Our federal government has shifted towards absolute control model

To The Daily Sun,

There is no bigger Big Lie than the lie by big government advocates and beneficiaries, repeated by E. Scott Cracraft in his Nov. 25 op-ed, that the TEA Party is "fascist," racist, and/or extremist.

The real TEA Party (there are progressive and party establishment imposters) is millions of everyday Americans (of all ages, races, sexes, ethnic origins, income levels, etc.) in thousands of mostly local groups striving to return to constitutionally limited government "of the people, by the people, and for the people". TEA Party members want no privilege or special treatment for themselves that is not available to all American citizens.

Cracraft tries to confuse readers with his discussion of "fascism".  Some people who became fascist dictators were elected as heads of democratic governments, typically by deceiving the people about their intent to suppress their opponents, claim unconstitutional powers, and turn their governments into dictatorships, e.g., Germany and, more recently, in Egypt. President Obama has also deceived Americans about his intent, used government power to suppress his opponents, and exercised powers beyond those granted by our Constitution. The future will show how much further he intends to abuse his office.

The only meaningful spectrum of government power is from anarchy at one end to absolute government control at the other. Batched together close to the absolute government control end of the spectrum are fascism, communism, and various other dictatorship forms that use government power to suppress, and often kill, opponents of their policies. The TEA Party wants to re-establish our nation's founders' vision of a government near the middle of that spectrum with the primary purpose of protecting everyone's liberties so that each person has the maximum opportunity for achieving his or her own goals.

Most Americans know that our national government has shifted towards the absolute control end of the spectrum. Instead of primarily using power to protect the rights of all Americans, our government favors the special interests, the politicians, and government itself.

Most Democrats and Republicans see various government excesses that threaten our safety, prosperity, and freedoms. E.g., the Patriot Act, government spying on innocent Americans, deceitfulness, excessive taxation, irresponsible spending of taxpayer money, and uses of excessive force against citizens who don't threaten anyone, e.g., Ruby Ridge and in raids of homes of non-violent and sometimes totally innocent people. There are thousands of less-well-known regulations, e.g., allowing government to control the food you grow for your own use;,and proposed regulations to control the Internet and free speech. These excessive government powers far exceed what would have been acceptable to our nation's founders.

Americans appropriately disapprove of Washington politicians because they constantly lie to us and too often legislate (e.g., Obamacare) and govern (e.g., Obama's amnesty for illegal aliens) against the will and best interest of the vast majority of Americans.

Contrary to Cracraft's claim, the TEA Party is not against any group, but we oppose any government action that allows one group to unduly benefit at the expense of other, usually less powerful, Americans. And, despite false claims to the contrary, we have little concern for President Obama's history, race, or religion. We do care that he constantly lies to us, hides his intentions from voters, violates his oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States," and because his policies hurt people, especially Americans who aren't rich.

Except for rare times of extreme national danger, e.g., World War II, the TEA Party opposes deficit spending which passes an immoral burden onto our children and subsequent generations.

After 40 years of failing federal government intrusion into and influence over public education, it is time to allow the parents of children trapped in failing public schools to use the money taxpayers provided for their children's education to a school of their choice.

After more than 60 years of growing government regulations that waste billions of tax dollars (e.g., Solyndra), increase our cost of living, (e.g., ethanol), and favor special interests at the expense of American workers and taxpayers, it is time to eliminate all special privileges, subsidies, bailouts, non-competitive bid contracts, competition limiting regulations, and excessive regulations that make American businesses uncompetitive and drive jobs overseas.

Most Americans see that Washington operates against their interests and for special interest groups and the politicians themselves. The TEA Party demands that laws must apply equally to all Americans, including politicians and government officials (e.g., insider trading and Obamacare), that special privileges (e.g., taxes, regulations, "too big to fail," legal exemptions) and spending that is wasteful or driven by politics rather than national interest be eliminated.

Seeing continuation of their benefits threatened, the special interests and politicians of both political parties use the wealth and power gained at the expense of the American people to launch voluminous and well-funded attacks on the TEA Party.

E. Scott Cracraft's op-ed is just another part of the Big Lie put out by the special interests, politicians, and other beneficiaries of big government who prosper off the efforts of hard working Americans. These privileged few see their gravy train threatened and therefore they fight, misrepresent, and slander the everyday Americans striving to return to a constitutionally limited government, "of the people, by the people, and for the people."

Don Ewing


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The Bill of Rights doesn't 'grant' anything, it 'prohibits'

To The Daily Sun,

E. Scott Cracraft writes in his letter, "... that the U.S. Constitution grants us 'Freedom of Religion." Well it does not grant anything. The U.S. Constitution, which the original states composed to create a government which would serve the individual states as well as the general population within in a "united" framework for the states to work with each other and as one nation in dealing with the other nations of the world. It is a document meant to limit the government of the United States while granting it the authority deemed necessary for it to function.

E. Scott Cracraft referencing the First Amendment of what is known as the Bill of Rights, which denies the Congress of U.S. Government from making a law respecting an establishment of religion. One might ref: http://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/establishment_clause.

The problem some have is in the way they look at things; at times we must give our minds a rest and allow the brain to do its work. To read the First Amendment and view it as granting us anything is simply flawed as it is well documented that the Bill of Rights was written to prohibit the federal government and not as some see it as granting the citizen something.

E. Scott Cracraft might read Article 4 of the N.H. Constitution (which predated the U.S.'s) as it states, "Among the natural rights, some are, in their very nature unalienable, because no equivalent can be given or received for them." Of this kind are the Rights of Conscience. Article 5 recognizes our religious freedom as a natural and unalienable right. While he is at it he might read the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd and realize that is was the people who granted the government rights.

G.W. Brooks


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Most middle class people want life, liberty & pursuit of happiness

To The Daily Sun,

Doublespeak means "evasive, ambiguous or high flown language intended to deceive or confuse. Malicious doublespeak is meant to shock or horrify." It is disgraceful, immoral, defaming, and is meant to damage a person or group's reputation. Propaganda is a form of "Gaslighting", wherein information and ideas are methodically spread to promote or injure a cause, movement, nation, etc. It is a deliberate spreading of information while leaving out the real facts and surrounding the statements with unresolved answers and questionable statements. Indeed, bald-face lies are very injurious to people.

I found Professor E. Scott Cracraft letter ... a misplacement of the facts and a doublespeak process. The haughty contempt for or against a person on the basis of the group or class to which the person belongs rather than according to merit shows partiality. To discriminate against a group of people who love their country is appalling and shows the writer's disdain for Americans who love the Constitution. Racial discrimination, which is prejudice coming from a community college professor, is unacceptable and dauntingly disheartening. My husband who was a scholar in American and world history would be astounded at this man's gridlock ... (conversation jam), manipulation and torsion of words. I wonder what is going on in the classroom? Are our cherished high school graduates hearing the truth? To doublespeak is to misinform and deceive students/parents and citizens.

I find numerous derogatory statements. "Fascism is a very specific type of right-wing-socio-political movement." What wild malicious talk. Where did he find this information? Is it fact or fiction? Where is the proof? A spreading of propaganda perhaps? Lets pick an untruth and run with it! Sound familiar?

Another statement ... "even moderate Republican parties often possess certain characteristics that may make them the closest thing we have seen to an American fascist movement in decades." Another "Big bald-face lie" to discredit a group. I would ask the professor to go to the dictionary and find the real meaning of fascism ... which is the absolute control of everyone and everything, and if he desires, ponder what has happened to our country for the last six years. There lies the real truth. Communism is a political doctrine or movement based on Marxism and developed by Lenin and others, seeking a violent overthrow of capitalism and the creation of a classless society in which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party. Fascism is top-down control of people.

Middle-class and working people are not afraid, disaffected and insecure, as stated by Mr. Cracraft. Most middle-class people want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They want a government of, by and for the people. Mr. Cracraft is right about the "big lies" because his outrageous remarks are very inflammatory to our Live Free, Die Free State and to We the People.

Let me educate Professor Cracraft. There are "death panels" in Obamacare! A book that details the deceptions of Obamacare is by Betsey McCaughey, Ph.D., a constitutional scholar and patient advocate, the name is "Beating Obamacare." People have already died. A lady in Oregon with lung cancer was denied care and chemo drugs because of her age and the monies involved, she eventually died. Just look at our veterans and how they were denied care and MD appointments for months. Eventually they died. Imagine, disowning care to our most illustrious soldiers and veterans.

Mr. Cracraft, your eyes are wide shut. Sarah Palin is not incompetent. Her predictions were true. At least she had the vision and intelligence to see the real effect of this assault against the American people. Will you face this dilemma?

Who told you the Tea Party was arming itself? Another propaganda pitch? I think so. Let's start a rumor and run with it. It is unprofessional to label people. I would never let any of my children or grandchildren be in Professor Cracraft's classroom.

I saw some ducks in the lake the other day, fishing, swimming and enjoying their freedom.

Rosemary Landry


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This is our community, please come to our meeting this evening

To The Daily Sun,

A powerful event took place on November 13th at Laconia Middle school — Partnering Because We Care! Stand Up Laconia, a grassroots substance misuse prevention coalition, LMS JAG program/Empty Bowls, the Laconia School District, the Laconia Police Department and the Greater Laconia Ministerial Association all came together to present a collaborative informational presentation surrounding the issue of substance misuse in our community — an issue that has tragically claimed six lives in just the past month! Over 150 people attended and began a serious dialogue surrounding substance misuse and the efforts that are currently being made to reduce it. The Lakes Region community should be so proud; the care, compassion and desire for positive change was palpable, and yet realistic as well. This is a complex issue and one that has not just descended onto our community overnight. All present seemed to understand that the issue of substance misuse will need long-term commitment, patience and individuals from all sectors of our community becoming invested and working together.

As promised, our next meeting will be held on Thursday December 4th at the Laconia Middle School, second floor library from 4-5:30 p.m. We are fortunate to have Staff Sgt. Rick Frost, a member of the N.H. National Guard Counterdrug Task Force Civil Operations, joining us and helping in the development of a strategic plan. This is not a simple issue. However, if the attendance at November's event was any indication, this community is committed to decreasing substance misuse and it's detrimental affects on all aspects of our community.

Please know how important your presence is at this meeting. This is our community. It is a beautiful place in it's landscape and it's people... it needs us all to step up to the plate NOW, become involved, support each other and turn the tide on this devastating issue in a substantial and meaningful way. Please join us, bring your family and friends. In the words of Margaret Mead, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Hope to see you on Thursday December 4th!

Clare Persson, Chair

Stand Up Laconia

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Elite true believers invent excuses for failures of Pres. Obama

To The Daily Sun,

Peggy Graham wrote a very simple and reasonable reply to Scott Cracraft's vile attack on the Tea Party. Bet a coffee and doughnut Scott won't even consider attending a TP meeting to see the truth for himself.

The elite, true believers, have to invent excuses for the failures and faults of their fallible demigods like Obama who live by the "any means justifies the end" credo. They find our Constitution, our laws just to inconvenient to live by and sense they can't convince a majority to change them. They, in frustration, resort to call names like children do all the while calling for civil debate.

So Scott, go to a TP meeting if you dare so you will have some idea of what your talking about.

Steve Earle


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