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Trump may not represent us all but he's a right to his opinion

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, Donald Trump proposed a ban on Islamic immigrants to the U.S.A. A relative firestorm of negative feedback has ensued — especially from the Republican Party.

As a Republican, I am embarrassed by the backlash. Mr. Trump may not necessarily represent all Republicans, but as an American, he has a right to his opinion — as reactionary of it may seem.

Thomas J. Emanuel



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Much of the Trump output reminds me of Hitler's movements

To The Daily Sun,

After watching "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" on the History Channel, I was rather dismayed to note some very disturbing similarities between Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump.

Germany, demoralized by their loss in World War I and the tanking of their economy after America's Wall Street crash, seemed receptive when Hitler emerged, promising a new and strong Germany. He drew monstrously large crowds and spoke in swollen and inflamed rhetoric. His plans escalated from stirring parades of power, to the required Hitler salute, to wooing young German boys and girls and then compelling them to attend radicalization camps.

It wasn't long before his plan to renew Germany began to include ridding the country of all obstacles to their hoped for complete racial superiority, that being sterilizing, evicting and finally obliterating the Jewish race, the Gypsy population, the mentally disabled, or any group smearing their self-named Aryan purity. And finally the invasion of neighboring countries who could advance Hitler's agenda of ruling the world.

Sadly, the comparisons and parallels between Hitler's early tactics and Donald Trump are startling. Trump is now boldly embracing prejudice and outlandish proposals, the latest being his idea to prohibit all Muslims from entering America, with the inevitable next step to remove all Muslims from American soil or perhaps creating ghettos where they can live under constant observation. This proposal is preposterous and even contradicts the American Constitution.

I can't stop those who idolize Trump, but I can only hope that in the quiet and secret corners of their lives they will really examine what is going on within the Trump campaign. Sadly much of the Trump output reminds me of Hitler's movements around Germany in the 1920s and early 1930s. And even for those hopefully very few readers who may be "Holocaust deniers," no one can deny what happened to Germany at the end of World War II, and how many decades it has taken for Germany to regain its footing, let alone its respectability.

Some label all Trump supporters as the "uneducated" who grasp onto his politics and procedures as easy solutions to America's current challenges. However, I have friends and family, all with college degrees, who support Mr. Trump. I can only trust that at some point they will look with clear heads and really examine this phenomenon sweeping America for what it is. Sadly, there are no easy answers here, from Mr. Trump or from anyone. Instead good minds, willing to listen and work together, willing to think with great clarity, and willing to put prejudice, politics and egos aside for the greater good of this country is what is needed.

Judy Buswell

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