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'Hillary's America' will be showing again this weekend in Gilford

To The Daily Sun,

One week ago today (Sept. 1), a major event took place in Gilford, But 99 percent of the inhabitants of this geographic area knew nothing about it. An historic, and very historically accurate documentary film has been released in this country, and was shown last week, to a "sold-out, standing-room only" theater at Gilford Cinema, in spite of no public advertising, that every human of voting age needs to see. The film will play again this weekend, and its re-release is due entirely to the public demand that Democrat, left-leaning theater owners end their efforts at censorship of this subject​.

The film reveals that years before this country was actually founded, slavery was prevalent and promoted, mostly on Southern plantations, and in the lead-up to the Civil War, was supported mostly by Southern Democrat plantation owners. Opposition to slavery and support for the emancipation of slaves, during that time came mostly from Northern Republicans, and during the 1800s, and even into the early 1900s, resulted in blacks becoming politically aligned generally with Republicans.

The film reveals that it was the Democrats who formed a "secret, militant, ​illegal ​civilian-defense" organization known as the Ku Klux Klan, in order to intimidate and persecute the "uppity blacks" from becoming a political power within the Republican Party. The inevitable result was the divisions between North and South, and the brutal Civil War, which killed more than 600,000 Americans on both sides. Democrats still characterize the Civil War even today as only being about state's rights, but the truth of the matter is, it was about slavery, and slavery was wrong, an abomination, and it needed to be completely abolished. And it took a Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, to make it happen.

The film also details how the Democrats instituted "social engineering" and "progressive" governmental political policies, designed as pretenses to attract minorities, while the secret intention was to trap them into restrictive and perpetual inequality that only more and more governmental programs could fix.

Early on, the Democrats adopted the social and ​sometime ​racist policies of progressive activists like Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and Rachael Carson, the author of "Silent Spring," which among other disasters, resulted in the ban on DDT.

As the story line unfolds, the author finds himself in jail, and endeavors to learn as much as he can about the average convict's theory of survival, while perpetrating their "con" on anyone, and everyone they can. It's called the "gang theory." One critical point of the "gang theory," that must be pulled off if the "con" is to succeed, is convince the subject that you are only "there to help." Then, sell them on the "plan," and dazzle and baffle them with fancy "footwork." Then, once you've got them "hooked," pull the trigger before they realize they've been "conned!" The "plan" becomes something else entirely, but it's too late for them to back away. And most important of all, when things don't work out as promised, the Democrats fall back on the gang's final point, "deny, deny, deny!" It's call the "gang theory," and Democrats have perfected the "gang theory!" They've been practicing it for a very long time.

The history of the Democrat Party has always sought and used people like Lyndon Johnson, and his Great Society, and other "community organizers" to achieve the "social engineering" ends it wants, and does so by appealing to the human weakness of the "emotional" instead of the "practical."

When President Lyndon Johnson saw that he had no choice but to do something about civil rights, he also recognized that he needed the Republican support to pass civil rights legislation. The landmark law became the 1964 Civil Rights Act, but it only passed because of a majority of Republicans. But simultaneous with that, with Democrat majorities in both houses, he also pushed for the Great Society legislation, with all its giveaways, which he promised his Democrat colleagues, if they would help him pass it, he "...would guarantee the "N-word" (black) vote (and that's a quote) for the next 200 years.

 And it has worked exactly as he envisioned it.

So, if you are a contented Democrat, and have no interest in its history, or the truth, good or bad, and don't mind having been lied to for centuries, simply stay home, put your feet up, and eat bonbons. The rest of us will be at the movies.
And later this year, we'll be voting Republican.

Jim McCoole

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Laconia Chiefs is great organization that does right by our kids

To The Daily Sun,

I wanted to take the time to write about a great program for our kids in our community, the Laconia Chiefs football and cheer program.

The Chiefs is run by an all volunteer board and coaches these amazing people take the time out of there busy lives to teach, coach, and plan games and various fund-raisers so our children can have the best of the best equipment. It is a great organization that truly does a lot for our community and kids. (A hearty) thank you to board members for donating their time to make it such a great program.

My son, a former Chief, learned grew from his former coaches and the program itself. Thank you.

Michelle Woods



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