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It is not necessary to pass a new law after every freak accident

To The Daily Sun,

Yes, it was a tragedy that an instructor was killed when a young girl tried to fire an Uzi full auto. Terrible thing. But do we have to pass a law after every freak accident?

I know liberals live by the credo that no tragedy should be wasted, but unless there has been a rash of such incidents recently I think it should be regarded as what it was, a freak accident. It is something that an adjustment in training practices and procedures can correct without getting the government involved in another unnecessary intrusion into the rights of people.

Steve Earle


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Thank you to voters that wrote my name on the ballot on Tuesday

To The Daily Sun,

I want to thank Laconia voters for taking the time to write my name in on the ballot on Tuesday.
Laconia has an impressive slate of candidates for both the Statehouse — Beth Arsenault, Mo Baxley, Tom Dawson, David Huot, and now myself — and for county commissioner, with Dave Pollak.
I urge the voters to take time to familiarize themselves with the issues in this election and come out to get to know all our candidates.
Kate Miller, Chair

Belknap County Democrats

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How many Republicans does it take to change a lightbulb?

To The Daily Sun,

It has been a long hot summer. Many letters have been written by the right-wingers, who were questioned by those who lean to the left and have never been answered. Those of us who are leaning left, should thank Mr. Veverka and Mr. Valengavich, Mr. Hoyt and others for holding the right-wingers' feet to the fire. It is apparent that to this point,they have no answers for their horse pasture letters that at this time of year are hot off the press.

I would like to address a letter written by Mr. George Dengal, which appeared on Wednesday, Sept. 3, regarding the strategy of President Obama against ISIS. Mr. Dengal, do you remember when the president notified the country the pull-out date of troops from Afghanistan and Iraq? The Lakes Region right-wingers and the rest of the country went ballistic. The talking point was that now that they know the date of the end of operations, they can just wait us out.

The military family has a SOP (standard operating procedure) that comes under the title, Need To Know. You and I are not on any Need To Know list, nor is any one else that has no need to know. I am sure you have been informed by now of what the strategy is.

I would like to know where you got his grade school records indicating that he was a practicing Muslim.

My last request from you is what information do you have that ISIS will attack us, and when they do, the president should be impeached. What makes you feel this will happen in the next two years? Thanks for your prompt response in advance.

The next letter written by Mr.Greg Hill on Sept. 3 is about "vote for me." I will pass the right-to-work law, creating good jobs, good wages, and good sense. I want to repeat a past statement which is: the old are moving in, the young are moving out. The last time I checked Mr. Hill, New Hampshire was the seventh richest state and has the lowest minimum wage in New England of $7.25 per hour. I heard on a past Sunday program on Channel 9 there were good-paying jobs in Lakes Region, however no qualified workers. The Laconia Daily Sun has jobs listed every day. I guess at some point some one will ask what kind of jobs you will create? Where are they located and will you have anyone to do them?

It has gotten so that when I read letters of hate and discontent, I wonder who are these folks? I visualize a person sweating profusely frothing at the mouth while writing a letter to the editor. When they finally stand up they are soaked from head to toe and appear to have lost all control of body functions.

My next letter I will take back a statement I made and again discuss a fellow who used to walk around Hill with a sign saying "Vote For Herman Cain".

Does anyone know how many Republicans it takes to change a light bulb? None. They just set in the dark and blame President Obama.

Henry Osmer


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13th Annual Multiculural Festival on Saturday was awesome!

To The Daily Sun,

The 13th Annual Multicultural Festival held last Saturday was awesome! It started off with a bang — some 50 people carrying flags from around the world, led by the Laconia Police, accompanied by a group from Up With People, entered Rotary Park with patriotic music playing in the background! Then the huge cast from Up With People put on an amazing, energetic performance. And that was just the beginning! Truly, it was just an incredible festival.
It was a beautiful day to smell the aromas of so many international foods from our vendors and to see the smiles on the faces of thousands of people attending this signature downtown event.

Of course, none of this would be possible without our many, wonderful volunteers, most of whom began work on the Festival back in January. A huge thank you goes out to Kathy James, Mary Jane Hoey, Muff Walker, Deb Frawley Drake, Umija Gusinac, Arlene & Jim Fortier, Bob Harrington, David Stamps, Matt Souza, Janet Simmons, Len Campbell, Carol Pierce, Larry Frates, Elaine Morrison, Rosemary & Larry Murphy. We so appreciate Bob Luther & Wayne Sanborn for all their work with electrical and sound production. A special thank you to our volunteers that pitched in on festival day: Jane MacDonald, Molly Holman, Jack & Diane Terrill, Peter & Becky Wright, Amy Brown, John Walker, Dick Smith, Don Forsberg & John Gaydos. We are so thankful to Bob Luther & Wayne Sanborn for all their work with electrical and sound production. These people all worked tirelessly behind the scenes making sure everything ran smoothly. To the Belknap County House of Corrections that provided the "muscle" for setting up tables, barricades and tents & then assisting with the cleanup — a HUGE thank you, we couldn't have done it without this help!

The Laconia Human Relations Committee, Laconia Main Street & the Belknap Mill join together to sponsor this community celebration. It is the hard work & support of many people, organizations, businesses and agencies in Laconia and the Lakes Region that lay the foundation for this great celebration of culture. We are proud to honor and thank them. Our enormous gratitude goes out to our major sponsors: Bank of NH, Northway Bank, The Penny Pitou-Milo Pike Fund of the NH Charitable Foundation, Genesis Behavioral Health, Well Sense Health Plan, and Lutheran Social Services. We so appreciate you!

Special thanks are given to the Greek Orthodox Church & the Belknap Mill for use of their tables, Healthlink for allowing us use of their electricity and parking lot, and the City of Laconia: Police Department, Sharon Papart & the "girls at the Finance Department and Paul Moynihan at Public Works, Scott Myers & Mayor Ed Engler. Byron's Septic Services and Waste Management provided those "necessary items" needed for our outdoor festival! Thanks go out to Heather Dominick of Dominick Designs of Alton for creating our beautiful posters and to Body Covers for our great volunteer aprons. Beth San Soucie, we so appreciate all your help at the Mill. And we so appreciate the press coverage provided by the Laconia Daily Sun, Laconia Citizen and the many other news media throughout the state, including LRPA.

Congratulations to all our raffle prize winners and our sincere thanks to our prize contributors: Cactus Jacks/T-bones, Dairy Queen, Fratello's Restaurant, Hair Affair, Our Place Family Restaurant, Sawyers Dairy Bar, Country Cookin' at Lakeside, Shang Hai Restaurant, Prescott's Florists and especially Meadowbrook for the grand prize of 2 tickets.

To produce an event like this requires substantial funding. The Multicultural Festival recognizes with gratitude our program advertisers: Christopher Williams Architects, McLaughlin Law Office, Pike Industries, Travel Health, Community Action Programs, Laconia Kiwanis, China Bistro, Water Street Café, Melcher & Prescott, NAPA Auto Care, Patrick's Pub, Bob Merwin State Farm Insurance, Sunflower Natural Foods, Andrew Hosmer, Martin, Lord & Osman P.A., Belknap Tire, Computer Magic, Stafford Oil, Laurent Overhead Doors, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Lahey Law, Decorative Interiors, Laconia Bicycle Exchange, Water Street Café, Unitarian Universalists, Wedbush, R-F-S Engineering, Misiaszek Turpin, Debbie Cotton, Temple B'nai Israel, Irwin Motors, & Franklin Savings Bank. And to our many patrons and supporters of this wonderful event — our heartfelt thanks for your donations.

To all our wonderful performers at Rotary Park & The Children's Corner stage — thank you so much. There wouldn't be a festival without our great vendors and social service agencies. Thank you all for participating. And lastly & just as important — to all of you that attended, we hope you enjoyed the day and we so appreciate your continued support and encouragement of the Laconia Multicultural Festival. Mark your calendars for next year's date of September 12th! Again, thank you Lakes Region! Follow us on Facebook and check our our new website: laconiamulticulturalfestival.org for some great photos!
Becky Guyer

Multicultural Festival Coordinator

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Here are names of winners of Belmont Football ATV Raffle

To the Laconia Sun,

Friends of Belmont Football would like to thank the community for a very successful annual ATV raffle fundraiser.

Without the support of individuals and businesses, our Belmont athletes who are currently contributing at the junior varsity football level in Gilford would be in great need of additional financial support. We can't thank you enough.

Here are the winners: First prize: Polaris 4-wheeler ATV, Paul Davis, Canton, Mass. This gentleman was so excited. He could not believe that he won. He said that he never wins anything and was just so excited. Second prize: $250, Laurie Harte, Warner. Third prize, $100, Sean Embree, Belmont. Fourth prize, $50, James Dearborn, Laconia. All winners were very happy to support these athletes.

We would like to thank HK Powersports and Tammy for working with us on this promotion and helping us purchase the ATV.

Special thanks goes to area businesses who acted as ticket agents and/or displayed banners, counter displays, posters, etc., and let us display the 4-wheeler outside their businesses to attract raffle sales: D&D Market, Brookside Pizza ll, Belmont, Winnesquam Market and Deli, Airport Country Store, Gilford, Belmont Village Store.

This fundraiser was, by far, our greatest success. We are nearing one year of fundraising and will be looking forward to our Christmas tree sale this coming season around Thanksgiving. We hope to see you there, and thanks again for all of your support.

Friends of Belmont Football


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