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'Shall nominate'; we all know what 'shall' means, don't we?

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to suggest that the senators, both Democrat and Republican, read again the Constitution of the U.S. where it states, "... he (the president) shall nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate shall appoint ... judges of the Supreme Court...".

I know that in the Rules of Golf, when it states "shall," the golfer has no choice but to obey the rule or suffer a penalty. So Senator Ayotte, your commercial should reflect what the Constitution demands and not what you feel like ignoring. Senators, hold your hearings and then deny confirmation of the proposed candidate for valid reasons, which I would like to hear about, and not just because you don't like some of their rulings. The Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution for a reason.

Gary Philippy


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2nd Amendment guarantees our right to any self-defense weapon

To The Daily Sun,

On March 21, 2016, the United States Supreme Court issued a ruling that will cause liberal brains everywhere to explode into clouds of purple smoke. If you may recall, in the recent D.C. vs. Heller case, the SCOTUS affirmed that the right to keep and bear arms in the Bill of Rights is indeed an individual civil right, not restricted to an organized militia.

This fact is slowly sinking in as many jurisdictions across the country are being forced to issue concealed carry permits where they had previously refused to do so.

However, the phrase "keep and bear arms" is not clear enough to those who will not understand its meaning. In Monday's ruling, Caetano vs. Massachusetts, the SCOTUS spelled it out for them. The victim had already been assaulted by an ex-boyfriend and had restraining orders in place. She had acquired an electronic stun gun for protection and when the man showed up at her door once again she brandished the weapon and scared him off. Unfortunately for her, stun guns are illegal in Massachusetts and she was arrested for possession of a prohibited weapon. The state's highest court upheld the conviction and this victim now faced years in prison.

In an unanimous ruling, the SCOTUS wrote that the stun gun was indeed a "bearable arm" protected by the Second Amendment. Further, it concluded the any object capable of being used as a weapon for lawful purposes is covered provided that is able to be carried by a person. They rejected the argument that such electronic devices were not available at the time when the Bill of Rights was written and made it clear that all weapon designs are protected, whether they be old, new or yet to be invented. It does not matter how "dangerous" the item seems to be, and even though some people are against the use of deadly force for whatever reason, their reservations do not override an individual's civil right to own and carry them. The states have been put on notice that any local laws that are inconsistent with these rights will be struck down.

For us here in New Hampshire, this is not a big deal as most anything goes. I can only think of a few items offhand such as brass knuckles, switchblades that will be affected. In many other states this will be a huge problem where most forms of self defense are banned and ammo magazines are limited to only X number of cartridges. California actually has a list of approved firearms and all others are illegal. It will be interesting to see how the gun banners will deal with this but one thing has been made crystal clear.

The Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights guarantees the individual citizen the right to possess any form of weapon they choose for the purpose of self defense anytime, anywhere, from a sharp stick to a Zirconian Death Ray. The Supreme Court is still working as it should.

Alan Moon


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