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Please support request for $30k in Ashland police capital reserve fund

To The Daily Sun,

Voters in Ashland, I am asking for your support on Article 12 to put $30,000 in the Police Capital Reserve to repair and replace Police Department vehicles.

In the seven years that I have been the chief here, I have tried many different ways to keep our vehicles in tip-top shape and to replace them when needed. I have attempted to keep them on a rotation for replacement by working with the Capital Improvement Committee in an effort to stabilize the taxes and to avoid a significant spike in taxes. When smaller amounts of money are set aside in a capital reserve fund on a regular basis, the impact on taxpayers for vehicle repairs or replacement is a lot less than when there is no money set aside and a much larger amount of money must be found if a vehicle must be repaired or replaced entirely. Your support on Article 12 is very important to keep this from happening.

Another important, or maybe the most important, factor in putting funds into the Police Capital Reserve Fund for the replacement and repair of our vehicles is so that we can effectively protect and serve the citizens of Ashland. Our cruisers are a vital piece of equipment when it comes to your protection — it is how we get to you quickly when you need help. Without reliable vehicles, your safety is jeopardized. My job is to make sure that the public is protected. The department needs your support in order for us to effectively do our jobs, so please support Article 12.

I thank you for your support on March 8.

Anthony L. Randall
Ashland Chief of Police

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Currier & Guarino won't saddle Gilmanton with another 13% tax hike

To The Daily Sun,

When I decided to run for commissioner in Belknap County, it was because of frustration with the prior commissioners' blatant disregard for the public purse. A mutual friend asked the then-retired Dave Russell why he was choosing to run for state representative again. He received this answer: "To support our commissioners."

These were the same commissioners, two of whom were registered Republicans, but who always followed the lead of their Democratic colleague who proposed a $42 million jail. As you may know, the state representatives of this biennium have signed on to an $8 million Community Corrections Center. Until now, it seemed rather pointless to raise this issue which was settled in favor of the taxpayer and also in favor of an anti-­recidivism model.

Mr. Russell's letter in the March 1 Laconia Daily Sun makes the politics of the last two years current. He was in favor of bigger government then and he is in favor of bigger government now. Residents of Gilmanton, if you choose to back the candidates suggested by Mr. Russell you will be asking for bigger government and more of the fiscal irresponsibility which we have seen with Ms. Hatch and Mr. Jean leading the way on the Selectboard.

I know that Brett Currier and Don Guarino would never saddle us with another 13 percent tax increase.

Dick Burchell

Commissioner, Belknap 2


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