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Middle East cultures seem to be best under control of strong men

To The Daily Sun,

After reading, watching and listening to the news and debates concerning events in the Middle East over the past few years I've begun to question this nation's belief that people in that part of the world actually seek or even approve of democracy. Most recently the "Arab Spring" has turned pretty stormy which is really not much different from before the democracy movements. Perhaps I'm wrong but given the history, culture, and dominate religion, Islam, all of which are authoritarian based, I consider that it is perhaps a fools errand to attempt to promote democracy there. That culture seems to have done best when under the control of one sort of strong man or another. Now I'm not saying that is any sort of just or even a peaceful society but compared to the chaos of the recent half century it could not be much worse.
Presently Egypt is suffering from the threat of potential civil war; Syria is in full blown revolt with 100,000 dead, some estimate; Iraq is showing signs of joining the bloody circus as has Libya and Afghanistan. Right now here in the U.S. our leaders are debating whether or not we should provide weapons to the Syrian rebels and what to do about Egypt? I say stay clear of the whole thing, we have no dog in those fights. Getting involved is a no-win position for us. Who ever prevails in Syria will be no friend of ours and in Egypt the army kept the Muslim brotherhood under control for decades so even if another Mubarak gains power that is better for us then the brotherhood. Still let them decide.
Steve Earle


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Description of sex assault wasn’t suitable for public consumption

To The Daily Sun,
On Thursday (8/15), a front page story appeared regarding a local man facing multiple rape charges. Daily Sun reporter Gail Ober went too far in her unnecessarily graphic description of these alleged assaults. I believe, that most readers needed no more clarification than the official charges levied. Testimony in open court doesn't need to be quoted when it is inappropriate for public consumption. Whether young or old, your readers don't glean more information from such sensationalism, the alleged crimes are disgusting enough, but your story was nothing short of pornographic.

PS: I realize what sells newspapers, but Gail remember yours is FREE!

Bill Akerley

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Citizens must have confidence that our elections are fair

To The Daily Sun,

Listening and reading the news the past couple of weeks it seems the Democrats are having quite a problem with North Carolina passing a voter ID law. Now if I believed their position that such a law is designed to prevent or reduce the minority vote, I too would be against; I just don't.

The left's mantra that every vote should be counted is a sound position but so is the position of the rights that every vote must be a legal vote. I can see nothing wrong with either position but when, in the last election, some districts reported 115% of the votes for one candidate, something is wrong. It has long been taken as a given that in some strongly Democratic areas, the voter lists are less then current and contain the names of dead or former residents who are no longer in the districts. Often research after an election will show that many of these folks voted. Citizens must have the confidence that our elections are fair and above board and given the strong indications that things are not as they should be I feel that voter ID laws are a good thing, just as I feel every legitimate vote should be counted. I have not heard one reasonable argument so far against these laws.
Steve Earle


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Here’s some other things Shaheen & Shea-Porter have done for us

To The Daily Sun,

Senator Shaheen and Rep. Shea-Porter love to tell us everything they are doing for us. Here is a list of tax hikes that they did not tell us about. Both of them voted for all of these taxes:

— Surtax (3.8 percent) on investment income
— Hike in Medicare Payroll Tax
— Individual Mandate Excise Tax
— Tax on health insurers
— Excise tax on comprehensive health insurance plans
— "Black liquor" tax hike (bio-fuel)
— Tax on drug companies
— Tax on medical device manufacturers
— High medical bills tax deduction
— Flexible spending account cap - aka "Special Needs Kids Tax"
— Medicine cabinet tax
— Elimination of tax deduction for employer-provided retirement Rx drug coverage (Medicare Part D)
— Change the 'economic substance doctrine' (allows IRS to disallow legal tax deductions)
— Tax on indoor tanning services
— Health Savings Account (HAS) withdrawal tax hike
— Blue Cross/Blue Shield tax hike
— Excise tax on charitable hospitals
— Employer reporting of insurance on W-2 – allows IRS to tax you if you do not have insurance

Call Rep.Shea-Porter or Senator Shaheen and ask them if I am wrong. Ask them to explain why they voted for all these taxes? Ask them if Obamacare applies to Congress or their congressional staff? The answer is no. Obamacare is the solution to the health care crisis but not for Congress. In 2014, we need to vote out Senator Shaheen, Reps Shea-Porter and Kuster.

Jim Mayotte

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Seen any bears around? You likely won’t after September 1

To the Daily Sun,

It's getting to be that time of year again, what the department of F&G calls hunting season. It will not be long before thousands of bait sites for bear and deer around the state are gearing up, if not already. Bait season for bear starts September 1 and runs through September 28. Bait season for deer starts September 1 and runs to the last day of the season, December 15.

The pre-baiting I'm sure is already at full throttle. If you have been seeing any bear this year, rest assured your probability of seeing them after August 1 will be nil. As a recap of the 2012 season 909 bears were killed, 432 were over bait. In addition to the 6 cubs killed over bait, 54 cubs were killed by other methods along with 34 lactating females. Oh yeah, one of these bear cubs was just 18lbs.

In 2012 Ben Kilham our bear rehabilitator from Lyme, N.H., had 29 cubs dumped in his lap to raise up to be reintroduced back into the wild. So what happened to the 29 cubs? Five went back to Vermont where their is no baiting. The rest were dumped by the F&G at bait sites around the states. With thousands of bait sites for bear and deer in NH it would be impossible not to. This is a slap in their face.

I'll finish up with this. Out of the 423 bears killed over bait in 2012, 309 were three and a half years old or younger. The life expectancy for bears in N.H. is 3.5 years for males and 4.5 for females.

What do you get for killing a baby bear? A big pat on the back with a "congratulation shooter". Maybe next year you can get to kill something bigger.

Eric Rottenecker


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