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A nice couple decided to pay it forward by buying me a pizza

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to publicly thank a couple who paid for my lunch at Pizza Hut on Friday, September 12. I'm an elderly woman who went out to lunch on my own. A couple at a adjoining booth chose to "pay it forward". 

I am so appreciative for the kindness and surprise that this couple paid for my lunch, as well as a tip. It is nice to know that there are still caring and kind people in a world that has gone crazy. 

Betty Ann Mayer


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Why is Ann Kuster unwilling to participate in town hall forums

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to 2nd District U.S. Rep. Ann Kuster:

I am a fresh face to the democratic process, having just turned 18. Born and raised in New Hampshire, I know a little about tradition. From county fairs and old home days, to the cutting of Christmas trees and sleigh rides. Though New Hampshire is moving into a new world, tradition remains important.

Politics has always been important to the New England region, and many traditions exist to deal with it. One tradition New Hampshire embraced was the town hall. Even in the beginning, people knew that politicians could be highly suspect characters, quick to turn a blind eye to the blights of their neighbors.

To keep politicians in line, we have town hall meetings. Any and all are invited to inquire the whys and why-nots of a politician's positions. The town hall puts politician and constituent in the same room, face-to-face, forcing politicians to account for themselves while looking straight in the eyes of their neighbors. That is how we keep politicians honest.

So why are you unwilling to participate in this tradition. If you won't even look me in the eyes, should I trust you?
I am more than a vote. I am your neighbor.

Ryan Smith

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Lots of thank yous due after annual Pie, Ice Cream & Book Sale

To The Daily Sun,

Gilford's Old Home Day was certainly a day to remember — the floats, the faces, and great activities for all.

The Friends of Gilford Library, along with library staff held their annual pie, ice cream and book sale on Friday evening and Saturday. This event is an important fund raising activity for the Friends, who provide support for Library programs throughout the year.

There are countless hours spent organizing, planning and selling — all of it done with a smile and greeting for our neighbors. I want to thank everyone who donated their time and energy toward making the day work.

Tent set up crew: Bruce Jackson, Ned Therrien, and Karl Roenke. Special thanks to the Gilford boys soccer team for their help with moving boxes of books from storage to the tent.

Book Sale: Phyllis Corrigan, Blandine Shallow, Pam Horvath, Kate Hamel, Janet Moriarty, Benjamin Poirer, Brenda and Clare Foley, Bev Fortson, Sue Goulet, Jean Therrien, Don Clarke, Dan Brown, Sandy McLaughlin, Maria and Tom Cunningham, Molly Harper, Sandy Coutermarsh, Gary Brauns, and Nancy Page.

Pie Sale: Thelma Phillips, Sue and Bob Gunther, Brenda O'Brien, Gina Miller, Miriam York, Sarah Anderson, Karel Mikulis, Mary Collins, John Piquado, and David Osman.

Special thanks to all of the wonderful people that donated a pie for the sale. We couldn't do it without you.

Thanks to all who stopped by to purchase a book and enjoy the pie. See you next year.

Alexis Jackson
Friends of Gilford Public Library

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We ought to be able to disagree with one another without name calling

To The Daily Sun,

A letter writer last week scornfully referred to the facilities manager for Belknap County as the "head janitor." The facilities manager does, in fact, sometimes have a broom or a shovel in his hands. He also wields a screwdriver or plunger as needed. That's the kind of person he is; he will do whatever is necessary to help the county. However, that is not his job.

The facilities manager is a professional manager of buildings and grounds and he is very well qualified for his job. He has a BA from the Whittemore School of Business at UNH. He was the purchasing agent in Laconia for five years and the Operations Manager of DPW in Gilford for eight years. He's been working for Belknap County for three years developing preventive maintenance schedules, managing the the 6 1/2-person maintenance staff, planning projects, supervising contractors, helping with capital project planning, handling purchasing, etc. He has also used the last three years to catch up on a huge backlog of broken and malfunctioning equipment and fixtures.

And, after meeting with him I can say that he is a really nice fellow with the commitment and energy that we need in our staff. He doesn't deserve to have to hide the paper so his kids don't read gratuitous insults about him.

Everyone I have spoken to about this feels the same way. We ought to be able to disagree with one another without name calling, rudeness, and personal attacks. I've expressed this sentiment to the commissioners and am calling publicly for a moratorium on this behavior. We can disagree without being nasty or personal. Let's be civil and work together for the good of the county. If we do this we will accomplish more, come up with better solutions, and take care of more problems.

David Pollak

Candidate for County Commission


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This summer, literacy material was slipped into each Got Lunch bag

To The Daily Sun,

We would like to express our appreciation to the greater Laconia community for helping to make our first year of "Got Literacy" a success.

In the summer of 2013, we three retired teachers volunteered for the first time in the outstanding, "Got Lunch, Laconia," program delivering lunches to deserving families. As we observed the widespread impact this program provided our Laconia children, we began a conversation about adding a literacy component to the weekly lunch deliveries. Throughout the winter we crafted a plan, and with the help of so many supporters in the community, we began to put in place our vision of "feeding the mind," in addition to feeding the belly.

Each week the Got Lunch volunteer packers slipped literacy materials into every bag. Included were various word searches, crossword puzzles, mazes, etc. We also provided information to parents to advocate reading to their children 20 minutes a day provided by Family Resource Center. One week we included two new books with each delivery. In addition, two new books were distributed to each child attending a storytelling event in mid-July sponsored jointly by Got Literacy, the Lakes Region Boys and Girls Club, and the Children's Literacy Foundation.

We would like to thank the many people who supported us in our efforts, whether through monetary donations or their gift of time in coordinating the distributions. Thank you to Laconia Altrusa and the Kiwanis Club for their generous book donations. A special thanks goes to the Laconia Library, particularly library Director Randy Brough and their dynamic children's librarian, Gail Drucker, for providing and funding all copy materials.

Got Literacy is already in the planning stages for next summer. We hope to expand the program by adding more stimulating materials and distributing additional books to combat the, "Summer Slide," that often occurs academically during the summer vacation months. We welcome your ideas and offers of book donations or financial help. Please feel free to contact us at 527-3744.

Kay Anderson, Laconia

Jane Hewitt, Laconia

Jan Streifer, Sanbornton

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