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Same alliance of Christians, humanists & secularists exists today

To The Daily Sun,

I see Steve Earle is back with half-baked facts again. Methinks Mr. Earle may have a reading comprehension problem because his letter rebuts something I did not say. I will quote one part of Mr. Earle's letter that shows Mr Earle's misrepresentation and misquoting of what I wrote.

He says, "Finally he ends up telling readers that the anti-slavery abolitionist movement was inspired largely by secularists." Nope, I didn't claim that at all. I wrote, "Again, Mr. Earle doesn't tell the whole story about slavery. While Christian humanists and secularists opposed slavery, slavery-supporting Christians were quick to defend their position with the Bible because the Bible legitimizes and regulates slavery in Leviticus and Exodus."

As you can see, Mr. Earle deliberately left out that I said "Christian humanists" were against slavery with the secularists.

Today, the same alliance of Christian humanists and secularists still exists. Christian humanists support marriage equality with secularists. Christian humanists support reproductive rights with secularists. Christian humanists support the separation of church and state with the secularists. Christian humanists oppose food stamp cuts with the secularists.

Secularists and religious humanists will continue as allies against the myopia of conservatives and we will continue to win all the culture war battles, two steps forward, one step backward, two steps forward. We always win.

James Veverka


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The more smitten a man is, the more likely he won't run off

To The Daily Sun,

We know why women like the 50 shades books and movie. Most women want to hang around with men. Smart women realize the time will come when she's got the flu, she's pregnant out to here, and her kids are leaking at both ends.

The more smitten her man is, the more strongly he's drawn to her, the more likely he'll help her through it instead of running off.

It's understandable that Ana would belong to Christian Gray — he's a very strong man who's utterly taken with her. Every woman dreams of a man wanting her that much.

It takes three volumes to get to the falsehood — there's little chance he'd marry her. He rules her; she does whatever he wants. What will marriage give him that he doesn't have?

What'll happen when she gets tired of being spanked? If they aren't married, the worst she can do is stop taking pills and tag him for child support for 18 years. If they're married, she can walk out for any reason or no reason, grab part of his fortune, and collect alimony the rest of her life. Why would any sensible billionaire risk that?

We all know couples who got married after living together for months or years, but we know a lot more unmarried couples. It's not likely he'd marry Ana.

What should Ana do when she realizes he's smitten? She should know that a smitten man is driven to have sex with her. If she wants marriage, she must tell him, gently but firmly, "Not unless you marry me. I'm not a toy. I want a man to stay with me. I don't want a man to play with me and throw me away when he's tired of me."

That'll blow his mind; she'll have to explain: "I want to get married. I plan to be God's treasure for my husband. If that's not you, we can part friends, no harm, no foul. You're a very nice guy. I could easily fall in love you. If my heart belongs to you and you won't marry me, I'll be in a world of hurt."

If a man wants a woman badly and he can't have her without opening his heart to her and marrying her, but she convinces him that if he marries her, she'll open herself to him, he'll marry her.

"I'm not saying you have to agree to marry before we date, but I want you to agree that our goal is deciding whether you and I will get married. I expect to belong to my husband, but I want him to belong to me. A woman can give a man a taste of the joys of heaven if he treats her as his treasure. I have to decide whether I want to be your treasure and you have to decide whether you want to belong to me by opening your heart to me. That's how we'll bless each other forever. As my husband, you can have me whenever you want me, but without marriage, you can't have me at all."

Any man who's attracted to a woman who tells him she wants to be God's treasure for her husband would be a fool not to consider marrying her. Ana gave herself to Christian without conditions, why would he want to belong to her?

Bill Taylor

New Hampton

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