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Look at my record and decide for yourself if I’m a ‘radical’

To The Daily Sun,

I have tried to concentrate on my door-to-door campaign, talking to you, the voters, and getting to know you as you get to know me. I do not send letters to the editor that distort my opponent's opinions or record. Unfortunately, my opponents have taken the negative route and I am compelled to set the record straight and make sure that those who read this paper know the truth.

I have been accused of wanting to dismantle the public school system because I believe in school choice. School choice enhances the public school system, it does not result in the disintegration of public schools. Study after study shows positive benefits for students and the public schools. I do believe in options for parents to find the best education for each of their children. The local public school might not be the best option for every child for a host of reasons. If my opponents want to dismantle charter schools in New Hampshire, I'd be glad to provide anyone with studies showing the benefits as well as parent satisfaction surveys. I would also point out that charter schools are public schools.

My opponent from Moultonborough has tried to connect me to the Koch brothers in a newspaper letter — "Glenn Cordelli is on board with the Koch brothers extreme agenda." I do not know the Koch brothers, I am not friends with the Koch brothers, and they have never contributed to any of my campaigns. If you follow his thinking then he must be admitting that he is tied to George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, since he has linked having certain views to an automatic connection to all others whose views could be construed as matching.

I'm letting you know that I think for myself and evaluate all legislation with all New Hampshire residents in mind. That is why I have worked with representatives from both parties.

My opponents have labeled me a "radical." This past year, representatives and senators from both parties came to me to ask me to co-sponsor their bills — actually more than 35 times. And what were these bills for which they wanted the support of a "radical"? Things like extending tax credits to Carroll County, enabling towns in Carroll County to offer tax credits for new business construction, requiring new legislation to have information on possible impacts on businesses, requiring early testing for dyslexia in our public schools.

I have been recognized nationally for my work on legislation to protect the privacy of our students and teachers. I have received the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Business and have been a member of the House Business Caucus. On my website, www.CordelliforNH.com, you can see my legislative record. You decide if the work I have done is "radical."

It's easy to label people and write letters. It's a different thing to do the work, do the research, serve on the committees, and carefully consider every vote you make. I will now go back to my door-to-door campaign, talking to people and learning what is most important to them, and how I can work in the best way possible.

Glenn Cordelli
State Representative
Tuftonboro, Moultonborough, Sandwich

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History has proven that the power of man is a delusion

To The Daily Sun,

There are two sides to everything. The same is true of our national election next Tuesday. I am not talking about our two parties, but instead speaking of politics versus God.

In my 72 years on this earth, I have never seen a race where both candidates are so unpopular, with almost no trust from the American people.

What would cause these things? To me, it is very simple. Our leaders have become so self-important and arrogant that they feel no need to worship God and thank him for what this country has enjoyed for the last few hundred years. God is only mentioned if it gives the candidate a political advantage.

This coming Sunday, Nov. 6, from 6 to 7 p.m., the Weirs United Methodist Church, at 35 Tower St., will be holding a one-hour prayer meeting, for our country and its candidates. This is not a political venue, but a group of humble people asking for God to change hearts and minds.

History has proven over and over that the power of man is a delusion, and through prayer the power of God is supreme and right. For one hour on Sunday evening, we will ask for forgiveness and open our hearts to a God who can forgive and right the course of this nation. We will acknowledge that He is in control, not us.

If this is done with a sincere heart, at that moment, the doubt and depression that you have been feeling will disappear. For you have turned the ugliness of politics over to the only one who is able to change things.

Ken Dyrsten

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