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We won, they lost and it's time for everyone to enjoy the season

To The Daily Sun,

'Tis the season to be jolly. So why don't the Trump bashers give it a break, and the Trump supporters ignore those left of center? We won, they lost, and it is time for everyone to enjoy the season.

Happy holidays to all. And all of us can now really look forward to a Happy New Year, too.

Jim Raschilla
Alton Bay

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Congress gives itself big raises but the rest of us get next to nothing

To The Daily Sun,

Could they really afford the $3 raise? Wow, get another can of dog food.

When I went to sign up for the Social Security benefit I had paid into for all my working life, it put me into the poverty level but that's OK because I had planned for my future. What I had not planned for were the amount of people getting our Social Security who had never paid into the system. We need to fix this problem and the only way that will happen is for the senior citizens to get out and vote for change because the young citizens think that they should be handed everything without really working for it.

To solve this problem, ask the next person who is running for Congress or the Senate if they would run if their salary was $50,000 a year, and they had to pay into Social Security and have the same insurance the rest of us have. Want to see change? What part of they are our employees don't you understand? They think nothing of giving themselves a raise, and to hell with those of us who put them in office. Wake up. Make your voice heard.

Bev Buker

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