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Are you really talking about human beings? Or wild animals?

To The Daily Sun,

If you took my statement of taking in every Syrian refugee literally, that's a whole other issue we can deal with at another time. I was only trying to make a point, which your original letters and responses have so justly solidified.

And I quote: "They are running because they lost their war"; "Conflict and killing is all they know"; "Committing cultural suicide"; "Our southern border is overrun with illegals coming in"; "ISIS members using this exodus to infiltrate our country."

We are still talking about human beings, aren't we? Sometimes I almost mistake it for a conversation about wild animals.

Todd Welch

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3 candidates for Police Commission will be on radio Saturday morning

To The Daily Sun,

I have a low opinion of the moderators of all debates so far this season. Some GOP candidates have been very good. If only we could hear more from them. It is understandable that there is only so much time. Use the time wisely and involve every candidate on the issue. If someone is weak, by-pass them and save that time for an issue they know more about. Some like to whine rather than answer the question!
This is not the case when three new faces, candidates for Laconia Police Commission, introduce themselves to the voters during the 8 to 9:30 portion of my Saturday morning talk program at WEZS 1350 AM, and live streamed at wezs.com. In order of speaking will be Jonathan Muller, Michael Gagnon, and Tom Tarr. For those listeners from around N.H., candidate for governor, Frank Edelblut will be in studio from 10 to 11.

Niel Young


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