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I urge pregnant women to take the choice of life, it's precious

To The Daily Sun,
The column by Michelle Malkin in the January 3rd edition of The Sun was a perfect reminder of the sactity of Life. Her words prompt me to remind everyone that coming up in just three weeks is the anniversary of the terrible Roe v. Wade decision. Now, 42 years of horrific abortions have been committed in the United States since that decision was made. Many New Hampshire residents will be traveling to Washington on January 21st to protest that decision and encourage lawmakers to change the law. However, choice is still the law of the land; I urge pregnant women to take the choice for Life, as Michelle said, Life is precious.
Harry Mitchell

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Mr. Siden clearly follows examples given to him by Obama

To The Daily Sun,

Here in Thursday's paper I find that L.J. Siden has once again out done himself. He decided to take a few words out of a long sentence I wrote in order to personally attack me. Wow ! I must be really getting under his skin. People like him get that way when they can't debate and support their positions with reason and logic. I suppose I should just be grateful he didn't resort to calling me a four letter word or a racist or something. The gist of his description of what I said was — I don't have to prove anything — and thus I was lying. Taking these words from a sentence that I must paraphrase because I don't have the letter in front of me, is: I don't have to prove my criticism of Obama because he has proven it beyond any words that I could say or write. That's a lot different from what Siden wrote.

I stand by those true words because anyone with half a brain who has not been in a coma for the last five years has seen, heard or read of all the lies, deceptions, deceit, scandals and underhandedness of this president. Siden clearly endorses, supports, and follows the examples given to him by Obama. And he has the gall to call others LIERS.
Any means justifies the ends, right Siden?
Steve Earle


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Local planning boards are in tune with the local population

To The Daily Sun,

Local control. How can that not be the best answer for a community? It is true for ANY community, but I'm particularly thinking about OUR beautiful, educated, informed, small, involved community. What can possibly make a reasonable person believe that a centralized forum would reach a "better" answer than we could locally? They wouldn't. Children are best served with parents who care about them and take responsibility to raise them. Schools are best served when the local residents are involved in guidelines for schools and set parameters for education. Local towns are best served when the local organizations are vibrant, have input from citizens, and work together with local townspeople to deliver the best government for their residents.

Planning boards are key to the development of a town. The local planning boards are in tune with the local population and can best provide a positive direction for the evolution of a town.

Why would we think that a centralized process would be better? It certainly won't be cheaper, and it's not likely to be more aligned with our town values. What's the incentive? The incentive is to control and to take our resources. "Centralized Planning". Planning is difficult enough. The only reason someone outside wants to plan "for" is to control us.
Watch out for the rhetoric around centralized processes. Jane Cormier (R, State Representative) is articulating the details around the regional planning boards and their drive to usurp our local control. Take a look at what she is doing and think about it. She has my support!

Janet Cramer

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Year-Round Library provies children with rich experiences

To The Daily Sun,

Why the Gilmanton Year-Round Library matters:

Did you know that studies show categorically that children who enter kindergarten without a book-rich experience enter far behind those who have been exposed to books? The Gilmanton Year-Round Library provides programs, collections and support for parents to all of Gilmanton's children. There are two story times weekly during the school year, Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. and Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. Miss Tasha begins Wednesday sessions with a rousing sing along including both classic children's songs and new favorites. Both sessions feature interactive flannel board stories and a themed craft. Children of all ages are welcome to attend.

The Gilmanton Year-Round Library offers monthly programs for children as well. On the first Thursday of each month we host a "crafternoon" which allows children to explore different art mediums. No need to be super crafty, just have a willingness to try something new . . . and maybe get a little messy! An Afternoon at the Movies films, shown on Gilmanton School early release dates, are enjoyed by as many as 30 or more children every month. The wildly popular Lego Club provides an opportunity for friends to meet up and create 3D imaginings which are then put on display in the Children's Room. A full listing of children's programming can be found on the Library's website – www.gyrla.org.

There is something for everyone in the Gilmanton Year-Round Library's Children's Room, but and the staff is always open to suggestions for new programs.
Besides providing children with rich experiences, the programs afford parents, grandparents and caregivers the opportunity to reconnect, socialize and network in a relaxed setting.
The collection of children's books, books on cd, music cds and dvds continues to grow. If you don't find what you are looking for, don't forget that the Library participates in the New Hampshire State Interlibrary Loan program and can request titles from other libraries at no cost to you.
Stop in soon and "check us out!"

Gilmanton Year-Round Library Association

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When I was child, we always helped our neighbors in bad times

To The Daily Sun,

I was sitting here thinking about the past holiday seasons and I realized that over the years the majority of charity services occur two weeks out of the year and that these same people we help at this time no longer get help even though their circumstances haven't changed. In fact these people just had their food stamps cut giving them even less to eat on. Now don't get me wrong. I think the majority of people in the Laconia area are very generous, especially during the Thanksgiving week and Christmas week. However, hunger and homelessness aren't just a two week problem in Laconia. They are problems 52 weeks every year. They are problems most of us would just as soon as ignore and most time we walk a way.

The reality is that helping those less fortunate makes a person feel good. When I was a child we always helped our neighbors in bad times.

One thing I've noticed is how many people walk by the bin at Shaw' for the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry. When I go shopping with my sister, whether it is Shaw's, Vista, Hannaford, etc., I always buy at least one item and put it in the bin on my way out. I got to thinking how fast these bins would fill up if everyone did that. See it wouldn't cost a person a lot. You can get a box of macaroni and cheese for less then 50 cents. You can get peanut butter for $1.50. A box of cereal for $2.00. And there are specials in all these stores every week.

My New Year's Resolution is to continue to buy at least one item and do my best to increase that to two or three. Helping others makes me feel good.

Nancy Parsons


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