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You say scare tactics? I will tell you what scary really looks like

To the editor,
In response to L. J. Sidens remarks in The Daily Sun, dated Wednesday, May 15:
I respond to you as kindly as I know how. I kept thinking as I read your comments that the thoughts you have about Fox News, conservatives ET. Al. is the same thoughts I have about the main stream media, such as MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, etc. You say Fox News, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes are not fair and balanced. You say, "They are quick to break any rumor, opinion, half-truth, distortion or lie as hard news." How about the media, hoping and intimating that the Boston bombing was done by a white supremacist or was a right wing person. How about the media trying to accuse conservative talk shows for the Gaby Gifford shooting and the Sandy Hook horror even before the facts were in. Please sir, would you please give me an example of this distortion of truth on the part of Fox News. It is one thing to make an accusation it is another to give proof of this criticism.
Proof of MSNBC's, etc. bias is that they did not cover Dr. Gosnel's abortion clinic trial and murder to which he received a lifetime prison sentence. I have heard Chris Matthews accuse conservatives' citizens as bigots, biased homophobes and racists; especially if we don't agree with Obama, and they accuse us only because we have conservative beliefs. That is so not true. We are NOT racist; we wholeheartedly disagree with President Obama's socialist form of government and his drastically changing our American way of life away from our Founding Fathers' and the Constitution. True many programs are in need of changing and revamping but not the socialist/communist way.
Chris Matthews constantly sings the praises of Barack Obama. You say of Fox "it's a megaphone for right wing propaganda". NO, it is the only news media allowing the conservative point of view. The liberal view is spread in all the other many channels. They get their talking points from the N.Y. Times. Fox does not spiel out propaganda. It is TRUTH. If they broadcast untruths about what is going on please, sir, tell me what it is. They do give the conservative point of view admittedly, but they give the opposite point of view as well. As I said they have Bob Beckel, Allan Coombs, Juan Williams, and others. When they have a Republican Senator to give their point of view or advocate a bill in question they also have a Democrat politician giving his or her opposition. That is fair and balanced. Please tell me the conservatives, I mean smart savvy Republicans rebutting the Democrat's point of view on MSNBC, ET. AL. Please the next time you make accusations of Fox News and its leadership gives examples.
I am so sorry that you are of the opinion that we use scare tactics by bringing God into the dynamics of news of what is happening today. God is so loving, kind and as I said patient. You apparently have not read the Old Testament where God's judgment is constantly mentioned by the disobedience of His people and their turning away from His commandments and precepts.
Of course you are going to call me a Bible thumper and yes I am. I am proud of it. I do believe that the Bible is God's Word and it is His instruction to us. Read it sir; it is very instructional and the way to follow. And yes, read the New Testament giving us the way of redemption for the human race through the sacrificial Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. If I am narrow, so be it. Here are the words of Jesus "I am the way the truth and the life. No man comes unto the Father but by me". King Jesus said that. If it is too narrow for you, take it up with Him.
God has been so patient with his creation. For years and years, He has put up with disobedience and a turning away from His commandments and His way. Read "Mere Christianity". The author C.S. Lewis was an atheist and he was so much so he said he was going to prove the Bible false. He proceeded to study it in a scholarly fashion. After which, he became an ardent Christian and one of the strongest proponents of Christianity today. "Mere Christianity", "Screwtape letters", "Joy" and his other books are truly classics.
You say the conservatives rely on scare tactics. Sir, I will tell you what scary is. I will tell you scare tactics by the left.
1. What is scarier than murdering innocent babies and leaving them to die on a table or flushing them down the toilet or drowning them in toxic liquid? That is darn right cruel and horrendous and more than scary. What kind of person is it who could do or allow such a thing and then use real baby's feet as a relic for his desk.
2. What is so very scary is targeting applicants to the IRS who are conservatives and a government denying them or making them wait an abnormal amount of time to become tax exempt because of their beliefs and asking inappropriate, and an inordinate amount of questions in order to become tax exempt. That is not a mistake that is tyranny.
3. What is scarier than the director of this Tax Exempt Department at the IRS, Sarah Ingram becoming the director of Obamacare. She will be in charge of our medical needs and procedures. Can we trust her to give conservatives or the elderly good medical care when needed? I don't think so and proof is the unscrupulous targeting of Tea Party folks and Christian organizations for non-tax exempt status. More tyranny. Obamacare MUST be repealed.
4. What is dreadfully scary is a government who won't give American citizens cover or protection when they are under attack in other lands as in the Benghazi murders because they didn't want America to think that terrorism is alive and still viable and who wanted to win an election. That sir is scary. Obama's election superseded any concern for the lives of these dedicated servants to America.
5. What is also scary is a political party that voted to take God out of their platform, I think three times.
So what are you saying? That government should reign supreme in the lives of people over and against our Creator who loves us so much He sent His son to die for us so we can have eternal life. Not only eternal life, but guidance in this world we live in. I choose The GOD of the Bible and His Salvation in a nano minute. That is not scary sir, that is the safest and the most common sense way for a person and or a country to live by. God bless the USA.
Florence Shealy

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'It wasn't me." There, that was easy to say. Now you try it.

To the editor,
With all of the recent scandals involving the Obama's administration, they seem to be taking the "Shaggy" defense. The singer Shaggy released a song called "It wasn't me". The words tell of a person cheating and being caught. His friend advises him to state "It wasn't me".
Hillary Clinton's answer to a question on Benghazi "what difference does it make" could have been followed with "It wasn't me".
President Obama knows nothing about any of the scandals so he is correct when he states, "It wasn't me". After all, he is only the president and he has to keep track of his tee times.
On to Ms Lerner, a top IRS official, who elected to not answer any questions from Congress and has invoked the Fifth Amendment. My advice to Ms Lerner is to drink a fifth and state "It wasn't me".
Jay Carney, press secretary for President Obama, is "clueless" and changes stories on a daily basis. One thing he knows is "It wasn't me".
Eric Holder, attorney general, has invoked the "Shaggy Defense" several times. In the "Fast and Furious" scandal and the seizure of AP records and others.
Of all of the scandals, the most serious is Benghazi because four brave Americans died and we do not know what happened eight months later. It is outrageous that President Obama called Benghazi a "sideshow". Recently, Howard Dean, one of the top Democratic Party leaders called Benghazi "laughable".
With everyone in the Obama administration declaring "It wasn't me", I can only conclude that it is President Bush's fault.
Jim Mayotte

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Some people choose to accept whatever evil happens to them

To the editor,
Dear Bernadette Loesch:
Apparently three times is the charm as I finally noticed your letter in Saturday's Laconia Daily Sun. I regret not seeing your earlier letters.
Your letter of April 26 asks, "why (do) ordinary, law abiding people need to own or be able to use high powered, lethal weapons?" In America the poor, weak, un-famous, and politically unconnected have the same right to life as rich, powerful, famous, and politically connected people.
Law abiding people need guns because governments don't keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Our right to life includes our right to protect ourselves and other innocent lives from criminals. That requires guns with enough bullets. The police will rarely arrive in time to protect you. As the NRA correctly states, when seconds count, the police are minutes away.
I am not aware of any low powered, lethal weapons. If something is lethal, it is high powered enough. Neither of us is going to care if we are killed with a 22, a 50 cal. Barrett's, or a 30 cal. machine gun, we'll be just as dead. I prefer that potential murderers, and other criminals, are detoured by knowing that they may be seriously harmed by a potential victim.
As I discussed on my letter of May 17, the purpose of the Second Amendment is to allow citizens as a last resort to protect themselves from an oppressive government (this is so hard for us to imagine, yet many citizens felt the same way even as they were being carted off to their deaths).
As free citizens we have a right to own and use weapons for whatever lawful purposes we want. Along with that freedom goes responsibility for their safe use.
Your letter of May 11 asks "why people ... need to arm themselves with weapons of mass destruction." You continue with "why people need high power weaponry" implying that "high power weaponry" (assuming you mean guns) are "weapons of mass destruction". This is not the case. "Weapons of mass destruction" typically means chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear weapons. I don't recall anyone advocating individual ownership of weapons of mass destruction.
Guns of various sizes and capabilities are used for hunting, target shooting, defense and other lawful purposes. For most activities people know what they need. But people are usually surprised when they need a gun for defense; attackers rarely pre-announce their intentions. A successful defense requires fast enough access to your gun and enough bullets. Fortunately, many crimes are prevented by displaying a gun and without firing a shot. I wish more people were able to defend themselves.
Hopefully I have answered your questions. I suggest that you and others who are not familiar with guns talk to people who know guns or go to a shooting range and get some instruction.
Guns are tools that can be used for good or evil. There will always be evil whether we want to believe it or not. The question is whether people face the world as it is or live in a fantasy world. I accept that some rational, knowledgeable people decide to just accept whatever evil happens to them. But, I am saddened that many thousands become robbery, rape, and murder victims out of ignorance, an irrational fear of guns, or legal restrictions such as the counter-productive "gun free zones" that are so often a major factor in mass killings and other crime.
Thank goodness that many people are prepared to defend themselves. Not only do they have that right, but the fact that so many people are prepared to defend themselves seems to be a major factor in the decline of violent crimes.
Don Ewing

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This is most dishonest administration in Washington since Nixon

To the editor,
Well, well, it seems apparent now that everything those of us on the right have been saying about Obama and his crew has proven to be true. Lies, deceit, scandals, cover-ups and stone walling is and has been the order of business in the Obama White House. The other day when the president was asked by a reporter if anyone in the White House knew about the IRS targeting conservatives his answer was that of a tricky lawyer not that of an honest leader. He replied that, he certainly didn't know about it, nothing about anyone else in the White House. I believe that's known as a lie of omission.
Speaking of the IRS, does any reasonable person believe that a bunch of clerks out in Cincinnati decided, all on their own, to target the Tea Party and conservatives? Funny thing too, the head of the department in charge of approving requests for non profit status while all this was going on was just promoted to head the enforcement part of Obamacare in the IRS. There goes trust in government down another dozen points. Reminds me of the investigation Obama conducted into "Fast and Furious". We still don't know who set it up and ran it but all the major department heads were promoted.
Did anyone see this guy Miller, acting head of the IRS, being questioned at the congressional hearing? Sounded like some mobster. "Ayy, Ida no nu'ten. Igota no names to gib ya". Must make the left so proud of their open, honest and transparent administration. Oh yea and Obama says "no" to an independent counsel to investigate this crime. Sure, we can trust Eric Holder, mister stonewall'er himself to whitewash, oops, I mean conduct the investigation.
Fact is this is the most dishonest administration in DC sense Nixon. They break the law, violate the Constitution, engage in smear, slander and the politics of personal destruction all in the name of any means justifies the ends. Then they say we conservatives are the bad guys. Bull!
Steve Earle

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Bow Wow 3 was great success; sincere thanks to everyone

To the editor,
Many thanks to everyone for a successful Bow Wow 3. It is such an honor to be head cheerleader for a Pooch Parade that gathers more steam each year. Beginning with my employer Melcher & Prescott Insurance and the Board of Directors of WOW Trail right on down to each business whose name appears on the back of our now famous "Kiwi" tee shirt, to every volunteer who helped from handling registrations to setting up shop to managing the two — and four-legged — participants, I give you all my heartfelt thanks. Special thank yous to Michelle Dupont and Annie Boissoneault!
It was a privilege to assist in raising funds for Gilford PD's new K-9, Ike, who will be undergoing life-saving surgery. I am proud to report that we did achieve our goal of $1,500 through the generosity of participants as well as individuals and businesses.
This event runs smoothly thanks to the expert advice from my co-coordinators, Ann Saltmarsh with the support of the Department of Public Works, Janet Brough from SAU 30, and Kevin Dunleavy who heads Laconia's Parks and Recreation Department.
It would be difficult to get the word out if it weren't for three amazing editors and their reporters: Ed Engler with Adam Drapcho (Laconia Daily Sun); Krista Marrs with John Koziol (Citizen); and Brendon Berube with Erin Plummer (Gilford Steamer). Great coverage!
Our business sponsors: "Top of the Heap" three years in a row: Hali Dearborn's family business, Eptam Plastics; Jodie Herbert of the Inns at Mill Falls; Steve & Nanci Jorgenson of AKA Tool; the Beetle family of Patrick's Pub; Steve Smith Associates; Cindy of Meredith Village Savings Bank; Lee & Brendon of Ameriprise Financial; Bill & Paul of Stealth; Faith of Binnie Media; Mike & Lois of Franklin Savings Bank; Mike of Tilton Vet; Chris of Fratello's; Sarah of Body Covers; long-time BW supporter, Gil Schohan — my deepest gratitude for your support.
Our devoted vendors: Brendon from My Coffee House; Jill Baron Trimble Illustrator; Kelly from Doggone-It-Training; Alix of Homeward Bound; Suzi , the Basket Lady; Bree of Happy Tails Dog Park; Sue of Animal Vibe; Janice of Embroidery N'More and last but not least, Aaron Bassett of Burrito Me for the much-needed water stations (Woof!).
Our emcee Pat Kelly kept things organized and on track; Father Alan from St. Andre Bessette brought his blessings; Charlie St Clair got us on film; our photographers Bonnie and Dean; our face painters, Regina and her girls; and thanks to all the sign support from these businesses: Interlakes Animal Hospital; Taylor Community; Insurance Outlet; Meredith Village Savings Bank; Belknap Tire; Maui Tanning. Deep appreciation to Caroline Drouin for your tireless efforts in distributing posters and to Brett and Bethany of Laconia Pet Center for their generosity in providing all of our contest prizes.
A picture tells a thousand words. . .see little Miss Remy Bassett, daughter of Aaron Bassett of Burrito Me, and her bodyguard Yeti.
See you next year!
Claire Hebert
Community Relations Coordinator
Melcher & Prescott Insurance

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