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Join me in voting for American values: Silber, Abear, Vadney & Aldrich

To The Daily Sun,

I write today to emphasize my support for Norm Silber, Marc Abear, Herb Vadney and Glenn Aldrich as state representatives from Meredith and Gilford. However in doing so, I must provide some contrast on one of their detractors who believes government monopolies are good and doesn't define "fair share."

What a joy today to open the paper and be treated to another crock of Cracraft. Is he really so far left that he cannot discern normal middle of the road, God-fearing, God-loving, Constitution-abiding American citizens when they attest these rock-solid core beliefs?

But you must know by now who Scott Cracraft is. My question is obviously rhetorical. This is the guy that I have seen gadding about the area in his Che Guevara T-shirt. Guevara the Marxist. If this is his hero, what are his values? We can see why he opposes anyone who stands for the Constitution.

Having made that contrast, there are two important factors to look at as you go to vote this year. One, the Republican-led legislative branch in Concord fought to bring our state back to fiscal sanity. You know the budget that they passed restraining government in cost and size but ultimately increased revenue to the state. This always seems to happen when taxes are reduced on citizens and businesses. The budget that had the result of increased employment within New Hampshire. The budget that Hassen vetoed several times and now claims credit for.

Herb Vadney and Glenn Aldrich were part of this very successful legislative assembly. I have met both gentlemen. They are the definition of Middle America. They fight hard for all of New Hampshire's citizens.

The second thing you need to know is found on Page 17 of today's Sun. The story is Gilford taxes remaining flat. Many people are responsible for this, but everyone should know that the approved budget is the one that the Budget Committee presents to the voters.

Norm Silber has been a key member in the fight to keep the taxes low in Gilford. He has put forth a solid agenda of the issues he intends to address. These are all issues that keep government in check. He will be a great addition for all of us as a representative from District 4.

And if you have not met Marc Abear by now, perhaps that's because you do not reside in the district. Marc has been going door to door throughout Meredith and Gilford. He cherishes these same middle-of-the-road values and will work for us daily.

We have seen the great destruction that the liberal, progressive, socialistic agenda has done to America. We have seen the accomplishments of fiscal conservatism. Please join me in voting for American values. Please join me in voting for the middle-of-the-road core values that have made New Hampshire and America great.

Please join me in voting for Norm Silber, Marc Abear, Herb Vadney and Glenn Aldrich for the state House from Meredith and Gilford.

David R. Horvath, Sr.


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Hillary is not lesser of 2 evils; she's a well-qualified, caring person

To The Daily Sun,

This article is composed by a strong Republican. Trump supporters need to know our country is already great. It is a country where many come to better their lives for themselves as well as their families. It is a country that is founded and supported by the Constitution, including free speech and right to bear arms. One does not need to hear, "Make America great again." It may be the only country in the world where people keep wanting to come here to make their lives better than where they lived.

After hearing comments so negatively about Mr. Cracraft's very well done comments, it seems necessary to rebut the comments of the Ewing's, Wiles's, Earle's, etc.

First, you are entitled to your opinions. The First Amendment guarantees this. While this is your right, as is Mr. Cracraft's, the illogical and ignorant statements made by these gentlemen are repulsive. One must not be narrow minded so as not to consider all points of view. Professor Cracraft's comments are right on target and protected, as yours are, by the First Amendment.

Mr. Trump proposes violence as a means to express feelings. Comments such as calling minorities rapists, drug agents, etc. are unbecoming of a presidential candidate. Not paying contract people for work performed is unacceptable. Mistreatment of women is out of line.

Lastly, to put Mr. Trump in the role of the most honorable position in the world is to support those who believe the end of the world is at hand. Mr. Trump can potentially promote the end of humankind as we know it. He is the most divisive candidate in this country. His previous comments on Central and South America immigrants, then to flip-flop, as he seeks their support is hypocrisy at its worse.

One agrees many voters are upset with Washington, which is reasonable. This writer is one of them. However, Mr. Trump offers only ways to affect negatively the safety, welfare, and existence of our country. Trump's motto should say, "Make America a dictatorship!"

The working employees are seeing a total reversal of Trump's message when he says he is for the working man. You gentlemen indicate he is for the working man? His past business history shows acute abuse of his workers, paying barely minimum wage, and certainly not a livable wage. This puts many on welfare including food stamps.

More constructive and honorable ways need to be considered in order to move our country forward. It is the Congress of the U.S. and the Senate which has created this discord between Washington and its voters. Both Democrats and Republicans are guilty. Why can we not select one of our own to represent us? It is quite apparent Washington continues not to listen. Hence we have two candidates who are being considered to be our next president.

Mr. Sanders is an excellent example of a good American. Sadly, he was not selected to be the Democratic nominee. The Democrats showed a rigged primary process. We cannot belabor this past. We must focus on the issues at hand, and not the negative personality attacks distributed by Mr. Trump.

Ms. Clinton may have her faults, but Mr. Trump's are worse. She presents excellent programs to move our country forward. Mr. Trump is now starting to "present" programs, many promoting hatred and divisiveness.

Ms. Clinton is not a "lesser of two evils" candidate. She is a well qualified, caring individual who seeks what is best for our country. She respects my point of view more than Mr. Trump. His comments regarding the disabled is reprehensible. I and the New York Times disabled reporter resent being made fun of. It is time for him to resign his candidacy and defer to a qualified person to represents all of the people. My previous article states it is a responsible person who votes for Ms. Clinton and not for Mr. Trump.

Robert T. Joseph, Jr.
New Hampton


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