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Consideration should be given to using Jersey barriers on bypass

To The Daily Sun,

The article on the Laconia Bypass hazards, written by David Carkhuff, was excellent. The comments made by Gilford Police Lt. Kris Kelley, relating to not having the highway physically divided, hit home with me and possibly others.

One example of a barrier that was set up, and that is effective, is was in Pawtucket, R.I., on I-95. The highway is through the downtown and was designed with a serpentine configuration. There were multiple accidents at that point in a short period of time. The guardrail was replaced with a Jersey barrier. The new barrier was checked after 24 hours and was found to have had approximately 55 hits from tires.

A second example of a Jersey barrier correction was on a highway from the city of South Tahoe to Carson City, Nevada. I got on it accidentally when I missed a turn around and couldn't turn around. I needed gas anyway.

Lord knows how many more examples there are between the coasts. I hope that this approach will be given consideration here and not turned into a political flap over money. Drivers and their passengers lives count and are worth more than the material costs.

Fred Mason


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Please respect my property & I will continue to let you use it

To The Daily Sun,

I went for a walk this morning on the main corridor snowmobile trail that runs through my property on Livingston Road in Meredith. I was appalled to see that someone had blatantly and deliberately run down the stakes that were running the length of the field. I believe that this occurred over this past weekend. Stakes were broken and strewn across the trail. The driver of the snowmobile even zigzagged in order to catch some posts on the other side of the trail. This was no accidental incident.

Post and signs cost money. Shame on you, whoever you are. It is people like you who ruin things for everyone else. It is people like you who cause people to post their property. What pleasure do you get out of damaging someone else's property? If you choose to disrespect the privilege of crossing my land, stay off it.

I have owned this property since 1973 and the snowmobile club has had permission to run their main corridor trail through my property ever since I can remember. We have had some minor problems over the years with people throwing out trash. People have also traveled in the wee hours of the morning and awoken me because a portion of the trail is only a few 'feet" from the corner of my house. People have gone through my flower beds and broken off shrubbery because they didn't stay on the trail, accidental or otherwise. I have never felt the need to complain before now.

Stakes were put up the length of the field and across my lawn to keep the snowmobiles on the "trail" and prevent damage to my property.

Many people who have used this property for snowmobile, skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, walking their dogs, etc., have thanked me for the privilege of crossing my land. I am happy to have them use and enjoy the land that I love. Please respect me and my property and I will continue to allow you to use it.

Annie-Ruth Holmes


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