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Hey deniers, listen to P.M. Netanyahu on subject of climate change

To The Daily Sun,

Don Ewing thinks that climate change is a government hoax. Russ Wiles thinks it has seen its last days, and Tony Boutin feels that there are more pressing problems in the world than worrying about the climate.

I was trying the other day trying to think of someone whose views on climate change all three of these deniers could rally around.

First, the person would have to be viewed as tough, his own or her own person, not viewed as a proxy of the U.S., and universally loved by the right in this country.

They would have to have an evolving view on climate change, to reassure Russ that the issue remains on the forefront, preferably coming from an environmental challenged country knowing that mild shifts in the climate could have devastating effects on their own country and economy.

And finally to reassure Tony, this person should know better than anyone else the dangers confronting leaders of the world, to give climate change its proper place.

I give to these three gentleman, and all those other deniers out there Prime Minister Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu of Israel.

In 2010 this is what Bibi said about climate change, "The recent dry months, including the driest November in the history of the state, are a warning light to us all that the threat of climate change is no less menacing than the security threats that we face. I intend to act determinedly in this field. In a country that suffers from a severe water shortage, this is an existential struggle," Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said at the cabinet meeting (Dec./2010)

One of the environmental challenges facing Israel is out-of-control wildfires. The following December, after that dry November, Israel faced the most devastating wildfire in its history, one that had long been predicted by Israeli experts on climate change. At the time, Guy Pe'er, a co-author of Israel's National Report on Climate Change, said, "The fire disaster in the Carmel Mountains near Haifa is a taste of the future.

The question is, is the fire currently raging out of control in Alberta Canada a new norm? Low winter snow coverage, hot humid weather conditions and temps 35-40 degrees above normal have all contributed to Fort McMurray fire. Soon to be the costliest natural disaster in Canada's history.

The next question is, is PM Netanyahu evolving on this issue? This is what he said a short six months ago at the Paris Climate Talks, calling climate change one of the "pivotal issues of our time," the prime minister said Israel was committed to the goals of the conference and noted Israeli advances in solar, agricultural and irrigation technology." Pivotal means of crucial importance in relation to the development or success of something else. I guess the prime Minister has given climate change its proper place.

Have his people embraced his initiatives, again in his own words, "Technology gives us the ability to do the unimaginable," Netanyahu said, noting Israel was ranked first in the Global Clean-Tech Innovation Index last year.

It does not matter what five or six people in Laconia think about climate change. We can continue to deny the science behind it, embrace crazy conspiracy theories, or we can support the leaders and countries throughout the world like Israel and PM Netanyahu to combat this growing problem.

Mirno Pasquali


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A Trump presidency is probably the only hope we have left

To The Daily Sun,

Jesus, talking about the last days and the Lord's second coming, in Mathew Chapter 24 says: "Now learn the parable from the fig tree: when its branch has already become tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near; so, you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door."

The Lord adds further detail to what happens in these times before the Lord's return, which He reveals to the apostle John in the Book of Revelation. Particularly in chapter 13 — the one-world government ruled by the beast and his false prophet, in a cashless society where one needs the mark of the beast to buy or sell. We are seeing the world moving in the direction of the fulfillment of this in our lifetime. This is what the Christian is looking at. The time that precedes the Lord's return are difficult times indeed.

The secularist is still stuck in the thought experiment of the theory of evolution. Which has never in reality moved from being a mental experiment, though it is declared to be settled science. Yet it is beginning to become clear that organisms do not function like that. They are very limited in their ability to change. That's what the evidence is showing. I mention this because the theory of evolution is a considerable piece of the foundation on which liberalism rests.

One is actually being confirmed by the evidence. The other is actually being disproved by it. You tell me which view is the more reasonable.

I've read commentary on the coming presidential election. Almost all of them seem to have no idea as to the historical context of this election or the time in which we are living. The desire for globalism has been driving politics in both political parties for decades now. Make The U.S.A.. just another entity in the coming world government.

That is the goal, tearing the fabric of our culture that made us great. Christianity had been the foundation for western civilization for centuries. It is why the West became the dominate force in world history that it did. Any historical scholar worth his salt will concede that relationship.

America had been set apart for the experiment in the democratic republican government we had become heirs to. Christianity was recognized as the necessary cultural underpinning for the success of this experiment. It provided a population in which not so much government was necessary. Christian families are for the most part self-governing. Those who fear God do right because they understand that there is an all-knowing, and all-powerful righteous judge of the whole Earth.

When a nation is willing to accept the historical truth of the Bible and is willing to allow its precepts to shape its laws and customs, as the U.S.A. did for almost two centuries, a nation prospers; for it aligns itself with natural law and God grants it favor along with correction when it goes wrong.

The U.S. has fallen from that place. Our Constitution will soon be replaced by international law. Well-meaning conservatives on the right who would block a Donald Trump's presidency on principle don't get it. The U.S. will either be destroyed or become part of the one-world government to come. A Trump presidency is probably the only hope we have of putting on the brakes of this move into a one-world government for perhaps four more years.

This is important, for the time preceding the Lord's return are evil days indeed.

John Demakowski

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