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No good comes from tolerating illegal immigration

To The Daily Sun,

In her Sept. 2 letter, Bernadette Loesch claimed that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) says welfare isn't available to illegal immigrants. That is false. But, since Loesch didn't provide a link to the SPLC claim, it could not be reviewed to see if the statement was intentionally false or if the needed qualifications were included to make the claim accurate.

Loesch's current (Sept. 19) letter still doesn't provide a link to the SPLC claim. Instead it provides history about the SPLC but neglects to mention that it has evolved from a civil rights to a radical left-wing organization.

Loesch says I should have revealed the source of my claim that illegal aliens receive on average $24,721 in benefits but pay only $10,334 in taxes. Apparently she can't read or use a computer because my (Sept. 12) letter includes a link to the full report with all the data supporting that claim (restated in the Executive Summary on page vi).

Loesch refers to www.procon.org to dispute my statements about illegal immigration, but apparently she didn't read that site either. (Procon.org provides statements on both sides of several issues, it proves nothing.) Several of the people arguing on behalf of illegal immigration support my statements that it hurts lower-income American workers; others make claims based on legal immigration which is not relevant or in contention.
Illegal immigration provides money and power to special interests and politicians who buy spokesmen and reports to try to protect this source of money and power.

But most Americans don't need reports to know that illegal immigration is wrong and harmful. First, it's still "illegal," despite years of politicians, special interests, and the media trying to tell us it is a good thing, they have not provided ANY convincing evidence.

Second, Americans know that Kathryn Steinle and more than 25,000 other Americans wouldn't have been murdered if our immigration laws were enforced. Americans know that millions of other Americans wouldn't have been raped, robbed, kidnapped, brutalized, or accidentally injured or killed if American officials had done their jobs and enforced our laws.

Third, Americans intuitively know that the benefits illegal immigrants receive far exceed the taxes they pay. Since illegal aliens cannot work legally, many work for cash so they pay no Social Security, Medicare, or federal income taxes.

Since most illegal aliens work for low wages, even those who (under stolen identities) work above-board may receive more in earned income tax credits than they pay in federal taxes. A "single" federal income tax filer with a $30,000 income would pay $4,789 in total (income, Social Security and Medicare) tax. However, if the filer claimed to be married with two children and claimed the earned income tax credit (a program rampant with fraud), he/she would receive a $4,687 "refund".

Americans also know the cost to educate each child averages in excess of $12,000 annually (the cost to educate non-English speaking children is more). The average hospital cost of a vaginal birth without complications is $2,600, $4,500 for a C-section birth; complications increase costs. The average cost of an emergency room visit is $1,233. Last year more than 300,000 illegal aliens were deported and 177,960 of them were convicted illegal aliens; tens of thousands more illegal aliens were handled or sought by our criminal justice system. Thousands of illegal aliens are incarcerated, for example the average annual cost to keep a person in prison in California is $47,000. Even without including other welfare benefits the cost of illegal immigration is enormous.

Some say that illegal immigration provides great benefits. It does for some special interests and politicians, but not for the vast majority of Americans. We may pay marginally less for some things because illegal aliens depress wages, but we pay far more to support unemployed or underpaid American workers. We would be far better off paying a little more for goods and services if more Americans worked and earned decent wages, thus reducing the need to support so many Americans on unemployment or welfare.

Leftists often hide their harmful actions with beneficent sounding terms, e.g., Loesch and the SPLC talk about "teaching tolerance". Tolerance for many things is good, and we are a very tolerant people. But no good comes from tolerating illegal immigration, which violates our laws, corrupts our officials, rewards law breakers, cheats people trying to legally immigrate, makes us look like a lawless society, and hurts so many Americans: workers, taxpayers, students, and crime and accident victims.

Don Ewing
































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Pres. Obama destroyed the best health care system in the world

To the Daily Sun,

Attorney/Professor Pollak seems to want to continue the spitting match. Unfortunately, he seems to be of the mindset that prefers not to be confused with the facts, as his mind is already made up. So, here we go again ...

The Attorney/Professor claims the Bush tax cuts didn't do much for the economy. The facts are as follows. Prior to President Clinton leaving office, the Internet "dot-com" bubble burst. It had a devastating effect on the economy and federal revenues dropped from $3.676 trillion in 2000 to $3.528 trillion in 2001. (Please note that President G.W. Bush has never "blamed" President Clinton for the problem. Passing blame seems to be a genetic deficiency of those on the left.) In 2002, after the terrorist attacks in 2001, Federal revenues again declined, this time to $3.299 trillion.

In 2003, the Bush tax cuts began to turn around the falling revenue picture and revenues increased to $3.457 trillion. Revenues continued to rise as in 2004 they were $3.891 trillion, 2005 increased to $4.243, 2006 to $4.696, and in 2007 the tax revenues reached $5,170.6 trillion. That track produced fifty straight months of revenue growth.

In 2008, the housing bubble burst and revenues dropped to $4.667 trillion. The attorney/professor might want to do a little research on how that "bubble" came into being. It actually started during the Carter administration when the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) was passed. It had a noble purpose . . . to try and provide mortgages to those at the lower end of the earnings scale, and was backed by the government's Fannie Mae program. During the Carter and Reagan years, little was done to "enforce" the act but, when Clinton became president, a strong push was made to put it in play. Banks were pressured significantly by the government to give out loans to people who really were not qualified or able to pay a mortgage. That led banks, who knew that the mortgages were fragile at best, to bundle mortgages into securities and peddle them in financial institutions.

Attorney/Professor Pollak can find a pretty good history of the CRA in Wikipedia. (Please note, President G.W. Bush once again failed to lay the blame for the financial collapse on his predecessor.)

Now, as to Mr. Pollak's claim that our medical system wasn't working . . . pure hogwash. As to medical costs "skyrocketing," he might want to look into the need for tort reform. A while back, in response to politicians wanting to be able to have insurance sold "across state lines," I did a little research on what would happen if that was made possible. What I found was that the costs of malpractice insurance are not consistent from state to state. Some states are much more litigious than others. For example, an OB-GYN in Minnesota may pay $14,000 to $17,000 annually for his or her malpractice insurance, while the OB-GYN in Florida however, may be faced with a cost of $200,000 or more. These differences have caused many physicians to stop practicing medicine. Selling insurance across state lines will penalize citizens in all those location who now pay less because of lower malpractice insurance costs.

The Obama administration chose not to include any tort reform measures in the PPACA. People might want to know that the State of Pennsylvania instituted a small tort reform step in that state, independent of the Federal plan. It was a law that simply required that for a malpractice claim to be filed, the litigant must show that the Doctor did not follow established medical practices and, the law suit must be filed in the county in which the alleged malpractice occurred. That simple, honest, and straightforward law reduced malpractice lawsuits by 46 percent in its first year.

As to the attorney/professor's claim that there were too many uninsured, he might take note that the initial "need" was to insure the approximately thirty million people who were uninsured. However, a subsequent study by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has estimated that when the PPACA is fully implemented, they expect there to be thirty one million uninsured.

As to the overall problems with Obamacare, there are too many to mention and comment on. However, if you have a leak in a bathroom faucet, you don't tear out the entire bathroom and build a new one . . . you fix the problem with the leak. Obama chose not to address the problem(s); he chose to destroy what was arguably the finest health care system in the world, to satisfy his desire for a legacy.

Ronald Reagan said it best, the government is not the solution to the problem, government is the problem.

Bob Meade

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