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Treatment & recovery facility on that property is not what we need

To The Daily Sun,

I read with interest the article by Michael Kitch on Sen. Jeanie Forrester's proposal (which was approved by the Senate Finance Committee) to lease the former Laconia State School property to a substance abuse treatment/recovery facility. If Ms. Forrester was "unaware" that the City of Laconia was still "contemplating acquiring the tract," then she is out of touch with what is transpiring in local, Lakes Region, politics.
Without the attention and efforts of Mayor Engler and Sen. Andrew Hosmer, we {the people of Laconia} may have yet another unwanted use of this magnificent property shoved down our throats by politicians who think they know what's best for our community! Perhaps Ms. Forrester could listen to the needs and wants of the citizens within effected communities BEFORE she makes her proposals?
A substance abuse treatment and recovery facility on that property is not what Laconia needs, nor is it a use that I will support. And while we're on the subject of support, Ms. Forrester just lost mine.

Kim Weeks

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The TEA Party fights to put control back in the hands of citizens

To The Daily Sun,
The American Revolution wasn't fought for plunder or conquest, but for the ideas that people can govern themselves and have inherent (by birth) rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For these ideas wealthy, prominent Americans, prospering under British rule, pledged/risked their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor ... and many endured hardships during the revolution they began.
The U.S. Constitution defined a government that implemented those ideas, enabling self-government (through elected representatives) and protecting peoples' inherent rights.
Some people have various criticisms of the Constitution, e.g., it allowed slavery, although it authorized Congress to abolish it after 1808, and it didn't enable women to vote; but the Constitution provided an amendment process for providing fixes and addressing future needs.
In our first century, Americans became the wealthiest and freest people in the world; millions immigrated to pursue their American dreams.
Then things changed. Professional politicians, who saw government as their path to wealth and power, replaced citizen legislators who served briefly then returned home.
Professional politicians gain power and wealth by dispensing money and privileges to supporters, so government size exploded from typically 3 percent to over 20 percent of GDP now. Now government controls most aspects of our lives, what we can buy, what things cost, what we can do with our property, and often even what we can do with our lives.
Most Americans know that our government is too big, too intrusive, too wasteful, too expensive, too guided by what helps politicians; and it does NOTHING well. It destroys American jobs, depresses wages, destroys American families, stifles initiative, placed an enormous national debt burden on unborn Americans, and rewards takers and special interests rather than most contributors to our society.
The TEA Party fights to put control back in the hands of citizens. The TEA Party opposes subsidies, bailouts, deficit spending, selective law enforcement, and any special privileges for the rich and/or politically connected. The TEA Party fights for a smaller, constitutionally-limited government providing opportunities and equal treatment for all.
Those who richly benefit from big government, e.g., professional politicians, the Democrat and Republican establishments, government employees, and other special interests, don't want to give up their wealth and power. So they hate and smear the TEA Party, e.g., calling it "fascist", and unite to destroy TEA Party.
If Americans keep electing political establishment candidates, then our big corrupt government will continue to grow and the opportunities and prosperity for most American will continue to decline. Only by turning towards a smaller Constitutionally-limited government can Americans rationally expect to improve their opportunities, prosperity, and freedoms. Join a TEA Party, help return to government of, by, and for the people.

Don Ewing

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