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Brian Gallagher is thoughtful leader who brings people together

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing this letter to enthusiastically encourage you to vote for Brian Gallagher, who is a new candidate running for State Representative in Belknap 4, which includes the towns of Sanbornton and Tilton.

Brian has spent many years working for the State Budget Office and New Hampshire Supreme Court (Administrative Office), so has an inside view of our government, how it works, and how it could be improved. With his MBA in management and degree in accounting, he understands numbers and knows the importance of passing a balanced budget.

When elected, Brian will focus on those things most important to you. He knows we need to keep taxes in check, yet still find a way to meet the needs of our community. He knows how to solve problems and work with everyone, while making sure we have a more efficient and less costly government. Brian will be an advocate for local decision-making in education, for restoring a business friendly environment so we have more jobs, and for hard working families in our state.

Brian is a thoughtful leader who cares about the issues, works toward solutions, and wants to bring people together to solve problems. He brings a conscientious, common sense, compassionate and responsible approach to governance.

Brian Gallagher will be a great Representative for you and a terrific member of my team in the Legislature. Please vote for him on Nov. 4.

Rep. Laurie Sanborn

Republican Policy Leader


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No stronger advocate for the people than Senator Jeanie Forrester

To The Daily Sun,

I will proudly cast my vote on Nov. 4 for Senator Jeanie Forrester, and I would ask that you will consider voting for Jeanie as well.

There is no elected official currently in office who has been a stronger advocate for the people. She listens to what her constituents have to say and studies the issues. For the past four years, Jeanie stood beside those of us who fought against the of Northern Pass and Jeanie helped us protect our property rights when Northern Pass threatened the use of eminent domain.

Sen. Forrester also listened to her constituents and determined that the Site Evaluation Committee was not functioning properly, and sponsored legislation (SB-99 and SB-245) to revamp the make-up of the Site Evaluation Committee. Jeanie successfully sought bi-partisan support, which was key in ensuring the success of this bill. Jeanie knows how to build partnerships, not put up partisan walls.

I know that Sen. Forrester's motto is "Let's Keep Jeanie," but I say, "Where Would We Be Without Jeanie?"

Lee Ann Moulder


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We've decided to vote for Dave DeVoy for Belknap Co. commissioner

To The Daily Sun,

We have been reading avidly your letters to the editor regarding political candidates. After much research, and checking websites, (not listening to political ads), we have decided that Dave DeVoy would be the best person to have as county commissioner. There has been so much infighting and misunderstanding between the commissioners and the convention that now I understand which is which. However, the fighting must end now. We need a commissioner who is willing to use common sense with our tax dollars. Why hasn't that been happening until now?

Dave DeVoy wants to reduce the amount of money spent on the administration and use it for the rest of the county needs. He understands that "public" money is our money, not other people's that can be squandered. We expect our money to be used wisely by the government. So does Dave.

Promoting efficiency is one way to cut back. Government is supposed to serve the people. As county commissioner, Dave will work to improve the transparency and respect our need to know.

As taxpayers, we need to be active in controlling the cost and scope of government, and that's what Dave DeVoy stands for. Therefore, we support Dave DeVoy for County Commissioner.

Hal & Peggy Graham


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I want to vote for a state legislator who matches my interests

To The Daily Sun,

I have moved four times in the last five years. Each time, I make it a huge priority to get to my new town hall and register to vote. It is a right that I do not take for granted. I encourage young voters and all women to learn about their candidates and make the effort to get out to vote on election day.

I often hear people say that they get sick of the campaign and they can't wait until it's over. I sometimes hear people say that they don't know about the candidates and can't bother to vote. Believe it or not, I have heard women say that they leave it up to their husbands to make the decision about who to vote for. This way of thinking has to change and I write this letter in hopes that people will realize that voting is not an inconvenience, but a civil right and a privilege. Voting is our passage to our democracy. You, as a citizen, have the opportunity and responsibility to make change happen for yourself, for your community, for your state and your country. That is power.

According to U.S. Census Bureau and its site called Voting Hot Report, "the national voting rate in 2012 — a presidential election — was 61.8 percent, while the national voting rate in 2010 — a congressional election — was 45.5 percent. For 2012 the voting rate in New Hampshire (69.4 percent) was higher than the national voting rate of 61.8 percent." So, good for New Hampshire!

While New Hampshire's voting record is good, we still can always achieve better, and it is up to you. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to educate yourself about voting procedures. The League of Women Voters of NH has a great site with loads of information about voting, registration and even sample ballots specific to your town for the current election. Check it out at http://lwvnh.org/elections.html. Once you go there, you can learn about the candidates and the platforms that they stand on. The state site at http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/ will provide you with your state legislator's voting records.

Since I live in Meredith, I want to vote for a state legislator who matches my own interests. Lisa DiMartino is up for re-election and I plan to vote for her. She is the kind of representative that one can talk to easily and know that you will be listened to. I like Lisa's voting record and I appreciate her passion for the same interests as I have concerning healthcare and for people who experience disabilities.

If you live in Gilford or Meredith, Lisa DiMartino will be on your ballot and I recommend you vote for her. Get out and vote.

Janet Hunt


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N.H. voters can show they don't scare that easily

To The Daily Sun,

From the anti-Kathy Rago mailer I received this week I'm guessing Ray Buckley's minions at New Hampshire Democratic Party headquarters are running out of tinfoil hats. Hilariously invoking both the "all-purpose evil" Koch Brothers and the poisoning of babies, the mailer makes clear that the Hosmer campaign is in full desperation mode. Given his Senate record, I'm not surprised.

The Democrats' low opinion of voters shines through in their propaganda. On one side of the mailer they misrepresent three of Rago's votes from 2011. Two (HB-1 and HB-2) were budget bills. Like all such bills, tough decisions had to be made. While it's easy to manufacture out-of-context one-liners to score cheap political points, the reality is that funding state government requires weighing priorities, making tough decisions, and operating the state within the means of taxpayers. The budget Kathy Rago voted for did just that. Despite what Buckley & Co. would have us believe, our social safety net remains secure and the doors to our universities remain open.

The other bill the Democrats twist to partisan purpose is HB-370. A fair reading of that bill shows Rago voting to strengthen, not weaken, the law. But when reality doesn't fit in their 5 1/2 by 8 mailer, the Dems choose the party line over the truth. Maybe they think no one will notice.

What I couldn't help notice was the other side of the mailer, featuring a baby being fed, and a jar of baby food marked with a skull and crossbones. It's a visual worth of Khrushchev. The issue at hand is a vote on banning BPA from baby food jars. Here again, reality contradicts the party line.

Angela Logomasini, a senior fellow at the Independent Women's Forum, writing in Forbes magazine pointed out that BPA bans are a danger to public health: "Resins that line food containers made with BPA prevent the development of deadly pathogens in our food supply, protecting consumers from potentially deadly bacteria like E. coli. Because there aren't good alternatives to BPA resins, if passed into law, BPA bans could increase food spoilage and serious food-borne illnesses."

A comprehensive review has found that BPA is safe. The U.S. FDA, the European Union, Japan, Canada, and the World Health Organization agree on that. But what do they know? Buckley and Hosmer know better ... or at least they want to scare voters into thinking so.

Democracy doesn't run well on fear. In a couple of weeks we'll have the opportunity to show Buckley, Hosmer, and their puppet-masters at DNC HQ that New Hampshire voters prefer facts to fear mongering.

I'm voting for Kathy Rago because I want an adult decision-maker representing me. I know she won't treat me like Buckley's and Hosmer's spoon-fed infant.

Ken Gorrell


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