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We're bombarded with negative BS & rarely hear about successes

To The Daily Sun,

Thank you to Elaine Morrison for your thoughtful and accurate letter. My mother was 32 years old on February 15, 1964 when she received an early morning phone call that her husband, my father, had passed away after a two year long illness. He was 34 and the father of five ages 15 months to almost 10.

My mother worked and raised her children and there were good and bad times. She received Social Security checks for each of us and for herself as a widow. We lived in the projects and I'm pretty sure the rent was well under $100/month. Since she worked full-time, I believe there was some health insurance but it was supplemented with Medicaid. We never felt poor because we had each other and an invested extended family and friends that helped. I know that conservative types won't like it but there was a village that assisted my mother in raising five very successful children.

Between the five of us there are three post graduate degrees and the two who did not graduate from college (but did attend college) are successful both financially and personally. The shortest marriage is somewhere around 25 years. We own homes in San Diego, Denver, Atlanta, Meredith, and Western Massachusetts. My two children have Master's degrees, and my sister's oldest has a doctorate in economics; all our children have attended college. We are as close as any family I know.

Not that I need reminding but thank you Elaine Morrison for reminding me of my roots and pointing out something that many do not understand through all the political rhetoric of our times. What a shame that we are constantly bombarded with all the negative BS and rarely hear about the successes. God Bless America.

Steve Ross

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It's unlikely Helen has been covered by Medicare for 40 years

To The Daily Sun,

Americans for Prosperity's New Hampshire Chapter has announced a major TV campaign featuring New Hampshire residents pointing out the "evils" of Obamacare. In one ad, Helen DePrima, of Bedford, a pleasant-looking women who is obviously in her senior years, says, and I quote exactly: "I lost my secondary health care coverage under Obamacare... and I now pay more for prescriptions."

I have to admit it is a powerful ad and I could see many viewers, including those on Medicare, being fearful of Obamacare. However, through Google, you instantly come up with some interesting information that changes the picture.

Helen wrote a letter to a Manchester newspaper which was entitled, "Obamacare Cost Me My Insurance." In it she wrote, "Our happy relationship with our health insurance plan (under New York Life) ended in November of 2012 after 40 years. Now that our original insurance is gone, we have poorer quality supplemental coverage at a higher cost."

Sorry, Americans for Prosperity, any Medicare beneficiary knows that secondary or supplemental coverage is part of Medicare and it's very unlikely Helen had been getting this coverage for 40 years, unless she's 105. However, in the interest of fairness, it is possible that Helen got a letter from New York Life that told her it was cancelling her secondary because it did not meet the requirements of Obamacare. However, by law, all insurance companies, in that same letter, must provide notice of an alternate plan. It's a seamless change that usually provides better coverage at a cheaper premium. All seniors now also get free "wellness visits," mammograms, colorectal screening and savings on prescription drug coverage.

But the most amazing thing I found in my Google search was that Helen is a Republican activist who has been campaigning against Obama and Obamacare, way before her claim that she lost her insurance.

Nick Vazzana

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Consider participating in the Laconia Memorial Day parade

To The Daily Sun,

This year it is the American Legion's turn to host the Laconia Memorial Day parade and services. The parade will assemble at Wyatt Park in the South End, on Monday, May 26 for a 10:00 AM step off. Some regular participants are not available this year. If you wish to participate by marching or driving an era military vehicle, just show up and we will accommodate you. Any groups who wish to participate, please call me directly at455-2026.

Earl Beale


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Lawlessness of Obama administration almost too much to bear

To The Daily Sun,

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. Nothing more than obfuscation from the real issues of the day such as income inequality and the minimum wage cries Nancy Pelosi. After repeating the "anti-Muslim video caused a spontaneous demonstration mantra", and promising the family of our slain warriors to get the person who made it, Hillary Clinton then lamented, "at this point, what difference does it make?". President Obama claims he knew nothing about the repeated calls for security or that it was a terrorist attack as he continued to repeat the video story for two weeks including at the United Nations. Anyway, what's the big deal. It's not like Ambassador Stevens was murdered. Liberal maven, Eleanor Clift claims that he died merely of smoke inhalation. This just in, Armed forces personnel were not really murdered at Pearl Harbor. According to "Clift" logic, they all just drowned.

Democrats bemoan another investigation, so convinced are they that all the questions have been answered and their cooperation has been exemplary. Such is the thought process of the left. In their world, stonewalling and obfuscation occurs only from Republicans. And how is it that the mainstream media seem not to care about journalistic integrity anymore? What has happened to our cherished "fourth estate", guardians of truth, justice and the American way.

So, how can it be that Trey Gowdy is needed as a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of questions that have supposedly all been answered? You know, questions such as: (1) why was Chris Stevens still in Benghazi when even the British and the Red Cross had left; (2) why was the request for additional security denied when our ambassador had requested additional security weeks before; (3) why were no assets deployed during the eight hour siege when it could not be known how long the attack would last; (4) did President Obama ask any of our allies for assistance during the course of the attack; (5) why was Susan Rice picked to go an five national Sunday news shows to repeat a false narrative; (6) why did Hillary Clinton choose not to go on the shows herself; (7) what was the origin of the mythology of the anti-Muslim video and how did it become the official narrative of the Obama administration; (8) where was the media oversight and inquiry, except for Fox News, given the special liberties and protections afforded the press?

Trey Gowdy has told us that he is not surprised that our president called this a phony scandal or that former Secretary Clinton dismissed the whole matter in such a cavalier manner. He said that he is not even surprised Carney would comment about this occurring so very long ago. Trey said that he is surprised so many people have bought into it. Sadly, I'm really not. As lady liberty sheds a tear, this country has much to fear. The lawlessness of this administration is getting almost too much to bear.

Russ Wiles

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Minimum wage was designedfor people without marketable skills

To The Daily Sun,

As a newcomer to the Lakes Region, having lived in Merrimac County and the Concord area most of my early life, I was happy to see and read of the spirited ideological debates that are being offered by folks who try to stay informed on the issues of the day. However, as some of the readers of this forum obviously already know, some things never change!

We live and pattern our lives, and make choices, based on a belief-system that is developed by our experiences, and by the influences of the people we know and associate with. As a result of that, everyone, whether they know it or not, or even whether they will admit it or not, has a "worldview," an opinion about different things based on that belief system, and their "worldview" shapes their thinking, their perceptions, and their actions on virtually everything in their life.

Someone who thinks that big government, for example, is the answer to most societal problems, will have a "worldview" that will always look favorably on any new governmental program to solve those problems, and they will support almost every new proposal from the political leaders they like to raise taxes to pay for what they consider to be the solutions. After all, they believe that those who are well off financially, and therefore more able to afford those higher taxes, either got their wealth by taking advantage of someone less fortunate and stealing from them, or were simply in the right place at the right time and became a winner of "life's lottery," or were just somehow anointed to be successful. They certainly couldn't have just earned it the old fashioned way, and therefore don't deserve to keep it all!

That same "worldview" generally supports progressives and left-wing Democrats who will predictably vote for people for political office, who will campaign and promise to spend other people's money through increased taxes, to provide more and more goods and services (i.e. entitlements) paid for out of the public treasury.

Also that same "worldview" believes, for example, that the founding fathers got it all wrong when they had the foresight to provide us with ..."the right to keep and bear arms..." That's the boneheaded "worldview" that says the 2nd Amendment has always only been intended for hunting and sport shooting. However, the country's Founding Fathers were smarter than all of the progressives who ever lived put together, because they knew that some humans, if they become leaders (servants) of other humans, given half a chance, will become intoxicated with that power and become tyrannical, and those other humans one day may have to defend themselves against those same "servants of the people!"

When some people become so self-righteous that they refuse to be held accountable to a God-given standard of behavior that the rest of us try to live by, they begin to make up rules as they go along.

We are all born into this world with certain God-given unalienable rights, that of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not the guarantee of happiness, and not at the expense of someone else's rights.

And that brings us to another boneheaded "worldview" of these folks regarding the "minimum wage" issue, and the people's "rights" associated with it. "Make it as high as possible," is what they believe, and it doesn't matter who it hurts, as long as the "low-intelligence voter" believes it, when progressives and big-government socialists tell them it's a "good thing."

FACT #1: most young people bring little or no skills with them when they enter the job market for the first time; the minimum wage was designed to give them an opportunity to develop some work skills;

FACT #2: no one has a "right" to a job; many people believe the lie that they have a "right" to a job, and are therefore not grateful for the opportunity;

FACT #3: people don't go into business to provide jobs for people. In a capitalist economy, people go into business to make money;

FACT #4: the minimum wage was not intended for the bread winner of a family of any size; it was, and still is for people with no marketable skills, entering the job market for the first time. If someone is the bread-winner of a family of two, three, or four, or more, he should have made sure he had the skills to support that family before he had that family!

If the present minimum wage of $7.25 is not enough, as some progressives think, and that $10 or $15 is better, why stop at $15! Why not increase it to $25? If $15 is good, isn't $25 even better? How about $35? I tell you what! If $15 is better, why not increase the minimum wage to $50 per hour and make everyone happy?

Maybe progressives want to change the minimum wage laws, but they cannot change the laws of economics. Increasing the labor costs for the least skilled members of the workforce means layoffs of those most expendable. That's a law of economics that can never be repealed.

Small business owners are the most powerful engine of any economy, and we are fortunate that most of them are benevolent and civic-minded enough to hire some unskilled and unproven workers who bring nothing to the job market in the beginning. But they are not going to do it at the expense of the success of their businesses, a fact totally misunderstood by the progressive "worldview," and most politicians who have never worked in the private sector.

Like our current president!

Jim McCoole


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