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We've pair of candidates who will vote 'yes' on Medicaid expansion

To The Daily Sun,

The New Hampshire House recently voted to extend the Medicare expansion under the Affordable Care Act. The expansion allows 38,000 New Hampshire residents to get health care coverage. This is only a temporary expansion, and will need to be reauthorized in two years.

The 38,000 people have the ability to go to doctors and health care services for preventive measures, rather wait until there is a crisis and use emergency rooms exclusively for their health care. This population works, but doesn't make enough money to buy health care even under the Affordable Health Care Act. This is a win-win for them and society at large.

They are kept healthier, they use less expensive services for their health care, and hospitals/doctors are reimbursed for the services provided. Without the expansion, those covered would use the more expensive services and hospitals wouldn't be reimbursed and would pass these costs on to the patients that have insurance and raise the costs of premiums.

In 2014 unreimbursed costs were $5 billion lower that they would have been without the expansion nationwide, per HHS. Our representatives in Moultonborough, Sandwich and Tuftonboro, voted "no" to the expansion.

In this election there are two candidates that will vote "yes" to the expansion and will try to make it permanent. Paul Punturiei from Moultonborough, and Gary Chehames from Tuftonboro, are running for New Hampshire sate representative from Moultonborough, Sandwich and Tuftonboro. The expansion makes sense for an economic view and is the oral thing to do for our fellow citizens. My vote will go to Paul and Gary in November.

John Morrissey

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Country is in so much trouble and all we hear about are tweets

To The Daily Sun,

I know Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a smart woman and I hope she doesn't get too cozy with Hillary Clinton. Elizabeth can make it on her own without the baggage of Mrs. Clinton, and believe me she's got baggage.

If Mr. Trump doesn't get serious about his run for president, he should recuse himself because she is going to win and I would hate to see that happen. The Libertarian Party candidates will hurt the Republicans, not the Democrats.

This social media gossip has got to stop. House Speaker Ryan is correct. The latest regarding the six pointed star is ridiculous.
I'm not a Jew, and I didn't know this star was offensive to Jews. It was just a star to me.

This country is in so much trouble and all we hear is this tit for tat on social media and then on television media which it drags out over and over again. It is childish and I'm sick of it.

If Mr. Trump doesn't have the discipline and/or the gravitas of hunkering down and getting his act together, he will lose. I voted for Mr. Trump in the primary, where he was a great campaigner, but he has taken a leap into an abyss as the presumptive GOP candidate. I do side with him on certain things where others wouldn't. i.e. his remarks regarding the judge. We are all part of our memories, background, childhood, culture, etc. I do think the judge should have recused himself.

Just as President Obama does not wish to call a spade a spade for Islamic barbarism. After all, his father was Muslin. I will not attend a local bank because they would not give my widowed mother a home loan many years ago. This is what is called being human.

Mrs. Clinton always said she would not be indicted and she is correct. However, she dropped the ball in Benghazi and that is on her.
She traveled all over the world as Secretary of State and foreign dignitaries donating huge amounts of money to the Clinton Global Foundation. That seems to me as a conflict of interest. Mr. Trump is right about her being crooked and apparently above the law.

I pray things straighten out for the GOP, Mr. Trump, and our great country.

Get down to business, the national debt is frightening to me. Stop the stupid Tweets because that is what they are: stupid.

Rosemary Mellon


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