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Kenny & his family are loved & weekend event at VFW showed it

To The Daily Sun,

I went this weekend to the VFW in Laconia for a benefit for a sweet young man named Kenny. I wanted to say how much I was amazed at all our local shops and restaurants for their generous donations that they contributed: the 405 for the great food, VFW for the hall, the deejay for outstanding music, Hermits Woods for that amazing wine selection, American Cottage for the beautiful chair, movie tickets, beauty gift certificates/supplies, pet certificates, numerous restaurants gift cards, hotel gift certificates, clothes, and my list could go on and on and fill this page.

All of this for this lovely young man and his family. It was truly moving. I did not win anything, but I had a blast just the same. The bartender there made us some killer dirty martinis. Thank you. For the many organizers and contributors, great job! You all are true "angels" in my book.

For the people who won, congratulations and enjoy those prizes. For Kenny and his family, I wish much love and peace for the years to come. I hope you know how loved you all are and blessed. Thank you for having us.

Denise C. Burke


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These white males who write hate letters are snake-oil salesmen

To The Daily Sun,

Eight straight years of Republican obstruction to anything Obama, the hatred expressed in letters too numerous to count, the racism, the birther nonsense to delegitamize our first black president and the pile of lies and fear-mongering, and now they have the gal to say we need to unite behind our new president for the good of the country?

Where were those sentiments in 2009 onward? Don Ewing et. al. and the rest of the elderly white males who write the daily hate mail you publish are nothing more than snake oil salesmen and are in fact about as un-American as anyone can be. Every time I read one of their letters, it's "beep, beep, beep" the sound of my (baloney) meter going crazy.

Despite their opposition and the ridiculous made-up stories and fake news on all the hater websites and so-called "news" outlets, Obama has been successful and has moved us forward from the last disastrous Republican presidency.

Will the country unite behind Trump? In the words of Albert Einstein, "The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."

Carol Stappi

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