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If you want to talk about candidate who was most charitable with his own money it was Romney

To The Daily Sun,

How charitable are the presidential candidates? Personal generosity is a strong sign of character and a sensitivity barometer to the needs of those who may have far less. The answer to the question may both surprise and amuse you. The answer greatly depends on whether the politician is giving away HIS MONEY or YOURS. Altruism by force through government and voluntary charity by the candidate can be as different as night and day.
There are few people unaware of the Clinton foundation. It was established in 1997 by Bill Clinton to marshal up donations from many donors, including other countries. It has been run first and foremost as a political advantage with charity dangling off the end like a caboose. Allegations of conflicts of interest has dogged both the foundation and the Clintons personally since the start. Hard ,factual Information from email investigations has only increased the suspicions and intensified the criticism of both the foundation and Hillary. The criticisms have rung especially true during Hillary's term as secretary of state, where Clinton Foundation donors contacted her directly looking for access. " Pay to play "have become the words synonymous with the Clinton foundation.
"I am rich, very rich" Donald Trump has a charitable "family foundation." It operates as the same "front " as the Clinton Foundation, only on a much smaller scale. Family foundations are usually established to distribute money from the people who establish the foundation. Has Trump has been GENEROUS with his money?" In 2014 the family foundation reported assets of $1.3 million. For a man of Trumps wealth that is "Trump change." For the past 10 years the foundation has received exactly ZERO contributions from Trump or his family. The only donors have been friends and "business connections." The media has hunted in vain to find charitable gifts Trump has made outside his foundation with little success. If he made one he demanded Girl Scout cookies in exchange.
Are the Clintons charitable personally. Hillary Clinton, "the candidate" who wants to get elected HANDING OUT YOUR MONEY TO OTHERS shows little interest to donate much of HER OWN MONEY to those with less. Margaret Thatcher famously said that is exactly why socialism fails. It always goes bankrupt spending "OTHER PEOPLES MONEY." In 1992, when Bill was running for president, it was revealed he and Hillary took a tax deduction for used underwear and clothing with rips. I am sure it was legitimate. We all found out Bill's Jockey shorts got some heavy use back then. And who can't believe from what we now know of Hillary today she wouldn't let a tax "LOOP HOLE" go taking a write off for some stretched out bras?
How about Obama, the biggest GIVE AWAY president of others peoples money in American history. How charitable is he with his OWN MONEY? The answer is not very. In 1992, before he became a figure in the public eye, Obama gave LESS than 1 percent of his TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR income to charity. That level of income would put him in the top 10 percent that year while the average American making a tiny fraction of that averages 2 percent to charity. For a man who claims his deepest concern for the poor his personal charity reveals LITTLE sensitivity for them with his own money.
How about VP Joe Biden. Joe could be described in one word, Scrooge. Prior to 2008, he gave a MINISCULE percentages of what placed he and his wife in the top tier of American income earners. After 2008 he increased charity a teeny, tiny bit but he still gives well less than the average American.
The Democrats, the people who can't wait to dig deep into your pocket to FORCE CHARITY FROM YOU to every "always go broke, donkey contraption" they can dream up to get elected, are among the CHEAPEST PEOPLE on Earth (no matter their wealth or income) compared to many people, often conservatives, who are far more generous to the less fortunate with their money, including the much hated Koch Brothers.
If we want to elect the president who is most CHARITABLE with his OWN MONEY then Mitt Romney would just be finishing up his 8th year as president. Mitt gives 30 PERCENT of his personal income yearly, to charity. No Clinton fronts, no Trump gimmicks, no BS. He gives more of his personal money to charity than dozens of the top and most vocal Democrats in the country, including Bernie Sanders, COMBINED. Politicians who can't stop screaming for more charity out of YOUR WALLET, NOT THEIRS. In 2012, Democrats screamed Mitt wasn't sensitive enough to the poor and average American. I submit to you he is far more sensitive than any Democrat in office today, including Hillary Clinton. The hubris, arrogance and BS of the Democratic Party as it involves charity and the poor is beyond the pale to laughable.
Tony Boutin

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Pence, not Trump, is the true champion of the Republican Party

To The Daily Sun,

Many critics point to (Republican vice presidential candidate Mike) Pence's failure to defend accusations made by (Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim) Kaine against Donald Trump, and there are rumors that Trump is upset at Pence for not doing so. They also suggest that Pence is positioning himself for a 2020 run for president, after a 2016 loss by Trump. But Pence is proving himself to be the "darling" of the true conservatives, and Trump is not so — even being accused of being a closet Democrat.

But why wait? If the Republican Party can get Trump elected this year, they could impeach Trump over many issues, and install Pence as president — as their true champion. Trump and his supporters should be concerned about losing to Hillary, but PETRIFIED about being the lamb surrounded by wolves in the Republican Party should he be elected. I'm sure they would be glad to be rid of this embarrassment called Trump.

A loss to Hillary would be far less humiliating and damaging to Trump's ego, than being impeached within six months of taking office. How would this possible scenario affect the voting of Trump supporters, on Nov. 8, facing such Republican treachery.

John Lewis

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