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White House says ransom was not paid but facts say otherwise

To The Daily Sun,

Wooden pallets stacked with cash in various foreign currencies were flown on an unmarked plane to Iran. The U.S. cannot exchange U.S. dollars to Iran, but it amounts in value to $400 million. Four American hostages were released.

The White House says ransom was not paid. Two different negotiating teams and it was Iran's money that was the settlement of a long standing U.S. Iran claim. It is just a coincidence. Really same day payment and same day release?

The White House said it was not a prisoner exchange. Yet Iran says it is a ransom paid. The White House lies again. It was ransom paid. And our citizens are not safe anywhere in the world. If Iran can detain Americans, then other countries can.

Congress is jumping up and down saying our citizens will not be safe. Talk, talk, talk.. Congress is all talk ... unfortunately.

Our citizens will not be safe. Since the exchange — and it was an exchange — Iran has arrested two Iranian-Americans and two dual nationals from France since the release of the money.

There is the saying "if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck." Smells like ransom paid for four American citizens.

We have to look at the ramifications of this exchange other than American citizens are not safe overseas.

Can Iran hold the world hostage and say, pay us or we will use nuclear weapons? They will have nuclear power soon. They are constantly improving their ballistic missile program and will eventually develop long range missiles that will reach the U.S. There is no reason why this would not happen.

Obama has bowed down to Iran. They know it and keep crossing the red line. Will Hillary?

Do we want the next president to continue this foreign policy? I certainly do not want this.

The United States should not pay ransom for anyone for any amount. Jefferson knew this. Why cannot we learn from history?

In 1785 Algerian pirates captured American ships and $60,000 was demanded for their release. For 15 years, America paid millions of dollars for safe passage of American ships.

Jefferson was against this practice, and when sworn into office he refused to pay ransom. Tripoli declared war on the United States and soon to follow were Tunis, Morocco and Algiers.

Linda Riley

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This whole affair casts a shadow over reputation of the trustees.

To The Daily Sun,

Sitting with buddies, the motorcycle crowd and regulars in front of a heaping plate of my favorite eggs over easy, hash browns raisin bread and bacon with a thick mug of hot java in my favorite restaurant on Plymouth Street — with its new signature sign on the roof — provided me with a good ear for conversation and gossip.

The current drift in chatter dealt with the threat and evacuation of our Shangri-La library, a spiritual retreat and signature historic landmark in Meredith.

My carpenter buddy said, "They are stealing our library. That is a high quality building with an abundance of woodwork, finished quality trim and flooring by a renowned carpenter. It is world-class." The plumber said, it has "panoramic views with perennial gardens and a gorgeous fireplace." The electrician added, "It possessed Old-World mystic charm and elegance with windows galore and was a desirable property and we don't need a modern flat roof design."

A neighbor at another table commented, "Our library is cozy and has a warm atmosphere in a fabulous location right across the street from the post office and easy access. It is an impeccable property." My Marine buddy whispered he heard scuttlebutt that that will send shock waves over the town, the library was to be turned into a Sicilian pizzeria called Pasquale's. "Sicily has taken the lead in winemaking and the producers are determined to live up to winemaking by the Greeks and Romans. The hot skinny is that the Sicilian owners will remove the Civil War monument and replace it with a copy of The Palazzo Massimo alle Terme's 'Sleeping Hermaphrodite,' a second-century Roman copy of a Greek original."

The sophisticated Marine asked, "Will they offer a leather bound reserve wine list. Offering 1935 Simi Cabernet at $1,074.95 and flashy 1995 Chateau Petrus for $4,299.95?" I laughed, I'll order a 2011 Faust Napa valley Cabernet for $38.

The legal beagle cut in, "There are sinister forces at work; our library is targeted for removal and we have no appeals procedures in place; this will have cataclysmic consequences." This radical unorthodox act requires special scrutiny. We are being mistreated. The Tea Party Patriots should get involved in this.

There is a lot of economic anxiety here in town. We had a recession in 2007 and painful financial collapse in 2008. This is a scandal. It is in my viewpoint discrimination among other legal violations. Call Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton to see if they will hold a private meeting with us in a hanger to quell our concerns over public officials and that their actions are not being conducted improperly.

The Library Trust earns all of the public's enmity that comes its way for this radical economic prescription for solving a space issue and flirting with less-conventional ideas. This whole affair "cast a shadow" over the Library Trust's reputation and causes the public to question its fairness and impartiality. Who benefits financially and personally from this action that will have disastrous consequences. The public's sentiments are anger and alienation over an illogical decision and a woefully inadequate study because the facts are not clear. We conclude that there is neither sufficient or reliable evidence to support moving the library."

"Right on counselor." And we raised a cup of coffee in salute.

Tomorrow was another day.

Richard Gunnar Juve


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