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We all love you Christine Campione-Rudolph; this is not goodbye

To The Daily Sun,

As I sit and think about all the things in my life that aren't exactly how I want them, I can't help but feel very fortunate at the same time for my health and the health of my family, something we all to often take for granted. There is one woman in particular who comes to my mind when I do start to feel that way and her name is Christine Campione-Rudolph.
Christine moved here from Brooklyn, New York. She was born Dec. 9, 1966. She gave birth to one beautiful daughter and two handsome sons, who are all grown now, with children of their own. Most people know Christine because she owns Brookside Pizza/The TAP Sports Bar, here in downtown Belmont which I must say truly reminds me of the televison show "Cheers." Plus, they have the best wings in town and don't even get me started on their Bloody Marys. Everybody knows everybody, if you're having a bad day or just want to get the heck out of the house, you go to the TAP, where you will see Christine yelling at one of her kids because they didn't do something right with the pizza dough, or something to that effect. It truly feels like home to most of us. I can't say enough good things about Brookside, I could literally go on for days.

However, over the past several years Christine's health has not been that great. Diabetes took a toll on her body and her sons took over when she was not able to work. I would still see her car there every morning no matter what as she made sure that the business was a tight-run ship even if she couldn't be there all day.

Everything changed in the blink of an eye. Her health took a turn for the worse right before Christmas when she was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer, as well as cancer in both of her lungs, it has also spread to her skull. Cancer took my father 10 years ago and I have had several clients diagnosed with this awful disease, but not like this. The doctors gave Christine six days to live. How do you even process something so horrible? Six days? This was a massive shock to her and her family.

In order to get a few more days she has chosen to do chemotherapy. As of today she is undergoing her second treatment. I am writing this letter because I want anyone and everyone to know what a strong woman she is, that there isn't anything she wouldn't do for you, especially if you are on her good side. Belmont is a very small town, it doesn't take long to hear good news or bad, maybe a day or so depending on who you tell first, (that's the key right there.) I should know, I own a local hair salon. Christine is a well known figure here and always has been. She has made several donations in this town to such as the Belmont Fire Department, Police Department, schools, library, Belmont football, Bogie Busters, Spanish Club, Santa Fund, etc. Actually I can't think of who she hasn't donated to, it truly is endless. She's also set up a scholarship at Belmont High School.

As she lies in her hospital bed in the comfort of her own home, with friends and family by her side, she gets upset knowing that she is missing meetings and is not able to go to the restaurant and check on things because this illness has kept her from doing so. A gofundme.com account was also set up for her and she has refused to take any money from it. Rather, all the funds raised will be returned back into the community. She has also taken the burden off of her family by planning her own funeral, writing her eulogy, picking her plot and anything else you can think of. So, upon her passing there will not be one thing left to do but embrace the memories and the love she had for everyone around her. As I look at her Facebook page, I notice one of her favorite quotes to her kids is, "I'm not around for the rest of your life, I'm only around for the rest of mine." How true is that?

Christine had a good day last week and was able to get some family photos done at the restaurant by a local photographer. It was an amazing day, a day none of us will ever forget. She came to the salon to get her hair done and was in good spirits laughing and joking, like her normal self. But, there were also tears that day, a lot of tears thinking that might be the last day we see her. Death is a scary thing for anyone, but Christine has almost made me feel better about it by showing me that it's all in how you handle it. I see a strength in her that I don't see in many others and it inspires me to be a better person. There's a time to be selfish and there's a time to be selfless, she seems to have it down pat. She reminds me of my own mother in that way.

We all love you Christine Campione-Rudolph. There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think about you on this journey to whatever is next. Remember, it's not good-bye, it's until we meet again. And don't forget to kick my dad in the ass when you get there. Big hugs and kisses.

From Belmont to Brooklyn, Babe.
Amy Perkins



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Town administrator didn't correctly report anticipated revenue

To The Daily Sun,

To Gilmanton residents and taxpayers:

The recent statements being told to the Gilmanton taxpayers by the selectmen, town administrator and town clerk is propaganda. False statements are being made to explain the increase in your tax bills. Let me clarify.

It is true in 2014 (almost two years ago) the assessed property values in Gilmanton decreased. Because of this, the former Selectboard chose to "buy down" your tax rate by using your taxpayer savings account, also known as the undesignated fund balance. They did this in order to prevent an increase to the town portion of tax bill. However, your tax bill increases in 2015 were not affected by what they did in 2014, but the tax collector and town administrator are telling you the exact opposite. They are insinuating that the decreased property value in 2014 in some way affects your 2015 tax bill. This inaccurate information has been written on the website as well as in newspapers.

The truth is, in 2015 the assessed property values in Gilmanton actually increased by more than $2.5 million, which should have lowered the town portion of your tax rate this year.

An enormous error appears to have been made by the town administrator, as he failed to report the correct anticipated revenues to the Department of Revenue, and the result was the much higher tax rate.

Another mistake, in my opinion, is that he did not recommend to the selectmen to "buy down" a portion of this year's rate. So, if the town administrator had correctly reported the anticipated revenues and the selectmen had used a portion of the undesignated fund balance the town portion of your tax rate would not have increased at all.

My question is why would the town tax collector and town administrator continue to spew this inaccurate information to our community members? Why not admit the truth rather than try to place blame on a former Selectboard?

You, my fellow taxpayers, have been misinformed.

Brett Currier


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