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Comey lost confidence of America; Trump handled it poorly

To The Daily Sun,
Comey was fired. Was it the right decision? I think so. Was it handled poorly? Absolutely.
Comey was in a room delivering a speech to FBI agents when he saw on the TV on the back wall that he was fired. He was working for the FBI and had to beg for a ride back to Washington, D.C., after he was publicly fired. The handling of this is pitiful.
This is not the proper way to let someone go.
Both the Democrats and Republicans praised and criticized Comey. Yet the Democrats are having a problem with this and they wanted him to be fired but have a problem now. Trump criticized the way Comey handled the Clinton email investigation and then praised him.
Are you confused? I sure am.
We do not know why he was fired. We need to know that. We must know the reason.
Did I like the way he handled the Clinton email investigation? No.
Did I like the way he handled the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting? No.
Did I like the way he handled the Clinton Foundation? No.
Did I like the way he handled the Clinton giving Russia 20 percent control of U.S. uranium? No.
Comey had a press conference concerning the investigations of Clinton. He pretty much said she was guilty and then at the end said she should not be prosecuted as there was no intent. That was not his call. It should have been the decision of the Department of Justice to make that call. Comey should have turned over the information of the investigation to the Department of Justice and his job would be completed.
One minute Schumer wants Comey gone and now wants Schumer wants an investigation.
Was there an investigation about the lies of Benghazi? About Clinton foundation and the Russian purchase of 20 percent of U.S. uranium, Fast and Furious when under the Obama administration weapons were sold to the cartel and one border agent was killed with one of the weapons? No... Now Schumer wants a special investigation.
He had a press conference and stated so many ways that Clinton made mistakes with the emails and essentially lied about them. But the Democrats knew about this problem and they still picked her as their candidate. So, if she did not win the election, whose fault is that?
There is an investigation of Trump and his staff/cabinet connection to Russia and the election. The investigation will continue.
Just before the election when the emails were found on her assistant's husband's computer, Comey had huge investigation with innumerable personnel and found OK a few days later. I questioned how you could really investigate thousands of emails in such a short time.
Still investigating Trump. Numerous articles that investigation still going on and at end of article nothing found. Why couldn't Comey do the same thing he did with the Clinton investigation to the Trump investigation?
Trump is president. Shouldn't we know as soon as possible if there is a problem?
I have no doubt that Comey is a patriot and wants to do the best for our country. The FBI is supposed to be nonpartisan. He walked a fine line. He did not walk the fine line well.
Strange when Stephen Colbert announced that Comey was fired, the audience cheered. His audience is mostly left. Then Colbert said called his audience Trump fans ... He changed the way the audience felt. The audience got his cue to react and they reacted wrong. That tells me that liberals don't know how to act unless told how to act. Wonder if that is true for conservatives.
Comey lost the confidence of the American public and needed to be replaced but Trump should have done it better ... much better.
Linda Riley

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Emergency health care is available to all

To The Daily Sun,
So many letters I'd like to respond to, but it's hard for this paper to find space for them all it seems. I'm trying to keep mine short to help them.
Here's one. Leonard Campbell thinks Michelle Malkin is "sad" ... "all people should have a right to health care." I disagree with the former and agree with the latter. Malkin was informing readers that health care was, and is available to all on an emergency level even when the patient has no health insurance. Not the ideal, perfect system I grant you but it's written into the law.
I believe Mr. Campbell is an ACA (Obama Care) advocate but if so, he must know that system is failing and unsustainable. It will collapse irregardless of what Trump or Congress does.
Love to hear Leonard's perfect solution that doesn't involve a government takeover as in my many years have seen government run whatevers screw up far more things than it ever fixed. So the floor is yours, Leonard.
Steve Earle

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