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A veteran is a veteran; change the law on tax credit eligibility

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to weigh in on the issue of veterans tax credits that has been addressed by George Horne and Charlie Flanagan of Meredith.

RSA72:28 was rewritten and became law about twelve years ago after many veterans circulated a petition throughout New Hampshire raising the tax credit limit to $500 on their personal residence or business. This had to be approved by the individual towns as it impacted their annual budgets. Those responsible for actually writing the RSA could not have been veterans or they would not have excluded their brothers/sisters in arms.

The RSA clearly follows guidelines set by Congress as the war or conflict beginning and ending dates.

Every man or woman who served this country got the same training and weapons as did those who served during the "war dates." They were as prepared as any others were for the inevitable protection of America against all enemies. A well armed and trained military is the best deterrent to armed aggression. Why should they be treated differently? They are referred to as "tweeners" because they served between declared conflict and cannot, in some cases, even join veterans service organizations. Wasn't their service to this country appreciated?

Our state legislators can correct this injustice by, once again, rewriting RSA 72:28 to include these veterans. While they are at it, they should change the 90-day requirement for eligibility because once you step foot into enemy territory, you are a target. Perhaps completing boot camp should be the standard, and of course being honorably discharged or general, under honorable conditions. A veteran is a veteran. Change the law.

Earlon Beale

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We believe in the magic of Lakes Region & Motorcycle Week

To The Daily Sun,

Weirs Beach Boulevard in January is a ghost of its summertime life, with the train tracks cold and quiet, the docks devoid of boats, the storefronts and arcade boarded up, Lake Winnipesaukee a steel-gray mirror ... yet, if I close my eyes, I can still hear the echo of motorcycle thunder rumbling through the corridor. Even without the lights of the marquis, the smoky, spicy smell of leather and asphalt still lingers.

It was five years ago, in June, that my husband Dan and I rode our Harley up from our home in northwestern Connecticut, to Laconia's iconic Bike Week, parking among an amazing array of motorcycles lining the Weirs boardwalk. Surrounded by the warmth that comes from the camaraderie of fellow bikers and vendors, and with the backdrop of Lake Winnipesaukee and the Ossipee Mountain Range, we fell in love ... with the Lakes Region.

Shortly after Bike Week 2010 ended, my husband and I began making the four-hour trek back up every weekend, staying at different hotels and motels around the lakes and making "favorite restaurants" out of all the local eateries. Yet, we couldn't quite quench our thirst for the area. After a time, we realized that the Lakes Region had become our home away from home. We began house hunting and were thrilled to find a charming Cape Cod with a mountain view on an acre in Gilford.

It has been two years since we planted roots in Belknap County. We feel blessed to be able to invest in such a pastoral lake and mountain community, the spirit of which is celebrated through each inspiring season. Even our folks, fellow bikers and hikers come up to take advantage of the soul-feeding surroundings, endless eating opportunities and superb shopping experiences. We believe in the magic of the Lakes Region: a respite from the routine of life ... but, it seems we're always counting down to Laconia Motorcycle Week — the marker for us, not just of the summer riding season, but of this exhilarating, exquisite, ever-unfolding chapter in our lives.

Jessica & Daniel Wilcox


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