party.

Tom Dawson

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Sorry, Bob, but that Sharia law in Michigan story was a joke

To The Daily Sun,

Bob Meade does well to raise concerns about elected officials smashing the church/state barrier. His most recent column contained the following: "in a 5-4 decision by the Dearborn City Council, it was decided to officially implement all aspects of Sharia law."

What he didn't say, or didn't know because he didn't bother to look at the source, is that the statement comes from a satirical website. It's a joke.

Bob's repeating it as if it were true reminds that if you want to believe that something is true, you will, no matter how ridiculous. Academics call it "motivated reasoning". But Bob has made it clear he has no use for academics, unless they agree with him, so he wouldn't have heard of it.

Bob's right about one thing. There are elected officials all over the country breaching the barrier between church and state trying to force their religious beliefs on everyone else. And, they aren't Muslims doing the damage.

Dave Pollak

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