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Minimum wage was designedfor people without marketable skills

To The Daily Sun,

As a newcomer to the Lakes Region, having lived in Merrimac County and the Concord area most of my early life, I was happy to see and read of the spirited ideological debates that are being offered by folks who try to stay informed on the issues of the day. However, as some of the readers of this forum obviously already know, some things never change!

We live and pattern our lives, and make choices, based on a belief-system that is developed by our experiences, and by the influences of the people we know and associate with. As a result of that, everyone, whether they know it or not, or even whether they will admit it or not, has a "worldview," an opinion about different things based on that belief system, and their "worldview" shapes their thinking, their perceptions, and their actions on virtually everything in their life.

Someone who thinks that big government, for example, is the answer to most societal problems, will have a "worldview" that will always look favorably on any new governmental program to solve those problems, and they will support almost every new proposal from the political leaders they like to raise taxes to pay for what they consider to be the solutions. After all, they believe that those who are well off financially, and therefore more able to afford those higher taxes, either got their wealth by taking advantage of someone less fortunate and stealing from them, or were simply in the right place at the right time and became a winner of "life's lottery," or were just somehow anointed to be successful. They certainly couldn't have just earned it the old fashioned way, and therefore don't deserve to keep it all!

That same "worldview" generally supports progressives and left-wing Democrats who will predictably vote for people for political office, who will campaign and promise to spend other people's money through increased taxes, to provide more and more goods and services (i.e. entitlements) paid for out of the public treasury.

Also that same "worldview" believes, for example, that the founding fathers got it all wrong when they had the foresight to provide us with ..."the right to keep and bear arms..." That's the boneheaded "worldview" that says the 2nd Amendment has always only been intended for hunting and sport shooting. However, the country's Founding Fathers were smarter than all of the progressives who ever lived put together, because they knew that some humans, if they become leaders (servants) of other humans, given half a chance, will become intoxicated with that power and become tyrannical, and those other humans one day may have to defend themselves against those same "servants of the people!"

When some people become so self-righteous that they refuse to be held accountable to a God-given standard of behavior that the rest of us try to live by, they begin to make up rules as they go along.

We are all born into this world with certain God-given unalienable rights, that of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not the guarantee of happiness, and not at the expense of someone else's rights.

And that brings us to another boneheaded "worldview" of these folks regarding the "minimum wage" issue, and the people's "rights" associated with it. "Make it as high as possible," is what they believe, and it doesn't matter who it hurts, as long as the "low-intelligence voter" believes it, when progressives and big-government socialists tell them it's a "good thing."

FACT #1: most young people bring little or no skills with them when they enter the job market for the first time; the minimum wage was designed to give them an opportunity to develop some work skills;

FACT #2: no one has a "right" to a job; many people believe the lie that they have a "right" to a job, and are therefore not grateful for the opportunity;

FACT #3: people don't go into business to provide jobs for people. In a capitalist economy, people go into business to make money;

FACT #4: the minimum wage was not intended for the bread winner of a family of any size; it was, and still is for people with no marketable skills, entering the job market for the first time. If someone is the bread-winner of a family of two, three, or four, or more, he should have made sure he had the skills to support that family before he had that family!

If the present minimum wage of $7.25 is not enough, as some progressives think, and that $10 or $15 is better, why stop at $15! Why not increase it to $25? If $15 is good, isn't $25 even better? How about $35? I tell you what! If $15 is better, why not increase the minimum wage to $50 per hour and make everyone happy?

Maybe progressives want to change the minimum wage laws, but they cannot change the laws of economics. Increasing the labor costs for the least skilled members of the workforce means layoffs of those most expendable. That's a law of economics that can never be repealed.

Small business owners are the most powerful engine of any economy, and we are fortunate that most of them are benevolent and civic-minded enough to hire some unskilled and unproven workers who bring nothing to the job market in the beginning. But they are not going to do it at the expense of the success of their businesses, a fact totally misunderstood by the progressive "worldview," and most politicians who have never worked in the private sector.

Like our current president!

Jim McCoole


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Many donated items for Interlakes Summer Theatre's May fundraiser

To The Daily Sun,

The Interlakes Summer Theatre would like to thank the many local vendors who donated items for our May Fundraiser, "Our Corner of the Sky", over Mothers Day Weekend. Donors included The Edge, The Etcetera Shoppe, Innisfree Book Shop, Lakes Region Nutrition, Cactus Jacks, Giuseppe's, Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant, Robert Kozlow, DDS, Irwin Automotive Group, Kellerhaus, Adornments, Lady of the Lake, Flurries, Yikes Gallery, Georges Diner, Country Carriage, Cardigan Mountain Technology, Hermit Woods Winery, Home Comfort, Cascade Spa, Inns & Spa at Mill Falls, Tatewell Gallery, The Mug, The Bay Restaurant, The Flying Monkey, WMWV Radio, Beyond Obsession, Storyland, Beyond Obsession, So Little Thyme, Cider Company. Tickets are now on sale for the 2014 Season which includes "Godspell", "42nd Street", "Miss Saigon", "Hello, Dolly!", and "The Wiz".

For tickets and info call 1-888-245-6374 or visit our website at www.interlakestheatre.com.

Interlakes Summer Theatre


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Independents need not see supervisors before getting primary ballot

To The Daily Sun,

I have had some residents call for clarification of an article in your paper of Tuesday, May 13th: "You have until June 3 to change party affiliation for Primary voting" submitted by Elena Ball. She stated in the article in the second column, first full paragraph: "Before checking in with the ballot inspectors to vote, you must choose to vote as either a Republican or a Democrat by going to the Supervisors of the Checklist first. However, after you have voted, you may revert to undeclared status by returning to the Supervisors of the Checklist before you leave the polls. If you do not choose to revert to Undeclared, you will remain with the party that you have selected."

I submit the following correction. That part of the article should have read: "As an Undeclared you may choose either a Republican or Democratic ballot at the Check-in with the Ballot Inspectors. After voting, you may revert back to Undeclared status with the Supervisors of the Checklist before leaving the polling place. If you do not choose to revert back to Undeclared, you will remain with the party that you have selected."

Debra A. Cornett
Town Clerk/Tax Collector

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Prevention of underage drinking vital to fulfilling our responsibility

To The Daily Sun,

Did you know that 35 percent of New Hampshire 12-20-year-olds reported drinking alcohol in the past 30 days – while nationally the number is closer to 25 percent?

On Thursday, May 29th, the Franklin Mayor's Drug Task Force will be hosting a "Town Hall' style meeting on the topic of underage drinking. All community members are invited to attend as an opportunity to increase awareness on how underage drinking is affecting the health of our youth and the safety of our communities.

Despite steady decreases in underage drinking, too many of our young people are using alcohol illegally and dangerously. SAMHSA's National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that approximately 9.3 million 12- to 20-year-olds — or about one in four young people in this age bracket — reported alcohol use during 2012. The problem begins while children are young, and then increases dramatically with age — this is known as the maturation effect. According to the Monitoring the Future survey, 22.1 percent of eighth-grade students reported using alcohol during 2013, and 8.4 percent reported having been drunk. Among graduating high school seniors, 62 percent had used alcohol during their senior year, and 43.5 percent reported having been drunk.

The consequences of underage drinking are costly — and often severe. Underage drinking contributes to brain impairment, academic problems, alcohol dependence, risky sexual activity, injury, and death from alcohol poisoning, injuries, suicide, and homicide. On average, approximately 4,700 youth die from alcohol-related causes each year.

The Franklin Mayor's Drug Task Force invites you to learn the truth about underage drinking and get answers as to why teens start drinking and what is happening on a local level. You will also learn what protective factors are the most effective in guiding children and youth toward good choices and healthy decision making.

Caregivers of the next generation have a responsibility to create communities in which our young people can grow into responsible, healthy adults. Prevention of underage drinking is vital to fulfilling this responsibility, and now is a critical time to act. The next few months are critical as youth take part in proms, graduation celebrations, and other seasonal activities where they may feel increased pressure to drink. Summer is also fast approaching. Did you know that more teens start drinking in June and July than any other month? Add prevention as one of your springtime activities and participate in the Franklin Mayor's Drug Task Force Town Hall meeting to prevent underage drinking, protect our children, and help your community spring into action.

Panelists for the evening will include Franklin Police Chief, David Goldstein and Traci Fowler the Regional Partners in Substance Misuse Prevention Coordinator.

The meeting will be held on Thursday, May 29th from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Bessie Rowell Community Center in Franklin. A free dinner will be provided along with childcare for children ages three and up. For more information, or to register contact the Franklin Mayor's Drug Task Force at 998-5337 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Melissa Rizzo

Mayor's Drug Task Force


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We chose not to offend people at price of offending the Almighty

To The Daily Sun,
In response to Steve Earle's Letter of May 14, "Our nation was built on our founding fathers' belief in creationism." Steve, I for the most part appreciate your conservative view point on a multitude of issues. Also we seem to be on the same page as to our founders belief in creationism. To be more precise they were mostly Christians and those from schisms that splintered off from the Christian church.
I'm a Christian, Steve. To be a Christian it is not necessary to be a creationist. It is necessary to believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and that God raised Him from the dead on the third day to go to the Father to prepare a place in heaven for those who believe in Him and turn away from their old sinful life and follow Him and His teaching. These things are real, Steve, and Christians all over the world trust their lives to Him.
I am under no illusion that America as a nation is going to turn back to God and the influence Christianity exerted on our policies and institutions. Not on this side of the Lords second coming anyway. We are moving rapidly toward the demonic world government described in the book of Revelation. Yet it is important to talk honestly about where we are, where we have come from and where we are going.
The church is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, that means that the old testament writings are foundational to our faith. To attack it is to attack the foundation of our faith. Steve, the Christian faith is based on the actuality of the supernatural deeds of God now ,in the past, and in the future.
Steve, please if you are going to respond, please read my letters of 4/24/14 and 5/9/14 and save me the work of restating those points in detail again, as I work a 60 + hour work week besides managing a household.
Part of the problem evolutionists have, in understanding even what the debate is, is that they can't think outside of the evolutionary box. You said that creationism is not science therefore it doesn't belong in science class, that "religion depends on faith" and that there is "no science behind it." Just what does mean, Steve? Certainly there is reason behind biblical faith. God counts the witness of the creation as sufficient evidence of who He is and what He's like to cast those who disbelieve into hell. (Rom. 1:20). Our founders considered the Creator's self evident truth as worthy to lay down their lives for. For me the Bible and our founders carry more weight than David Hume. He is the philosopher whose thought underlies the rebellion against the evidence of creation.
As to the venue of science class, evolutionist have chosen the venue. They say that they have the authoritative actual account of how all things came to be, and save perhaps before the supposed big bang that God has not exercised His supernatural power. This is what the theory of evolution teaches. It is not neutral toward religion or God. It is theological. It is at worst atheistic,at best deism. Neither is macro evolution any more weighable, measurable, or quantifiable than the creation scenario, "It supposedly takes millions of years and you can't see it." But they teach it to our children as authoritative truth.
To sum up. God is real. He exercises His supernatural power daily. If we are to return to being a nation under God and the no nonsense blessings conservative writers constantly write about, we had better stop teaching our children that God either does not exist or that He is irrelevant, for "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge." (Proverbs 1:7) It is the foundation upon which all wisdom rests. Otherwise you might just as well be howling at the moon. If we believe in Him; why do we, as a nation, chose to not offend people at the price of offending the Almighty.
I understand that much of what I imply goes against decades of case precedent, but please don't tell me things are unconstitutional unless you're willing to go back to that document, for too many of our justices have been defecating on our constitution for some time.

John Demakowski


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