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10 reasons why we are now all for wind farms on our mountains

To The Daily Sun,

We were originally against adding more wind farms to NH's skylines. Living in Plymouth, we see the mammoth towers every time we drive down Tenney Mountain Highway. But after listening to all of the pros and cons, we've changed our opinion. So here are the 10 reasons why we no longer oppose adding more wind farms to the mountains of N.H.

1. NH's property taxes are altogether too high. Reducing property values will result in lower property taxes for all of us. The view tax will never return.
2. Since the Old Man fell off the mountain N.H. has needed a new state symbol. Why not a windmill? If it's good enough for Holland it should be good enough for us. How about " The New Windmills of the Mountains".
3. It's the patriotic thing to do. Massachusetts needs the energy. It's the least we can do for our neighbor to the south. The southern part of N.H. has already become "New Hampshire-chusetts."
4. Think of all the money the state will save by not having to maintain existing or build any new scenic overlooks.
5. Reducing N.H. tourist traffic is a good thing. We never did like the flatlanders invading our state, even though their dollars weren't all that bad.
6. Eagles, owls, hawks and other bird are really quite a tasty dish and they are readily available from "windmill roadkill".
7. Windmills also kill bats, but we don't like bats, we never did like bats, we never will like bats.
8. Why hike up a N.H. mountain when you can drive up on a wind farm access road — in an 18 wheeler.
9. If you prefer to hike up the mountain, just don't forget to bring your noise-canceling headphones. After all they are neither heavy nor cumbersome.
10. The scenic beauty of N.H.'s mountains can still be captured by creative photographers. Remember, Photoshop is always an option.

As the old proverb says: "There's no great loss without some gain."

Art & Sylvia Cote

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Thanks for sponsorships of Meredith Area Chamber annual meeting

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the membership of the Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce I would like to thank the following businesses for their sponsorship of the Chamber's Annual Meeting held Friday, October 25. The Presenting Sponsor was Meredith Village Savings Bank and LRGHealthcare was the Major Sponsor. Dessert Sponsors were Boutin & Altieri, PLLC, Cross Insurance – Meredith, Giuseppe's Pizzeria & Ristorante and Preferred Vacation Rentals. The Program Sponsor was Lovering Volvo and Meredith Dental and The Old Print Barn were Associate Sponsors.

Their support was much appreciated.

Susan Cerutti
Executive Director

Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce

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Thanks to Bank of N.H. for giving Full Basket Co-op temp home

To The Daily Sun,

The Full Basket Co-op, a local farmer sales cooperative, would like to express its gratitude to the Bank of New Hampshire for allowing us to use their atrium for our market deliveries for the past three weeks. We had arranged to be at Pitman's Freight Room, but the fire they experienced meant we needed to find an alternative location on short notice. The atrium space worked great for us and was very convenient for our customers. As local small farmers we appreciate the support the Bank of New Hampshire has shown for the Thursday Outdoor Marketplace where we have a sales booth during the regular market season. Though a small gesture for the bank, it meant a lot to our group.

We'll see our customers at Pitman's Freight Room this week, and for the rest of the fall market season. To learn more about the Full Basket Co-op, visit www.minglewoodfarm.co.nf.

Tom & Karen Barker
Minglewood Farm/Full Basket Co-op

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I'm still waiting for one specific example of a Fox News lie

To The Daily Sun,

Another day and Obama's much criticized ACA sign-up boondoggle shows no signs of improvement. Young folks would post lol (laughing out loud) if they we not so embarrassed by voting for the incompetent community organizer. Funny how they keep saying those of us who didn't vote for the man are racist while they voted for him exactly for the color of his skin, imo (in my opinion). After all he had zero accomplishments to his record. It might have been different if he had signed aboard some competent help but his crew consists of equally deficient talent or more so. You know it's bad when even the unions are screaming their discontent. Still nothing moves the man, he has a plan and he's sticking to it no matter how many other people it hurts. It's for the greater good of socialism you know, we must copy the European models even while the Europeans are working to get out from under those models. I read they are having some success too. There approach is for austerity and raising taxes. Conservatives here are pilloried by the left because we want austerity without raising taxes. The left's true disciples call us villains and liars because we want smaller efficient government with lass waist and corruption, what extreme positions.
I see alias L.J. Siden is much disturbed that I wrote that no L.J. Siden exists, based on reliable information. Does L.J. deny he is using an alias? He says he has addressed my accusation that the left uses lies and misinformation, while true he has not attacked my person, I still must wonder why the alias? Now about the "birthers". Obama has only himself to blame for that because he used fraud to get into the collages he attended by claiming to be a foreign student, traveled on a foreign passport and generally lied his way through. Nuf said!
I'd still invite any liberal to give readers an example of a lie told by Fox News. It's one of their favorite smears but as yet, after years, I have heard none. They run for cover when challenged saying things like "it's all lies" or "I don't have the time now". And how about the one where they claim the Tea Party are all racists, but have yet to show any evidence of any extensive racism among members. Plenty of examples of lies on NBC, CNN and such though. Maybe they just get confused by all those initials.
Steve Earle


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Everything was great about my stay except for the lack of recycling

To The Daily Sun,

On September 23 I entered LRGH and had my right hip replaced. The procedure went well. I was so pleased with all of the nurses, aides and therapists. They had such a great attitude which made my stay very pleasant.

On September 26 I was transferred to Golden View Retreat in Meredith for rehab. I had a private room which was very home like. There were a number of choices on the menu and everything was delicious. I had therapy twice a day. I was very impressed by the nurses, aid and therapists and everyone else I came in contact with. I recommend Golden View for anyone that needs rehab.

There was one thing that disturbed me, and that was the need for recycling. A great many items that were recyclable went into the trash.

Carole F. Veer


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