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Craig Davis will bring management experience to our Budget Committee

To The Daily Sun,

Please join me at the polls in Sanbornton on Tuesday March 10, to support Craig Davis for Budget Committee.

Craig will bring management experience, town budget knowledge and the broader view and vision of town operations. He has served on numerous committees over the last few years and brings an open and objective attitude to his decision process, the results, are forward-thinking and planning for the future of our town.

Please remember to vote.

Steven Ober


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Watch the tape & you'll agree it's time to make changes in Alton

To The Daily Sun,

After I read an op-ed piece in the Union Leader written by publisher Joe McQuaid referencing the conduct of our Alton elected officials at a February selectmen's meeting, I am speaking out.

In watching the video clip of the public input session by Alton resident, Jeffrey Clay, I was appalled and embarrassed at the manner in which the selectmen handled the situation. Mr. Clay had every right to speak his piece, regardless of whether you liked his remarks or not. Cooler heads should have prevailed in letting Mr. Clay have the floor for the allotted five minutes. To have called on the Alton police to arrest Mr. Clay was more outrageous than anything Mr. Clay said. Grow a thicker skin or get out of the game!

It is time to make some changes to this board at next week's election. I'll be voting for Phil Whittmann and hope others will as well.

Carol A. Chamberlain


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