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Great disappointment in the Keep Women Barefoot camp

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to welcome The Sun readers to another edition of Tea Party Potty Tricks. In the news recently are the four Colorado Congressman who after voting against Sandy relief begged for emergency relief after the floods devastating Colorado. Huh?

Not missing a step, and as making a documentary about sociopaths, the House voted to increase hardship and food insecurity in America by cutting food stamps for 22,000,000 children in 2014. Ten million of those kids live in deep poverty. Showing the compassionate side of the tea party, ONLY 9,000,000 who are elderly or have a serious disability will be effected. And if that isn't patriotic enough for you, ONLY 170,000 of our veterans that laid their lives on the line will also be hit and made even MORE vulnerable. (http://www.cbpp.org/cms/?fa=view&id=3899) Being so both empathetic and fiscally responsible, the $39 BILLION cut over 10 years will help pay the $40 BILLION that we will pay Big Oil in subsidies in the same period. The Devil and His Angels are now in conference trying to figure out a way to more easily pay the $50 BILLION we subsidize the corn industry within the same period. Cuts to WIC (Women with Infant Children), and TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) look like an easy kill. Anonymous sources inside Hades' pro-hunger "We Love Corpses" camp say infrastructure funds look appetizing because, "hey, East Germany was kind of quaint".

Transcending his new glory as the most ridiculous person in Washington, DC, Ted Cruz is now being piled on by Republicans who seem to have gotten the message that he is truly the heir apparent to Miss Tin-Foil Hat USA, Michelle Bachmann. GQ's Mr Buffoon USA and Sarah Palin are now joined at the hip, yet John McCain, who gave us Miss Death Panel USA, "(expletive) hates him" say sources inside the McCain camp. Its the maverick, right? According to N.Y.'s Peter King, Cruz is a fraud. Ya think?

The U.S. House decided that insuring 17,000,000 children with pre-existing conditions is bad for America and voted for the 40th time to repeal ObamaCARE. It is estimated that each vote costs $1,000,000. Although ObamaCARE got its ideas from the Heritage Foundation and RomneyCARE, that doesn't matter because "we hate Obama". Up to 120,000,000 adults have pre-existing conditions but golly, isn't that what emergency rooms are for? Heck, we're pro-life.

Topping the "Is He On Crack?" Charts this week is Wayne Lappierre of the NRA, who told us that the Naval Yard slaughter happened because there just wasn't "enough good guys with guns". This week's Alexander Hamilton Award goes to the dueling team of Robert Taylor and James Pullum, who pulled into a parking lot in Michigan, neither knowing the other was armed, who then shot each other dead. Rumor has it these were two law abiding citizens previous to the now famous duel. Its not every day that two good guys with guns actually stop two bad guys with guns. Wayne Lapierre must be gushing.

On social issues, there is great disappointment in the Keep Women Barefoot camp. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals smacked down a lawsuit against the contraception mandate in ObamaCARE. A conservative appointed by George Bush, Justice Julia Smith Gibbon, wrote in her holding, "We dismiss the claims of the individual plaintiffs on standing grounds". But worry not folks, it seems that Catholic hospitals are claiming religious liberty protects them from unionization.

On the Big-Religion front it seems that the Catholic Church now have a very gracious and thoughtful Pope that is way left of the U.S. House of Representatives. In a total turn-around from the crusty rhetoric of the last two, the new Pope chastised Catholic leaders for being obsessed with abortion, gays, and contraception and slammed the cuts in food stamps. The audacity! He must be a commie!

James Veverka


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Thank you Laconia volunteers; 3 great events on one day

To The Daily Sun,

I wanted to say thank you and congratulations to the city of Laconia and all of the businesses and volunteers that made the WOW Fest, Harvest Day at Prescott Farm and the New Hampshire Coffee Festival such great successes. These well organized and well attended events allowed us all to celebrate what makes Laconia special.

Again thank you to the many volunteers and supporters who helped make these events so successful.

Sen. Andrew Hosmer

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Alton community rallying to help photographer Matt Fassett

To The Daily Sun,

Last week Matt Fassett, a local senior citizen and photographer from the town of Alton, was robbed of his lap-top and all back-up drives. These items contained all of Matt's photos, including those already prepared for waiting customers.

Matt is a kind and generous man who lives a life of modest means and not only did not deserve this loss, but will have a very hard time financially trying to replace his equipment.

As outraged citizens, and people who know how much Matt Fassett has given to this community, we want to try to help him recoup a bit of his loss. We have set up a fund at TD Bank in Alton and would like the town and surrounding community members to know how they can help. Contributions can be sent to:

The Matt Fassett Fund
TD Bank
92 Main Street
Alton, NH 03809

Please help us spread the word of this attempt to raise funds for the purchase of equipment Matt will need to continue his livelihood and his contributions to our area. Thank you.

Barbara Bald


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Sun's report on workforce housing meeting was very accurate

To The Daily Sun,

Last Saturday's Daily Sun published a letter, "Let's hold the press accountable for demonizing the Tea Party," written by Alton's elected State Rep. Jane Cormier. Rep. Cormier ran on a Conservative platform and overwhelming defeated her opponent in the general election, 2035-1054. She has been faithful and consistent in voting the conservative line at the Statehouse. She merits credit for delivering on her campaign promises.

Her being a conservative and me being a liberal of course translates into me almost never agreeing with her political positions. Now I find myself in further disagreement with her characterizing The Daily Sun's reporting of "deliberately misinforming the public." No such thing occurred in Michael Kitch's reporting, "Tea Party takes aim at Alton workforce housing initiative," which ran on September 20's Daily Sun's page one.

I have had a bit of experience in journalism and thus able to judge that Kitch's report was thorough and accurate, and the editor's headline properly summed up the "theme" of the meeting. Yes, Cormier's letter was correct that the event was hosted by the Alton Business Association (as Kitch reported) and was "NOT a Tea Party event." I agree that it was not a Tea Party event -- it's just that a super-majority of the questions and comments from the floor were from persons expressing a Tea Party perspective. Even though the Tea Party did not host or sponsor the meeting, it ended up being a "Tea Party Event" by all those who raised their hands to speak.

I would not say that the media "demonized the Tea Party." The media described what took place at the meeting.

For those readers who would like to judge for themselves, I suggest they view the recorded portion of the meeting which is currently showing on LRPA's Channel 26 and a DVD is available for loan at Alton's Gilman Library.

Bob Longabaugh
Alton Bay

(Editor's Note: The meeting in question was indeed hosted by the Alton Business Association but it was also posted by the Lakes Region Tea Party as a "meeting" of their organization as well. That Tea Party meeting notice was published in The Daily Sun on Sept. 13 (page 22).

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Let's spend time to explore what's best for Briarcrest tenants

To The Daily Sun,

I have just completed 19 years as a tenant at Briarcrest and feel the need to join the fray. After learning about the owner's retirement and plans to sell I felt that everyone deserves time to really enjoy life. Change is usually difficult for all involved. Some can find it an adventure, others too scary to contemplate.

The sale to an Orlando firm saddened me and then the Hometown America firm out of Chicago was even more frightening, with the vastness of their holdings and once the Internet was consulted, most especially Hometown America.com/complaints. It also appeared that they did not have any mobile home park rent less than $500 per month.

I was relieved that we had an alternative and that the State of New Hampshire had an organization that would help us acquire the park. My belief is that organizations governed by people living in close proximity to the area and owners with a vested interest would care more about our well being than anyone else could. If anyone in the park had a problem, large or small, our neighbors would be our first to help. We have many single tenants, some elderly, with a fixed income that find rising costs in every area of life reaching a point that they can no longer keep up. The burdens continue to grow unabated. The caliber of the tenants in Briarcrest is such that it is hard to envision our park in deep decline as some have suggested.

To have the ownership and the governing body in charge made up of intelligent caring individuals working hard for themselves as well as the other tenants at Briarcrest as well as the fact that the monies generated by the park will stay in our park, our city, our county, our state makes a lot of sense to me. Our governing bodies will benefit as well as our schools, city government, stores, businesses, professionals and the environment. Within a few years the monthly rents will level and possibly stay the same for a while. This you will never see with outside ownership. Their only concern is profits.

The owner's organization has been busy gathering information for all the services now provided, estimates have been provided and bids have been received. These officers are doing all this work free of charge on their own time because they are concerned for all of us. We should all be willing to spend a small amount of time to ascertain what is best for all the tenants of Briarcrest. With this much of our lives at stake, a second opinion needs to be researched. An informational meeting is scheduled outlining the many benefits of tenant ownership of the Park and financial viability. We can all respectfully agree or disagree, having the facts should help the process.

Barbara Patterson


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