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Nearly all of Eversource's customers pay their bills on time

To The Daily Sun,
I write to add some essential facts to your recent articles, "Eversource shelves deposit policy after Laconia rep draws attention to it," and the subsequent, "Demand for security deposit has long-time electric company customer seeing red."

Eversource's residential security deposit policy is one that has been in place for more than 20 years. The vast majority of our customers pay their monthly bill on time. The objective of the deposit policy is to protect those customers from the burden of costs produced by customers whose payment patterns are inconsistent or unreliable. The rules guiding the deposit policy are set by the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission and are applicable to all utilities, not just electric.

These rules also distinguish between residential and commercial customers, and the winter moratorium recently enacted for residential customers does not apply to commercial customers. The business owner highlighted in your paper's second story falls into the latter category, but that point was not included in your article.

With all of this in mind, it is worth noting that the issuance of a residential deposit request is a last resort after a customer has received at least four disconnect notices in a 12-month period. Deposit requests are not made of medically dependent customers, of those 65 or older, or of customers who may be receiving any one of a number of forms of assistance (whether public or through a private organization). Furthermore, there are a number of arrangements a customer can make with Eversource to have the deposit request waived.

Deposits that are collected are held in escrow and refunded after the customer has reestablished a consistent, on-time payment history — 12 consecutive payments for residential customers.

Again, nearly all of Eversource's customers either consistently pay their bills on time or have reached out to us to make arrangements. We encourage anyone who is struggling to stay current on their electric bill, for any reason, to contact us so we can help.

Lauren Collins


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'Bessie/Belle' did her job & Cow Pie Bingo was a great success

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of Meredith Altrusa, I would like to express appreciation to local businesses and individuals for helping to make Altrusa's 2015 Cow Pie Bingo such a grand success.

"Bessie" (aka "Belle"), the sweet calf from Walker Farm in Bristol, did indeed deposit her pie in a timely fashion and made Ron Swanson of Rhode Island $5,000 richer. Our club is richer by the same amount, and that profit will be put to good use here in our Lakes Region area; our monthly, year-long Community Dinners, Altrusa Scholarships for local adults pursuing continuing education, and our Literacy endeavors will all benefit from that $5,000.

Success comes because non-profits such as ours depend on the contributions of others outside of our organization. We could not do this without the help of many others.

First, many thanks to John Moulton, Rob Stevens, and Wes Thomas of Moulton Farm. They not only gave us the space for "Bessie/Belle" to do her thing but roped it all in, in addition to allowing us to sell tickets and T-shirts all summer long at the Farm. They were even responsible for arranging for "Bessie/Belle" to live at Moulton's for about a month before last Saturday in order to acclimate herself to the environment! Thank you to both Moulton and Walker farms.

We thank the following businesses for sponsoring the event which helped cover the cost for the Cow Pie Bingo T-shirts that read "Cow Pies Happen". Thank you Griddle in the Middle, Petal Pushers Farm, and The Sandwich Creamery as Cow Level Sponsors. To the Common Man Family of Restaurants and the Meredith Hannaford Supermarket, we are grateful for your sponsorship on the Heifer and Calf Levels respectively.

Much appreciation goes to the staff of Meredith Parks & Rec for arranging and outlining the grid for "Bessie/Belle" to walk around, and sometimes frolic in, much to the delight of the spectators. And a shout-out to Middleton Lumber here in Meredith for providing us with sign stakes, so folks could  identify their square on the field.

Thank you to Meredith Aubuchon Hardware, Heath's Supermarket in Center Harbor, the Meredith Chamber of Commerce, the Arts & Crafts Festival on Main Street in August, Hermit Woods Winery, and the Meredith Community Center for allowing us to sell tickets at your establishments.

Lastly, many thanks to friends, summer residents, tourists, and family members of Altrusans who bought tickets for the event, allowing us to sell all 500 prior to the big day.

We are, indeed, fortunate to live in such a generous and giving community.

Nancy Law

Chair of Cow Pie Bingo

Meredith Altrusa Club

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