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Vote to keep biosolids in Gilmanton so we can continue to grow

To The Daily Sun,

Dear Gilmanton residents,
I am writing this letter in favor of keeping biosolids in Gilmanton. I am the new owner of the 107 Loon Pond conservation property. I used RMI's Complete PH+ bio solid mix. I am happy with the product. However it did get delivered without my notice until after it was delivered, and way before I wanted it. That won't be happening again.

I used the product because it is the best fix for all my fields, across the board. I currently have nine cows, 20 pigs and 40 some-odd chickens. Doing the math, my livestock do not produce enough manure to effectively feed 50+ acres of grass. Commercial fertilizers can be used but they can also be overused and can be more detrimental to water quality. Also, commercial fertilizer isn't a one and done fix and doesn't last year-to-year in the soil. I intend to take soil samples yearly and follow them religiously. Whatever the soil needs, it will get, nothing more, and nothing less. If all minerals and pH are good, a simple quick spread of commercial fertilizer spray will be just fine. If it needs more, then I would like to give it more.

The thought that I am using this product with ill intent or disregard to the community and environment is absurd. My family and I are part of the community and enjoy the environment daily. I personally spread all the manure at several fields throughout town with my own equipment. In doing this I have learned several things. One being my manure spreader breaks down a lot ,leaving me and my family to empty it by hand and fix the chain and sprockets with our bare hands and in our daily clothes. To date my family is growing and healthy as can be. My wife and I, 27, strong growing son, 2, and a beautiful daughter, 3 months. Second, The Complete pH+ may smell but is very clean. There are NO needles or toiletries and doesn't produce flies. If there were any needles etc. I would immediately stop and send it all back. Third the product is very sticky, meaning once it lands it stays. Once you touch it, it sticks. This results in zero run off. Other fertilizers may/will run off into waterways in heavy rains etc. this product will not!

Please vote to keep bio solids in Gilmanton so we can continue to grow as an agricultural community.
Ryan Smith

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Corner Library never divided the townspeople like GYRL has

To The Daily Sun

After reading Carolyn Baldwin's letter which appeared in Jan. 21 Daily Sun, headlined "Gilmanton Had No
Library That Could Meet Criteria Set By State," I would like to make the following points.

It seemed pointless to me why someone would cite a law/statute — in this case RSA 202-A:2 I —  andnot give it in its entirety, and then apply it in such a way that anyone with an ounce of initiative, a little spare time and a computer or phone could disprove in 15 minutes. The fact is that the State Of New Hampshire's recognized public library for the town of Gilmanton, as listed on the State Library's website (under Library Directory-Gilmanton ), is the Gilmanton Corner Public Library, 509 Province Road, a library that has been both publicly funded by tax dollars and private donations for decades and decades, clearly falling within the definitions and guidelines of the above statute.

It is the library my daughter and all her friends grew up with, and along with our great school library, the Gilford school library and the seasonal Iron Works and Lower Gilmanton libraries, served them and the rest of this community incredibly well for as long as I can remember, long before the private GYRL was ever conceived.

Baldwin minimizes this wonderful institution (our Corner Public Library which runs programs year-round)
by calling it "tiny" and "it doesn't have this and it can't do that." But I'll say this for it: it's never divided any of the people (and now, even town government) in this town.

That speaks to integrity and an institution with a board of directors in touch with its community and a community in turn that is vested in it.

I do agree with Baldwin on one point, though. We need to consider the needs of the 21st Century. However, all needs hinge on values that bind communities together, not tear them apart. These are the values of trust, accountability and responsibility.

The GYRL did make what amounts to a pledge — a promise. It was in effect written down, and it was trusted by the many original donors and volunteers who contributed and pitched in to be sincere and binding and now the GYRL and its supporters need to be accountable and responsible to it ... and to those whose backs, the GYRL was truly built on.

Gilmanton voters, do not believe the "Myth Of Closure," that the GYRL will close without town money. It's simply not true and the past reflects that truth. On March 8 vote "No" on Articles 4 and 21 to fund the library and allow the GYRL the opportunity to demonstrate that it can in fact make things right with this town.

Al Blake

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