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Kelly Ayotte's vulnerability is obstacle to a state budget deal

To The Daily Sun,

I'd like to address the elephant in the room regarding the state budget: Senator Ayotte and her allies are playing games with the budget to hurt Gov. Maggie Hassan politically.

Gov. Hassan has shown, time and time again, unswerving dedication to Granite Staters' interests by supporting and focusing on our state's critical economic priorities. Senator Ayotte, on the other hand, has only ever cared about promoting her own political agenda, going back to when she was caught scheming as attorney general and used her official state email to plot her run for Senate.

Republicans' refusal to negotiate a successful bipartisan budget boils down to one thing: They simply don't want Gov. Hassan to be seen as bipartisan going into 2016. The last budget cycle Gov. Hassan and Republicans worked together to craft a budget that invested in critical priorities for the state and was still something that both parties could agree on.

So what's the difference this time? Kelly Ayotte's vulnerability in getting re-elected, that's what. All of the recent partisan Republican attacks on the governor and her efforts to craft a responsible budget is an unfortunate consequence of their political allegiance to NH GOP boss Kelly Ayotte. But, the joke's on them, because this budget battle has only further proven that Gov. Hassan is, like always, looking out for our interests above her own political interests. And that puts her in stark contrast to Ayotte, and that's why Republicans are so afraid of her.

Paula Trombi


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Obama has agreed to death warrant for billions of humans

To The Daily Sun,

Well Obama and John Kerry have done it. They reached an agreement with radical terrorists which will allow them to get nukes. Now I wonder just how many of their supporters know what's in that agreement.

First sanctions are being lifted giving Iran billions of dollars. Really stupid people will argue they will use that money to help improve the lives of their people. B.S. they will use those billions to spread terror around the world, kill tens of thousands, develop intercontinental ballistic missiles onto which to mount their shinny new nukes. Obama has just guaranteed a future nuclear holocaust unless Congress can garner the guts to put a stop to our madman president.

What is the matter with you Democrats? Are you so enamored with the idea of a black president that you will allow him to destroy the world by nuclear war? Is winning politics become so important that you will allow radical religious zealots the tools to kill all life on the planet and they will because they are zealots who believe their god will reward them in heaven no matter what they do here on earth.

So many on the left say they are secular, but then support Obama making a deal with the worst ever radical Islamic state determined, by their own words, to destroy Israel and the U.S.

International inspectors be damned. The inspectors must give 24-days notice of any inspection and if anyone believes the Iranians will keep their word, those people belong in rubber rooms. Their very religion tells them they are not obligated to tell the truth or keep deals with infidels. It tells them to convert them, enslave them or kill them, that is all.

Obama has agreed to a death warrant for billions of humans of all religions. For crying out loud people, are we so polarized politically that we refuse to see the imminent danger this "deal" creates. Wake up folks, speak out, this deal is just plain crazy.

Steve Earle

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