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Vote separation of powers; keep BudCom away from default budget

To The Daily Sun,

I'm writing to encourage all Gilford taxpayers to vote "No" on Article 8, a citizens' petition warrant article that would allow the Gilford Budget Committee to create the School District default budget.

There are three main reasons why this is not a good idea for Gilford.

First, the Budget Committee is not the official governing body for the School District budget, and they will not have the information or expertise to create the default budget appropriately. Their job is to oversee budgets in the best interest of the town — this doesn't mean creating the budgets themselves.

Second, the School Board has successfully developed the default budget without fault for as long as I can remember, so if this system isn't broken, why fix it?

Third — and this is the most important factor — in any financial system, a "checks and balances" approach is always the best way to make sure taxpayer money is being handled appropriately. By putting the default budget under the control of the Budget Committee, the town would lose its ability to have real, objective oversight of its finances, which is dangerous for any organization seeking to be responsible for its funds.

Please vote "No" on Article 8 on the School District ballot. Keep the current system of accounting and accountability in place.

Joe Wernig

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Katy Wells North works for Sanbornton 24/7; keep her on the board

To The Daily Sun,
I am writing this letter in support of my wife, Katy (Wells) North, who is running for a three-year term as selectman for the town of Sanbornton. Katy brings with her 20 years of experience for the town in multiple capacities, including the last six months as an appointed selectman.

Most of the people in town know her and know what she brings to the table but what they don't know is that she works for the town 24/7. We have a lot of conversations in the morning, during the day, and every night at home about the work she is doing and how she is making major improvements to the town and accounting for where every single penny is spent.

I also want the taxpayers to know on top of all the work she does for the town she somehow finds a way to support me as the commander of the Veterans Of Foreign Wars in Laconia. She never hesitates to step up when I need help with fundraisers, knocking on doors looking for new members, or making food for bingo and other events.

I urge you to go out on March 14 and vote for Katy North as selectman so she can keep up the great work and positive momentum she brings to the town of Sanbornton.

William A. North

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