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Please write-in Megan Farkas for San’ton Trustee of Trust Funds

To The Daily Sun,

Our small town of Sanbornton will vote for citizens to fill town offices on Tuesday, March 8, at the Old Town Hall on Meetinghouse Hill. Sanborntonians, if you have not yet registered, bring your identification and you can register to vote then and there. Equally important, please come to the Town Meeting, an exercise in true democracy, at the Sanbornton Elementary School, Meetinghouse Hill, on Wednesday evening, March 9.

Now, the reason for this letter: When you do pick up your ballot, you will notice that there is no candidate named for the opening on the Sanbornton Board of Trustees of the Trust Funds. The current trustees ask you to write in the name of Megan Farkas in the first open slot. She has agreed to be a candidate.

Also, you will notice that there is a second open slot on the ballot. Please ignore the second slot as it was included erroneously. There is no second opening for a trustee on the Board of Trustees of the Trust Funds.

See you at the polls and at the Town Meeting.

Gail Morrison, Chair

Trustees of the Trust Funds


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Dion is a fair person with solid perception of the common good

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing this letter in support of Leslie Dion for the Bristol Select Board. My reason for writing this letter is to point out my perception of a remarkable person who has always demonstrated a dedication to the people of our communities as a whole, as well as those in Bristol. Not only does she care about folks, but she does something about their common welfare when she is able.

I have been present at many meetings where she listens intently and politely to all side of an issue and then offers her take on the issue and usually makes suggestions or makes it clear which side of the issue she would support and which solutions to recommend to rectify or solidify an issue. I have always perceived her as a fair person with a solid perception of the common good.

Her impact on the youth of the community is evident through her years of guidance at the Tapply-Thompson Community Center, where she excels in her organization and implementation of the many programs she is in charge of there. It is through this occupation that she has a firm grasp of the needs and capacities of the population she serves. She is fully aware of the community assets and what might be done to improve our community without undue hardships on its citizens.

I hope everyone exercises their right to vote and that you encourage everyone to join you in going to the polls. I think the national election process is teaching us all how important every vote counts toward our improving our governments, locally as well as rationally.

Please join my wife and me by casting your vote for Leslie Dion on March 8 for Bristol Select Board.

Al Blakeley



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