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I know Frank Guinta & I know his heart; he'll always do what's right

To The Daily Sun,

Please consider supporting Congressman Frank Guinta for re-election to the Congress of the United States of America.

Frank has shown he can get things done whether his own political party is with him or not. He has taken on some very tough issues and has worked hard to get them accomplished. He knows how important it is to keep our tax dollars as low as possible and still be able to provide the necessary services that are required for all of us.

Frank loves New Hampshire and will always work to keep New Hampshire the number one state in the Union. He will fight hard for us and will only support issues that will enhance this state's future.

I know Frank Guinta and I know his heart. He is genuine and caring and will always do what is right.

Please join me in voting for Frank Guinta for Congress in the 1st Congressional District of New Hampshire.

Guy J. Giunta, Jr.


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Chandler widely recognized for leadership, intergrity & good judgement

To The Daily Sun
On September 13, the Union Leader reported that Charles Chandler and Bob Giuda will face off for the 2nd District Senate seat. Both are former state representatives who currently reside in Warren, where Mr. Chandler is a selectman and Mr. Giuda serves on the school board. Despite those seeming similarities, their contrast in temperament and judgment is stark.

Time and again, Mr. Giuda has taken extreme positions that raise questions about his judgment and temperament. He praised Cliven Bundy — who does not "recognize the U.S. government as even existing" — as a patriot for refusing to accept a federal court order to pay fees for grazing cattle on public lands. Armed supporters and Mr. Giuda came to Bundy's ranch to face down federal officials. Mr. Giuda claimed the government had asserted "dictatorial powers" and their actions are "linked to international efforts by international organizations to destroy our sovereignty by attacking our property rights and our 2nd Amendment." The appropriate management of public lands may be a legitimate issue, but this attempt to characterize the Nevada situation as a challenge to constitutional rights ignores the reality that the grazing land was not Bundy's property and the order was issued by the court after years of proceedings. More troubling is Mr. Giuda's wild assertion that our government is involved in a global conspiracy to take away our rights.

Although protective of the rights of armed protestors, Mr. Giuda opposes extending the basic rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to all our citizens. As a state representative he voted to prohibit recognition of out-of-state civil unions for same-sex couples. In 2010, he opposed extending the right to marry to same-sex couples, commenting, "What's going to happen next? Men and sheep? Women and dogs?"

Charlie Chandler, on the other hand, is widely recognized for leadership, integrity and good judgment, with a 45-year record of working collaboratively to accomplish shared objectives.

Republican Speaker Harold Burns recognized Mr. Chandler in a 1996 declaration, stating the House is "profoundly grateful ... and expresses its sincerest appreciation" to Mr. Chandler for serving "with distinction and great dedication, consistently speaking with the energetic voice of leadership" and for "outstanding performance as a servant of the people." More recently, Mr. Chandler was selected by the secretary of state to serve as presiding officer for the investigation into Financial Resources Mortgage Inc., which bilked N.H. fraud victims of millions of dollars. A lifelong N.H. resident, Mr. Chandler is a retired Laconia attorney who understands and has helped small businesses and our citizens for years.

The differences are clear and Charlie Chandler is the right choice for District 2.

Sid Lovett


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