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American Muslims more progressive than Evangelicals or Mormons

To The Daily Sun,

American Muslims, as a whole, are more attuned to the Bill of Rights, the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, and the ethics of liberty than evangelical Christians and Steve Earle's Mormons. In November of 2015, Pew released the findings of another Religious Landscape Study. It interviewed over 35,000 Americans of all faiths. The political attitudes part revealed that American Christian Evangelicals and Mormons are more hostile to the principles of liberty than American Muslims. This is what happens when religion is westernized by enlightenment principles. For nearly 1,500 years, Christianity was a murderous religion responsible for millions of deaths but when the enlightenment period hit Europe and America in the 18th century, all that changed. Christianity was castrated and became a more peaceful religion with enlightenment based constitutions. American Muslims have quickly adapted to these constitutional principles while evangelicals and Mormons have not read the memo yet.

Let's look at the findings. Regarding the acceptance of homosexuality in society, just 36 percent of Christian Evangelicals and Mormons accept gays and lesbians in American society while 45 percent of American Muslims do. With accepting same-sex marriage, it's worse. Only 28 percent of evangelicals and 26 percent of Mormons accept marriage equality while 42 percent of American Muslims do. On abortion, American Muslims are more supportive of reproductive rights than Christian Evangelicals and Mormons. Just 33 percent of Evangelicals and 27 percent of Mormons believe abortion should be legal. With American Muslims, its 55 percent. What percentage of believers think having women in the workplace is a change for the better? With Christian Evangelicals it's 55 percent, with Mormons it's 49 percent and with American Muslims, it's 67 percent. Evangelicals and Steve Earle's Mormons are more medieval than our Muslim population. All Christians put together come up slightly short of American Muslims at 64 percent.

Only 38 percent of evangelical Christians accept the science of evolution. With Mormons, it is 42 percent while 53 percent of America's Muslims accept evolutionary science. With all Christians, 53 percent accepted evolution as the correct explanation for life, strictly natural or guided. A tie. What about the environment? When asked if stricter environmental regulations were worth the cost, 45 percent of evangelicals and 42 percent of Mormons said yes while 67 percent of American Muslims believed they were. When asked about government aid to the poor, 56 percent of evangelicals and 64 percent of Mormons said it does more harm than good. Only 30 percent of American Muslims agreed. When asked about their political views, 72 percent of American Muslims considered themselves moderate or liberal. With evangelicals, it was 40 percent and with Steve Earle's Mormons, 36 percent thought themselves moderate or liberal. With all Christians the figure was 50 percent while 72 percent of American Muslims thought of themselves as moderate or liberal.

James Veverka

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Edelblut brings knowledge, skills & fresh perspective to Dept. of Ed

To The Daily Sun,
For decades the American people have put their faith in the education establishment that controls our public schools. Despite great increases in funding, too many children receive insufficient preparation for their future lives.

Governor Sununu's nominee to be the next New Hampshire Commissioner of Education, Frank Edelblut, is an excellent choice. He is brilliant, a successful entrepreneur, and his focus will be on the success of each child rather than what is best for the educational establishment.

New Hampshire's many fine teachers, schools, and administrators should be recognized and rewarded. But some schools and teachers fail, year after year, to deliver the educational opportunity that every child deserves.

Our children deserve better, our taxpayers deserve better, and teachers and administrators deserve the excitement of working where everyone is dedicated to the best possible results for our children.

Frank Edelblut brings excellent knowledge, skills, and a fresh perspective to this important position. He is dedicated to each child's success. I urge everyone who wants our children better prepared for successful lives to support Frank Edelblut's appointment as Commissioner of Education.

Don Ewing

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